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Thread: Debby's Big Birthday Bash Blow Out #4 (CYA)

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    fanfiction Debby's Big Birthday Bash Blow Out #4 (CYA)

    With Aspen Rae, Victoria Justice, Madison Reed, Chloe Moretz, and Ava Sambora
    Created by TPG

    Downstairs...You decline Kendall JENNER'S invitation to join her friends for a beer run to the local store and decide to hang out and watch the other girls play a game of TRUTH OR DARE.

    Noting this Ava SAMBORA suddenly announces that she too has had a change of heart and wants to stay. This apparently amuses her friend Josie CANSECO who suspects Ava has a crush on you. In fact at one point she makes a snide comment before leaving with Kylie and Kendall and Ava jokingly flips her the bird.

    The two of you then head into the kitchen to have a drink while Debby and her friends continue to argue loudly about the RULES of the game. You then notice more girls descending into the living room from around the house and the TV room is soon packed with half naked TEEN celebrities.

    Seated on the floor is Ariel WINTER, Bella THORNE, Chloe MORETZ, and Olivia HOLT. Opposite them sits Sammi HANRATTY, The HUDGENS sisters, and Victoria JUSTICE and Madison REED.

    It seems that while the main "players" are seated in a circle on the floor almost every other vantage point in the room is occupied, and everyone in the room is apparently fair game. Aspen kicks things off by spinning a bottle in the middle of the room and they all laugh out loud as it stops and points to the host of the party Debby RYAN.

    Debby plays coy and chooses TRUTH as Aspen thinks of something fun to ask her.

    "Okay. I've got it! If you could have SEX with any girl in this room who would you choose?"

    Debby pauses for a moment to consider her answer and claims that it's a tossup between two girls in particular. She then admits that she's always been attracted to Vanessa HUDGENS but has had several SEX dreams about Bella THORNE in recent weeks.

    The ladies laugh as Aspen comments that the two of them together (at the same time) would be mind blowing. Vanessa blows Aspen a kiss and agrees, before Chloe MORETZ suggests that the only way to really know which girl Debby likes MORE is to make out with both of them.

    The others all CHEER to this suggestion as Debby leans into the middle of the circle and offers her lips to the girls in question. They all yell enthusiastically as she kisses Vanessa passionately on the lips, before she turns her attention to Bella who comes over to give her a tongue-kiss.

    But not to be outdone, Vanessa then turns to face Bella a minute later and kisses her HARD on the lips too, sliding her tongue into her mouth. This display seems to drive the ladies crazy.

    "Mm. Not bad." Vanessa grins while wiping her chin. "Not bad at all."

    "Damn that's hot." Ava remarks beside to you. "I wish someone would kiss me like that."

    "Why are you still standing here?" You remark. "Get in there. Join the fun."

    Ava blushes and helps herself to another drink as Debby then spins the bottle and to everyone's amusement it points directly at Ariel WINTER. To her chagrin Debby then insists that Ariel take off her top and reveal her tits to the room.

    "Huh? What do you mean?" The teen actress appears confused. "You mean flash everyone or strip completely?"

    "She means take it ALL off!" The others shout. "SHOW YOUR TITS!! SHOW YOUR TITS!! SHOW YOUR TITS!!!"

    "Okay." Aspen explains. "Another rule we should enforce right now is once your clothes come off during the game you're not allowed to put them back on!"

    While the others agree Ariel can't help but blush as she's put on the spot. Thinking quickly she then turns the tables on the host and insists that she'll only strip completely naked (and for the remainder of the game) if Debby agrees to join her.

    The ladies giggle as both Debby RYAN and Ariel WINTER now undress in front of their peers and eventually sit there completely NAKED for all to see. Truth be told the girls don't appear to be very dissimilar in cup size and seem to have very similar nipples.

    Aspen then dares Ariel to come over and fondle Debby's tits and a minute later they both proceed to grope and fondle one another for everyone's amusement. The BUSTY ladies then succumb to peer pressure and finally share a fleeting kiss, mashing their breasts together in the process.

    "Wow." Ava snickers beside you in the kitchen. "Look at your girlfriend go."

    It's at this point that a TOP HEAVY Ariel Winter then spins the bottle which stops and points directly at Chloe MORETZ! Ariel then suggests that Chloe also strip down to her birthday suit and allow everyone to give her a FULL body massage! Chloe blushes at the prospect of being felt up and refuses, claiming that she's only willing to strip down to her panties.

