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Thread: "Mean Girls Reunion 1" with Lacey Chabert

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    fanfiction "Mean Girls Reunion 1" with Lacey Chabert

    Mean Girls Reunion 1
    Author: Robertdoc
    Celebrity: Lacey Chabert
    Warnings: M/F, cons, oral, blowjob, big tits, cunnilingus, fingering, tit fuck, sixty-nine


    Working on the film crew for "Mean Girls" was one giant blur. So much so that I can't quite remember why I was relaxing one day in the wardrobe room. But I was sitting behind a few clothing racks during my break, trying to enjoy the solitude, until someone interrupted.

    I could see the gossip queen of the Plastics, Gretchen Weiners – a.k.a. actress Lacey Chabert. Whether she could see me was unclear, but the fact she hadn't yelled at me to get out was a sign.

    So was her going through sweaters, then taking hers off in my eye line.

    She wasn't looking at me and couldn't see me from there – supposedly. She wasn't trying to show herself off in her blue bra and skirt, but there was a Hell of a lot to show off. It took me a while to register her taking off her skirt next – yet the sight of Lacey's incredible cleavage and toned, sleek curves kept her ass and legs off my radar.

    I only had a few seconds to take in the whole package before she found a sweater. Once she put it over her face and chest, I remembered what trouble I'd be in if she knew there was an audience. Impulsively, I turned my head away and pretended to sleep – barely stopping myself from pretending to snore.

    I heard some small rustlings and prayed they wouldn't be followed by loud footsteps. Yet when I heard them, they got softer as Lacey left the room. My movie crew career was still alive – though I needed more physical parts of me to die down before I left. As if she'd made that easy.

    Like this entire production would make things easy for me.

    January 2014

    A Mean Girls reunion cover story and photo shoot.

    If I could make that happen, it'd make this job so much easier for me.

    While I didn't do much more work in movie crews since 2003, it got my foot in the door for other opportunities. Eventually, it led me to an assistant's job at a magazine that...well, many of you read every week. If not as much as Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide or Vanity Fair.

    This meant that other publications probably had the inside track on a 10-year "Mean Girls" reunion piece, if they were so inclined. But I made the pitch that with my time on their set, I could get the stars to do our magazine. Plus it was the start of a new year, and the best time to publish a Mean Girls story would be in April, so I could get a jump start now.

    Of course, my slight connection to the movie didn't mean I could land all the stars. What's more, they'd really need me to book one above all – and she was the wild card to end all wild cards. She might have burned too many bridges with her old co-stars, for all anyone knew.

    But after I convinced my bosses I could book Lindsay Lohan, I still wasn't brave enough to go after her first. That was something you had to build towards. Hell, if I got all the others first – the ones who actually had their careers take off since 2004 – it might make Lindsay's absence okay.

    Unfortunately, I aimed too high to start proving it.

    I thought since Rachel McAdams had the best career and biggest name in the group besides Lindsay – at least in movies – she'd be enough of a headliner. But because of that big career, she wasn't available in the time we'd need to do the story and cover. So that seemed to be that.

    If I couldn't land both Rachel and Lindsay, I was finished. Maybe that's why I still wasn't brave enough to contact Lindsay. One of the top five reasons, anyway.

    Instead of warming up with a more legitimate star, perhaps I would have to start smaller.

    I had to call Rachel because she was busy on a set. However, Lacey Chabert had more free time on her hands. When I gathered that after calling her, I offered to make my pitch in person.

    That's how I found myself going to her penthouse in West Hollywood two days later. She'd bought it months ago, not long before her cover spread for Maxim magazine last fall. My memories really didn't need to go there – or to the last time I saw her in her bra – so I cleared my head before knocking the door.

    Lacey answered in a blue top and matching jeans, so it kept my head clear. At least clearer than it could have been. "Hello, Ms. Chabert," I cleared my throat enough to say.

    "You don't have to be that formal," Lacey said in her high but sweet voice. "This is the first of many Mean Girls reunions, after all. Right?"

    "Well, if you want to see it that way. And believe I told the truth about being a crew member. Which I did, but how would you know?" I let get away from me.

