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Thread: "Forgive Me Father" with Debby Ryan

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    fanfiction "Forgive Me Father" with Debby Ryan

    Forgive Me Father
    With Debby Ryan
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, blowjob, mast, voy
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story has been written for entertainment purposes only.

    It was just after midnight as I let out a yawn. The confessional had been dull all evening with nothing but trivial questions and tedious revelations. I could usually count on at least one or two interesting tales of adultery or masturbation, but I was nearing the end of my time in the box with no titillating sins to report.

    That was until I heard the penitent's door open and someone entered. I hoped the person would be quick, as I now looked forward to closing down the chapel for the night and relaxing with a strong glass of cognac.

    "Forgive me Father for I have sinned..." I heard the familiar voice say.

    Right away my ears perked up as I immediately recognized the voice belonging to local singer-turned-actress Debby Ryan: who was always good for a set of sins to make any debauched reveler proud.

    Her voice and tone was unmistakable, as her sacraments had increased in recent weeks.

    "Yes my child." I replied. "In the name of the father and the son, and the holy spirit."

    "It's been two whole weeks since my last confession." she whispered. "And last night I committed the sin of adultery."

    I grinned with satisfaction. It was just as I had hoped. Debby had been "acting up" again. This wasn't the first time, and probably wasn't going to be her last. I knew if I asked the right questions I'd get a real earful.

    "Tell me more my child." I added. "Was it a chance encounter?"

    "No father. I'm afraid it was planned." she claimed through the partition. "I went to his home to meet him for a night of sin."

    "A night of sin?" I repeated. "Did you remain there the entire evening?"

    "Yes father." Debby answered honestly. "All night long."

    "Did you engage in any sexual activity?"

    "I'm afraid so." the actress confessed. "We knew we had all night to indulge ourselves so we took our time. There was a lot of foreplay before we...coupled."

    "Go on." I encouraged.

    "Well. After weeks of flirting and teasing each other over the phone, we finally degraded ourselves in the eyes of the lord."

    I could tell from her shaky voice that she was having reservations about being more detailed.

    "I understand." I told her. "But to repent fully for your sins you must confess completely. I know it's difficult but tell me what you did from beginning to end."

    "Oh. Father." Debby sighed. "I'm so ashamed."

    "Please. Continue my child." I assured her. "Nothing you say here tonight can harm or embarrass you."

    "Our lust knew no bounds." she sighed. "We committed acts so indecent that I'm sure you'd be happy to damn me to the eternal fires of hell if I were to repeat them to you."

    "Nevertheless." I insisted. "Unburden your soul and remember that Jesus died on the cross so that you would not have to suffer for your sins."

    "Yes father." Debby answered. "Well. I arrived to his house around nine. He's a much older gentleman and his wife and family left for the weekend. So we had the entire place to ourselves."

    "And how did you make his acquaintance?" I quizzed. "Did you meet this fellow online. Like your last encounter?"

    "No. I'm good friends with his daughter Olivia (Holt)." Ryan explained. "She's my best friend. And I think if she ever found out about us she'd kill me!"

    "Go on my child."

    "Well. I got dressed up in the slinkiest little dress I own and went over to his place with intentions of seducing him. He immediately invited me into the house and we went to the living room where he offered me a drink."

    "Did you get intoxicated?" I inquired.

    "Yes father. We drank slowly at first but it didn't take long before we began to feel the effects of the alcohol. Our inhibitions were lowered and we drank faster. I'm afraid that it only took three glasses of wine to make me quite drunk."

    "I feel compelled to tell you that perhaps if you didn't drink so often you wouldn't put yourself in such sinful situations."

    "I know. You're probably right." Debby replied. "Shall I continue?"

    "Yes." I answered.

    "We sat on the sofa and talked about inconsequential matters before I got up and wandered around the house. Just to be a little cheeky I went into his daughters room."

    "Did he object?"

    "Yeah. But he couldn't bring himself to stop me. Not in that dress anyway. I looked really good father. Damn good."

    I could hear how smug and proud Debby was about her appearance.

    "Go on my child."

    "So we casually shared a drink before I snooped around Olivia's room. Even though he was clearly uncomfortable about being there, we sat on her bed and I placed my hand on his leg and slowly dragged my hand up towards his crotch."

