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Thread: "Heartbreak Motel" with Emmanuelle Chriqui

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    fanfiction "Heartbreak Motel" with Emmanuelle Chriqui

    "Heartbreak Motel"
    With Emmanuelle Chriqui

    Written by Hearsz
    (codes: MF, oral, 69er, titfuck, alco)

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

    A/N: I'm on a bit of a roll with writing and finishing stories featuring celebs that hardly get written about Kelly Brook, Joanna Krupa, and now Emmanuelle Chriqui! I wrote this over several different sessions so hopefully it turned out OK, as I was writing parts for four other stories at the same time.. Enjoy!

    "Look I need to come and see you as soon as possible, something's come up and I really need to talk to someone. When do you think you can get here?" Emmanuelle asked me in a panic over the phone.

    I hadn't spoken to her in months. We'd known each other since we were kids but we kind of drifted apart once she started getting more and more acting gigs. She had to be commended for not completely blocking me out of her life as I'm sure some celebrities would do once they made it big. When Emmanuelle and her family moved to Vancouver in the late 80's, I lived across the street from her and was her very first friend.

    We went to the same school and we would sit next to each other on the bus ride home. Once we hit our teens, we were inseparable. But our close friends were amazed how we could be so close without ever being a couple. Myself included. She certainly was a pretty young thing and there was once a time where I propositioned her about going to the next step but she worried about how weird it might be between us if things didn't work out.

    It was frustrating seeing her around other guys, especially as she started to "develop". I imagined what it would have been like if she was the one that I had lost my virginity to. It would have been perfect no doubt. These types of memories seem to keep flooding back into my memory whenever she contacts me.

    "Well I'm an hour or so out of town, but the problem is I'm in the middle of a three day conference. Plus they've put us up in a motel room so I might not be able to get there for a couple of days or so.."

    "OK, well don't worry, I'll come to you then Kev. Just text me the address and I'll be over in a couple of hours time..."

    It sounded pretty serious. I could tell it in the tone of her voice. And then it hit me. Maybe she was going to tell me she was engaged. This was the last thing I wanted to hear. I'd already had several daggers go through my heart when seeing her with previous boyfriends but this was sure to be the worst. I'd met her current boyfriend a few times. Proper douche. He's one of those guys that has it so good in his life, he has to have the stunning girlfriend as well and be all smug about how his life is so much better than the rest of us.

    I sat there on the bed in my motel room watching TV, killing some time until Emmanuelle arrived. It had been a good two years since I'd last seen her in the flesh, although there had been plenty of calls & texts exchanged in between. Knowing she was on her way here to deliver big news had got me increasingly anxious. I decided to go over to the mini-bar fridge and see what they had in the options of alcohol.

    A couple of bottles of whiskey and I was a bit more relaxed, but I still couldn't take my mind off of what was so important that it couldn't be discussed over the phone. Those couple of hours passed quicker than I wanted them to. I hadn't readily prepared myself for Emmanuelle. I feared I'd react in the wrong way if she indeed was going to tell me she was going to marry this asshole.

    My attention was then directed towards the front door as three knocks woke me out of my tipsy like state. The two hours since I hung up the phone had elapsed and Emmanuelle had arrived. I tried to compose myself for the worst, knowing my boyhood dream of making my only true love mine was about to come to an end. I stood at the door, reached for the handle, turned it, and pulled it toward me..

    "Oh, I'm so glad to see you", Emmanuelle said, rushing in to hug me tightly, quite clearly distressed, looking like she'd been crying during the whole trip here.

    This wasn't what I expected. Maybe someone had died? If so I feared it was someone close to both of us. Emmanuelle had wore a Burberry colored trench coat, that covered her all the way down to her knees. I quickly glanced at her perfectly toned legs, looking even more tasty in her black high heels. Her hair had been done up in a bun, which only showed off more of her gorgeous face. She may have been born and bred in Canada, but it was definitely her Moroccan background that had made her into this truly exotic beauty. Releasing me from my grip, she wiped a tear from her eye, asking if I had some alcohol to drink. I headed over to the mini-bar, grateful I hadn't drunk every bottle in there before she had arrived. That would have been awkward to explain.