    "I used my two days of prep time well. But I didn't need to do that much research," Lacey assured. "I remembered myself that you were there. So I'm glad you're here now," she said, topping it off with a little hug. Which was both fortunately and unfortunately brief.

    I shrugged it off and followed Lacey inside, letting her give me a tour of the condo. It was pretty extravagant by my standards, if not West Hollywood's. That speaks to how quaint three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a gym and wide views of the city are by comparison.

    Despite having the least splashy career of the Mean Girls stars, Lacey still kept busy enough to do well for herself. As if the Maxim shoot didn't rub it in already. Luckily, I kept myself from saying both those things out loud.

    At that moment, Lacey wanted to know about my post-Mean Girls career. This made me just a little bit more comfortable.

    "Clearly, I went on a different path," I jested for starters. "I mean, I didn't flop out of crew work. I didn't hate it, and you guys didn't make me hate it. I just...realized I wanted a more creative direction. But I realized I wanted it in Hollywood, in some way."

    "And a magazine about Hollywood was the answer," Lacey filled in.

    "Not at first. I wrote some stuff myself at other places. I'm not doing that at my new place, but I can use it to open bigger doors. If I prove I have some value over there," I started to segway towards.

    "And me and one of my old movies can give you that value," Lacey said.

    "For the next few months, yeah," I agreed, perhaps less tactfully than I should have. "I know other magazines can make a bigger deal out of it. But they're just so...cliquey. I think you can understand that," I started joking. "I figure there's no need to give the magazine Plastics another win. It'd go against everything the movie stood for."

    "Did you sell that to Rachel?" Lacey wondered.

    "Maybe I should have. If she had a clear schedule, who knows?" I went along. But the memory of her being unavailable, and the long route I still had to go, made me more truthful.

    "I'm not trying to put pressure on you, Lacey. I don't know how free you are, and there's no guarantee this'll even happen. I've got a long way to go before I can answer that," I admitted.

    "Well, what's part of that long way? Who else are you asking?" Lacey asked.

    "Tina Fey, Lizzy Caplan, Amanda Seyfried, you...and Lindsay," I finished off.

    Sensing my hesitation at the end, Lacey offered, "Hasn't Lindsay been pretty good lately? Or did you guys...bury bad press on her?"

    "I can't speak for other publications, but we heard good stuff," I answered. "Still...did she burn too many bridges with you guys when she...wasn't on good behavior? And could they be rebuilt in time?"

    "I don't think that's necessary. I haven't seen Lindsay in a while, so my bridges are still standing," Lacey commented. "But I haven't seen much of the others, either. That really would make this a reunion for me. And for what it's'd be nice to see all of them again."

    "So if I could make that happen, you wouldn't mind?" I double checked.

    "Of course not," Lacey promised. "Working with them wouldn't be a problem. It wasn't before." After a pause, she started, "They even...even kept their distance when we were in wardrobe."

    My face didn't move a muscle, so I figured I was safe. I felt myself blinking more than usual, but there could be worse tells. In the back of my mind, I wondered if it was more telling that she paused before finishing. "I see," was the only thought I said out loud.

    I deflected by saying, "So, we want to make this a cover story for April. To do that, we need you to be available at the end of February. Can you clear a day or two for that?"

    "Shouldn't be a problem," Lacey said. "Gives me plenty of time to get dressed up."

    "Well, we'll have that covered for you," I said as steadily as possible.

    "I know, but you're already going to enough trouble," Lacey stated. "I've got a lot of stuff in my closet. Maybe I could pick something and get it out of the way."

    "If, um, if you want to take a shot," I conceded. I was relieved to see Lacey get up and leave, which gave me time to get back in order. But those dreams died fast.

    "Your bosses would probably need to see my picks," Lacey called out. "You can either call them to come over, or just take pictures for them with your phone. The second one sounds easier." It did, in only one way. But it was the only way available now.

    So I followed Lacey to her big closet, as she showed off the clothes that were hung up. I went along with the pretense of taking pictures, in case she was being serious. I had further doubts when she said, "I don't know. They'd probably pop more if they were on me."

