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Thread: "Double Date" with Bella Thorne and Olivia Holt

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    fanfiction "Double Date" with Bella Thorne and Olivia Holt

    Double Date
    With Bella Thorne and Olivia Holt
    Written by TPG
    Codes: MF, BJ, voy, interracial
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    It was just after midnight as Olivia Holt sat in the backseat of the pimped-out Escalade which was parked at a local drive-in theater in Los Angeles.

    Seated beside her was her (blind) date for the evening Marcus Williams, while upfront sat her BFF and fellow Disney cohort Bella Thorne who was accompanied by her current "boyfriend" Santino Esposito.

    As soon as they got settled in and the movie began Marcus wasted little time trying to put the moves on the blonde starlet—placing his arm around Olivia's shoulder.

    Unfortunately for him Holt was neither in the mood or the type of girl that would condone such activity—especially from a complete stranger no less.

    "What do you think you're doing?" she stated bluntly.

    "What?" he answered defensively. "I was just getting comfortable."

    "No you weren't." she accused. "You were trying to pull a move on me. Sorry mister. But I'm not that kind of girl."

    "What a racist?" he replied referring to his dark complexion and African American heritage.

    "Huh?" Olivia quipped. "Don't be ridiculous. I don't care that you're black. I just don't fool around with guys I don't know. It's nothing personal."

    "Well Shit." he remarked. "That's what I'm trying to change. I want us to get to know each other better."

    "Err. I don't think so." Holt commented. "I have a boyfriend!"

    Her statement was a stone cold lie but it was enough to make him stop harassing her if only for a few minutes. Hearing this squabble from the backseat caused the other occupants of the truck to snicker among themselves.

    Marcus looked exasperated as he took this opportunity to light up a blunt and tried to persuade his sexy date to let down her guard and relax a little.

    But as far as she was concerned her "date" was like an octopus, Olivia thought. Yet. She wasn't really offended by his bold actions just more annoyed—angry with herself for agreeing to the double date.

    Funnily enough his actions seemed to have a strange effect on her as she felt weirdly flattered that a guy as old as Marcus would actually be interested in her. It kind of thrilled her and made her feel that little bit more grown up.

    But Olivia Holt also had a strict moral code, and growing up in a strict Christian household, kept to a standard routine in such matters. She also knew that if word ever got out to her family and friends that she had screwed around with a reputed gang-banger (no matter how cute he was) there would be hell to pay.

    Nevertheless. Olivia thought back to her previous experiences with dating and knew she wasn't as innocent as she was portraying. In fact if a guy took her out a few times, Holt would allow him to take a few liberties, but never on a first date, and never in the presence of another couple.

    In the past the "Kickin' It" star had permitted guys to "feel her up" but that was only on a second date.

    On a third date, they might get to fondle her tits. But as it was Holt had only been with a handful of boys and had only let one guy go that little bit further when she let one of her co-stars finger-bang her in the back row of a packed movie theater.

    The fact that it took place at the premiere of her very own movie only thrilled her to no end. That and the fact that another couple watched the entire incident take place and appeared to get just as much from it as she did.

    Nonetheless despite her little "trysts" in the past Olivia for the most part was really quite naive - well at least compared to someone as "experienced" as Bella Thorne.

    With that said she pushed Marcus' hands away once again and rolled her eyes—hoping that she wouldn't have the spend the entire night fighting him off. Noting her reluctance to have fun Marcus decided to try a different approach and after convincing her to hold hands for a few minutes he ultimately grabbed her wrist and guided it towards his crotch.

    "In case you're wondering." he grinned. "All those rumors are true."

    Olivia gasped with shock when she realized just how big and hard he was. To her surprise his cock felt a lot bigger than the boys she had screwed around with over the years.

    In fact the heat from his huge dick appeared to seep through his trousers, and Olivia let her fingers linger there for a moment while she pretended to be preoccupied with her cell phone. It was only when they finally exchanged eye contact that she dared to pull her hand away.

