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Thread: Debby's Big Birthday Bash Blow Out #3 (CYA)

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    fanfiction Debby's Big Birthday Bash Blow Out #3 (CYA)

    With Bella Thorne, Olivia Holt, McKayla Maroney, and Selena Gomez
    Created by TPG

    As the party rages on in the next room, you watch as Madison REED quietly tiptoes down the hallway and secretly spies on her sister in the bathroom from the shadows.

    You're immediately intrigued and consider sneaking up behind her as you watch her reach up and briefly fondle one of her own pert breasts through her bikini top.

    Whatever it is that she's seeing is clearly turning her on, but before you have an opportunity to say or do anything Maddy see's you standing there and panics, no doubt embarrassed by her actions.

    Thinking quickly you try to save face and head upstairs where you decide to take a quick look around. You're keen to find what the OTHER girls are doing especially with Debby RYAN and Aspen RAE putting on such a phenomenal show downstairs.

    To you amusement you can clearly hear the party raging on even from the second floor as you snoop around and suddenly detect some strange noises emanating from one of the bedrooms. Taking a leaf from Maddy's book, you tiptoe over to the door and peer inside only to gasp with surprise at what you find.

    Inside you watch as Selena GOMEZ lies in the middle of a bed getting licked, sucked, and probed by three teenagers. The fact that the three girls in question appear to be Bella THORNE, McKayla MARONEY and Olivia HOLT blows your mind.

    You quietly watch as McKayla moves to straddle Selena's face while Bella kneels down between the singers legs and licks her neatly shaved CUNT!

    You also notice that Olivia appears to be kneeling beside the bed and is casually stroking Selena's breasts while her friends have their way with her.

    The entire incident gives you instant WOOD as Bella picks up a large toy and proceeds to feed the black dong into the sleeping beauty, causing Selena to arch her back sharply and moan out loud.

    Meanwhile McKayla now howls as she pulls her bikini bottoms to the side allowing Selena's tongue to snake its way inside her hairless mound and find her G-Spot.

    "Oh. Fuck." Maroney groans as she throws her knees apart and grinds her sex against the Latina's face. "Right there."

    To your surprise Selena appears to be passed out drunk, but at the same time her body seems to be reacting to the stimulation she's getting from all three ladies.

    Feeling bold you decide to step inside to join the fun but it doesn't go as planned, as the ladies panic and leap from the bed. You can't help but snicker as you watch them scatter from Selena's lifeless body and make a run for it!

    It seems the ladies know exactly who YOU are and assume you're going to run to Debby and get them all in trouble. But you quickly reach out and grab Olivia by the arm and instruct the girls to line up beside one another by the bed.

    "Wait! Just hold on a minute." You hiss. "Don't. Fucking. Move."

    It's while glancing over at the bed that you pause to admire how incredible Selena looks, lying there passed out with her legs spread wide and her breasts and sex on full display, her clothes ripped, like she's just been mauled by a group of savages.

    The starlet lays there in a HOT mess, still sleeping but moaning softly while her genitalia glistens in saliva.

    "We were just having a little fun." McKayla claims.

    "Fun?" You repeat. "You practically mauled the poor girl!"

    "Please." Olivia chimes in. "Don't tell Debby. She'll get mad."

    "Well. That all depends." You reply.

    "On what?" Bella interrupts.

    "On how CO-OPERATIVE the three of you are willing to be."

    The three starlets catch on immediately as Bella steps forward and her actions speak louder than words.

    The others gasp as they watch the redheaded harlot drop to her knees before you and proceed to unzip your fly. Even they're surprised by her audacity as there's little doubt as to what she has in mind.

    Seems Bella wants to make a trade: her mouth (BJ) for your silence.

    You then instruct the other two girls to get undressed, and while Holt initially hesitates, McKayla immediately strips, clearly more comfortable with her body.

    You're immediately impressed by the Gymnast's HARDBODY and tell her to turn around and show you her ass, before you ask her to help undress her blonde friend.

    Meanwhile Bella wastes little time grasping you firmly in her hand and wraps her sweet succulent lips around the head of your cock, sucking you into her mouth and causing your eyes to roll into the back of your head.

    "Very good." You let out as you proceed to fuck her hot mouth, causing spit to drool from her chin.

    Bella's throat starts to make an audible quenching sound as she opens wide and proceeds to DEEP THROAT you.

    Meanwhile all your attention is drawn to Olivia Holt who finally takes off her top and exposes her pert young breasts to the room...which are magnificent.

    In fact they're just about the most flawless set of tits you've ever seen!

    You then tell McKayla to play and fondle with them as Olivia tenses to her friends groping, and whimpers softly as McKayla leans over to gently suck one of her nipples into her mouth.