    "So you're saying you need to change?" I sighed in resignation.

    "I might need time for that," Lacey replied. With that, I figured there was nothing to do but rip the band aid off.

    "For the record, I stayed where I was when you changed back then. And I closed my eyes too. Eventually," I jumped ahead. "That should have made it impossible for you to remember me! I didn't do a thing, other than see you in far more clothing than you had in Maxim!" I let out, to which Lacey merely paused.

    Before she could un-pause, I attempted damage control by adding, "Don't punish the magazine because I was a perv 11 years ago. I'll get someone else to give you privacy in here. If that's what you want."

    "I almost wanted you to stop ‘sleeping'," Lacey interrupted, adding quotation marks at the end. That was hardly the weirdest thing right now.

    "I was pretty frustrated that day. Enough to still remember it 11 years later. Enough to remember I was changing to go out for a walk, saw you when you were fake sleeping...and almost wished you'd wake up. Just to help me get some of my emotions some way," Lacey startled me.

    "Some" I ended less than smoothly.

    "Yeah, there were a few ways. I calmed down and left, but when I saw you work after that...I still had to wonder," Lacey shared. "I didn't wonder that much for the next 10 years. But when you called me and I looked you didn't take much to wonder again."

    "You're kidding me," was all I could say. "So that was another near miss...or maybe..." I trailed off, having revealed way too much.

    "Another near miss?" Lacey repeated, making me nervous with her peaked interest. But instead of asking further, she asked, "Is that what it would have been if I woke you up? Just a near miss?"

    "If you wanted it to be," I recovered to change the subject – for more than one reason.

    "And if you had a chance to get closer?" Lacey pressed on, her hands drifting to her hips.

    "Well, then someone would probably come in and ruin my luck," I attempted to gest.

    "And until they did? Would fucking me on my wardrobe be worth it till then?" Lacey got to the point.

    "I..." I waited to find a good answer, but only one was accurate enough. "I don't see how I can say no."

    Lacey didn't say anything or change her expression. Even when she lifted up her shirt and threw it off, revealing a blue bra barely containing her cleavage, she stayed nonchalant. While I dropped my jaw and made mental comparisons to 11 years ago and Maxim magazine, she just turned and looked through her closet. In fact, she seemed to be picking out a new shirt.

    When Lacey took one and put it over her chest, I got her game. And I took the bait.

    Like I imagined myself doing off and on for 11 years, I went up to Lacey and kissed her against a rack of clothes. She dropped her shirt and began to unbutton mine, while I got ahead of her in unbuckling my belt. I took a break once she undid my buttons, throwing my shirt off and inviting her to press her body against mine.

    The feel of her large, contained breasts and the rest of her tanned, toned, tremendous body against me threw me off, so Lacey lowered my pants down for me. I snapped out of it to put my hands on her jeans, lowering them just as mine dropped. Soon we both had our underwear exposed, but I wasn't ready to remove hers yet.

    In a flash, I lowered my underwear and pulled out my erect cock, then had Lacey lean back against her closet drawer. My hand moved the front of her panties aside, leaving them on as my cock head pressed against her pussy. After seeing Lacey in a lacey bra and panties in person, and in print, I had to fuck her while she had them on.

    "Do it. Fuck me," Lacey agreed in a breathy voice. She squeaked and almost cooed as my head entered her, then groaned deeper when I added a few more inches. Once I adjusted and knew I could last, my adrenaline went back up as I started pumping her.

    Lacey wrapped her arms around my neck and began pushing her groin back against me. I pushed mine forward as our hips got as loud as our voices. I tried muffling mine against Lacey's lips, her neck, and finally her bouncing chest.

    I still let her keep her bra on, as I was too busy nuzzling her cleavage and pressing my face against her cups to take it off. She gyrated her hips faster the more I did it, so I wasn't the only one who liked this. But I was feeling the effect harder – perhaps too hard, too fast.

    "Fuck, fuck," I muttered, which made Lacey moan her encouragement. But it was a frustrated fuck because I was boiling over too soon. I put my fingers on Lacey's panties to try and get her off before I did, yet she tightened around me and made it impossible.

