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Thread: "Mean Girls Reunion 4" with Amanda Seyfried

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    fanfiction "Mean Girls Reunion 4" with Amanda Seyfried

    Mean Girls Reunion 4
    Author: Robertdoc
    Celebrity: Amanda Seyfried
    Warnings: M/F, cons, oral, cunnilingus, blowjob, fingering, big tits, tit fuck, doggy style, masturbation, reverse cowgirl


    Amanda Seyfried was the newcomer on the Mean Girls set. Lindsay was the big star, Tina, Lacey and Lizzy all had prime time TV experience, and even Rachel had a body swapping Rob Schneider film under her belt. But Amanda just had a few years of soap opera work on her filmography, but Mean Girls would be her very first movie – making her new to this side of the business, just like me. In a way.

    I told myself it was a big reason why I couldn’t take my eyes off her. It wasn’t just her own incredible blue/green eyes, blonde hair, bright face and irresistible figure. At least those weren’t the only reasons.

    Yet after the mishaps with Lacey, Tina and Lizzy, I felt nervous about the same thing happening with Amanda. I knew I should have been excited and hopeful, though. She was just starting out in the movies, but I could tell she wouldn’t be an unknown for long. If she was ever not going to be untouchable, this would be it.

    But although I wasn’t star struck or intimidated by Lacey, Tina or Lizzy, Amanda made me more….hesitant. I told myself I’d stumbled onto moments with them, and now thinking of it was throwing me off. If I just let it happen, something weird and hot would come up, as it had before.

    Yet nothing did. It wasn’t for lack of talking to her or trying to bond, though.

    Whenever I was nearby and Amanda needed something, I helped get it for her. When I ran into her heading to the set in her sexy Santa costume, I kept eye contact throughout – though that had its own set of problems. I appreciated her smiles and nods at me whenever she noticed me, and admired how she could go from playing a total dimbulb to being super bright off camera.

    On her last day of shooting, I found her alone as she prepared to leave. I wished her luck and told her how this was my first film experience as well – and joked that this would be a fun thing to look back on at the Oscars in 10 years.

    She said, “I hope so too,” with her big smile, then left after giving me a hug goodbye. It came too fast for me to savor her chest against mine, or to really hold her right back. Perhaps I was overconfident that this would set up something more, after coming close to it so many times on this set.

    But Amanda left and took those hopes with her. And my ever growing “What could have been” list of fantasies had a new, perhaps permanent leader.

    January 2014

    I’d done a good job repressing and ignoring my old thoughts about Amanda. The old and new thoughts about Lacey, Tina and Lizzy certainly helped. In fact, they made me less nervous and intimidated by the time I reached out to Amanda.

    Unfortunately for me, she had the busiest movie career of the group other than Rachel, who’d already been too busy to come onboard. So it didn’t bode well when her agent told me she was on a shoot.

    It bode somewhat better when he called me back an hour later. It got much better when he said Amanda did want to talk to me – and do it in person. I was somewhat deflated when he said she couldn’t until two days from now. But when he shared the next bit of news, I stayed high for the next 48 hours.

    The nerves came back when I reached the restaurant Amanda would allegedly meet me at for dinner. I was told she’d meet me there when the shoot was over – and I held back fears that she wasn’t coming for about 10 minutes. It was better than five or two, like I expected.

    Yet right after the 11’th minute, I saw someone coming.

    I’d seen other women come by and been disappointed that they weren’t Amanda. But when I saw an unmistakably familiar, unmistakably gorgeous blond in a light green dress, I had no problem letting that disappointment go. “Sorry I’m late,” Amanda Seyfried added.

    “Sure,” I blurted without thinking. “Another thing to laugh about at the Oscars, then,” I said with even less thought, since she was less likely to remember a 10-year old joke from a crewman.

    “If you meet me there this time, I will. I’m the only one who went there on schedule this year, so don’t put this on me,” Amanda answered.

    Oh, right. She was at the Oscars with the Les Miserables cast, 10 years after my joke. She remembered the irony and I didn’t. Now I was the one laughing, almost in spite of myself.

    Amanda broke out into a smile when I composed myself, conceding, “Well, better late than never.” She went over for another hug, and this time I fully joined in.

    When we broke, I led her into the restaurant and we were sent to our table. After we settled in and ordered, Amanda clarified why we were here.

    “I knew we wouldn’t be able to talk on the set. Like, really talk,” she said. “Doing it on the phone or through my people seemed too impersonal. I mean, look at this. We started out together, kind of, and now here we are again. I figured that was worth a nice night to ourselves.”

