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Thread: "Unzipped" with Ariana Grande

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    fanfiction "Unzipped" with Ariana Grande

    "Unzipped" with Ariana Grande
    by Deadshot
    (codes: MF, Oral, Anal, ATM)

    Disclaimer: All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it occurred, nor would it.

    Let's get this out of the way first, Ariana Grande is an unspeakable bitch. Being her bodyguard, I've been privy to her antics. Whether it be fucking over former co-workers to treating her regular staff like shit. I've seen her make back-up dancers cry and fire assistants for wearing white after labor day. She's the biggest diva I've ever come across, and my first job as a bodyguard was Christina Aguilera, for fuck's sake. That bleach blonde had some odd demands, but nowhere near the kind of shit Ariana would spout out, and Christina also had the habit of fucking her bodyguards, which made her behavior somewhat easier to take.

    Ariana, on the other hand, did not provide such distraction, so it was non-stop, full speed bitch. The pay was good, but I swear, this deceptively cunty little sprite was going to give me an ulcer before I reached thirty.

    The worst had to be at events she was going to. They were somehow worse than working her live shows. The sole exception being her tour with that Bieber fuck. One diva is bad...two? Nightmarish doesn't even begin to cover it.

    Tonight was going to be one of those bad times. The MTV Video Music Awards. Ariana had an appearance and a performance and I was hoping there was an open bar.

    I was waiting on her in the hotel suite she had rented. Why she had rented it was beyond me, she fucking lived in L.A., her place wasn't even an hour's drive from the awards show in bad traffic. Then I remembered, she's the ultimate nightmare diva.

    Still, the woman knew how to dress, at times. A nice little leather mini dress covered in zippers and thigh high boots? Very fuckable, no matter how strong the bitchiness was within her.

    As I leered at her body on display, my cock getting a little hard at the sight, my arousal was tempered by her treatment of those around her. Throwing water in an assistants face, yelling at her manager over the phone...if ever there was a woman who needed a grudge fucking, Ariana Grande was it.

    "All right all right, enough!" she said, her people backing away in fear of the petite woman. "We're going now. If my car is not ready to go by the time I get down there, someone's getting fired, got it?"

    The terrified workers nodded. She smiled and nodded, then looked at me and snapped her fingers. "Come along Jay." Biting my tongue, I followed the songstress. She was already greeting on my nerves. I now officially needed that open bar.

    Fortunately for the people upstairs, the car was not only ready, but someone had the foresight to be sure Ariana got a fully stocked limo. This pleased her to no end, which was good for me. Probably meant less bitching on the way to the show.

    After a short but sweet car ride filled with Ariana checking herself out in a pocket mirror and bitching out people over the phone, and myself stealing glances at her tight little body, we arrived at the award show. That's when the usual song and dance began.

    I got out of the limo first and held the door open for Ariana. To her credit, she was a pro and came out with her generic smile and poses. This was one time, I enjoyed watching the show. She looked too hot, that dress was driving me up the wall. It made her look like a full grown woman, and one that had some experience at that.

    Once her rounds with the photographers were done, the two of us entered the building and she rubbed elbows with people she pretended to like that could help her career and ignored those who couldn't at best, told them to their face they were unimportant at worst.

    I have to admit, in all the chaos of the backstage area, I lost track of Ariana for a few seconds. It was my fault really, she was a smaller woman and it tended to be easy to lose them in a crowd even if you're paying amazing attention.

    Still, she wasn't out of my sight for long. I soon found her talking to rather flashily dressed men that I discovered were record producers. She was actually starting to walk off with them when I stopped them.

    "Where do you think you're going?" I asked her. One of the producers put his hand on my shoulder, trying to shove me away. I grabbed his wrist and wrenched it, bringing him to his knees.

    Ariana separated me from him and pushed me back a few feet. "I'm going with these gentlemen for a bit."

    "Not without me." I replied curtly. "That's kind of part of the whole bodyguard thing."

