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Thread: "Film Buff 7" with Meagan Good, Madeline Zima and Addison Timlin

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    fanfiction "Film Buff 7" with Meagan Good, Madeline Zima and Addison Timlin

    Film Buff 7
    Written by MacedMan
    With Meagan Good, Carla Gugino, Addison Timlin, Madeline Zima and Pamela Adlon
    (MF, BJ)

    DISCLAIMER: None of this is true and I do not own Californication, if you are under 18/21 or easily offended stop reading.

    Authors Note: I would just like to reiterate that this particular story is an older story, I'm posting it mostly to prepare for the most recent one (which is way better), this is why it may seem a lot cruder comparatively to my other work. I think you'll still enjoy it, particularly if you like the show Californication because this one focuses on characters from that.

    I was hoping that I would be able to walk into the mansion and grab some food. But it appeared the machine had a different idea in mind, because the moment I opened the door I was in another place entirely. It appeared to be some kind of a recording studio; there was a piano, some guitars and heaps of music memorabilia on the walls.

    I was sitting in the middle of the room on a couch, staring at Meagan Good who was standing not too far away from me. She was so hot, nice big full lips and the most gorgeous eyes I had ever seen, not to mention her great big boobs. She would certainly be a nice change of pace from the blonde white girls I had been fucking lately.

    'Thanks for helping me right that song,' she started. 'I think it's going to be my best one yet.'

    'Hey it's no problem,' I said. 'Anything for a pretty girl.'

    She walks over to the edge of the couch and bends down to kiss me. I kiss her back as she climbs down onto the couch and straddles me. I couldn't help but wonder what those beautiful full lips would feel like wrapped around my dick, as we passionately made out. She started to grind up and down, rubbing her clothed pussy against my fully clothed dick.

    She breaks the kiss, and looks down at me as she pulls her top off over her head, revealing her fantastic tits. She falls back down into kissing me as I shove my hands down into the back of her jeans, feeling up her ass. She takes this opportunity to unzip my jeans and pull my cock out, immediately rubbing it slowly.

    She pulls herself away from our kiss in order to focus more on stroking my cock. She only pauses for a moment to take her still remaining bra off, unleashing her magnificent breasts. I start to grab at them and kiss them she as she continues to jack my dick. Her breasts start to glide along my body as she focuses on kisses every inch of it, slowly making her way down to kissing my stomach.

    Then, in one magical moment I can feel her soft, full lips gently kissing the head of my cock. I could have cum right then and there, where it not for her immediately kissing her way back up to my face. She was now jacking my cock quicker than ever, not missing a beat. I decided to focus on taking her black panties off, pulling them down and revealing her wet pussy.

    In an instant her wet pussy starts to slide down my rock hard cock. Kissing me deeply as she slowly slides her waist down to the base of my cock. She takes a moment to kiss me again before she slides herself back up. She looks me deep in the eyes as she increases her rate; she starts to slide up and down faster and faster, until she can no longer kiss me. She is forced ride my cock fully upright, up and down, going so fast and so hard that she's practically bouncing on it.

    I take this opportunity to take her breasts in my hands, then I pull them down to my face as I sit upright, she's still bouncing away on my cock as I'm motor boating her amazing tits. The feeling is incredible, somehow she is able to constantly keep my on the precipice of cumming, without me ever actually doing so, and the amount of pleasure was constant.

    I get up onto my knees and she falls on her back onto the couch, I turn her over and lay her back side up on the armrest. I immediately start shoving my dick into her pussy, she cums almost instantaneously. I don't stop, I keep fucking her doggiestyle against the armrest, harder and harder, I lean down and grab her tits so I'm right on top of her. I slow my movements down slightly, but increase the force at which I make them.

    She cums again, although this time it was accompanied by a loud scream. I slowly pull out and lay back down onto the couch, my dick straight up in the air like a flag pole. She turns around, confused about the change of location.

    'Now, you suck my cock.'

    She immediately jumps to action, reaching down and grabbing my cock with her hand. She leans down and gives the head of my cock a huge kiss, with those gorgeous full lips, followed by a slow lick all the way up my shaft. She starts to circle the head of my dick with her tongue. Finally she takes my dick in her mouth, slowly sliding her lips all the way to the base of my cock, deep throating it without any effort.

