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Thread: "A Green Morning" with Eva Green

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    fanfiction "A Green Morning" with Eva Green

    "A Green Morning"
    Author: Robertdoc
    Celebrity: Eva Green
    Warnings: M/F, con, oral, big tits, blowjob, fingering, cunnilingus, cowgirl, facial, masturbation, romance

    December 2013 - Ireland

    Naturally, I slept through what could have been the night of my life. Even if she was still with me in the morning.

    The she in question happened to be film and TV siren Eva Green – familiar to some of you from "Casino Royale" "The Dreamers" "Camelot" "Dark Shadows" and the upcoming "300" sequel and Showtime horror series "Penny Dreadful" I probably should have led off with that.

    While I'm at it, I can also add that she's been here in Ireland, filming that aforementioned Showtime show for the last three months. I've seen her and talked to her off and on for the last two. By all accounts, it looked like it was building up to something – to the point where the building could have been finished last night.

    She needed to wind down after a busy day on her set. I provided boisterous, hopefully pleasant company, and we didn't even go to too many pubs. We were relatively clear eyed as I led her back to her room and she let me come in – at least clear eyed enough that we weren't...taking advantage of each other.

    But I just wasn't clear eyed enough to stay awake. For that matter, she probably wasn't either. That would explain why I woke up the next morning, in her bed, with her lying next to me – both of us fully clothed.

    Since it was December in Ireland, Eva had a purple dress on that covered most of her up. Of course, she'd already shown the world – at least the part of it that watched Starz and Bernardo Bertolucci films – what she had to cover up already. According to her, millions more would see it in...unique detail in the next 300 movie as well.

    For a few moments last night, I thought I'd get to see it in unique detail as well, but we both seemed to tire ourselves out – and not in that way. At this moment, her sleeping form wasn't touching me, but her dress was hiked up enough to let me see the long bottom of her endless legs.

    If I snuggled up a little closer, who knew what that would make her do – and I could always say I was asleep and didn't know what I was doing. But since I wasn't hung over, insanely perverted or a poor excuse for a human being, I had a level enough head to get it back on straight.

    So all I did was lightly tap her on the shoulder, quietly calling her name. "Wake up," I added. "It's the morning, wake up," I explained further. Before long, she opened her fittingly blue/green eyes and made me regret again that I'd have to get her out of bed.

    She looked at me for a moment, looked around the rest of the room and muttered, "So it is," – words that still wouldn't sound sexy in many voices other than hers. But thinking about that wouldn't help me be the good guy here.

    "Don't you have to get up? For work?" I got to the point.

    "They don't need me for daytime scenes today," Eva informed me. "That's why I could afford to stay out late last night," she almost said with a bit of a laugh.

    "Well, that's good," was all I could say. I made up for it by adding, "So, I shouldn't keep you from resting, then?"

    "You don't have to," Eva offered. "Unless I'm keeping you from your daytime work," she wondered.

    "Probably late already," I thought over. "And I still have vacation days to burn." That settled one part of it. "But like I said, if I'm keeping you from anything..."

    "You're just keeping me from changing out of this at the moment," Eva said, pointing to her dress. Ignoring any more suggestive meanings from that, I covered my mouth and got on my feet, so Eva followed suit.

    My back was turned, just in case, as I heard Eva rummage through her drawers and then close the bathroom door. When I saw I was alone for the moment, I fell back into the bed, still a bit exhausted – which might be distracting enough. But it wasn't like she was dressing into sexy comfortable attire – right?

    A grey shirt and shorts that went down to her knees probably wasn't sexy on its own. But on Eva, it was as close as it could get. Before I could remember to get up again, Eva laid back down with me. She wasn't coming right for me in...that way or any way, but...

    "Like I said, if you want to be alone," I offered one last time to be safe.

    "You and work have worn me out for weeks," Eva stated plainly – as I had to remind myself. "I could use a nice, lazy morning and early afternoon before you get me going again. Work can go on without me, but if you can't, I won't top you. It looks like you still need to recharge a few proverbial batteries anyway."