    First, I made sure this dinner was all that came to mind as the definition of a ‘nice night.’ Then I made sure to warn her, “Well, we’re not there yet. If you’re in, we’ve gotta pick a free date you can drop by on. One that matches with the others.”

    “You got the others?” Amanda asked.

    “Most of them,” I had to recap. “Lacey, Tina and Lizzy are in. Rachel couldn’t make it. And….the big get is next,” I faced up to. “And that’s gonna make or break this whole thing.”

    “I heard Lindsay was doing good,” Amanda encouraged.

    “Either that or she’s covered up her antics better. She had to figure out how eventually, right?” I joked, albeit cautiously in case Amanda was still close with Lindsay. “Who knows with her? I guess I’ll find out in a jiff now.”

    “Your magazine won’t do this without her?” Amanda wondered.

    “They never said that. But a Mean Girls reunion without both Lindsay and Rachel? Even if they do it, it’s not gonna sell as much. Not even with you guys,” I admitted. “If I get Lindsay, they won’t mind that Rachel’s not there. If I don’t….it’ll be more unpredictable. Even more unpredictable than actually having her there.”

    “So….you’re warming up with me before you get to her,” Amanda stated more than asked.

    “Well, now I have good memories to take with me into battle,” I said without thinking. This time I felt better about it, especially when Amanda smiled.

    “You must have a lot of those already. If you talked to Tina, Lacey and Lizzy,” Amanda nitpicked. “How are they?”

    Without going into ultra graphic detail, I could only say, “You can find out when I get the shoot ready. Might as well think positive, right?” I dodged.

    Amanda nodded, making me breathe an inner sigh of relief. There was no need for that graphic detail, since I didn’t want gossip hounds and paparazzi spies hearing that about the others. That was the sole reason.

    I stayed in thought until they brought us our appetizers. By then, my mind wandered enough that I had to say out loud, “I can’t believe you remembered me. Or at least our broken Oscar date.”

    “I didn’t until the Oscars,” Amanda admitted, which was a little deflating. She seemed to notice that, backpedaling, “I mean, I did remember you. It’s the movie that got me started, so of course I remember pretty much everything. But when I got my Oscar invitation, I just….remembered that part much better. And how right you were.”

    Amanda’s huge eyes got even wider as she continued, “I know I didn’t have to do much to get there. For that movie, anyway. But like you said, in just 10 years I got to the Oscars. You believed that right from the start. Or you didn’t think it was a total joke.” She brushed it off and finished, “Either way….you were the first regular person to think I’d go that far.”

    “It wasn’t that hard to figure out,” I said honestly. “Gorgeous newcomers who clearly aren’t plastic….they tend to find their footing. Faster than most.”

    I didn’t give Amanda much time to look flattered before I went on. “Let’s leave Lindsay aside. Other than her, look at every single one of you. You and Rachel are flat out movie stars, Tina’s a TV legend, Lizzy’s having her dramatic breakthrough as we speak, and Lacey can still set everyone on fire. All that in 10 years.”

    I added the sad asterisk, “And now everything I’ve done the last 10 years….is in Lindsay Lohan’s hands.”

    I should have stuck with just praising Amanda and the others. Yet despite bringing the mood down again, Amanda still didn’t hold her against me. “Maybe I could call her first? I probably can’t see her with you….but I can give her a good pitch before you seal the deal.”

    “No, I don’t want you to….” I paused to make sure I said this right. “Don’t put yourself through that for me. Agreeing to do the shoot is enough. I should make sure there is one myself.”

    “You’re sure?” Amanda double checked. I nodded before I got too touched by her concern. She backed off and decided, “Well, I can still give you those happy memories before battle. That much I can make time for.”

    Amanda used her time well as the evening went on. I put work aside and focused on catching up with her, like I had with Tina. Yet this played out like regular old dinner conversation between old friends – a new twist to this whole series of events. After all the insane setups and antics of the last few weeks, this felt….almost normal.

    I shouldn’t have liked normal after all the hot, less than normal things I’d experienced. Of course, having this with a celebrity like Amanda didn’t feel normal to me. Regardless, it felt…soothing either way. And it had little to do with the wine.

    The wine notwithstanding, we walked out on our own two feet and I still felt clear headed. So I couldn’t use that to explain why I saw a limo pulling up. Amanda said it was hers and she’d take me wherever I wanted to go – which struck me as a better explanation.

