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Thread: "Comic Con Virgin: Day Two" with Cobie Smulders

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    fanfiction "Comic Con Virgin: Day Two" with Cobie Smulders

    Comic Con Virgin: Day Two
    Author: Robertdoc
    Celebrity: Cobie Smulders
    Warnings: M/F, cons, fingering, handjob, blowjob, cunnilingus, anal play

    Originally I had Emma Stone for Day 2, having planned this out before I realized she wouldn’t actually be in the Spider-Man panel on the real Comic Con Day 2. Between that and other narrative concerns, I finally had to give up, but I didn’t see anyone else I could use who was on a panel that day. Yet MacedMan planted this choice in my head, so all credit/blame goes to him. This is the very first story on CFF featuring this particular celebrity, so this is a milestone, if nothing else.
    Friday morning, July 19, 2013

    I fell asleep earlier than I wanted to, so I didn’t know if Yvonne was doing the same with me. When I woke up the next morning, I didn’t dare to open my eyes – both in fear of not seeing her there, and in fear of how to talk to her if she was there. However, I heard footsteps nearby, which told me she’d stayed the night but was ready to go.

    I should have been the gentleman and said a goodbye, at least, but I was too nervous. It was easy to be gusty near a hot celebrity when they’re letting you take her, yet the aftermath seemed too tricky to handle.

    Before I cursed myself too much for not having guts, I felt a pair of cool lips on my cheek. Yvonne was sneaking out while she thought I was sleeping – but she still had the decency and appreciation to kiss me goodbye. Even if she thought I wouldn’t know about it.

    So half good, half bad morning after. At least I had enough of the good to cling to. I’d carry that with me in my long wait for…..


    It wasn’t a last look at Yvonne Strahovski that made me spring out of bed, but the prospect of being late in line for the afternoon’s biggest panel. Marvel was holding a screening of their new Avengers based TV pilot “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” -- and although it was hours from now, it still might be too late for a good place in line.

    I got myself dressed, left the Hilton, went over to the convention and saw way too many people camped out in line already. Nevertheless, I dared to hope I was just on the borderline of fitting into the way too small Ballroom 20.

    Hours later, the dare didn’t pay off.

    I was reduced to going online and looking up live blogs to see what I was missing. Of course few people in that crowd were going to hate the pilot, or hate hearing from the likes of Joss Whedon. This told me little I couldn’t have figured out – except that Cobie Smulders’ Maria Hill was in the pilot too and would likely be a recurring guest in between “How I Met Your Mother”’s final season. But it would been nice to see them prove me right in person.

    I guessed this was my comeuppance for getting so lucky last night. Figured it would happen, but it didn’t have to take up my whole day. With no chance of getting into the night’s big panels – including a Spider-Man 2 one that wouldn’t even have Emma Stone there – I quit while I was behind by a manageable figure.

    All I did was walk around the convention, check the exhibits, and have some leftover regret over the end with Yvonne. While that was only a little asterisk on the hottest night of my life, it wasn’t like I’d get a chance to improve on it. With her or anyone like her.

    I carried that feeling with me as I left the convention building. Apparently to an astounding degree. Because I could have sworn someone that looked like Cobie Smulders was hanging around there too.

    So I was imagining a celeb associated with Marvel now. Then again, I thought I imagined Yvonne at first, or at least thought she was a costumed fan. This Cobie lookalike wasn’t dressed up as Maria Hill, or even as Robin Sparkles. Then what….

    Oh God. Did I just see a real life celebrity and mistake her for a fan again? Tonight, of all nights? When I answered my own question, I had to go into a laughing fit.

    When I remembered Cobie Smulders was there to hear my fit, I made myself sound human again. But just in case I hadn’t embarrassed myself enough, I asked, “You are Cobie Smulders, right?””

    “The guy who gave me my Comic Con badge thought so,” she replied. It was more of a joke than an answer, yet it sounded enough like her, so it was close enough.