    "Fuck, shit, I'm gonna cum!" I yelled, quickly pulling myself out before Lacey could comment. I left my cock bare and wet, not daring to touch it or even looking at her. After a few seconds, I dared to look up as Lacey caught her breath – then started to smile.

    She finally lowered her panties to the floor, bending down way too low for my sanity. When I looked at the ceiling, she cleared her throat and got me to see her unhooking her bra. "Aim it here," she gestured to her chest, then grabbed it and slowly lowered her bra.

    I had made sure my hands were frozen – but when Lacey dropped her bra, they went on my cock like a magnet. I was barely aware I was jacking off, since I had to savor those big, bare double D's while I had the time. Unfortunately, I was aware 15 seconds later that my time was about up.

    I used the last of my brain power to remember Lacey's instructions, then I pointed my cock up and followed them. The first few spurts landed on her left breast and right above it, but I got myself to cover her right breast in time. The last few spurts landed below her chest, although some strands of cum were oozing down there anyway.

    At least until Lacey grabbed her cum drenched tits.

    "Eat me. Now," Lacey demanded. On impulse, I got on my knees and put my face between her legs. But when Lacey started rubbing her tits – and rubbing my own cum on those giant, gorgeous mounds – I lost all reason. Which was probably the point.

    I wasted no time in suckling and nibbling her sweet spots, or on sliding two fingers inside to speed things up. As Lacey moaned, arched her back and kept rubbing her boobs, I wiggled my tongue and fingers inside her and sucked everything in range. By the time her chest fully absorbed my cum, I didn't make her cum herself -- but I didn't want to lose the race by much.

    Once I added a third finger and swiped my thumb and tongue on her, I got that wish.

    Lacey grabbed the back of my head and arched her hips forward, exploding directly on me. It faintly registered that her hand had touched my cum and was now in my hair. Yet her cum was dripping on my lips, so we were even.

    I didn't break away for much oxygen as I licked and cleaned Lacey up. When she removed her hand and backed up a few inches, I stayed on my knees as it all started sinking in. It didn't sink in fast enough for me to move an inch, although my cock was shrinking by a few.

    "Go lay down on the bed. Take as long as you need," I heard Lacey say. As soon as I could do something about it, I made myself stand on my feet. I had enough common courtesy to put my pants and underwear on before I went to the nearest bed, but not enough to put my shirt on.

    I laid on one of Lacey's beds, closing my eyes and seeing the images of the last several minutes fly by. At the least, I was too enraptured to go to sleep. Eventually, I'd have to get up, actually face Lacey and hope this didn't affect our deal – if we had really made one. For that and other reasons, I wasn't eager to open my eyes yet.

    "For the record, I didn't think of those last parts 10 years ago. It just came to me now," I heard Lacey say. It would have been too easy to make a pun from that last part, so I stayed quiet – but thinking about it made me let out an accidental snort.

    "Yeah, that just came on me – to me, too," Lacey pretended to accidentally say. I didn't try to hold back laughter that time, and neither did she.

    I kept my eyes closed, but I felt a little looser. Loose enough to ask, "Why were you frustrated back then? Did something happen? Something with the other girls?"

    "Trying to interview me early?" Lacey sidestepped.

    "I still need to be sure there is one," I said seriously. "If there's really any lingering problems with the others...or ones that might come up with...other people...I should know before I put my career on the line for this. Not that I was that professional before..."

    "Even after that, that's what you're really thinking about?" Lacey inquired.

    "Well...if I was more established, I could afford not to care about work. I'm clearly a beginner here," I tried to jest.

    I opened my eyes now, but I looked up at the ceiling instead of Lacey. I still heard her ask, "If I tell you, will you tell me about that other near miss? If there's any lingering problems you have with them, this might not come together anyway. Right?"

    I acknowledged her twisting my own words against me, then answered, "I had some...moments with them. Not moments like...back there. Nothing they'd probably remember like you did. But...I did wonder what could have been a few times. Like I did with you."

    "And look how that turned out," Lacey pointed out. "For what it's worth...they missed out. And they'd miss out if they didn't do your cover too. But I didn't do anything then that would make it a problem. And I won't do it when you get us back together."

