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Thread: The Quest - Chapter 1 Starring Victoria Justice and Emma Watson

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    fanfiction The Quest - Chapter 1 Starring Victoria Justice and Emma Watson

    The Quest Chapter 1
    Starring Victoria Justice and Emma Watson
    Written By Deadshot
    (codes: MF, Oral, Anal, Cons)

    DISCLAIMER: All of the following is complete and total fiction, Not a single word ever occurred. If you're below the appropriate age to be reading erotica, please leave.

    The land of Dragoor was a land of many faces. Some of those faces were brutal and harsh, like the Obsidian Mountains; a place where the sun never shown and the inhabitants were never seen except in times of great stress. The people of that land knew no allegiance to light or dark, only to themselves and their sorceress leader, the mysterious Necromancer.

    Even more brutal was the agressive lands of the Uthral canyons, a warrior people lead by a vain line of royalty, the current leader the brutal and selfish Prince Olus Olcarion. The Uthral were a nightmarish brutal group of people in love equally with both acts of war, cruelty and self-gratification.

    The people of Valley and Forests were of a different breed. They were a people of the land, but not untied under a single rule as the mountain people or Uthral. A fair people, but split.

    In the village of Edji, there lived a young man destined to align the valley and forest together to end the threat of the Uthral. His name was Aran Mikal, and his life was going to be anything but heroic in his eyes. In Edji, the Mikal family had been a staple for generations. Whether it be as farmers, guards, blacksmiths, craftsmen or even politicians, the Mikal name was as synonymous with the town as the town's own name. As you could imagine, this left young Aran under a bit of pressure. The Mikal name was as much a burden as it was a blessing. Everyone, especially his father, expected him to go farther than any other member of his clan. That challenge was an especially large hurdle in Aran's mind, considering his father was currently the town's leader. He had for as long as he could remember, and the great Lorid Mikal was revered for beyond Edji.

    No one revered Lorid as his son did, but Aran wanted something different for his life. Aran wanted to follow the path of his ancestors who had discovered Edji, Aran Mikal wanted to be an explorer, an adventurer. It was not a choice anyone in his family truly approved of, his father in particular. So it was resigned to be nothing more than a simple dream.

    Not that Aran's life was terrible. He was far from what anyone would call the town freak. He got his father's black hair and chiseled feaures and the ice blue eyes of his mother. Nor was he the village idiot, his mother insistent he be educated by the finest minds in the land. Thanks to his mother, he was surprisingly well-learned for a young man of 21. He was also betrothed to the town banker's daughter, the beautiful Victoria Justice. They both hated the word betrothed to describe what they had. The two were truly in love, and that word made it seem like a business arrangement.

    The day that would change the course of Aran and Victoria's lives forever started as a normal day, at least for them. Aran had managed to sneak from his usual duties of the day at his father's office to the forest to find Victoria. He knew where she would be on this day, like she was every week.

    After a short walk full or twists and turns in the forest, Aran found what he was looking for, a somewhat hidden rock path that led down to a grotto, one with a hot spring no less and just enough sunlight to illuminate the area. He looked down the path and saw Victoria, nude and bathing in the warm waters of the spring. Aran knew she would be here, it was her favorite place to unwind and Victoria would come here once a week, sometimes even with him.
    He couldn't take his eyes off her nude form, the way the water glistened off her skin in the sunlight. He began to descend the pathway towards the spring, removing his clothing and staying out of her sight.

    Once Aran had stripped himself completely and was at the bottom of the path, he eased himself into the water, careful not to make a sound. He took one last gaze and Victoria then ducked under the water, swimming towards her.
    In a few seconds he popped up behind her, grabbing her shoulders, startling the gorgeous young woman.

    "Oh!" she exclaimed, turning around to see the face of Aran, her face going from complete shock to her familiar, heart melting smile.

    "Expecting someone else?" he asked, smiling before planting a kiss on her lips.