    I suppose I did give that away by slumping back down into bed. Maybe a few more hours of sleep would do me good. It would keep me from bothering Eva while she got her extra sleep – probably.

    I could do this. Just sleep and relax, even with one of the most desirable women in the entertainment business next to me. If she fell asleep quicker, she might not notice if I...developed any side effects. And if I stayed perfectly still and didn't roll over...

    "Not many people would let someone recharge like this," I still let out. "Not under these circumstances. It'd be hard to trust them. I mean, of course you can trust me, but..."

    Well, maybe I was lucky and I was asleep already.

    "You can paint the town red with anyone," I heard Eva say as I closed my eyes tighter, in case this was real. "Finding someone to just rest and relax with after that...that's rarer. Sometimes you can't help but be in the mood for that. If you're not, tell me before I close my eyes, so I'll know what I'm in for."

    What else could I say? But I did find some words other than yes. "Do we need to be under the covers for that?" I asked.

    "Ah. Paying off to have a partner already," Eva said, getting enough energy to put the covers over herself. Since we were keeping our clothes on, and I guessed she didn't have anything more comfortable for me to wear, I got under the covers with her.

    She stayed on the right side of the bed, and I kept a respectful distance on the left. Nevertheless, as I closed my eyes again and felt her presence nearby, I was more at ease. There was something to be said about a nice, peaceful, sleepy morning with someone – especially with a someone like this. Someone who actually still wanted me here, even if it was just to sleep.

    I didn't know how much time went by before my eyes opened again. It was still light in the room, so it couldn't have been too long. Especially since Eva was still sleeping – albeit with her head on my shoulder now.

    This time around, I didn't wake her. This time, I closed my eyes again and took in the feel of her lying beside me. I didn't put my hands on her for a deeper feel – but since I still looked asleep, I had an excuse if I got caught.

    Then I felt her hand on my chest, and I decided not to press my luck.

    I did let my imagination start to get away from me, figuring I'd be back in dreamland soon enough. There, I could imagine we were sleeping after exhausting ourselves in...other ways, that there were fewer clothes between us, and that my erection wasn't so prominent in my jeans right now. And that I had looser clothes on that were actual bed clothes.

    I tried to make myself sleep faster, for plausible deniability – but then I felt something else on my neck. Something from Eva – a full, supple pair of somethings. Only this was the pair on her face.

    Once I felt her lips on my cheek next, I had to respond. At least the rest of me had to. "I'm up, I'm up," I muttered, opening my eyes to see Eva's looking back.

    "That we are," Eva said quietly. I'm sure she meant we were awake, not that she saw any...specific body part looking more awake. Regardless, she said it low and sleepy enough that I was more awake all over.

    But although she could make anything sound sexy and sultry, she looked more serene than anything else. Like the nap had really done her some good – and now she was getting a second wind. It made it impossible not to get drawn in further. As if there was any resistance left in me.

    I figured that when or if this happened, we would be pent up, out of control and aggressive -- like in what seemed to be the average movie sex scene for Eva. However, when I finally leaned in towards Eva and she closed the gap, we were barely moving. Perhaps not because we were too tired to.
    Once Eva's full, perfect lips connected with mine, I let them rub against me before I did the same in kind. They kept exploring and rubbing each other, opening a bit but not enough to let our tongues join in. But when I heard and felt the first little sultry moan from Eva against my lips, I rolled myself on top of her to feel more.

    My right hand went up to hold the right side of her face, as both her hands went to the back of my head and neck. With our mouths pressed deeper, the tips of our tongues came out to dab against each other. Eva pushed my head down and briefly let more of her tongue through, but I responded by putting my palm against her cheek and dipping my tongue in.

    We went back and forth like this for a while, until we needed some air. Once we looked at each other and caught our breath, we could have said something or made some kind of comment, observation or wish. However, it didn't feel like it was necessary right now.

    Eva's only response was to peck me deeper and deeper, until her tongue slipped back in. I replied by tracing my tongue over her bottom lip, suckling it and then sliding past it. I felt her suckle my tongue right before I pulled it out, leaving me to exhale and drop my lips below hers – right before they morphed into a knowing, sexy smirk.