    “Good. I mean, this isn’t the first time I saw a celebrity here and thought she was in a costume. Now I know it’s a trend,” I explained, without adding the other details.

    “It’s my first time here, so I don’t know where all the costume shops are yet,” Cobie retorted.

    “Oh right, that’s right,” I exclaimed, remembering this was the first year “How I Met Your Mother” was at Comic Con – and the last – and she hadn’t been on any Marvel panels yet. Not off screen, anyway. Still, another first timer here like me – at least in one regard.

    Shaking that off, I revealed, “I tried to see your big screen Comic Con debut today. I didn’t quite make it. Spent hours in line and everything.”

    Cobie took a second to decode that, then looked apologetic. “Ouch. Sorry, man,” she said.

    “My fault for sleeping, I guess,” I commented, again brushing aside the exact circumstances. “Now I know what not to do tonight before your next panel,” I added, throwing away my plans to go to the Hunger Games panel tomorrow – I pretty much had to now. But the Mother panel was my second choice for the afternoon, so no harm done.

    “No sleep, good advice. I can do that before my two panels tomorrow and get away with it, right? You probably know more about what works here than me,” Cobie stated. It took me a while to realize she was talking about being on the Captain America panel too, which made me feel even more like a time waster. Still, I had to correct something before I stopped.

    “Actually, this is my first time here too,” I said, adding the “here” to the first time since there was no need for innuendo. Not with another celebrity, and not with one married with a four-year-old kid. Karma had punished me enough today.

    Nevertheless, I continued, “I’m no expert on how this place works yet. Maybe oversleeping will work better for you. They can afford to wait for you in a ballroom,” I tried to say in a non-bitter way. To erase that, I added, “But from what I hear, I missed out on some pretty big stuff. I’m glad you were part of it. And part of the stuff after that. Eventually.”

    “Thanks. Eventually,” Cobie replied with a smile.

    This was resembling a now familiar formula – a thoroughly beautiful celebrity actually letting me talk, and actually being amused by my idiocy. Regardless, I knew that was all the déjà vu I was getting tonight.

    “Well, I should let you solve your sleep dilemma,” I called back. Before I actually said good bye, though, I remembered I was still carrying my little book – the one with Yvonne’s autograph. I turned a page that was far away from hers, and asked Cobie to add her signature. She added it, then I gave her my name, a few more congrats and a goodbye.

    It was my best goodbye of the day, so I at least ended that on a high note. Not pushing my luck, I returned to my room for the first time since Yvonne left. After relieving the memories for about an hour, I flipped through the TV until I heard a knock.

    I went over to my door, puzzled since I wasn’t causing any disturbances. For a brief second, I thought it was Yvonne. It wasn’t, but I wasn’t that far off – although this was still far more shocking.

    When I recovered from seeing Cobie at my door – in a casual black and grey shirt, no less -- and remembered to let her in, I noticed she was holding something. A something that almost looked like a DVD case.

    “I told Joss I wanted a DVD of my first Comic Con footage. I didn’t tell him I’d be the only one watching it, though,” Cobie hinted at, as it dawned on me that she was holding a DVD of the S.H.I.E.L.D pilot I missed. “But I am gonna need it back when you’re done. The cat’s out of the bag already, but we didn’t let those cats take the episode with them.”

    “Right, thank you, of course,” I mixed up my phrases in my gratitude. “So I should drop this off somewhere when it’s over?”

    “I’ll probably be too busy to get it tomorrow. And I’ve got just over an hour to spare now. Luckily this is only 44 minutes,” Cobie did the math. I started to do math of my own, then I snapped out of it when Cobie found the DVD player in my room.

    I took the hint that I’d have to watch this now – but the larger hint of Cobie sticking around to watch it with me was still a lot to comprehend. Still, that was the only hint I could handle, even as she bent down just within my eyesight to put the DVD copy in.

