Recreational Activities
Author: Robertdoc
Celebrities: Aubrey Plaza, Amy Poehler
Warnings: M/F, M/F/F, F/F, con, oral, blowjob, handjob, cunnilingus, fingering, doggy style, tit fuck, facial, lesbian, threesome, masturbation

This was a moment both long overdue and one that came out of nowhere.

For six years I'd worked on the show Parks and Recreation, with production on the final season beginning today. I had been exploring the old sets after the first day was finished, including Leslie Knope's – a.k.a. Amy Poehler's – old parks department office.

It was a nostalgic trip that another Parks actress, Aubrey Plaza – a.k.a. April Ludgate -- came by for as well. We shared in that for several minutes – and then came that overdue, surprising moment.

After watching and working with funny, incredibly sweet, and quite beautiful ladies like Amy, Aubrey and Rashida Jones for six years, I can't say I never imagined one of them suddenly kissing me. On some nights, I have to admit I imagined more than one of them.

I just didn't expect it to happen now. And yet here I was, struggling not to fall onto the desk as Aubrey pressed against me and attacked my mouth.

Despite the expert way Aubrey attacked it, I was too stunned to respond back. I didn't remember if either of us said something to set this up. Given Aubrey's….unique, oddball, fire starting personality, maybe she was kissing me to set up some sort of weird joke or prank.

But when she broke off, she didn't tell a joke or have someone come out with a hidden camera. Waiting for the punchline was just one of the reasons why I didn't say anything, although I should have.

Yet instead of asking for answers or clarity, I watched Aubrey slowly start to smile. Smiling isn't exactly something she's asked to do too often on Parks, or in many other projects. And yet despite her anti-social, cynical, weird, troublemaking persona onscreen and sometimes in real life…..she does have one hell of a smile.

Especially while her hand was trailing down my chest.

By the time it reached my jeans, I was willing to risk any future embarrassment.

Since I was joining in this time, Aubrey wasn't quite as aggressive when our lips met. However, her hand more than made up for it when it palmed the front of my pants. A few more strokes and kisses later, she broke off and spoke up.

"Sit on the desk, k?" she asked as if this was a normal, everyday thing. Since she was back in no nonsense mode and I wasn't in much position to argue, I got myself to sit on the front center of the desk. Aubrey then went behind the desk and took the chair, rolling it until it was in front of me.

She promptly sat down on it, not wasting any more time. With her on the chair and me on the desk, she bent her head down as she unbuckled and unzipped me. Soon, she was right at eye level with my erection.

I waited for her to react or make a joke. Instead, she took me right into her mouth and I promptly stopped breathing.

I felt as stiff as the part of me that Aubrey was relentlessly sucking on. But that part was probably throbbing more. It certainly was when Aubrey swallowed me down a few times, licked and suckled my head while jerking the rest of me off, then just bobbled onto me like she was starving.

She looked as nonplussed as ever, even while shoving my cock deep into her mouth. Yet when she came off, that slow, alluring smile grew on her. However, it was her stunningly beautiful big brown eyes that really lit up with intensity.

They stayed on me as Aubrey sucked me back in and teasingly moved her tongue around. An intense suck made me throw my head back, and it stayed there as she slowly took me in deeper and deeper. Finally she got all of me in before slowly moving her tongue and lips up, then lightly bit below my head and tonged my slit.

Aubrey came off and we both had to catch our breath. I barely got my head on straight before she said, "All right, now fuck me."

She sucked me again before I could get up, as it dawned on me she didn't want to be fucked down there – maybe not yet. Nevertheless, I didn't move anything, so Aubrey took me out and said, "Come on, time is money."

I only had a second to remember an April/Aubrey one-liner that started that way last season, before her mouth got me thinking straight. Slowly, I thrust myself a little deeper into Aubrey's mouth, yet she removed me again. "Come on, I shouldn't have to do all the work," she warned.

Taking the hint, I thrust somewhat faster when Aubrey resumed her blowjob. Before much longer, I fucked her mouth with more vigor. She came off and looked more satisfied, then took the bottom of my cock in her hand and sucked my top, all while I kept fucking.

I fucked her hand and mouth as Aubrey moaned onto me, still sucking and bobbling with the same resolve. She popped off and caught her breath, yet still pumped me while her lovely face gave me another intoxicating look of desire.

"Fuck me," she repeated directly, which made it all the hotter. When she went back to sucking me, I gave her what she wanted right away.

I barely held on as I fucked her harder, especially when she still managed to suck me, pump the bottom of my shaft and brush my balls. After taking her mouth off, she continued to stroke and fondle me, then came back down to kiss, lick and tease my head, taking more of me in until I pushed in the rest.