    Judging from the expression on Holt's face (blushing brightly) its clearly the first time she's ever engaged in any serious girl-on-girl activity before.

    McKayla seems to notice this and shares a knowing smile with you as she turns Olivia's face by her chin and kisses her sweetly on the lips. What starts off as a simple peck quickly escalates into a full-blown TONGUE-KISS which goes on for some time.

    You then suggest that she look inside that bag of goodies and find an appropriate TOY for Olivia to play with. But to your amusement McKayla retrieves a large STRAP-ON DILDO from the floor and Holt's eyes grow wide.

    "Oh no." she quips, making her friends giggle. "Get that thing away from me."

    "Come on Olivia." McKayla grins. "Don't be shy. You know you want it."

    "You're not sticking that thing inside me McKayla. No fucking way!"

    "Look. Do you want him to tell Debby about what we were doing to Selena earlier?" Maroney argues. "Just man up and play along."

    With that said it doesn't take much to convince McKayla to strap the elaborate device to her hips before Olivia drops to her knees and agrees to blow it. It's a wild scene as Selena Gomez lays there naked on the bed while both Bella and Olivia are on their knees sucking DICK.

    Watching Holt perform you can't help but wonder what her sweet TEEN mouth would feel like wrapped around your own tool. But Bella notices this and winks up at you as she deep-throats you again, taking you ALL the way back into her narrow little throat, and reminding you that you're already getting an exquisite BJ.

    "What now?" Olivia whines as she wipes her chin of saliva.

    "You know what to do." You direct at McKayla. "I want you to fuck HER with that thing."

    "WHAT?" Holt snaps. "No. Please."

    "Don't worry." McKayla assures her as she helps her up. "I'll go slow. I promise."

    "Err. You better." Olivia replies as she gets up from the floor and moves towards the bed.

    Olivia lays back on the bed beside Selena and waits to be entered by her friend. To her credit McKayla appears to know exactly what she's doing, making you wonder if she's done this sort of thing before.

    Holt whimpers softly at first but as Maroney slowly embeds herself inside the petite blonde and begins to swivel her hips back and forth until Olivia can't help but cry out in pleasure.

    "Oh. McKayla. OMG." Olivia moans louder as her friend picks up the pace and now thrusts back and forth, her rubber balls bumping against the teenagers butt hole.

    "C'mon. Take it." Her friend replies above her. "Take it you little slut. We both know you can handle it."

    "Oh. Please." Olivia gasps. "It's so big."

    Maroney seems eager to get Holt off as she leans over and takes one of her friends nipples into her mouth.

    This seems to have the desired effect as Olivia grows increasingly WET and soon spreads her knees farther apart and moans out loud, creaming the device with her juices as it now RAMS into her continually.

    "C'mon. Take my cock!" McKayla hisses. "Gimme that sweet pussy Olivia. This pussy is all mine!"

    "Ugh." Holt grunts back. "God. I can't believe you're fucking me with this thing!"

    This display, combined with Bella's talented mouth almost makes you pop in Thorne's mouth. In fact you reach down and GRIP Bella's hair harshly with your fist which makes her shriek briefly before you pull her up and shove her towards the bed.

    You then tongue-kiss Bella hard on the mouth as your fingers find her CUNT and you slip two digits inside. You then instruct Olivia to change positions on the bed and suggest she bend over on all fours so that McKayla can take her from behind.

    "Oh. Yes please!" McKayla agrees. "Please let me take you doggy-style Olivia. I'd love to fuck you from behind!"

    It's an incredible scene as McKayla now SLAMS into the Disney starlet hard and fast from behind, causing Olivia to cry out with glee with every upstroke.

    To your amusement McKayla seems to take extra pleasure from this and now RAILS into her teenage friend while giving her a few added spanks across her butt.

    "Take it. Take it you little whore!" McKayla yells. "You like that. Huh? You like my THICK COCK inside you Olivia?"

    "Ow. Yes. Fuck. Yes!" Olivia grunts back over her shoulder. "Harder McKayla! Fuck me with your BIG BLACK COCK!"

    It's only now you pull out of Bella's mouth, and while holding her tight by the hair, you push McKayla out of the way and shove Bella's face deep into Olivia's ass cheeks.

    "Eat her ass you little slut!" You hiss down at the "Shake It Up" star. "And use that tongue. Get up in there...Good girl."

    Judging from the sounds emanating from the other side of the bed, the petite redhead is doing a fine job of RIMMING her blonde BFF as you pull McKayla closer to you and kiss her hard on the lips.

    In an instant McKayla is on her knees before you taking your LENGTH into the back of her throat, but unlike Bella who's clearly skilled in the act, Maroney can only choke and gag all over you, coating your rod in copious amounts of saliva and drool which only turns you on more.