    Regardless of who she meant by ‘us', it was what I needed to hear. "Thank you," I said, regardless of what I was really thanking her for.

    "No problem," Lacey chimed. Now it was really getting ridiculous not to look at her.

    I turned my head and saw Lacey lying next to me, her face a few feet from mine. A brief glance below told me she hadn't put her bra back on. Yet I looked back up in a flash anyway, which made Lacey giggle.

    If she didn't want me to stare, she'd have put the bra on – as if that would tempt me less. Regardless, I clung to being a gentleman by watching her face. A face covered with gorgeous green eyes, full tempting lips, and a complexion both innocent and sultry. If I was trying not to look aroused, I was failing miserably either way.

    If this could be called failure. Lacey pressing her lips to mine sure didn't feel like failure.

    This time we were composed enough to kiss briefly, and almost sweetly. We gave each other several pecks until I gently suckled her lower lips, then slid my tongue past it. Lacey pressed herself against my body, although our bare chests did most of the touching.

    Needing more, I rolled myself on top of Lacey and took a bit of control. I pressed my chest down against hers and slid my right hand onto her cheek and hair, while our tongues went back and forth in each other's mouth. Lacey moaned as I broke apart and kissed down her face to her neck.

    With my pants and underwear back on, I was feeling pretty constricted. But as I tasted her skin and went down to her chest, I had better things to worry about. When I got to her tits, Lacey couldn't help but remind me, "You know what they were just covered in, right?"

    "I do," I reminded. "You got it off well enough." Even if she didn't, I had to taste those tits. The thought that they were just covered in my cum shouldn't have made it hotter, but it did. In any case, her supple skin and full flesh canceled out any other tastes.

    I pushed Lacey's breasts up and circled her nipples with my tongue, then flicked them and slid my tongue down her left boob. I suckled and kissed the underside and bounced the rest against my face, then did the same to her right tit.

    When I finally sucked her right nipple down, I looked up and saw Lacey's face contort beautifully. She seductively glared down at me as my right hand tangled in her hair and my left rubbed her stomach. It trailed down to her panties – the only piece of clothing she'd put back on – then Lacey suddenly got me off of her.

    "Sit up," she instructed. I got some of my breath back as I sat up on the bed, though Lacey worked fast to take it away again. She unzipped my pants and pulled my revived erection out – but instead of touching it further, she put a hand on my head and brought it down to her chest.

    I took the hint and started suckling away, while her free hand took one of mine and put it on her panties. Getting that hint too, I slid a finger into her undergarment and into what lay below as well. Once I did, Lacey put her free hand on my cock as her other one played with my hair.

    "Mmm, you had all the fun with this before. My turn," Lacey announced, then stroked my shaft as furiously as I did. I gasped and dropped my jaw, but promptly filled it with her left breast while my free hand went on her back.

    Lacey slowed down, and soon I did the same. We settled down as we stroked and jacked each other off, while I ate out her tits at the same time too. Combined with me stroking the smooth skin of her back, the triple sensation was making me throb in her right hand.

    Her left pushed my head further into her chest, making me groan on her nipple and making her groan and stroke me harder in return. "Yeah, that's it," Lacey encouraged softly. She got louder when my finger curled into her and my thumb swiped across her, cheering, "God, those fingers are good."

    "You would know," I mumbled on her breast as her fingers tightened on me.

    "They're not enough..." Lacey lamented. Thinking she was criticizing me, I added another finger and drove them both in knuckle deep. "Oh fuck...oh fuck it," she stated, thrusting her chest onto my face like it was fucking it.

    I tried to suckle her right breast down, like Lacey would suck my cock down if I was face fucking her. Of course, I had too much to work with to make it perfect – in that regard, anyway. She watched me rub my face and mouth on her flesh, then jacked me hard a few more times and said, "Fuck it" again.

    This time around, she followed up by removing her hand from me and taking my fingers off her. Lacey got off the bed and kneeled down in front of it – and me. Her mouth soon went a little lower.

