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Thread: "Night Moves" with Chloe Grace Moretz

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    fanfiction "Night Moves" with Chloe Grace Moretz

    Night Moves
    With ChloŽ Grace Moretz
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, inc, voy, finger
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    What occurred that fateful evening in bed seemed like a total fantasy, a dream.

    The fear, excitement, and adrenaline if it all, seemed like something wholly separate from reality or what I was used to. Something like that could never have happened, I convinced myself, yet I remember it so vividly.

    It had all started one cold evening in February, just a few short days shy of my niece's highly anticipated 18th birthday.

    In fact, I had traveled down from San Francisco to attend the big event, but with most of the family scattered around the country and unable to attend, my sister Teri (Chloe's mom) made arrangements for me to sleep in one of the boys bedrooms.

    It was there during my first nights stay that I awoke in the middle of the night by the loud clap of thunder. Pouring heavily outside, I rolled over to go back to sleep, when I heard a gentle knock at the door.

    As I pulled myself awake, I turned to find my sweet teenage niece standing in the doorway, her hair disheveled and her hands clutching a pillow and what appeared to be a large green sleeping bag.

    "Chloe Grace?" I barely murmured at the shadowy figure.

    She was wearing an old pair of pajamas, a white long-sleeved shirt with yellow puppies printed on them which was buttoned up the middle and matched her pants.

    "Sweetheart," I whispered. "Are you okay?"

    "Mom said I could stay in here tonight," she answered softly.

    "Huh. Why, what happened?"

    While I waited for her to explain, I suddenly found myself wondering why she was clad in PJ's that she hadn't worn in years. They were obviously two sizes too small for her, and were fairly worn thin.

    On second glance I noticed that the top appeared way too tight across her burgeoning chest, which caused the material to spread open between its tiny buttons, exposing some flesh.

    To my surprise Chloe didn't appear to be wearing a bra either, due to the obvious pokies she was now flaunting.

    "The storm broke my window and now everything's wet," she claimed.

    Wiping my eyes, I took pity on her and offered Chloe a space on the floor.

    "Just shut the door and make yourself comfortable." I responded as she slumped down on the edge of my bed and pouted.

    "What's wrong sweetheart," I asked. "How bad is it?"

    "I didn't even hear the glass break," she replied. "But the rain woke me up. My bed is totally soaked through."

    "Did your clothes get wet too?"

    My striking niece nodded her head.

    "Mom said we'd have to wait until morning to take care of it," she explained. "So can I sleep in here tonight?"

    Glancing at the time I could see it was close to 4am. I could also tell she was mentally exhausted and close to tears.

    "Well, try not to think about it and get some sleep." I said. "We'll figure something out tomorrow."

    With that said, Chloe began to roll out the sleeping bag on the floor but I could tell she was having issues with it.

    "On second thought," I proposed. "Why don't you take the bed, and let me worry about that sleeping bag."


    "You clearly need it more than I do."

    "Oh, no way! I don't want to kick you out of bed uncle Mike," she replied. "You're our guest. Mom would kill me!"

    "Well I guess we just won't tell her then," I grinned while getting up. "Besides. It's your birthday this weekend, so we wouldn't want you to be all grouchy."

    "Err. I don't know," she hesitated as I made the decision for her and grabbed my pillow and climbed out of bed.

    "Trust me, it's okay. I'm more than happy to swap with you sweet-pea."

    "Thanks uncle Mike," she smiled sweetly before thanking me with a friendly peck on the cheek.

    I stood there for several moments clad in nothing more than my boxer briefs, and prepared the sleeping bag on the floor. It was during this time that I happened to glance at Chloe on the bed to see her watching me, a cute smile of her pretty face.

    "Comfy?" I asked rhetorically, to which she nodded.


    A minute later as I looked at her again I thought I caught her leering at my crotch.

    At first I thought it was just a figment of my imagination, but when I looked at her again I was surprised to see that she was now stealing glances at the front of my shorts, openly eyeing the outline of my cock!

    "Well...goodnight," I stated, interrupting her lewd train of thought.

    "Um, 'night." she stammered before licking her lips and laying back on the bed.

    I grinned inwardly as I attempted to get comfortable on the floor, and recalled how wild and out of control my own hormones had been when I was her age, many, many moons ago.

