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Thread: Tales From The Record Store: Debby Ryan

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    fanfiction Tales From The Record Store: Debby Ryan

    Tales From The Record Store: Debby Ryan
    By Deadshot
    (codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Titfuck)

    Disclaimer: All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it occurred, nor would it.

    It's funny the things you find in a good record store. Sometimes the people who run the store will slip up in pricing a pressing...sometimes you'll find a treasure that only matters to you...and sometimes you'll get knocked on your ass by what you find.

    That was the situation I was in the day I met Debby Ryan.

    For me, it was an average Wednesday. I always headed to the record store then. New release day was Tuesday, and I hate new release crowds no matter the size. The stuff is there regardless. Coincidentally enough, that was when a lot of the celebs came out as well.

    Now, I'm no star watcher by any means, but it's still pretty nice to get a record you've been looking for forever and get a glimpse of a different kind of beauty from across the aisle. Never got to be more than that though. At least not until I was walking out of the store that day.

    I'd made my purchase and was ready to head out. Nothing weird or out of the ordinary there. That wouldn't come until I exited the store. I was flipping through my purchases and not paying attention to what was in front of me.

    "WHoa!" I heard a female voice exclaim as I made an unseen impact with someone, probably the source of that voice. However, i was the only one who took a tumble, my records flying in the air as if in a scene from a movie.

    My eyes were so busy focusing on my music fall through the air, crossing my fingers that they wouldn't break upon impact.

    Before I could even watch the impact, I heard the female voice again.

    "Oh my gosh, are you okay?" asked Debby Ryan, the busty young beauty standing over him, a look of shock and concern on her face. I was hypnotized almost immediately. Of all the women I'd seen in the store, she was the one that always made me blank out as I looked...and the only one who looked back at me at times. We never even spoke, but those looks were enough to make me think I should approach her. Whenever I got the nerve up though, she was gone. Today was the exception, though obviously not by any initiative of mine. Sometimes all it takes is a happy accident.

    "Excuse me, sir?" Debby asked. "Are you okay?"

    "Yeah, sure." I replied, finally getting my bearing back. "Sorry, wasn't watching where I was going."

    "Neither was I. Let me help with this stuff. If anything's broken, I promise I'll replace it." Debby and I picked up my records, but we couldn't really see if there were broken or not without breaking the seal. Understandably, I didn't want to unwrap all these records in the middle of a parking lot. And since I had already gotten to talk to her through this, I saw an opening.

    "How about we look through these at that coffee shop?" I suggested pointing one out across the lot.

    "Sure," Debby said, a chipper tone in her voice.

    "I'm buying."

    "Even better." We walked together to the coffee shop, side by side and oddly comfortable for two people who had only technically just met. I guess those looks weren't just looks. Or that's what I hoping for at least.

    After getting our coffee, we sat at a table and began to look through the records.

    "You got some killer picks's your name? I'm Debby, by the way, Debby Ryan."

    "Chris," I said. "Chris Gordon. And thanks."

    "I have some of these. Good stuff. Kind of jealous of some of the picks, actually. It makes me wish I had gotten in about twenty minutes earlier."

    "Yeah, but then I I wouldn't have fallen on my ass and you wouldn't have gotten free coffee."

    "Very true," she giggled, her nose crinkling in an unbelievably cute way. "Besides, what I was coming in for will probably still be there when I get in."

    "What's that?"

    "Old jazz records. That place has a surprising amount."

    "Sounds cool. Mind if I join you on that?"

    "Sure, as long as I get first dibs." Debby then smiled at me and winked, melting me on the spot.

    "Sounds fair. I already got all the good stuff."

    "Have you now?"

    From there, us meeting up at the store became kind of a ritual. Almost every Wednesday, Debby and I would meet up for coffe and look through the vinyl selection, and a heavy dose of flirting in for good measure. As the weeks went on, we added other activites, like movies and listening to the records we bought at each other's place.

