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Thread: Debby's Big Birthday Bash Blow Out #2 (CYA)

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    fanfiction Debby's Big Birthday Bash Blow Out #2 (CYA)

    With Victoria Justice, Chloe Moretz, Selena Gomez, Olivia Holt, Bella Thorne, and McKayla Maroney
    Created by TPG

    With your girlfriends permission you BLOW your load all over Ariel WINTER's face, startling her briefly as you watch it seep down her neck and between her ample breasts!

    Sammi HANRATTY immediately jumps into action and slurps at the sticky substance, running her tongue along Ariel's neck and throat before leaning back and grinning smugly.

    You then watch as Debby reaches over to swipe a finger at the gooey mess before wiping it across Kelli's mouth.

    "Next time, don't be such a wise ass!" she directs at Berglund who simply nods submissively.

    With that said you put away your cock as Debby grabs you by the hand and leads you back downstairs where she continues to show you around her opulent home.

    The party rages on around you as Debby leads you into the garage where you thank her for the incredible encounter upstairs. You show your gratitude by kissing her hard on the lips and slipping your hand down between her legs to massage her sex through her swimsuit.

    The "JESSIE" star giggles and moans and claims that this is just the beginning, as she apparently has a major surprise for you later in the evening but insists you TRY to be patient.

    "Trust me." she teases. "I'll be worth it."

    While you wonder what she has planned (anal, a three-way, a free pass with one of her friends?) the two of you are interrupted by the sound of commotion in the foyer.

    It seems that another car load of guests have arrived to the party and Debby shrieks with glee as she realizes who it is.

    A moment later you recognize Selena GOMEZ, Vanessa HUDGENS, and Victoria JUSTICE, who are a little late to the party but for good reason, as they apparently have a surprise of their own.

    It seems they've brought along the "entertainment" for the evening and introduce their friend Aspen RAE. According to Vanessa, Aspen's been paid to perform a 30min masturbation show, which includes a very explicit SYBIAN ride.

    Inside the ladies are greeted warmly by the other guests as everyone quickly realizes that Selena Gomez is BLIND DRUNK! As it turns out she's apparently having MORE issues with her man-child boyfriend Justin Bieber and has been hitting the sauce all afternoon long.

    In fact she can barely walk much less stand straight or interact with anyone.

    At one point she trips over and makes a scene, causing several of the other girls to burst out laughing. This of course infuriates Selena who tries to get up and proceeds to lash out and abuse anyone in her vicinity.

    "WTF ARE YOU LOOKING AT?" she directs at Bella THORNE who happens to be one of her biggest fans.

    "WHOA. WTF is her problem?" Josie CANSECO remarks while sticking her head into the hallway.

    This of course sets Selena right off again.

    "Excuse me? Who the hell are you? Do we have a problem here?" Selena hisses before VJ comes to the rescue and takes her upstairs to calm down.

    It's there she feeds the temperamental singer several more drinks and helps her take a load off on one of the large beds. Fortunately for her the "Spring Breakers" star soon passes out and VJ is more than relieved.

    She then debates with Vanessa if they should just leave Selena alone in the room while they go downstairs to enjoy the party.

    "Don't worry about her." Vanessa says. "She'll be fine up here."

    "Yeah. Besides." Debby agrees. "It's just us girls here tonight. It's not like anyone will try to take advantage of her or something."

    Minutes later the ladies head downstairs and help themselves to a beer as Aspen prepares for her explicit show.

    It's during this time as everyone is distracted that Bella THORNE, Olivia HOLT, and McKayla MARONEY sneak upstairs to "check on" Selena and can't believe she's pass out drunk!

    It's there that they proceed to pose with the sleeping singer and can't help but giggle as they carefully manipulate her limps into various positions.

    It's around this time that Olivia stumbles across someone's luggage (Aspen) and to their surprise it appears to be filled with revealing outfits and SEX toys!

    "Oh. My. God." Olivia gasps. "Do you think this stuff belongs to her?"