    "Vodka OK?" I asked.

    "Yeah that'd be great", she replied.

    "So what's going on babe, what was so important you had to travel two hours to tell me in person?" I said, getting quite impatient.

    The suspense was killing me. And then the news I'd feared was revealed. She took a sip of her drink, and then spoke.

    "Well, you know how Adrian and I have been seeing each other for a while now. Well, it hasn't been made public yet, but he asked me to marry him last month".

    My heart sank. Even though I knew beforehand that this could be the news she had come here to tell me, there was no way I could prepare for it properly. I tried to hide my disappointment which was helped by the fact that she was looking away from me. But what I couldn't work out was why she was so upset when she had arrived. They certainly weren't tears of joy. I was soon to find out why.

    "And then I found out this morning he cheated on me with one of our close friends", she revealed, breaking down in tears again.

    I quickly got up to console her, my eyes now filled with rage at what this fuckwit had done. The thought of doing the dirty on someone like Emmanuelle was unimaginable to me. You'd have to be the biggest scum of the earth to do such a thing. In saying that, I'd already thought that of Adrian before I'd been told this news. This only confirmed my beliefs. Being the ever professional, Emmanuelle tried to control her emotions. She took a box of tissues from the side of the bed, just in case she happened to break down again. She pulled a seat from one of the living room tables and sat down, as I watched her, sitting on the edge of the motel room bed.

    "I'm sorry to drop this all on you, I know you're probably busy with your conference and all. I just needed to talk to someone. You were always a good listener".

    "Well you know I've always been here for you Em. I know our lives have gone in different directions but you are always in my thoughts, you know that."

    "Thanks, that means a lot. I could always count on you, ya know?", finally giving up a smile.

    Emmanuelle stood up and walked over to the kitchen bench, bracing her hands on the counter as she continued telling me about where her relationship may have broken down. It was almost like she was trying to blame herself when it was quite clearly not her fault. In all honesty I really didn't want to hear about her relationship troubles. I may have been a life long friend but if she hadn't seen what a prick Adrian was well before this morning, then she really only had herself to blame. However, the soft side of me wanted to assure her that it would all work out fine and it was for the best.

    "It's not your fault Em. The guy's a right jerk if he doesn't value the great woman you are. There would have to be hundreds of guys that would walk
    on hot coals just to have a chance with you."

    "I just wish I hadn't have been so stupid. I look at him now and see he's the opposite of everything I'd ever wanted. I guess I lost my way and forgot about all the things I truly value in another person."

    "So what are you going to do now?" I asked, hoping she would tell me she was going to move out and break it off with him for good. That way, maybe we could hang out more often than we had in recent years. I'd felt slightly intimidated when I was around her and her guy was in the same room, like an ex-boyfriend trying to win his girlfriend back. I had used a number of excuses not to go and see her, just so I didn't have to see that moron. Emmanuelle walked over to where I was on the bed, sitting next to me. She had this look in her eyes that I'd only ever seen in my dreams. A look of desire. A deep craving of lust. An almost animalistic hunger. Or maybe it was my eyes and mind playing tricks on me.

    "Well first of all I want to get even that asshole. And I want you to help me with that".

    That could have meant a number of things. Maybe she suggesting that I help her humiliate him? Or damage something that he cherished maybe?

    "Well I don't know what you..."

