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Thread: "The Casting Process 2" with Jennifer Love Hewitt

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    fanfiction "The Casting Process 2" with Jennifer Love Hewitt

    The Casting Process 2
    Written by MacedMan
    With Jennifer Love Hewitt
    (MF, BJ, HJ, Titfuck, Big Tits, Anal)

    DISCLAIMER: None of this is real and everyone involved is over 21 years of age, if you are easily offended to not read this story.

    This seemed like the most critical point of my career up until that point, I had just spent the whole day trying to choose between two incredibly sexy women for a role in a film that in the end I didn't care about. Both Jennifer Aniston and Katherine Heigl had let me fuck them under the pretense that afterwards I would cast them, so I was unsure of what it was exactly I should do at that point.

    A quick search on Box Office Mojo was what eventually made me come to my final decision, I knew that Jennifer Aniston was in more financially successful films, but I also knew that Katherine Heigl was a lot cheaper, in the end I decided to go with the person that would make me the most money, but before I could write the name down my office phone received a phonecall.

    'Who's this?' I picked up, glancing at my watch to check the time.

    'It's Barry, have you decided yet?' my business partner asked.

    'I think so, but why are you calling so late?' I questioned.

    'Don't write any names down, we have one more woman auditioning,' he said quickly.

    'What the fuck? Who? We don't have time, this has to be fully casted by tomorrow,' I said.

    'Jennifer Love Hewitt, her people say she can come tonight,' he said.

    'Jennifer Love... What? Now?'

    'Yes, so you'd better get over to the audition room, she left like twenty minutes ago,' Barry said hanging up the phone.

    'Fuck!' I said to myself, adjusting my hair in the mirror before walking out the door.

    I ran as fast as I could, not wanting to make Jennifer wait any longer than she had to, I didn't know where she was coming from, but I figured it was either the Milton or her house, neither of which were far away. I breathed a sigh of relief once I arrived at the audition room and realised she hadn't in fact arrived yet.

    'Hello,' a familiar voice from behind me called out as I unlocked the door, causing me to jump and drop the keys.

    'Who's there?' I asked, turning around quickly to see Jennifer Love Hewitt dressed in one of the tightest dresses I had ever seen in my entire life.

    'Jennifer, my agent called,' she said, putting her hand out to shake mine.

    'I'm sorry,' I said as I shook her hand. 'You startled me.'

    'My bad,' she said as our hands separated.

    'No it's not your fault, I'm a bit of a pussy,' I said as I crouched down, coincidentally finding myself at eye level with her pussy as I picked up the keys.

    'Don't worry I'm not gonna hurt you,' Jennifer smiled as I stood back up and jammed the key in the door.

    'This is it,' I said after opening the door. 'Do you need a copy of the script? We can get started as soon as you want to.'

    'I brought a copy, but I actually wanted to ask you a few questions first,' Jennifer said as we walked inside.

    'Sure,' I said hesitantly. 'Fire away, bear in mind I didn't write the script.'

    'I noticed in the script there are a couple of sex scenes,' Jennifer said as I sat down in my chair, causing her to lean on the table, showing off an ample amount of cleavage to me.

    'Don't worry,' I said, tearing my eyes away from her magnificent tits. 'We're shooting for a PG-13, you won't have to break your no nude clause.'

    'That's actually what I wanted to talk to you about,' Jennifer said, I was unable to keep myself from peeking back down at her cleavage.

    'I can't cut the sex scenes,' I said. 'The director would have my head.'

    'I don't want you to cut them, I want them to be longer,' Jennifer said, causing me to look up into her eyes.

    'What do you mean?'

    'Between you and me, my TV show is done so I think that this might be an opportunity to change the game for me in the film industry so if showing my breasts is going to do that, then I think it's worth it,' Jennifer said.

    'You would be willing to show your breasts for this?' I asked.

    'A movie with my tits in them is bound to sell more tickets than a movie without them right?' Jennifer said, gesturing down to her aforementioned tits.

    'Even if it's got an R rating...' I said.

    'Exactly,' Jennifer said, a smile coming across her face. 'So that's what I'm offering.'

    'And you'll take your usual rate?' I asked.

    'I'm looking at this as an investment,' Jennifer said.

    'And you'll be willing to show your butt too?' I asked.

    'Of course, what would be the point without it?' Jennifer questioned.

