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Thread: "The Beautiful Game" With Mel McLaughlin

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    fanfiction "The Beautiful Game" With Mel McLaughlin

    The Beautiful Game
    With Mel McLaughlin
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, drunk, mutual mast, gloryhole
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    She was just about the hottest piece of ass I'd ever seen, and as luck would have it we were forced to share a small cubicle together at work in the corner of the office.

    Like me, Melanie "Mel" McLaughlin had begun working at the Network studio in Sydney just shy of a month, but had already been promoted to local sports correspondent, which certainly ruffled a few feathers.

    Fortunately for me, due to our dealings together we soon discovered a mutual love for the "beautiful game" and became fast friends. In fact it was not long after that the FIFA World Cup was set to kick off in Brazil, giving us an excuse to head into town after work and watch the opening ceremony on TV.

    "You're okay with grabbing a few drinks after work aren't you?" she quizzed.

    "Sure, why wouldn't I be?"

    "Just checking," she grinned. "Some guys might take it the wrong way and think it's a date or something."

    "Don't flatter yourself Mel." I chuckled. "You're like five years older than me ... and I'm not into older chicks."


    But as luck would have it Mel was going through a messy divorce, and thanks to our many conversations, had expressed how she now just wanted to concentrate on her career and had sworn off all men. I guess I just happen to be in the right place at the right time.

    So I naturally accepted her invitation for some after work drinks, and we piled into the back of a taxi and made our way over to the red light district of Sydney, the famed Kings Cross.

    As we made our way to the bar across town it took all of my power to keep from glaring down at her flawless legs, as her skirt managed to ride up quite high above her knee.

    "Wait until I tell you what happen to me today," she remarked in the backseat. "One of the guys upstairs actually hit on me."

    Considering the way she looked I wasn't half surprised, but still faked outrage.

    "What did you do!"

    "I just flirted my way out of it, naturally." she giggled. "But it was pretty intense. He practically propositioned me for sex ... invited me to get behind his desk and blow him, essentially."

    "oh, is that all." I joked.

    Melanie gasped at my apathetic response and playfully punched me in the shoulder.


    "I'm only kidding."

    "Ugh. You're such a prick sometimes," she grinned. "But that's probably why we get along so well."

    We soon arrived to the bar and found a quiet booth to sit and enjoy some drinks and dinner, while watching the festivities in Brazil. We had a great conversation throughout the meal, spoke about the big event, our projects at work, and eventually discussed her private life.

    Amusingly enough there were a few awkward pauses when the topic of sex came up, with Mel admitting that despite being single she was officially off the market.

    "So what are you going to do for sex ... how are you going to get off?"

    "Just do what I always do, and let my fingers do a little walking."

    "You know they have toys for that." I quipped.

    "Meh, I'm not into them. I prefer my fingers."

    It was a surprisingly candid exchange between the two of us, which funnily enough helped up relax a lot more and open up even further. In fact it was during dessert which involved several alcohol cakes and a bottle of red that our conversation turned a little more "racy" if you will, and we openly discussed our favorite sexual positions, wildest experiences, and kinks.

    "Trust me," she stated. "Ask any girl in here and most will tell you ... sometimes we just want to get slammed up against a wall and pounded into submission!"

    "Is that what you're into, rough sex?" I grinned. "Why am I not surprised."

    "Not always," she explained. "But sometimes it's all I can think about when I'm getting off."

    "Jesus. Now there's an image."

    "You're welcome." she winked before helping herself to another drink.

    Over the next few minutes Mel and I really started to open up to each other, asking and confessing to all kinds of personal shit.

    "So what's the kinkiest thing you've ever done," I asked. "You ever had sex in public before?"

    Judging from the perpetual grin on her face I could tell she had.

    "What about you, I bet you've done kinky shit too."

    "Pretty much. I've probably been inside every one of those strip clubs out on the strip."

    "Why am I not surprised."

    We then discussed whether or not she had ever ventured into an adult club before, and she claimed that although she was curious, she'd never attempted it because she was afraid someone might recognized her.

    "I mean, I'm not saying I'm famous or anything like that," she clarified. "but I do get funny looks when I go shopping now and then."