    Before I could complete my reply, I thought my eyes were deceiving me as Emmanuele, standing right in front of me now, pulled the bottom of her coat to one side, revealing the full length of one of her sexy stems. They looked so damn fine that it was enough to make my cock switch at the sight. She had this sexy little smile on her face and rather than say something, I was transfixed on her hands as they started to untie the bind of her trench coat. Pulling the middle of the coat apart, Emmanuelle was sexually clad underneath, wearing a lacy black brassiere and boy-leg panties. The coat dropped to the floor, Emmanuelle baring a majority of her skin in her sexy underwear and high heels. She untied her bun, letting her long silky dark hair down, which only contributed to how incredibly sexy she looked at that very moment.

    "Oh geezus.." I sighed. There hadn't been a more attractive visual that these eyes had ever seen. Her perfectly trim body was complimented by her scrumptious legs, firm looking breasts and gorgeous face. Her hips had a lovely hourglass shape and her caramel colored skin looked tempting enough to lick from head to toe. For a woman in her mid-thirties, she looked fitter than she had in her twenties.

    "Actually, I was thinking I'd stay here the night and you could help me get even by, fucking my brains out..."

    It was then I realized that she he had been prepared for this all along after she had called me. Emmanuelle wanted revenge, and I was the main part of it. I accepted what she had intended to do as she moved upon me, laying her hot semi naked body upon mine to kiss me. Emmanuelle lunged her thin pink lips at me, her lovely tongue darting into my mouth to massage my own. I fell back onto the bed as she grinded her hips against me as we pashed, my hands wrapped around her tight body and soon snaking down so I could cup her perfect round buttocks. I squeezed them and she squealed into my mouth, loving my eager fingers massaging and digging into her arse.

    This was the moment I'd waited for since I'd first saw her all those years ago. She kissed me furiously and I could tell she was hell bent on evening up the score. Her perfume was so intoxicating that I didn't want to let her go. As our tongues wrestled and our hands groped each others bodies, I briefly wondered if this was the right course of action.

    I knew if I refused her, not only would she never give me this opportunity again, but she would most likely never talk to me again. I gently pried her lips away from mine and asked her if she was sure if this was what she wanted. The alcohol had now no doubt kicked in and added with the fact she knew that I'd always been attracted to her, she was ready to seize her opportunity.

    Rather than answer me, Emmanuelle turned my head so she could lick and kiss the side of neck, feeling her hot breath against it. She started to unbutton my top, kissing my bare skin as she did this. I pulled my shirt aside as she licked at my chest and nipples. I quivered as her tongue was felt upon my abs, and then my stomach which gave me extreme goosebumps. Emmanuelle had slid down the bed and off the edge, down onto her knees, so that she knelt in between my legs eyeing my most obvious bulge.

    She unbuckled my trousers, sliding the belt through the loops and throwing it onto the floor. She rubbed at the tent shape and it took all my will power not to blow my load. As she focused on discarding the rest of my remaining clothing, I took this time to take in the sight before me. The object of my affections for the past two decades was where I'd always dreamed she'd be. I looked down at the lovely ridge in between her large breasts as they moved up and down when she breathed in and out. Her hands unbuttoned my pants and then soon pulled my fly down to expose the long torpedo shape in my underwear. I swear her lips moistened seeing my long hard cock, concealed by a thin layer of cloth.

    Disposing my trousers, I knew within seconds she would get to see "exactly" how much I had wanted her for all these years. But rather than rush to remove my underwear, the actress deliberated, teasing my cock by rubbing it back and forth with her thumb and index finger. She then rubbed her beautiful face up and down my length, possibly inhaling the scent of the pre-cum that had already seeped out of the tip.

    Emmanuelle squeezed my cock gently as the teasing levels turned up a notch. And then to make matters worse (or better?), she taunted me by licking my shaft through my underwear, giving me a glimpse of what was hopefully to follow. She reached up to grasp either side of my briefs, pulling them down swiftly, so my long hard cock flopped out and into the open. I felt a slight chill as the motel room's air conditioning encircled my naked boner. That was short lived as Emmanuelle wrapped her warm hand around my cock and started to stroke up and down it's length.