    In fact her face is an absolute mess as you proceed to FUCK her mouth for a few minutes, then direct McKayla up to her feet and invite her to move in behind Bella, who at this point is on her hands and knees eagerly rimming Olivia...and tell her to fuck her with the strap on!

    "C'mon. Get up here." You hiss. "I want to see you fuck your sexy friends."

    McKayla is only too happy to oblige as the ladies make an incredible scene, an impromptu all-girl train across the bed. It's at this point that you notice Bella is reaching over with her spare hand to caress Selena's body, leisurely caressing her inner thigh.

    You snicker as you reach over and slap her hand away and then refocus your attention on the sleeping beauty. You chuckle inwardly as you realize that in all the commotion you almost forgot the biggest prize of all...SELENA.

    Feeling bold you spread Selena's legs wide and proceeds to lick her from stem to stern. To your amusement the stunning starlet doesn't stir at first but the moment your tongue invades her tiny little rectum she moans audibly.

    This gives you all the permission you need to proceed, and you repeat the action again and again.

    You continue to eat Selena's ASS fastidiously, only to be joined by Olivia a minute later who proceeds to lick and suck at the singers gleaming cunt-lips.

    Noting this you glance over to see what the others are doing and find Bella and McKayla now locked in a hot and sweaty SIXTY-NINE, before Bella moves to straddle McKayla's hips and proceeds to ride her LOUDLY.

    "You want to stick that inside huh?" Bella growls. "Come on then. Let fuck. LETS FUCK YOU NASTY LITTLE BITCH!"

    "Ugh! You're gonna cop it so bad Bella." McKayla hisses back. "I'm going to fuck you till you help me!"

    "C'mon then! Put your money where your mouth is slut!" Bella taunts her. "Fuck me. Teach me a lesson!"

    Meanwhile you and Olivia share a passionate kiss (just inches away from Selena's bare cunt) before you tell her to spit her saliva all over the singers sex. The two of you watch as Holt's slimy wet drool oozes down the length of Selena's hairless mound, across her petal-like lips and over her anus before you invite Olivia to rim her.

    "Go ahead." You tempt her. "I want to see you lick her ass. Stick your tongue in Selena's ass Olivia."

    To your delight Olivia reluctantly complies and proceeds to tentatively explore Selena's backdoor.

    Thinking quickly, you stand up and move to mount Olivia from behind as she now moans and sticks her tongue even deep inside Selena's tiny rectum.

    "That's it. Keep rimming her." You praise her. "Good girl. She likes that."

    You initially attempt to take the blonde teen the old fashioned way but suddenly decide to do something wicked, and press your manhood against her tight backdoor.

    "What do you think you're doing?" Holt remarks over her shoulder with a seductive grin.

    "I was going to stick my cock in your ass." You tell her. "If you let me."

    To your surprise Olivia simply shrugs. "Do it. If you have to. I won't stop you."

    "Do what Olivia?" You grin back, waiting to hear her say the words.

    "Stick it in my ass." She whispers hotly. "Stick that big FAT cock in my ass and FUCK ME while I eat Selena!"

    With that said you push your hips forward and enter Holt's backdoor.

    The action causes both of you to moan out loud as Bella Thorne notices what's going on, and not wanting to be outdone, raises her hips above McKayla's fake cock and carefully eases herself back onto it again, this time penetrating her bunghole.

    "Oh. Yeah." Maroney moans in awe. "You like. Huh? You like my big rubber cock in your ass Bella?"

    "Ugh. Uh-Huh." Bella grunts back. "Fuck my dirty little hole McKalya. You're gonna make me cum all over you."

    "Yeah? DO IT BITCH!" McKayla snaps. "I want to see you SQUIRT all over me."

    You then watch in awe as every time Bella rises and falls over the large phallus inside her butt, her pink pussy lips appear to open and close. Noting this Bella reaches down to rub her clit furiously as she impales herself again and again.

    "Ugh. Shit. Ugh. Shit."

    Meanwhile you now grab hold of Olivia's luscious hips with both hands and POUND into her at rapid fire, DRILLING her shit-pipe for all your worth as she hungrily eats Selena's ass and pussy and cries out loud.

    "OMG. YEEEESSSS." She screams. "FUCKKK. MMMY. AAASSS!!"

    It's only now as you deflower her precious backdoor that you have a wicked idea. Without warning you push the blonde starlet out of the way and rub the head of your bell-end against Selena's slumbering sphincter.

    A simple flick of your hips allows you to enter her rosebud and you proceed to ASS-FUCK the passed out singer on the bed, the very same you attempted to rescue just a few minutes earlier.

    Olivia rushes to straddle the singers face and buries her head back down between Selena's legs, placing the two of them in a sixty-nine!

