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Thread: "I Want Your Sex" with Joanna Krupa

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    fanfiction "I Want Your Sex" with Joanna Krupa

    "I Want Your Sex"
    Featuring Joanna Krupa

    Written by Hearsz
    (codes: MF, foot fetish, oral)

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under
    age or easily offended STOP READING!!

    I had just moved to Florida earlier this week as the offer for a pay rise was too good to refuse. Even though it's the place where old people usually go to retire, I was looking forward to a change of scenery having spent the past three years in the hustle and bustle of New York City. Being offered an extra twenty thousand per year in podiatry was a rarity indeed. I would have been crazy not to take it!

    Settling in to my new apartment, it didn't take me long to get my stuff organized as the place was already furnished, another perk that was included upon taking the job. As I went to empty the trash, I noticed this couple walking from the other end of the hall. The guy was all muscles, and at least twice the size of me. Certainly not a guy anyone would want to run into in a dark alley. But his partner looked mighty fine.

    I made sure not to stare too long at her but what my eyes took in was a stunningly fit, long legged blonde, with the most perfectly toned figure I'd seen in a very long time. The blonde beauty looked tanned, trim and terrific in a pair of black short bike shorts and a bright orange and white sports bra, revealing her incredibly flat stomach.

    No doubt she had done some modelling with a body like that, and I can only imagine what kind of coin her bloke was making to pull a bird like her. She gave me a friendly smile as I took my garbage bag with me down to the opposite end of the hall. As I discreetly glanced over my shoulder, I was shocked to see that the couple were my next door neighbors, entering the door next to mine.

    "Wow, I'm living next door to that!" I said to myself, referring to one of the hottest women I'd ever laid eyes on. I could only imagine and be envious of their sex life, and whether they fucked like rabbits or if their moaning and groaning would be like an earthquake rumbling underneath the apartment.

    Sure enough, later that night, the sex was loud and quite a turn on to listen to. It surprised me for such an expensive block of apartments, the walls that separated them could be so thin. I gathered that their bedroom backed onto mine as I could feel a thud against the wall each time the brawny male plowed into his horny sounding girlfriend.

    I pictured the state of ecstasy on her gorgeous face each time he took his (no doubt) huge piece of meat inside of her again and again. I could hear her moaning all kinds of things as their session went on for a good two hours. It was at that point I suspected she wasn't a local, as her choice of words were quite evidently those of a foreigner. This only made their session even hotter to listen to.

    I jerked my cock as I listened to him ram the juicy blonde in what seemed like every conceivable position. Even though I was able to cum with no problems, I couldn't help but wonder what it would actually be like to fuck such a desirable looking specimen such as her.

    Over the next few days, I didn't see the couple from next door. No doubt due to the long hours at my new job which would see me return home quite late. My landlord had let slip that the couple spent most nights out on the town as they were both celebrities, especially in this part of the country. The guy, Romain, apparently ran a popular local nightclub and his girlfriend, Joanna, was one of the club's biggest draw cards. Having seen her on the day I moved in, it was easy to see why.

    When I arrived home one day from work, I headed into the apartment building around 6:30pm, making my way through the reception area and towards the lift. I looked up to see the elevator numbers decrease, awaiting for the doors to open. To my surprise the doors opened to reveal a single passenger, that being my gorgeous newneighbor, Joanna.

    She looked absolutely radiant, wearing a tight figure hugging blue dress, that showed off plenty of her tanned chest and stunningly long legs. I didn't seem to notice how great her breasts looked the other day, but this time there was no way I could miss them.

    She simply said to me in a sexy accent, "Hi", as she exited the lift, mesmerizing me with her gorgeous smile.

    Bumbling like an idiot, I stammered and stuttered a response,

    "Umm, err, h-h-hii".

    She giggled slightly, as her black high heeled shoes clip-clopped across the tiled floor. I watched in awe as her tasty looking stems and scrumptious looking arse walked away from me, soon disappearing from my sight. Entering the lift, I sighed out loud at what a buffoon I had just made of myself.