    Instead of sitting on the bed, I found two chairs and put them in front of the bed. I took the right one while Cobie sat next to me on the left, as the bootleg copy of the episode I missed hours ago came on my screen.

    I normally like total silence to focus on watching my shows. I should have insisted on it after all the trouble me and Cobie had gone through for this – especially Cobie. Yet in between laughing at the banter and widening my eyes at the budget, I had a bit of running commentary with Cobie during the screening. I made some notes during her scenes, and she chipped in a few behind-the-scenes tidbits as well.

    Our chairs stayed a couple of inches apart, as did we. But I caught Cobie glancing at me nearly as much as she did the episode. Then again, she was in the episode, so she probably already saw some of it already. But although I hadn’t seen any of it, I split my time peeking at Cobie too.

    When it was over, there wasn’t anything left to distract me from her. I owed her a thank you, at the least, for making this happen – or at least a little review. However, I was once again at a loss on what to say to a celebrity, after an unprecedented experience with her. Only this time I couldn’t fake being asleep.

    Since Cobie was looking at me with a little smile, and a hint of something else in her striking blue eyes, I was even more speechless. I opened my mouth to at least start to say something, but she stopped me by saying, “You’re welcome.”

    Then she further stunted my ability to speak by kissing my cheek.

    This made even less sense to me than Yvonne coming on to me. As I remembered earlier, I knew Cobie was a married mother, and I knew husband Taran Killam of “SNL” was probably here at Comic Con too. Might help further explain why she said she only had an hour to spare. It didn’t explain anything else at all, though.

    Nevertheless, Cobie didn’t look ashamed or scared when I finally looked at her again. She just looked as tempting as ever.

    It took 44 minutes to watch that pilot. If she was only here for 15 more minutes….there really was no time to analyze why she was doing this. If I could pretend that motives didn’t matter once….

    Hell, I wasn’t looking away from her gaze anytime soon anyway. By the time I felt myself moving closer, I threw everything else out of the window.

    After I took the time to savor our first kisses, I remembered I had to go faster. So I glided my tongue over Cobie’s silky lips and slid past them, while my right hand grasped her hair and slid down to her back. She kept her hands on the back of my neck, fiddling with my collar as my hands started fiddling with the bottom of her shirt.

    Cobie broke off and got up off her chair, leaving me needing to follow suit. She lifted her shirt up as I started to do the same, and was undoing her pants before I lowered mine. Once I was left in my underwear, I could focus on Cobie being left in her black bra and panties.

    She had the same relative body type as Yvonne – model thin, with medium sized but perky and round breasts, an ass that fit the same description, and sky high legs. And as I already knew, she and Yvonne had piercing blue eyes to get completely lost in, yet Cobie’s brunette hair framed hers in an exceptionally alluring fashion.

    When I shook off her hypnotic effect, I had us sit on the front of the bed, then I put my hand on top of her leg. When I didn’t hear her object, I slid up higher before sliding three of my fingers onto the front of her panties. Her legs nearly clenched around my hand, which empowered me to go a step further.

    My left index and forefinger dipped inside her underwear, earning a moan from Cobie. When I heard her go “Mmm hmmm….” I suddenly put all five fingers inside, then attempted to palm her pussy as best I could. Cobie hissed before helping me along by rubbing herself on my hand.

    My other hand went to her right hip, lowering the side of her underwear down. Cobie took the hint and lifted herself up to take her panties down. When she sat again, my left hand went back to palming and teasing her, as Cobie let out her approval and reached back to unhook her bra.

    When she took her bra down, she only let me stare at her breasts for a moment before her hands worked on something else – gliding over my own underwear.

    Cobie fondled my bulge with both hands, which made harder for me to use one on fingering her. She made it slightly easier by taking her left hand away, leaving her right hand to cup my balls. I finally got a finger inside Cobie to thank her, then she thanked me back by reaching into my underwear and pulling my shaft out.