    With the soothing rain still falling outside, Chloe fell asleep fairly quickly while I for whatever reason just lay there unable to sleep.

    Tossing and turning on the floor, I finally sat up and attempted to adjust my blanket when something in the corner of my eye caught my attention, and I happen to glance up at the bed and noticed the way she was sleeping.

    In fact I was so taken aback by the scene that I actually heard myself gasp with glee.

    There before me lay Chloe, who it appeared during the course of the night had kicked away her precious pajamas bottoms and was now sleeping in nothing but her shirt and white cotton panties: the faint outline of her tight young ass perfectly formed by the skin tight material that wedged against her cute teen butt!

    The mere notion gave me instant wood, and before I knew what I was thinking, my hand immediately grasped the sizable boner in my pants and I proceeded to beat off.

    "Jesus, just looks at that ass!" I whispered under my breath. "You could bounce a quarter off that butt."

    To make matters worse, the teenage starlet was sleeping peacefully on her side/tummy, with one of her knees bent high towards her chest and the other leg splayed straight out, leaving her resting there with her knees spread wide and her crotch and bottom on full display.

    Watching her flawless body for several minutes, I suddenly had this overwhelming urge to touch her, despite how wrong it was. It had been almost two decades since I had last savored the taste of a ripe teenage booty, and for what it's worth Chloe looked simply magnificent.

    Shaking my head, I quickly reprimanded myself over the lewd thoughts which filled my head and realized just how perverted I was. What the hell was wrong with me? This was my very own niece I was lusting over, my sisters teenage daughter!

    It took all of several minutes for me to realize what I was doing was wrong, before I ultimately lay back down on the floor but still found it impossible to go to sleep.

    At this point I was simply overstimulated, my cock standing at full attention and needing some much needed relief!

    Resigned to my fate, I finally reached down and proceeded to jack myself off again, hoping in hope that a quick climax would be the perfect solution for my insomnia.

    But as it turned out this had the exact opposite effect, and I soon found myself sitting up and beating off to the vision of Chloe's tight little teen ass, as she lay there innocently snoring away.

    Feeling bold I finally got up and shuffled over to the side of the bed. Taking a deep breath, I ever so carefully reached out and touched her lovely bare foot, marveling at her incredibly cute, delicate toes.

    It seemed that on top of everything else my niece appeared to possess the prettiest little feet you ever saw!

    Kissing her foot briefly only seemed to increase my arousal tenfold, and before I knew what I was doing, I found myself licking and sucking on her toes before kneeling up on the edge of the bed and gently rubbing my cock against the soles of her feet.

    It only took another two to three minutes for me to cum, and cum I did: squirting a significant load of semen all over her bare ankles and feet!

    Gasping in shock horror, I swiftly snatched one of the blankets from the floor and cleaned up the mess as quickly as possible, making sure to be gentle enough not to wake her yet thorough enough to wipe away the evidence.

    With a job well down, I then zipped myself up in the sleeping bag (for my own protection) and attempted to calm my nerves and drift off to sleep, wishing that the entire incident never took place.

    "WTF did I just do," I chastised myself. "I can't believe I just ejaculated all over Chloe's feet!! I must be crazy."

    Then again, as I lay there contemplating this more and more the more I convinced myself that not only would Chloe understand, but being the exceptionally gifted and mature girl that she was, she'd probably endorse it.

    Besides, I argued. Chloe's been a downright tease for as long as I can remember, and knows full well the effect she had on the opposite sex. In fact I think she encourages it, and even gets a kick out of provoking much older men like myself.

    Yes, I grinned in the dark. The more I think about it the more I realize the cocky little shit had it coming to her. In fact she's lucky I decided to stop.

    The very next morning Teri woke us up nice and early and we went into Chloe's bedroom to assess the damage. The broken window would be easy enough to repair, but there was a lot of glass and water damage. The carpet and bed also appeared to be ruined.

    Unfortunately for Chloe, she also tended to leave her dresser drawers open, so the rain had gotten into most of her clothes as well. We taped up the window as best as we could and put the wet clothes in bags, before my sister announced that she would have a laundry service take care of them.

    In the meanwhile, I offered to help around the house and while cleaning the dishes in the kitchen later that morning, I suddenly twisted and pulled up in pain.