    We were getting close, but I couldn't gauge how close. Debby was very friendly, and we would still exchange those glances that were legendary in my mind. Debby was an easy person to read, to a degree. If she liked you, she liked you. However, anything more...I could get a genuine beat. And just like previously, from before we even spoke to each other, I had no idea how to take it further than where we were.

    However, then a unique Wednesday occurred. At the time, it didn't seem that odd, however, how it would end would prove how out of the ordinary it would prove to be.

    Like the day we officially met, it seemed like an average day. Really cloudy, but nothing too odd. The two of use were on opposite sides of a table holding boxes of records, looking through them until we met in the middle.

    "What do you think of this?" I asked, picking up a good copy of an old Zeppelin album.

    "Very nice," Debby said, her tone almost seductive. "So's the record."

    I should have picked up something right then and there, but flirting had been par for the course. Of course, I was picking up something that day. I wasn't totally oblivious, just mainly.

    The first clue that something was up was when we both reached for the same vinyl. She grasped my hand, and held it a little longer before letting go. Still I wasn't sure to press that much further.

    "Did you want this?"

    "Well, I was reaching for something." Okay, that was definitely a signal, right? I was reading her correctly, maybe? There was only one way to test it out.

    "Hey, you want to skip the coffee and just go back to your place and listen to these?" I suggested. Her place wasn't closer to where we were, but I felt she might be more comfortable at home, and I was very impatient to test out what I was thinking.

    "You know, I was thinking the exact same thing." Debby then smiled and gave me another wink. It was on. And I was pretty sure whatever "it" was, we were going to have fun.

    We took our selections and rushed to the counter, paid, and were ready to rush out into the parking lot and head to our cars when we saw the weather situation; it was pouring rain. Luckily our cars were safe, but with the way it was raining Debby did not want to be behind the steering wheel.

    "So, what now?" she asked.

    "Well, we could go to my place. It's closer, so we wouldn't be on the road for too long."

    "Works for me, Chris." And with that, we left the store and rushed to my car. We tried to get in fast enough to avoid getting totally drenched, but it was a fool's errand. We were soaked from head to toe, Debby's white t-shirt proudly displaying the fact she was without a bra. I stole a few glances, which Debby noticed, and slyly smiled.

    THe urge to speed back to my place was overbearing, but I was aware that combined with the rainy weather and slick roads might do more to take Debby out of the mood I hoped she was in and into something completely different.

    Even though my place wasn't that far away, the drive seemed like an eternity. I tried not to seem to eager, but Debby was making that very difficult. Whether intentionally or not, she began to drive me up the wall, my cock already getting hard. She removed her jacket, showing her wet t-shirt clad torso, a view of her naked body almost visible, her spectacular breasts almost completely on display. It was a war between the road and Debby for the attention of my eyes, and they were in a dead heat.

    Soon, though it felt like an eternity to me, we were at my place. Debby grabbed our records and wrapped her jacket around them and we both rushed it, rain drenching use even further. I couldn't unlock the door fast enough. Fortunately, my fingers didn't slip, and we were in.

    "DO you have a washing machine?" Debby asked. "I need to dry these clothes."

    "Sure," I said. "Down the hall, to the the right, last door."

    "Thanks." Debby headed down the hall, myself in trance watching her move. Right before she entered the room with the washer and dryer, she began to take off her wet shirt, giving me a peak of her bareback and the side of her breast before entering.

    I was so swept by what was going on, Debby herself and what I wanted to happen that I completely forgot where exactly I had sent Debby. True, that's where the dryer was...but my washer and dryer were in my bedroom. And she hadn't come out yet.

    I walked to my room immediately, only to find Debby standing by the dryer, her hair still soaked, but now she was wearing nothing but one of my button-up shirts.

    She turned around and greeted me with the smile of sweet saintly sinner. "I hope you don't mind. I didn't really have any clothes to wear, and didn't know how'd you'd feel about me prancing around your place in my birthday suit."

    "Well, I'm not sure I would have minded too much. But the current visual also has some major league advantages."