    "Don't be ridiculous." McKayla laughs. "Selena couldn't be THAT kinky could she?"

    "Err. I don't know." Bella chimes in. "Nothing surprises me with her anymore."

    Fortunately for them Olivia puts two and two together and realizes that the bag actually belongs to Aspen Rae downstairs.

    The ladies can't help but laugh as McKayla retrieves a very large and menacing DONG from the bag and smacks its substantial weight against her hand.

    "Wow. You could knock someone out with this."

    Olivia insists that they put it back but Bella proceeds to snoop around some more and stumbled across two more sex toys. The girls can't stop laughing as McKayla then poses with Selena AND the huge black dildo!

    "OMG. This is too funny." Olivia chuckles as she too gets caught up in the moment and takes several snaps with her cell phone. "This is the funniest thing ever!"

    "Jesus Selena." McKayla jokes. "I didn't know you had a thing for black cock!"

    Meanwhile Bella then takes one of the vibrators and places it against the singers thighs. To their surprise the slumbering songstress moans in her sleep and this only encourages them.

    "OH. Rub it against her ass." McKayla suggests. "See if that does anything."

    The girls then proceed to "experiment" and place various devices around Selena's body and giggle as she seems to respond differently to varying objects.

    McKayla then takes it up a notch as she boldly places one of the toys between the Latina's legs, pressing it right against her panty-clad crotch.

    This seems to have the desired effect as they hear Selena moan Justin's name.

    "OMG." Olivia covers her mouth. "It's turning her on!"

    Thinking quickly, she then goes over to stand watch at the door while Bella and McKayla continue to molest Selena Gomez in her sleep. Bella takes this opportunity to carefully peek down Selena's top to admire her ample breasts.

    "Wow. Not bad." she comments before reaching in to gently grope and fondle her.

    "Guys. We shouldn't be doing this right now." Holt comments as her friends continue to giggle and screw around.

    Despite her concerns Bella proceeds to straddle Selena's hips and poses provocatively for the camera as McKayla snaps away. They then persuade Olivia to come over and grind one of the sex toys between Selena's legs, as the others take turns using GOMEZ as some kind of prop or trophy.

    "This will teach her for acting like a bitch to me earlier." Bella remarks.

    "Absolutely." McKayla agrees. "She totally deserves this right now."

    It's during this time that Bella grows bolder and bolder and suddenly straddles her face and pulls her bikini bottoms to the side to expose her teen cunt, hovering her SEX directly above Selena's mouth.

    Her pussy is just inches away from the singers lips before she proceeds to wipe her hairless mound against her chin! At the same time Selena lets out an audible moan as Olivia continues to stimulate her with a small but powerful vibrator.

    "Wow." McKayla remarks. "That looks so hot. The two of you taking advantage of her like this."

    "Err. Am I doing this right?" Olivia remarks as she jams the side of the toy along Selena's mound.

    "Imagine if she woke up right now!" Bella giggles as she continues to grind her own pussy across Selena's mouth.

    But just as McKayla stands there taking pix the singer is roused awake and instinctively groans and proceeds to lick the hairless vagina which hovers over her mouth.

    Bella's laugh is suddenly replaced with by a moan as she feels Selena's tongue make direct contact with her slit, and explore her insides.

    "Oh. Shit." Bella lets out. "Oh. God. She's licking me. Fuck. Right there."

    Noting this. Holt applies extra pressure to the sex toy as they watch Selena lick and explore Bella's cunt.

    Olivia is then shocked as McKayla comes over to kneel beside her by the bed and replaced the device with two of her own fingers, apparently intent of getting Selena off as quickly as possible, hoping this will make her drift back to sleep.

    Gomez now moans and squirms about on the bed as the Olympic Gold Medalist coaxes Holt into action, inviting her to slip her own fingers inside the "Spring Breakers" star, as she leans over and nibbles at her clit.

    "Go ahead and stick your finger in her ass." McKayla suggests.

    "Huh?" The "Kickin It" star stammers. "Are you sure?"