    "Ouch!!" I grimaced as Chloe sat on the counter top beside me, causally chatting to me about her friends and fame.

    Watching me wince in pain, she immediately panicked.

    "What's wrong!"

    "Nothing...Ouch!!" I groaned again, while clutching my neck.

    "Stop it uncle Mike," she objected. "You're scaring me. Are you faking right now?"

    "Do I look like I'm faking?"

    "What's the matter with your neck?"

    "I guess I'm just a little sore from sleeping on the floor last night," I confessed.

    "I knew it!" she stated smugly. "Let me take a look at it."

    With that said, Chloe popped off the counter and proceeded to put her hands on my back and shoulders and attempted to give me a neck rub. I winced some more before I recoiled from her.

    "Chloe, stop it." I whined. "I'll be fine. Just don't touch it."

    "I knew you should have stayed in bed last night," she pouted. "Now I feel bad. You should take the bed tonight."

    "No. I can't have you sleeping on the floor sweetheart." I replied. "It's nothing. I just slept in an awkward position, that's all."

    "Fine, whatever." Chloe rolled her eyes, just as the house phone rang and she went to answer it. "We'll talk about this later."

    "Yeah, sure." I quipped. "Whatever you say."

    Later that afternoon, Teri was still out dealing with the wet clothes while Chloe was out by the pool, enjoying the sun while chatting to her friends on her cell.

    I decided to take the opportunity to help myself to a shower upstairs, hoping that the soothing water would alleviate some of the tension in my aching muscles.

    Inside, I stood in the shower and tried to relax and not think about my lewd behavior or my niece's sweet, sweet teenage ass. I still couldn't believe I had managed to somehow suck her toes and cum all over her feet, without getting caught!

    Still engrossed in thought, I ultimately stepped out of the shower and toweled off, before I headed into my bedroom to get dressed.

    I literally took three more steps before I suddenly stopped short and froze dead in my tracks. There, standing in front of the closet with the doors wide open was my niece, naked as the day she was born!

    Standing there at an angle to me, I was privy to a glorious side profile of her young nubile body, as she casually slipped out of her two piece bikini and now looked for a change of clothes.

    Chloe had always been a petite girl growing up, and her figure was still maturing, but she already had a tight round ass and two of the sweetest little mosquito-bite tits you could ever wish for.

    It was the first time I'd seen her completely naked since she was little, and I immediately detected two puffy pink nipples that seemed to be at a constant state of arousal.

    As I stopped for a moment to admire her naked form, my eyes caught sight of a full length mirror in the corner of the room and I realized I could now see her sweet teenage sex, which to my surprise was devoid of any hair whatsoever!

    I couldn't believe my eyes. My famous niece was just 17-years-old and yet totally and utterly shaved clean? What a sexy little minx. The thought hadn't even occurred to me until now.

    The revelation caused my cock to twitch inside my towel, and as I glared intently at her hairless mound I could just make out the faint profile of her lower lips, as she turned and bent over to reach for something on the floor.

    "Jesus," I let out as I realized just how thick and juicy her labia-lips were, which inadvertently alerted her to my presents.

    "Oh shit! Uncle Mike!!" she shouted in surprise before covering her privates with both hands and crouching behind the wardrobe door.

    "Whoa." I replied. "What the hell are you doing in here Chloe?"

    "Oh-my-gosh!" she panted through a smile. "This is so embarrassing. Don't look okay!"

    It was only a minute later that I realized she was brandishing a pair of my own boxer-briefs in her hand.

    "Can I borrow these?" she blushed. "I need something to wear since all my panties and stuff were taken to be cleaned."

    Being the gentleman that I am, I turned around to give her a moment to get dressed but snickered quietly to myself as I immediately noticed another mirror in the room and admired at her naked body through the reflection as she dressed.

    "You can turn around now," she announced with a smile. "These are a little loose on me but they should do just fine."

    Having slipped on a t-shirt, she turned to leave and moved past me with a wry grin on her face, no doubt pleased with herself at having me walk in on her while getting dressed.

    In fact judging from the look in her eyes I dare say she might have even staged the entire affair. Strangely enough I didn't put it past her, and it only made my cock swell.