    "Well, tonight we could scratch it off your bucket list if you like."

    "Yeah, you wish." she giggled. "Who knows. Maybe if you get me drunk enough I might let you."


    Hours later, both of us were pretty hammered when I asked Mel if she was ready to leave and was surprised to see just how "friendly" and affectionate she appeared to be, grabbing my hand and permitting me to hold her hand and lead the way.

    While my initial intentions were purely honourable, I couldn't help but feel a little smug to walk with the stunning newscaster hand in hand while we walked through the Cross and looked for a cab.

    "Where are you taking me?" she smiled at one point. "Don't get any funny ideas okay."

    "I wouldn't dream of it,"

    "You should know, just because I'm drunk right now doesn't mean you're going to get laid ... I'm not that easy."

    The mere notion that it had crossed her mind made me laugh.

    Realizing that she was in a fun and flirty mood, we stood waiting at the taxi rank when I looked over my shoulder and realized we were standing in front of one of Sydney's most notorious adult clubs, which my friends and I had frequented over the years.

    "What do you say, you game?" I grinned, suggested we go inside.

    "Yeah-right. What kind of place is it."

    "It's a strip club ... kind of." I lied.

    I could see didn't believe a word I was saying, but still trusted me enough to play along.

    "You planned this didn't you."

    "Not at all, but since we're here anyway we might as well just take a look. Aren't you even a little curious?"

    Funnily enough it didn't take much prodding to get her to go along and we wandered into the club where a sign advertised private viewing booths upstairs, while a live stage show was to the right. Without thinking I pulled Mel into the small stage show portion of the club where we walked into a packed, smoke filled room.

    With nowhere to sit, we squeezed up against the back wall and watched as a gorgeous young blonde entertained the crowd, dancing around in nothing but a red thong which she ultimately quickly peeled off and threw into the audience.

    Even though we had stumbled into the club by sheer coincidence, I could tell the show was having a profound effect on Mel who was moving her body to the music and watching the show intently.

    I remember thinking there was no way in hell she couldn't feel the large budge in my pants pressed up against her derriere, and while I tried to pull back just a little, I felt her pish back even harder and intentionally grind her booty against me.

    "Enjoying the show?" she quipped while rubbing my cock with her ass.

    I could hardly believe my luck as I felt her reach back and invite me to place my hands around her hips, pulling her closer while we watched the explicit strip-turned-masturbation show on the stage.

    We watched as the blonde finally left the stage and was replaced by an equally attractive Asian performer, who stripped down to her birthday suit before pouring hot candle wax all over her body. This performance seemed to captivate Mel's imagination, who decided to break my balls a little, and leaned back to say something clever.

    "How you going back there?" she asked, referring to the obscene tent in my pants.

    "You should know," I snipped back, while pressing my erection harder against her. "Maybe if you stopped moving so much I wouldn't be so god-damn frustrated right now."

    "Maybe we should take a look at the rest of the club." she suggested, and I didn't argue.

    I knew almost immediately what she had in mind. She wanted to go visit one of those video booths upstairs.

    I let Melanie led the way out of the live stage area and into the narrow hallway, where we made our way down a dark neon-lit corridor until we reached a door marked #7.

    The room itself was pretty dark with some soft lighting overhead and contained two cushioned leather seats facing a large flat screen TV hanging on the wall. Overall the booths were in much better condition than I expected, having clearly been renovated recently.

    Once inside Mel immediately pointed to the small holes in the wall and laughed out loud when she realized she found herself in a legitimate gloryhole room.

    "Whoa." she commented audibly as a movie soon flashed across the screen. "So this stuff is x-rated huh?"

    "Yep." I answered. "Doesn't get much more hardcore than this."

    "Wow. I need to come here more often then."

    Just the mere thought that someone of her caliber would frequent such a lewd establishment made my cock twitch, before I felt her reach back and pull my hips against hers.

    "Don't go anywhere," she said. "I don't want to be left alone in a place like this."

    "What are you afraid of ... that you might have to perform for someone?"

    Mel sighed with nervousness but never once suggested we stop and leave. Instead we now just stood there in the small space, grinding on each other while watching Lexi Belle do her thing on the screen taking on a room full of guys.