    Before that drove me too out of control, I blocked it out by putting my face into her neck. Of course, the taste and scent of her down there didn't exactly calm me down. Neither did Eva putting her hands on my back, lifting my shirt up and starting to feel my bare skin.

    I just had to help her along – even by rolling off her so I could better remove my shirt. Knowing that my shirtless appearance couldn't compare to hers, I hoped it wasn't too much of a letdown. Yet Eva simply asked, "I suppose it's my turn, then?" before throwing the covers back.

    If that's how she wanted to see it...

    I steeled myself, since it did feel like she was wearing a bra under there. I supposed it would help me warm up to her nudity gradually. But once her black bra and unavoidable cleavage was exposed, I saw what a foolish notion that was.

    Drooling wouldn't help, especially before I went back onto her. So I went back on top of her, put my face back on her neck and hoped my groans were doing something to her. With the feel of her covered chest below my bare one, I was giving her more than enough groans.

    Once I heard a few from her while I suckled her neck, I finally went lower. Going right for the boobs would probably be too predictable to her, though. Even if it looked like her bra unhooked in the front.

    That did not help me stay committed to the whole going slow plan.

    Still, I restrained myself enough to just kiss her exposed cleavage, and lay my face into it without any motorboating. When I went below her bra, my hands started unhooking it while I looked down at the lovely shapes and curves of the rest of her upper body. It was enough to make me kiss her down to her stomach, while leaving her bra unhooked but still on.

    Looking up at Eva's impressed, smiling face, I kissed and licked back up to the bottom of her left cup, then moved to kiss and nip her now exposed left side boob. I did the same to her right side boob, all with the cups still covering the rest.

    Finally I had to press them against each other, holding the covered tops of her breasts while their bare sides rubbed together. " that all?" Eva still had the gall to ask before long.

    I supposed I'd have to turn my attention lower, then.

    I let go of her breasts and slid my hands and body down hers, until I was at face level with her shorts. Pulling them down just enough to see her matching black underwear, I placed my hands on her hips and lowered my head. After some cursory licks to the center and bottom of her undergarment, I started lowering that too.

    Eva's shorts and panties were lowered to her knees, while we still left the top of her breasts covered. She wasn't fully naked, technically, but it was just enough to show me that movies and my imagination hadn't done this sight justice. I only snapped out of it enough to start lowering my own pants, just so she wouldn't feel singled out.

    I did leave my underwear on before I started getting hers fully off, though. I was too set on getting back to work to fix that at the time. When I did, my tongue buried itself between Eva's pussy lips and started wiggling slowly, then faster and faster.

    After I came up for air, my hands grasped her bare hips and started sliding below them. I had a firm enough grip on her firm ass, while my mouth started firmly kissing and licking her lower mouth. Eva's upper mouth opened up as her moans and encouragement got louder.

    As such, I couldn't put off my biggest move any longer.

    It started when I licked up as much of Eva as I could. Then before her taste wore off my tongue, I got those pesky bra cups off her chest. Before I even looked at her fully exposed breasts, I went up to take her left one in my mouth – while she was still fresh in my mouth.

    The combined taste of her full breast, and the lingering taste of her wet pussy, was as irresistible as I expected. I suckled up as much of it as I could, all while my left fingers got back to work on her down below. When I fingered her enough to leave some juices on my digits, I removed them and removed my mouth from her chest as well.

    My fingers went on her right tit, rubbing her essence onto it right before I suckled it up. After enough licking and sucking, and a few more rounds of fingering, Eva was writhing and moaning to her heart's content. For good measure, I took my wet fingers out and rubbed them on her left nipple and areola, before my lips went back there.

    Soon enough, we both needed a breather. I licked my lips clean, finally letting myself look down at Eva's flushed face, fully exposed body, and fully exposed, fully sucked on, and just plain full tits. I could have worked on them for hours and no one would blame me – hopefully not Eva, anyway. But I had to show some variety here.

