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Thread: "Nature" with Olivia Wilde

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    fanfiction "Nature" with Olivia Wilde

    With Olivia Wilde

    Written by Deadshot
    (codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal)

    DISCLAIMER: All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it ever occurred.

    There's nothing like nature. I wouldn't say I'm a country boy by any means, I'm city born and raised. Still, I can't deny the pure fun of camping in the woods. The sounds, the smells, the sights, they were incomparable.

    That's why I decided to spend a week camping in my favorite spot. Right near an awesome little lake complete with a waterfall, great scenic trails, it was perfect. Little did I know perfection could get even better.

    I had just finished setting up camp and had decided to take a hike along my favorite trail, leading to the aforementioned lake. There was a spring in my step, I could wait to take a dip in the crystal waters of the lake. I was hoping to have it to myself. I purposely chose this weekend, knowing it was during an off season.

    When I got to the lake however, I saw there was at least one other person there. However, upon seeing who it was I was anything but angry. Unless my eyes were deceiving me, that was Olivia Wilde. I could not believe my luck, happening upon such a tight-bodied and smoking hot beauty on my vacation. I breathed deep and tried to play it cool.

    "Excuse me," I said in a welcoming tone, trying to get her attention. Olivia turned around with a start, surprised to see me, or really anyone for that matter. "I don't mean to disturb you, but I was wondering if you'd mind if I took a dip as well?"

    "Go ahead." Olivia replied. Her demeanor seemed to go from surprised to happy and calm relatively quick. What a laid back woman. "It's not like it my lake or anything, knock yourself out. I think there's a tire swing up near the cliff of the water fall if you want to make a big splash."

    "That's something to consider," I said, smiling back at her. I decided to be modest, despite the fact my eyes were on one of the finest bodies I'd ever seen barely covered in a bikini, and stepped behind a tree to change into my swimming gear.

    Once I had them one, I entered the crystal cool waters of the lake. I didn't go for Olivia first, she may have been friendly, but I didn't want to come across as a creeper.

    "You can swim closer, you know," Olivia said. "I don't have personal space issue. Besides, if you try anything I don't like, I'm fairly sure I could kick your ass." She gave me a sarcastic grin, and I swam over.

    "Oh, of that I have no doubt, miss?"

    "Are we really going to play the game where you act like you don't know me?"

    "Is it that obvious?"

    "Pretty much," nodded Olivia. "I've kind of gotten used to the look in peoples' eyes when they recognize me. But you get at least a C+ for effort."

    "That's slightly above average, I think I'm doing good."

    "Very," she laughed. "What's your name? I think it's only fair I know yours as well."

    "Matt Rogers," I said. "I'm just your handy-dandy business owner."

    "What kind of business?"

    "I own a few sporting goods shops. Outdoorsman stuff, things like that."

    "So you're obviously here to test out your products for the good of your customers. Such dedication!" Olivia playfully mocked me, getting a laugh from me. "Must be nice though, I honestly. You have the best equipment at your disposal, and you can come out here whenever you want just to relax."

    "Yeah. This may not be the beaches of Cannes or anything, but it's pretty nice."

    "Let me tell you something Matt." Olivia swam closer to me, not quite face to face but close enough for beauty to take my breath away. "I've been to Cannes. Those beaches have nothing on places like this. This is quiet, relaxing...and in Cannes you already know what you're going to see on the beaches; big fake tits or overly tanned old dudes. Out here never know who you're going to meet, or what's going to happen."

    Olivia raised an eyebrow at me, then swam away a bit facing me. There was a silence between us, one that Olivia seemed to get a kick out of. "So, is that what brings you by here?" I asked, breaking the silence. "Sights, sounds, and the unexpected."

    "A little," she admitted. "Thought some along time would be good."

    "I hope I didn't wreck that."

    "Hardly. Sometimes, some fresh faces can do some good. On that very same subject, where's your camp site?"