    'I'm sure millions of teenage boys wouldn't mind just seeing your breasts... Hell I'm sure millions of grown men wouldn't mind seeing your breasts, considering just how elusive they've become.'

    'They are pretty nice aren't they?' Jennifer said, running her hands along them, stopping for a second to lightly squeeze them as she shot me a mischievous grin.

    I was almost completely speechless. 'That they are,' I managed as she ran her hands down to her ass and gave it a little squeeze as well.

    'What about your-'

    'No.' Jennifer said, stopping her little show and leaving me to attempt to wipe the drool coming from my mouth.

    'That's fair enough,' I said as I felt a stir in my pants, her previous display had clearly left an impression on my penis.

    'So do we have a deal?' Jennifer asked, realizing I was putty in her hands by this point.

    Suddenly though, I had a crazy idea. 'We have a deal if I can see them first.'

    'Excuse me?' Jennifer asked, staring at me like I was crazy.

    'You heard me,' my cock was getting harder and harder at the sheer thought of seeing those puppies fully unwrapped before me.

    'What the fuck kind of request is that?' Jennifer asked, she was seriously pissed, if I didn't play this right I would have a lawsuit on my hands.

    'Imagine if we make this deal, and then it turns out they are somehow the worst most disgusting tits of all time or they're fake or something? The movie wouldn't even make budget,' I said, attempting to justify myself.

    'I guess...' Jennifer said, her expression softening.

    'I mean, you're going to show the world if you sign on anyway? Why not show me?' I said, hoping against all hope that the sentiment landed.

    'That's a good point,' she said, looking at me and then down at her most valuable assets. 'Okay, but just a quick peek.'

    My heart skipped a beat, I was going to be one of the first people in the world to see Jennifer Love Hewitt's elusive tits. 'Whenever you're ready.'

    She turned around and unzipped her dress, poking her fantastic ass out towards my face as she zipped down past her bra strap until it stopped right above her ass. She let the dress fall to her sides as her hands moved up to her bra strap, slowly unclasping it as my erection grew stronger. After what seemed like forever, the bra strap came undone and she pulled it off, giving me the smallest hint of side boob as she let the bra drop to the floor.

    'Are you ready to see them?' Jennifer asked, smiling at me while still facing her boobs away.

    'Oh god fucking yes!' I exclaimed, unable to contain my excitement.

    Jennifer cupped her tits in her hands and turned towards me, both of her nipples still covered by her hands. 'I'm starting to wonder if it's really worth showing you these,' Jennifer said as she lightly jiggled them.

    'Don't fuck with me,' I said, my cock pressing hard against my pants.

    'Say the magic word,' Jennifer teased as she squeezed her seemingly perfect breasts.

    'Please! Show me your tits please!' I begged.

    'The magic word is pay rise,' Jennifer winked.

    'No way, you said you would do it at your normal rate,' I said in spite of myself.

    'Oh! Oh okay, I guess you don't want to see these...' Jennifer said, holding a poker face.

    'Fine! Fuck it one and a half times your regular pay!' I shouted.

    'That's what I liked to hear.' With that, Jennifer lowered her hands, revealing her humongous tits in all their glory.

    I took it all in, making sure to stare at every inch of her amazing funbags. 'These really are fucking spectacular,' I said, leaning in my chair closer to investigate.

    'Why don't you get up and stand up close so you can really get a good look... This is a once in a lifetime opportunity after all,' Jennifer said, smiling as she gestured with her finger for me to stand up.

    'I would but... Well I have a little problem,' I said, pointing down at my now aching cock.

    'It's okay, I don't mind, honestly I'd be a little offended if you didn't have a "little problem" down there,' Jennifer said, attempting to hold in her laughter.

    'Okay,' I said standing up. 'If you don't mind.'

    Jennifer's eyes watched my bulge without blinking as it made it's way around the desk to her location. 'You weren't kidding!' Jennifer exclaimed. 'Although I wouldn't say that's a little problem at all, I'd say that's a big, big problem!'

    'Thank you,' I said as I closely investigated her tits.

    'You can jack it if you want,' Jennifer said, her eyes staying fixated on my bulge.

    'Excuse me?' I looked up in shock.

    'Well, it's only fair you show me yours don't you think?' Jennifer said, looking into my eyes.

    'You're right!' I said, quickly unbuckling my belt and unzipping my pants, hell bent on taking out my cock before she was able to come to her senses and tell me to put it away.

    'Yup, that's a fucking huge problem,' Jennifer said, bending down to closer investigate my cock, giving me a birds eye view of her breasts.