    "Relax," I told her, reminding her we were still technically taking it easy. To back that up, I went down to her pussy and licked her up slowly, teasing her lips and opening. My hands stayed on her breasts, cupping underneath them and lightly squeezing.

    "Okay, then," Eva agreed, lying back and pushing her chest and hips up just enough. I merely circled my tongue around her, pressing the rest of my head between her legs. My thumbs rubbed the side of her breasts, as Eva moaned quietly – but the sounds still went right to my still aching cock.

    Getting it out of the way at last, I rolled over to remove my last bit of clothing. Eva got a brief look at my erection before I rolled back over and returned to work – only not as gently.

    Now that she wasn't expecting it, I hoped Eva was more bowled over when I suckled, licked and nibbled on her deeper. Moving my hands up to rub and squeeze the top of her breasts would hopefully help too. From the surprised gasps and groans, I might have been on the right track.

    "Oh God," Eva sounded more encouraging. Yet she followed up with, "Pick a speed and stick with it, eh?"

    "Really?" I asked into her pussy.

    "I've been pent up for a while. At least on real sex," Eva informed. "If you're gonna make me wait longer to cum, I'd like to be prepared."

    "Do you want to wait longer?" I couldn't help myself.

    "Not particularly," Eva answered. A half-second later, I answered back by putting my left index and middle fingers right into her.

    When they got all the way in, I laid my head back down and lapped away next to them. My free hand went on her right breast and started squeezing, before I pushed it to the left. Taking the hint, Eva grabbed her left breast and pushed it against the right, so we both helped rub them together.

    Eva helped down below by putting her right hand on my head. But I wasn't going anywhere regardless.

    If anyone was watching in some creepy fashion, they'd see me just lying my head between Eva's legs, hiding the wiggling of my fingers in her and my tongue near her. Otherwise, I was pretty still except for my right hand, as it helped push Eva's breasts together.

    Eva was less still, with her head thrown back, her hips pushing up on my head and hand, and her mouth free to groan clearly – unlike mine. "Oh, fucking...bloody..." Eva babbled for a bit – then the thrust of my fingers made her forget any other words.

    I finger fucked her and stroked her right nipple in unison, with Eva soon doing the same to her left. Eventually, I took my fingers out and put my tongue right back in, sticking it in as far as I could. A few rapid licks, thrusts and sucks later, Eva was shaking all over.

    "Fuck me...just a little more," Eva urged. Although I took my mouth off her pussy, I still planned to grant her wish.

    My way of doing it was to go back up, put my lips on her right breasts and put my fingers right back into her. They pumped her rapidly as I lightly bit down on her nipple, then covered as much of her areola with my mouth as I could. The duel moves made Eva clutch onto my head with her left hand and put her right on my back.

    I could have sworn she scratched me at one point – which might have meant she was close. I gathered myself and pulled off one last series of big pumps, while engulfing her tit – as much as I could – with my mouth. When she tightened on me and dug her nails onto me, there was no mistaking why.

    "Yes, yes, fucking...there!" Eva confirmed. I took my mouth off her and just laid on her chest, gritting my teeth as she came on me and tightened her grip – everywhere.

    Eventually, she let my hair go and merely rubbed the spot where she nicked my back. Her pussy stopped gripping my fingers as hard too, although the wetness had something to do with that. Exhaling in relief and awe, I removed my fingers and put them back on her left breast, juices and all.

    I looked up at Eva, as she calmed down enough to see me lick my fingers and her breast clean of herself. Her eyes eventually focused and relaxed, even brightening up a bit. Whatever I helped her release, other than the obvious, seemed to take a load off her. And out of her, of course.

    "You're not bleeding, by the way," Eva assured me.

    "Then I guess I can lie down," I said, rolling off her now that I knew I wouldn't bleed on her sheets. "Are you all right now?" I asked.

    "I'm dandy," Eva answered. "I was fine before, don't get me wrong. But a nice release really puts that in perspective. Don't you agree?"

    "Usually," I replied – remembering that she would know better right now than I would. Especially after seeing my erection sticking up in the air now. But if she was really satisfied and tired, I couldn't just ask her to...make me agree more. Right?