After repeating the pattern twice more, I had to stop. Even Aubrey got the hint and jerked me off a little slower. She finally stopped completely, shaking her hands off and letting me relax.

By the time I did, she went right back to blowing me. This time it was slower and deeper, as her tongue circled me and traced my veins, all while her lips tightened around me. Her gorgeous eyes went back up right as she hummed and sucked me down, to the point where I felt like melting.

Aubrey's mind numbing mouth deep throated me for what felt like an eternity, and yet felt too brief at the same time. Whenever she wound up stopping, she said afterwards, "Okay, you're good. Now fuck me and cum for me."

Her mouth wrapped back around me and I started following orders. However, she started bobbling me on her own, then came off and let me fuck myself back in. We took turns being in command, yet I had my hand on Aubrey's head and was thrusting all too quickly by the time I was ready.

"Fuck, I'm doing it….open your mouth," I gave one token suggestion. Yet she did come off me, although before I could stroke myself to the finish, she beat me to it.

Aubrey licked my head one more time while pumping me, then sucked my head and gave one more deep hum and blow. Once that pushed me over, she opened her mouth wide in time to catch my release.

It was one of the more draining releases of my life, as I could barely see all that cum going into Aubrey's mouth. Nevertheless, she watched it go in and caught pretty much all of it, even as I just kept unloading.

I caught my breath and stayed upright long enough to see Aubrey start swallowing what I gave her. When she finished and licked her lips, I could finally lay back on the desk. I was lucky I didn't fall off it first, really.

I felt Aubrey stroke my deflating cock a few more times, then pat it and kiss it. Without a word, I heard her leave the set soon after.

Maybe that was a fittingly inexplicable way for her to go. At least she had the energy to go right now.

I didn't feel like moving a muscle. After one of the biggest orgasms and most unreal blowjobs of my life, I didn't mind lying around for a bit. There I stayed, lying on my back on a desk that had been filmed on TV for six years, and now was basically my bed after Aubrey Plaza blew me into oblivion.

"Okay, so you…oh God, naked cock!"

That wasn't Aubrey's voice. It was another woman's, but….

Oh God, it was another woman. Someone else was back in here. And….


"Fuck, Amy!" I yelled, while trying my best to cover my still hanging cock in front of Amy Poehler – and not fall off the desk in the meantime. I succeeded in the latter, but the former was a losing battle.

I didn't even get to start tucking myself back in, before I noticed a smiling Aubrey standing next to a flushed Amy. Then it all came together – in a much less fun way than the last thing that came.

"It really was a prank!" I accused. "You set me up! That's why it was so good! You knew I wouldn't tuck it back in time!"

"Come on, give yourself some credit," Aubrey teased.

"Whoh, I did not expect that," Amy said, still looking away somewhat.

"I am so sorry, you shouldn't have seen that," I tried to save face. I got an amazing blowjob from one celebrity crush/boss, then got exposed and embarrassed in front of my other one. I supposed it balanced out.

"And you shouldn't have cum before I got here! But someone managed to make that moot without telling me, didn't she?" Amy said.

"Hey, it's not like it's the first time you saw a cock around here without being prepared," Aubrey said. "But Chris helped you nail that scene six years ago by getting naked, and I nailed his cock and set the scene in here! So it's all good."

"He exposed himself on camera so I'd react funny. For the scene on camera," Amy responded. "If I suddenly went to look for our cameras, would I find out we're missing one?"

"Ew, no! I do listen to you on some important stuff, you know!" Aubrey objected. At that point, I started to pay attention and remember some….odd things.

"Okay, hold on. Does anyone mind catching me up here?" I asked, finally remembering to zip myself back up too.

"Right, right, backstory stuff, then," Amy said. "Okay, look….I know this would be really creepy and wrong if two guys did this to a woman. I'm the first to admit that. I just got too excited and horny to see that when we planned it, that's all."

"And it is…." I tried to hurry things along. But Aubrey's directness then came in handy.

"Me and Amy both wanted to fuck you," she stated. "We're starting our last year, and we're doing a bunch of things we never got to do before. You were the first one of those things."

"We never agreed that you would get….such a head start, though," Amy pointed out to Aubrey. "We implicitly agreed you'd just kiss him and lay the groundwork for me to join in. Not do other kinds of laying before me."

"Hey, I had to take him for a test blow before you tried him out. Make sure he measured up! Trust me, you'll thank me later," Aubrey figured. "If I came up with a hilarious prank in the meantime, what's done is done."

"Okay, okay, fine, let's not go in circles here," Amy conceded. "The last thing we need to do before this is fight. Assuming there's still a this here. He kind of still has a say in that." It was nice of her to say that before I would have.

