Film Buff: Chapter 6
Written By MacedMan
With Heather Graham, Reese Witherspoon and Kirsten Dunst
(MF, BJ)

DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

A/N: I've started writing the ninth in this series so I thought I'd post the remaining three in the meantime, I've also got A Very Important Person 2, Guest Pass 2, Driven 2, Rehabilitation 2 and Jay Cult 3 all in various stages of completion.

The water splashed around me as I thought about what I had just gone through. I wondered if the machine seemingly malfunctioning was anything to worry about. Hal had kept quiet for a while now and that was starting to worry me, I still couldn't shake the feeling that maybe he was teaching me a lesson though. I had to stop, I couldn't let this negativity start to ruin what was supposed to be the greatest experience of my life, whether Hal was fucking with me or not was inconsequential, I was still enjoying myself.

I dried off and put my clothes back on, opening the bathroom door, excited to see what would be on the other side. What I found appeared to be some sort of weird act project, the couch was covered in graffiti and the whole room was littered in crappy pretentious sculptures. Most importantly though, I found the incredibly busty, blonde beauty Heather Graham sitting on the couch. She was holding glass of wine in her hand and wearing a worried expression on her face.

I swaggered over to the couch and sat down opposite her, I carefully examined her face as we took sips of wine in unison. She looked somewhat embarrassed; her eyes kept darting back and forth between me and the camera on the coffee table. I smiled at her, and leant down to the table, using a stray lighter to ignite a few of the candles that were on it.

'How are you feeling?' I said, staring into her eyes.

'Great,' she said. 'I feel good.'

'Are you sure? You seem quite nervous.'

'Well I guess I am sort of...'

'Is it the camera?' I asked.

'To be honest it is putting me a little bit on edge,' she admitted, giving the camera another worried glance.

'I don't want you to worry about the camera; I want you to look at me.'

'Sure I can-'

'Can you show me your breasts?' I asked. She looked stunned.

'I promise it will make you feel more comfortable,' I insist. She stares at me for the longest moment.

'Sure,' she concedes.

She stares at me as she starts to unbutton her blouse; she slyly looks up at me, as if to double check that I was being serious. I just looked at her intently; she looked back down and ripped the tiny buttons out one by one. She pulls her blouse off, her tits jiggled as she did so, they were still encased in her bra, but I could already see just how marvellous they were.

'I thought they were insignificant,' she started. 'I wanted like... power breasts.' I stayed silent.

She reached behind her back and undid the clasp for her bra. It fell off instantaneously, revealing her gorgeous, enormous breasts. They were nice and full, the perfect shape, they were easily the best tits I had seen yet, I mean Eva Amurri's were huge, but they didn't quite have the same perfect shape as Heather's had. She was staring at me intently, waiting for my response, biting her lip.

'They're great,' I said, at a loss for words. 'Wow.'

'Really?' She questioned. I simply nodded in response.

'That's great,' she said. 'Because you're the only person I've ever showed them to.'

'I feel like I should show you something of mine now.'

'Like what?'

'Well I could think of one thing you might like to see,' I said, gesturing with my eyes down towards my crotch.

She stayed silent. I reached down to my zipper and undid it, pulling my boxers down and releasing my fully erect cock from its cage. Her eyes widen as it comes into her vision.

'Wow,' she said. 'That's the biggest cock I've ever seen... it's beautiful.'

'Thanks,' I said. 'But it's got nothing on your tits.'

I reach over and start to caress them with my hand, massaging them gently as I start to move slowly around the couch to meet her. I start to play with her nipples as I stare into her gorgeous big eyes, she's looking back at me, and she's beside herself.

'I mean, how could you not love these?' I suggest. She stays silent.

'Do you like this?' I ask as I play with her nipples more rigorously, making them hard in my fingers.

'Uhh...' She starts.

'Your skin is so beautiful...' I say as I move even closer to her, bringing my other hand into the mix to start massaging her other tit.