    "Absolutely. That'll definitely get her off. Trust me."

    Olivia reluctantly complies and watches spellbound as McKayla leans over and eagerly licks and slurps at Selena's succulent cunt, while she herself continues to finger and probe her at the same time.

    It's an incredible scene as all four ladies moan and whimper on the bed, all intent on making Selena Gomez cum before she makes Bella climax with her mouth...

    Meanwhile back downstairs the ladies get settled in to watch the sexy strip show and Chloe MORETZ comes over to playfully sit on Victoria's knee. In fact she makes herself quite comfortable on VJ's lap as the lights dim and the show gets underway.

    The ladies cheer as Aspen goes right to work, stripping down to her birthday suit and shaking her ass to the music. It's only now that YOU look around and notice that a few of the girls appear to be missing.

    While you contemplate slipping away to go check on the others, you watch as Chloe squirms against VJ's knee and notice that the TV starlet is a little taken aback.

    Nevertheless Chloe cheers loudly with the rest of the girls as she continues to grind her sex into Victoria's knee.

    VJ is initially shocked by this behavior, but can't help but find it funny and strangely arousing, especially as she can almost feel the entire outline of Chloe's teenager cunt against her leg.

    At one point she looks over at her sister and giggles nervously, as Maddy notices them together and raises an eyebrow. It's during this performance that VJ places her hands on Chloe's hips, as the younger teen now rubs her sex even more adamantly than before.

    They watch as Aspen moves to give Debby Ryan an aggressive LAP DANCE while totally naked, as Deb plays along and playfully runs her fingers up and down Aspen's hips and butt, and sucks one of her nipples into her mouth.

    The ladies cheer loudly as Aspen then moves to straddle a SYBIAN which is placed in the middle of the room and hands control of the device to Debby who is instructed to manage the power and vibration as she rides it to orgasm.

    The entire room erupts with cheers as Aspen slowly eases herself down onto the machine and proceeds to rub her clit as device fucks her. This display seems to really turn Chloe on, grinding her hips even harder than before and almost humping VJ's leg.

    At this point Victoria is barely concentrating on the show as she has this hot little minx bouncing up and down on her knee and using her to get off.

    Realizing that she's going to lose control of the situation, Justice places her hands on Chloe's hips to calm her down, but as the teen star continues to bounce around this only intensifies the sensation.

    Aspen finally climbs off the Sybian and then urges Debby to take her place, as her friends yell for her to do it!

    "Seriously Deb, you need to get on that thing!" Josie Canseco yells. "If you won't I will!"

    "Not before me you're not!" Ava Sambora shouts over the screaming women.

    Debby tentatively moves to straddle the machine as Aspen hands the controller of the device to Kendall JENNER.

    "Just start her off nice and slow, and ease her into it." Aspen suggests before walking in your direction to help herself to a bottle of water.

    "Enjoying the show?" she smiles, as you can only nod vehemently as you watch your girlfriend in the background get pseudo-fucked by one of the Jenner's.

    "This should be fun." Aspen adds. "Watch Debby have the best orgasm of her life!"

    Deb proceeds to moan out loud which is apparently too much for Chloe and Victoria to take. VJ is finally forced to push the "CARRIE" star off her knee as she gets up and excuses herself to go to the bathroom.

    Noting this Chloe grins and has a wicked thought.

    A minute later she follows the TV star down the hallway and into the bathroom where she leans on the door and finds VJ standing in front of the mirror catching her breath.

    "Hey. Are you okay?" Chloe asks, as VJ explains that the atmosphere in the room is a little much for her to take.

    "All those girls screaming like that. Drives me crazy."

    "Yeah. I know what you mean." Chloe smiles. "It's pretty overwhelming."

    Despite her explanation Chloe grins and throws caution to the wind, comes onto the older actress who is flattered by declines her advances.

    "Err. I'm sorry." Victoria blushes. "But I'm not gay."

    But Chloe doesn't seem to take NO for an answer, and giggles at her reaction.

    "Seriously? We're the fuck do you think you are?"