    "Now that you're...exhausted again, do you need another nap?" I decided to ask without asking right out.

    "Oh no, that's fine," Eva said. "In that I got that out of my system...I think I'm getting my second wind."

    Before I dwelled on that choice of words, I had to dwell on Eva rolling on top of me. And on her taking my wrists and pinning them down. And on her kissing me, slow and deep and wet. And on her breasts pressing into my chest. And on my erection being pressed below her stomach.

    When she broke, I opened my eyes to see the awe-inspiring sight of Eva's eyes, tinged with the same sultry spice as her smile. I could almost feel her smirk as she kissed down my neck, then licked down to my own chest. She didn't break eye contact while she went back and forth kissing my nipples, before circling her tongue around them.

    Eva didn't speak, but her face and her sinfully low moans spoke volumes. As did the kisses she planted down my stomach, while still keeping my arms down. She did let go, though – once her face got down to my cock.

    Her hands went on my thighs, yet her face merely hovered over my tip. She briefly stuck her tongue out to dab it, then she looked up again just as her supple lips went around my throbbing head. She just suckled it, only dabbing her tongue on it again right before she came off.

    Finally, Eva took some mercy and put her hand on the bottom of my shaft, leading to her sinking her mouth on top of it. However, she continued to suck me slow and steady, coming off to lick my sides just as languidly. She put her lips back on and dragged them down, moaning on me along the way, making it feel so better and so worse.

    "And you...complained about me going slow..." I didn't stop myself.

    "Well, I can't have you go off before I'm ready again, can I?" Eva revealed. "Should be another few minutes, don't worry." If she was just trying to build me up without taking me over, there were...less risky ways to do it.

    Less risky than her dragging her tongue down to dab at my balls, probably. Less risky than suddenly taking me all in and bobbing up and down for several seconds before coming off, that was for certain. Certainly less risky than rubbing her lips against my head, licking and kissing it and giving me that sexy look, without a doubt.

    "You sure I'm not...too ready?" I gasped out.

    "Hmm, good point," Eva finally relented – unfortunately. Especially after a final wet, deep suckling. She popped off and started kissing up my body this time, which only helped me calm down a little.

    Soon, Eva was back completely on top of me. She pecked my lips, but didn't do anything else and left my cock trapped below her. I now had time to put my hands on her back, letting her settle into my arms. "A little better?" she asked.

    "Getting there," I admitted. Since the friction was more manageable and she was giving me time to cool off, I felt less on edge. It was a good strategy.

    I showed my appreciation by kissing her, which she held for some time. For a moment, we were back in the whole lazy morning mode, as Eva's lips and tongue worked without hurry on mine. My hands roamed down her body, savoring the sleek, luscious curves of her waist and backside, while her luscious tits pushed their full weight down on me.

    My hands rested on her ass as she started lifting it up. The signal was clear enough. So I went down below, took my cock and lined it up in the right position.

    Eva broke her lips from mine, right as my head met her other lips. "Go on then and fuck me," she said, pure silk oozing from her voice. I then pushed into the pure silk below her.

    She engulfed my head and steadily took more in, while I held onto her rocking hips. Mine soon went up too, as we both got into a steady rhythm. Once it was well established, my hands left her hips and went up her back – though I resisted the urge to give her a little scratch too.

    There was no need to blemish perfection. Regardless of whether they might see it on set later or not.

    Perfection was slowly starting to ride me in earnest, as my hands rested on her waist. Eva then lifted herself up, putting her tits over my head. I just had to rise up and take her left one in my mouth, licking it up as if it still had her juices on it.

    Eva pushed her hips down harder while my suckling went deeper. I switched over to her dangling right breast, putting my hand below her left one as it jiggled and bounced. But Eva cruelly took it away and sat all the way up – although seeing them both bounce in pure view helped make up for it.

    I watched them go for some time, until I got the bright idea to catch them both. I also picked things up with my cock, sending it harder and faster into Eva. It helped her breasts bounce harder into my hand, so that helped too.