    Home was about a half hour away, so I had time to savor being in a limo for the first time. It also helped me savor Amanda sitting next to me, with lights highlighting her flawless face, eyes, lips and hair. “You’re so gorgeous…” I let escape in a whisper – but not a quiet enough one.

    “Thanks,” was all she said, albeit just a little louder than me. Maybe I made her awkward - or maybe I said it with more reverence than the average person. Maybe the wine was talking to her more than me.

    Regardless, when I brought myself to look at her again, we both shared a nervous chuckle. I was surprised she sounded as nervous, but she looked more okay as time went on. Just to be safe, I looked away every few seconds – while I still had the power to – yet that power began to fade fast.

    “Making happy memories. To get you through the hard stuff,” Amanda recapped. That was starting to be an ironic choice of words.

    “If I thought about this, I might tune Lindsay out too much,” I warned.

    “I can see how that’d be weird for her,” Amanda noted.

    I would be paying enough attention to her when/if I got to see her. I had no choice, really. But I had a choice to think about better things now, before I put my future on the line. Compared to those stakes, focusing on Amanda was much better and much less risky.

    I was only emboldened enough to get halfway to kissing her, though. Fortunately, Amanda took it from there.

    She placed her full, pretty lips onto mine, breaking just after I’d closed my eyes and pressed back. She came right back a second later, when we both got into sync. My right hand went onto her cheek like a magnet, giving her face the same feathery touch I gave her lips. Before long, however, both touches got deeper and hotter.

    My left hand didn’t know what to do, or which part of Amanda’s body to touch. It settled for her left leg, allowing me to feel another silky bit of skin. Her tongue joined the club soon after, gliding into my mouth as my hand glided up her leg. Yet just as my right hand got into her even silkier hair, she stopped all of my paths.

    Amanda pulled back and took my hand off her leg – only to put her hands on them. But their real target was the bottom of her dress, as she got it up enough to expose her panties. She sat back down with the bottom of her dress around her waist, and her covered private parts in clear view for me.

    “Okay, then….” I muttered. Putting my hand back on her leg, I slid further up and drifted to her undergarment. I brushed the tip of my forefinger against her, but upped the ante by pressing my whole hand on her. After palming her a few times, Amanda started moaning and arching her hips up.

    “I should get more comfy,” Amanda reasoned. Backing away from me again, this time she went to the right side of the seat and laid her back against the wall. Her legs were open, so I would have to lie on my stomach and put my head between them. In little time, that’s just what I did.

    Amanda looked down and put her hand in my hair while I put my tongue on her panties. I made them wetter in at least two ways, before going over to lick the bare skin on her right thigh. Meanwhile, my left hand finally dipped into her underwear and began playing.

    There was only so much I could do with that setup, so I had to sit up and help Amanda get her panties off. Once they were tossed aside, I laid back down and wasted no time getting to her bare center. I kissed it like I kissed her other lips at first, but this time I used my tongue a lot faster and harder.

    Amanda groaned as I made out with her pussy, with her pushing it against me to sell the effect. In short order, I wrapped my lips around her clit and suckled, bobbing my head up and down to sell another effect. Finally, I put my hands on her hips and thrust my tongue in and out of her, for one last recreation.

    “Yeah, fuck me….” Amanda asked, her sweet voice now tinged with naughtiness. My forefinger joined in as a more effective fucking tool, entering her while my tongue licked the top of her pussy. For Amanda’s part, she thrust her hips back and forced more of my finger in her, beginning to fuck herself on me.

    My tongue stayed on her and she somehow didn’t give me a bump on the head. Speaking of big bumps, my free right hand went onto her dress, right below the bumps on her chest. I didn’t know whether to go higher yet, or how I would do it, but Amanda solved it for me.

    She put my hand on her covered right breast, which was the second best solution she could have used. Nevertheless, feeling ample flesh and smooth fabric all at once wasn’t a bad runner up choice. Combined with my finger digging deeper and my tongue making her wetter all over, it blended in perfectly.

    The position wasn’t the most comfortable, though. To fix that, I needed a sacrifice.

    I licked her up as deep as possible while fucking her and groaping her harder. As Amanda groaned louder – and we forgot if the limo was sound proof or not – I tried to get as much of her taste on my tongue as I could.

    I didn’t bother closing my mouth as I sat up, put my finger back in Amanda and pressed my body against hers. Her back was still on the car wall and I made sure there was no escape. As my thumb rubbed her on top, like my tongue had done, I kissed her and tasted even more of her.