    I quickly got the rest of my underwear down, then we both resumed pleasuring each other with no more barriers. Cobie worked a quick pace on my cock with her right hand, but soon slowed it down to tease me. To balance it out, my left index finger dug deeper into her pussy and wiggled around as fast as it could.

    “Mmmm, ah, that’s good,” Cobie approved, before giving my cock a harder squeeze. “Really good,” she emphasized, going back to a soft teasing of my head with her thumb.

    Somehow, I remembered I had a free right hand, which I used to cup Cobie’s firm right breast. I used my thumb to brush the underside of her boob, then leaned down to lick it. As our hands kept pumping, my mouth started suckling her breast down and circling around her nipple. Cobie groaned and put her free hand on the back of my head, pushing it forward like I might have if her mouth was….on me.

    I looked up at her flushed, pleased face and her open mouth, which inspired me to nibble on her nipple and watch her get even more flustered. My hand left her breast and tried to reach for her left tit, jiggling it as my mouth stayed on her right one. It was certainly awkward to do all that while we were jerking each other off, but Cobie broke it off first.

    She got my face off of her chest, then put hers onto my neck and began to suckle it in kind. Her hand moved lower on my cock and brushed my balls, while her mouth went higher and landed on my ear. In return, I put a second finger into her, which forced out a seductive whimper into my ear.

    “Fuck, you got it,” Cobie breathed onto me. “We don’t have much time, though, so….”

    I figured that meant we had to fuck shortly, not that she wanted to stop. But with the way Cobie was handling me, I wouldn’t last long inside her anyway. Still, I needed to do one more thing first.

    Since Cobie hinted we would stop using our hands soon, I reluctantly got her hand off me and took mine off of her. But instead of lining her up to fuck her, I dove my head down and lined her up with my tongue.

    I couldn’t spend much time down there, so I licked her as hard and as fast as I could. My hands rested on her thighs, gripped them and spread them wider as I nibbled on her clit, then licked it all better. Cobie gasped and groaned, fisting my sheets with her hands, or at least that’s how it looked through my limited vision.

    After sliding my tongue in as deep as possible, I licked her up and lifted my head, not bothering to close my mouth. With her taste and juices fresh on my tongue, I kissed Cobie so she could taste them too. Before I wondered if that would go over well, her tongue attacked mine and I had my answer.

    Cobie circled her tongue around mine before pulling away. Once our breath returned, she commented, “Not a bad idea,” then proceeded to top it.

    Her head dropped into my lap, and before I knew it, her mouth was on my cock and her tongue was circling it too. When it made contact, she licked up and hummed around my head while her tongue played with the underside. Her hands returned to my shaft, as one pumped the bottom half and the other palmed my balls.

    When Yvonne blew me, I couldn’t see it since I was occupied with her pussy – and I couldn’t focus when she sucked me while I was cumming. But this time, I could clearly take in the sight of a sexy celebrity sucking my cock – despite the urge to throw my head back. Fortunately, I kept my head still when Cobie looked up at me, with a sultry glare and her mouth halfway down my cock.

    Without thinking, I put my hand on the back of her head, like she did to me while I sucked her tit. I had just enough sense not to start fucking her mouth too hard, to be easy on her and to keep myself from going too soon. But I gave her mouth a few pumps and she kept swallowing and licking me, until she popped her head off.

    I had a brief second to worry if I went too far, before Cobie went up and kissed me. Kissed me right after taking my cock in her mouth – and making me feel the aftertaste like I did with her. Obviously, it wasn’t the best sensation, yet the rest of her lips and mouth – and the still lingering taste of her pussy – helped it go down easier.

    While that overpowered me, I felt Cobie climb into my lap. Yet she didn’t break our kiss as she lined my cock up against her, then started to sink down. She only broke from my lips at first, but soon went back to kissing me as I fit myself in.