    "Marcus!!" she faked anger. "What the hell are you doing?"

    "Aw. C'mon." he chuckled. "Don't act so innocent. We're all friends here tonight."

    The teen starlet figured it was a good thing that this was a double date, because his prick felt so lovely in her hand that she was tempted to touch it again.

    If they had been alone together, she might not have been able to resist the impulse to fondle his penis again, and maybe even let him feel her up a little. But as it was she was only there to support her friend.

    In truth Holt had only ever agreed to the blind date because of how important it apparently was to Bella—who herself had been going through a rough time in recent weeks with her very public and messy break up with Tristan, and was now on the rebound with several men and one night stands.

    In fact in the last three weeks alone Olivia and her friends had lost count of the amount of "boyfriends" Bella had dated.

    It almost seemed like she was dating someone new every other day - as was the case with this very handsome Mexican dude she was "seeing" by the name of Santino - someone she'd met through "mutual friends" or so the story went.

    Olivia wasn't entirely sure about how they actually knew one another but suspected that it had something to do with her older sister Dani and a bag of weed.

    As it so happened Santino was apparently Dani's pot dealer who had blackmailed his way into Bella's good graces after Dani apparently owed him some money - or so the rumors went.

    Even though Olivia was a little frightened about spending an evening alone with two reputed criminals she could hear how exited Bella was at the prospect of dating a much older man—even if it was just to get back at her ex-boyfriend.

    So against her better judgment Holt agreed to tag along and figured it would be safer for her friend.

    "Please-Please-Please!" Bella begged her over the phone. "Just one date. That's all I ask. Pretty please?"

    "Aren't these guys in their thirties or something?"

    "Not at all." Bella claimed. "They're both just a couple of years older than us..and just deal a little weed for extra money. That's all. They won't hurt us I swear. They're really great guys. They're best friends with my sister!"

    "Oh. Great." Olivia remarked sarcastically. "Are you sure it's safe?"

    "Of course it is." Bella assured her. "Just come along this one time. I won't ever ask you for another favor again!!"

    "Okay-Okay. I'll come." Olivia relented. "But you owe me Bella. You owe me big."

    "Absolutely." The fiery redhead replied. "I can't wait till you meet Marcus. He's so cute. He's going to love you."

    As Olivia recalled this conversation in her head, up front in the SUV Bella Thorne was snuggling up with Santino and enjoying some weed. Her head was on his shoulder as the two enjoyed their high and shared a brief kiss.

    Olivia couldn't tell what their hands were doing, but she could hear them giggling and Bella was whimpering a little. The "Shake It Up" star then turned and whispered something into Santino's ear. Her face was taut with excitement and she beamed from ear to ear after she spoke.

    "Oh. Yeah?" Santino replied with enthusiasm. "I'd like to see you try."

    Olivia saw Bella's tongue poke into his ear, lapping and licking as she squirmed against him. Then Bella's head disappeared, leaving little doubt as to what she was doing.

    Wait. What on earth was she doing? Olivia thought. She couldn't be. Could she?

    Holt heard a sound suspiciously like the unzipping of a fly before Santino gave a gasp of pleasure. He turned his head and gave Marcus a big conspiratorial wink - as though they had both been waiting for this moment all night.

    Noting this Marcus was more determined than ever to put the moves on Olivia and he renewed his manual assault on her, placing his arm around her shoulder and gently caressing the side of her breast.

    For her part Olivia continued to fight him off, but now she was intrigued by the action going on in the front seat, wondering just how far Bella would go on their first date.

    Santino's head now rolled around against the back of the seat and he was obviously in the throes of ecstasy. Was Bella jacking him off? Was he finger-banging her at the same time or something?

    Olivia grew more intrigued by the minute. She wished that she could see what was going on in the front of the SUV but didn't want to appear too concerned or shocked by it all.

    "Marcus. Stop!" she finally whined.

    "Aw. Come on girl." he pleaded. "Just put your hand over my pants for a while. It won't bite."