    She alternated between sucking me down hard and soft, her hands on my hips the whole way. Mine rested on her shoulder and hair, stroking it so I would be less tempted to push her head down. But Lacey went off me and slid her lips and tongue down herself.

    When she finished suckling me just above my balls, Lacey went back up and stuck her chest out. I briefly lit up from what I thought was coming, yet she put my head on her left nipple instead of between her tits. In fact, she used it to get her tips stiffer and erect, which didn't hurt my erection per se. Maybe it even kept me from losing it sooner.

    Not that Lacey rubbing my tip all over her breasts wasn't making me boil. She also rubbed it on her undersides, so that didn't calm me down. Neither did rubbing my cockhead between her breasts without pressing them together.

    "You gotta learn to put more variety in this after a while," Lacey tossed out. As I began to understand it and feel a little guilty, the minx went and smothered my cock with her tits anyway. But she only gave it a few pumps before she took them off and replaced them with her mouth – although she went all the way down with it.

    The brief tit fuck and deep throat left me wet and throbbing, which Lacey chose as the perfect time to really strike. She climbed onto my lap and hovered herself over me, without sinking herself down. Lacey looked at me and my barely composed face, then started to come down.

    Once she got the top half of my cock in, I put my hands on her hips and finished pushing her down. Lacey groaned and pressed her forehead against me, then pecked my lips in an almost playful fashion. She soon moved down to my chin and jaw while she rocked her hips, in a far slower way than last time.

    As it sunk in how this time would be far less feverish. I relaxed as Lacey suckled and nibbled my Adam's apple and neck. I kept my hands on her hips and started squeezing while she fucked me, and even started some fucking of my own. For that, Lacey gave me a deeper hickey while looking up with her most erotic glare.

    After she pulled away from my neck, I rested my chin on her right shoulder. Lacey rocked me a bit faster while I looked down and saw her hips move, not to mention her ass. My hands slid over to cover it up, which led me to jiggle her cheeks around as a distraction.

    "Oh, that's it...oh, you know what you're doing," Lacey cooed. I slid a finger between her cheeks to test that, and her louder moan suggested I did something right. My mind then raced for more good ideas, and I came up with a couple.

    I leaned back and took Lacey with me, leaving her on top of me on the bed. She took her legs off me and got herself more comfortable, but I stopped her from lying on me when she put me back in. I kept Lacey sitting upright, allowing me to see myself inside her.

    After a few moments of her riding me, I saw her tits were starting to bounce. My right hand caught them as my left trailed down her stomach, stopping at her opening. My fingers began teasing her pussy and nipples at once, although my left finger could do more than rub.

    I tried to fit some of my finger along with my cock, but I did increase stimulation either way. My right forefinger and thumb pinched Lacey's tit, then I just palmed it as best I could. Nevertheless, Lacey was bouncing harder and getting herself closer.

    Before she got further, I told her, "Lean over." I got her to put her hands next to each side of my face, hovering her tits over my face. Now that I could lean up and suckle them again, I put my left hand back on her pussy while I pumped it, while resting my right back on her ass.

    "Oh, you're...oh, fuck," Lacey got carried away. That was before my right finger wedged itself against her ass, rubbing it without going in. With my cock and left finger fucking her and my mouth gobbling her tits all at once, she was really being worked over.

    "Fuck me...ooh, fuck me, you naughty boy," Lacey requested. I was pretty much doing that now, but before I could remind her or show her, she continued, "If you won't, I will."

    She was doing that already too – but now she was taking it up a notch. Lacey rocked her hips harder and faster, while keeping her hands on the bed and her body above me. Her tits swayed as her ass bounced on my groin, and all I could do was hold onto her hips.

    I watched Lacey concentrate on me, letting out the occasional big breath and moan. For all that her tits and pussy were doing, I wanted to give equal time admiring her perfect face too. Not just because it was less likely to make me cum – barely.

    Lacey seemed to smile while tightening and pushing down on me. "Fuck, I wanna cum again," she told me.

    "Me too," I hissed out.

    "This time I want it on your cock. I want it all over your cock," Lacey stressed. "Don't you want all that hot, wet cum there too?"

    "Ugh...I want it anywhere you can put it," I settled on.