    "I wasn't expecting anyone," she replied. "Not that I mind the company, love." She kissed him again, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his waist. Aran returned the embrace. Aran swam her to one of the shore of flat rock. Victoria got out, sitting on the very edge of the rock, facing Aran. Victoria looked down at him, anticipating his next move, licking her lips with smile as he began to part her legs.

    Aran kissed her inner thigh, working he way towards her moist opening. Victoria rested her leg on his shoulder, caressing his back with her foot and calf. He reached his hand forward, caressing her pussy, her small strip of pubic hair contrasting with the rest of the smooth skin. Aran inserted a finger inside her, making Victoria breath deep. She began to moan as he began to work his finger in harder, her hands moving over her body.

    Aran couldn't hold himself back anymore, he moved his head forward, bringing his mouth her slit. Soon his mouth and finger were working in unison, pushing Victoria to an orgasm. He sucked, licked and nibbled on her clit while his fingers worked on her inside, grazing her her g-spot.

    "Aran" she sighed, her eyes shut tight and her back arching at the pleasure going through her body. "Keep going." Never one to leave her dissatisfied, Aran did just that, turning up the hear. He used his free hand to grab onto her firm ass and pulled her closer. Victoria began to breath deeper, just on the verge of her climax. She began to grind into Aran's face, moving faster and faster until she let out a scream of passion that echoed throughout the cave. "Oh Gods, Aran!" she cried in lust, her orgasm hitting her like a boulder, Aran eagerly lapping up her juices as she rode out her orgasm.

    As she came down, Aran removed himself from between her legs and rose up from the water, Victoria moving back a bit to make room for him on the warm rock floor. Aran approached her face, kissing her, Victoria tasting her cum on his lips. Her went to kiss her breasts, but was gently halted by her. "You know, some would say our activities before marriage are shameful," she said, a sly smile on her face.

    "There's nothing shameful about love, Victoria." Aran replied, placing a soft kiss on her lips. He moved to her neck, then shoulder, and finally to her breasts. Victoria pulled him closer with one arm while the other moved down to his cock, her hand wrapping around it and stroking the rock hard appendage.

    Aran's mouth went to her nipples, kissing, licking and sucking them, savoring the taste of her before she grabbed his head softly, the two face to face, her brown eyes piercing his blues. "I need you, now."
    Victoria laid down and Aran lined his cock up with her wet pussy and eased himself in, both of them letting out a pleased sigh at the feeling of the other. Victoria wrapped her legs around Aran, locking her ankles as he began to build up speed inside of her.
    "Yes, Aran," she hissed, pulling him closer to her. "You feel so amazing, don't stop."

    "I'm not planning on it," Aran said, licking at her lips before moving to her neck. Victoria gripped Aran back hard, her nails digging into his back as he fucked her.

    "Yes Aran," she growled. "Give it to me, I want everything you have...yes..." Aran began to put more force into his thrusts, swiveling his hips as the two continued. Victoria cries began to increase in volume, he breaths becoming more ragged.
    Aran and Victoria rolled over, Victoria taking her place on top now. Aran's hands went to her hips grasping them as Victoria began to rise and fall on his hard prick. "You like this?" Victoria asked, her tone knowing and her gaze devilish. "My pussy is yours, I'm all yours...fuck me...fuck me!"

    Aran promptly did so, grasping hard at her hips and giving her everything he had. He loved when she got like this. The Victoria he knew most of the time was a sweet, caring and proper young woman, but when the mood struck her, she became his own private harlot. For him and him alone.

    Aran watched, entranced by the vixen who was riding his cock. Victoria leaned back, her long dark hair tickling his legs. Victoria then leaned forward again, her devilishly angelic face now wet more from sweat than the water she had come out of.
    He sat up, the two embracing each each other. Victoria stared him down, biting her lower lip.