    'You have the power to solve that problem,' I said, mentally crossing my fingers.

    'Why would I want to solve this particular problem?' Jennifer asked as she softly blew on my cock, causing splash of pre-cum to ooze out.

    'Problems gotta be solved,' I said as she stood back up, much to the dismay of my dick.

    'I'm sure you can solve it,' she said as she looked into my eyes, a broad smile on her face, clearly satisfied with her tease.

    Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, I slowly wrapped my hand around my cock and began jacking it. In an attempt to speed up the process she rubbed her breasts, sometimes even squeezing her nipples, trying her best to get me to shoot all over her dress.

    'Now that I think about,' I started, an idea forming in my head. 'I think I need to feel them.'

    'Oh?' Jennifer asked, her arms crossing over her tits. 'And why's that?'

    'Well I'm honestly not convinced they're even real, and if I'm not sure... Well you know how people on the internet can be,' I said, lying through my teeth.

    'Of course,' she said, playing along. 'And the only way to know for sure is if you get a feel for your self, I understand that, go right ahead.'

    She sounded sarcastic, but I sure as fuck didn't care, without any hesitation I took my hand off my cock and placed both of them on her insane tits, lightly squeezing them as I did so. She moaned slightly as I went to work, squeezing her nipples, the precum from my dick now being wiped on to her breasts.

    'Honestly,' Jennifer said. 'I feel a little bit left out.'

    'That's an easy fix,' I said grabbing her left hand and dragging it over to my cock. 'Now you have something to play with.'

    'Such a gentleman,' she said as she tugged my cock.

    'I aim to please,' I said as I resumed my duties rubbing down her tits.

    'And that you do,' she said, her eyes closing as she brought her other hand into the mix.

    'Do you mind if I put these tits to the test?' I asked as I roughly squeezed them.

    'They can handle anything,' she said as she jerked my cock.

    'Perfect,' I said as I pushed both her tits together and shoved my face in between them, quickly shaking my head.

    'How're they doing?' Jennifer asked, now kneading the tip of my cock.

    'Passing with flying colours,' I said said with a face full of tit, sticking my tongue out as I continued to motorboat her famously large boobs.

    'Glad to hear that, your monster cock is doing fucking great in it's own right,' Jennifer said, jacking my cock furiously, bringing me closer to climaxing.

    'Mmm, fuck your tits are amazing,' I said as I kissed all over them, squeezing the side of them as I did so.

    'Thank you, you believe they're real yet?' She asked as I continued to kiss up to her neck.

    'They aren't the only thing that's real,' I said as I kissed up to her cheek.

    'What do you mean?' Jennifer asked, her hands stopping still on my cock. 'What is this?'

    'You want this, this isn't for a role, you aren't that big of a whore are you?' I asked, trying to kiss her lips as she moved away.

    'You have the wrong idea, this is all for the role, you don't honestly believe I want to fuck you right? I have a boyfriend,' Jennifer said, now taking her hand off my cock completely.

    'You expect me to believe this is all an act?' I asked. 'You think your boyfriend would be okay with this?'

    'Fine!' Jennifer exclaimed, moving backwards causing her tits to fall out of my hands. 'Fuck it, I want to fuck you, I want that cock in my cunt, in my mouth, between my tits and even in my asshole, but admitting that to you causes me to lose all my leverage!'

    I grabbed the piece of paper off the table and a pen. 'You've got the part, sign this and let fuck!'

    'Seriously?' Jennifer asked. 'At double my rate?'

    'Yes, yes fuck it! Just sign!' She walked over to the table and quickly signed her name on the dotted line, immediately taking away the job that Aniston and Heigl had worked so hard for.

    'Done!' Jennifer said before being pulled into a passionate kiss by me.

    Jennifer moaned as she wrapped her arms around my back, grabbing the back of my head as we sucked face. I couldn't help but think about how far I had come in just twenty-four hours, when I had woken up I was upset about the job I had, thought I was getting nothing from it and now here I was making out with Jennifer Love Hewitt on my desk, my bare cock pressed against her crotch and her bare tits pressed against my chest.

    'And he's a good kisser too,' Jennifer said as we separated, saliva running between our lips.

    'I can't wait to feel that mouth wrapped against my cock,' I said before kissing her again.

    'Well I'm sorry to disappoint you,' Jennifer said, pushing me off her and standing up straight.