    "Way to make an introduction dipshit", I said out loud.

    Having gone to bed early, I awoke in the early hours of the morning to the sound of a verbal argument taking place next door. What started off as just cheap insults soon turned into full blown shouting match. Romain accused Joanna of being overly flirty with one too many of their guests whereas she retaliated by saying that if he pleasured her more often, then she wouldn't need to resort to that to get his attention.

    "How could he not meet her needs?" I asked myself in disbelief.

    This went on for the next couple of days and it seemed as though neither party was willing to back down or reconcile their differing views. The very next day, I had the day off and figured I would spend it at home to catch up on a few things that I'd put off since I moved in.

    Thankfully, the couple from next door must have both gone out as I didn't hear any noise coming from their apartment all morning. I was happy not to hear another one of their heated arguments. Just after lunchtime, I decided to take a break from what I was doing and sit on my comfortable white leather couch to watch some TV.

    As I started to watch a documentary on the history channel, my attention was distracted when I heard a knock at the door. I figured it was probably my landlord checking to see if I had settled in OK. But I wasn't prepared for what was on the other side of my front door.

    Opening the door, my eyes rose as Joanna stood there, wearing a near see-through white cotton shirt and tight black shorts. Aside from her black raised sandals that accentuated her delicious looking pins, she was carrying a plate with sliced up pieces of chocolate cake upon it.

    "Hi, I'm Joanna, I live next door, we haven't been properly introduced", she said, extending her hand for me to shake. Her fingers felt nice and softly, as though she had just lathered them in moisturizer. Luckily today, I wasn't as jittery in my response,

    "Welcome, my name is Lester. Are those for me?"

    "Yes, I've been baking all morning and thought I'd make some for you, being new to the building and all. May I come in?"

    "Yeah, please do", I replied, again taking in that incredible backside of hers as she headed to the couch that I had just been sitting on, placing the cake tray on the coffee table.

    "So, how do you like the apartment so far?" Joanna asked me, as I sat on the couch opposite her.

    "Yeah it's better than I expected. The whole area is unlike what I'm used to back home though ." I replied, trying my best not to eye up Joanna, and her very tempting crossed legs before me.

    "So where is home exactly?"

    "Well I'm originally from Kansas, but I've spent the last three years working in New York. I was in due for a fresh start and a change of scenery and I'm liking what I've seen so far."

    Joanna flashed me her lovely smile, as she may have thought the last few words of my remark was a reference to her, rather than my thoughts on the town. This was going well, though I was feeling a bit anxious, especially as her left leg that overlapped her right started to rub against each other so seductively.

    "So how about you and your boyfriend, I presume, been living in Florida long?" I asked, trying to see how much she would open up to me.

    "Hmm, well we've been on and off for the past few years, but we've been living together for the last six months. I have to apologize for all the noise in the last week or so. Romain can be so stubborn and selfish sometimes. He just doesn't know when to compromise".

    I could tell she was frustrated, but rather than give her advice, I felt it would be easier if I stayed out of their domestic dispute and at least comfort her in a different way.

    "Look it's no trouble at all. These things happen, I'm sure it will all work out for the best".

    She seemed to appreciate of my response, but from what I could tell from her body language, it was clear she just wanted to take her mind off of the past week. And having listened in on their arguments, who could blame her? I had to change the subject before I became too involved in their private affairs.

    "So what do you do for a living Joanna?"

    She looked at me like I should know who she was, but also kind of grateful I was completely oblivious as well.

    "Well, I use to model for numerous men's magazines and a few years ago I featured on Dancing With The Stars. But lately I've been helping Romain promote one of his nightclubs and helping organize fundraisers".

    "That's a lovely accent you have? Where are you originally from?"

    "Oh I'm originally from Poland. My younger sister and I immigrated to America when I was five with our parents. I try to go home a couple of times a year. Polish people never forget where they come from".

    I was becoming more attracted to her with each passing second, and felt my cock start to twitch at the simple thought that I was alone in my apartment with this banging hot model. Her accent was so goddamned sexy, I knew that there was no way I could get that breathy European voice out of my head once she left. They sure didn't make women like her in this part of the world.