    "What was his reaction to this gesture?"

    "Um. He got hard. Really. Hard." Debby claimed. "I made it pretty obvious as to what I wanted, and kissed him on the lips."

    "Please. Continue."

    "I continued to fondle him and soon was squeezing and stroking him with my hand. He responded by slipping his hand inside my dress where he fondled my breasts."

    "And how did that make you feel?"

    "Dirty. But in a strange and exciting way." she admitted. "It sent wonderful tingles throughout my body. I could feel my nipples stiffen under the fabric of my dress as he caressed me. I longed for his hands to roam all over my entire body father."

    I felt my cock twitch at the image the actress was portraying. I adjusted in my seat to make myself more comfortable.

    "Please continue my child."

    "Well. Even though he claimed that he was a little uncomfortable on his daughters bed, it certainly didn't slow him down. He unzipped my dress and let it pool around my waist, leaving me to sit there topless and completely exposed to his hungry eyes."

    "You were not wearing a brassiere?"

    "No. This allowed him to admire my breasts for a few minutes before he leaned over to suck one of my nipples into his mouth. He'd massage one boob with one hand while stimulating the other with his mouth, then switch. Although I enjoyed this added attention, it was his cock that intrigued me."

    I now grinned at the colloquial language being used. I knew from past experiences that Debby struggled to keep her language restrained in the confessional.

    I also knew that once there was a small leak in the dam it wouldn't be long before her resolve would break and her descriptions would become more suited to a Penthouse Letter than to a church confession.

    "Did you act on your urges?"

    "Yes father, I did. I reached down to undo his pants. I then fell to my knees and kicked off his shoes and pulled his pants and underwear down. It only took a few moments and I had his thick manly organ in my hand."

    I was disappointed to hear her regain some control. Perhaps a well thought out question could push her back to the vernacular.

    "Was he aroused?"

    "Yes. Very. He was as hard as a baseball bat! I ran my hand up and down his shaft as he removed his shirt. When he was completely naked I stood up and slowly peeled my panties down my legs."

    "I see."

    "At one point he told me to stop what I was doing so he could admire my body. He then instructed me to leave my panties pooled around my ankles, and while standing in nothing but my high heeled shoes I turned around and bent over so he would study my ass."

    "Did you oblige?"

    "Yes. I was so turned on that I did whatever he asked without question. In a way it really turned me on: having this much older man leer at me like a piece of meat - in his daughters bedroom no less. It really turned me on father. It really made me wet."

    "Go on my child."

    "It was at this point as I bent over fully that I felt him kiss my bare naked butt and it sent shivers up my spine. I initially giggled at the feel of his rough stubble but soon caught myself moaning aloud when he buried his face between my cheeks and he licked me directly."

    "Was this the first time you experienced analingus?"

    "Err. Yes. I guess?" she hesitated. "I mean. I've performed it on men plenty of times before. But never had the pleasure myself."

    The thought alone of Debby Ryan eating ass while performing fellatio made my cock throb with excitement.

    "I stood there for some time, naked as the day I was born with my panties stretched around my feet with his tongue buried in my ass! The entire situation really seemed to turn him on."

    "It sounds like he was obsessed with your derriere."

    "He was!" Debby exclaimed. "Which kind of surprised me since most men seem to be fixated with my breasts."

    "And did your body respond to this stimulation?"

    "Yes father. Absolutely."

    "How did it make you feel?"

    "Wet. It made me really wet father. In fact I reached down and stroked my clit and asked him to lick me deeper."

    "And did he comply?"

    "Yes, he did. He pulled my cheeks apart and speared his tongue in and out of my hole. As degrading as it was, the mere fact that we were doing it inside Olivia's room made me dripping wet."

    "What happened next?"

    "I reached back and grasped at his fat cock, pulling and stroking it as he continued to eat on my asshole father...licking and stabbing my backdoor with his long wet tongue. Oh father. Please forgive me!"

    "Do not be alarmed my child. All that matters is that you confess these sins so that you may be forgiven."

    "Thank you father. Thank you."

    "What did you do next?"

    As I spoke, I began to rub my stiff prick through my pants.

    "Once he was satisfied with eating my ass he pulled me up and kissed me hard on the lips, making me taste my own juices on his mouth."

