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Thread: "School's Out 2" with Bella Thorne

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    fanfiction "School's Out 2" with Bella Thorne

    School's Out 2 with Bella Thorne
    By Deadshot
    (codes: Mf, Oral, Cons)

    Disclaimer: All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it occurred, nor would it.

    "You got them?" asked Bella Thorne, very excitedly into her phone. "Seriously?"

    "Yep," said her friend Zendaya. "Tickets and camping passes, the whole nine yards for Coachella."

    "Awesome!" Bella actually began to jump up and down in excitement. She always thought it was just something done on TV shows and movies, but this whole week had been a huge blast. Shooting her first solo music video, landing a part in very non-Disney movie, it was coming up roses.

    "There's a catch though."

    "What is it?"

    "Well, we have to leave really early on Friday. Like early morning. Eleven in the morning at the latest. I can come pick you up, though."

    "Why so early?"

    "Traffic. The best way to avoid it is leave as soon as possible. Eleven is the breaking point. If you can't make it, then I'll have to head out without you."

    "Okay," Bella said. The schedule was going to be rough. The shooting could be done easily by that time. They'd be starting that day during the early morning. There was still one other thing she needed to consider.

    "You think you can make it?" asked Zendaya.

    "Definitely." Bella replied. "Eleven o'clock on Friday. See you then." Bella hung up and didn't even have to think about how to solve the problem that remained; her classwork for the day. She knew how to handle it. The thing was, Bella also knew she'd have to push the envelope a little bit. This wouldn't just be a weekend off. This would be no take-home work...and possibly no class on Monday either. With a deep breath, as well a smile, Bella knew what she had to do.

    The door to the classroom opened, Bella walking through with a confident stride. She deftly moved her hand to the nob, locking it as soon as it was shut. She saw him reading a book, sitting his desk. When the door shut, he looked up to see her. "Hi Mr. Moore."

    "Well, hello Bella," the teacher warmly said. "You're a bit early for class."

    "Well, I needed to speak to you about something." She began to approach him again, with the same candor as before, if not a litle more sensual. We wasn't in a school girl outfit this time, so she turned her moves up just a notch.

    "Is anything wrong?"

    "Oh, no, not really."

    "Not really?" he asked, his tone revealing he knew where it was going.

    "Well, I do need your help with something again." Bella flashed him her smile, a sinful mix of innocence and seduction coming to her naturally.

    "Another afternoon off? Are you really that exhausted from the shoot?"

    "Oh no sir, not that at all." She sashayed over to the desk, leaning back on it. "I don't need to skip class at all today. Besides...I need something a bit...bigger this time."

    "Give me the issue and let's see what we can do."

    "Well, this Friday, I kind of need to be able to skip class...and I wouldn't mind if you wouldn't take note if I didn't show up on Monday...and no take-home assignments this weekend." She looked at him, her eyes seductively begging.

    "Bella, that's a bit of a tall order." replied Mr. Moore. "I don't think the same deal as last time applies. That's a lot more than just ignoring your absence for one afternoon."

    "I understand completely Mr. Moore," Bella said. She got up and faced her teacher directly, face to face. "Which is why I'm willing to give you more than just my mouth."

    "Is that a fact?"

    Bella nodded, biting her lower lip. "It's not so much to ask is it? Just two days. You can even load me up on any work I'd miss on Tuesday. In exchange..." Bella began to unbutton her shirt and untie the prop apron she had on, dropping both to the ground. Then she grasped his book and gently placed it on his desk, the grabbed his hand and brought it to her stomach, palm down. " can have a taste of me....and more."

    Mr. Moore smirked and stood up, his hand still placed where Bella had left it. He leaned down, fully taking and accepting Bella's offer and sealing the deal with a kiss.

    Moore's free hand went to Bella's head, pulling her closer while his other moved down her pants and under her panties to her pussy, the landing strip of hair going through his fingers as he reached her moistening slit.

    "Do it," Bella whispered, her eyes looking into his. "I want it...I want it Mr. Moore..."

    Bella softly moaned as Mr. Moore slid his fingers inside her pussy. "Yesssssssss....", she hissed.

    Mr. Moore marveled at how tight her pussy felt on his fingers. He was certain she wasn't a virgin, but as he worked her over, he certainly knew he was going to be in for a snug experience.

    He moved his lips down her face to her neck and guided her to turn around, leading her to sit on his desk. Bella leaned her head back, the waitress hat tumbling down her red hair as Mr. Moore worked her over. With every movement his fingers made inside her, she shivered and with every lick and kiss made from her neck to check, she moaned. She thought for a split second she might be getting more out of this deal than Mr. Moore was.

    Not that Mr. Moore would have a problem, even if he agreed. He was too busy focusing on the work of art in front of him. He traced a trail with his tongue from her neck to her breasts. Moore pushed down her pink shirt, exposing her perky breasts to the air.

    "Oh wow..." Bella moaned. Mr. Moore's mouth went to her breasts as soon as they were exposed, sucking and softly biting on her sensitive nipples as his fingers worked faster on her soaking cunt. To say that both were enjoying themselves would be an understatement...and to say both wanted to go further would be an even bigger one.

    Moore pulled his hand and mouth back and then he went to his knees. Bella looked down at him, breathing heavy. She watched anxiously as her tugged her pants down, peeling them off her legs and throwing them to the side, leaving her lower half completely nude.

    Mr. Moore kissed his way up Bella's legs, starting at her calves and moving up to her thighs. Inch by tantalizing inch. Second by second and minute by minutes he got closer and closer until he was finally face to face with her wet slit. He looked up at Bella one more time, getting a view of her face, her eyes egging him on, then brought his mouth to her pussy.