    With nothing to lose I slowly slipped my hands around her hips and pulled her in tight. Melanie showed no sign of resistance so I let my hands wander around a little, and finally slipped them inside her blouse to make direct contact with her skin.

    "I wouldn't do that if I was you." she whispered at one point. "You may not be ready for what happens next."

    "Promises, promises." I grinned before leaning over and kissing her ear and neck.

    "Seriously," she muttered. "II don't think that's such a good idea."

    "Why's that?"

    "I don't think I can control myself, if you keep that up."

    The action on the screen was heating up and I could tell Mel was getting hot too. She now opened her stands a little further and actively moved her hips against my cock as my hands grew bolder and bolder.

    slumped slightly in the chair as her hand made its way up under her skirt and for all intent and purposes she was getting off, right beside me!!

    I on the other hand unzipped my fly and lifted out my hardening cock and began to slowly stroke it behind her. If you had told me earlier that day that this was how our "date" would have concluded I would have thought you were crazy. But now there we were, in some dark video booth both masturbating side by side.

    Without taking her eyes off the screen, Mel reached back between us and fumbled with my hard on, palming and then cupping it through my tenting pants.

    "Yeah, you're just as turned on over this movie as I am."

    "It's not the movie," I admitted, as my hands finally reached up to cup her pert breasts.

    "Think you could handle me?" she asked rhetorically. "Fuck. You're so hard right now."

    To her credit, Mel managed to somehow unzip and pull me out, and before I knew what was going on I felt her delicate fingers grasp my cock and slowly slide up and down my aching length.

    I simply responded to this by cupping her breasts in both hands and fondling her tits.

    As she continued to play with my cock I heard a rustling sound beside me and noticed that a very hard penis was now protruding out of the glory hole to our right.

    With her attention focused solely on the video again, Mel still hadn't seen it and I laughed privately, interested to see just how she would react. When she finally turned her head to say something again, she caught sight of the 9 inches of flesh poking into our room and gasped with surprise.

    "Holy shit," she muttered in disbelief. "Look at the size of that thing!"

    "Why don't you reach over with you spare hand and touch it."

    The local correspondent simple shook her head in disbelief, too afraid to approach much less touch it. But despite her reluctance I noticed her now alternate her gaze between the TV and the huge cock in the wall and finally spoke in a low husky tone.

    "What should I do?" she whispered innocently, apparently concerned that the mystery penis was not going away any time soon.

    "Just wrap your fingers around it," I suggested. "I'm sure he'll leave us alone if you just touch it a little."

    We both knew I was lying but she proceeded nonetheless and tentatively reached out and slowly ran a couple of fingers up and down the shaft, almost testing to see if it was real.

    "Jesus." she muttered through a giggle. "It's fucking huge."

    We could hear a low moan emanating from behind the wall as Melanie curled her fingers around his tool and proceeded to stroke his cock.

    "I can't believe you've making me do this," she smirked sexily. "This shit probably gets you off ... watching me stroke this thing."

    "Well he obviously likes it. You obviously know what you're doing, Mel."

    Without saying another word Melanie moved to face the large cock and now focused all of her attention on getting it off. At one point she even stopped to spit in her palm of her hand before wrapping it around the cock again and stroking it more intently.

    I almost gasped out loud when she suddenly crouched down on the floor to be closer to the erection. At this point she seemed to be in a trance like state, totally mesmerized by the large organ coming through the hole.

    It was quite the sight to see her on her knees jerking off a complete stranger. In fact I suddenly grew bolder and suggested that she unbutton her blouse and show me her bra so that I could beat off to her breasts while she "entertained" out new friend.

    Mel hesitated briefly, only cause it involved taking her hand off the magnificent cock in the wall, and quickly opened her blouse and exposed her sexy lace bra to me.

    I now stood there beating off to her as she returned her full attention to the mystery cock, her head inching closer every minute until the inevitable happened.

    "You really want to stick that thing in your mouth huh." I said.

    "Err. I dunno." she shrugged. "You think I should?"

    "Well the least you can do is give it a little kiss." I proposed, to which she agreed.

    "I suppose."

    The penis itself visibly throbbed to this small gesture causing Mel's eyes to grow wide. She then countered by opening her mouth and slowly engulfed the entire head, taking my breath away by her hasty action.