Directly addressing me, Amy went on, "Look, if she confused you or made you uncomfortable, I'm sorry. Considering that's what she does anyway….and what she added on to it this time….it might be weird of you to want an apology, though. But the option's still there."

"I appreciate that. Although I guess I don't need it," I admitted.

"The truth is these are our last few months together here. I want to spend them doing everything I haven't gotten a chance to do yet, but really wanted to. So does Aubrey. Thanks to all your years of hard work and friendship….and the fact we wanted to get the hard stuff out of the way early….we wanted to start our Parks bucket list….like this. With you," Amy said. "And….asking permission first and not putting pranks into it just seemed to get in the way."

"But like he said, he didn't need it," Aubrey jumped back in. "With all the googly eyes he's used on us over the years, why would he mind? You sure Adam didn't use you for googly eye research?"

"No….and those googly eyes were completely…." I briefly sputtered.

"See, there you go. Things are getting too serious and less hot around here. Plus it seems like you set the bar too high already," Amy predicted. "Maybe the moment's passed or something."

"Okay, you haven't backed out or down from anything for six years. We're not starting the last one like that now," Aubrey declared. "But fine. If we gotta get hot again and you're not up for it yet….I might as well take another test drive for the team."

With that, Aubrey started unzipping and lowering her jeans, leaving her surprisingly long legs and white panties exposed. She then took the chair and rolled back behind the desk, then gestured to me. "If anything else, you really owe me. So get under that desk and start owing."

This would be some kind of….debt repaying under normal circumstances. If there was something normal in this. But to do that with an audience….with Amy Poehler as an audience….

If I thought about it any longer, or even looked at her, I would lose my nerve. So I had to rush to the desk while I was still revved up.

When I got there, I dropped to my knees in front of Aubrey and the chair. Before doing anything else, I put my hands on Aubrey's upper legs and slowly slid higher. The feel of them helped me steady myself and get back in the mood, though I knew Aubrey would probably get impatient soon.

Beating her to the punch, I suddenly palmed the front of her panties, letting my fingers slowly dip into them. Aubrey didn't say anything, yet I heard her containing a little groan. My hands then went into the sides of her panties, which she took as a sign to lift her hips up.

This gave me room to start sliding them down, as I got halfway through before Aubrey sat her now bare ass back down. When I got her panties all the way down, I got my first look at her bare pussy. She leaned back on the chair to provide a better look, for me and perhaps for Amy.

If Amy was watching, she would then see my hand covering Aubrey's center. She'd see me putting my right hand onto her hip and pressing my head against her thigh. She might not have a clear shot of me kissing it while I started fingering Aubrey, but I did.

Once I heard Aubrey groan steadily, I decided to surprise her. Putting both hands on her hips, I suddenly dove into her and tried to lick and suck her pussy with the same zeal that she sucked my cock. Given the different texture and the different position, maybe it wouldn't be quite the same.

"Oh, fuck…." Aubrey announced anyway. Never mind, then.

She could have just been selling it for Amy, wherever she was and whatever she was doing. But I needed to ignore that aspect of it a little while longer. As such, I just sent my tongue back into action and let it navigate all around and inside Aubrey.

I even tried to bob my head and mimic Aubrey from earlier, particularly when I suckled on her lips. When that ran its course, I held her upper legs tighter and shook my head and mouth over her. At last, I came up for air and looked up at her.

Aubrey was breathing harder, at the least. Her shirt was still on and her face looked freshly flushed. Yet after a while, it got back to being annoyed as she said, "Well, get back down there, already."

Instead, I put two of my fingers back into her and watched her try to contain her gasp. After a few thrusts, the rest of it came out. "Motherfucker…." I heard her mumble.

I watched Aubrey get more turned on and aroused, while letting my fingers and even my thumb bring her there. I waited a few seconds until I pulled them away, bent down, licked her hard up and down, then did the same to my wet fingers. Once they were freshly wet and the taste of Aubrey was freshly in my mouth, I put my fingers back in and leaned up to kiss her.

Aubrey bent her head down the rest of the way, meeting my lips with the same fervor she showed at the start. She tasted herself and me, all while I finger fucked her and made her groan against my mouth. When she broke, she licked my lips and briefly nibbled on my bottom one, which made me jam my fingers deeper into her.

"Go down and taste me again," Aubrey breathed out. "Get my juices all over your lips…."

In no position to refuse, I bent back down and removed my fingers, letting my lips do the work. I rubbed her lips with them and kissed them, then licked her up and down before licking my lips too. "Eat me fucking harder…." I heard Aubrey ask.