    Cobie put her arms around my shoulders, while I settled mine around her hips and let myself hold her ass for the first time. Her legs went around me as I took my first thrust, then she lowered herself almost all the way down, with my second thrust getting the rest of me in.

    We broke our lips and our hips at the same time, but soon pushed our hips together again. After a few more times, we rested our foreheads against each other as we started fucking in earnest. I studied her face to see how it would change after each thrust, yet mine broke first when she briefly swiveled her hips.

    I didn’t know how much time had gone by, or how much I had left to do any other moves. It was hard to calculate while Cobie tightened around me anyway. Nevertheless, she made it harder when she pushed me down on the bed, then sat up to ride me in full.

    I took in the sight of her flawless figure on full display while bucking on top of me, settling on her bouncing breasts. With that, I got back into things and held onto them, making them bounce even more. I pushed them together and tried to rub them side by side, resulting in Cobie putting her hands on my chest and pushing down on it.

    Her ass bounced harder onto me, so I left her breasts and went down to grab it again. I tried to help lift it up and down, but Cobie seemed plenty good at it herself. Regardless, I made an effort to jiggle it around anyway, as my fingers wound up getting closer to her ass crack.

    Taking a chance, I brushed my left index finger between her cheeks – and it sounded like her moans got a little louder afterwards. To get a second opinion, I put the tip of my index finger into her cleft and slid down. As I did, I looked up at Cobie, whose face certainly looked encouraging.

    “Don’t put it in there,” she gasped out anyway. “Just tease it…..put me on the edge.” Like I had time to argue.

    Encouraged, I rested the tip of my finger onto her hole, but I followed orders and didn’t put it in. I brushed the hole and pressed on it, yet that was all. It seemed to do the job, as Cobie came down on me harder and pushed her ass back a few times as well.

    Clearly this was going to make her go soon, so if I had any more bright ideas, I had to use them now. I settled for using an old idea, as I sat myself up again, had Cobie settle onto my lap, and put my head against her breasts again while nearly fingering her ass.

    My right arm wrapped around her back as my face buried myself in her tits. We held each other, bucked against each other and grabbed each other pretty tight, although my finger was actually lighter around her hole. Cobie bucked her hips forward extra hard, which caused me to lose my balance and fall onto my side, taking her down with me.

    We temporarily stopped as we both found ourselves on our sides. Yet I was still in her, my hand and finger were squarely on her ass, and this position was maneuverable. So I lifted my right arm up and put it around Cobie, letting her rest on my arm while I slowly started pumping again.

    I gripped her ass harder and put my finger back to work teasing her when we were settled. Cobie grit her teeth, which I could clearly see now that our heads were locked together again.

    “Come on, come on…..” Cobie urged. “Don’t send me outta here hanging….”

    “Wasn’t planning on it,” I assured, pressing my finger harder against her hole. I briefly considered pushing all the way in, yet I owed Cobie the chance to give permission. I also owed her the chance to cum too.

    As Cobie recovered from my finger’s maneuver, my cock pulled another fast one with four straight rapid fire thrusts. She threw her head back as I froze up, but gave her three more quick pumps once she looked at me again. When that paid off, I nearly pulled all the way out of her, only to slam myself all the way back in.

    “Oh, fuck me….” Cobie exclaimed, without any irony. I thought ahead to give her a tender kiss, throwing her off before pulling back and slamming harder back in. Once I was in, I let my finger press harder against her ass, then slammed my cock back inside her before pressing my finger again. I repeated the pattern several more times, adding an unexpectedly soft kiss every once in a while, just for fun.

    Cobie panted, but had enough strength to start kissing me again too. When our tongues joined in, I put my cock back all the way in, then took a gamble and finally put my fingertip in her ass.

    With our mouths locked together, she couldn’t clearly tell me to stop, even if she wanted to. She moaned pretty deeply onto me and her pussy clenched even harder, helping to tell me she was almost there.