    Next she starts to suck as she slides back up my dick, and then proceeds to blow while she slides back down. She repeats this action several times, making sure to deep throat my cock each and every time. I can feel that I'm close so just before she goes to make her way up I place my hands on top of her hand, making sure that she can't lift it back up.

    She sucks harder than she ever sucked, and I cum hard directly down the back of her throat. She keeps sucking until my cock is completely dry and every last drop makes its way down the back of her throat. She slowly lifts her head off of my cock and looks me dead in the eyes, and smiles. I stand up and zip my jeans back up, she also stands up, putting back on all of her clothing. She leaves the room and I follow.

    When I open the door I walk inside to find Carla Gugino waiting for me, shooting me a massive smile. I'm not really sure what to make of it at first, but she seems to be happy so that can only be good news for me.

    'What are you so happy about?' I ask.

    'Very funny, you know fully well what I'm so happy about,' she says, shooting me a wink.

    'How about you remind me?'

    'Oh, you think it would be sexy for your lawyer to tell you what your punishment is?'

    'You know that's the way I like it,' I say to her as I move closer to her.

    'Three years' probation,' I start to unbutton her blouse. 'Fifteen Thousand dollar fine,' I expose her bra. 'Two Hundred and Eighty hours of community service.'

    With that I throw her on to the bed and start motor-boating her bra encased tits as she wraps her long legs around my waist. While I'm busy massaging my face with her tits, she starts to unbuckle my belt and pull my jeans down, wasting no time before grabbing my cock. Noticing this I pull out of her breasts and reach down to pull her panties off, only to realise she wasn't wearing any.

    With that knowledge in mind I start to viciously fuck her pussy, fucking her so hard that the bed slams into the wall a little bit with every thrust I make. I slow down every now and again to give her a deep passionate kiss on her gorgeous mouth. She starts to moan and dig her nails into my back while I slam my cock deep into her pussy.

    I continue to fuck her hard, not wasting any time whatsoever; we start to slide closer and closer to the headboard as I pound her. Noticing this she starts to pull herself closer to the headboards in order for her to get herself into a slightly upright position. This enables my cock to penetrate her pussy even deeper, causing her to scream in ecstasy.

    Now that her shoulders are resting on the headboard, every time I slam into her the headboard clams into the wall creating a loud noise. Ensuring that the people in the next room know that not only are we fucking, but fucking hard. She's pretty much in the sitting position at this point, so I pull my cock out of her soaking wet vagina and rest for a moment.

    I take this opportunity to rip off her black bra, revealing her large tits. I take it all in as I start to kiss up and down her beautiful breasts, being sure to lick her nipples. I lick circles around her nipples as my hands wander down to her pussy. I shove a couple fingers in there and start to jam them in and out, this forces her to cum. Taking cue she takes the head of my dick in her hand and starts to vigorously jack it off.

    For a moment we are lost in our activities, me focusing on licking her nipples and fingering her pussy, her focusing on jacking the end of my dick off. This starts to take effect on me, to the point where I have to get her to stop, for fear of blowing my load in her hand. With that I remove her tits from my mouth, and my hands from her pussy, and climb up her body to straddle her stomach.

    She quickly takes notice and squeezes her tits together as I start to shove my dick between them. It's a good thing that in real life Carla Gugino has fake tits, because that means, in the world of this machine, they become real tits, simply because her characters tits are real, it's pretty impressive technology. I shake my head as if to say to myself to stop thinking about that technobabble and focus entirely on fucking these huge tits, which I did so.

    She smartly kept her mouth open so that my cock could find its way into its mouth once it made it through the tits. I grab the headboard for leverage as I start to fuck her tits and her mouth hard, the feeling was amazing, there's something about the combination of a pair of tits and a gorgeous mouth wrapped around my cock that really sets me off. I feel myself starting to cum and I tell her, which was a mistake because she threw me off, and climbed down and started to grab my dick, fiercely jacking it.

    She pokes her tongue out, ready for me to cum all over her mouth, I closed my eyes in pleasure, which was another mistake, because once I did the pressure on my cock was lifted and somehow I felt that my pants were back on. I open my eyes and Carla is gone, and I'm in a completely different room, alone. This was strange; I can't believe Hal managed to find a way to fuck me over yet again. I was just about to open my mouth and demands some answers, when I suddenly realised I wasn't alone, I was joined, by two girls.