Bobbing my head for show again, I sucked on her pussy and clit and even added my teeth into it. After a few nips, I slid my tongue into her and sent it as deep as it would go. I felt her pulsate against it, collected as much as I could and then sent my tongue back into my mouth, coating it all around with what Aubrey left me.

I pulled my head back, expecting Aubrey to kiss me and devour my tinged mouth. "Okay then….I think I got it from here," Aubrey said instead, sliding her own hand towards her pussy.

"Huh?" I asked, not grasping her thought process. Yet she started fingering herself instead of answering me. At the least, I decided to get up from my knees and stand up, so I'd be more comfortable when I asked her again.

After struggling to get up on my own, I managed to stand on my own feet. But before I could start addressing Aubrey again, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

When I turned, I felt Amy's lips on mine in short order.

Now she was the one tasting Aubrey on me – which I supposed was Aubrey's plan. That little….

But now it was Amy kissing me. The star of this set for six years, with one to go, was kissing me. One of the sweetest, smartest, funniest and most admirable women in the business was kissing me. And the second of my top two celebrity crushes was kissing me, while the first was masturbating to it.

Somehow, that was the final trigger to get me to join in.

After sharing a few more kisses with Amy, I helped her get out of her blue blazer. Her red top was then unbuttoned in short order, which I then opened up. I was met with a pink bra and a healthy amount of cleavage for my trouble.

As I heard Aubrey breathe harder next to us, I bent my head down to kiss the exposed sides of Amy's breasts. My right hand went on to cup her right cup, squeezing it before I kissed it at the center. I licked and teased it, but then Amy went a step further and slid her left hand right into my pants.

It was small enough to fit right in, and to grab my reformed erection as well. Now I was the one breathing heavily, although I still heard Aubrey groaning louder. I looked up and saw Amy with a knowing, sexy smirk and great amusement – and perhaps even pleasure – in her deep blue eyes.

On impulse, I cupped both her breasts with my hands. As full and firm as they felt, even with the bra still on, I knew it wouldn't be enough. Quickly, I tried to put my hand into her jeans, but it wouldn't fit, so I had to try and lower them down.

I got them unzipped and loose enough to lower them down just enough to expose her center. And it was exposed, since there was no underwear to be found. I wouldn't have pictured Amy as someone to go commando – or to do much of anything else we'd done so far – but I supposed Aubrey convinced her to go for it.

I went for it by inserting my left index finger into Amy. "Oh, I needed that….oh, that's a relief…." Amy moaned.

"Told you. You're gonna get fucked so good by those fingers…." Aubrey said. "We're both getting finger fucked so good, shit….I just got a big head start…."

Aubrey was frigging herself quite heavily in that chair, peering down at Amy stroking me inside my pants. She then looked at Amy's center, so I got my fingers back to work for the both of them. I watched Amy start to succumb, then saw Aubrey get even closer to release.

Fueled into my own frenzy, I fingered Amy faster and then vigorously kissed her neck. Amy threw her head back, as her halfway exposed chest pressed against me and her hand squeezed my cock. Between that, her moans and Aubrey getting louder, I suckled and fucked Amy in one big display.

"Fuck, fuck her, make her….oh, shit, me first!" Aubrey called out, giving me just enough time to turn and see her cum on her hand.

This made me distracted enough to slow down on Amy and give my hand a rest. Her hand loosened her grip on me too, as we both watched Aubrey ride through her orgasm. When she came crashing down, she leaned back on the chair and caught her breath, which it seemed we were all trying to do.

Aubrey was the first to stop, taking her fingers out of her pussy. She held them up and stood, getting herself to walk towards me. Getting an idea of what she wanted, I waited until her wet fingers went in front of my mouth, before licking them partly clean.

Aubrey licked the rest off as I went back to kiss Amy. When Amy was done tonguing and licking my mouth, I broke away to kiss Aubrey. Getting my second wind, my hand went back to work fucking Amy in the process.

"Oh Jesus…." Amy declared after me and Aubrey came apart. My hand went faster and harder while my free right hand went onto Amy's shoulder, rubbing her neck and her blonde hair. Amy squeezed my cock once more, but finally removed her hand from my pants – perhaps too lost in pleasure to help with mine.

But she wasn't too busy to turn her head towards Aubrey. Or lean in closer when she did. Or kiss her when their lips met.

The sight of these two beautiful, funny ladies softly kissing set something off in me. Call me a typical male. But this typical male pumped and curled his fingers even faster into Amy, watching her moan into Aubrey's mouth as I did so.