    "So what about you? What do you do for a living?" she asked me, trying to balance out the conversation with questions of her own.

    "I'm a local podiatrist, I was offered the job down here for the next eighteen months and quite a good pay-rise as well. So if you ever need a good foot massage, you know where to find me!" I joked, throwing in a bit of humor. The only problem was, Joanna took my words quite literally.

    "Well, I have been on my feet all week. Maybe I could take you up on that offer right now?" she replied, the sandal now hanging off her dangling foot as it swayed in front of me. Joanna bit her bottom lip as she waited for me to attend to her.

    "Umm ok, let me just slip this off of there", I said, taking a hold of her ankle and sliding her shoe off. Her foot felt incredibly soft, as I took a moment to gaze at her lovely toes. A ran my palm upon the top of her foot, marveling at their shape. I had obviously seen plenty of women's feet before. But Joanna's were up there with the best.

    "Mmmm, that feels good, just what I need", she moaned as I flexed her toes and dug my knuckles up the center of her sole. Whilst she had her eyes closed, I sneakily fixed my eyes upon her long smooth legs, and how great they looked from this angle. Joanna seemed so far away as I continued to pleasure her feet, now applying the same pressure I had to her left one now.

    "Ohh you're really good at that", she remarked, my thumb and forefingers working overtime to satisy this truly remarkable looking woman. After doing this for a good fifteen minutes, I somehow didn't even notice her opposite foot now resting upon the upper part of my leg, then falling in between my lap. Her head was now flipped backward against the sofa, as I rubbed in between each of her delicate toes.

    My cock was now expanding with the weight of her opposite foot now writhing around upon it. The whole scenario was unbelievable. And the moment overwhelmed me so much, I couldn't help but say what was on my mind.

    "I must say you have really impressive looking feet Joanna. They are actually kind of turning me on", I blurted out, potentially ruining the moment. Hopefully she didn't take any offense to this.

    "Well, maybe there's a way I can return the favour?", Joanna replied.

    With my hand now released from holding her feet, she used them to rub the evident tent shape that had formed in my trousers.

    "How about we get you a bit more comfortable", she remarked, hopping off of the couch and on her knees in between my legs, her hands laying upon my throbbing denim encased cock. My heart was beating frantically now, the sight of this gorgeous woman in this position was usually reserved for any POV video you could simply download off of the internet. But this was reality!

    "Ummm, you really don't need to, uhhh geezus", I said with much concern. Joanna ignored me, unzipping my pants and them sliding them down with my underwear to expose my semi-hard cock. She seemed to be impressed with it's size, wasting no time to take it in her silk like hands. I thought she was going to jack me off to return the favour of me massaging her feet. But that idea changed when she stood up and resumed her place on the other side of the couch, extending her long legs again, and started to rub the length of my cock with the balls of her feet.

    "Unghh that feels awesome", I moaned. The feeling of Joanna's soft soles and divine toes was unlike anything I'd ever felt before. She pulled up my knob so it was upright, allowing the tender bottoms of her feet to rub up and down my cock on each side. The amazing sight of Joanna's feet jacking off my cock was only matched by the indescribable feeling it was creating deep within my loins.

    She alternated between each foot, sometimes holding my cock still so she could use the other to slide up and down firmly. Or she would use her toes to teasingly rub the sensitive tip of my cock. To make me even more horny was seeing the blonde bombshell do this with her tight looking thighs spread apart as her feet shook up and down, rubbing my pulsating shaft.

    Joanna bit her lip again in such a seductive way, her mouth looking so tasty. I could think of many ways she could put those perfect pink lips to good use. All of a sudden her foot rubbing stopped, much to my dismay. But getting back down to her knees again, I was assured that she had more in store for me.

    "You've been so good to me Lester", she said, taking a hold of my cock, stroking it nice and slow, continuing.

    "You were so amazing with the way you handled my feet. I'd like to show you my gratitude and how appreciative a neighbor I can
    be to you", she said, being the ultimate seductress.