    "Well, not right now if you want to keep your job. Consider yourself lucky I'm not firing you for sassing me, honey. That's your Christmas gift for the year. Now, if you don't mind, I have some business to discuss, contracts and such. And unless you know anything about business, you can't come along."

    "Then I'll at least have to know where you're going to be."

    "Guuuh, fine. I'm going to be in that green room at the end of the hall on the right, okay? Stand outside it so no one can get in."

    "Fine," I nodded. I let the producer up and followed the three to the green room. The door was shut and I was outside playing the role of bouncer, watching as that open bar teased me. So close, yet so far.

    I waited out there for what seemed to me to be too long. However, I wasn't about to go in without being told to. I wasn't in the mood for Ariana to unleash Hell on me.

    However, I did know she had a performance tonight, and not getting her onto her stage could also get me in deep shit, because of course she wouldn't take the blame herself. Still, I stayed on the outside, rather bored by the whole event.

    The boredom didn't last long, as one of the show's producers came up to me, his state frantic and panicky.

    "Have you seen Ariana?" he asked. "She needs to get costumed for her performance and no one can find her! She NEEDS to be in make-up ten fucking minutes ago."

    "I'll find her, guaranteed."

    "Thank you, you're a life saver." The producer walked off, talking into his headset and a smile came on my face. I reached into my jacket pocket and took out my phone and switched the camera function on. I knew full well what Ariana and those producers were doing in there, just like I knew how fast Ariana rose in the business and got the songs she got. She hid it from pretty much everyone...except of course, the people she treated like shit. Them, she kept down with fear of losing well paying jobs. Me? I'd had enough. I wasn't scared of her, and I was at the point where I'd take a pay cut if she fired me.

    However, she wouldn't. My limit also brought forth an idea I had always wanted to pull. With a breath, I hit record and opened up the door. The scene before me was hardly a shock.

    Ariana was on her knees, stripped down to nothing but her boots, blowing the two record producers. I didn't make a peep, enjoying the show too much. The three were too wrapped up in what they were doing to even notice me.

    I had to admit, seeing Ariana doing this was beyond a turn on. Her technique was amazing and made me very envious. The young woman knew how to work her mouth and hands. She was also big on eye-contact, which is another plus for me. She had a cute face, I couldn't deny that.

    Her voraciousness was also a big turn on for me. She attacked the two cocks with a pure lustful hunger, her movements begging for their cum, at one point both cocks in her mouth at the same time. There was an extra-dirty quality watching it being recorded on my phone. Two great ways to watch utter live filth.

    Events quickly raced to an end. The producer's took their cocks in their own hands and dutifully stroked off at Ariana's waiting face, her mouth open wide, eager to receive the men's hot spunk. She seemed to be in pure ecstasy as the men unloaded on her, Ariana moaning as they grunted.

    As soon as the men's eruptions slowed to a trickle, they slowly came back to Earth, yet somehow seemed ignorant of my presence. I decided to change that.

    "And, cut!" I said, stopping the recording and startling the trio. "Great show. Totally believed the performance."

    "What the FUCK are you doing in here?" Ariana asked, her anger seething.

    "A producer was looking for you. You're needed desperately in wardrobe."

    "So you had to fucking record me?"

    "You better give me that phone, motherfucker," one of the producer said, scrambling to put his pants up.

    "I don't have to do shit." I jabbed back. "You jokers aren't carrying any fucking weapons and I could break you both in half without breaking a sweat. Besides, this has nothing to do with either of you. This is about her. Your faces aren't even on this."


    "Yep." The two record producers smirked at each other, zipped up, and left the green room.

    "Look, please don't show anyone that," she pleaded, scrambling to put her dress back on. "I'll give you anything, I swear."

    "We can discuss that later tonight, in your suite. Right now, you need to get to wardrobe and get ready for your performance."

    "But, the video..."

    "I promise, I will not do anything with it until we talk, okay?"

    "Okay." She finally got her dress back on. "In my suite, right?"