    After several minutes of squabbling back and forth they finally coax her into action and she lays in the middle of the circle in nothing but her thong panties. Unlike her BUSTY colleagues Moretz isn't as AMPLE in the breast department but is no less stunning, featuring a perfect set of RIPE young tits.

    But just like her friends she too succumbs to the crowds chants and finally peels her panties down her legs, leaving her to lay there completely NAKED and exposed, clutching her pussy with her hands.

    The starlet now lays on her tummy as Aspen Rae kneels beside her and attempts to apply some "lotions" to her body. But Chloe soon grimaces as she feels the burning sensation of HEAT on her flesh and realizes that Aspen is in fact pouring HOT WAX all over her back and shoulders.

    "OUCH!" She whines. "What the hell are you doing?"

    "Just relax sweetheart." Aspen tells her while the others snicker. "Trust me you're going to like this."

    Strangely enough the more painful it is the more it turns Chloe on, as she squirms around involuntarily on the floor and is soon covered in hot dripping wax. As erotic as this is, the ladies take pity on her and insist that they wipe her down and start fresh, this time ensuring to pleasure and pamper the natural beauty.

    They then proceed to drizzle a generous amount of scented lubes and oils all over her naked body and begin to touch and caress her tender skin.

    "Whoa." Chloe moans with her eyes shut. "A girl could get used to this."

    Aspen and Debby proceed to focus on her back and shoulders while Sammi and Bella caress her legs and thighs.

    At the same time Chloe can feel another set of hands stroking her butt and hips and pawing at the sides of her breasts. It's at this point that Aspen smiles and hands Debby a HITACHI MAGIC WAND which they use to find her "weak" spot.

    They first start by pressing the device against her neck and back, before making their way down her spine and across her BUTT.

    Ultimately Debby hands the "massager" to Vanessa Hudgens who now grinds the SEX TOY against Chloe's mound. This seems to have the desired effect as the "CARRIE" star can't stop moaning and worming around, arching her back sharply as it buzzes against her sex.

    "Oh. God." She pants to the action. "This massager-thing is fucking awesome!"

    "Just let it out baby." Debby tells her while caressing her own breasts. "Let the poison out Chloe."

    It's during this time that Debby dares Olivia HOLT to massage Chloe's sex with her hand, and it takes a bit of coaxing but the "KICKIN IT" star eventually complies and ultimately buries two of her fingers KNUCKLE deep inside the actress.

    "Ugh. Shit." Chloe lets out before glancing over her shoulder to watch Olivia now PROBE her teen cunt with two digits.

    The entire time as this goes on the Hitachi buzzes loudly against her clit, as Bella Thorne is now dared into action and proceeds to kiss and lick her flawless derriere.

    "C'mon. You have to admit the girls got a fantastic BUTT." Vanessa remarks to friends. "Don't you just want to bite it!"

    "Err. I wanna do a lot more than just bite it." Debby adds. "I bet she tastes as good as she looks."

    "Well?" Vanessa directs at Bella. "What's the verdict. How does she taste?"

    Without missing a beat Bella sticks out her tongue and takes a long swipe at Chloe's teenage pussy, pressing her chin between the teens firm buttocks.

    "Mm. Uh-Huh." Bella grins. "Sweet. Very sweet."

    Noting this Vanessa pushes Bella out of the way and takes a lick for herself, once again burying her face between the teenagers cheeks and brushing the flat of her tongue along Chloe's HAIRLESS mound.

    "Damn girl." Vanessa coos while giving her butt a playful swat. "You just about have the sweetest pussy I've ever tasted."

    To your surprise you then watch as several ladies help themselves to a quick "lick" of Chloe's peach, as the starlet can do nothing but moan and thrash around on the floor as her body is pleasured (massaged) and licked by her contemporaries.

    At one point she has Stella Hudgens licking and slurping at her young SLIT while Bella carefully probes her tight backdoor with a single finger. Almost everyone in the room is aroused beyond belief, playing with themselves as they molest this gorgeous willing teenager in the center of the room.

    "You like that Chloe?" Bella teases at one point. "Can you feel my finger deep inside you baby?"

    Bella grins over at Madison REED and invites her to join in on the fun, but her sister Victoria is clearly not amused and wordlessly disapproves (despite squirming about in frustration herself).

    "Don't even think about it." VJ quips to her kid sister.