    "By the way, nice towel uncle Mike." she cheekily remarked in the hallway. "You look good for your age."

    I responded to this playfully comment by throwing a few pillows in her direction and causing her to shriek out and giggle as she rushed downstairs.

    Glancing back at the bed I then noticed her disused bikini which she had discarded for my boxers. I gulped hard as I picked them up and realized they were still warm to the touch, and reeked heavily of her sex.

    "God damn it," I groaned inwardly. "This girl is going to kill me."

    It was later that evening as I sat out on the couch watching some TV that the precocious teenager emerged from the stairs scantily clad in nothing but her skimpy sleepwear again.

    Once again I found myself stealing glances at the spaces between those buttons which were still stretched wide open. The openings to her flesh underneath seemed larger than the night before, but were still maddeningly small.

    In fact I could just detect some faint cleavage, where her chest curved softly into the side of her breast, and recalled the sight of her magnificent body earlier in the day, the sight of those two succulent pink nips.

    After Teri went into the kitchen to chat on the phone, Chloe turned to me and mentioned the awkward situation upstairs.

    "Um, about earlier—"

    "Don't worry about it," I said while staring at the TV. "We're rooming together now...we'll just have to make adjustments until you get your bedroom in order."

    I looked over at her and gave her a reassuring smile. I could see she was still blushing, but also delighted that I was treating her like an adult. We watched TV for a while longer until Teri finally went off to bed around midnight, leaving Chloe and I to sit and chat some more.

    "You know mom suggested I should sleep out here tonight, on the as to give you some privacy."

    "Don't be ridiculous, sweetheart." I replied. "You know I love your company."

    "Are you sure?" Chloe affirmed. "I mean I could always crash out here if you think I'm imposing."

    "Are you crazy," I stated. "You're sleeping with me tonight and that's final!"

    It was only a minute later that I realized my Freudian slip, which caused us both to laugh out loud.

    "Err. You know what I mean," I clarified. "Tonight you can take the bed and I'll sleep on the floor again. Just don't tell your mother."

    "Okay!" she replied enthusiastically before leaning over to kiss me on the side of the lips.

    "You know, between you and me I think your mom is a little jealous." I joked, referring to our close relationship.

    "Yeah. Fucking-A!" Chloe quipped, before she immediately covered her mouth with her hand.

    "Oops. sorry uncle Mike. I didn't mean to say that out loud."

    "That's okay," I snickered. "You can swear around me. I don't care."

    "Great. Thanks, I mean...fuck yea!"

    We both laughed some more before we briefly discussed her birthday arrangements and I ultimately announced that I was going to turn in.

    Chloe however decided to stay up and wait for a phone call from one of her friends, and as I got up to leave she leaned over to kiss me on the cheek but we inadvertently made contact with our lips!

    "Oh. Oops!" we both said at the same time.

    "Shit. I'm sorry," she giggled sweetly.

    "That's okay," I chuckled. "Just don't let your mom see us making out or there'll be hell to pay."

    "Ha! I'd hardly call that making out uncle Mike."

    "You know what I mean," I grinned.

    "Yeah. Then she might really get jealous."

    With that said I turned to leave for bed but the damn incident nearly ruined me upstairs.

    In fact I couldn't remember experiencing a more painful erection in all my life. I was actually surprised by how soft and sweet her lips tasted, and spent the next twenty odd minutes simply laying in the dark stroking my cock and thinking about her.

    An hour or so later, Chloe finally entered the room to find me already passed out on the floor. She turned out the light, and climbed into the bed, wrapping the blanket around her tightly like a cocoon.

    "Uncle Mike," I heard her speak. "Are you still awake?"

    "Mm-Huh." I murmured softly.

    "Are you cold down there?" she asked. "It's really cold in here tonight."

    She was right. It was an exceptionally cold night and I was freezing my ass off!

    "You know, you really shouldn't be sleeping on that cold hard floor," she stated from the bed. "Especially if you're already sore."

    "And what kind of uncle would I be if I let you sleep down there," I reasoned. "Forget it Chlo'. Just go back to sleep."

    But despite my words I could hear movement on the bed and looked up to see her resting on her elbows, apparently concerned for my well being.

    "Well...we could always share the bed tonight." she remarked. "There's plenty of room for both of us up here."