    "Did that disgust you?"

    "No father. In fact it really turned me on." Debby admitted. "I'm ashamed to admit it but sometimes when I masturbate I enjoy licking my fingers clean."

    "I see." I said as I unzipped my trousers. "Do you do that often?"

    "Uh-huh. All the time." Debby answered in a breathy tone. "I can't help it. Sometimes I feel real dirty when I do it but it really turns me on."

    It was at this point that I freed my cock and grasped the shaft in my hand.

    "How often do you masturbate?" I asked bluntly.

    "Always. As often as I can." she almost boasted. "Sometimes three times a day. Sometimes more. It's usually encounters like this that keep me going for weeks on end."

    "So what did he do next?"

    "Well after kissing me for several minutes he directed me down to my knees and invited me to suck his cock. I responded by licking a single clear drop of pre-cum from the pee slit and moaned to the salty residue. I then brushed the head of his cock all over my lips and sucked him deep into my mouth..."

    "Go on." I muttered a little out of breath.

    "When I had him deep in my throat I started bobbing my head back and forth, fucking his prick with my mouth. Just when I had a good pace going, he picked me up from the floor and shoved me onto Olivia's bed: Insisting that I get on on fours. He said I had been a bad girl and that he had been thinking about fucking me from behind all week long."

    "Did you comply with his demands?"

    "Yes father. I acted on impulse. In fact I inadvertently called him 'Daddy' as the seedy encounter played out. At first I thought he was going to be angry but that only made him crazy with lust. I shamelessly got up and moved on all fours and arched my back, wiggling my ass in the air - inviting him to take me."

    I now stroked my cock in the confessional box as Debby described the encounter.

    "Is this what you want daddy?" Debby remarked. "I asked him as he stood there stroking his cock for me."

    Listening to her affair I now took a ragged breath and hoped the actress wouldn't hear me beating off on the other side of the partition.

    "My child. You truly are a sinner." I told her. "Be happy that Jesus loves you."

    I stroked my stiff pecker a little faster as I imagined the sight of her bare naked backside waving invitingly in front of my face.

    "Yes father. Yes I am." Debby admitted, her voice just as ragged. "I continued sinning by screaming in ecstasy as he shoved his big fat cock into my pussy. He fucked me hard and long and pounded me like crazy!"

    "He...pounded you?" I repeated.

    "Yeah. He would slam forward and bury his tool to the hilt. I matched him stroke for stroke, pushing my ass back to meet his penetrating thrusts. Our bodies slammed together each time. I then...oh father. I'm so ashamed."

    "All humans sin my dear." I told her between strokes. "The only shame is in not repenting before our lord."

    I was now massaging my bell-end as I continued to listen to this sordid tale.

    "You're right father." Debby continued. "But as sordid and dirty as it was I then begged him to stick his finger in my ass. I just wanted to feel what it would be like to have both holes filled at the same time!"

    "And...did he?"

    "Yes. God yes!" she moaned. "he appeared to be as depraved as I was.

    I can only pray to the lord that he begs for forgiveness for his sins like I am tonight. He stuck a finger into my butt and began sliding it in and out as he continued screwing my wet hole."

    "And did this finally satisfy you?"

    "Yes. It did. I loved the feeling of having both my holes filled by him. The sensation was so intense that I actually came.

    In fact the walls of my pussy clamped down so hard around his cock that that I heard him groan and then felt his manly seed erupt inside me, filling my womb with semen!"

    I now struggled to regain control of myself. Her description of their mutual orgasm was the straw that broke the camel's back, and I was ready to cum.

    "My child, these are serious sins. You'll have to say three full rosaries to atone. Once you do your penance, you will be absolved of these offenses."

    "But Father. That's not all." she added. "I have one more confession if you'll allow me."

    Jesus Christ. I thought. There's MORE?

    "Quickly my child." I told her. "I'm afraid we're almost out of time."

    "You're probably not going to want to hear this but...I must get it off my chest."

    "Please. Continue."

    "It's been plaguing me all week." she explained.

    Debby paused for a moment before she went on.

    "I don't really know how to say this but in recent days I've been having a lot of thoughts...a lot of fantasies about you."

    "Excuse me?"

