Visitation Rights
With Britney Spears
Written by TPG
CODES: MF, squirt, anal
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

Having spent the afternoon shopping on Rodeo Drive, 26-year-old Britney Jean Spears hurriedly sped through the quiet Sherwood residence rushing to get home with the paparazzi in close pursuit.

As the troubled pop princess arrived home, a multitude of flash bulbs flickered outside the large gated estate, and despite the huge crowd the singer floored her vehicle causing a number of photographers to yell out in panic and scramble to get out of her way.

"Whoa. Whoa. Watch out you crazy bitch!"

Meanwhile inside the mansion, I grinned smugly to myself as the entire house shuddered to the sound of the heavy electric garage door. Britney was already running an hour late, and today I had gone to extra lengths to sneak into her house without being seen.

Still, I couldn't entirely blame her for her tardiness as the court had finally granted her visitation rights to her kids and the singer was now obligated to see them once a week.

Truth be told she didn't really care for her children, and would rather leave them in the custody of her ex husband, but in the interests of not looking like a complete tramp, Britney faked interest and agreed to see them.

With her two boys now strapped securely in the back of the vehicle, the songbird hastily steered her Mercedes Benz into the spacious garage. As I finished my drunk, I swaggered my way out into the garage to greet her and the moment she saw me she instantly smiled.

It had been at least a month since our last rendezvous. I grinned as I realized just how pumped I was to see her again. The alcohol had clearly given me a little buzz, which was ironic considering she and I had met doing our stints in rehab.

As her car finally came to a stop, I didn't even wait for the garage door to close behind her before I leaned through the window and kissed her hard on the lips.

She was still chewing gum as I kissed her and she giggled briefly before moaning into my mouth. Britney responded to this action by showing her tongue into my mouth while she jammed the gearbox into park.

I was delight to see that as per usual the singer was scantily dressed in a loose fitting floral dress which left little to the imagination and did a great job of flaunting her ample chest.

This ensemble was complimented with knee-high leather boots, and a tan colored cowboy hat.

Despite her public persona, Britney was the type of girl who was quite reserved and shy in her personal life, albeit a little gullible and na´ve. But once you got her going, look out! She could actually be quite insatiable once you pressed her buttons.

Making out right there in the car, I finally paused to open the door and quickly continued our kiss. The songstress giggled sweetly at my enthusiasm as I then reached down and fondled her large breasts through her dress, causing her to sigh in my mouth.

Without even thinking my hands immediately groped at her body and slipped down between her shapely legs. There I caressed her soft smooth thighs and quickly gained access to her pink lace panties.

I was actually taken aback to see that she wore any panties for once, as it had become a habit for her to go commando. Nonetheless I slipped my fingers between her legs and proceeded to grind the palm of my hand against her warm crotch, riling a series of moans from her and causing her legs to instinctively part.

I barely let the woman utter a single word as I openly molested her in the drivers seat of her car. Braking our kiss, the songstress attempted to tell me something as I took this opportunity to lay kisses all along her neck and throat, showing her just how much I missed and wanted her.

Britney giggled and cooed as I had my greedy way with her and attempted to explain herself for being so late.

"—I tried calling you earlier." she muttered between moans.

"You're late." I quipped. "Any longer and I was going to start without you."

In all the commotion it seemed she barely had time to unbuckle her seatbelt as I explored and probed her body.

"Oh God—" she whimpered blissfully as her fingers ran through my hair. "I missed you so much."

This was all I needed to hear, and I responded by kissing my way down her neck and took one of her nipples into my mouth. I gave her pretty little pussy a little fiddle through her panties and instantly felt her swivel her hips up and against my hand, clearly urging me on.

I then bunched up the pink fabric with my fingers and before she could respond I jammed two digits inside her hot wet cunt and felt her literally melt into my mouth.

It seemed that with all the recent dramas in her life she desperately wanted to be touched and played with, and I was more than eager to please.