    Just as she was about to move her pretty face over my thick pole I nervously whimpered, "Joanna you don't need to...unghh oh fuck!"

    She ignored me by opening her hot wet mouth and taking half of my grateful cock within it, those dazzling lips felt so full and soft, clamped around my vulnerable meat pipe. Her hands lovingly rubbed my balls as she sucked my cock, her tongue sliding up and down my pole to my satisfaction.

    Joanna's bluey-green eyes expanded whenever she took my dick deep inside her mouth. My face contorted each time she sucked me deeper with each downward descent. If her man's cock was really as big as I imagined it was, then mine must have been easy pickings for her. That kind of thinking was confirmed when she confidently took my cock deep into her throat, her long blonde mane rubbing against my inner thighs.

    Joanna breathed erotically with her "ooh's" and "ahh's", each time her saucy looking lips temporarily released my throbbing hard meat. She seemed really relaxed about blowing a guy whom she hardly knew, her knees bent as her legs were now outstretched on the sofa behind her so I could see her feet swaying from side to side behind her bobbing head.

    Every time she lapped that light pink colored tongue against my saliva coated head, I felt like I would erupt at any second. The thing is, I didn't know was how this was supposed to end. Was I supposed to cum right there in her hot mouth? On her pretty European face? As I contemplated these potential endings, Joanna lifted her mouth up off of my cock, licking it with the flat of her tongue and then saying,

    "So are you ready to fuck me?" she asked so seductively, as she ran her tongue around my bulbous mushroom shaped head.

    "Huh", I responded in shock. I simply thought that my earlier attempt to show off my foot massaging skills, in exchange for her foot and blow job was all she had in mind. It wasn't that I didn't want to fuck this exquisite blonde angel, it was the potential repercussions if her Adonis-like boyfriend were to ever find out!

    She continued to wank my cock as a look of fear and excitement put me in two minds. And then the events of earlier in the week popped in my head. The argument she and Romain had about their sex life. How he wasn't meeting Joanna's needs. Did she come to see me to purely compensate for his lack of availability. I had to find out.

    "Why me Joanna? What if your boyfriend finds out? He'd no doubt kick my arse!" I complained whilst she continued to play with my cock. If she seemed concerned at my questioning, she wasn't showing it.

    "I don't just fuck any guy Lester (licks my balls). I'm a sexually active woman, I need sex as often as possible and if my man can't fulfill my needs, then I'll do whatever it takes to make that happen (sucks the head).

    I noticed the way you looked at me when you first saw me. And again at the elevator. Sure, other guys check me out, but you only being next door is convenient for both of us, don't you think?"

    I wasn't sure what she meant exactly by "convenient". If anything, fooling around with the Polish stunner was putting me right in the line of fire. As I thought about what to say next, Joanna rose up so that she was sitting directly in front of me, unbuttoning my shirt, peeling it off as I continued to contain a look of worry on my face if we were to get caught by her partner.

    She removed my shirt and started kissing me, her lips so soft and full and she smelled so damn good. But even all of these things couldn't shake that bit of self doubt that remained. As I started to speak again, Joanna started unbuttoning her top.

    "Joanna, look you seem really nice (top button undone).. but I just don't think (second one undone), umm, it's a good idea that we (third one undone), go through what I think you intend to do (final button undone)."

    As soon as the final word of my plead came to an end, Joanna removed her top and exposed her heavenly chest, her breasts were so round and full, and her nipples stuck out like dark pink erasers.

    "Oh dear lord", I sighed as I took in the now topless beauty.

    "Romain is in Delaware for a conference and won't be back until tonight. We have plenty of time", she purred.

    "Ohh fuck it!" I exclaimed, my resistance broken as I leapt upon Joanna, like a cat pouncing upon an unsuspecting mouse. I grabbed her by the neck and pressed my lips upon hers, the weight of my body crashing over Joanna as we made out on my living room couch. Her remarkable breasts felt so firm all mashed up against my chest as I kissed and suckled at her neck, her lovely hands stroking up and down my back.