    Amanda tasted herself and my own tongue while I fucked and rubbed her below. My right hand stayed on her clothed tit, but Amanda used her hands to lower her dress straps through it all. She then pulled the front of her dress down and exposed her tits in full.

    They were tits I saw in several freeze frames for Chloe and Lovelace -- yet they could only be fully appreciated in person. A 36C at the least, Amanda’s chest shook as she arched her back and rode my finger. My right hand returned to her now bare right breast, and the difference was undeniable.

    It also helped to have my mouth suckle her nipple and lick her areola as well

    “Oh, fuck yeah, baby,” Amanda cooed, her hips thrusting faster. Between that, my finger, both my thumbs rubbing sensitive areas and my mouth devouring another, she was probably close. As such, I could afford to take my hand off her breast and put it into her hair – fisting some of it as I felt her tightening up.

    “Ooh, so good,” Amanda curiously said, even after I grabbed her hair. I shrugged off any meaning about that, focusing on making her cum. My finger pumped into her even faster and I nibbled her nipple for extra help. Once my hand ran through enough of her hair, it went back on her cheek and glided its thumb past her lips.

    This helped Amanda startle me by taking my thumb into her mouth. I wasn’t necessarily going for that – but as I looked up and saw her suckle me, her eyes giving a sultry half-lidded gaze down at me, I let it slide. And let my finger fuck her harder as a thank you.

    Amanda hummed around my thumb before letting it out, now free to scream, “Fuck, make me cum all over….fuck, I’m cumming all over!”

    With that, I gave her breast a last big suckle, helping to make her prediction come true. I felt her cumming on my finger and hand, but I chose to look at Amanda’s orgasmic face instead. It quivered and turned red as she closed her eyes and parted her moaning lips. Yet she was able to look at me as she came down.

    Amanda let out more big groans as her orgasm subsided, her eyes opened wider and her lips started to close. She was somewhat composed while I took my hand off her groin and brought it to my mouth. When I finished licking it up, she went over to kiss me and taste herself again.

    We merely kept pecking as Amanda closed her legs and put her feet back on the floor. I was too distracted to see her right hand heading for my pocket, until it tried to get in. I broke off and helped make it easier – then she thanked me by reaching over to touch my cock.

    Her left hand grabbed the visible bulge in my pants and pushed it over to my pocket. There, her right thumb brushed itself over my cock head, despite the barriers between them. As for Amanda’s still visible left hand, it made its way to my zipper.

    “After all that and this….I am not gonna last….” I warned. I feared I’d deterred her too much when she took her hands away. Instead, she left the seat and sat on her knees in front of me, before her hands went back to my zipper.

    When she got it down, she went for my belt and quickly lowered my pants down. Even then, I couldn’t stop myself from warning, “Seriously….you don’t have to do much….”

    “Then I should use the good stuff while I can,” Amanda reasoned. That certainly described putting her tits on my shaft.

    She fucked my cock with her chest, not even bending down to lick my exposed head. Somehow I kept from cumming, not even taking the risk of fucking her back. Still, I had to give a few thrusts between those ample beauties – but five was my limit.

    Amanda was almost psychic in taking her tits off then, if not disappointing. But when she opened her mouth and bent her head down, she was on her way to making up for it. Or she would if she put herself on my cock at all.

    All she did was go down on me without putting her lips or tongue on me. With her mouth wide open, Amanda merely breathed on me before coming off, then did it two more times. The effect was torturous, until she came down and put her lips halfway down my shaft. Yet it came back when she didn’t suckle me.

    Amanda merely slid her lips up my cock without licking or sucking me. She didn’t even put her hand on me, leaving me in complete limbo. Finally, her lips went onto my head and her tongue barely poked out, slowly teasing my slit as she kissed me and hummed, her eyes giving me a sweet glare up this time.

    At this point, the slightest teasing and seductive look would get me close. But Amanda still drew it out by softly kissing and licking my head, with no other part getting attention. She then opened her mouth over me again and put her tongue on my tip – right as her hand cupped my balls.

    Finally having hand contact down there – especially down there – was nearly enough. Amanda jiggling my balls, saying “I wanna see that cum come out,” then licking up my shaft and getting in two precious suckles – well, that crossed the nearly out.

    Amanda opened her mouth again right as I came, shooting onto her lips before spewing onto her tongue. She didn’t close her mouth over me or grab my shaft, so only most of the rest landed in her mouth. The rest slid down her lips and onto her chin, but she wiped it off as she swallowed the rest down.

    After she finished, I struggled to get my head on straight. While getting me off that way had it’s….perks, I wondered why she went that way. Was she getting fancy because that was the end of this?