Without wasting any time I proceeded to spear my fingers in and out of her dripping sex, causing her to moan out loud and thrust her hot wet tongue into the back of my throat.

Right away her knees parted wide in the seat as I finger-banged her in front of her children.

"Ugh—Yes." she moaned before sucking my earlobe into her mouth.

"You like that?"

"Mm. You know I do." she purred.

Only later did I appreciate just how disturbing the entire scene was considering her infant children sat quietly in the backseat, strapped to their seats and watching intently as their 26-year-old mother was molested in front of them.

Still, her sons were quite young and I assume they wouldn't remember anything. Nevertheless, Britney reached over and placed her hand on my pants and eagerly caressed my erection, making it abundantly clear what she wanted.

"Yeah?" I simply grinned. "Looking for something?"

"I want your cock." she insisted before kissing me hard on the lips again.

I took this opportunity to slide my fingers from her dripping cunt and plunged them into her waiting mouth, making her taste herself. A moment later, the singer proceeded to unzip my pants to reveal my thick trouser snake and without a wasting any time she shamelessly leaned out of the car door and hungrily enveloped my cock, taking my breath away.

Gripping the base with her fist, she then sucked and slurped on my rod like the true little cock sucking whore that I knew and loved. She only paused for a moment to undo her seatbelt before she quickly resumed sucking my dick in great earnest, using both of her hands to cup and stroke me at the same time.

I simply stood there by the side of her car and grasped the back of her head, moaning involuntarily as she sucked me keenly and noisily, her head now bobbing up and down. Reaching down to her dress I let one of the thin straps fall away from her shoulder, exposing her right breast and allowing me to tweak and play with her thick brown puffy nipples.

Her tits really were truly exceptional. Nothing like I had ever seen before, and nothing like I had expected. Pulling my member out of her mouth, Britney then pointed my prick up towards the ceiling and proceeded to lick the length with the flat of her tongue and such my balls into her mouth, only pausing to spit and drool her slimy spit all over it.

I watched as she generously smeared her warm saliva all along my length, then glanced up at me mischievously and proceeded to suck on the tip of my bell-end while she pumped her fist up and down.

"Mm. You like that?" she teased, as she pumped her fist up and down.

"Fuck yeah." I answered. "You're such a good little cock sucker, Britney."

"Mm." she purred. "I like that. I like it when you call me names."

"What? My little cock-sucker?"


Britney then leaned back and skillfully formed a long rope of saliva which trailed from her lips to my cock. The vision was breathtaking and turned me on so much that I groaned with glee and impatiently grabbed the back of her head and plunged my prick deep into her hot mouth, immediately thrusting it into the back of her throat.

The onetime "Toxic" star squirmed and gagged as I held her tight, waiting for her to choke and cough violently before I released my grip. I watched in awe as her face turned red, then blue as she was forced to gag and take me all the way into the back of her narrow throat. Falling quiet for just a moment, I then watched as her pretty brown eyes began to roll into the back of her head before I withdraw from her slobbering mouth.

"NNNGGH—AAHH!!!" she gasped loudly, wiping her chin of spittle while her eyes welled up.

It was perverse yet incredibly exciting to see this cock hungry little slut almost pass out on cock, with her children watching on no less. I chuckled evilly to this display and slammed my cock back inside her wet throat once again as she desperately gulped for fresh air, her nails now digging into my thighs.

"Unngh! Nnnnghhh! AHHH!!" she grunted, spitting and spluttering noisily.


Drooling uncontrollably, I then grabbed her roughly by the arm and hauled her out of the car. Hiking her long dress up around her waist, I then yanked her soiled panties down to her knees and spun her around, bending her over the hood of her car and directing her to stick out her thick round butt.

"Bend over, you little slut." I insisted. "Show me that ass."

For good measure I gave her round rump a brief swat which apparently delighted her.

"Oh!" she moaned involuntarily.

With her panties still pooled around her shapely legs, I lined up my cock and abruptly impaled her from behind causing Britney to shriek out in surprise before I tugged on her long blonde mane and proceeded to brutally fuck her against her luxury vehicle.