    "Ooooh, I bet he thought he'd never get the chance to see me, huh?" Emmanuelle said giggling a bit.

    "Ahh fuck that feels so good Em", I moaned, watching her wank my cock seemed so surreal at this point.

    "It's about to get even better", she said seductively, pushing my dick up against my stomach so she could flick her moist tongue against my overly sensitive nutsack.

    "Uhhh, good God", I groaned, the feeling of her lapping at my balls was the single greatest feeling in my life up until that very second.

    Emmanuelle encircled each of my balls, licking the orbs with her tongue, and then tea bagging them one by one. She soon licked up each side of my hard pole, pursing her lips together so she could rub them against the tender skin of my flute. I looked into her striking dark eyes, with known passion I urged her to take my throbbing hard dick into her mouth.

    "Oh please Em, suck my cock you sexy bitch!!"

    Emmanuelle slowly took the tip of my cock into her mouth, using her tongue to tease the tip and swirling it around the spongy head. She took itin deeper, sucking gently as she stroked what was not in her mouth. My hand upon her bobbing neck tightened, as I tried to pushed my cock deeper into her warm mouth. She moaned heavily, sending the vibrations of her throat through to my cock.

    The "Entourage" star slid my long length out of her juicy mouth, saliva following in a trail after it had exited. She stood up in front of me, turning around so that her fantastic round backside faced me. When we were in our later teens, I found my attentions were usually drawn to her growing cleavage or lovely legs. But my what a great arse she had. I reached out to touch those sexy colored cheeks.

    "Wow, so nice and firm", was all I could get out.

    "I'm glad you like it. Because I'll expect you to give it a fair amount of attention", she said seductively.

    My cock twitched at the thought running through my head. And it never let up when Em, still back facing me, spread her legs slightly, bent over and slid her hot black panties down her long legs. I took a hold of my cock, stroking it softly as I eye'd Emmanuelle's horny cuntlips and spectacular naked booty. My self stroking quickened when Em put a hand between her legs and start to rub at her juicy pussy. She soon crawled onto the bed beside me, her bare naked derriere up in the air so my eyes could never leave her perfect body. She slipped off her heels and pushed them onto the floor.

    "I hope you're as hungry as I am?" she said, pushing me down so that I lay flat on my back. The sexy Canadian then moved a leg over my body, so that her horny pussy was above my face, getting herself so we were in the classic 69er position. Emmanuelle took a hold of my hard cock again, stroking it so it was back at full length, and resumed sucking my cock. Em slowly took more and more of it into her mouth until I gave a small groan at the pro-like blow job she was giving me. She gagged a little as she took me really deep, but it was with pleasure as she seemed to love to deep throat my cock, attempting it again and again.

    Once I could take my attention off of what was happening in between my legs, I reached up to fondle that lovely rear, massaging the cheeks with each hand. I parted them to get a great look at her wet slit, the actress preferring to grow a neatly trimmed bush. I ran two fingers across her moist opening, feeling exactly how wet she had become whilst going down on me. I put the tips of my fingers in my mouth, savoring the sweet nectar she contained within. I prodded the same fingers again, opening up her horny hole so I could fuck her gently with my digits.

    I could feel her mouth moan around my cock that was still lodged inside her sucking mouth. Returning my attention to what hovered above, I rose my face up, extended my tongue and licked up and down that dripping wet cunt, my fingers now teasing her sensitive clit as I started to return the oral favour. It seemed that every time her head bobbed down on my cock, my tongue flicked up her labia. Emmanuelle's juices were consistently pouring onto my hard working mouth, as I started to fuck her skillfully with my tongue and index finger simultaneously.

    Whilst Em kept bobbing her head up and down my cock, she reached one of her hands down in between our sweaty bodies and gently started rubbing her clit. She felt how hot and damp her pussy was, as she made small circles around her pussy making her even more wet. She soon pulled my cock out of her mouth, almost out of breath considering she had nearly been going nonstop for the past half an hour.