    "Err. No thanks." she quipped sarcastically.

    "Damn it girl. Your friend is being nice to Santino." he commented. "Why are you being so uptight?"

    "Hey." Olivia countered. "Take it easy..bro."

    Marcus snorted with frustration.

    Olivia didn't suppose that he would ask her out for a second time - which was self-defeating since she happily would have given him a handjob if he did.

    She just had this ambition about being pure and chaste on a first date and not ruining her "Disney" reputation. But she really was interested in what Bella was doing. Marcus now seemed to be getting interested in that too.

    Having no success himself, he turned his attentions to enjoying the luck that Santino seemed to be having.

    Leaning forward, Marcus peered over the seat and gave a surprised gasp. Olivia couldn't bear not knowing. She looked over the seat too, and got a shock at what she saw. Bella was sucking Santino's cock!

    His pants were down around his knees and his big Mexican cock was between Bella's lips.

    Her darkish, redhead bobbed merrily up and down as if she were ducking for apples in a barrel. Olivia gazed at this action in amazement. How could a girl do such a thing on a first date..much less in a public place?

    Holt had often wondered what it was like to suck cock, and the idea was appealing, but she had always supposed it was the sort of thing that a girl only did when she was really in love, going steady or engaged to be married, certainly not a thing that a girl did casually and indiscriminately. But Bella certainly seemed to be enjoying herself.

    Olivia was totally fascinated by her friends behavior. She and Marcus looked over the seat, both wide-eyed and awed.

    In fact Olivia was paying so much attention to the lewd action before her that when Marcus reached around and began to gently knead and squeeze the side of her breasts again, she didn't push his hand away.

    Noting this Marcus took her hand and dragged it down to his crotch again, inviting her to feel his erection. This time she let it rest over the swollen lump of his prick and even began to squeeze his member through his trousers, marveling at the way his meat pulsed under her hand.

    This action went against her strict principles, but compared to what Bella was doing in the front seat, a little fondling was pretty insignificant.

    At that precise moment Bella began to gurgle with pleasure, opening her mouth and throat to take as much of him as she could.

    Her sensual lips then dragged up Santino's thick stalk and slurped hungrily on the fat purple head of his prick, before her head bobbed down again and she fed almost the full length of his sword into her young mouth again.

    "Ugh. Fuck." he let out before panting like a steam engine. "God damn you're good at that chika."

    He now had one hand on the back of Bella's head but the cock-hungry starlet needed no guidance or encouragement. She knew what he wanted and knew what she was doing.

    Meanwhile Marcus and Olivia exchanged knowing glanced and she caught him grinning back at her.

    Olivia didn't dare smile back in fear of encouraging him. She also didn't want to draw any attention to her mouth, knowing he was most probably thinking about all kinds of wicked things he'd like to do to her.

    They both looked back at Bella as the sound of her skillful lips filled the smoke-filled cabin.

    "Mm." Bella sighed as her lips dragged up his shiny meat stick.

    Then sucking on his bell-end, her cheeks hollowing in, and she purred with voracious delight. Her head proceeded to rise and fall in a slow but steady rhythm, as her mouth drooled and she covered his entire penis in saliva.

    Is she ever going to stop? Olivia wondered. Is she going to let him come in her mouth? OMG. Is she going to swallow it?

    Bella glanced sideways to notice the audience in the backseat.

    When she saw that Olivia and Marcus were both leaning over to watch her, she gave a little giggle, the sound muffled by Santino's prick, and her lips turned up in a smile around the smoking slab of his cock-flesh.

    It was evident that the naughty nymph didn't care that they were watching her. In fact she seemed to enjoy the attention, and began sucking even harder and more attentively. Santino had a huge grin on his face, his head thrown back, eyes narrowed.

    "You lucky prick." Marcus rasped in jealously.

    "Mm. Yeah. That's it." Santino moaned. "Suck it baby. Suck that cock!"

    "Mm-Hmm." Bella purred as she picked up the pace.