"Yeah! Oh, that's right there!" Amy babbled. I hadn't worked on her as much as me and Aubrey worked on Aubrey, and she took a while to cum. But who knows what Amy was doing while I was eating Aubrey out. Maybe that and my current work was bringing Amy closer to the edge now.

"Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay…." Amy kept saying. My thumb rubbed her, and then Aubrey reached down to thumb and rub her too. "Oh, fuck, okay!" this triggered Amy to say – and triggered much more than that.

Amy put her hands on my shoulders and leaned on them as she came on my hand. I just stood there and let it happen, not feeling so bad that I couldn't do this with Aubrey. As for Aubrey, she was lowering Amy's pants down lower, probably in case something dripped down onto them.

I pulled my fingers out afterwards, once again ready to lick up fingers dripping with juices and cum. But this time, these fingers were my own and I had a hand in getting them wet. Both Amy and Aubrey were nice enough to let me lick all of it up too.

When the dust settled, I looked at the ladies and could only say, "That's all of us, then."

"Right, so we all got the first one out of the way," Amy snapped back to it. "We're gonna need something better to sit in for the next round, though. Once we all get zipped up again, I know just the set for that."

After Amy and Aubrey got fully dressed again, Amy took the lead and led us through the studio. I followed her and Aubrey pretty much on autopilot, while contending with the bulge still in my pants. But me and the bulge stopped when Amy got us into the next old Parks and Rec set.

This was the set of Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt's living room – complete with a couch that was much more ideal to sit in than the desk and chair. And ideal to sit in for other things, I now figured out.

I went over to the couch and felt it up, pretending to seriously test it. In the meantime, I began to hear stirrings –and things being unzipped – behind me. Steeling myself, I turned around to see Amy and Aubrey getting undressed again – and this time about to go all the way.

In a hurry, I threw my shirt off so things would be more balanced. But I only got my jeans unbuckled and my cock back out before the ladies were just about finished. Aubrey helped Amy get out of her bra just as I dropped my pants down.

The ladies were now standing side by side, fully naked. I'd seen Aubrey halfway naked already, but this was the first I saw of her topless. Her chest was fairly small, yet the shape and texture of her upper body still looked smooth and tight.

Amy was the direct opposite, with her fuller chest, curvier figure and lighter skin. But the contrasts only made the both of them even hotter. Yet they each had the same naughty, goosebump raising smiles and dark, seductive eyes to top it all off.

"You are both so beautiful," I found myself saying truthfully. I knew it years ago, but saying it and seeing it here really drove it home.

I stepped out of my pants as Amy and Aubrey stepped towards me. I backed up towards the couch and sat down, with Amy the first to meet me. Aubrey sat down nearby as Amy bent down to kiss me, and I cupped her breasts in return. When she finished, she said, "Maybe I'm no Aubrey, but…."

Without further verbal explanation, Amy backed off and then dropped to her knees, in front of me and the couch. She settled her body between my legs, then turned her attention to my cock. Grabbing hold of it again, only in open air now, she pumped it and slowly lowered her head down.

Drawing it out, Amy brushed her lips over my tip, then brushed her tongue over my slit. She finally wrapped her mouth on my shaft, before flattening her tongue and rubbing it up and down on me. Afterwards, she stuck out her tongue and licked every inch of me that she could, then went down to tongue my balls.

"Hmm. Aubrey was right on," Amy said. "Makes me wish even more she didn't get a head start, but…." She left it hanging again, then did the rest of the talking by bobbing on my cock. She held the bottom of my shaft while sucking harder and making it all the more wet.

Aubrey was such a whirlwind, it was unfair to measure Amy's mouth to hers. Amy was an energetic ball of sunshine on and off camera, so her enthusiasm here was already no surprise. Yet there was something almost soothing in how Amy sucked me down, and gave me licks and little kisses when she didn't.

The mere fact that Amy Poehler was sucking my cock was still a bit overwhelming, so I just laid back and followed the ride. My hand laid on her hair, but I didn't force her down like Aubrey had let me do. I was lost in my own little world as Amy swallowed, sucked, licked and pumped me, until she took her mouth and tongue off.

After a few more licks up and down, Amy sat up a bit more. Until her chest was level with my wet, throbbing erection. It all dawned on me just as Amy put her round tits around my shaft.

She used her hands to slide them up and down on me, then let go. Taking the invitation, I put my hands on Amy's breasts and jiggled them, my cock still trapped between them. Soon enough, I kept them still and started carefully fucking them myself.

Aubrey then reminded me she was still there by grasping my chin and turning my head around. She kissed me and I eventually joined back in, even with my cock still pumping.