    As tempting as it was, I didn’t finish her with my finger in her ass. Instead, I wiggled it around twice more, then pulled it out and laid Cobie on her back. I sat straight up, giving me the chance to see my cock buried in her wet pussy, and letting her see it too. I then brought her attention to the finger that had just been in her ass – then placed it against her pussy.

    With that finger and my cock working to finish her off down there, Cobie was just about set. She tried to buck herself back, calling out, “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna….” before trailing off and doing just what she warned.

    I kept still as Cobie released herself on my cock, faring slightly better than when Yvonne did it. When I felt her finishing off, I brought myself to look down below. Using my right index finger – not the one that was in her ass – I brushed her pussy and then put my finger right in my mouth.

    If I pulled out and tasted her, it might keep me from exploding a while longer. However, I was probably pushing it by keeping it contained this long. As such, I pulled myself out, placed my hand on my wet shaft and started pumping, intending to just coat Cobie’s chest instead of her face.

    Once she saw me jacking off to her satisfied, naked body, and saw me aiming my cock at her breasts, she got up and said, “No evidence.”

    She could have just cleaned her chest off afterwards to destroy the evidence. But her way of disposing of it – via putting my cock back in her mouth – soon sounded much better.

    Cobie bobbed up and down, then popped off, suddenly suckled my balls, and glided her tongue up my sac and shaft before putting her mouth on me again. After she bobbed a few more times, I came into an actress’s mouth for the second night in a row – but this time, all of it was going in there.

    I felt her swallow down as much as she could, then once my cock softened in her mouth, she came off and I heard her gulp the rest. As I caught my breath, I took a few last looks at Cobie looking up at me, then she said, “I….think I need to brush my teeth. Get rid of the evidence from getting rid of the evidence. Do you mind?”
    “Not at all,” I breathed out. I shook my head clear of cobwebs in time to see Cobie get off the bed, and see her naked back, ass and legs as they headed to the bathroom. I just drained myself, and yet all that still looked teasing to me.

    I laid down on the bed as I heard Cobie brush her teeth with my toothpaste and toothbrush. I made a mental note to buy a new brush tomorrow, if I was still conscious. But if I died from another embarrassing moment after, that might not be a problem.

    I sat up as I saw Cobie gather her clothes and remember to take the DVD out. Yet I stayed undressed as she zipped herself back up, trying to gather some final mental images of her naked flesh. I finally got on my feet once she was fully dressed, likely ready to bolt.

    But she stayed in front of me, and without my thinking cap back on yet, I asked, “Did you get all the evidence?”

    “It feels like it,” she replied.

    “Do you need to double check?” I blurted out, barely believing I was leading towards a pass now.

    But yet again, Cobie didn’t shy away, leaning in to kiss me so I could presumably make sure my cum wasn’t lingering in her mouth. To be extra sure, I dipped my tongue in one last time and made sure hers was clean. I put my hand on her cheek, which really didn’t help the inspection, but the decision had already been made.

    Finally, I pulled my lips and tongue away while I still could. “All clear,” I approved, resulting in a little chuckle from Cobie. She then headed for the door, and I followed despite only one of us wearing clothes.

    Still halfway expecting to see regret and pleas for secrecy, I waited until Cobie said, “Thanks for the welcome wagon. I hope you’re sleepless enough to catch one of my panels.” I hoped so too, but she got herself out before I said it out loud.

    Somehow, I doubted sleep would be a part of my night this time.

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    A fan of her Maria Hill character... not to forget Robin...
    Thanks for bringing her to CFF - that was amazing!

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    You're most welcome.

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    Thanks -- happy to welcome her.

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    Another top read! Looking forward to the conclusion!!

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    Thanks. There's still two more parts before it's concluded, with day 3 coming tomorrow.

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    Robin Sparkles is realy have a "Spark" :))
    Can't wait for the conclusion of all

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    Thanks - working on the fourth and last chap now.

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