    "Thanks," she giggled again, adding a layer of cute innocence to her seductive veneer. Debby then looked my body over. "Your clothes are wet too. You should put them in the machine with mine."

    "Yeah, but I have clothes to put on after. Seems kind of unfair to you." I was playing along with the game Debby was...hopefully.

    "Then don't and even up the odds." Debby looked up at me, gazing deeply into my eyes with her deep brown ones.I leaned down and our lips met in a kiss, one that was long overdue(and I surmised Debby felt the same.

    My hands reached around to cup her ass, her skin still wet from the rain. Debby's hands, meanwhile, went to my pants, unbuttoning and unzipping them. The kiss broke, and she began to sink to her knees, tugging my pants and underwear down with her.

    My pants were around my ankles and Debby was facing my cock, already hard just from the excitement of what was to happen. She raked her nails up my legs until she reached by groin. One hand softly cradled my balls while the other softly stroked my shaft, her thumb occasionally stroking the underside of my crown.

    "Wow," I whispered, the choice of word making Debby smile. I removed my shirt, tossing it into the open dryer. I looked back down to Debby to see her starting kssing and licking around my crotch, her fully lips momentarily hovering over cock, slightly teasing me before giving the head a lick.

    Giving me one more gaze, she opened the mouth and began to blow me in full. Her pace wasn't fast, nor was it methodically slow. It was just enough to make me feel good, to send chills up my spine without sending me overboard; she was givig me a taste of what she could do while getting a taste of me.

    After a few minutes of her exquisite mouth, Debby departed her action and rose to her feet. Without a word, but with one her looks, I knew what was comoing next. She jumping onto me, wrapping her legs around my waist.

    I kicked my shoes and pants off then pinned Debby against my bed room wall, kissing her hungrily.

    "Finally" Debby moaned in between kisses. "I've been wanting this for weeks!"

    "I would have replied with some kind of retort, but I was too busy marveling at the wonders of Debby Ryan's body. This was my first full few of it, and to say it was perfect would be an understatement. It was every bit the mixture of sinful and angelic her face was, voluptuous with curves in all the right places. Wonderful breasts, shapely legs, and a knock-out face with full lips to go with the package.

    My lips moved down her neck, nibbling and licking to her breasts. After seeing them through that wet shirt, I had to have a taste. I pushed the shirt of mine she was wearing out of the way got my mouth on her tits.

    It was more than worth the wait. The feeling of her mounds in my my, my tongue tracing over the supple flesh to her nipples and her breathless moans was better than I ever could have imagined. The more my mouth worked, the tighter her legs got around me.

    With Debby pinned to the wall, I could support her with one hand. With the other, I traveled down to her bare slit, hot and wet and ready for something to enter it. And far be it from me to deny that.

    Now it was my turn to stare Debby out, my eyes locking on her big doe eyes, looking at her face as she felt my fingers enter her. She bit on her fully lips and shivered. I was giving her the same treatment with my hands as she had given me with her mouth; just getting her ready, pushing her along a little until we were ready for the main course.

    I worked my fingers in and out of her, her breathing getting heavier with every movement. Soon I began to hear soft little whispers escape her lips.

    "What was that?" I asked, planting a soft little kiss on her lips. "I could hear you."

    "...fuck me..."

    "What was that?"

    "Fuck me, Chris...fuck me now...."

    I may not be always up to speed as to what equals a signal, but I think it was pretty safe to say that was the go-ahead. I removed my hand from her pussy and brought it to her lips, Debby sucking her juices off my fingers as I lined my cock up with her moist opening.

    I then wrapped my arms around her and slowly, she lowered onto my cock. ONce I was all the way in, I slowly built up a pace, savoring every feeling of her pussy gave. The heat, the tightness, how she was squeezing my cock with it. My jaw would have dropped if I wasn't so focused on the woman at hand.

    "So worth the wait," Debby moaned with a laugh, kissing and biting on my neck. Her legs squeezed my torso harder, pulling me closer to her.