    "Yep. No rush. Go to your parties. I have to go too, you know. Bodyguard stuff. But I want that dress back on when we talk. That's my one demand for right now. I don't care what you wear on stage or at the after parties. Good?"

    "Fine." She gave me her best "I fucking hate you" smile and exited the room.


    After a performance, an award win and a round of appearances at the various after parties, I took Ariana back to an empty suite. She had made sure all her handlers and hangers-on were gone, leaving just the two of us. She took a seat in the center of the room, wearing the dress I had told her to, and I went to the bar and poured myself a scotch.

    "What do you want, Jay?" she asked, her angry tone also giving a hint of knowing what I was going to ask. "Money?"

    "Nope." I responded. I moved and took a seat on the foot stool in front of her chair. "Though I wouldn't mind a week off during Christmas."

    "A week off? You actually expect to keep fucking working for me?"

    "Yes. I like the pay, and I like being a bodyguard, despite your attitude."

    "MY attitude? I'm not the one blackmailing someone."

    "No, you just treat people like shit and don't expect anything bad to come of it. You fuck people over regularly."

    "Well, I guess I'm just a hardcore bitch," said Ariana, her tone dripping with sarcasm.

    "Well, yes." I replied. "You're also hot as shit, especially in something like that." The compliment made a small smile form on Ariana's lips. "Seeing you in it today got my motor running, I have to admit. Shit, seeing it now is getting me going. And walking in on you earlier, I was pretty jealous of those guys."

    "Is that so?" Ariana got up from her seat and bent over, her lips inches from mine. She grasped my glass of scotch and downed it. "You want to fuck me, don't you? Is that the price?"

    "It could be."

    "Well, you clearly don't want money, and I doubt you do all this just for Christmas week off, so.." Ariana straddled me, her eyes locked on to mine. "There's really not much else you could want. Despite what I sell to the public, I'm no where near that dumb." She started to unbutton my shirt. "Luckily for you, I don't want to try and talk you out of it."

    "Is that a fact?"

    "Mmmmhmm." Ariana slid my jacket off, the garment falling to the floor. "Half the reason I hired you was to have you be a dick in a glass case."

    "Dick in a glass case?" I moved my hand up her legs and under her skirt, caressing the soft skin.

    "Break glass in case of emergency fucking," Ariana said matter-of-factly. "Emergency sounds kind of desperate though. It's more like at my leisure."

    "So what you're saying is I'm getting what you were already set to give me?" I accented my quest by pushing her panties aside and sliding a finger inside her most slit.

    "Mmmmyesss," the songstress sighed, licking her lips.

    "What if I told you I wanted you, tonight, in anyway I want?"

    "I'd say yes..."

    "Anything I want?"

    "Uh-huh!" she moaned. "Just don't show anyone that video...."

    "If you're a good girl I might even delete the footage, can you be a good girl?"

    "Tell me what you want...tell me, Jay..."

    "I want to feel that mouth of yours, Ariana..." She licked at my lips then slunk down to her knees. Her eyes were locked on mine, her hands on auto-pilot as she swiftly undid my pants and freed my hardening cock to the air.

    Ariana's eyes remained on my mine as she took my cock into her mouth, and my eyes rolled in the back of my head as she worked her magic.

    After a few seconds of slowly working over my cock, Ariana built herself into a frenzy. It was fast and sloppy, the young starlet wasting no time in working me up.

    I stood up and placed my hand on Ariana's head. She knew what I wanted, and braced her self against my hips as I began to fuck her face.

    "Take it...take it you fucking bitch! Take that cock in that fucking mouth!" I stayed still as Ariana took me all the way into her throat, goose bumps going over my form before pulling out and allowing the vixen to catch her breath.

    I stood back a bit and watched her breath deep, a smile on my face. Not so much from he being out of breath, but how well she took the mouth fucking. Ariana was built for this.

    She got to her feet and removed her panties. Ariana again caught me with her gaze and made her way to me. She stuffed the underwear in my pants pocket and looked up at me. "For someone who wanted this pussy, you seem to be letting me take the lead. I don't know if I want a pussy to fuck my mine."