    'What?' I asked, confused.

    'This was all an act, I got the part and now I'm getting the fuck out of here,' Jennifer said, placing a hand on the contract behind her.

    'You've got to be fucking kidding me,' I said, tears all but forming in my eyes, unable to accept what was happening.

    'Of course I am!' Jennifer said, getting to her knees and taking my cock in her eyes, licking her lips as she smiled up at me.

    'Jesus! You had me going there,' I said, looking down at her as she smiled and rubbed my cock.

    'What can I say I'm a good actress,' Jennifer said, rubbing her thumb against the tip of my dick.

    'Okay, now act like someone who's sucking a cock,' I said placing both hands on the back of her head.

    Without any hesitation Jennifer took my cock in her mouth, fitting the head of it in and sucking as she continued to jack it. 'Oh fuck,' I said. 'That's incredible.'

    She took more of my cock in, interchanging between sucking and blowing as she went, managing to get so far down my cock she could no longer fit both hands on it. She took this opportunity to run her fingers along my ball sack, this almost caused me to cum right then and there. I didn't though, instead I gripped the back of her head tighter and pushed it harder onto my cock.

    Her eyes momentarily flashed up at me, as if daring me to take her any further, she wanted to prove to me that she could take the entirety of my "monster cock" in her mouth and I wasn't about to take the opportunity away from her. True to the promise her eyes gave, after a little bit of pushing she was deep throating my cock, the tip of it hitting the back of her mouth.

    Shockingly, she didn't seem to have any gag reflex, this gave me an idea. Slowly, I pulled my cock out of her mouth, until the tip of my dick was just touching her lips. 'Fuck my mouth with that cock of yours, skull-fuck the shit out of me,' she pleaded, her tongue and lips scraping my cock as she did so.

    'Be careful what you wish for,' I said as I grabbed the sides of her head and shoved my cock so hard into her mouth that the back of her head hit the desk.

    She moaned, whether in pain or in pleasure it didn't matter, I simply continued to rail into her, happily fucking her mouth. Saliva uncontrollably shot from her mouth as my cock went in and out of it, keeping my cock well lubricated as it slammed the back of her throat. Almost instantly though, I came hard in her mouth, cum shooting out of my cock directly into her stomach.

    'Fuck!' I moaned as I pulled my cock out of her mouth.

    Jennifer swallowed. 'Already?'

    'Gimme a second,' I said as I fell down, sitting my self beside her.

    'Take all the time you need baby, we got all night,' Jennifer said as I rested my head on her heaving chest.

    'Your tits are so comfortable,' I said, cupping a breast with one hand and feeling her pussy with the other.

    'I've been told that before,' Jennifer said as she kissed my forehead.

    'Tasty too,' I said, kissing and suckling her nipple as I rubbed down her cooch.

    'You're getting me all worked up,' Jennifer said, bringing a hand down to meet mine as we massaged her crotch together.

    'Mmm,' I simply stated as I continued to suckle her tit, keep a firm grip on it as I did so.

    'I'm all wet now,' she said as our hands dragged her dress down further, revealing a soaking wet pair of panties.

    'Perfect,' I said as our hands journeyed beneath her panties, our fingers setting up shop in her damp and clean shaven cunt.

    'Oh yeah!' Jennifer moaned as we finger fucked her with four fingers. 'I need your cock baby!'

    'Give it a bit more time,' I said before kissing her on the lips, my left and right hands busy gripping her tits and penetrating her pussy respectively.

    Jennifer's free hand found it's way to my half hard cock, gripping it tightly in an attempt to get me hard. Her attempts proved fruitful because after not long my flaccid cock had become hard as a rock ready to enter into her currently occupied pussy.

    'I need your cock in me now!' Jennifer moaned, tipping to her side and throwing a leg over mine so that she was straddling me.

    'The tables have turned,' I noted as I pulled a hand out of her snatch and placed it on her thigh.

    'Don't worry boy you still have the power,' Jennifer said her dripping cunt inching down my stomach closer to my cock.

    'Just keep these in view and you can do whatever you want to me,' I said pressing my face against her incredible breasts as her ass crack grazed my dick.

    'Well let's start by giving you a ride,' Jennifer said as she raised her pussy above my cock and pressed down on it, pushing my cock slowly up inside of her.