    I kissed down her body until I was at her chest, licking at her cleavage as I held each of her soft breasts in each hand. I squeezed those puppies perversely, as my tongue ran over around her aroused nipples. I took her hard nub in between my lips, sucking her sweet teet hard which seemed to turn her on immensely.

    She had me sit back up so that she could stand up and remove her tight shorts. Joanna's perfectly waxed cunt looked so inviting that I couldn't wait to taste her sweet peach. She sat back on the sofa, telling me to just watch her.

    I obeyed, Joanna spreading her legs apart, dropping a hand over her mound and running her index finger up and down her juicy pink slit. I stroked my cock as I watched the wonderfully explicit show she was performing for me, two of her fingers now started to rub her tasty looking twat. She moaned as she pinched and flicked at her clit, some pussy juice starting to release from inside of her.

    "Oh God, oh yes, oh eat me!" she squealed.

    Without hesitation, I got on my knees, my face buried into that moist pink taco and started licking her pussy like it was an ice cream melting on a hot summer's day. She went mental and gyrated her hips as my tongue fucked her tangy hole like there was no tomorrow. I soon inserted a finger, then two inside her buttery hole, as my tongue and lips now centred their attention to her sensitive clitoris. Joanna ran her fingers through my short hair, making sure to pull my face back into her dripping snatch each time I gasped for air.

    "Unghh God, I want your cock inside me! Fuck me, I need it bad", she groaned.

    She pulled her long legs back toward her so her knees pressed against her tits. I placed the head of my cock at her hot wet opening, connecting my eyes with hers. We cried out in unison as I thrust my hips forward, burying my cock inside Joanna Krupa's most perfect hot pussy, the stunning blonde flinging her head back. It was without doubt the best feeling I'd ever experienced, her delightful cunt muscles felt amazing clamped around my skin flute, as I slammed by dick backwards and forwards inside her.

    Her ankles rested on each of my shoulders as I pounded into her, Joanna giving a sharp shriek each time my thighs and balls slapped against her ass. She rubbed her horny clit as I railed into her, wanting to give her my all as I expected this could be the only chance I'd get to have my way with her. Whether she found another boy toy after me or Romain caught us, at that point I was making the most of the situation I found myself in.

    She raised herself up so she could kiss me, my cock still deep inside of hers as she pressed up to my lap, grinding her hips against mine. Joanna erotically bounced up and down my cock and soon pushed me down upon the couch so she could ride me. She pinched at her nipples as she fucked me to her pleasure. This was the stuff that male fantasies were made of. A sexually charged stunning blonde with great breasts and a cracking body, fucking you like she was born to do it.

    She rode me cowgirl next, and I had the utmost pleasure in watching that perfectly shaped arse of hers wiggle and swivel from side to side whilst my cock was inside her. Sometimes she would raise her body up so that just the tip was inside and shake her arse in circles, just to tease me. She dropped upon me so suddenly, the entire length of my cock disappearing all the way up inside of her. And then she repeated the action, again and again.

    After she tired of this, she leant backward so that she was effectively lying her back against my chest. Holding my cock in place so I didn't slip from her vaginal grasp, Joanna thrusted her pussy along my length as I grabbed a hold of her hourglass hips. All the things I'd imagined a few nights earlier, when I could hear Joanna and Romain fucking through the wall, I was experiencing that very afternoon for myself.

    "Fuck me from behind. I love taking it doggie style so make it count", she said in a serious tone.

    Luckily for her, it was not only my favored position as well, it was somewhat my expertise. Joanna got on all fours in front of me, her forearms pressing into the leather couch as I took my place behind her. Her arse was a sight to behold, and looked even more impressive as she reached back with a hand to part her perfect cheeks. I held my cock and couldn't help but notice her hot looking waxed starfish. This woman was all class.

    With my cock lined up and raring to go again, I drilled into the famous bikini model, pounding into her with reckless abandon. Potentially the other residents of the building could hear us, but I didn't care. If this was to be the only time I'd get to fuck Joanna, I was prepared to make it a session to remember. Our bodies were gleaming with sweat as I continually rammed into her, her hanging globes smacking against each other repetitively.