    "Oh God!" Bella yelped. This was a first for her. She'd been fingered before, and she had blown a couple guys before she did anything with Mr. Moore, but no one had ever gone down on her before. She shivered with every single thing Moore did. Sucking hard on her clit, teasing it with his teeth and tongue, it was all new and fresh to her.

    Bella's noises and her body's reaction just spurred Mr. Moore on even more. He tightly grasped her ass pulled her even closer to her, driving his face even closer to her snatch. Bella unknowingly helped, unconsciously grinding her crotch into his face.

    Bella's tone legs pressed tightly around Moore's head, her hand rustling through his hair, her other hand rubbing her breasts, caressing her own skin, slicking over with sweat.

    "Mr. Moore..." Bella pleaded. "Please...oh...Mr. Moore..."

    "Yes, Bella?" he asked, a confident tone to match the smirk on hs face. He moved one of the hand from her ass to her pussy, his fingers once again gliding inside her hole.

    "I...I...I need..."

    "Need what?" Mr. Moore kissed her thigh. "Say it."

    "I...fuck...I need you inside me...I need your cock inside me, sir..."

    Mr. Moore then pulled back and stood up before Bella, the young redhead catching her breath. She watched him intently as he moved back behind his desk, taking his pants down and sitting in his chair.

    "Come here and get what you need," Moore said. Bella spun around on the desk and slid off. She bent down and grasped Moore rigid rod, giving it a few sucks before mounting him, slowly sliding her tight pussy on his thick stalk.

    "God damn!" Mr. Moore exclaimed. He knew Bella was going to be tight, but this was something else entirely.

    "Like it?" Bella asked, a mischievous tone of knowing in her voice. "Because I know I love it, sir."

    "Very much, Ms. Thorne." He grasped her by the hips and pulled her all the way down onto his cock, both of them breathing deep once he was all the way inside her.

    After a few seconds to get used to being filled up so much, Bella began to move herself, slowly rising and dropping onto Moore's cock.

    "So fucking big," Bella moaned, almost absentmindedly. She placed her hand on the armrests of the chair and slowly built up a rhythm. Moore's hands were on her hips, slowly moving up to her shirt and pulling it off, watching entranced the way Bella's breasts moved as she held her arms up to remove the troublesome pink garment.

    Bella was now completely nude, and Moore pulled her close to him, their pace increasing now. Moore thrust upwards into the starlet hard, Bella yelping with glee with every stroke.

    "Fuck me! Fuck me Mr. Moore! Make me earn it!" The two were face to face, Bella licking at his face with a playfully wicked smile on her face.

    "I think that can be arranged, Bella." He grasped her by the ass and stood up, sitting her back on the desk. With this change, he was able to go even deeper into her. "Better?" he asked, punctuating it with a hard thrust into her.

    "SO much...thank you sir...thatnk you so much..." Bella said breathlessly. Bella then took a more assertive approach and pulled Mr. Moore in for a kiss, biting his lower lip with a smile as it broke. "Don't stop...please don't stop..."

    Mr. Moore had no plans to. He began thrust into her harder, the desk squeaking with every thrust, the force making the piece of furniture move. He moved a hand between them, rubbing her clit.

    "Shit!" Bella hissed, wrapping her legs tightly around her teacher. "I'm so close, Mr. Moore...keep fucking close..."

    Mr. Moore leaned forward, licking at Bella's full lips before meting them in a rough kiss, sucking her tongue. The two stared each other out, forehead to forehead, sweat dripping down their bodies. From the way Bella was shaking and how flushed her face was, Moore had a feeling she was close to cumming. When her pussy began to convulse, he knew it for sure.

    "Cum for me Bella...cum on my cock...come on're so beautiful...just do it..." Mr. Moore gave her a series of quick and hard thrusts, Bella's eyes shut tight until she hit her orgasm.

    "YES!" she screamed, her cunt clamping down on his cock. Moore did not stop thrusting into her, giving her everything he had as she road out her orgasm. Bella breathed fast and deep, her body shaking and her head hanging back. "Ohhhh wow....fuck...."

    Just as Bella was coming down, Mr. Moore felt himself getting ready to cum.

    "Bella," he growled still pounding into her, Bella drunk on the pleasure still coursing through her body. "I'm about to cum...oh God I'm going to shoot...where do you want it?"

    "I need to taste you again Mr. Moore," said Bella. "I want it...need it...shoot in my mouth...please....."

    "Fuck...get on your knees." Moore pulled out of Bella and the lithe beauty slid off the desk and on her knees. She looked up at Moore, mouth up and tongue out. That site and the activities that preceded it was too much. Growling, Moore came, shooting his cum into Bella's waiting mouth and on to her face, the gorgeous girl reveling in the warm goo.

    Bella shocked Mr. Moore a little with what she did next, taking his cock in her mouth and sucking out the last bit of cum he had left until he began to go soft, her eyes never breaking from his as she did it.

    "Holy shit," Mr. Moore gasped, slumping back down in his chair totally exhausted. "That was.."

    "Spectacular? Wonderful? Amazing?" Bella playfully asked, getting to her feet. Mr. Moore couldn't take his eyes off her, almost ready for another round as he watched her scoop the cum from her face and suck it off her fingers.

    Bella went to grab her clothes, putting them back on in front of Mr. Moore, then headed for the door.

    "Where are you going?" Mr. Moore asked.

    "To get my books. I still have class today you know. Our agreement didn't say anything about today. See you in a few, Mr. Moore."

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    Quote Originally Posted by adpet2812 View Post
    absolutely loved it. Will Bella see Mr. Moore again? We shall wait and see.
    Well, there are a couple of things she hasn't done yet...

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