    I squeezed them to stop their bouncing, to a point. I took over bouncing them from there, while also rubbing them together once more. Yet I couldn't just do that the whole time, unfortunately.

    Fortunately, I let my hands run down the rest of Eva's statuesque body, before resting on her hips again. They grabbed on as Eva rode me faster and I pumped deeper in return. But just as we really got going. Eva slammed herself down and stayed still.

    I kept fucking her, yet Eva didn't move. Not until she swiveled her hips slowly, hypnotizing me until she clamped down harder on my cock. She then lifted herself up deliberately, before coming back down and nearly making me roll my eyes back into my head.

    If she kept this up, my other head would do a lot more soon. Too soon, really. I had to stop her.

    As such, I got the jump on her by rising up, taking her and putting her on her back. Once she was settled, I sat up and held her hips, keeping my cock buried all the way in her without moving. "I think you should relax now," I told her.

    "I see," Eva regained her breath. "Are you sure about that?"

    "Trust me, you've done enough," I said.

    "That's sweet, but I'm pampered enough on sets. Good sets, anyway," Eva commented. "With sights like this, I can't just do nothing."

    Eva made it clear she was looking at my cock nestling inside her. She was less subtle when her hand went down to her pussy, rubbing it along while it clenched me.

    "I can relate to that," I admitted, letting my left hand come down to join her. But Eva did lean back, nonetheless, letting our hands and my cock work slowly but intently on her.

    My right hand trailed up her body, ghosting over her ample chest again. It went further up this time, tracing her elegant neck and porcelain face. At last, it landed in her hair and cupped the back of her head, while my hand and cock picked up the pace somewhat.

    "Fuck me," I let out at the sight and feel of it all.

    "Aren't I already on that?" Eva checked.

    "Well, yeah, but..." I trailed off. Words would be hard enough to come by now if I wasn't buried into Eva. Despite the mental handicap, I settled on, "I don't know what naughty fantasy stuff you're doing on the show. But the reality..."

    Her tighter grip on my cock stopped me short, but I hoped those words would still do. Eva seemed okay with it, especially when my finger traced her open lower lips just right. "I'll admit, reality does trump fantasy sometimes..." she stated.

    "I know that now," I admitted. Fantasies about this moment had turning out to be lacking after all – at least by comparison. "God, I know..." I gasped as I bent down to lay on top of Eva, kissing and licking up her neck along the way.

    I laid my face into her neck and hair, as we kept a hand each between each other. Her free hand was grabbing onto my ass – which I technically preferred not to get scratched. My hand grasped Eva's head, helping me to keep pumping.

    "Me too..." Eva said after a while. "You didn't use that trick in my head." Oh...oh boy. Then she was...over me?

    That admission earned her a few more hard thrusts. Once I slowed down, I lifted my head up to meet Eva's gaze. "In your head, how did it end? I'll need to know pretty soon," I warned.

    "You make me cum again. If you can," Eva dared. "You somehow hold off from cumming...and then I watch you cum. I watch it all..."

    Watch it all...well, she couldn't watch me if I finished inside her. I probably shouldn't anyway, but... "Where do you watch it go?" I had to ask.

    "Anywhere. Up top would be best," Eva said. "Think of it...I sure can. Going on set, showing my face and chest there...all of them unaware I just wiped big batches of cum off...just forced it all right on there..." she breathed out.

    "You want're gonna need to stop talking," I begged – barely believing that I said that to her. But I was out of options and running pretty short on time now.

    To buy myself a little more, I slowed my cock down and let my left fingers take over. I tried to work on Eva's neck without leaving any marks, but that was harder. My right hand went down to her side boob, but there wasn't much room left.

    I got better access by sitting back up, grabbing onto Eva's breast while letting her see me rub her pussy. I had to get back to fucking it, though, yet my hands still worked just as hard. Eva helped along by arching her hips up, yet I said, "For the last time, relax..."

    "You need to relax more, don't you?" Eva pointed out. "At least I relaxed once. You want me to do it again so you can get to it? Then let's take care of it together..." It made more sense than my ideas.