    Nevertheless Maddy rolls her eyes and leans over to have a taste for herself as Aspen then suggests that Chloe roll over onto her back and spread her knees wide so that Madison can get "right up in there" and continue to lick and kiss her teen CUNT.

    As this goes on Aspen drizzles more scented oils all over Chloe's chest while several hands now fondle and caress her pale body. In fact Chloe's nipples are so ERECT they're like two tiny bullets on her chest.

    Aspen twists and tweaks them between her thumb and forefinger which causes the "KICK-ASS" actress to moan out loud, while Debby incorporates her own breasts into the action and now uses her TITS to smear the oil all over the actresses glistening wet body.

    "Now that's what a call a FULL body massage." Vanessa remarks while dipping a hand between her own legs.

    "You're such a slut Vee." Debby teases. "Playing with yourself so openly like that."

    Vanessa seems shocked and amused by this comment considering almost everyone in the room is panting and helping themselves to a little tweak or fondle.

    "Like you're not turned on right now?" Hudgens snaps back. "I can practically smell your pussy from here."

    The others snicker at this comment (knowing its true) before they urge Ariel into action who responds by shoving one of her large breasts into Chloe's moaning mouth.

    Moretz is only too happy to accept it as Bella suddenly finds and proceeds to feed a large black DONG into Chloe's tight young cunt and proceeds to fuck her with it repeatedly.

    At this point the young starlet can only grunt and groan and is so riled up and aroused that she soon trembles and climaxes loudly, all over her Bella's rubber COCK!

    "OOH-FUUUCK!" She cries as the room breaks out in screaming approval.

    A minute later Chloe giggles uncontrollably and crawls back to her previous position where she watches Stella and Vanessa lick the cunt-sap from Bella's dildo. She then catches her breath before she sits up and spins the bottle, only to watch it stop and point at Victoria JUSTICE!

    Now emboldened by the previous dare, Chloe insists Victoria strips off and masturbates for the entire room but as expected VJ objects and demands a different challenge.

    "No way!" She laughs nervously. "I'm not doing that. You can forget it!"

    The others quickly chastise her and VJ is so hurt and embarrassed that she almost considers leaving...but fortunately for her Madison announces that she'll complete the dare instead.

    "What's your problem VJ?" Debby directs at Victoria. "We're just having a little fun tonight."

    "I know...but."

    "Can't you just be a team player for once?" Debby adds. "What. Are we not good enough for you or something?"

    "It's not that." She tries to explain to the NAKED host. "I'm just not comfortable getting off in front of everyone."

    "Told you she would back out." One of the other girls comments.

    "Look." VJ insists. "I just can't play with myself in front of you all okay?"

    "What about me?" Aspen suddenly chimes in.

    "What about you?"

    "You think you could handle getting me off?"

    "Excuse me?"

    "Better yet." Debby adds. "Why don't the two of you try to get Aspen off."

    The sisters glare at each other anxiously before VJ reaches out to grab one of the disused sex toys that litter the floor.

    "Oh no." Chloe objects. "You can't cheat either. You have to do it with your hands and lips."


    "That's right. Fair is fair." Aspen agrees. "Besides. We're all naked. You haven't even taken anything off yet!"

    While everyone is happy with this development the ladies then proceed to disrobe as Aspen moves to the center of the circle and lays down. Everyone's eyes now alternate between the stripping sisters and Aspen Rae as she's dressed in nothing more than her HIGH HEELED shoes.

    Meanwhile VJ and Maddy soon kneel over the tanned Goddess in nothing but their own birthday suits and proceed to tease her with their hands. From your vantage point in the kitchen you're treated to a glorious vision, VJ's flawless round ASS which causes you to almost gasp in wonderment.

    "Jesus." You remark. "God damn that's a MAGNIFICENT butt."

    Noting this Ava giggles at your reaction but has to agree that Victoria possesses a phenomenal body.

    Meanwhile VJ rakes her fingertips along Aspen's thighs while her sister leans over to sensually kiss the adult model on the lips. You then watch as JUSTICE glides her digits across Aspen's highs and zeroes in on her clit which she pinches gently between two fingers.

    "You can put your fingers inside me if you want." Aspen offers at one point, while spreading her legs further apart.

    The sisters then take it up a notch and straddle each one of Aspen's legs, and proceed to grind themselves against her. They kiss Aspen's neck and breasts and almost share a kiss themselves before they suck one of her nipples into their mouths causing Rae to moan out loud.