    She placed her hands on my shoulders as her pussy lips wrapped around the base of my cock, softly moaning as it finally was completely inside her. She gripped harder and slowly pulled up after taking a moment to passionately kiss me on the lips. I was shocked to find that her pussy was incredibly tight for a thirty-four year old woman, especially in comparison to the relatively loose Katherine Heigl who was only one year her senior.

    Her tits grazed my chest and as she slowly slid up and down on my cock, for the first time in a while though I was one-hundred percent focused on them. Our lips were locked and my hands were busy gripping her smooth ass cheeks. While Aniston and Heigl were the perfect woman once combined, Jennifer Love Hewitt was the perfect woman all in one sex crazy package.

    Our lips separated and she smiled at me, saliva dripping from her lips, in any other situation this would be off putting but instead it made me want her all the more. I gripped her ass tight and bucked my hips upwards, and pressed her tits against my face once more as our genitals clashed with wondrous force.

    'Fuck!' Jennifer exclaimed as I gripped her ass even tighter, bending my knees to pick us both up in a feat of balance and strength that I never thought possible.

    Immediately though the instant I turned to face the table, her cunt still wrapped around my cock I fell forward, with Jennifer taking the bulk of the force as we slammed into the top of the table. She didn't seem to mind though, if anything she seemed like she was enjoying being roughed around a little.

    'Sorry!' I exclaimed, pulling my cock out fo her momentarily to see if if she was okay.

    Jennifer wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled my cock back into her. 'Just shut up and keep fucking me stud,' she said as I complied.

    With her legs gripping my body and her arms stretched behind her to hold the other side of the desk keeping her in place, I was able to continue fucking her with my hands firmly planted on her rigorously jiggling tits.

    'Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!' Jennifer screamed as I rammed my cock hard in and out of her causing her to jerk and stir uncontrollably.

    'Where's your boyfriend now huh?' I questioned as I twisted her nipples and railed into her.

    'Waiting at home!' Jennifer moaned, digging her nails into the table.

    'How do you feel getting fucked by another man?' I asked.

    'Liberated!' She exclaimed, her legs gripping around my body so tight that I could barely maneuver my cock in and out of her instead she just squirted all over it screaming in pleasure as she did so.

    I pulled my cock out of her and threw her legs off, leaving her to lie and pant on top of the table, sweat dripping all over her. 'Let's kick this up a notch,' I said as I pulled my tie off my neck, placing it on the table as I unbuttoned my shirt.

    I kicked my shoes off and threw my shirt to the ground leaving me only wearing my socks. 'What are you gonna do to me?' Jennifer asked in mock fear.

    'I'm gonna make sure you think of me every single time you fuck your boyfriend, I want you to scream out my name now flip over,' I said grabbing her arm as she flipped over, planting her feet on the ground and laying her stomach on her desk.

    I grabbed the tie from the desk and brought her wrists together, wrapping the tie around them and tying them together tightly. 'Kinky,' she said as I pulled hard, making sure it wouldn't come undone.

    'You ready for this?' I asked, giving her ass cheek a smack as I did so.

    'Stick it in me big boy, give me all you got,' Jennifer said, turning her head back to face me.

    I grabbed between her wrists and pulled her up with the tie, using her as a puppet as I stuck my cock inside her pussy. 'How's this?' I asked, feeling her round ass with my free hand before smacking it again.

    'Harder! Fuck me harder!' She moaned.

    'Don't worry about that,' I said as I pulled my cock out and shoved it back in again, this time causing her to groan in pleasure.

    I pulled her away from the desk, pulling on the tie and fucking her doggie-style while standing, her tits just jiggling in the air. She moaned harder and harder the faster I fucked her, every now and then she would look back at me glaring, daring me to fuck her even harder.

    I slapped her ass again and watched her ass jiggle as I fucked her. 'Is that all you got?' She teased, causing me to slap and fuck her so hard that her ass went red.

    'Good enough?' I questioned after her punishment.

    'Ah fuck yes!' She exclaimed, looking back at me and smiling. 'Now fuck my ass!'

    I couldn't believe my luck, I had been thinking about fucking her ass but I just assumed it was something I was going to have to spring on her. 'Your call,' I said as I pulled my cock out of her pussy and pushed her onto her knees.

    'Yeah fuck me on the ground like a dirty whore!' She yelled, her hands still tied behind her back as I pushed her forward so her face was touching the floor.

    'You are a dirty whore aren't you? Let's not forget you're doing this all for a movie role,' I said as I placed my cock in her tied hands, giving her a chance to keep jacking me before fucking her in the asshole.