    "I'm so godamn horny. I need your cock inside me now", Emmanuelle said with urgency, hopping off me to straddle my hips. I could feel her grab at my cock and rubbing the sensitive tip against her slippery wet entrance. My eager hands ventured across her hips, up her ribs and upon her chest, caressing her lovely cleavage with my fingers as Em got herself in position. Before she slipped me inside her she halted, asking me,

    "Wait, do you have any protection?"

    I smacked myself on the forehead, exclaiming "dammit" out loud. I told her I didn't have any, expecting her to be quite annoyed at me. Surely she couldn't have expected me to know she planned to sleep with me after all these years.

    "OK, it's alright. Just don't cum inside me OK? I'm not on the pill at the moment" she said, wanting my assurance I wouldn't.

    I nodded in response, watching as she re-took a hold of my cock, bending it back so she could slowly sit down upon the tip of my hard knob. Positioning it at her highly aroused entrance, Emmanuelle took a deep breath and dropped her hips down so exquisitely, so she could insert my cock inside her luscious pussy. I felt every contour of her soft velvety cunt, as she let out a muffled moan when I slid it all the way in, our hips adjoined as her asscheeks rested upon my inner thighs.

    "Oh this is heaven, ohhh fuck Em" I grunted, the feeling of her tight cunt wrapped around my unprotected cock was a young man's dream finally come true. Things were soon to get even better again as she removed my hands from upon her tits, then reached around to undo her lacy black bra, revealing her wonderfully plump breasts. She took my hands so that they could feel the naked orbs. Her dark chocolate colored nipples were like hard rubber, as I tweaked them which only caused her to bounce her moist pussy along my length more frantically.

    I'd always been fascinated with her tits, especially when she had started to develop in her teens. And they looked and felt more perfect than I could ever imagine. I squeezed them, pinched them, mashed them together. I couldn't wait to take those stiff nipples in between my teeth. Whilst I focused on her heaving chest, I was taken by surprise when Em flipped me over with her strong arms and legs, so that I could be on top. She looked like the angel that I had been infatuated with for all these years. And now I lay here with my naked body on top of hers, my manhood inside of her warm, wet cunt..finally.

    I moved my head down to passionately make out with her as our hips moved rhythmically in sync, her lovely soft hands reaching down to grab my arse as I thrust my cock deep inside of her. I grabbed at her wrists, pinning them behind her head so that they were stretched out. I pushed against them tightly as I thrust my cock inside her, relishing her mouth open and close each time I did this. I then started kissing her neck, then slowly down to her breasts, whilst Em's hands now moved back down to my hips when I released them.

    This served to help her thrust herself upon me slowly as she let off small moans of pleasure. I kissed down to her nipple, taking one into my mouth so I could suck on it and then gently chew at it. She gyrated her hips against mine, as I continued to suck on her soft round breasts. I couldn't get enough of those lovely tits of hers, my cock never relenting as it battered her pussy. As I did this, I made sure that no part of my lips ever left any part of her supple chest puppies.

    "Wow, you really love my breasts don't you?" Emmanuelle said with a slight giggle.

    "Are you kidding? I've been obsessed with them since we were in our teens. Man the things I wished I could have done to them", I admitted to her, my honest words shocking her a bit.

    "Is that right?" she asked, as I slowed down thrusting into her, looking up at her with an eyebrow arched.

    "Do you wanna fuck them then?" she purred, playing on the teenage fantasies that I just had revealed to her.

    "Oh God yes!!" I said excitedly, pulling out of her to stand at the edge of the bed. Emmanuelle sat in front of me, her grand chest a perfect height so I didn't have to bend my knees in order to place my cock in between her soft round tits. Once in place, the gorgeous starlet took a hold of each of her chest cushions, pushing them together and upwards, which made her tits look even fuller in size. My hard meat looking so damn good nestled in it's current home. The juice that was around my dick seemed to dry really quickly, so needing some extra lubrication, Emmanuelle spat on my shaft, the saliva drizzling down the length of my cock, deep within the channel of her breasts. The alternate lube seemed to do the trick as I swung my hips forward.. The feeling was going through my loins was incredible!