    "Oh. Wow." Aspen marvels at the talented siblings, as they both work her over in unison.

    In fact they perform so well together that you'd be mistaken for thinking that they've done this sort of thing before. The mere notion makes Aspen CREAM as she now reaches down to masturbate furiously while VJ and Maddy use her thighs and grind away.

    "Oh. God." Aspen moans. "You're both so WET right now."

    Everyone's then shocked (and aroused) as they hear VJ speak.

    "Don't you dare make her cum first." Victoria hisses, referring to her beautiful sister.

    Flicking her hips even harder than before she adds. "Look at me Aspen. Look at me right now."

    "Oh. Fuck." Aspen gasps as she and Victoria lock eyes and get each other off.

    It's an incredible scene as all three tanned beauties moan and whimper together in harmony. It's only now that you glance over at Ava to gauge her reaction to the show and notice a certain glint in her eyes, one of PURE LUST.

    Without warning the blonde teen smiles as she reaches down to squeeze the large swelling in your pants.

    "Whoa." You respond as she grasps you firmly by your cock.

    In an instant your eyes flick back to the living room too see if Debby or anyone else for that matter noticed the impromptu gesture. Fortunately for you everyone in the room is so caught up in watching the incredible all-girl show that they're totally distracted.

    "You better be careful where you point that thing." Ava whispers, knowing everyone is hypnotized by the x-rated act.

    Feeling bold you pull Ava close to you, slamming her hips into yours, and dip your hand into the back of her shorts and inside her bikini bottoms. You plunge your hand down between her plump buttocks and marvel at the sheer SOFTNESS of her skin.

    Ava just about has the softness, finest TEEN ass you've ever had the good fortune of squeezing, not to mention she appears to smell absolutely divine.

    Fortunately for you the others don't seem to notice what you're doing in the kitchen and you take this opportunity to slip your fingers further inside Ava's pants and proceed to probe her BUTT.

    While the initial action is unintended (in your rush to finger-bang her) Ava doesn't seem too concerned by it, in fact she appears to like the fact that you're now massaging her sphincter.

    With that said you continue to probe and massage her backdoor and ultimately stab the tip of your finger against her chamber.

    "What do you think you're doing?" She smiles back at you a minute later.

    "I'm just enjoying the show."

    "Yeah. I see that." She replies while wiggling her butt and urging you to move your finger.

    You happily oblige but now slide it in and out of her ASS, driving her insane with lust. Ava responds by grind her hips back against you as you're nothing but persistent and wonder just how much mischief she's willing to let you get away with.

    "Yep. Just enjoying the show." You repeat under your breath, as you careful dip a few more inches of your finger inside her.

    "Is that what you're doing?" She grins. "Cause I could swear I can feel someone's finger in my butt right now."

    You now proceed to finger-bang her teen BACKDOOR as your girlfriend sits just a few feet away in the very next room.

    The risk alone makes you harder than steel as you're both panting audibly at this point. Ava moans and whimpers in your embrace as she squeezes your cock and strokes you over your pants.

    "Take it out." She whispers into your ear. "I dare you. Take it out right now."

    "Not here." You tell her but Ava proceeds to grind her sweet ASS against your hand some more...urging you on.

    "If you don't take it out right now I'm going to go join the others...and leave you here with this hard-on."

    "You're not going anywhere Ava." You tell her as you explore her gripping bunghole.

    Just hearing you say her name makes her moan with glee.

    Then to your surprise Ava breaks herself from your grasp and suddenly drops to her knees in the middle of the kitchen, making sure to cover herself behind the bench top.

    She then unzips you quickly and before you have time to THINK straight much less object, she takes your cock into the back of her throat and GAGS briefly.

    You can't help but look down and marvel at her daring as she glares up at you and sucks your DICK with great enthusiasm. Ava bobs her head up and down for a few minutes before she finally pops you out of her mouth and smiles.

    "Can they see us?"

    You simply shake your head as she continues to suck your cock and notice one of the girls briefly look over in your direction and smile at you.

    You take a deep breath as you pull back if only to preserve your sanity. It's at this point that Ava stands back up and smiles smugly to herself while she wipes her mouth.

    "I just needed two more seconds." She claims. "And I would have let you POP in my mouth."