    'Fuck your whores asshole!' Jennifer exclaimed as I fucked her hands.

    'I'll fuck your ass if you show your cunt in the movie, let the world see that gorgeous shaven pussy,' I said, still fucking her cupped hands.

    'Full frontal in a rom-com?' Jennifer questioned.

    'Fuck it, the script can be reworked, the draw of this film is your body at this point so why not go all the way.... I mean you do want your ass filled right?' I said, pulling away from her hands and lightly grazing her ass.

    'Okay, okay just fuck me!' She exclaimed.

    'Verbal contract,' I said as I shoved my cock hard into her asshole, causing her to wince in pain.

    'Oh my god!' She shrieked as my cock filled her tight ass.

    I pumped hard into her asshole, not caring at all how much pain she could be in, after all she was the one who wanted it. She couldn't even muster any words at this point, instead just moaning in pleasure as I filled and emptied her ass.

    'Happy now?' I questioned as I jammed my cock in her ass again.

    'Yes! Thank you!' She yelled, drool coming from her mouth and hitting the floor. 'I'm, I'm fuck!'

    I could tell that she was cumming again so I rammed harder and harder into her asshole, fucking at the same rate I would the loosest pussy imaginable. I swore that her ass had gotten significantly looser after I was done with her, I laughed about what her boyfriend would say the next time he tried to anally penetrate her.

    'Fucking Jesus!' Jennifer screamed as she orgasmed for the second time in the night, the sensation of which got me thinking about where I was going to finish, considering it was likely to be the final ending of the night.

    'That's it!' I said, pulling my cock out of her ass and untying her hands.

    'Did you cum?' Jennifer asked, confused at the sudden completion of her anal penetration.

    'Not yet, I think it's obvious where I want to cum,' I said throwing my tie to the ground and flipping her over.

    'Ouch!' She moaned as her ass hit the floor. 'I don't know why I thought I was getting out of here without a titty-fuck.'

    'Pretty stupid of you really,' I said as I straddled her stomach, her hands now pressing her insane tits together.


    'I'm gonna cum so hard in these tits I might not cum for a week,' I said as I placed my throbbing cock at the edge of her boobs.

    'Been cumming a lot lately?' Jennifer asked.

    I kneaded her nipples, causing them to get hard. 'Four times today,' I said.

    'Four?' Jennifer questioned.

    'Anistons mouth, your mouth, Heigl's cunt and well I jacked off to Winona Ryder this morning,' I said, as I pinched her now hard nipples.

    'Big day,' Jennifer said, licking her lips.

    'Big tits,' I said, immediately regretting my stupid joke as I shoved my cock between them.

    She laughed all the same though, clearly in a state of euphoria from the fucking I gave her. I tried to forget about it and instead focused on the the fact that my cock was now so far inside of Jennifer Love Hewitt's famously fantastic tits that it was touching her chin.

    I pulled out and shoved it back in again, treating her tits like a pussy, each time I did so I felt her chin smash the tip of my dick which only worked to add whole new levels of pleasure I never thought imaginable. She smiled as this was happening, eventually moving her head down and poking her tongue.

    'Holy shit!' I exclaimed as my cock poked through her soft tits and hit her wet tongue, almost bringing me to cum right then and there.

    'Cum in my tits,' Jennifer said between cock jabs.

    'I might cum in your face you dirty slut,' I said, fantasizing about drenching her face.
    In an instant that felt like a lifetime I could feel Jennifer close her tits tighter around my cock so it didn't poke through, instead it just stopped in between her tits. At the same moment, my cock exploded with cum, filling up her tits and dripping out of the bottom, covering my own cock in it's product.

    'Mmm,' Jennifer moaned as time sped back up, wasting no time as she licked the cum off my cock, treating it like a lollipop.

    'Wow,' I said collapsing with my cock still inside her mouth as she suckled it.

    'I love the taste of your cum,' Jennifer said as she licked her own tits, trying to get every last bit inside her. 'I didn't really get a chance to taste the first time.'

    'No problem,' I said, panting.

    I laid back and watched her as she finally managed to consume every last drop. 'I'll tell you one thing though,' she said.

    'Yeah? What's that?' I asked, the sweet scent of her hair reaching my nose.

    'You won't catch me doing that on camera.'

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    Awesome follow up! She still gets my engine revving!!!

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    Thanks. Honestly I think that she just gets better with age.

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