    "You're going to make me cum again...please make me cum Aran...make me cum on your cock." Victoria was minutes away from hitting her next orgasm, the main course to the previous appetizer. Aran moved his hand between them to her clit, working it.
    "Yes...yes...FUCK YES!!!!" Victoria screamed, cumming again. She pulled Aran's face to hers for a deep kiss, their tongue intertwining as she went through the throes of her orgasm. Victoria broke the kiss as she began to come down, rest her head on his shoulder, Aran still thrusting up into her to extend her climax for a little longer, her hands moving to her ass, massaging the the firm, round flesh. She kissed his shoulder then moved her face to his, her face tired, but still with that devilish yet angelic smile. "You know, I don't think it's quite fair you got a a taste of me and I didn't get a taste of you," she said. "I think we should fix that."

    "Of course," Aran said, smiling as Victoria slowly pushed him to his back. She then removed herself from his still hard cock and got back in the water, her bottom half in the water. She waved her finger towards Aran, singall for him to come closer. Aran scooted forward until his legs were in the water.

    As soon as he was in range, Victoria engulfed his rod, wasting no time in getting what they both wanted. She felt a pleasureful shiver down her spine, tasting herself on his cock. "Fuck, Victoria," Aran groaned, his hand going to her head, guiding her as her mouth moved up and down his cock, her tongue slithering over the hardness while her free hand rolled his balls, her nails tickling his taint. They both knew he wasn't going to last long, but at this point stamina meant nothing, he wanted release and she wanted to bring him to that last feeling of pleasure.

    Neither would have to wait long, with their eyes locked, Aran began to shoot into Victoria's mouth, her eyes never leaving his as she swallowed every stream of cum he had to give her. "Gods, you are amazing." Victoria released his cock to the air with a pop and winked at him. She then opened her mouth, showing off it's emptiness and planted on last kiss on the head. She then rose out of the water a bit, her lips ready for a kiss of their own. Aran leaned down to kiss her. When their lips met, her arm wrapped around him, pulling Aran into the water with her. When the two came up, they were still in an embrace. The kiss broke, Victoria's face smiling up at Aran. He pushed the wet hair from her face and kissed her forehead. "I love you, Victoria."

    "I love you too." she replied. "Not that I don't love our time together when we can get it. but I thought you were working with your father today. How'd you get out of that?"

    "Well, technically I didn't." Aran began to swim away, Victoria in pursuit. Once she got close enough, she stopped him, her hand on his shoulder. She turned him around to face her.

    "Did you blow him off again?"

    "Yes." Aran gently grasped Victoria by the shoulders and looked her in the eyes. "If you give me the choice, any day of the week of what I'd rather do, spend time with you or do clerical work for my father that anyone could do, you win everytime. You have since the day we met."

    "I know that. I feel the same. You know I do. But you know your dad is is going to tear you apart when finds out you slipped away."

    "I don't care anymore Victoria. I don't want to be next in line to run this town. I don't want to be a leader. I want to explore. I want to choose my own life." Her grasped her hands, holding them, his fingers running over the engagement band on her finger. "I want that life to be with you. No matter what it is."

    Victoria kissed his hand and gave Aran a warm smile. "I want that too. More than anything. But you know the only reason my father tolerates you is because of your father and the job you're being groomed for. I don't want to see you in a job you hate. I don't want to see you hurt at all. But I also don't want to lose you. My father will just pawn me off to the highest bidder. He doesn't care about what I want or who I want. Right now, you becoming the town's governor is the one thing that's keeping him from splitting us up." Victoria felt herself begin to choke up. She pulled herself to Aran. her head to his chest. "I don't want to think of us apart. Please Aran."

    Aran held her close, caressing her hair, comforting her. He breathed deep before saying his next words, feeling her tears begin to stream down. "We don't have to live like this. We can live how we want without worrying about what our families want."


    "We leave town. We leave Edji behind. We go far away, start our own life. We start it together. We do what we want. We live our lives and we live them together."

    "How are we going to get out? You don't think they'll be able to track us? The guards have the best tracking dogs this side of the Obsidian Mountain. Your own brother trained them. They'll find us."

    "My brother has the dogs. I have the maps."

    "What do you mean?" Victoria asked, a smile creeping onto her face, the tears being held back by a glimmer of hope.