"Oh! ohmigod. ohmigod. ohmigod" she chanted, as the heat from the hood of the vehicle threatened to scald her breasts.

I fucked her mercilessly for several moments and suddenly found myself laughing, finding the entire scene amusing. It just couldn't be helped. As hot as the encounter was, it was just so strange to look through the windscreen of the Mercedes and see her two young boys innocently staring back at "mommy" as she was being fucked for dear life.

Little did they know the life they had ahead of them, having been born to a drug addicted, fame obsessed, cock-hungry crack whore. I almost felt sorry for them, putting them through such a depraved show. But then again they were way too young to contemplate what was actually going on, or so I convinced myself.

"Yeah? You like that you fucking slut!" I hissed at her from behind. "You like getting railed in front of your two young boys?"

"Ugh! Yeah!" was her only reply as I slapped her thick ass and pulled her hair harder, causing her to grunt back erotically.

"Maybe later I'll let one of your boys have a turn, huh?" I snickered cruelly. "When they're all grown up? Maybe I'll give them a chance to pound this ass too."

"Ugh! Oh god." Britney moaned as I now pounded her rump with renewed vigor.

At this point Britney stood up causing her back to arch sharply and grant me an opportunity to grope and fondle her breasts as I fucked her from behind.

"Would you like that?" I growled before snapping her head back aggressively and licking her neck. "Huh? You fucking little slut."

"Yes." she grunted back. "I'd like it. I'd fucking love it."

"Yeah? You would?" I replied with surprise, kissing her hard on the lips as I drilled her cunt. "You'd let your two boys drill you like this? Fuck the shit out of you?"

"Yes. God yes."

"Oh, you little slut." I chuckled from behind her. "You really are a depraved little cunt."

Tugging on her hair some more, I then slapped her luscious behind and proceeded to rip the dress straight from her body to ultimately leave her standing there in nothing more than her cowboy boots.

"Oh! Yes." she moaned as I picked up the pace and now boned her more intently. "C'mon! Fuck me! FUCK MEEE!!"

I didn't need to be asked twice. Pumping her more fervently, Britney moaned out loud and appeared to be on the verge of climaxing when I suddenly and cruelly withdrew from her pussy causing her to shriek in dismay.

"Oh! No! Ohmigod. please." she implored. "Don't stop now. I'm so close."

Despite her words, I took her by the arm and hauled her into the house, straight down the hall and into the bedroom. There, Britney seemed to catch a second wind and suddenly took matters into her own hands and pushed me onto the bed.

I happily obliged and went along with this more domineering side to her personality, and watched with glee as she hauled her leather boots off her feet and then swiftly moved to straddle me on the bed. The pop princess wasted little time impaling herself over my hard rod and rode me hard and loud, while I simply lay back glaring up at her large round breasts which bounced wildly above me.

"Oh. Ugh. Oh yeah." she moaned repeatedly, her eyes closed and her fingers digging into my chest.

Just then, Britney suddenly stopped what she was doing and proceeded to pivot in place and change position, all while keeping my cock firmly nestled inside her pussy. She ultimately turned to sit with her back to me, to ride me reverse cowgirl style. I now marveled at her thick round ass as she leaned forward and began to shake her hips in a circular motion, and proceeded to grind her sex and pump my thick cock with her pussy.

"Oh. Fuck. Yes." I groaned with delight, my eyes rolling into the back of my head.

It was during this time that I decided to probe the tip of my finger against her tiny backdoor, and this seemed to send her into a frenzy. Britney squirmed about aggressively and flicking her head from side to side, muttering something about losing control... when all of a sudden I was shocked into silence as I felt her explode and literally piss her excitement all over my body.

"OHMIGOD!! OHMIGOD!! UUNNGHHH!!" she cried as she literally relieved her bladder all over my manhood, soaking my hips and legs in steaming hot urine.

"OH! You fucking dirty bitch!" I cussed, still shocked and trying to contemplate whether she had actually squirted with excitement or just flat out peed all over me.