Even with all the sensations I'd felt so far, the feel of kissing Aubrey while thrusting between Amy's breasts was right up there. It was almost topped by Aubrey breaking off and smirking at me while I fucked Amy's tits. But then Aubrey topped it again by reaching out and rubbing my exposed tip at the same time.

She let go long enough for Amy to stick her tongue out and lick my head. Aubrey promptly put her fingers back on my tip to rub it all in. This continued for a while until Aubrey got up and kneeled down besides Amy.

"You ready?" Aubrey asked at least one of us. Amy was the one who nodded and then got on all fours, to which Aubrey responded by putting her hand on her ass. She went down further and inserted a finger into her pussy, just as Amy took her tits off me and put her mouth back on.

Amy bobbled on me while Aubrey finger fucked her from behind, making the technique awfully clear. Once I started to thrust my hips, we were fucking Amy from both sides, although Aubrey kept going when Amy removed her mouth.

"You okay?" I asked. I knew pretty quickly that Aubrey could take stuff like this, but Amy was a wild card.

"Not too shabby," she answered. "That makes two of us," she gazed down at me while saying. She kissed my head a few times and took it deeper in her mouth each time, then plunged down as Aubrey switched hands behind her.

I put my hand through Amy's hair and resumed pumping her mouth, while Aubrey traded hands on her pussy. She was working it pretty hard with both of them, so between that and my efforts, Amy popped off pretty out of breath.

"All right, it's all good! Yeesh….I could use a sit down," Amy said. Aubrey took her hands off and went back on the couch, followed by Amy giving me a final suck and lick before getting on her feet. She then found a place to sit down.

After settling on my lap, Amy raised her hips and I took that cue to place my wet cock under her folds. I almost asked if she was ready, like Aubrey did, yet Amy was ahead of me. She sunk down and let my head enter her, so I now hoped I was the ready one.

I rested my head back, watching Amy take me in and look pleased with herself in the process. "So this was on your final season bucket list?" I had to ask.

"I know. It sets an unfair bar for the rest of it," Amy joked. "But Rashida wasn't available to get back this week, so I didn't get everything. Maybe next time."

I guess adding her was too much to ask for. But…. "Next time?" I caught on to.

"Well, you, me, Aubrey and Rashida is out for now. That leaves you, me and Rashida, you and Aubrey yourselves, and you and me. Depends on her what I can do with you next," Amy informed. "But let's cross off what and who's available right now."

The logic got more irrefutable when Amy came all the way down. She rested against me and I put my arms around her as she began rocking on me. She kissed me slow and warm, setting an almost romantic tone into the mix.

Our lips and tongues rubbed together as I began thrusting into her, resting my hands on her ass. They went up her back as all our respective parts went a little faster. Before long, our kisses got deeper and hotter, as Amy's went from sweet to horny in short order.

She rode me harder and broke away to kiss down my neck, like I had done with her. I held her and fucked her tight while letting her lips and tongue rub my neck, until my hands brushed the sides of her boobs. Getting her to sit upright, I put my head against her chest, only this time a bra wasn't in the way.

My left hand went down to rub her pussy while I went back and forth sucking her tits. After coming off them, I felt a nibble of my own on my ear – Aubrey reintroducing herself.

"Just a little longer and then I want in. Okay?" Aubrey stated.

"Come on, do you have to put a clock on it?" Amy asked in between her heaving, and my rubbing and fucking. "I'm technically still the boss of you, you know!"

"I'll make it worth your while, trust me. I got you this far," Aubrey reminded. "You might as well do less talking, more fucking in the meantime." She did have a point.

"Well, in that case…." Amy all but rolled her eyes. However, I almost rolled mine for different reasons, once Amy doubled her efforts riding me. She rocked her hips and held me tight all over, pushing me against the couch.

Now it was her turn to kiss my ear, as I held onto her waist and tried to have my hips keep up with hers. It was largely a losing battle. Especially when she whispered, "You like that? You thought about doing that all this time? With her too?"

I let out something close to a yes, or maybe it was a squeak. Either way, it made Amy put her face back up against mine. For this make out session, we started out hot and heavy, and then it started getting slower.

I rested my right hand into her hair while my left found room to hold her breast, squeezing it as our lips kept gliding together. That hand slid back down to her center by the time we finished our longest kiss. Finally, Amy gave me one more lingering lip lock and squeeze around my cock.

I managed to reach up for one more kiss before she started pulling back. "You want to follow that? All yours," Amy announced. She got herself off me and went to my right, sitting down right next to Aubrey, who was now sliding back towards me.

I was still getting the Amy haze out of my brain, unable to focus completely on Aubrey. She didn't say a word, yet she got my attention by putting her hand on my upper leg.

When I looked up at her, she smiled ever so slowly, laid her hand on my cock and bore the full weight of her irresistible eyes on me, putting me back in an Aubrey haze.

That gaze made me give in when she closed the gap between us, kissing me and stroking me all at once. But she let go of my cock, only to put me on my back and put herself on top of the rest of me. "Now you can really fuck me," she let me know.

Aubrey settled herself against me and I managed to start pushing in. I wrapped my arms around her waist as she grinded on me, laying her head against my neck. From this angle, I could see Amy watching us from the other end of the couch.

"Amy, I enjoyed my big show, you enjoy yours right now," Aubrey said. It probably wasn't wise to linger on Amy, so I put my focus back on Aubrey. We kissed and I got my first feel of her breasts, which got easier when she sat straight up to ride me.

"Come on, use those hands on me," Aubrey requested. Per that, I cupped her breasts and rubbed my thumbs over her nipples. "Oh, fuck….little lower," she responded, so my thumbs went underneath her boobs. But I knew she meant lower than that.

I kept my right hand on her chest while my left drifted towards her pussy. It had a clear target to rub and stroke, to go along with my thrusts inside her. Aubrey countered by putting her hands on my chest and nipples, resting on them while pumping her hips against mine.

When both my hands went between her legs, Aubrey let out a guttural moan. I thought I heard one behind us from Amy at the same time. Regardless, I got ready to take Aubrey by surprise.

Once Aubrey took her hands off my chest, I lifted myself up to sit up straight. Putting my arms around Aubrey to steady myself, our hips stopped thrusting as we adjusted to the new position. I didn't stay in it long before I tried to spin myself around and take her with me.

Getting the idea, Aubrey made it easier for me and got off, putting herself on her back. In no time, I laid myself on top of her and quickly thrust back inside her. Going faster than before, I kissed all around her face, ear and neck before landing back on her lips.

Aubrey merely let out a series of moans along the way, bucking her hips back on me. Just as she let out a "Fuck, yes…." I felt a hand on my ass. I couldn't make myself stop, however, so I kept fucking Aubrey all while Amy squeezed and rubbed my ass. Apparently both her and Leslie Knope were butt girls.

She even had room to brush my balls, which only made me pump deeper into Aubrey. No matter what made me do it, however, Aubrey was on board. "Uh huh….just what I wanted…." Aubrey groaned.

"That so?" I teased.

"Yeah….just one more thing before we cum," Aubrey warned. "But I wanna fuck you some more here first." Who was I to object?

Despite being below me, Aubrey moved her hips fast enough to start taking control. She also took over putting her hands on my ass, helping me pump forward. I just watched her face contort and get lost in pleasure – one of the many things that threatened to make my pleasure overflow.

But before it got too close to that, Aubrey said, "All right, that's enough. Time for the one more thing."

Yet again, I made myself slow down and hold back, until I could get myself off of Aubrey. I stood up and let her do the same – then she wound up standing in front of a no longer masturbating Amy.

"I don't think you should do that yourself anymore," Aubrey told her. Amy sat herself up in front of her, only for Aubrey to part her legs, get herself on all fours and place her head between those legs.

"Hold on, are you…." Amy looked speechless for once.

"You're gonna tell me Tina never does this for you? You can kid me, but not all three of us," Aubrey said in her typical deadpan. It seemed to do the trick, at least enough for Aubrey to turn her head back to me. "Now that that's settled, get back there and help me out."

Quickly seeing how she wanted me to help, I stood behind her and slid back into her waiting pussy. After I started fucking her from behind, Aubrey put her head down and worked over Amy in front.

Amy still looked a little nervous – which was way weird on someone like her. Yet when Aubrey's tongue began its work, it all melted away. I could relate, and she looked at me and saw that as well.

"Come on, fuck me harder so I can eat her harder," Aubrey said against Amy. "Amy, you can fuck me harder at any time too."

"Well, at least I have permission," Amy said, sounding like her usual can-do self.

Inspired, I grasped Aubrey's hips and pumped my cock deeper into her, while watching her back her ass against me and watching what I could of her eating Amy. Watching Amy start to give in and put her hands on Aubrey and her own chest also helped me along.

Amy arched her hips up soon after, as we were officially fucking Aubrey from both ends like Amy went through. Of course, my position was a little different, but it was still a good different. Especially with Aubrey clenching my shaft and making loud, muffled noises on Amy's center.

"Come on, fuck me all over. I want it….you do too," Aubrey got out, staring intently at Amy and then me.

"She's got us there," I dared to suggest to Amy.

"Don't tell us what to….oh, fuck hell," Amy moaned, thanks in part to Aubrey. "Okay, now I'm telling you, fuck her hand. We both want it hard…."