    As greatr as it was to be fucking Debby Ryan against my bedroom wall, it was kind of hard on the legs. I grasped her and we moved to the bed, falling on it with a laugh before getting back to the action.

    We were in a sitting position now, Debby letting my shirt fall from her shoulders, leaving her completely nude as I was.

    The way were now, Debby had more control of the action. She licked her lips as she began to move faster dropping down and my cock and grinding, she now being the one sending shivers up my spine. My mouth returned to her breasts while my hands grabbed her equally luscious ass. This woman had such an amazing body, I had only begun to explore it. Luckily I had a feeling this wouldn't be the only time I'd get to.

    Debby leaned back on her arms, giving me better access to her heavenly tits and her tight little stomach. Not as much as I would like as far as her stomach goes, but just enough to keep me happy. Besides, I'd have more time to explore.

    I moved my arms to Debby's shoulder and laid her down, but then Debby switched it up on me and rolled us over, the red-headed vixen now on top. She gave me a confident smile, licking her teeth, eyebrow raised, then kissed me as she began to build up her own pace.

    "I love it," Debby whispered in my ear, pressing her chest against mine. "I love your hard cock in me...I love how it feel baby...You're going to make me cum sooo hard..." She licked my ear before she faced me again, giving me a wink before increasing her pace.

    "And I'm going to make you cum even harder," she said confidently.

    "That a challenge," I asked, moving my hand to her clit, frigging it.

    "It's a fact, sweetie." Her voice cracked a little at the added stimulation, but she kept going, her confidence never swaying. Her breasts however, did, quite tantalizingly so. I leaned forward to once again sample her wares, Debby pulling my face closer to her chest with her arms until playfully pushing me back down.

    She again let out her devilish giggle as she leaned herself back, letting herself get lost in the sensations she was feeling. Her moans became higher in pitch, most of the moistness on her body now sweat instead of the rain water.

    It was then I took advantage of the situation and took my place on top. I was going to make Debby cum, and cum first.

    I began to give her everything I had, Debby's eyes shutting tighter, her nails digging into my back.

    "Close close close close close close," she mumbled, her eyes shut and licking her lips. I could see goosebumps begin to form on her skin and her face get flush. With a noise that was somewhere between a yell and a sultry moan, Debby came, and she came hard, her cunt become almost vice-like in it's grip as it convulsed around my cock.

    "Don't stop fucking me..keep going! Yessssssss!" Debby's body went limp, on her face a look of contentment an ecstacy, the perfect high. She was till muttering, "Don't stop...", a weak but happy smile on her face.

    I was close now too, and Debby seemed to sense that, opening her eyes and looking directly at me. Her arms grabbed her breasts and pressed them together.

    "Looks like someone needs to shoot," she cockily said. "I wonder what we could do about that?"

    I straddled Debby's chest and slid my cock between her ample cleavage and began to thrust. I was close, and Debby was doing everything in her power to push me ever closer. Every time the head popped out from between her boobs, she would suck on it, ferociously teasing it with her tongue.

    With everything that had gone on before, this added stimulation was too much. Before I couldn't even make a noise, I began to shoot, hitting Debby in the chin before taking my cock in my hand to glaze her tits. Even after giving them a good glazing, I was still going. Debby leaned her head up and began to suck the last bit of cum I had, winking at me as she swallowed down each stream I had left to the last drop.

    When I was done, I fell on my bed next to Debby, utterly wrecked.

    "Came pretty hard, huh?" she said knowingly and completely out of breath.

    "Oh yeah. You?"

    "Heck yeah." We jokingly high-fived each other, laughing at the silliness of the moment.

    So, what do you want to do next?" I asked, watching entranced as she began to lick the cum off her body.

    "Well, how about we put the clothes in the dryer, take a shower, fool around in said shower, put on some of the music we just got and screw like rabbits until the music stops?"

    "Works for me, Debs."


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    WOW!.. that was one WET Dryer :)

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    That was incredible!

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