    "Fuck-yea," I let out as I watched one of Sydney's sexiest sports reporters take a strangers cock into her mouth.

    At this point my own dick was so hard I actually felt pre-cum ooze out from the tip. Not that Melanie noticed of course as she was now solely focused on working her mouth and tongue along the side of the massive tool in front of her.

    First she dragged her lips along its full length before teasing the head with her tongue, before she'd wrap her lips around its bulbous bell-end. She then proceeded to work her mouth up and down, bobbing her head back and forth while fisting its shaft.

    I could hear the moans on the other side of the wall starting to build in intensity and figured that the guy was going to shoot his load at any minute. I think Melanie sensed this too as she switched from using her mouth exclusively to incorporating more of her hand and started jacking him off rapidly in front of her face.

    "Yeah ... come for me." she hissed seductively. "You gunna come for me ... yeah?"

    In an instant the other voice cried out in the dark before her mystery lover suddenly blew his load all over her face, causing her to quickly wrapped her mouth around the squirting rod to stop it from making a bigger mess.

    At this point I was so riled up, that without thinking I immediately reached over and pulled her up from the wall, and before she could object, shoved her over the side of the sofa and impaled her from behind!!

    "UGH. FUCK." Melanie grunted with surprise as I reached over to yank her long hair back and hold her in place.

    To my surprise her pussy was exceptionally wet as I worked my cock in and out of her. I think Mel was surprised initially by my sudden burst of enthusiasm, but quickly adapted to the situation and began to moan and move in time with my thrusts.

    "Ugh, fuck me!" she grunted over her shoulder, her face still covered in someone's cum.

    The drunk newscaster moaned even louder as our pace quicken and I fucked her harder and faster.

    "Nnghh god-yes. Harder." she chanted. "yes-yes!"

    It was at this point that Melanie suddenly lashed out and shoved me down onto the seat before moving to straddle me. I simply glared back at her as she quickly took me by my sword and impaled herself and proceeded to ride me like a bucking bronco.

    I could only lay there in bemused surprise as this wanton slut eagerly bounced over my cock and used me like her own personal sex toy. In fact watching her take my cock again and again, caused me to groan out and announce my impending orgasm.

    To her credit, not only did Mel not east up but she SLAMMED herself down on me ever harder, causing us both to grunt out loud before hopped off my turgid rod and dropping to her knees between my legs urging me to shoot my load in her mouth!

    I was only too happy to oblige, and released my searing hot wad all over her chin and mouth before almost blacking out. McLaughlin gasped to this action before she eventually collapsed beside me on the sofa. We both had contented grins on our faces at the spontaneous moment we had shared.

    "World Cup fever eh," I remarked out of breath, making her smile.

    "Yeah, and that was just the opening ceremony." she quipped while catching her breath. "What you got planned for the close."

    "I guess we'll just have to wait and see."

    "Another drinks night? "

    "It's a date!"

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    Quite the story... definitely would work for Munn as well... good stuff mate!

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    I don't think I'll be able to watch another broadcast with Mel again, without thinking about this story!!!
    A side of Mel that most would never have thought possible - thanks for making it into this story!!
    Just wished she was still working for SBS, can only imagine what she'd be wearing whilst in Brazil for the World Cup next month!!!

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    Thanks hearsz, yeah we can only hope that Channel 10 decide to fly her out to the World Cup next month...after all she is the new sports reader on the nightly news, and they usually have someone over there representing them.

    I tell you what though, if she ends up going, I'll probably end up writing 10 more stories about her. I'm just really into her at the moment. She's my new (aussie) Olivia Munn. Or god help her if we end up bumping into each other here during one of the late night telecast games in town. I'll totally be...

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    Can see why you like her. Her only flaw is that she's a (dirty) Man United fan. I can just about overlook that... lol
    There were so many Aussie football (soccer) fans that were understandably guttered when she left Fox Sports and they let their FB page certainly know!!
    Could be worse, she could have got the gig overseas, she really knows her stuff !

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    Dont know how i missed this post...maybe due to the World cup fever... but having read it now.. I just cant wait for the Closing !!

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