    I let both my hands go down to her pussy while I started pumping harder. Eva tweaked her nipples in the meantime, then slid her hands down and I took over on her chest. We traded tasks with both hands, then each had one hand on her opening and a hand each on her breasts.

    It was a wonder I still held out – which I could say about this entire morning. But Eva tightened herself around me and I knew she was almost ready again. I hoped she was, because either way...

    "A little more...let me cum all over your cock..." Eva urged. "Or let me cum over something...then we'll be even soon enough..."

    That did it. For my own safety, I had to pull my cock out. But my fingers never left, at least until I slid down and put my head back on her. Yet they came back in her soon enough while I ate the rest of her out, and her hands rubbed what I couldn't lick or fuck.

    "Oh, yeah...let me cover your whole face in cum!" Eva yelled. With my cock free, I was still somewhat under control when she said that. I even stayed locked up when I pulled my fingers out and she started covering me up after all.

    I swallowed whatever came into my mouth, but I left some of it on me and my fingers. When she was done and we both calmed down, I lifted my head up and let her see what she left on me.

    "There we go..." Eva approved, leaving me free to lick my lips. Soon enough, I sat up again and let her see that I was still on edge. It wouldn't take much to change that, though.

    I took a look at Eva's freshly fucked, naked form, face and chest, and I couldn't help but get things started on my own. After a few tugs, Eva reached over and took a few of her own. To make it somewhat easier, I went over and straddled her below her chest.

    I could have dropped myself between her tits and finished then and there. That was the only reason I didn't go for it. I did stroke myself anew while gazing down at her breasts, yet I took my eyes off them and went up to her lips, then her eyes. It didn't take me off the edge.

    Finally, I took my cock and rubbed the head against Eva's right nipple. We both groaned, with Eva adding, "Go on, give it to me..."

    I laid my left hand on her left breast, while pumping myself to the brink with my right. With a few more squeezes, I was set to give her more than she might handle. More than I feared I could, anyway.

    I got my hand off her chest, right before the first few spurts landed there. I aimed the rest at her neck, her chin and her lips, while being careful not to get anything too high. The more I unloaded, the harder it was to keep my aim straight, though.

    Nevertheless, I strained to see that I'd done a fairly good job. Eva even caught a few final bits on her lips, licking it up in front of me. I focused enough to take in the sight of her upper body and lower face painted with what looked like a bottle full of cum.

    I rested my hands below Eva's breasts, although some of my juices seemed set on dripping down soon. However, Eva placed her hands on her mounds, cum and all. This snapped me out of it and made me state, "Tissues!"

    "There's some paper in the bathroom," Eva responded. Despite the immediate discomfort, I stood on my feet and wobbled over to the restroom. I was more stable in getting back, with enough toilet paper to clean Eva off.

    We wiped down the strands of cum that Eva didn't touch herself, until she looked relatively normal. However, she would know that her face and chest were covered in cum today, as she said she wanted to remember on set tonight. Well, she was one step down.

    At this moment, she looked clean and beautiful. I didn't know if her lips were clean enough of me for me to kiss. She interrupted my thoughts by saying, "Back to napping, then?"

    I didn't know what else to say to her, or what to do, or what we would do after we crossed this line. However, taking a nice nap before doing something had worked well already. Worked more than I could have imagined, despite my busy imagination.

    It was certainly worth trying again. And as I laid down next to Eva – and this time felt her naked skin and curves against mine – it was off to a good start so far.

    There was something to be said about a nice lazy morning in bed. Even if I'd have to get her out of bed in the afternoon. But I was going to sleep, naked with Eva Green, in the morning.

    That should keep me awake for just a few more minutes, hopefully.


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    Oh man. Just when I think my lust for this girl is starting to go and write a phenomenal story like this.
    Thanks Robertdoc!

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    Thanks, glad I could help.

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    She certainly doesn't need the help...the woman is SEX on LEGS!

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    Finally, an Eva Green story.

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    Thanks, glad it was worth the wait.

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