    "My god, Em, that feels so good!" I said enthusiastically as I motioned my hips back and forth.

    She seemed pleased that I was enjoying myself.

    "Mmmm Kevin...Fuck those titties! Fuck them good! I love having your hard cock fucking them".

    She looked up at me with those chocolate colored eyes, egging me on to slide my slippery cock into her soft bosoms harder and faster. I swung my hips quicker, my knees clamped on her rib cage, and my shaft plowing a channel between her firm tits. Her face was nuzzled up against my stomach and I could feel her lips and especially her tongue lick at my belly button, trying to bring on my imminent eruption. This action made the seed in my balls start to boil up from deep within.

    "Oh Em, this is awesome!" I exclaimed as she held those wonderful knockers around me even tighter now, both of us watching as the head of my cherry colored knob popped out of the top of her cleavage with each forward thrust. I felt my pleasure rising, as I kept swinging, sliding up and down inside her cleavage. Em looked like she wanted to be a more active participant in the proceedings, as she tucked her chin down to her chest, and pressed her wet lips together. Her mouth could almost reach my cock head on it's closest approach to her face. Not one to pass up a good thing, I lengthened my stroke, and managed to reach her pouty lips.

    She brushed her mouth against the raging dark red head of my cock. The feeling was unbelievable. I continued to pump, faster and harder, and further up toward her face. On each stroke, she got a little more of her lips onto my cock head. After ten or fifteen strokes, she was getting most of the head in on each thrust. Then Em started using her tongue, flicking at my bellend each time around. I felt my balls tighten and the blood rushing in my ears. This was definitely pushing me closer.

    My brain stopped analyzing the situation, and my actions became more and more of an automatic response. All I knew was that I was swinging at the hips, my cock shaft was nestled in a slick wet valley, and my flaring cock head was engulfed in a warm, sucking mouth at the apex of every stroke. I was also dimly aware of her intense, beautiful face, doing it's best to bestow pleasure on my most sensitive organ.

    The pleasure response got stronger and more intense. My cock was on fire, my heart was pounding, and I felt that familiar feeling of inevitability. My hips began to buck and my fists clenched at her shoulders. My cock lurched, spasmed, and spat a huge gob of jism in a wondrous arc. It spurted up and left a vertical trail from her chin, slowly sliding back down and in between her lovely breasts. My back was bent forward so my front was hanging over one of her shoulders as I continued to shoot out the remaining milky load I'd had within my sac. When my breathing and thrusting started to subside,

    After a few minutes, I came to my senses and sat up. "Oh God Em, that!" I said.

    "I'm glad you enjoyed it. I guess I owed you something for all these years of friendship", she said with a sexy giggle, fondling my cum covered cock.

    "I'm just going to go clean this up, don't go anywhere", she laughed, referring to the soaking mess I left on her chest.

    I watched in awe as the five foot three naked brunette headed to the bathroom, that fabulous looking booty swaying from side erotically as she walked. I wasn't sure if I had just dreamed the last hour. I could see myself heading over to the bathroom and finding no one there. But from the bed I could see her reflection in the mirror, and watched as Em cleaned up her chest with some water from the facet and a hand towel. She looked so desirable cleaning herself in front of the mirror, without a stitch of clothing on. To me it was the ultimate Kodak moment when she walked back toward me from the bathroom, seeing her naked breasts bounce up and down and the hot looking trimmed bush in between her long, silky stems. She hopped back on her bed so that we were both lying on our sides, facing each other, looking into one another's eyes.

    "Em, this has been great but what about tomorrow?", I asked.

    She put her index finger to my lips, probably to stop me from potentially ruining the moment with my questions.