"Ohmigod! Ohmigod. I'm sorry," she panted out of breath, her face turning crimson. "I couldn't help it. I couldn't hold it any longer."

While initially mortified by her decrepit actions, I couldn't help but find the entire ordeal incredibly arousing as well and I grabbed her firmly by the hips and directed her to sit back down over my cock and resume riding me, but Britney was beside herself with shame at this point. It was hands down the most mortifying experience of her entire life.

Nevertheless, she reached down between her sopping wet legs and grasped my wet shaft and sat herself over it again, before she merely took two more thrusts and another series of streams suddenly discharged from her pussy.

"UUUNNNGHHH!" she sobbed, as she coated my cock in a second douse of pee.

At this point I was absolutely outraged, yet strangely turned on, and insisted she keep going and continue to ride me as she apparently continued to squirt her excitement.

"Oh you dirty fucking whore." I berated her while slapping her ass, which only seemed to spur her on.

Considering the events, I decide to throw all caution to the wind and now burrowed my finger into her tight little sphincter, watching as she winces and thrashed about above me.

"Ugh! Oh god!" she let out, her entire body stiffening as I plunged my digit knuckle deep.

I now fingered her sweet butthole while she continued to ride my cock enthusiastically, her entire body gleaming in perspiration when without warning I pushed her off me and directed her clean my cock with her mouth.

Britney hesitated for a moment, considering all the urine that had been emitted but I forced her down to my cock and made her service me. To reward her actions, I then instructed her to climb on all fours and assume our favorite position, doggy-style.

"Fuck it! Bend over." I insisted. "I need to fuck you from behind."

Placing her in her favorite stance, the songstress immediately proceeded to contort her spine, grunt and buck her body back against me, almost begging me to take her. It really was a sight to see.

As I admired her round rump I couldn't help but think how she was truly born to be taken this way, and without any further ado I fulfilled her wish and stuffed my cock-flesh inside her from behind, filling her completely and causing her to moan out loud. A moment later Britney began to blush brightly as a lewd and vulgar quaffing sound emanated from her sopping wet cunt.

Initially embarrassed, she soon shut her eyes and thrashed about violently, grunting loudly and drowning out the crude sounds of her body with her moaning voice. Flicking her hips intensely, I then pulled out of her sloppy wet cunt and insisted that she rub her clit as I rubbed the head of my tool against her twitching bunghole.

The songbird almost immediately jumped with apprehension and attempted to move away but I held her tightly in place.

"Oh no you don't," I smirked while holding her in place by her thighs. "If you're gonna pee all over me... then I'm gonna fuck this ass."

"Please," she resisted briefly, before I slowly pushed forward and buried the head of my bell-end into her butt.

Spears gasped and her eyes shot wide as I invaded her glorious rectum. Biting her bottom lip she then gave out a long low anguished moan, as I then grabbed her roughly by her long blonde mane and proceeded to fuck her mercilessly.

"Keep playing with your clit." I told her. "You think you could cum like that again?"

"Ugh. Unngh. Oh. Yes."

Pumping her ass for all I was worth, it was then she proceeded to cry out loud as she approached her orgasm and once again proceeded to pee her hot juices all over my balls and legs, the entire time my cock thrusting in and out of her tight butt.

This turn of event was too much for me to take, and a moment later I lost control of my own bowels and proceeded to shoot my load and paint the inside of her anal passage in hot white sticky goo.

Having busted my nut, I finally pulled out only to see my semen slowly ooze out of her twitching butthole before I fell beside her on the bed in exhaustion, the sheets of her bed absolutely drenched in urine. We lay there giggling and panting for some time when all of a sudden the sound of a loud car horn jolted us both from our revere.

"What the fuck was that?" I jumped.

"Oh shit!" Britney replied. "The boys in the car."

Britney hopped out of bed without a single stitch of clothing and rushed down the hall in aid of her two sons, as I lay back laughing my ass off.