    Since we were probably almost home, would she just drop me off and leave now? Even if I could get another load together, did it matter?

    “You said you were going soon,” Amanda interrupted. “So I figured I shouldn’t use all my tricks. Save them for later.”

    With that, at least most of my important questions were answered. It held me over as Amanda fixed her dress and covered herself up again. I bothered to do the same right as the limo stopped.

    We were home, but I couldn’t bring myself to get out yet. On the other hand, Amanda stepped out and seemed to be going over to the driver – who’d either been shielded from this or been one stealthy pervert. Either way, Amanda soon came back and got me to leave the limo -- which drove away on cue after I shut the door.

    “He’ll be back in time to get me to the set,” Amanda assured. “But until he gets back…”

    She gestured to my home and made my throat close up for a brief second. Despite the various hotels, apartments and bedrooms I’d been in during these….events, I’d never done any of it in my own home. Or brought a famous person into my own home.

    It was intimidating – but I remembered she probably wouldn’t have much time for a grand tour. Not for more than one room.

    With a few nerves still inside me, I still led Amanda to my front door. When we got past it, I gave her time to look around, then put a tentative hand on her shoulder. I didn’t know if she wanted to get right to it, sit on the couch and talk, sit on the couch and do it, or some other combination. I hoped her reaction would give me a clue.

    She turned around, smiled and gave me a small but steamy little kiss. The mystery seemed solved by then.

    With that clarity, I took her hand and led her to my staircase. If I didn’t, I’d have probably taken her on the living room floor, even with my cock still in recovery. For this, I wanted a bed – my bed.

    Once we entered my bedroom, I got to work unzipping and unbuckling my pants, instead of letting Amanda do it again. She was busy getting her dress off again, leaving her in nothing but her panties by the time I got my pants and underwear off. I knew I didn’t look like I had much to offer right now, yet she had to know better.

    Amanda came up and stopped me from unbuttoning my shirt. Instead, she backed me up to the bed and I had no choice but to lay on my back. She joined me and settled on top of me, kissing my neck as she unbuttoned me myself.

    My flaccid cock was pressed against the soft skin of her stomach, so that helped it along. When she undid the last button, pulled both sides apart and laid the soft skin of her chest against mine, it helped more considerably. Yet Amanda still topped herself by kissing down to my chest and tonguing my nipples, like I tongued hers in the limo.

    She didn’t have as much mass to kiss and play with as I did, but she made do. It made me both raging and relaxed all at once, if that was possible. I watched and admired how serene her face was as she lavished my breasts and pecs. It made me serene enough to put my hand in her hair and softly stroke the back of her neck.

    Feeling two wonderfully soft textures in my hand, combined with the soft touch of Amanda’s lips and tongue, put me on cloud nine. I knew I had to stop her soon so I could pay her back, but I just had to enjoy it a while longer.

    When she looked up at me and glided her face, lips and tongue down toward my bellybutton, I figured I had to get moving. To that end, I took her face and helped it go right back up towards mine.

    After a few moments of kissing and licking, I rolled Amanda onto her back. I got my shirt completely off before settling on top of her, enjoying our completely nude bodies being pressed together. My lips went down to her neck, nuzzling it while quietly enjoying the honeydew scent from her hair.

    I had to go down to enjoy her breasts some more, though. This time I went back and forth between both boobs, while my hands rubbed everything they could get a hold of. They eventually pushed her tits up as I stuck my tongue out to rub and tease her nipples. When I pushed her breasts together, my tongue licked between them until my lips joined right back in.

    Amanda moaned quietly, as I felt her hands drifting towards my ass. She would probably go further in a minute, and my cock was already at half mast in anticipation. I didn’t want it to be too ready too soon, so I let go of her tits and kissed down her stomach, like she did with me.

    I enjoyed tasting and licking more of Amanda, teasing her and trying to give her the same sultry looks. I probably didn’t have her talent and resources, though. Therefore, I just settled for reaching her bellybutton – then backed up and had her roll onto her stomach before I reached her pussy.

    Although her lovely tits and face were now buried into the sheets and pillow, her bare back, the back of her bare legs and her round bare ass were on full display. They would do as viable substitutes, especially when my hands rubbed her back and slid down to her ass and legs.

    Amanda groaned into the pillow while my fingertips traced the top of her legs. They lightly brushed her full cheeks before my hands fully palmed both of them. I bent down and said, “On your knees,” then backed up as Amanda followed instructions and got on all fours.