    "Excuse me?"

    "We're in Hollywood Vicky." Mortez replies. "There's no such thing as GAY or STRAIGHT. Just. Fun."

    While VJ smiles nervously and attempts to leave Chloe blocks her exit.

    "What now?"

    "Can I ask you a question?" Chloe suddenly puts on a childish voice and pouts. "Do you think I'm pretty?"

    Victoria assures her that she's cute as Chloe closes the space between them and leans in to kiss her on the lips. VJ is stunned by the action as Chloe starts to apologize, but then turns around and asks if she can kiss her again?

    "Look. You're sweet..." VJ starts to say before Chloe grabs the back of her head and shoves her tongue down her throat.

    VJ is initially surprised by Chloe's aggressiveness and strength (for such a small girl) but when Chloe kisses her harshly and reaches down to grab her ass with both hands Justice hears herself sigh onto the girls mouth.

    Victoria then gasps as she feels Chloe plunge her hand inside the front of her pants where she attempts to finger her. It's a strange image as the younger and more petite girl effortlessly dominates the much older and taller one.

    Chloe then proceeds to kiss her way down Victoria's body, lifting her top so as to lick and kiss all around her exposed ribs and belly before kneeling before her and unbuckling her belt.

    VJ's head is spinning and before she knows what's to say Chloe has her pants and underwear pooled down around her knees and is hungrily licking at her bare naked CUNT!

    TV'S TORI VEGA can only moan as she leans back against the counter top, gripping the porcelain sink with her hands as she has pristine pussy licked and sucked by the younger, more energetic actress.

    It's during this time that Madison REED notices her sister is missing from the "SYBIAN" group and gets up to go check on her. Noting this YOU decide to take a look yourself and follow Maddy down the hall only to see her stop dead in her tracks as she peers though a small gap in the door.

    You then watch as Madison spies on her sister and Chloe as they share a moment together, and it suddenly occurs to you that with all the energy and pent up frustration flying around the place, the same thing could be happening elsewhere in the house and you wonder if you should head upstairs to investigate.

    You now have a decision to make...stay there with Madison and the ladies in the bathroom, or head upstairs and see what's going on with Selena and Company?

    What should happen next:

    • Stay With Madison REED, Victoria JUSTICE, and Chloe MORETZ?
    • Head Upstairs To Selena GOMEZ, Olivia HOLT, McKayla MARONEY, and Bella THORNE?
    • Go Back And interact with Debby RYAN, Aspen RAE, and The Sybian?
    • Roam Around and Explore The Rest Of The House On Your Own?


    FYI you can vote for more than one person/event


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    Wow. I guess we have a CLEAR winner/direction we want to go. (upstairs) lol

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    Great chapter TPG. I can't wait to see what the next chapter brings us.

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    Bella and Crew ! Great so far

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    Terrific second entry into this exciting CYA orgy of pleasure, play and party. Personally, wished to stay where this chapter leaves off with Chole just overwhelming Victoria. Great dialogue and pacing there TPG, I really felt Chloe's presence just suffocating my emotions and twisting my mind that eagerly seeks to shuck Victoria wet clam.

    Meanwhile, I just love how you punish the bad girls, Kelli previously, now old meanie Selena going to be surround by a gaggle of horny teens. It will be interested how Selena rolls with the erotic setting she finds herself in and if Bella can keep her submissive or not. Our hero might be needed to turn the tide upstairs.

    Finally, Aspen was the correct call for sure because she blends well into the atmosphere and inserts a wild card into future fuck scenarios with our birthday gal. I hope our hero gets an opportunity to ride the ultimate pleasure ride, Aspen Rae. Damn, so much to bang, lick and squeeze... hope our hero can keep his candle on fire through out the endless party.

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    Head upstairs plz

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    I would like to see Kelli Berglund involved again, especially if she is with Olivia Holt and Debby Ryan.

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    I'm loving this choose your adventure story you've got going, TPG. It's some good stuff, anyways I voted for going upstairs.

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