Putting a hand under Aubrey, I rubbed her while I fucked her harder, trusting it would make her devour Amy harder. From the sounds Amy was making and from her moving hips, it seemed like the theory was sound.

Yet Aubrey was making the bigger noises. "Oh, that's it, fuck me!" she said before loudly eating Amy again. "With the hard cock, wet pussy, whatever!" Well, it would certainly be hard to think of her as emotionless and energy free again. Among other things.

"That hard cock ready to go yet?" Amy asked.

"Gonna get there at this rate," I groaned through. Aubrey's bucking certainly helped make it a conservative estimate.

"Okay, pull out," Amy instructed. Before Aubrey could object, Amy put a hand on her hair and pushed her hips up. "She got all your cum already. I….fuck, I think you should share it this time. But first things first…get those fingers up there and follow my lead this time."

It seemed Amy was putting herself back in charge – something one questioned at their own peril. I didn't feel that foolish, so I took my cock out – which was probably the best way to keep it contained – and put my fingers in instead. I finger fucked her while Amy grinded herself onto Aubrey's face, which muffled any complaints or groans.

"All right, you got it," Amy praised. "Now make me cum. One of you is gonna make me cum….Aubrey, you got dibs…."

To help her along, my fingers curled into her while my free hand rubbed her ass. A brief little spank made her muffled groans louder, so I felt free to give her a few more taps. Before she asked for more, I put that hand under her and tweaked her nipples next.

"Now we're talking!" Aubrey brought her head up to catch her breath.

"Save the talking after the cumming!" Amy ordered. To that end, Aubrey went back down on her and then held onto her tits. She squeezed them and gave Amy the extra push forward, while I hoped my fingers and pinches did the same for Aubrey.

"Oh, crap on a….both of you….fuck me, fuck me, yes!" Amy called, seeming to make a breakthrough. I let myself watch for a moment, burned it into my memory and then removed my fingers. As Aubrey lapped up Amy in front, I would do it to her from behind.

Getting on my knees behind Aubrey, I pressed my face into her and ate away. I hoped that this maneuver, combined with Aubrey receiving Amy's juices, would push her over to release her own. Grasping her hips and wiggling my tongue all over her hopefully helped too.

I heard deep breathing from Aubrey, so perhaps that was a good sign. However, a much better one came and went all over my mouth a short time later.

Aubrey quieted down by the time I finished licking her, and Amy sounded still for once too. I finally released Aubrey and got back on my feet, which prompted Aubrey to get up and go sit next to Amy again. Once they were settled, I walked over to them with my still prominent, but less sensitive erection waving in front of them.

"So that's two for you guys," I counted. "And Amy said she wanted me to share…."

"Way to keep track of continuity," Amy teased. "That and…." She finished by pointing to my still wet, tinged with Aubrey mouth.

She helped me clean it off by getting up and kissing me. After I joined in the next one, she sat back down and spent the next few seconds sucking me off. When that was done, she said, "Aubrey, no need to leave you out," before leaning over and kissing her.

Once Aubrey kissed herself and myself off of Amy, it was her turn to get up and kiss me. A few kisses later, it was her turn to suck and lube up my cock. After that was done, it was Amy's turn to start stroking it.

Aubrey let her hand rest on my balls in the meantime. Yet that job then went to Amy after Aubrey took over stroking my shaft. Their stroking, cupping and impatience to see me cum was now just about ready to be rewarded.

"Oh, Jesus…." I held out just a while longer. "I guess I can't get any on the set….so…."

Amy bent down to suck me one more time, then Aubrey followed even harder. It was Amy who held me and wound up pointing me at her breasts, by the time I finally started shooting off.

After connecting with each of Amy's tits, Aubrey took a hold of me and bent down. I got a few strands right on her face before striking Aubrey's open mouth. However, Amy seized me and got the last of it into her mouth.

Nevertheless, the end result left the rest of my cum on Amy's chest and Aubrey's face. I didn't know if I was in danger of passing out from that beautiful sight, or from the orgasm itself. But somehow, I stayed conscious regardless.

The ever prepared Aubrey got to her pants, pulling out a tissue. She wiped her face clean, but decided to make Amy clean by rubbing my cum deeper on her breasts, then licking it off. Amy just smiled, and I probably would have too if I recovered in time.

I stayed still while the ladies gathered their clothes. Before they started putting them back on, I finally spoke, "So this is only the first bucket list thing with me you crossed out, huh?"

Amy and Aubrey just kept smiling, and now I added a smile of my own.

No matter how the actual episodes turned out, I knew Parks and Rec would go off with a bang. Now it seemed this was just the first big one.