    "Down that trail and straight down until you reach a stump and a hollowed out log. Turn left there and go for a few more yards," I said, pointing out the trail. "Why?"

    "Might want to pay you a visit later, is that's okay, of course."

    "Sure thing. Company's always welcome."


    The two of us swam together for what must have been a good half hour. To say Olivia was as laid back as I thought she was would be an understatement. I had never met a woman so lacking in ego or self-importance as her. No a woman with such a knack for dirty jokes. After the short "getting to know you" phase of out little meeting, she let out more than a few extremely raunchy jokes that had us both in tears. However, we both had to go our separate ways for the time being. We said our "see you laters" and headed back to our respective sites.

    In the back of my head, i was hoping she follow me to continue our time together, but as the day turned into night, I began to get the feeling that wouldn't happen, though an ember of hope was in the back of my head.

    I started a small fire when the sun began to set and began to prepare a dinner of a canned stew. Right when I placed the cast iron dutch oven over the fire, I heard a twig snap behind me. I turned around to see Olivia standing behind me.

    "Don't look too surprised, you did give me directions," she said with a smile. She took a seat across from me, the light of the fire somehow making her look even hotter. "What's on the fire?"

    "A vegetable stew my stores carry," I said while stoking the fire.


    "Did I surprise you this time?"

    "I kind of figured you for a meat & potatoes guy, Mr. Outdoorsman."

    "I guess I'm just full of surprises." One of those surprises being I also had a can of beef stew in my pack and I just cooked the vegetable stew on the off chance that Wilde, a known vegan, would come to my site after she asked for directions to it. THat one, I wasn't sure I wanted to let out.

    "You have an extra bowl? Or am I going to forage for mushrooms?" I handed Olivia a bowl and spooned in some stew for her.

    "So, what brings you by here?" I asked. "Needed more of my amazing company."

    "Actually, I felt like slumming it you know?" joked Olivia. "Sometimes you really want to be in a scummy little dive bar."

    "Thanks, always nice to know my scum is appealing."

    "No problem." Olivia proceeded to take a bite of the food, looking pleasantly surprised when she began eating. "This actually came from a can in a sporting goods store? But it doesn't taste like swamp ass."

    "Believe me, I was as as shocked as you were when I first had it. Sometimes, you never know what you going to get until you crack it open."

    "Words to live by." responded Olivia, winking at me. "So, how long are you out here?"

    "Rest of the week," I said. "I really needed to unwind. You?"

    "Just tomorrow. The next morning I'm back to the grind. Not a horrible grind, but still, it's not all this." Olivia looked around at the surrounding woods, entranced by them as much as I was of her. "It's just so nice to actually be able to clearly see a starry sky at night. And sniff the air without even detecting a hint of car exhaust."

    "The view is definitely something to behold."

    Olivia's eyes turned to mine, a playful tone in her gaze. "Did you just hit on me?"

    "Maybe. Maybe in a very cheesy manner."

    "Fair enough." Olivia got up from and walked over to me, taking a seat next to me. "What if something like that worked?"

    "Well, if something like that worked I'd certainly try not to disappoint."

    "How would you manage that?" she asked, her face moving closer to mine.

    "Would you like a demonstration?"

    "Maybe." With that answer, I decided to give her one. I breached the distance between us and began to kiss Olivia, the action very welcomed by the tone beauty. As our tongues embraced, our hands roamed each other's bodies, mine sliding underneath her jean shorts to her slit, sticking a finger inside her.

    "Oooh," Olivia let out. "already going for the prize, I see." I simply nodded and moved down her body, Olivia leaning back on her arms. I slowly began to remove the shorts, taking extra time to kiss and caress her smooth and shapely legs.

    Once the garments were removed, I worked my way down, licking and kissing from her calves to her thigh. I lightly traced my tongue across her skin, slowly, working my way yo her wet opening.

    My fingers glided over her skin until they reached her slit. Before I began with my mouth, I worked my fingers into the mix. I ran my fingers up and down her lips, teasing her before going any further. She needed to ask me for it.