    She pulled her lips away for a moment. She stared down at his cock, wanting to get a look at what she was sucking, to see how her efforts had caused his prick to swell and throb.

    With everyone watching she drooled out a long line of spit before she kissed the tip and then devoured him whole.

    Santino could only moan out loud as they watched Bella slide her tongue along the side of his organ, gathering up as much spit as she could muster. She let the foamy drops run over her taste buds for a moment, then swallowed.

    "Mm. Yummy." she sighed erotically before another fat clump of spit oozed out of her mouth.

    Olivia watched Bella's tongue gather it up. Then Bella took his cock back into her mouth and began to suck again, greedily and noisily.

    "Mmpphhff. Come." she whispered hotly, speaking right into the meaty microphone of his cock.


    "Come for me baby." Bella insisted between sucks. "Come in my mouth!"

    "Oh fuck." he croaked at the mere notion. "Yeah?"

    "Uh-Huh." she noised with a mouthful of dick. "Give me your load!!"

    "Oh. Shit." he wailed. "Oh. Baby. Suck it Bella. Suck it right out!"

    The redheaded temptress folded her fist around the root of his prick.

    She began to frig him up and down as her lips worked over his cock-flesh, urging him to shoot, adding the stimulation of her hand to that of her lips and tongue so that she was jerking him off into her mouth.

    Her fist rose up and met her lips as they slurped down. Then her hand descended to the root of his dick and his bloated bell-end flared in her lips. Her tongue laved against the sensitive point where the fat, throbbing vein spread out into the underside of his huge, wedge-shaped knob.

    She had truly gone cock suck-crazy now. Her face was a mask of lust as she savored that delicious mouthful of prick and hungered for the cream of his semen.

    Santino's heels drummed against the floorboard. His body had begun to tremble and shake, as his orgasm drew near. His ass heaved up from the seat, fucking her mouth with his prick. Moist, juicy slurps made her mouth sound like a suction pump before Santino howled.

    "UGH. FUCK."

    Bella squealed with joy as his hot pulpous load hosed into the back of her mouth. The thick stuff splashed into her throat and poured down her gullet - filling her belly. She sucked and swallowed, but there was too much to drink all at once.

    Slimy ribbons of dick-milk dribbled from the sides of her lips and seeped down his cock-shaft. A line of spunk trickled down her chin but she kept sucking.

    Santino kept coming too, dose after dose jetting into the back of her teen throat, skimming over her tongue, pooling up in her hollowed cheeks. He was whitewashing her tonsils with steaming hot jizz and she was voraciously milking out every precious drop.

    At long last he was drained, his balls emptied. His cock stopped spurting. Bella continued to suck adoringly on his spent rod, making certain that she had milked out every sweet drop of spunk that lingered in his stalk.

    She drew her lips away, licking them. Her face was radiant with joy. Then she bent down again and began using her tongue to lap up the errant drops of cum that had escaped her lips.

    Bella tongued the sticky mess up from his nuts and lapped greedily up his cock-shaft, tonguing up the creamy ribbons. She worked across his cockhead again. At last she had licked him clean. The head of his prick glistened, polished to a luster.

    "Jesus." Santino stammered. "Muy Bien."

    The starlet grinned smugly at the compliment—proud as punch at her cock-sucking abilities.

    "Hmm. Thanks." she grinned while wiping her chin. "I've had lots of practice."

    Olivia was stunned.

    How could Bella admit such a thing? Sucking a guy off was naughty enough - but admitting that she had BLOWN plenty of guys seemed even worse. What a dirty girl she was! And now she was snuggling up affectionately next to Santino.

    "That was epic babe." Santino added while lighting up another blunt.

    "What can I say." she replied. "I love sucking your cock. Maybe if you're good I'll suck you off again later."

    He grunted his approval before the happy couple shared a hit from his joint and cuddled contentedly. But although they were snuggling, Olivia noticed that Santino didn't kiss Bella again. Nobody wanted to kiss a cocksucker, she thought.