'I don't know about this...' She said. 'We have a working relationship-'

I lean in and kiss her on the mouth. For a moment she's completely stunned, she doesn't really know how to feel about it, but she quickly responds when I shove my tongue in her mouth. As she reciprocates my kiss, she also starts to reciprocate my massaging of her glorious tits by gently massaging my cock. Her hands feel soft and amazing on the head of my dick, she knows exactly where to stroke for maximum pleasure, that combined with her beautiful full tits made me worried that I was going to cum right then and there.

Luckily she pulled her mouth and hand away from me and climbed off the couch. I ogled her as she got down on her knees in front of me and took the length of my cock in her mouth. Instantly she was deep throating me, sucking as hard as a vacuum cleaner. Just at the moment I thought I couldn't take it anymore she pulls it out and slowly licks the base. This girl really knew how to treat a cock.

I was completely stunned as this busty blonde beauty was able to bring me right to the edge and take restrain it back without minimising any of the pleasure. She proceeded to repeat the procedure a few times before she stopped entirely. I just looked down at her as she looked into my eyes, she had me exactly where she wanted me, I had no idea what she was planning on doing, but I knew I wanted it. I had completely succumbed to her will, and she knew it.

She slowly lifted herself up so that she was just above my rock hard cock, and squeezed her tits together; holding them like that as she slowly came back down over my cock. As soon as she reached the base, she gave the head of my cock a long lick before slowly dragging her tits back up my cock. She looked me dead in the eyes as she repeated this action, each time increasing the speed at which she would perform it.

I was shocked, and in awe, I knew I could cum at any moment all over this girls face, but I also knew that I would never forgive myself if I did. So I stopped her, picked her up to her feet and threw her down on the couch, unzipping and pulling off her jeans as I went. I ripped off her panties without a seconds wait, quickly jamming my tongue down into her pussy.

I shoved my fingers in her pussy as I licked her clit. The quick and rapid oral I was performing on her pink pussy was the complete opposite of the cool, calm and collected technique she had used on my cock, but she seemed to be enjoying it none the less. She grabbed the back of my head and wouldn't let go of it as I continued to eat her out, this seemed to be her way of letting me know that she was in charge, and interesting change from the person who seemed timid and shy not too long ago, she had to have known that the camera was getting all of this. I wondered if this sudden change in character had anything to do with the machine, I can't have known for sure because I'd never seen the movie this was from in full before.

She screams in orgasm as I finish up licking her pussy and remove her hands form my head to come back up for air. I waste no time climbing on top her of her and shoving my dick in her now gushing wet pussy. I decided that to take it slow would only be an insult to the nymphomaniac I was currently bedding, and immediately start slamming it into her hard and fast. Her nails are digging into my back because she just can't stand the pleasure I'm bringing her.

I lift her legs up and put one on each over my shoulders for better access, this works wonders as I'm able to fuck her harder and faster than ever before. Her tits are flapping around everywhere due to the sheer force at which I'm fucking her. She cums again, accompanied by the loudest scream to come from her yet, this eggs me on to continue to fuck her harder and faster than before.

I pull my cock out of her pussy and take her legs off my shoulders, keeping them in my hands as I stand up and start to fuck her wheel-barrow style. I am on the absolute brink of cumming at this point, the sheer fact that I had managed to last this long with this sex fiend was something of a miracle. I let go of her legs and let them drop as I grab my cock in one hand and start jacking off, with the other I grab her and turn her around so I'm aiming at her face. In an instant I shoot cum all over her gorgeous face, she takes a second to lick it up before taking my dick in her mouth to clean it.

'I had a really nice time tonight,' a voice says.

Everything had gone black and I was standing in a doorway talking to Reese Witherspoon. She looked beautiful, gorgeous long blonde hair, a pretty innocent looking face. She was the perfect girl next door, and she was telling me that she had nice time on the date, which in the world of film meant that I was pretty likely to get laid. Have I ever mentioned before how much I love movie logic?

'Me too,' I responded. I didn't really know what the context of this was, I don't watch crap like This Means War, so I wasn't sure what our characters had just been doing.

'You know, I liked the nerd I knew in high school with the braces,' she giggled. 'But I like you as well.'

I had to assume this was some sort of inside joke. 'He likes you as well.'

We awkwardly stared at each other for a moment, we both knew exactly where this was going to end up, but neither of us really wanted to initiate it, for fear of awkwardness.

'I should be the gentleman,' I said as I moved closer to her.

'The good news is...' she started. 'I'm not a gentleman.'

She launched at me and kissed me on the mouth. I grabbed her and kissed her back with just as much passion. I had had a crush on Reese Witherspoon ever since I saw her for the first time in Legally Blonde, so this was one chance I was happy to finally have. We crashed through the front door, continuing to make out. I managed to pin her against the kitchen wall as I felt her tight ass up.

As I'm kissing her she takes her jacket off and starts to move her hands all over my same. I do the same by hiking her skirt up so I can get better access to her great butt. She pulls her top off over her head revealing her sheer white bra and panties. My cock is rock hard against my jeans right now; I rub against her as I continue to kiss her against the wall.

I pick her up, kissing her all the while, and start to walk her over to the kitchen bench, making sure to keep a firm grip on her ass. We make out and dry-hump further once I get her over the bench, being sure to sit her on it in such a way that I still had full access. I start to jean my jeans off until they're all the way down between my ankles, and she makes quick work out of taking my cock out of my boxers, making sure to give it a few good tugs as she does so.

I take this opportunity to rip her panties off revealing her shaven pussy. Then I rip her bra off, revealing her small but pert tits. I kiss all over her body as she continues to tug at my cock. Without warning I shove my cock in her pussy, making sure to hold her still so she doesn't slide down the bench top. I take it slow at first, wanting to savour my first time with my childhood crush. I keep shoving my cock in her as she grabs the back of my head and kisses me hard on the lips.

Not wanting to waste any time, I start to climb up the bench myself until I am on top of her, slamming my cock into her pussy. She's still primarily focused on kissing me as passionately as she can, to the point that she's actually starting to scratch the back of my head. Meanwhile, every time I slam into her pussy, we slide down the bench top just a little bit due to the loss of leverage.

Her heels, which are still on by the way, are actually scratching the surface of the bench top because she's bucking so hard. I keep up the pace like this, my eye always checking in front of me to make sure we don't go over the edge of the counter, I do this mostly because a snapped neck is a bit of a boner killer. After a while she starts bucking her waist up into my dick as I slam into her, this brings me to a whole new level of pleasure. I'm so distracted by this awesome new level of the missionary position that I don't realise she's about to go off the edge.

We both fly right off the edge, but instead of the two of us dying, we both manage to pull our arms out to stop out fall. With the knowledge that we aren't dead, I decide to continue to fuck her as we're clinging to the edge of the bench top. We ease our way down from the bench top onto the ground all while I'm still pounding away at her pussy.

She starts kissing me and bucking her hips again once we reach the ground, I decide to pick my game up as well, not wanting to be outdone. I pull my head away from hers, using my hands as leverage as I start to pull my cock out and slam it back into her as hard and deep as I can manage. She responds appropriately by moaning loudly and digging her nails even further into the back of my head.

I can feel that we're getting close as I pull out and slam into her again, picking up the pace of this action. I pull my cock out of her one more time as she beats me to the punch and wraps her legs around me, shoving my cock in her pussy through the power of her legs. This is too much for both of us as we both cum at the same time. For a moment I just let the cum stream out into her pussy as I lay on top of her, her legs still wrapped around me.

Water starts to splash down on top of me; I look up and see a shower head above me raining water down. I look back down and there's no one there, and I'm somehow standing up. I step out of the shower and dry myself off with a conveniently placed towel, after getting fully dry I notice a suit hanging on the door, almost as if it was waiting there for me.

I check myself out in the mirror after finishing putting on the suit. The suit somehow fitted perfectly, it was actually the best I'd ever looked in a suit in my entire life. I pondered the significance of this as I opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom. I appeared to be in quite a large and lavishly decorated mansion. The sound coming from downstairs was extremely loud, their appeared to be some sort of huge party.