    She looked back at me, clearly puzzled and aroused. I looked away from her face, to the nearly equally stunning sight of her heart shaped ass and pussy bent in front of me. My tongue stuck out to reach her lower lips, while my hands locked onto her ass before pushing it directly into my face.

    Now my lips and teeth went to work on her, making her wetter with her juices and mine. “Nice and wet,” I muttered and hummed into her, making her moan and arch herself against me.

    “Keep going,” Amanda called out, which didn’t sound like a bad idea. But there were still better ones.

    “I’d like to. Something else I’d like more, though,” I confessed, driving it home by inserting a finger into her. “Only with bigger tools.”

    “Ooh, let’s go with that, then,” Amanda admitted. First I slid my tongue up and down and side to side, squeezing her ass harder in the process. Once I had my fill and she felt wet enough – to go along with me feeling hard enough – I was set.

    I got up off the bed and stood in front of it, telling her, “Back up, please.” Amanda turned her head back, watching herself and me as she crawled backwards, until her ass touched my groin.

    I put just enough space between us for my erect cock to push against her. When she looked set, I pushed it in.

    While it was old hat to be inside a celebrity – at least from one specific movie – this one was a start I wanted to savor. The novelty of doggy style wasn’t bad either.

    I pushed the first few inches in and fucked her slowly, adjusting to her warmth and this moment in general. Yet Amanda pushed her ass back and took my next few inches in, giving me a clear signal.

    I took it to heart, placing my hands on her hips and thrusting into her faster. I didn’t put my last few inches in quite yet, although the speed hopefully made her less impatient. I took in the sight of her taking me in, her side boob swaying in my eye sight, and her hair cascading down her shoulders and the side of her face. That was quite enough to make me go the rest of the way.

    Once our groins collided, I pumped my hips faster and harder in one big burst. Amanda threw her head back and cried out, taken aback by the surprise if nothing else. But I surprised her again by suddenly slowing down, going back to a steady motion before I lost total control.

    “Are you teasing me?” Amanda caught her breath to ask.

    “I wouldn’t dream of it,” I replied. “I’ve got too much to get to. In such a short time.”

    “Like what?” Amanda asked curiously, and teasingly.

    After thinking about it and reassessing my will power, I pulled out of her. Before I changed my mind, I climbed back into my bed and sat against the wall, patting my lap as Amanda turned around. She crawled over to me, wondering what I wanted her to do, so I settled it and told her, “Turn around and sit down.”

    Getting the idea, Amanda turned and leaned against me. I maneuvered us so that she was sitting on my lap, lined up with my cock, while her back rested against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her waist as I slipped between her lips, causing Amanda to lay her head on my shoulder.

    “There….now I can feel everything,” I told her. As I started pumping again, my right hand went down to her pussy as my left rose to her breasts. “Feel the inside and outside of that pussy….” I punctuated by rubbing her as I fucked faster. “Those glorious bouncing tits….” I said before bouncing one of them in my hand.

    As Amanda moaned and lifted her head up, it was the perfect opening to put my face into her hair. “That golden hair….” I muttered as I shook my face in it, then moved over to her neck. “This smooth neck,” I demonstrated by licking, kissing and suckling it. Finally I went up to, “Those soft, juicy lips….the ones on your face, I mean,” before covering them.

    When we broke, Amanda put her forehead against mine, her entire face flooding my sight. “And those ungodly gorgeous eyes….”

    “Yeah, but you can’t touch those,” Amanda reminded. “I can’t finish this blind.” Since I was still fucking her, I could only chuckle – making me both laugh and moan at once. A weird but pleasurable combination in many ways.

    “You really put some thought into this,” she kept noticing. “You wanted this a while, didn’t you? Even back then,” she asked as she rode me harder.

    “Of course I did,” I couldn’t help but admit.

    “Now I wish you’d told me then,” Amanda admitted, stunning me a bit. But not enough to make me ignorant of her hand going to my balls. “I could have needed this back then. All that cum churning just for me,” she reflected as she jiggled my sack.

    “Uh huh,” I gaped out.

    “Yeah….I felt how hot, warm and yummy it was in the limo. Probably couldn’t have gone 10 years without it,” she kept admitting. “It’s been half an hour, and I want more now. This time I want all that cum inside me.”

    “I did put it….” I started before Amanda really slammed her ass down on me.

    “I want you to shoot it all in there,” she confessed, her wall squeezing my cock to get the point across. “You love all those parts of me? Show it by cumming in one part….I wanna feel it inside, how hot I make you….”