    Now that the performance in the front seat had ended, or gone into intermission, Marcus renewed his assault on Olivia with more determination than ever.

    Olivia was now having more trouble fighting him off. Not because he was trying harder, but because she had also been effected by the display. In fact Holt had ambivalent attitudes about the entire situation.

    On the one hand she thought that Bella was a slut to give such a public performance. But on the other, Olivia felt surprisingly jealous and envious of the pleasure involved.

    Bella had obviously adored that tasty reward and it had certainly looked like a lovely thing to do. Olivia was wishing, in one way, that she too, was as open minded and "free-spirited" as her BFF. But the situation between her and Marcus was different, or so she tried to convince herself.

    The teen star suddenly felt like she was walking a tightrope, treading a thin line between purity and passion. Was it, after all, better to be chaste-and frustrated? Or to be a slut, but satisfied.

    She kept recalling how Bella's sweet lips had dragged along that shiny shaft and caressed that swollen bell-end, and how Santino had whimpered and squirmed, and-most exciting of all - how he had squirted his spunk into Bella's eager mouth.

    Her friend had obviously been servicing cock for some time. Yet the girls were roughly the same age. Olivia knew that someday she was going to have to give her first blowjob and, for that matter, have a one night stand. Was this a suitable occasion?

    Marcus was strong and handsome enough. Yet she barely knew him. But he had a big thick black cock in his pants and seemed more than eager to touch her.

    Olivia began to wonder: could she love that stiff prick without loving the man to whom it was attached?

    The starlet suddenly wished that she had never come along on the double date with Bella—and yet she didn't regret having watched Bella in action because it had been the most thrilling thing she had ever seen.

    Marcus was so hot and horny that his face looked haggard and haunted as he leaned over and kissed her neck, his hands groping for tits as he pleaded for her to "come around."

    "C'mon Olivia." he whispered into her ear while kneading her breasts. "We both know you want this."

    Olivia was weakening as his persistence wore her down, aided by a secret ally in her own loins.

    Despite her objections her pussy had turned traitor on the teenage actress, sabotaging her chastity from within. Her clit felt like a stick of exploding dynamite, ready to blow up, while her cunt was flowing like a river of steaming lava.

    She had to get off. She had to come. But where?

    For a moment she actually contemplated excusing herself from the car and rushing off to the bathroom to pleasure herself. But as Marcus' hands massaged her breasts she thought less about leaving and more about staying, and allowing him to touch her.

    Olivia rationalized.

    She told herself that the best thing she could do would be to let Marcus feel her up a little and get off that way. Otherwise she was going to get so hot and bothered that she wouldn't be able to resist anything, and might wind up on her back with this black stud between her thighs.

    Of course if she let him touch her, she knew she would have to return the favor and the thought of handling his thick trouser snake excited her. Besides. That wasn't really so bad, not like having sex or giving head in plain view of the others, and it was certainly the lesser of two evils.

    The idea was not unattractive, either. The fact that Bella and Santino were seated just a few feet away from them made the entire thing that little bit exhilarating too.

    With that said Olivia felt quite prim and proper as she reached down and began to massage his cock. Marcus' cock and balls were so frantic with lust that they were almost numb, hardened beyond feeling and swollen beyond sensation.

    For a minute he actually contemplated leaning over the front seat and asking if Bella was willing to swap seats with Olivia for a few minutes. Knowing what Bella was like (fun girl) he was pretty sure she'd agree to it.

    Fortunately for him it was only now that he realized what Olivia was doing and noticed that her hands were no longer interfering with his own. He responded to this by fondling her breasts as she continued to caress the outline of his cock through his pants.

    "You looking for something?" he teased.

    "Yeah. I am." she teased back. "I think I found it."

    Marcus knew from experience that if a girl was willing to rub his cock through his pants, she often wouldn't object to taking it out and playing with it directly either - or at least that was his experience with the likes of Stella Hudgens and McKayla Maroney a few days earlier.