    I squeezed, fondled and spanked that curvaceous looking arse to my heart's content. I relished the sharp little cries she made with each hand that came down upon her luscious buttocks. I stabbed my cock inside of her with near brutal force now, and knew my impending eruption was on it's way. As we panted and grunted our way to our respective climaxes, my fingers dug into the flesh of Joanna's arse.

    "Unghh God!! I'm gonna cum Joanna!!" I exclaimed.

    She quickly pulled off of me, kneeling before me so she could jerk me off and onto her sweaty tits. My semen splattered all over her splendid chest, coating both breasts with numerous ropes of my white sauce. Joanna milked out every last drop of my exhausted shaft, her working hand half covered with my warm man juice. She licked her fingers clean, savoring the taste as she sucked each of them so there was no residue.

    She cuddled up to me as we both tried to catch our breaths back. I still had that lingering doubt in the back of my mind. Had I done the wrong thing? Sure I could argue it was the greatest experience of my life. But would I pay for it with my own life?? Joanna broke the silence by saying,

    "Wow, that was incredible Lester, just what I needed."

    "Yeah definitely, but I have to ask, was I just a revenge fuck? Did you do it just to get back at Romain?"

    "Well, somewhat yes. But I think I might be able to come up with a compromise that can make all parties happy", she said, now lying upon me so her breasts were pressing into my now softened cock and her gorgeous face looking up at me. I wasn't entirely sure what she was getting at, until she continued.

    "You see, the fight Romain and I had started because he said he couldn't promise to fulfill my sexual needs whenever I needed him to. Don't get me wrong he's an incredible fuck, but let's say, my appetite for sex is much more greater than his is. Maybe it's a Polish female thing. We love sex, and can't go very long without it."

    "OK, so what exactly is this compromise then?" I asked quizzically.

    Running her fingertip around my stomach, kissing it as she spoke, "Well, whenever he's unavailable to give me the pleasure I seek, I could always come and see you and we can fool around here, or even at our place when he's not home. I don't always have to go to the club with him and whenever he has business meetings, they drag on and on for hours. If you are willing to be discreet about it, you could have me many, many times. Maybe even more than he does each week? So, what do you say?"

    It wasn't a bad idea. We would have to be careful of course but if everything she said was true, then there should be no reason why we couldn't continue this most worthwhile affair. She waited for my response but she could tell from the smile on my face, what my reply was going to be. With that, she kissed me passionately once again. Joanna got up and onto her feet, and this is where I thought our time was up for the day. That was until she started walking around my apartment nude.

    "Looking for something?", I asked, as the nude model strutted around.

    "I was going to go and use your shower. Maybe you would like to join me? Oh, and now that you have agreed to this little compromise, I expect you to be able to do everything. And I hope you understand what I mean by, EVERYTHING!" she said, giving me a wink and a sexy smile, her luscious arse sauntering off to the bathroom and out of sight.

    "Let the games begin", I snickered to myself, soon following Joanna to the shower and getting myself prepared for round two...

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    I just had to write a long overdue story about one of my all time favorites... Her recent bikini pictures were a big inspiration and I find it amazing it took less than 48 hours to write this, as opposed to some of my other stories, that have gone on for months and months! Enjoy...

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    Excellent story thanks for this :D Just love Joanna and a story about her is just fabulous especially one this good, thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottypm View Post
    Excellent story thanks for this :D Just love Joanna and a story about her is just fabulous especially one this good, thanks!
    Cheers mate, the story idea came out of nowhere and in the midst of two other stories I've been working on (and struggling to finish).
    I'm also trying to select story titles that are also the titles of famous songs. See if you can guess which artist released this one? :victory:

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    Easy.....George Michael :D

    Well she's topping my babe chart at the moment so this story very much appreicated :D So anymore of her greatly appreciated ;) Not just you Hearsz but any of our fabulous autors :D


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