    My response was simple and effective. I grabbed Ariana by the ass and picked her up. I moved her to the bar and set her down on it. She had a sinful smile on her face while I lined my cock up with her wet opening. With one thrust, I filled her to the hilt, both of us letting out a loud groan of approval.

    Before I could begin to build up a pace, Ariana reached up to my shirt and grasped, choosing to tear it open instead of finishing the unbuttoning.

    "Much better," she said. With that done, the action really started. Our mouths met in a hungry kiss, Ariana biting down on my lower lip before it broke. "Fuck that pussy...nice and tight for that big fucking cock of yours...fuck me...FUCK ME!"

    Tight was right. I wanted to say it was just because Ariana's size, she was a petite woman after all. IT was more than that. The woman knew how to fuck and she clearly liked to fuck, but she didn't do it as often as I would have guessed. She probably got what she wanted through her mouth more often than not. Either way, I wasn't a complaining. I naturally tight woman who knew what she was doing was too much of a find.

    "Harder...FUCKING HARDER, DAMN IT!" demanded Ariana. It seemed with every stroke, the wilder she was being driven. I grasped at her legs and put them on my shoulder, letting me drive into the nymph deeper and harder, the pitches of her pleasure screams raising in pitch.

    "You dick drunk little tart," I growled. "You're going to get the fucking of a lifetime tonight...fucking every way I that what you want? Is that what the fuck doll wants?"

    "It's what this fuck doll needs! Been way too fucking long...not enough guys know what the fuck they're doing...most pop with my mouth....always fucking want it..."

    Our tongues licked at each other as our bodies began to sheen with sweat, Ariana was close. Me? I had other things in mind. I moved my hand up her body, over her leather dress to her neck.

    "Do it," gasped Ariana. "Fucking choke me!" I did just that. Not to hard, but just enough pressure to rile her up even more. I released her neck and she breather in deep, before she could finsh my lips pressed savagely to hers, my teeth doing the biting this time as I slammed into her cunt without mercy.

    "Oh shit..." she groaned. "Shit.....oh fuck me...fuck me Jay...going to...fuck...going to..."

    "Cum? Is that it Ari? Then fucking do it...cum on my damn cock....fucking cum for me...tell me what's making you cum...tell me WHO is making you cum!"

    "YOU!" she screamed. "You're fucking cock is going to make me cum! I'm...I'm...FUUUUCK ME I'M CUMMING!" Her cunt clamped down hard on my cock, all my willpower going in to not blowing my wad. The feeling of her tight chamber with the visual of her cumming, sweaty and breathing heavily, her head hanging back.

    When she finally began to come back to her senses, I slowly eased out of her pussy. She looked at me, a weak but still sly smile on her face. "You cum?" she asked.

    "Not yet."

    "What do you propose we do about that?"

    "I have an idea." I replied. I showed Ariana my idea when I pressed my cock, slick with her juices, against her puckered anal opening.

    A look of shock overcame her face. "There? I mean...I'm n-not sure..."

    "Look...I did say any way I want. You agreed to it. And there is that video." I was really hoping it would work. Even with the video, I wasn't going to force anal on her. Still, wouldn't stop me from trying to convince her.

    "It'll hurt though," she replied, her voice curiously cautious.

    "Actually, you've already had an orgasm, it''s probably going to be a lot easier if we do it now. And if you do hate it, we'll stop, guaranteed."

    Ariana thought on this. While she did, I played with her pussy, my fingers dancing on her clit.

    "You'll stop if I say so?"


    "Then..." Ariana said, leaving me with baited breath. She then moved up and kissed me, this one surprisingly tender for what we had been doing and how it began. " about you fuck my ass?"

    I smirked at her and pressed forward, my cock well lubed from her pussy. I slowly pressed forward, her size and apprehensiveness about the act making me take things very slowly. I may not have particularly liked Ariana before this, but I didn't want to hurt the woman...or stop this act before I got my nut.

    Ariana held her breath as I eased myself in. