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Thread: "Mean Girls Reunion 3" with Lizzy Caplan

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    fanfiction "Mean Girls Reunion 3" with Lizzy Caplan

    Mean Girls Reunion 3
    Author: Robertdoc
    Celebrity: Lizzy Caplan
    Warnings: M/F, con, oral, blowjob, cunnilingus, fingering, masturbation


    This time, I stumbled onto something while doing my job. Technically, I was off the clock and was only wandering around after goofing off with co-workers. But before I left, I walked over to the gymnasium set, which would be crowded for tomorrow’s filming of some big third act scenes.

    I came in to see if anything needed fixing or fine tuning, to save some work for tomorrow. But the second I got in, I heard some strange noises. Noises that soon started to sound erotic. Noises that seemed to be coming below the bleachers in the “gym.”

    Thinking ahead, I quietly slipped out of my shoes, so I wouldn’t make as much noise by coming closer. Carrying the shoes in my hands, I tiptoed on my socks towards the bleachers, looking to see if I could make out who was below yet – and what she was doing.

    It could be one of two things at this point. But I didn’t hear any other voices – unless he or she was really quiet – so that ruled out sex. Masturbation it was, then.

    As the noises got louder and I got closer, I put on my writing glasses and started to make out who it was.

    If I didn’t know better, I’d say it resembled Lizzy Caplan – a.k.a sharp tonged outcast Janis Ian. She had her head thrown back and her shirt still on – but it was probably another matter below. Before I could try and confirm it, she got louder and one of her arms seemed to move faster.

    Her moans and pants got huskier, sexier and closer to the brink. So close that she couldn’t see me – but that would easily change once she was done. And she sounded close to being done any second.

    When that second came, I watched, heard and was enraptured for the first two seconds. However, my brain rebooted and helped me make my retreat in the next few. I heard her catch her breath and pant as I got closer to the exit, then I quietly opened the door and slid out.

    Whether Lizzy could hear me by then, I didn’t know. The fact I could get on the lot the next day gave me an idea. As if this fucking set wasn’t giving me enough ideas already.

    January 2014

    Although I’d witnessed more graphic things from Lizzy 11 years ago than Lacey or Tina, I was less nervous to see her in person. For one thing, she didn’t know me, and probably wasn’t hiding that she saw me during a private moment. Then again, if she didn’t remember me, it might not help my actual sales pitch for the story.

    Nevertheless, Lizzy allowed me to see her in her apartment, after she got done shooting a movie for the day. Between her schedule and her appearance at the Golden Globes days ago, she could have easily declined to see me or just done this over the phone. Yet once again, I was fortunate to make my case in person.

    Indeed, since she didn’t see me in our biggest encounter on the Mean Girls set, she didn’t recognize me. But I seemed to convince her I did work there, and assured her that Lacey and Tina could confirm it. She believed me and let me tell her about the proposed cover story anyway.

    Yet as I pitched it, told her Lacey and Tina were on board and assured her we could work around her schedule, I got the feeling Lizzy’s mind was elsewhere. With eyes as big and noteworthy as hers, it was easier to tell if they were distracted. She did nod and seem to follow along, yet I sensed I didn’t have her strictest attention.

    To get more clues, I tried to talk and study her other body language at the same time. I ignored how I was checking out someone’s body for different reasons than usual lately. As I did, I noted Lizzy’s posture looked straight, and her legs….

    Her legs were pressed kind of tight together. And this was the second time her hand brushed between them.

    “So you think you can get Lindsay?” Lizzy broke my concentration, by staying on the actual topic of conversation.

    “Oh, oh right. I suppose I’ll find out very soon,” I got back on track. “After I finish talking to you and Amanda, I’ll have no choice. That’s why I want to sort out as much as possible first, just in case.”

    Shrugging my past suspicions aside, I got out a notepad and showed Lizzy when Lacey and Tina had for the shoot. Lizzy claimed she could get herself available, pointing to the best potential dates with one hand – and keeping her other hand between her legs and on her skirt. Which almost seemed to arch against that hand.

    What the hell could make her….

    “So, one of those dates should work. I can call you once I work out the best one,” Lizzy said, somewhat quickly. If my developing crazy theory was right, this would make a little more sense….

    But it couldn’t be. I couldn’t have gotten in the middle of her….doing that again. “Is now a bad time?” I blurted out loud in my disbelief.

    “Excuse me?” Lizzy asked back. “Are you in a rush or something?”

    “No. Well, technically, yes. But if you’re in one, I can come back,” I finally settled on.

    “I agreed to see you, remember?” Lizzy frowned. “I made time when I could have rested and pushed you off. So let’s at least get something out of it.”

    “Okay, okay!” I said with some frustration. “We just need to pick the best date you can be there, and match it up with the others.”

    “I can make that work,” Lizzy declared, pointing to early March on my notepad, without looking too hard. “If they can, I can.”

    “Oh. Okay. If Amanda and Lindsay can, then we’re all good,” I concluded.

    “Good, looks like we’re all set, then,” Lizzy hurried along. Not knowing what else to say, I got up and started to make my way out.

    I knew I couldn’t expect the same thing as my last two trips…..even if it looked like it could set up that way. But I’d pushed my luck enough, I supposed. With that, I left Lizzy’s apartment and closed the door behind me, yet I stayed in the hall.

    I told myself I should leave now, but my feet stayed stuck. I didn’t know what I was expecting or hoping for – though I stopped guessing when I heard from behind the door, “Damnit, it’s gone!”

    I was too confused to leave now, especially when Lizzy suddenly opened the door. She looked annoyed and frustrated, but when she saw I was actually still there, she softened up a little. “Sorry,” she quietly said as she calmed down further. “That….wasn’t about you.”

    “That narrows it down,” I quipped. It might have been harsher than I intended, so I got out a sorry before Lizzy let me back in.

    When she closed the door, she explained, “I did have a long day. Still coming off a long Globes weekend, really. I figured I could….relax and be fresh and ready before you came here. But I lost track of time and I….didn’t get done relaxing. Not as much as I wanted. I guess that made me antsy.”

    If I hadn’t seen Lizzy’s ‘relaxing’ techniques 11 years ago, maybe I wouldn’t suspect a deeper meaning now. Some of it wasn’t that much of a cover anyway. Hell, maybe I was wrong and she was on the level. Either way, I said, “I get it. I can still leave and let you relax again.”

    “That’d be nice, if I hadn’t lost the mood. I was so close to it before, and now I gotta start all over again. Who knows how long that’ll take?” Lizzy lamented. “I got too upset to stay ready.”

    “Is that my fault?” I had to ask.

    “No, no! Well, not directly,” Lizzy answered. She then sighed and continued, “It’s not you. We used to work together, apparently, and now you’re gonna get me back in with the Plastics. Except Regina, apparently. So I shouldn’t take it out on you. You can go if you want.”

    “I don’t want it to feel awkward if we see each other again,” I stated, borrowing Tina’s past excuse. I thought it out some more, sat next to her on the couch and let myself ask, “If there’s any way I can help you relax….I’m in no rush. Really. Whatever you might need.”

    At this point, I could still claim innocence and say I thought she really meant “relax.” By that skin of my teeth, I could make this offer and look okay if I read it wrong. Or my luck could be due to run out after all.

    “I did it by myself before and almost got there,” Lizzy broke the silence. “But I might need more to get that close again.”

    She still hadn’t made the subtext 100 percent clear – 80 percent, maybe. I studied her body language again, yet gave myself more freedom than before. I saw how she looked less stiff, and how her green blouse and black skirt clung to her in the process. I saw her legs weren’t rubbing together, but she did cross one over the other to show off more tempting skin.

    I looked up and saw the bit of exposed, tempting skin on her chest, although a lot more seemed to be hidden below. I only let myself see that for a second, but when I looked up and saw the sultry tinge in Lizzy’s green eyes and developing smile, I lingered longer.

    “Is that a yes?” I got out. “Are you getting more relaxed already?”

    “I’m starting to think you might….help me get there,” Lizzy commented, sounding more blatant and sexy.

    She inched herself closer to me, which gave me the confidence to reach for her bare knee. When I got there and felt it – and saw it as a final go ahead – I responded, “Then I’d better get to work.”

    Before Lizzy could do anything, I got off the couch and kneeled down in front of her. Once she uncrossed her legs, I went right between them without even removing her skirt. I felt her up at first and detected a lack of panties, then lifted her skirt up and got right to work.

    It was clear she really had been working on herself recently, even if she hadn’t gotten all the way. Yet either her past work or my skills made her groan louder when I got going. I made myself believe it was both, but when my tongue circled her and my fingers grazed her before going deeper, I could believe it was mostly me now.

    “Oh, fuck,” I heard Lizzy exclaimed. “Put it in me. Tongue first,” she instructed. I followed orders and let my tongue slide all over her, while my hands rested on and rubbed her upper thighs. “Mmmm….hands now,” she instructed next.

    She said hands plural, but I cheated anyway. I just put my left hand next to my face, keeping my right hand on her right leg. Lizzy had less reason to nitpick when I put my left forefinger in her, then licked the right of her pussy and suckled on her there.

    “Oh, that’s it….wiggle em,” Lizzy moaned. My finger went as far into her as it could and rubbed her, while my tongue licked her from side to side and then up and down. She sounded impressed with how I followed directions.

    When my thumb caressed her below her pussy, Lizzy all but squeezed my head with her legs. Undeterred, I finger fucked her faster while licking her and stroking her leg all at once, then removed my finger and put my tongue back in without missing a beat. As for my finger, it and the rest of my left hand palmed her inner thigh, while my right did the same to the other one.

    I pushed Lizzy’s legs further apart, then decided I finally needed a better view. My right hand went behind her and Lizzy pushed her hips up, giving me room to lower her zipper and push her skirt down. When I got it off her legs and left her pussy exposed, I put my thumb at the bottom and let my tongue go to the top.

    My forefinger and thumb rubbed her below while my teeth, lips and tongue worked on top, making Lizzy cry out longer. “Fuck me….fuck me, I’m getting there again….” she praised. If she’d gotten that close before and couldn’t finish before I got there, I’d have to add something extra.

    I put my thumb into her next, which I presumed she could have done herself earlier. She couldn’t keep her tongue on her pussy at the same time, though. It kept licking the top as I fucked her harder and deeper, only to have my tongue dive right back in the second I removed my thumb.

    “Ugh, yeah, harder,” Lizzy urged. I tried licking her deeper, but perhaps that wouldn’t cut it. When my tongue found her clit, I got a better idea.

    My forefinger and thumb returned to get a hold of her clit, tugging on it while I licked up every inch of her. Lizzy groaned deeper and breathed heavily, pushing herself onto my face and fingers. This helped distract her while I worked out my final move.

    In short order, I put my left index finger and forefinger into her, placed my left thumb underneath her pussy, placed my right fingers and thumb next to them, and put my tongue back on top of her opening. They all fucked, rubbed, tweaked and licked Lizzy up accordingly.

    “Oh, fucking God!” Lizzy called out. “Fuck, it’s coming! Fuck, it’s about time….fuck!” she gasped as she began letting herself go.

    I took my fingers out and put my tongue back inside Lizzy, right as she started cumming on it. My lips covered her up as well, helping me catch and swallow what she gave me. My tongue left her as she came down and rested against her lips, then my lips left her.

    My fingers gave her a few final rubs before I finally looked back up. Lizzy laid her head back, looking quite overcome and satisfied. “Oh, I was looking forward to that all day….worth waiting after all,” she muttered.

    “Thanks,” I said. After a few more moments, I got on my feet and asked, “So you are relaxed now?”

    “Yep,” she replied. “That’s always been relaxing for me.” She paused and added, “So I know how it must be for people other than me.” I didn’t miss that she wasn’t looking at my face anymore.

    “Wait….” it dawned on me. “You sure you’re not too relaxed?” I double checked. If she was too relaxed and really needed rest – or couldn’t get enough energy back for the job – it wouldn’t be worth it.

    “I got some reserves left for this,” Lizzy quipped. On that, she sat herself up and put her hands on my hips before I could move. Once she made sure I wasn’t leaving, her right hand lowered my zipper, reached in and pulled me out.

    Without another word, she lowered her mouth on me and started sucking. And God, it was worth it.

    Lizzy gulped me down deep to set the tone, before massaging me more slowly. Her lips and tongue went up and down my shaft as she moaned quietly, yet she got louder before she came off. Without pausing, her mouth went to my underside and kissed it deeply, with the tip of her tongue soon replacing her lips. It went all the way to the bottom of my cock and went back up, right as her left hand grasped my wet erection.

    She pumped me below and resumed suckling my tip and head above, while moaning and dabbing her tongue on me. Her eyelids lowered as her alluring green eyes looked up at me, seeing me visibly melt at her skills.

    It was a blowjob that made my toes curl into my shoes, and made most of the rest of my body tingle. Lizzy took her time and made sure every inch of my cock was taken care of in some way. I didn’t know if she learned this on her own or learned it in some way thanks to “Masters of Sex,” but I couldn’t look into it at that time.

    Lizzy put both hands on my shaft and concentrated her lips and tongue on my head, kissing and rubbing it on her lips. She took her lips lower and removed her right hand, promptly taking the top half of my cock into her hot mouth and bobbling down. Her left hand pumped me in tune with her mouth stroking me, as her right went right onto my ass.

    Although Lizzy had been so vocal and descriptive when I blew her, I had no words for my part. I didn’t have the capacity to come up with them – at least words other than “Ugh.” Since my hands were just hanging there, I thought they could show my appreciation for me.

    My right tried by going onto Lizzy’s cheek, resisting the urge to push her head down further. Instead, I brought it to the back of her neck, rubbing my thumb gently over the front to sooth her. The next thing I knew, Lizzy licked up my cock, blew on it and then kissed up to my head, so I presumed it worked.

    My left hand tried to massage her neck and shoulder too, which made Lizzy keep moaning on me. Maybe she would have regardless, but I wasn’t about to make her come off and answer. However, she came off me anyway.

    With nothing on my cock, I took my hand off her in a bit of childish revenge – or maybe just to put something on there. Before I could take over the job, though, Lizzy’s hands went on her blouse instead of me. She lifted it over her head and threw it away, leaving her completely nude, as it turns out.

    I didn’t see any nudity from Lizzy 11 years ago. I did see a share of it on “True Blood” and “Masters of Sex” so I already knew what I missed out on. But knowing it and seeing it were two different things, as I remembered while seeing her full breasts rise and fall. They must have been right between a B and C-cup – maybe a B+.

    I had no vocal comment, and neither did Lizzy – aside from her mouth going back on me. My hands rested on her shoulders again, but it was clear she wanted them lower. There was little else I wanted at that point too.

    Once I grabbed a hold of Lizzy’s supple breasts, I pushed them up and put my palms on her nipples. I rubbed them as Lizzy rubbed my shaft, making us both moan in the process. I found my voice while cupping her tits and feeling her cup my balls, although it still just said, “Fuck, yes….”

    All of a sudden, Lizzy remembered to unbuckle my belt and take my pants and underwear down. I wanted to get them off my ankles, but I couldn’t once Lizzy put her hands on my bare ass and went back to town.

    Gripping my ass tightly and pushing it forward, Lizzy bobbed up and down like I was really fucking her mouth. I almost did it myself, but I kept my hands on her tits and pushed them up in lue of pushing her head down. However, she got me down my throat without my help.

    I groaned to the heavens at that point, distracting me from Lizzy popping her mouth off. Strangely, she went the opposite approach from before and licked me all too slowly. The tip of her tongue dug into my slit, only to slide right down my shaft in a torturously slow manner.

    I kept speaking in only groans as Lizzy wrapped her lips around me, sucked oh so gently and moaned oh so deeply. She popped off, came back on and did the same, only with her tongue back on my slit. She came off, repeated the process and added a doe eyed glare up at me.

    Just when I thought I could take no more, Lizzy broke the gentle treatment and sucked me right down into her throat. I held onto her tits and tried to hold onto my cum for dear life, but Lizzy tried to suck it down directly. When it seemed she’d get close, she came off and completely let go of my cock, leaving me in hellish limbo.

    I almost forgot my pride and asked, “Please….” until Lizzy spared me by putting her tongue on my slit. She kept her mouth open and licked it up in plain sight, then slowly put her hands on my ass and her lips around my head. Finally, she moaned what sounded like approval for me to let go, with her lovely eyes encouraging me even further.

    A few more suckles was all the added approval I needed, and all I could take.

    I exploded right onto Lizzy’s tongue and mouth, hoping I didn’t churn out more than she could handle. She swallowed the opening spurts, but came off and let me land the rest into her open mouth. Mine was open for different reasons by then.

    After I finally got everything out, Lizzy closed her mouth, kissed my tip before it started deflating, and sat back down with a smirk. I didn’t have that much energy for a while, as I merely had enough to collapse next to her on the couch. My bare ass was on it, but so was hers, so I had an excuse – if I cared to make one.

    I had no comment on anything at that moment, leaving Lizzy to break the silence. “Interesting style you’re going with,” she noted, making me remember I was the only one with clothes on. With my shirt and shoes still on and my pants and underwear around my ankles, I looked as messy as Lizzy looked stunning – nearly.

    “Would you feel better if we matched?” I asked, risking that she wouldn’t want to. When Lizzy reached up and fiddled with the top button on my shirt, I figured it paid off.

    I kicked my shoes off and finally got my pants and undergarments on the floor. As for my shirt, I got it off myself and spared Lizzy the work. However, she worked on my chest in another way by kissing down to my nipples.

    For symmatry’s sake, I put my hands back on her nipples in return. I hoped this gave me the go ahead to kiss them as well – but I remembered there was something else I hadn’t kissed. Going by the principle of ‘first things first,’ I chose to kiss Lizzy’s mouth instead.

    While I knew her lips felt soft and hot on my cock, she had enough of that left over for my lips too. Her tongue slowly met mine as her hand went into my hair, and I kept one of mine on her tits. My free hand went onto her lower back and lowered her onto the couch, helping her to truly relax.

    I laid on top of Lizzy and kept kissing her slowly, not caring that my cock wouldn’t feel the side effects for a while. Lizzy was more likely to get going again right now, so my left hand moved down her body as my mouth moved down to her neck. Her husky moans gave me a tiny little tingle, but that was all I could muster for now – perhaps not for too long, though.

    As for her, I gave her more to go on when my finger returned to her pussy. It circled her gently while my mouth nibbled on her upper chest. At last, I reached her full breasts and pushed her right one up as my lips latched on.

    “Mmm….think you can get me wet again?” Lizzy challenged.

    “One of us should be,” I muttered into her breast.

    “We can be more ambitious than that,” Lizzy argued, as I felt her hand drift down.

    “I think you drained me too much for that,” I pointed out.

    “Then who better to fill you back up, right?” she counter pointed as she held my flaccid cock.

    Despite her hand’s talents, I wasn’t gonna get back up any time soon. However, Lizzy had other tactics. Although I couldn’t really go into her yet, she guided my head to her pussy and rubbed it against her lips. Admittedly, it gave me some sensation, and it sounded like she was getting some too.

    Lizzy wrapped her legs around my waist and began dry humping against me, letting our bare, drained genitals rub up on each other. With her tit in my mouth and free hand, and her groans serving as a soundtrack, I saw and felt a method to the madness.

    Both my hands went onto her hips as my lips went to her left breast. I got into humping her body and helped her tits bounce as a side effect, while I went back and forth on them. Eventually I went back to her mouth, just in time to cover both our moans.

    I’d gotten up to half mast by now from rubbing against Lizzy. To get the rest of it up, I took my growing cock and rubbed my head onto Lizzy’s lower lips again. I didn’t go in, although I could have now, but gliding and teasing her opening was enough at the moment.

    Lizzy stopped humping me and laid back, breaking our kiss. My mouth returned to her neck and my right hand went back on her chest, adding to her sensations. I felt my head getting fuller and wetter against her pussy, with the rest of my shaft not far behind.

    “See? There’s always something to do,” Lizzy bragged, setting up to reach down for my cock and pump it along. She even fingered herself and put some of the juices on my shaft for extra help.

    “Hold that thought,” I forced out, ready to handle the next step. I moved her hand away from me and grabbed myself, teasing her pussy lips anew. This time, however, I put the head in when I was done.

    I slowly started pumping Lizzy and added more of myself with each thrust. Once I got comfortable, I rocked into her and went back to kissing her. But before long, I got all of me into her and I lifted my body up in the process.

    I settled into sitting on my knees on the couch, with Lizzy still on her back. She put her legs back around my hips as I reentered her, putting my hands on her waist for added balance. I quickly set a steady pace, leaving Lizzy to sit back and enjoy the show.

    She saw me thrust in and out of her, and saw my hand go back to her center for good measure. I teased her with the tip of my left finger, right as my right fingers teasingly slid up her body. They landed on her right breast and stayed there for a while, before making their way to her left.

    Lizzy looked and sounded like she was enjoying the journey regardless. She did try to reach towards me, but couldn’t get far while she was on her back. I figured I would worry about that later – yet Lizzy was more impatient.

    She bucked herself back against my groin, which didn’t strike me as suspicious, or anything less than hot, As it turned out, she was building momentum to rise up, wrap her arms around me and sit up on my lap. All I could do was try not to fall on my back.

    Once I managed that, I started trying to adjust to the new position. Lizzy had a head start, holding on tight with her arms and legs and riding herself on me. I still needed to hold onto her in some way, so I settled on holding her ass.

    “Hello there,” Lizzy teased when I had it all sorted out. She quickly pecked my lips and fucked herself on my cock even quicker. I did make myself catch up and meet her thrusts while keeping my hands locked on her ass.

    Lizzy’s chest pressed against mine, keeping her tits from bouncing too much – although they collided onto my chest quite well anyway. I watched her cleavage rise and fall, until I paid more attention further below.

    My fingers headed back for her pussy to help Lizzy along, despite how she was helping herself – and me by extension. Nevertheless, there was no such thing as too much help for her. Both my index fingers did their job to make sure of that.

    “Oh, I like that,” Lizzy filled me in. “Do you too?” she asked as her hips came down on me harder, skewering my answer.

    “I got no complaints,” I answered accurately.

    “Good,” Lizzy said. “Could use a rest, though.”

    Lizzy actually unwrapped her legs around me, so I thought she was being literal. Before I got too upset, she pushed me down so that my back landed against the couch’s arm after all. She kept her hands on my chest to keep me down, then settled herself back on top of me.

    In this context, relaxing meant lying on top of me as she slowly rode me again. It seemed to make a difference, as her seductive eyes and sultry smile sure looked relaxed in front of me. Her subsequent kisses were slow, steamy and relaxing as well, as she put a hand on my cheek and slid her tongue past my lips.

    My left hand went back to her ass and pussy while my right landed on her hair. She fucked me faster while somehow keeping her kisses slow, although my hips couldn’t quite keep up. Yet at that moment, I was content to let Lizzy set the pace.

    I had just enough time to be amazed that snarky outcast Janis Ian/snarky actress Lizzy Caplan was doing this to me. Then again, these last several days should have taught me to expect anything. Like the fact I’d probably be cumming soon, despite being so drained earlier.

    In that case, I didn’t have much time to help drain Lizzy. With that in mind, I pulled out all the stops I had left.

    I put my left forefinger back on her pussy, working it over along with my cock. In the meantime, my lips broke from her mouth and went to her left breast, while my right hand pushed up her right breast. Somehow amidst all this, I focused enough to fuck her faster than ever.

    It was a four way attack that drove Lizzy out of control, in a nice last minute change of pace. She moaned, yelled out a few fucks, and tried to buck herself back on my hips. But with my cock and finger working her and my mouth and hand working her chest, she was left to just ride it out.

    “Fuck me, make me cum!” Lizzy gritted, as if I wasn’t going overboard to do that. I did have to slow my cock down so I wouldn’t go with her, though. But my finger helped rub her further along, as my teeth and right hand tweaked her nipples enough too. Still, Lizzy’s hips seemed to be getting a second wind.

    “Come on, cum for me….” I asked, for my sake and hers. Lizzy rode me deeper and helped herself, though I wasn’t sure about me.

    With time for one last idea, I took my right hand off her tit and put it in front of her pussy – rubbing it along while my left hand kept rubbing her in back. My mouth caught her breast and suckled it to add one more surge of pressure.

    “Yes! Yes, fucking….” Lizzy left hanging in lue of more moans. The last few seemed to signal that I’d done the trick.

    I suckled her nipple deeply one last time and pulled away, as my fingers and cock got her to the finish. Lizzy threw her head back and grabbed my shoulders, helping her stay steady as she rode her orgasm on me.

    I closed my eyes to ride out her release, making sure to look away when I opened them. I felt Lizzy’s hips slowing down and heard her pant in relief – though she’d probably remember my relief hadn’t come before long.

    It didn’t come at that moment, judging by how she laid back on the couch and slipped off me.

    I finally looked down to see Lizzy on her back, catching her breath. My cock was now out of her, erect and fairly wet. I looked at how close it was to going off, then looked down at Lizzy in the midst of her afterglow – exhausted, satisfied and sexy as hell.

    The kind of sight that would make someone jack off then and there.

    All things considered, that was probably the most fitting way to end this. Even if I was the only one who’d really understand how.

    Before Lizzy’s juices dried too much on my cock, I began pumping. I doubted I’d really need that much, as I studied Lizzy’s wet opening and heaving chest before seeing her face. She locked eyes with me before seeing what I was doing, yet she didn’t give out any reaction.

    Either I fucked them out of her, or she was ready to see the show. Maybe 20 percent of the first, 80 of the other. Either way, it was a show she’d get.

    My hand went faster and my thumb rubbed my head, feeling the pre cum coming out. I didn’t have a specific plan on where to shoot, as I just wanted to get myself there. For the record, I had her stomach in range by the time I started boiling over.

    I was all but lost now – too much to mind as Lizzy reached over and took the bottom of my shaft. My hand stayed on the top as Lizzy cheated and rubbed me to the finish line.

    Since she did, she made sure I shot my first few spurts on her stomach, then went up to her chest. She aimed the last few strands at her neck before we both let go of my shaft. It was deflating again, but it wasn’t going back up any time soon. Not before I had to leave, anyway.

    There was still a few minutes left before we had to worry about that. I stayed quiet and got my head back in order, while Lizzy cleaned my cum off – both with a tissue from her skirt and her own fingers. After licking them clean, she sat up and took it all in like I was doing.

    “You know I got myself off a lot on the set? Even late at night when no one was there,” Lizzy temporarily made my blood go cold. “But clearly you can’t get everything by yourself.”

    “Clearly,” was all I had for her.

    “You said the reunion’s not all set yet. So all that’s off the record by default, right?” Lizzy inquired.

    “Well….I can keep a secret if you can,” I answered, knowing well it was one of the most truthful things I’d ever said.

    But I had two chances left to top that. Among other things I could wind up topping. As improbable as that looked right now.

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    Finally a great story about Lizzy Caplan. This whole series has been a lot of fun!

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    Thanks, it's been fun to write -- and the biggest fun is coming up very soon.

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