    "Stop teasing me Matt," Olivia said. "Eat me right now!" Bingo, I thought to myself. I inserted my fingers side of her while my mouth went to Olivia's clit, sucking the aroused nub and attacking it with my tongue.

    "That's the way," Olivia said through her gasps. Her eyes shut tight as my fingers and mouth worked in tandem on her dripping cunt. My fingers crooked and I twisted them with every thrust.
    I began to lightly drag my teeth over her clit, surprising Olivia and making her back arch. "Damn you're good," she said.

    "I've never heard any complaints," I said, before going back to work on her. I looked up to see Olivia's face in complete rapture. One hand was at her breasts, pinching and tweaking her own nipples, the other darted down to my head, grasping at my hair tight and grinding her cunt into my face.

    "Keep going," Olivia breathlessly said. "So fucking close Matt..." Olivia seemed to just on the edge, waiting for that last little push over. Deciding to test the limits, I decided to give Olivia a little taste that old classic, the shocker. Or, in other words, two in her pussy, one in her asshole.

    "Holy shit!" Olivia exclaimed. Her legs clamped around my head, almost completely muting the sounds she was making, fortunately I still had a view of her face. From the looks of things, she was about to cum.

    And cum she did, flooding my mouth and face with her juices. Her body went stiff, then slowly relaxed, her legs relaxing like wet noodles. I moved up her body to her face. Before I could kiss her, Olivia moved like a viper, kissing me hungrily and licking her essence from my face.

    "Wow," she panted. "How did you know what was going to finish me off?"

    "Lucky guess."

    "Damn right," she laughed. "That was great Matt, but I think I should head back to my camp site."

    "Really?" I asked, kind of shocked at her exit.

    "Not that I wouldn't love to continue this, I just don't want to be away from it too long at night, you know?" Olivia got up and put her shorts back on. She began to head out, then turned around one last time. "I'll tell you what thought, why do't we go for a hike tomorrow? I'll meet you in the morning. It's my last hike of my trip, so I can guarantee some fun for both of us."

    "It's a deal," I said, already anticipating what tomorrow would bring.


    That night, I could barely sleep, my mind jumping what fun Olivia might have in store for us. I did eventually drift off to sleep, and my dreams continued to play the possibilities up until I awoke the next morning, my dick playing the role of sundial. I quickly got dressed and paced, waiting for Olivia to arrive.

    Soon enough, she was there, just as radiant as ever. "You ready?" she said. I nodded, then proceeded to follow her up the trail.

    "Sleep well," I asked, striding side by side with her.

    "Like a rock." she replied. "I always sleep well after cumming like that. You're kind of like a sleeping pill, except with a tongue and a lot more fun."

    "Thanks, I guess."

    "Seriously though, that was great. I wouldn't mind a full show some time."

    "Some time?"

    "Yeah, some time," she said with a broad grin. "Not saying when. Anticipation is icing on the cake, don't you think?"

    "Certainly," I smirked. "It means there's something to look forward to." We continued to walk the trail, flirting back and forth with each until it seemed we reached a destination Olivia seemed to have planned on. There was a stream flowing, and Olivia then began to follow it. I had a good idea of where we here heading, and after a few more minutes, it was confirmed; we were at the waterfall of the lake we had met at yesterday.

    "Want to go for a dip?" she asked, not waiting for an answer and beginning to strip out of her clothes. "Don't worry about a swimsuit, I'm clearly not. Besides, there's no need to be modest, you've already eaten my pussy."

    "I couldn't deny her point and followed suit in stripping clean.

    "Nice cock," Olivia said smiling. "Nice everything, actually."

    "Ditto," I said, scoping out the nude form of Olivia Wilde. "More so, actually. Work of art."