    “But inside there….are you….” I tried to ask.

    “My guy can get my pills before he gets me. I’ll be fine….” Amanda promised. “You won’t be fine till you give me all that cum…..I want you to be fine so bad….”

    Amanda rode me hard enough that I had to scoot ahead, so I could lay on my back to relax. This officially put her in a reverse cowgirl position, which she used to her advantage. She turned her head and let me see how hot she was, so I helped by putting my hands back on her breast and pussy. Since I could also see her ass jiggle on top of me, I was pretty set.

    I looked back and forth between her face and ass, while going back and forth between squeezing her chest and rubbing her pussy. When I tried to do it all at once, Amanda yelled and fucked herself close to the finish. “Yeah, you gonna make me cover you with cum first?”

    “Yeah….” I grunted out.

    “Come on, let’s cover each other,” Amanda panted. “Like we should have done then. Cover us now!”

    With a hard grunt, I squeezed her right tit and rubbed her pussy furiously, while Amanda rubbed my balls with the same commitment. I squeezed and fucked her harder, of course, especially as her ass jiggled from my thrusts.

    I imagined I’d be out of breath in a second, so I really had to hurry. But finally, Amanda’s squeals reached a particularly high pitch, which made me lose the rest of my self-control. I didn’t know if that meant she was cumming right away, or know which one of us came first – yet I lost track when I started cumming into her.

    My hips froze up as I shot, although Amanda kept gyrating hers. As our orgasms washed over us, she did lose her balance and fall onto me, resting on my chest while she panted. When it felt like we’d both stopped cumming, I came out of her and she rolled off me soon after.

    Amanda got some strength back to turn around and face me, only to rest on me once again. This time she was at my side, with her head on my chest and her body against my side. Otherwise, she kept breathing on me without a word, and I had none to offer myself.

    All I could do was bask in the sensation and stay in the deep fog it created. Closing my eyes helped – perhaps too well as I felt myself drifting off.

    When I came to, I briefly feared she was already gone. Then it registered that there was something lying against me. Someone, really.

    Despite all my recent hookups, I’d never actually slept with any of them, in the most literal terms. Tina was the only one I really shared a bed with afterwards. But apparently, I had been sleeping beside Amanda for hours, and she was sleeping right back. In fact, she was practically cuddling with me.

    I looked at her sleeping on my shoulder, with her hands on my chest. Feeling a flood of warmth and comfort, I closed my eyes and draped my left arm around her. I wasn’t the biggest cuddler in the world, yet this was a special occasion.

    My hand drifted down and over the curve of Amanda’s waist, while I savored her bare skin lying against mine. My face dropped down to the top of her head, feeling immediately comfortable. Almost unconsciously, my hand went to the top of her legs, nearly coming between them.

    Before I went further, I sat up and put my right arm around her, somehow not waking her up. I softly rubbed her bare back as my left hand settled back between her legs.

    This would probably wake her up eventually, and I didn’t know if she’d even like that, but I felt a real need to get this in while I could. I wasn’t aiming to wake her up for one more full round – I just needed to take this in.

    I kept my eyes closed, soothed by the softness of her back on my hand, the warmth of her front on my chest, the silk of her hair on my face, and the sheer heat of her on my other hand. My finger gently stroked her lower lips, not bothering or risking to press any deeper. It soon went up and down her faster, but without hurry.

    I stopped when I heard Amanda moan quietly – either due to me or her dreams. I didn’t dare wake up and see if she was up, just in case. Plus I still wanted some kind of plausible deniability as a backup. Yet I then felt her hand rubbing my chest and nipple – and the way she tweaked it was too detailed for a sleepwalker.

    However, I still kept my eyes closed, not wanting to break the sleepy, sensual mood. On that note, I resumed rubbing between her legs, doing it harder now that I’d woken her. For Amanda’s part, her hand kept rubbing me and going down my body.

    I kissed the top of her head before her thumb joined in on her pussy. In return, I felt her moan on my collarbone and felt her hand going down to my pubic hair. But Amanda didn’t go for my cock or balls, as she settled for resting her fingers beside them.

    I tightened my grip around her and let more fingers rub her center. Her response was to move over and rest her hand on my balls, gently running one finger at a time over them. Finally, she went over and grabbed my cock, then guided it so that my head rubbed the entrance of her pussy – but she wouldn’t let it get in.

    We both moaned a sleepy, erotic moan, as my head and Amanda’s pussy leaked small juices on each other. Amanda took my cock away and jacked it off, then went over and fingered herself, her pussy fresh with her own juices and some of my pre cum. I wanted to get back in the mix – yet Amanda stopped me by rolling on top of me.