    I had to admit, as tempting as the idea sounded I actually hesitated. I still couldn't get the image of her naked body out of my head, much less the kiss we had shared just a few minutes earlier.

    Heck, licking my lips I could still taste her mouth.

    Despite Chloe's good intentions, I suspected that sharing a bed with her might be a bad idea. On the other hand, the floor was indeed cold and my neck did ache. I now wondered if I could control my "urges" if only for one night, for one good night of sleep.

    "Alright, just for tonight." I finally conceded as I got up from the floor, pillow in hand.

    "But you have to promise," I added. "Don't tell your mom about this. She'd skin us alive is she knew we were in the same bed."

    "I promise." she smiled, as I simply climbed over her body to take the far side against the wall, lying on my side facing towards her.

    Chloe graciously unwrapped part of the blanket and extended it over me. She was facing away from me now, with just a slight separation between us. Despite this gap I could feel the heat emanating from her body, but tried to put it out of my mind.

    "Well, goodnight." she uttered over her shoulder.

    "Goodnight, sweetheart." I replied before I was surprised to see her lean back quickly and peck me softly on the lips.

    Even though it was a brief and innocent kiss, I had to wonder. What on earth was she doing? Was she intentionally trying to seduce me? Or was this her simple way of showing me just how much she adored me? I couldn't figure it out.

    Either way I now had another raging boner to content with. Fortunately for me I had almost started to doze off when I heard her whine yet again.

    "Ugh. It's so damn cold! Why am I still cold?"

    With that said, she then reached back and without warning grabbed my arm and pulled me over her, causing us to come together and cuddle in the middle of the bed.

    The action pulled me up against her spine, my groin pressed firmly against her teenage butt!

    We now lay essentially spooning under the covers, a large blanket encasing the body heat we created. I felt her warm body through our cotton garments almost immediately as she pulled me in tight and nestled my palm against her chest.

    But any chance of a good night's rest quickly faded as I soon realized that my fingers had fallen in the gap between the buttons of her shirt and I was making direct contact with her skin.

    For what seemed like an age, my fingertips rested mere inches away from her succulent young breasts, tantalizing close to those twin pink puffy peaks.

    The world now seemed to fade away into the distance except for the burning sensation at the end of my fingertips. I don't think I even breathed during this entire period for fear of losing the moment.

    It was then I felt something else, and my cock began to rapidly swell in my shorts.

    With Chloe's butt nestled snugly against my growing cock, it was impossible for her not to notice. I blushed brightly as it slowly expanded and now pressed firmly against her soft cheeks.

    In fact I felt Chloe's breathing quicken and her body tense as I lay motionless behind her, terrified of what was happening, my own body betraying me and growing longer and harder.

    As disturbing as this was, I was suddenly surprised when I felt Chloe stir in her "sleep" and gently grind her butt back against me! For a minute I thought I may have imagined it, but soon enough I felt her wiggle her hips yet again and press herself even harder against my cock.

    At the same time her fingers moved across her chest and directed my hand farther inside the opening of her shirt.

    It was only now that I realized that sometime during the night she must have unbuttoned two of the buttons, because both of our hands easily slipped inside until my fingertips came to rest against the swell of her breast.

    Even though she lay quiet and motionless beside me, her heart was pounding as was mine. While I tried hard not to give away the fact that I was wide awake, she'd already taken another step forward by directing my fingers up between the valley of her tits, perhaps waiting to see if I'd take it to the next level?

    My mind was reeling with countless possibilities, but ultimately I decided to follow my instincts and go for it!

    I very slowly began tracing my fingertips all around, gently caressing and massaging her velvet-like skin before I moved my hands towards the side of her breast, waiting for any sign of resistance but found none.

    Sensing this, I grew bolder and moved my hand again, gingerly caressing around the very edge of her ripe bosom, just inches from her puffy peaks.

    I began to slowly cup and knead her entire boob in the palm of my hand as my cock twitched and I involuntarily pumped my hips against her. She breathed out slowly and began grinding her backside against me, slowly at first, but then more deliberately.

    My fingers lingered around her nipples for some time before I ultimately reached down and unbuttoned the rest of her shirt, allowing it to fall open completely and expose the expanse of her chest to my greedy hands.

    Chloe sighed softly in the dark as I now caressed her entire naked chest, until my fingers skimmed down to the side of her smooth hips and I wrestled with the lose tie of her PJ pants.

    I kissed the back of her neck which was salty with sweat. Having finally untied her pants with one hand, my fingertips slipped inside the garment, and her panties, until I finally came in direct contact with her pubic mound.

    We both moaned as I felt the tiny stubble of her recently shaved Mons. With my hand now buried inside her panties, I split my fingers apart and explored her tender sex, palming the entire mound in my hand.

    "Oh..." she let out erotically, as I dipped my fingers lower and felt her shift her legs apart to permit greater access to her pussy.

    Noting this, I took the opportunity to reach the raw flesh of her vulva, and using only two fingers, traced one digit along the tip of each outer labia.

    I kissed the nape of Chloe's neck again, noting the built up of perspiration on her skin. She had apparently been sweating bullets the entire time I had been touching her, and despite being uncomfortable, lay perfectly still, too afraid to move in fear of frightening me off.

    I traced my lips to the side of her neck as I pinched her clitoral hood between two fingers. This combined assault caused her entire body to tremble uncontrollably, before I flicked and tapped it with the end of my finger, teasing it out of its shell.

    I gulped hard as I now felt her shift her knees and spread her legs wide on the bed. Now there was no ambiguity about what we were doing. Not only was I touching her inappropriately, but she was spurring me on!

    I proceeded to toy with her body for quite some time before I finally curled two fingers and plunged them deep into her sopping wet cunt, feeling her body shudder violently as I probed her.

    "Ugh...uncle Mike," she languished, her body squirming in my arms as her delicious ass continued to grind against my hard cock.

    As I curled my digits up inside her tight little cunt, she inhaled sharply and arched her back.

    I took this opportunity to change tact, and now kissed and licked the side of her throat while I proceeded to spear my fingers in and out of her dripping hole: finger-banging my young niece progressively until she grew more animated.

    Chloe now whipped her hips against me, thrashing about wildly on the bed while moving in tempo of my probing digits. At this point she was panting so loud I was tempted to reach up and cover her mouth with my hand.

    Caught up in the moment, I then added a third finger to the mix and pushed them so deep inside that my fingertips actually rubbed against a tiny little ball inside her vagina, otherwise known as her cervix!

    Noting this I began to massage the smooth gland with my forefinger, driving the teenage actress insane with lust.

    "Ugh. Fuck," she grunted in the dark, her breath quick and shallow, her hips continually rolling.

    We continued this way for what seemed like an eternity but was more like twenty minutes, and despite my enthusiasm my hand grew fatigued...but I dare not stop.

    Fortunately for me Chloe finally gasped out loud and exploded in my arms, her body jerking violently and her legs squeezed tight around my wrist: my fingers still jammed deep inside her tight little clam as she came again and again.

    I could actually feel her pussy constrict around my digits, as I whispered into her ear and told her how much of a bad girl she was.

    "Yes. Yes, Chloe..." I purred hotly into her ear. "My little slut! Cum all over your uncle's fingers. Cum for me baby!"

    "UNNGH-GODD!" the starlet cried out in rapture before she finally fell limp, and seemingly passed out in my arms.

    I carefully withdrew my fingers from her overheated sex and rested my aching hand on her belly, smearing her juices across her stomach as her abdominal muscles still contracted in blissful torture.

    Amusingly enough the exhausted actress drifted off to sleep as I now began to wonder just what the weekend lay in store for us. Would she remember what we did? Would she care? Would she hate me in the morning, and more importantly would she tell anyone?

    Suddenly, her highly anticipated birthday party now seemed particularly intriguing. This trip down to Los Angeles was about to get a whole lot more interesting.

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    Great work as usual TPG. I swear, whenever you post a new story, it's an event.

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    Fantastic work. TPG never disappoints. ^^

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    DAMN ! Can't Wait for Pt. 2 :thanks:

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    Surely, this is a great starter.
    looking forward to the sequel!!
    Thank you TPG

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    This is one Birthday that Chloe is bound to remember :DD
    And ...To Be Continued....
    Ohh You better keep that promise TPG ..:PP:PP:PP
    What an amazing Story!

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