    "Such a flatterer," Olivia said. With a wink, she walked towards the edge of the cliff and dove in the water. I walked to the edge looked up, Olivia's nude form turning me on even more soaking wet. "Come on, jump in! Trust me, you have nothing to worry about where shrinkage is concerned!"

    I chuckled a bit and noticed the tire swing. I got on and swung out, launching myself off of the makeshift device when i arced out as far as I could, splashing loud into the water. When I came back to the surface, I was treated to the site of Olivia laughing heartily.

    "Well, that was certainly exciting," she said, her laughing slowly fading into a giggle. "Big splashes are always worth a laugh." Olivia began to swim towards me. "I do think you and I, well, we could probably make things a lot more exciting."

    "Could we now?" Olivia finally got to me, putting her legs around my waist. She reached between us and lined me up with her pussy and in moments I was inside her. "Definitely more exciting."

    "Glad we're on the same page Matt." Olivia and I wasted no time in building up a rhythm. We began to make waves in the water with our movements, the splashing of the water the only other sound beyond ours moans.

    "That's right Matty-boy," Olivia said. "Fuck this little cunt...fill me up with that fucking cock! Such a good cock! FUCK!"Olivia leaned back in the water, giving me full control. I grasped her hard by the hips and slammed into her with everything I had.

    "FUCK, THAT'S IT!" she yelled. "That's how I fucking like it!" I pulled Olivia back up to give me access to her breasts. Taking a hint from how she'd been responding , I took another gamble and began to bite and tug on her nipples, the sensation making her shiver in my arms. "HARDER! Bite them harder you fucker!"

    I gladly did as she asked, fucking her for everything I was worth and biting on her nipples. Her face looked totally flushed. She fiercely kissed me then broke off from me, urging me to fall her to the waterfall.

    I did so to find we could actually stand once we reached it, the water only coming up to our thighs. She waded to the nearby stone and Bent over, pressing her hand against it. She looking over her shoulder at me with a smile, my eyes roaming her glistening wet body.

    "I hope you have something bigger than a pinky for me this time," Olivia said. "In other words, get over here and fuck my ass. Nothing slow, nothing sweet, fucking ram me!"

    "Is that what you want?" I asked, smacking her hard on the ass? "Want me to jam my cock in your tight little hole?"

    "Fuck yes! Fucking use me...make me your fuckdoll, Matt! JUST FUCK ME!" I took a hold of Olivia and did just that, sinking all the way into her asshole with one thrust, making the horny woman howl in ecstasy. "JUST LIKE FUCKING THAT!"

    There was no tenderness in this act, Olivia wanted to be fucked like an animal, raw lust and desire. No more calling out names, no words, just primal grunts and groans of pleasure and the sounds of our flesh slapping together with every thrust.

    I reached one of my arms around her body, red to test one more guess about Ms. Olivia Wilde. I gently clasped my hand around her throat, ready for it to be batted away.

    "Do it," growled Olivia. "Fucking choke me...choke me while you fuck my ass, you fucking little pervert!" And that's three for three with this vixen. "That's right...fuck me like a dirty fucking filthy whore...right in my better be ready to cum up my ass...fuck...that's the only place I want it..."

    After that, the only noises coming from Olivia's mouth were grunts, growls and a series of profanities, all doing nothing more than spur me on. I was dangerously close to letting loose. I pulled Olivia close to my, moving her wet hair to one side, exposing her bare shoulder and neck, I placed my head there, giving her a few more hard thrusts before finally exploding in her back door, pumping her bowels full of my hot cum. "Take it all," I whispered into her ear, "every...last....drop.."

    "YES!" Olivia screamed as she came. Her asshole clamped down on my cock hard, squeezing a few more ropes from my near drained cock. ONce we we both spent, we collapsed in the shallow water, both completely exhausted.

    "Best camping trip ever," I muttered.

    "Yeah, no shit," said Olivia, catching her breath with her eyes still glazed over.

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    WOW!.. That's one camping trip... :)

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    I loved it!! No wonder her name is "Wild"e.. :))

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