    "It's going on your cock," Lacey confirmed. "It'll mix with your...fuck...cum." Despite the pause, it wasn't enough time to prepare me for that.

    "Hold on…" I started, but couldn't finish as I felt my cock twitch. Hell of a time for it to have a sense of humor.

    "I've got pills. I'll buy more if I have to," Lacey filled in. "First I want you to burst in me. Like you burst on my tits..."

    "Not in your mouth?" I blurted out, since it was the only other original option.

    "I'll suck us both off you when we're done," Lacey answered. "You want that? Want me to suck that wet cock before it fades away? Then make us both drip cum all over you..."

    Lacey's voice could be quite high and squeaky, yet her experience as a voice actress obviously helped control her pitch. Saying those words with her sexy pitch was the last bit of convincing I needed.

    Nevertheless, I couldn't go completely out of control until she went first. So my hands went back to her pussy, with my left and right forefinger rubbing her. Lacey gyrated her hips in return, yet I still kept my hands and fingers in place.

    I watched my hands and cock work her down below, getting me extra hotter and faster. My eyes went up the rest of Lacey's body for extra inspiration, although her tightening and riding helped just as much. By the time I saw her tits swinging and her face panting, I knew it would at least be a photo finish to the end.

    That was truly an apt metaphor, because I wasn't sure which one of us went first. I couldn't exactly do the math in the moment, though. In fact, I couldn't do much of anything but growl and arch my hips, then go limp when we both finished.

    I laid there with my eyes closed until I felt another great weight lifted off me – well, not a great weight. But the thin Lacey did have enough energy to get off me, turn herself around and hover her wet pussy over my face. She even bent down to lick my deflating cock while she was at it.

    Remembering this is what she promised to do, I had to return the favor. Although I was probably licking up both our juices, she was doing the same with me. So I powered through, despite how both our genitals were getting sensitive right about now.

    Nevertheless, it felt like we got each other relatively clean. Before I could check closer, Lacey got herself off me again. This time, she turned around and laid on top of me, kissing me with both of us on her mouth. Since I had the same problem, this solution made sense.

    We kissed for a while longer before Lacey laid her head on my chest. I put my hands on her for one last feel, then blurted out, "So that made my case for reunions too. Right?"

    Lacey giggled and confirmed, "Yeah, that did set the bar." That, a few more kisses and tit rubs served as enough closure for us – and the promise to see her again for the story helped too.

    Of course, I actually had to get a story and the rest of the cast together first. But I was a lot closer to that than I was hours ago. For that and other things, I let out a victorious growl when I got back to my car.

    I would save the rest of the celebration for when I got home. First, I had to figure out how to see my next recruit. I hadn't figured out who I'd see after Lacey until now – but now I felt brave enough to see her.

    Not Lindsay, of course, since I wasn't that fearless yet. But approaching Tina would be the next best thing – hopefully.

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    This is excellent work here. There's not nearly enough Lacey Chabert stories and this is a great one. But while the casting here is excellent and I love the concept, what's a Mean Girls reunion without Rachel McAdams? I hope she ends up in the story too down the line.

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    Awesome! loved it!

    Yeah would also love it if the other cast members got a chance to shine in the sun as well (a chapter each?). With that said I can't even decide which chapter I look forward to most, Rachel, Amanda...hell, even Lindsay (fingers crossed).

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    hearsz: Thanks, I hope you're right

    KMB: Thanks. I didn't give Rachel a chapter to start off since I couldn't get as much inspiration from her as the others - Lacey's Maxim spread helped give me the whole idea, while Tina Fey's a longtime favorite, I was already hoping to get story ideas for Lizzy Caplan and Amanda Seyfried, and there's no way around Lindsay. But I still have some flexibility for the end.

    TPG: Thanks. The other main female cast members are getting a chapter each, with Tina Fey for chapter 2 next week, Lizzy Caplan in chapter 3, Amanda Seyfried for chap 4, Lindsay in chap 5 and then some combos in the end for the shoot, though I haven't worked out how that'll go yet. I'm building from least famous to most with this one, which is among the reasons why Lacey went first.

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