    "My family comes from explorers, adventurers. My father and brothers may have forgotten that, but I haven't. " He began to swim away again, motioning Victoria to join him. The two swam into an area of the grotto Victoria had never been to before, but that Aran seemed to know like the back of his hand. The water began to get cooler, and they found themselves at a water fall and a new pathway out. Lush flowers and green moss covered the area. "This was something my great-great-grandfather discovered. It, like the rest of the grotto, was lost to the history of the town. My brother may have the dogs, but I have the maps. I have ways out that they can't follow. We can leave, Victoria. We can leave and they can't follow."

    Victoria kissed him, overjoyed. "I love you. I love you so much." She paused for a second. "You're sure you can lose your brother and his dogs?"

    Aran nodded. "My great-great grandfather didn't just leave maps, he left ways to mask your trail in case anything was following you from people to animals. He knew sometimes, you can have the wrong folks following you. We're home free."

    Victoria breathed deep and nodded. "How do we do this?"

    "Tonight, I'm going to grab the maps and the guide. I'm going to put together some clothes, money and food. My sword and bow too. You need to do the same. Put it in something waterproof, like tanned deerskin. Selena will come by to pick your bag up and place it in the grotto. Then we meet tomorrow night and we're on our way."

    "Selena's in on this?" Victoria asked, eyebrow raised.

    "She's my best friend, Victoria. She wants out as bad as we do. She's been studying my grandfather's notes as long as I have."

    "How long have you been planning this?"

    "Since the day we first kissed. That was the day I knew I wanted more and wanted it with you. I want that future and will do anything for it, for you."

    "Let's do it," Victoria said, confidence radiating in her voice. "Our own life. Our way."

    "Then let's get started. You should leave here first. Make sure no one suspects we've been here together. Then this time tomorrow we'll be on our way out." The two lovers embraced once more.

    "Until tomorrow, my love," Victoria said, beginning to swim away.

    "It can't come soon enough." Aran replied, watching as the love of his life swam out.


    As Victoria left the grotto, she felt lighter than she had when she entered. She was feeling more joy than she had ever remembered. Perhaps if she hadn't been so joyous, she would have noticed the odd bird observing her in this forest she knew so well. But Victoria Justice did not notice the raven. But it certainly noticed her. No sooner had Victoria walked past it than it flew away, away to a dark destination.


    The raven flew to it's destination, the darkest tower of the blackest castle in all the land, Castle Olcarion, home of the Prince of the same name and lineage.

    Prince Olcarian was a pale man. Whatever features he had that weren't white as snow were black, the most disturbing being his eyes, black eyes that seemed to suck in all light. The prince was much like the dark canyon kingdom which he ruled, without joy, without heart.
    he Prince was not alone in this chamber, he was with his personal sorceress, Emma Watson. While not as powerful as the legendary line of Necromancers of the Obsidian Mountains, Watson was quite formidable in her own right. She was dressed in a black and white gown, a silver headdress holding up her light brown hair.

    The raven flew in through the window, landing on Emma's shoulder. Her hand caressed the bird's head. Emma leaned over, the birds beak going to her ear.

    "Well?" the prince asked. "Has she been found?"

    "Yes," Emma said. "The raven has found your new companion. She's more than a suitable replacement."

    "Show me."

    Emma nodded. She grabbed the bird and tore its head off, pouring it's blood into a boiling cauldron and tossing the drained body in as well. Soon an image began to form, showing the image of Victoria leaving the grotto. The prince smiled.

    "She'll do."

    "Excellent my lord," Emma said. "Shall I alert the shadow raiders?"

    "To arms, yes. But not to be sent out just yet. I'll be going with them, and I want to have a full night's rest."

    "Very well." Emma turned to walk out of the chambers.

    "Halt." Emma stopped in her tracks and turned around. She knew what was coming. "You may walk to the door. But don't open it. Face it."

    Emma did as she was asked. She felt Olcarian come up behind her, his hands grasping at her shoulder, pushing her gown down and completely off, the garment falling to her feet.