    "Shhh...Let's not talk OK, I don't want to talk about now or tomorrow. We've got all night, let's make the most of it", she said, kissing me as she held me tightly, her naked body pressed against mine. Our legs were entangled and our private parts rubbed up against each other, teasing more than anything. I kissed and suckled at her sensitive nipples whilst she stroked my cock, getting it to elongate back to complete erectness again.

    I whispered into her ear to get on all fours and she complied, turning over to get into position, sticking her lovely rear end up for my grateful eyes. I couldn't wait to be inside of her again, to feel myself slide my cock along those inner cunt walls of hers. This time I was going to give it to her my pussy hard and deep, so that she would never forget it. I guided the head of my cock into her wet slit and could hear her coo as I slid in balls deep. I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her slowly at first and then increased my speed. I gently eased my hard cock in and out of her at a slow pace, and felt myself getting lost in the feeling. But I sure was loving every second of it..

    I then put my hands on Em's shoulders, grasping tightly as I rammed my cock into her, hearing my thighs smack loudly against the back of hers. Her sexy round tush jiggled erotically with each thrust. Next I moved my hands to her head, my fingers stroking her long strands of hair as I continued to grind into her a bit harder and deeper now. Em gasped as I, without warning pulled at her long hair, not hard but firmly. I continued pumping into her even harder now and pulled her hair into a ponytail. I knew it hurt her a little but I'm sure the pleasure she was feeling in her pussy over rid the pain I may have caused her above.

    "Unghhh, pound me harder, please!!"

    I let go of her hair and started to plunge very deeply into her, my attention now focused on her toffee colored derriere. The feeling of her pussy quaking around me was highly satisfying, especially as I started to spank that luscious butt of hers. She grasped the pillows and sheets before her, which signaled to me that she was on the verge of climax. Noting this, I pulled her down onto the bed so that we were in a spoon position, much to her dismay. It didn't help that I intentionally stopped moving my cock whilst inside her, but that wasn't going to last long.

    After a quick passionate kiss, I put the hot and sweaty actress in "The Human Chair" position, lifting her up so that she on top of me, lying her back
    against my chest with her sexy ass taking a seat upon my lap with my cock still lodged deep inside her. Her legs were spread apart so that her feet were on either side of my knees. She soon sat upright, gently moving back and forth upon my rod, the feeling was unforgettable. Em leaned back so she was held up by her hands and once in position, started to bounce her horny wet pussy up and down my dick.

    "Mmmmf..uck your cock is amazing, ohhhh God yess!!" she wailed, Em violently thrusting her ass against me.

    I couldn't help but reach up and feel her breast with one hand and put a hand in between her legs with the other so I could diddle with her clit. This seemed to turn her on immensely as she gyrated her body on me uncontrollably. She seemed to love it when I nibbled on the highly-erogenous area of her shoulder, plus whispering dirty words into her ear as she relentlessly fucked up and down my cock. It was at this point I wished the hotel had a ceiling mirror, just so I could see how her naked body shifted along the cock that she was impaled upon.

    She let out a few more moans as Emmanuelle moaned out, "Oh Kev, I'm going to cum".

    I kissed her shoulder blade as she sped up more then slowed down as I felt her cum all over my hard cock, Em's warm juices drenching my cock and pubic hair. Luckily for me, my own potential explosion remained dormant for now. I shifted our bodies back into the spoon position, so that her luscious round backside was cushioned against my thighs tightly. I ran a hand across her upper leg as I got myself prepared for the home stretch. With my fingers gripping just above her hip, I slid my cock in and out of her drenched opening. I could clearly hear my cock squishing through her satisfied orifice, my hand now cupping her soft tit as I began railing into her fast, trying to bring on my own climax.