    Just hearing this from her makes your blood boil and you grab her by the arm and suggest you find a place to FUCK immediately! Ava giggles to this and takes you by the hand and leads you down the hallway.

    "They can have all the GIRL fun they want." She quips referring to her friends. "I want me some COCK right now!"

    But it's only as you turn the corner to slip into the bathroom for some quick SEX that you both stop dead in your tracks and find it occupied. In fact to your surprise the door appears to be open and you both find Kelli BERGLUND already seated on the toilet...masturbating furiously!!

    Ava giggles at the revelation as you stand behind her and now SPY on the gorgeous actress, who appears to be sitting there listening to the moaning going on from the living room.

    Caught up in the moment you then PIN Ava against the wall and before she has time to say anything you pull her shorts down her legs and rub the head of your cock against her sweet, firm ass.

    Ava moans and leans back to kiss you on the lips as you reach around to grope her tit with one hand and use the other to guide your cock home, impaling the blonde teenager right there in the hallway!

    "Ugh. Shit." She moans breathlessly. "Wait. Not here. Someone might see us."

    You find this amusing considering it was just minutes earlier that she was perfectly fine with BLOWING YOU in the kitchen. Gripping her hips you proceed to SLAM into her cunt at a rapid pace as Ava looks around for something to hold onto.

    Unfortunately for you the two of you aren't exactly quiet, and moan so excessively that Kelli is interrupted mid-masturbation and looks up to find the two of you fucking there...and yet doesn't stop twiddling herself for a single solitary moment.

    In fact the entire sordid ordeal seems to turn her on as she sits there with her knees spread wide frigging herself wildly, watching you now POUND into half naked teen from behind.

    "Oh. Fuck." Ava grunts erotically. "Please. Slow...OH...Down. You're hitting my G-Spot."

    Meanwhile you can't believe how SOPPING WET Ava appears to be, so much so there's little resistance as you HAMMER away at her tight little peach and watch Kelli not only finger-bang herself but now taste her slick digits.

    It's at this point you're interrupted by the front door as the JENNER sisters arrive back from the liquor store. You glance at the clock and realize that in all the commotion a good 20mins have passed by.

    While you're initial instinct is to pull out of Ava and act natural, you just can't make yourself do it. Moreover, Ava doesn't appear to have any intentions of stopping you either and now keeps thrusting her ASS back at you, almost spurring you on.

    "C'mon. Fuck me." She grunts over her shoulder. "I'm so close right now!"

    "HEY GUYS. WE'RE BACK!" You hear Kylie Jenner shout as they enter the foyer.

    It's while they head inside that they gasp with surprise at the shenanigans going on in the living room.

    Meanwhile Josie CANSECO takes this opportunity to head down the hall to use the bathroom, only to find the two of you standing there at the end of the hallway joined at the hip!

    "WTF?" She gasps as she turns the corner.

    You panic for a moment as you wait to see what she's going to do or say, but are soon relieved as a wicked grin spreads across her face and Ava smiles back and motions for Josie to keep her mouth shut.

    Josie smiles broadly as she approaches the two of you, but then giggles as she realizes just what you've been doing, spying on Kelli in the bathroom.

    "You guys are bad." Josie whispers. "You realize anyone could just walk down here and see you."

    Despite her words you continued to move your hips back and forth and impale Ava from behind as she tries to explain herself.

    "We...Were...Just...OH. Fuck. Josie."

    To your delight Josie apparently finds this incredibly erotic and bites her bottom lip as you reach out and pull her towards you, and kiss her hard on the mouth.

    "So." You boldly grin. "What's it going to take to keep your mouth shut Josie?"

    FYI you can vote for more than one person/event


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    Another great chapter, TPG.

    I'm really loving this series... anyways keep up the fantastic work.

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    Nice story.
    You Always got good stories TPG.
    Certainly like the story because the readers can choose wich way the story goes

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    Is there an option to go to Selena and drag Ava with you?

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    Kelli never wins these polls I guess she doesn't have the same exposure as the others

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    Quote Originally Posted by clay stone View Post
    Kelli never wins these polls I guess she doesn't have the same exposure as the others

    Not if I can help it (will definitely do more stuff with her in the future). Have to admit she's REALLY growing on me. I have no idea why but from the moment I first saw her she's always just reminded me of a non-porn version of Sasha Grey. Makes me imagine what Sasha would be like if she went DISNEY instead of PORN.

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    no reason not to.

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