    He had been wild with urgency before. But now, seeing that he was destined to get his release, he no longer felt so frantic. He could enjoy the preliminaries now that he knew there would be a result of some kind of creamy conclusion at the end.

    He began to kiss Olivia more urgently on the neck and face and murmured words of encouragement.

    "Have you ever had a thick nigga dick before baby?"

    Olivia shook her head as she continued to massage his pole.

    "You think you can handle this?"

    "It's so..big." she whispered softly.

    After several moments of tease the couple finally kissed each other on the lips for the very first time, their mouth's grinding together as his long pink tongue probed her teenage mouth and her lips parted.

    Normally, Olivia wouldn't allow herself to be French kissed on a first date, especially by a guy she barely knew, but with a handful of black meat in her hand it seemed sort of silly to put up barriers at this point.

    Marcus pushed his tongue deep into her mouth and Olivia began to suck on it. Her own tongue curled and coiled around it. Sucking on a guy's tongue was really thrilling for her, as she imagined what it would be like to suck his dick.

    When his tongue withdrew, her tongue followed and he sucked it into his own mouth in turn. They swapped tongues back and forth, panting into each other's mouths, salivating together and sharing spit.

    It truly was a striking scene to behold, such a dark man heavily entwined with such a young white, blonde teenager.

    Hearing the commotion, Bella glanced back from the front seat and smiled. She grinned when she saw that Marcus and Olivia were finally starting to "get along."

    Bella had been listening to their struggles and she had thought much the same as Marcus, if Olivia didn't start to treat him better, she might have offered to climb into the backseat to take care of him too.

    The idea of blowing Marcus was exciting but the thought of servicing both men by the end of the night made her cunt wet. Bella had never been gang-banged before, but it was one of her favorite fantasy, something she liked to think about as she jammed her sisters rabbit vibrator inside her tight clam on a nightly basis.

    Of course, the idea might have made Santino jealous, so it was probably just as well that Olivia had started to behave. Bella turned back to Santino and began to rub his prick again. Since it didn't appear that she was going to have a chance to blow Marcus now, she might as well help herself to more cock, she reasoned.

    Santino's big cock had subsided somewhat after his initial climax but it hadn't gone completely soft. It hung down along his thigh. But when Bella commenced to run her nimble fingers over him, his prick started to rise again - making her smile.

    "Hmm. I bet you like that huh." she whispered into his ear. "Me playing with your cock while the others get it on behind us."

    Hearing this Santino attempted to look back and see what Bella was talking about.

    "Ah-Uh-Ah." Bella teased while turning his face back around with her finger. "Keep your eyes on the movie."

    "You're such a tease Bella."

    "Only I'm allowed to watch." she purred while stroking his cock back to life.

    "What are they doing?"

    "Only I'm allowed to watch him finger my friend."

    Santino's balls slowly filled out, and his cock came up in a series of jolts, straightening out into a stiff rod, the head flaring and flushing.

    Bella stroked in no great hurry, enjoying the feel of his cock swelling and hardening in her hand and his balls filling with another precious load of the stuff that she adored.

    She continued to glance back, from time to time, to see how Olivia and Marcus were getting along. The couple in the backseat was getting along quite well.

    Marcus had lifted Olivia's shirt now, without any objections, and had begun to fondle her naked tits with both hands. His thumbs swept back and forth across the hard tips. Then he lowered his head and began to lick and suck at her pristine nipples.

    Olivia squealed with glee. She had never had her tits suckled before and the sensation was mind-numbing. A tongue and mouth felt a whole lot nicer than a hand, she thought, as she purred and squirmed and pushed her chest into his face.

    The teen star arched her back, thrusting her chest out while still rubbing his cock and balls. Marcus ran his tongue between the length of her cleavage, like he was marking territory with is tongue, before he circled back towards the stiff peaks of her nipples, slurping and murmuring.

    "Ugh. Fuck." she panted softly. "Take it out."

    Noting this Marcus grinned, knowing what came next.

    "Take it out?" he repeated.

    "Please." Holt whispered softly. "I want to see it."