    Em seemed to be in a daze, as she barely moved throughout the fucking I gave her from behind. She would moan each time a drove my cock inside her deep. It was as though our session of sex had taken a lot out of her, and she was happy for me to do as I pleased in order to get off. With both of my hands around her body so that they could fondle each of her large mammaries, I pinched each of her hard nipples as my shaft and balls started to tense, getting that familiar feeling that I was about to cum..

    "Unghhh, oh fuck!" I grunted, as my seed prematurely began to spurt. I took one of my hands to grab my cock, jacking my soaked member so that I could blow my load all over her delicious arse. I wanked out my any remaining white sauce, slumping down beside her again. I kissed my best friend and now lover on the side of the head, a dreamy look on her face being the last thing I remember as we both drifted off to asleep.


    I had slept in the next morning, padding down the other half of the motel room bed with my eyes closed, shocked to find no-one there. It turned out she had snuck out earlier like a thief in the night. I wasn't too sure why, and once I had got up, I noticed a letter on the bedside table. It read,

    "Kev, I want to thank you for such a great night. I don't want you to think badly of me, but I think it's best we keep last night as a one time thing.
    I need to go and work things out with Adrian. Please don't hate me, you're my best friend and I need you in my life. Will call you soon. Em xx"

    I was stunned. How could she use me like that. The bitch! And to refer to last night as a "one time thing", like it didn't mean anything?
    And to make matters worse, she was going to try and patch things up with that ass-wad. I was furious. And more or less heartbroken..

    "Fucking women!", I sighed.


    Ten weeks later....

    It took me a while to get over Emmanuelle and what had happened that night in the motel room. She tried to contact me several times but I ignored her calls, texts and emails for the first month or so. Soon she stopped trying to get in touch with me. Luckily I hadn't told her where I had moved to since she last came to visit me, so at least there was no chance of her showing up on my doorstep unexpectedly. I tried not to think about her as I knew it would just affect my work life. But from browsing articles online, I eventually stumbled upon pictures of her with Adrian, looking happy and as though there had been no problems between them at all.

    That really hurt to see, especially as I knew the truth behind their sham of an engagement. Work was the only thing getting me through this, and I made that my main focus each and everyday I was in the office. The phone went began ringing suddenly, the display on the receiver notifying me that it was a call from reception.

    "Hey Mr. Presley, I have a woman on the line, says you didn't call her back regarding a business proposal from last week."

    "Proposal, what proposal? What woman?" I asked myself. My intrigue got the better of me, maybe it was a client I had possibly forgot about in the middle of the problems I had gone through recently.

    "OK, put her through", I said, still somewhat confused.

    "Hello Kevin?" the voice on the other end of the line asked. I knew who it was, but somehow I couldn't bring myself to hang up on her.

    "Please don't hang up. I need to come and see you, it's important. Can I come and see you?"

    Every fiber in my body told me to let her have it. To tell her to go to hell and never bother me again.

    "Why, so can use me and fuck me over again? If you've got something to say you can tell me over the ph...!!"

    "I need you to come with me to see my Doctor".

    Without taking in what she had just said, I responded angrily,

    "What the hell for?!"

    "Because I'm pregnant..."

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    Hot story enjoyed it greatly

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    Nice and slow... What a built up... Absolutely loved it!

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    Emmanuelle is extremely underrated. Great job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KMB View Post
    Emmanuelle is extremely underrated. Great job!
    Cheers mate, thought a EC story on this site was long overdue!

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    Eagerly awaiting your story on Ariel..

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    Quote Originally Posted by loving_one30 View Post
    Eagerly awaiting your story on Ariel..
    I'm never short on ideas for Ariel stories, I just can't seem to focus on a single idea long enough to complete a story unfortunately
    (I have five different one's started, but nowhere near completed). Whereas other celeb stories I've written lately seemingly write themselves and don't take long at all
    to finish.
    Very frustrating... In the mean time, I should have one of the other four stories (in my signature) ready to post in a week or so, one I'm sure you'll be just as
    eager to read (I hope)...

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