    This finally made me open my eyes, to the sight of Amanda’s own stunning open ones. She gave me a brief kiss, only to slide down my body. She briefly kissed down my chest along the way, until she had her head over my erection.

    “I told you I wanted to save some tricks,” Amanda reminded me. With that, she went to work using them.

    Her lips slid nearly all the way down my shaft, while her tongue licked me and coated me with saliva. She rose up to suckle and coat my head, leaving her hand to stroke the rest of me. Eventually, she settled on simply bobbing on me, slowly and almost sweetly.

    I could only watch as Amanda treated my cock in loving fashion. Yet I did compose myself enough to put a hand on her shoulder and another on her cheek. She kept licking, teasing and swallowing me down as I reveled in her gorgeous face being filled with my cock.

    And now it was humming on me to up the ante. Not just for show, either. Once I noticed her other hand was out of view, I realized what it was doing.

    Amanda was stroking herself towards climax while sucking me off towards one. She pumped me and herself harder while her mouth devoured my head, but she came off shortly after. At that point, she used her free hand to press my cock against my stomach, so she could lick down from my head to my sack.

    I gritted my teeth as Amanda’s tongue danced on my balls, all while her hand was stroking my cock. I could even see her ass bucking against her fingers, right as her mouth closed on one ball. She hummed on it, licked on it and sucked it down, then did the same to the other and then both at once, as her hands kept pleasuring both of us.

    I could barely help thrusting my balls deeper into her mouth. Amanda merely swallowed deeper until she popped off, yet my cock kept fucking her hand. She moaned from fucking herself harder, but recovered to place her open mouth over me.

    “Fuck me,” she told me. “One more batch of cum for the road.”

    Before I could follow her wishes, she batted her tongue on my head and slit before licking down. She licked back up before putting her lips onto me, sucking torturously slow until I thrust up. This made her try to suckle me harder, although I fucked her mouth just enough to make it harder for her.

    Regardless, she could still cup my balls and herself at the same time. And she did it well enough to bring us both closer. Amanda helped by tickling my sack with her thumb, as I got deeper and deeper down her throat.

    By the time I got completely deep, Amanda was getting close and had to come off. She breathed heavily and right over my head, which actually made me hotter. Her mouth opened an inch away from my cock, as her face struggled to compose herself.

    From the sight of her, the pitch of her voice and the movement of her body, she was just about there. When she got there, she cried and groaned right over my head, which practically twitched over the whole package. I tried not to cum on her orgasmic face, or at least hold off until she was done, but it was a struggle.

    Somehow I made it, even as Amanda’s moans got quieter and she looked at peace. Once she noticed me again, she caught her breath as the afterglow flushed her face. When she got it back, she slid her lips halfway down my shaft and moaned peacefully.

    Between that, the serenity on her face and a last swipe of her tongue, I was a goner.

    Unlike in the limo, Amanda got every drop of cum into her mouth. Then again, since my head was thrown back, I couldn’t see the proof. I felt it enough, though.

    Soon enough, I felt Amanda crawl back up to face me. I then felt her kissing me, although she was courteous not to open her mouth after….what she had in it. Without another word, I felt us both drifting back to sleep, our arms settling on whatever body part of the other we could reach.

    We only got an extra hour of sleep, since Amanda had to get her limo back here – and tell her driver how to find her morning after pills. In the meantime, we got dressed and went downstairs to wait, in a silence that should have been uncomfortable.

    But it wasn’t because this wasn’t goodbye – even if it was goodbye in the bedroom. We’d see each other again at the shoot. And more than ever, I was confident there would be one, regardless of the last obstacle left.

    Amanda indeed gave me the happy memories I needed, to carry into the final task. Once her ride arrived and we said our goodbyes, I got myself ready to meet that task head on.

    It was just about time to finally face Lindsay Lohan again.

    Whether she remembered how our last meeting went or not….well, I still didn’t know if that would help or hurt me.

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    Thanks. You can still afford to care about Rachel, since the outcry here inspired me to put her in the final chapter. But the next one is all Lindsay, for better or worse.

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    I say it will be for the better to get Lindsay in! She's still got it in my eyes but this is all about Amanda and you did a tremendous job with her. It's great to see this whole series moving forward and bringing the spotlight to underrated women like Lizzy, Lacey, Tina and now Amanda. Can't wait for more!

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    Thanks. Hopefully you still feel that way once Lindsay gets in.

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