    It's at this point that you grasp onto Olivia's blonde hair firmly, placing her open mouth alongside Selena's cunt, and take turns fucking Gomez in the ass with 2-3 pumps before plunging your dirty cock into the back of Olivia's throat.

    You repeat this process several times as Holt grows more and more animated with each passing minute, claiming that Selena is in fact awake and licking her underneath.

    "Oh. Yeah." Holt grunts. "Give me that ass. Let me taste her dirty little asshole on your cock!"

    "Spit on it SLUT!" You tell her. "Show me how dirty you can be Olivia."

    Holt is only too happily to oblige as she spits and sputters all over your cock and nuts, bathing them completely. You continue to alternate between Olivia's mouth and Selena's ass for several more minutes before you finally realize you're about to cum.

    Not wanting to miss this opportunity, you withdraw from Holt's mouth and stop to catch your breath, when another wicked thought crosses your mind.

    YOU reach over to drag Bella Thorne to the very edge of the bed and without warning impale her from behind, taking her breath away.

    "UGH. FUCK." Bella moans as McKayla watches and giggles excitedly before coming over to join her friend.

    You now RAIL into Bella Thorne doggy-style and intent to blow your WAD inside her womb as the others cheer you on. But just as you're picking up the pace to cum McKayla bends over beside Bella on the bed and DARES you to give her the same treatment.

    "You better not think about shooting your LOAD before fucking me in the ass!"

    The mere notion almost makes you pop right then and there.

    With limited time left, you immediately pull out of Bella and bury your wick inside the Olympic Gold Medalist, and marvel at how extremely tight she appears to be.

    It's at this point you actually have to pace yourself as all three ladies now move to kneel side-by-side on the edge of the bed where they bend over and wait their turn to get FUCKED!

    You spend the next few minutes squeezing the base of your cock as hard as you can as you try to hold off while you take turns tagging each one of them from behind, each one tighter, hotter, and wetter than the last.

    Ultimately your head starts to spin and you realize you're on the verge of climax.

    The ladies also seem to sense this and quickly scramble to the floor to await your reward, lustfully tongue-kissing one another as you grant them their wish...and shoot your LOAD all over their faces.

    In fact you're taken aback as you watch Bella take Olivia's face in her hands and insists they snowball together, spit your load into each other's mouths and swap back and forth.

    In all your life you've never met three more insatiable girls like this, and slumping back you reach for your pants and attempt to dress as the starlets continue to play among themselves, sharing your load between them.

    "So I assume we can keep this little incident between the four of us, right?" You direct at the ladies.

    "Absolutely." They grin back while wiping their chins.

    "Hey. Maybe later you can give us a ride home." Bella suggests.

    "Sure. Why not." You agree. "If that'll keep your mouth shut consider it done."

    A minute later you step out of the room to catch your breath, adjust your appearance in the mirror and head back downstairs in the direction of the music only to bump into Kendall JENNER and Josie CANSECO, who appear to be going somewhere.

    The girl smile at you flirtatiously as they pass by before Kendall stops to explain that they're actually going on a quick booze run.

    "Wait." You snicker. "How are you going to get alcohol without any ID?"

    "Let us worry about that." She smiles as they head for the door.

    "So. What about it?" Kendall adds at the door. "You wanna come for a ride or what?"

    You briefly glance back into the living room to see the ladies have put away the SYBIAN machine and are now apparently preparing to play a game of "TRUTH OR DARE" with the girls getting comfortable on the floor and forming a huge circle.

    From left to right you briefly see Ariel WINTER, Kelli BERGLUND, Sammi HANRATTY, and Stella and Vanessa HUDGENS who are joined by Debby RYAN and Aspen RAE.

    But glancing back at Kendall you realize that not only is Josie Canseco joining her for a drive to the local liquor/convenience store but one of the other passengers appears to be Ava SAMBORA.

    You suddenly have a huge decision to make.

    Do you leave the party for a few minutes with Kendall and her friends? Or do you join the girls in the living room and watch them play Truth or Dare? Or moreover, do you head back to the bathroom to check up on Victoria and her sister?

    Decisions, decisions.

    FYI you can vote for more than one person/event


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    Another home run, simply amazing! McKayla needs to be in more stories.

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    This was pretty freaking epic. I need to get to know Olivia and McKayla better after you did such a good job with them here.

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    Anything involving ariel winter plz

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    LOVED IT ! You had me when you thru in AVA !

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    I guess I can add Ariel Winter to the group of girls Iwa nt tos ee together. Debby Ryan, Kelli Berglund, Olivia Holt, and Ariel Winter together would be epic, in my opinion.

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    Gosh.. 4 hot asses in one Go.. this is getting hotter every passing episode.. Bravo!

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    amazing story.

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