    "I know it's wrong but. I've often imagined myself sitting in one of the church pews, watching you watch me during one of your sermons, even though we both know you shouldn't be.

    You still watch me with wicked eyes and intentions. And it really drives me crazy. Just thinking about it makes my panties wet!"

    In truth her admission sent a shiver up my spine.

    There was no question Debby Ryan was a very beautiful and talented young woman. So I guess I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about her before. But now to hear that my feelings for her were apparently mutual shocked me.

    "What kind of thoughts?"

    "I often think about you asking me to come back to your office while the rest of the congregation are still seated outside, where you pin me up against the door and grope my breasts while you hold me by the throat."

    Noting this I started to speak before Debby interrupted me mid sentence.

    "Other times I like to fantasize about you bending me over your desk and grinding your hard cock against my ass.

    Sometimes I'm dressed up like a nun but there's a strong chemistry between us. At first I resist and beg you to stop, but you can't keep your hands off me and I soon feel you bury your hard cock inside me from behind."

    "Go on my child." I replied. "What else do you think about?"

    "Other times I imagine my friend and I (Holt) coming into your back office dressed in our school uniforms...where we drop to our knees and take turns sucking and slobbering all over your big fat cock. In those instances I watch as Olivia takes you deep into her throat while I take your balls into my mouth and suck you at the same time."

    It was at this point that I realized that I had barely taken a breath for some time. I was also sweating profusely. I closed my eyes, my fingers tugging at the screen, wanting to see what she was doing on the other side of the partition.

    Even though I couldn't see her clearly in the other booth I could tell from her labored breath that like me she too was masturbating to the evil scenarios rolling around in her head.

    "Do I need to do penance for these thoughts father. Huh?" she asked in a teasing tone. "Am I bad? Am I dirty girl father?"

    "Does it make you feel dirty to think such thoughts?"

    "Yes." she admitted. "But I like it. I like it a lot. I like being dirty. I like being a little slut. In fact just thinking about it right now drives me crazy. Makes my hand feel like it has a mind of its own. I can't stop thinking about it father. I can't stop playing with myself."

    "Are you touching yourself right now?"

    "Yes." she answered softly. "I can't help it. I'm just so fucking wet! Can I be saved father? Can you save me?"

    "Yes my child." I told her. "But first you need to unburden yourself of this demon inside you."

    "Ugh...Yeah. Inside me." she moaned. "Deep. Inside me father. I wish you could see me right now. Sitting here with my legs spread wide. Two fingers buried inside my tight little cunt! I'm such a dirty little slut Father. I'm so bad."

    "Does speaking this way give you pleasure?"

    "Yes. So much fucking pleasure." Debby went on. "Oh. Right now I picture you there with your cock out, stroking it for me. Listening to this perverted little monster. Mm. I bet you've got a beautiful cock too."

    "Are you still masturbating my child?"

    "Uh-huh." she panted before leaning against the partition to speak more softly. "Two fingers father. Two fingers deep inside my tight little cunt. You like that? Huh?"

    "What exactly are you doing?" I almost moaned back.

    "I'm sliding two fingers in and out, while my thumb is slowly rubbing and teasing my clit." she explained. "I'm so close father. I could cum at any minute. Please keep talking to me. I love the sound of your voice."

    "Does sexual gratification bring you happiness?"

    "Ugh. I don't know father." she panted. "All I know is you better be stroking that big beautiful cock of yours right now. I swear. If there wasn't a wall here between us right now I'd totally suck your dick!"

    "Oh. Child." I heard myself moan. "You're so very lost right now. So filled with sin and evil intentions."

    "Would you like that father?" she moaned before taking her slick fingers and relishing her juices. "Would like to see me take that big fat cock between my lips. Huh? I'd make you pop in my mouth father. And I'd swallow every. Last. Drop."

    "Is that what your heart desires child?"

    "Fuck yeah! Please. Please father." Debby moaned. "I want you to shoot your hot sticky load into the back of my throat. I want you to fill my belly with your seed! I need it father. I need your hot slimy load!"

    "Are you still sinning with two fingers?" I asked meekly, as I picked up the pace and beat off frantically.

    "Uh-huh." she cooed. "Two. Fingers."

    "If you're so overwhelmed with sin, why don't you slide a finger down into your asshole while you play."