Once I got to the bottom of the stairs I had a look around, seeing some characters would help me figure out what movie I was in. After a small amount of searching I was able to find the groom, it was none other than Alexander Skarsgard. That meant that I had to be in the film Melancholia, which meant that the extremely well endowed Kirsten Dunst couldn't be far off.

At the corner of my eye I noticed a flash of white exiting through a side door, shortly followed by a gentleman in a suit. I decided to follow. Once out I was able to see that a woman I presumed was Kirsten Dunst was walking out onto the golf course, and was being followed by the man. If this was the scene I was thinking of then I would have to act fast. I quickened my pace and caught up to the guy in the suit.

'Hey dude,' I started.

'Yes!' He said, freezing on the spot.

'Don't worry,' I said. 'I'm not here to catch you or anything.'


'I just came to tell you that the Groom was looking for you.'

'Really?' I nodded. 'Shit! Well I'd better get back in there!' He said as he quickly ran back towards the mansion.

Now that he was out of the way this was going to be easy, her character in the film seemed like she would have given it up to anyone. Once I finally caught up to her I tapped her on the shoulder, she quickly turned out, now wearing a shocked expression. Before she spoke I was able to take in her figure, another busty blonde chick, this easily had to be the best entry into the machine yet.

'Who are you?' She asked.

'I'm sorry, the guy who was following you said something about not betraying his friend and ran back inside, and you looked like you needed someone to talk to,' I lied.

'I need someone,' she started. 'But not to talk to.'

She kissed me on the mouth without a moment's notice, jamming her tongue down my throat. I just sort of stood there shocked for a moment, she was so forward. It didn't take long for my instincts to kick in though, because I quickly started to kiss her back, making sure to grope her breasts as I did so. I always knew she had big breasts, but it was never until this film that I really noticed how damned big they were.

Just as I was starting to get used to this, she pushes me onto the grass and climbs on top of me. She reaches under hear wedding dress and pulls her panties off, throwing them to the side. She was in total control as she unzipped my trousers and pulled my cock out, jacking it off until it was fully erect. I helped her hike her dress up a little bit so it wouldn't get too covered in dirt as she lowered herself onto my cock.

She starts to ride up and down on my cock, holding onto my suit for leverage. It was truly an amazing feeling, having a girl as sexy as Kirsten Dunst ride my cock. I start grabbing at her breasts again, this time actively trying to pull her dress down lower so as to release them. After a few attempts I was finally able to, unfortunately they were still covered with a bra. But I quickly took care of that by ripping it off her.

Her large tits were now swaying back and forth in my face, they so big and full I almost couldn't believe it. I grabbed onto them and pushed her over so that she was on her back, and kept holding onto them as I pounded her pussy in missionary. I kissed her deeply on the mouth as I continued to shove my dick in and out of her just married pussy. My excitement was fuelled by the knowledge that I was actually fucking her before her husband would.

After some time of pounding her pussy like this, I pull out and straddle her waist. She helps me squeeze her big breasts together and I place my dick in between them. I start fucking them harder than any pair of tits I had ever fucked before, which to be fair, at this point wasn't too many. Each time my cock slammed through her tits, she would engulf a large portion of it, which would in turn lubricate my cock further.

Eventually I gave up on the tits and moved further up so I could fuck her mouth like a pussy. I slammed my cock in and out of her gorgeous mouth, while my hands carefully held her head in place. Shockingly, she had absolutely no gag reflex, so I felt zero guilt as I pounded her mouth with my cock. It didn't take long during this for me to feel the urge to cum, I decided this time that there was no need to warn her, and I came hard down the back of her throat.

I wait a few moments to make it clear I'm not moving until she sucks all of the cum off my dick. After she does so I remove my cock from her mouth and stand up. I zip my trousers up and make to head back to the mansion. I look back at her, she looks completely dazed, like she has no idea what's happening.

'But wait...' She mumbled.

'I'm in the mood for some cake,' I called out to her as I turned back around to walk up to the mansion.

To Be Continued.