    "Why don't you be my guest?" he offered.

    Without missing a beat the teen starlet unbuckled his belt and unsnapped the top of his trousers, then began to draw the zipper down. His fly opened in a wide vee and his prick sprang out like a wild bull.

    "Holy shit." Olivia gasped at the sheer size of his cock.

    In her estimation Marcus was at least nine-inches long and two inches thick, and just about possessed the biggest cock that, in her limited experience, she had ever seen.

    The blonde star tucked her hand into his fly and hauled his balls out, too, wanting all of his sex available for her to gaze upon. She drank the sight in with her eyes and was clearly dumbfounded by it.

    The head of his cock was a huge, flaring, mushroom-shaped hunk of dark, steaming meat. The tip was already sticky with a flow of preliminary jism.

    His shaft was wide and iron-hard and the vein that pulsed up the underside was as big as Olivia's little finger. His balls were in proportion to his big prick, looking like over inflated balloons. He was still palming her naked pale tits as she eyed his prize.

    Olivia folded her delicate fist around the root of his organ and began to jack him slowly.

    She loved doing it, but she wanted to make it last. She wasn't going to blow him of course, since she was not that sort of girl, but the idea alone was so thrilling to her that it made her pussy cream and she rubbed her thighs together.

    "Yeah. That's it." Marcus sighed. "Stroke my cock."

    As Olivia stroked him Marcus began to work a hand into her pants. Holt didn't even offer token resistance, now. With his cock out and in her grasp, she could hardly refuse a guy a feel of her sex, and besides, the horny teenager was desperate to get fingered.

    Marcus deftly slipped his hand inside her jeans and panties in one swift action and slowly approached his target. Olivia squirmed with anticipation and pushed her crotch up from the seat, toward his hand.

    Knowing that she was willing, now, Marcus was perversely reluctant to pleasure her. She had resisted him for so long that he now wanted to make her suffer.

    "Go on. Go ahead." she whimpered hotly. "You can touch me there if you want to."

    Marcus grinned fiendishly.

    "Touch you where?"

    "You know."


    "Between my legs." she whispered sweetly.

    "Tell me Olivia." he rasped. "Where do you want me to touch you baby?"

    "My pussy." she answered seductively. "You can touch my pussy."

    "You mean your CUNT." he emphasized the word.

    "Yeah." Olivia blushed slightly. "Touch my cunt."

    "Yeah?" I said, insisting that she repeat her dirty talk.

    "You can touch my cunt if you want."

    With that said Marcus brushed the tips of his fingers along Olivia's slimy sex-lips. The TV starlet writhed about on the seat, totally abandoned to her seething needs now. Her own hand losing a stroke on his huge cock as she concentrated on the sensations surging up and down her spine.

    Cunt-juice now filled the crotch of her panties and seeping out from the leg holes.

    She could sense how wet she was as her juices seeped down into the taut crack of her ass while she shifted around. Marcus traced along her succulent mound then began to flick his thick fingers over her throbbing clit - causing her legs to spasm.

    Olivia gurgled with joy and kissed him ferociously on the mouth. He took his time, his fondling light and slow. He eventually pushed his middle finger up into her teen cunt-hole, working it up to the knuckle and then turning it about inside her, while her young pristine sex sucked it in.

    "God damn you're wet right now." he hissed between kisses.

    This comment only spurred her on as Olivia was fingered by him.

    She threw her head back and switched her pretty face from side to side, her expression contorted by lust. Marcus added a second finger to the mix and began to push-pull them in and out of her tight little cunt causing her head to swim.

    "Where are my fingers right now?" he asked her.

    "Oh. God." Olivia moaned back.

    "You ever had a nigga stick his fingers deep inside your white little pussy. Huh?"

    "OMG." Holt yelped. "Your fingers. Are so thick and deep."

    "Yeah. You like that don't you." he grinned evilly.

    Marcus enjoying playing with her cunt but he wanted to see what he was doing.