    "Oh. Yeah?" she moaned gleefully through the partition. "Should I father? I can do that!"

    A moment later Debby gave out a low groan as she proceeded to finger-bang her backdoor.

    "Oh father. I'm doing it." she whimpered erotically. "I've got my finger inside my ass while I rub my clit at the same time. Ugh. I wish you could see me right now. I'm such a dirty little slut!"

    It was at this point that I had just about heard enough.

    In an instant I opened my door and closed it with barely any noise. I waited long enough to look around the chapel to make sure we still had the entire place to ourselves before I reached over and opened her confessional.

    Right away her alluring amber orbs peered up at me in surprise. In that moment she just about looked like the poster child for every wicked young vixen in Hollywood: as she sat there masturbating furiously.

    My eyes raked the inside of the confession booth, sizing up things quickly. In all the commotion I hadn't even bothered to do up my pants so a moment later Debby's eyes peered down to my waist and the expression on her face was priceless.

    Judging from the look in her eyes the 22-year-old actress was more than impressed by the size of my manhood. I suspect she'd never expected me to be so big.

    Thinking quickly I stepped forward and shut the door behind me, locking us both in the same cramped space.

    "Open your mouth Debby." I insisted, before I shuffled forward and buried my pole into the back of her young mouth.

    The busty starlet did not resist and whimpered low in the back of her throat, trying to catch her breath through her nose as I buried my wick completely.

    I held this pose for an extra minute before I pulled back slowly - allowing for one long strand of saliva to bridge between her lips and my cock - only to plunge back in again.

    "MMMPPFFFFHHHH!!" she noised as I filled her mouth completely.

    Again and again I filled and fucked her pretty young mouth - her big beautiful eyes glaring up at me as my balls slapped against her chin, causing a lewd, wet smacking sound to emanate in the small booth.

    As the "Jessie" star hungrily serviced me, I took this opportunity to reach down to grope and fondle one of her exposed breasts. She responded by moaning around my cock and rubbed her pussy even more vehemently than before.

    "Yes. You are a sinner Debby." I growled down at her. "This body was build for sin!"

    Her young experienced tongue wriggled all around me as her mouth fully stretched and I violated her throat. She gasped and gagged with each thrust of my hips, eager to take as much of me as should could.

    "You're going to make me cum." I ultimately panted. "I want you to swallow what I give you. Do you understand?"

    Debby promptly agreed. "Yes father. Cum in my mouth. Please."

    "Yes I will my child. And I want you to swallow my seed." I told her as I leaned back on my heels and now jerked off over her open mouth.

    "Stick your tongue out. Good girl."

    Debby wasted no time in leaning forward to lick at my balls, before she dutifully opened her mouth and awaited her reward. To my surprise she never ceased touching herself the entire time as I attempted to fill her mouth with goo.

    "Ugh. Yeah. Cum for me!" she begged erotically. "Shoot that hot fucking load into my belly father. I need it!"

    A moment later I grunted out loud as I jerked violently and sprayed her face with copious amounts of semen - two full ropes of jizz splashing directly across her pretty face before she lunged forward and wrapped her luscious lips entirely around my bell-end again.

    I grunted twice and almost passed out as I felt her suck me like a god damn Hoover.

    I took time readjusting my appearance as Debby sat there with a smug expression on her face - a huge shit eating grin as she too cleaned herself up.

    "Thank you father." she beamed. "I needed that."

    "Don't mention it my child." I replied. "But I expect to see you in this confessional in the following weeks."

    "Yes. I will." she answered obediently. "Maybe next time I could bring one of my best friend along too?"

    "Your best friend?"

    "Paris Berelc, father." Debby explained. "I suspect you'll like her too. She's full of sin and needs to atone for all the things she had done in recent months."

    "I look forward to your visit." I replied. "God bless you child."

    "And you father."

    With that said I quietly slipped out of the confessional booth.

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    Such debauchery... oh the glorious glorious debauchery! Love it! Well done as always mate!

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    In the name of the holy 'FATHER'.. Amen! :PP

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    LOL, this is the scene that was in my head (Nic Cage/Face Off) the entire time as I wrote that.

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    Another great story TPG. I loved the Bella Thorne tease at the end.

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