    "Hands up and pressed to the door." Emma complied again, breathing deep. She felt him caress her ass and legs, followed by his mouth, licking and biting her cheeks. Soon she felt his tongue begin to probe her anus, licking it. Soon it was joined by his fingers. She knew he was loosening her up for what he really wanted. She didn't mind one bit. The prince may have thought his actions would somehow demean her, but as long as Emma enjoyed the action, there was no demeaning , not in her eyes.
    She felt him stand up behind her, his hand running up her legs and stomach to her breasts, which he savage grab. Emma let out a guttural moan, clearly approving of the action. Emma then heard the rusting of pants and the familiar sound his Olcarion's cod pieace hitting the floor behind her. What she felt next was the usual in the series of events, she felt his cock pressed to her lubed up and loosened sphincter and then felt it go through.

    "What do you feel Emma?"

    "Your cock...fuck...your cock..."

    "Where is it?"

    "My ass. Your cock is in my tight little ass."

    "That's right." he replied, beginning to give Emma everything he can, not wasting a moment in his quest to get off. None of this was a problem. Growing up in the Uthral, Emma learned like the rougher things life. In her eyes, no one, least of all the prince, was capable of taking advantage of her. Not only because of the great power she wielded, but her ability to wrap a man around her little finger, no matter how powerful he actually was or thought he was. The prince was no different. She got exactly what she wanted from every action, more than the prince was capable of realizing.

    Olcarian roughly mauled at Emma's breasts while he rammed into her with everything he had. Emma was getting wetter by the moment. "HARDER!" Emma demanded. "FUCK ME HARDER!" The prince obeyed, to wrapped up in pleasure to realize he was being order around.

    "I want you to cum for me, my prince! Give me your seed!"

    "Is that what the slut wants?" Olus asked, his hand around Emma's neck squeezing.

    "It's what I need!" Emma growled. The hand around her throat and the cock up her ass set Emma off, her scream of passion echoing throughout the castle. Her asshole clamped down around Olcarian's cock, setting him off now.

    "On your knees!" he yelled, yanking his cock out of her ass. Emma spun around and dropped to her knees, eagerly presenting her face for the prince's sperm that soon arrived. With a guttural roar, the prince plastered Emma's face with his ooze, the beautiful sorceress taking it with a grin. When he was done, Emma took the head in her mouth, giving it a last suck, then rose to her feet, cleaning her face with her fingers and swallowing down the goo.

    "Will that be all sire?" Emma said, the confidence still in her voice.

    "No," Olus said, breathing deeply and dripping with sweat. "I want you to prepare a few golems."

    "Golems?" Emma asked, somewhat surprised at the suggestion. "For a raid on a peaceful village?"

    "No. For the Obsidian Mountaineers."

    "Are you serious?" Emma asked incredulously. "Do you really want to incur the wrath of the Necromancer? You know as well as anyone what Momsen is capable when enraged. Her people leave us and everyone alone as long as we do the same."

    "For our plans, we will come into conflict with them eventually. None of Taylor's necromancy will have any effect on something that has never known true life, like a golem. If we can remove her from the equation, the mountain people will fall in line. Understand?"

    "Very well, my lord." Emma put her gown back on. "Anything else?"

    "That will be all. Sleep well, for tomorrow, the village of Edji will die, and I will have my new queen to replace the one that ran." A smile crossed the face of the prince. Even for someone as strong-willed and defiant as Emma, there were few sites more disturbing.

    She began to leave, but stopped. "May I ask you a question, your highness?"


    "What should I have the golems and raiders do should they find your first queen?"

    "I want her brought back here so I can see them put her head on a pike. But first I want her to see how easily she can be replaced. She needs to know she is not some unique, special snowflake. She is worthless, she is expendable, and the only pleasure she can give me is her pain and her death. Does that answer your question?"

    "Indeed it does. Good night sir." The prince waved her off and Emma left.

    The prince walked towards the window the raven had flown in and looked out on the horizon, clouds rolling in, thunder crashing. His smile grew wider.

    "The reign begins."

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    Feedback is always welcome. Thanks for reading.

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    Just registered in the forum because of this story, i really enjoyed it. Thanks!

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