    He paused for a moment to unzip and haul more of her jeans down her legs and then to her surprised he shoved them and her panties down to her knees, leaving her to lie there in the backseat with her clothes pooled around her feet.

    Olivia suddenly found herself close to naked and trembled with shame. It was dangerous to let a guy remove her panties, she knew.

    It would be awfully easy and tempting to spread her legs when her crotch was naked and let him slip his huge black cock inside her. But she would have to resist...somehow.

    He then directed her to lie back and kick her feet up so he could strip her of her pants entirely. Despite her initial qualms about getting naked Olivia did as she was told and watched as he drew both her pants and panties off her feet and tossed them aside.

    Olivia automatically clamped her legs together, protectively, once her cunt was bare. But then she immediately spread them open again she felt strangely empowered by the way Marcus now glared down at her teenage cunt, hungrily.

    He was leaning over her, staring between her legs, his face a mask of desire. Olivia felt dizzy with exhilaration. She was clinging to his hard cock tightly now, as if to support herself, to keep from collapsing in a daze.

    Marcus moved his hand to her bare naked crotch, palm upwards. He began to slowly shove three fingers up inside her tigh teen cunt while his other hand cupped her whole pussy mound.

    "Oh. God." she moaned and began to beat his cock furiously.

    Cunt-sap gushed down his probing fingers and pooled in his palm, ribbons of the stuff dripping from the edges.

    Her clit was pounding. She ground her hips wildly from side to side, working her smoldering cunt against his probing digits, her thighs thrown wide apart and her belly pumping up and down in a fucking motion.

    "Yeah. You want this nigga dick?" he hissed as he fingered her with three digits.

    "OMG." Olivia moaned back. "So close."

    Her fist skimmed his prick steadily. His prick lengthened, and she knew she was going to bring him off soon. She wanted to come with him, to have him come with her, to share the heights of sensation at the same instant.

    "Oh. God. Shoot it." she wailed. "Shoot your load all over me!"

    "Is that what you want?"

    "Yeah." she grunted erotically. "I want to see you shoot!!"

    Marcus groaned, finding her erotic words every bit as thrilling as her stroking hand. His ass bucked as he fucked her fist.

    Olivia was looking down between their bodies, watching his cock, wanting to see the stuff spurt out of his cock. She saw that the flaring cock-knob was already frothy with slime.

    Long waves of ecstasy rushed across her belly, and the electric current rushed up her thighs as her cunt seemed to melt on his fingers. Cunt-sap now poured freely out of her hole as she wailed with joy and her fist pounded up and down on his huge organ.

    Marcus stiffened. Olivia felt spunk rush up his cock. The thick jism hosed from the head of his penis and soared out, rising high and then falling back to splash directly across Olivia's naked belly.

    "Oh. OMG." she squealed with surprise when she felt the lava of his lust soaking her.

    Despite the surprise she continued to pump his prick, and he kept shooting load after load of hot jizz. Her cunt was still creaming, pussy juice streaming down her legs as she pumped his cock furiously.

    With his fat cock emptied it still stood throbbing and angry in her grasp. Olivia gazed down at her breasts, seeing his hot seed awash across the smooth slopes of her tits and belly and dripping from her naked nipples.

    Lower down she could see her thighs, still spread open, glistening with arousal. Olivia grinned at her own perversion. In all her life she had never engaged is such a lewd activity (and with a complete stranger no less) and it tickled her pink.

    It was at this point that the TV starlet exhaled deeply and looked up only to realize that Bella Thorne had been watching her the entire time and now sat there with a bemused look on her face while licking her lips.

    Noting this seductive expression there was no doubt in Holt's mind that her devious friend was contemplating something truly diabolical.

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    Super hot. Great story TPG.

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    HOT HOT HOT ! Hope there's more !

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    Really hope to see a second part to this story!

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    two hotties... would obviously make the story HOT... however wish Bella had more scope... but maybe that is for the sequel.. !

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    How can this story just end at that point? Jesus we need a follow up. That was incredible.

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