    It was Madeline Zima and Addison Timlin, hand in hand and seemingly wasted. Either Hal was picking all of the Californication scenes to go in a row like this, or it was one hell of a coincidence, either way I didn't care, because the two drunken full breasted girls were walking towards me with mischievous looks in their eyes, and I wasn't about to be the guy who asks too many questions.

    They both join me on the bed, one on each side of me, and start talking to me in the kinds of nonsensical jibber jabber that only drunk people can understand. None of this mattered because they both leaned in and kissed me on each cheek, shoving one of their hands each down my jeans and grabbing my cock.

    Suddenly there's a flash, I look up to see a young man holding a camera, getting ready to make a run for it, but before he does I'm able to stop him by yelling out something that every young man would stop for.

    'Want to make a thousand bucks?' He just looks at me.

    'How?' He questions me as the girls continue to kiss my face and rub my dick.

    'Just stick around and take a few photos,' I tell him, as Addison grabs my face to turn it to face her as she tries to kiss me on the mouth.

    'Hell yeah!' He shouted his erection now visible through his jeans.

    'Just don't whip that out til you get home!' I manage to shout before Madeline and Addison initiate a three-way kiss.

    While the three-way kiss progresses, the girls make sure to fumble around my jeans in order to try and take it off. I decide to put them out of their misery and just unzip it myself, leaving them to focus on taking my cock out of my boxers and jacking it. I grab the backs of their heads and push them together so as to get them to make out without me. I quickly throw the camera guy a thumbs up while the girls make out and jack my dick.

    After a short period of time I grab the tops of their heads and push them both down towards my cock, making sure they don't break the kiss on the way down. They get the message and start to kiss and lick my dock and each other, making for one of the wettest and best blowjobs I'd ever had. Before long they start full blow making out whilst their mouths are wrapped around my dick. I lean back with my hands behind my head, continuing to pose for the camera.

    A moment later they pull up from my cock and look at me and then over at the camera. I start to get scared; maybe I'd gone too far with this one. But they quickly ease my stress by taking their tops off, revealing their awesome tits. I look over at the camera guy to find that he is clearly holding in a whole bunch of pain, I shoot him a look to ask what the deal was, he simply motions down towards his pent up erection, it was not managing well with the jeans.

    Sad as that was, it was not my problem, and I immediately refocused my attention back onto the two girls who were now making out again, not forgetting to continue to jack my cock off. I watched as the two girls firm tits rubbed together as they kissed. Then suddenly they leaned down, so that both of their tits were touching my cock, they continue to make out as they jack my cock of into their tits.

    I couldn't have been in a more pleasant state, it was pure euphoria, two girls making out in front of me, jacking my dick off and rubbing their tits against it! I start to sit up slightly, not too much so as to break their concentration, but I shove two fingers from each hand into their pussies. I softly massaged their clits as they continued to rub my cock against their beautiful tits.

    The camera guy was taking what seemed like a thousand photos of this exciting position; he seemed to be consciously rubbing his dick through his jeans at this point. They start to make out more passionately, leaving my dick entirely to focus on each other. I decide that this is okay, I move out of their way as they start to roll around on the bed making out. I start to jack my own dick off while I watch them as they start to form a lesbian sixty-nine position, eating each other out.

    I make my way closer to them jacking my dick off harder and harder. I get there and I am suddenly faced with a decision, should I cum on Madeline's face or Addison's. I decide that the best call would be for me to jack off on Addison's, because she had the face that was practically begging for it. As I made my way over I looked over at the camera guy to find that he couldn't resist the urge and was now rapidly jacking his dick off.

    I roll my eyes and look back down at Addison's beautiful face, continuing to jack my dick off just to cum all over her pretty face. But suddenly she's not there anymore; she and the whole room had disappeared. I was now in yet another bed, all alone again, this time with my cock still in my hand, so at least there was that.





    'Hal? What the fuck is going on, this machine keeps pulling me out just before I cum on girls faces!'

    'Sorry there, it must be a side effect of the extended time you've spent in there,' he replied.

    'Well that's great...' I mutter.

    'I guess now is as good a time as any for you to exit the machine then,' he said.

    'No!' I shouted as I redid my jeans again, now barely able to contain my rock hard dick. 'I'm not leaving until I cum on a chicks face!'

    'Well I suppose I can tweak some things to get it to function properly for the next girl, just make sure she's the last one of the day,' he said.

    'Fine,' I said. 'I'm going to investigate.'

    Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I wasn't really sure what to do, this wasn't exactly my bedroom... or was it? Either way I thought answering it would be the safest bet.

    'Come in!' I yell.

    Pamela Adlon walks into the bedroom wearing a black top and black satin panties.

    'What were you even doing in here?' She asked.

    'Napping,' I replied.

    'Well I hope you're well rested,' she started as she climbed onto the bed. 'Because I want you to do me!'

    Not one to argue I walked over to the bed and instantly pulled out my still erect cock as she started to crawl over to me on all fours. She quickly takes my cock in her mouth, bobbing up and down on it slowly. I gently put my hands on the back of her head as she softly picks up the pace of her bobbing. While she does this I wiggle out of my jeans to the point that I can easily kick them off.

    I tighten my grip on the back of Pamela's head as I start to gently buck my hips. She reciprocates by bobbing down on my cock even quicker, to the point that we now had a good rhythm going. I slowly start to pick up the pace of my bucking until I can't take it anymore; I grab the back of her head and hold it still as I start to shove my cock in and out of her mouth, fucking her face hard like a wet pussy.

    She starts to gag but looks up at me in the eye to show me that it's okay and that she wants me to keep going. I pick up the pace, at this point I can actually feel my cock going down her throat, and I look down to make sure she's not choking, but somehow she's handling it well. On one thrust I stop myself while my cock is lodged deep in her mouth, and wait for her to commence sucking. Just as she does I start to fuck her face hard again.

    This rhythm continues for a little while longer before I pull my cock out of her mouth and throw her down on the bed, and pull her panties down. Making sure to shove my cock in her pussy, she moans in pleasure as I fuck her hard.

    'Fuck me harder!' She shouts.

    'Yeah? You want me to fuck you harder?' I shout back.

    'Stop being a fucking pussy and fuck my pussy!' She yells, I start slamming even harder into her.

    'Yeah you like it like that?' I seethe into her ear.

    'Fuck me like a slut!' She shouts at me.

    'I'll fuck you like a slut alright!' I shout. 'You want it in your ass slut?'

    'Fuck my ass! Please fuck my ass!' She begs.

    'Yeah, I knew you'd like that!' I said shoving my cock into her ass, not missing a beat.

    She moans a thank you as my cock penetrates deep into her asshole. She makes a motion to start yelling again but I throw my hands over her mouth. She starts yelling and biting through my hands but I won't let go. I hear some shifting in the background; I decide not to take any notice of it, until suddenly.

    'Please no! I can't take it!' A voice yells from behind me.

    I turn around and realise who it is. 'Runkle!' I yell, my cock buried deep inside his ex-wife.

    'Please stop defiling my wife's asshole!' He shouts with pain.

    I remove my hand over Pamela's mouth. 'Fucking Hell Runkle! You have two choices; you can either join in or fuck off!'

    We both look at her confused, my cock was still very deep inside her asshole. 'What do you mean baby?'Runkle asks.

    'Jesus Runkle, I'm giving you a once in a post-divorced lifetime opportunity here!' She said as I pulled my cock out of her and got up to stood next to Runkle.

    Runkle stood in stunned silence as Pamela crawled over to the both of us on all fours and pulled Runkle's slacks down. She gives it a fond look of nostalgia before engulfing it in her pretty mouth, jacking my cock off as she did so. Before long she had made her way to the floor, jacking my cock in even harder and deep throating Runkle's less than average sized cock.

    After thirty seconds of this she switches and starts sucking my dick, she keeps interchanging between the two of us, picking up the pace as she goes. I can feel that I'm almost ready to blow again, I quickly made a silent prayer to Hal that he wouldn't fuck this up for me. She pulls my cock out of her mouth and she lets go of Runkle's, instantly we start furiously jacking off with our cocks resting on her outspread tongue.

    It's over in an instant, due to some miracle of God I start spraying cum all over her tongue, lips, chin, nose, eyes and everywhere that could possibly be covered. A moment later Runkle cums as well, albeit considerably less than me. Pamela takes a moment to wipe the cum off her face and start licking it off of her hands before taking out dicks in her mouth one at a time and slurping the excess cum off of those too.

    'Your ex-wife sure is a whore Runkle,' I state.

    'Yeah,' he sighs. 'But she's my whore.'

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    New girls.. Always welcome.. thanks

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    You might get your wish at some point, I am going to revisit Californication eventually.

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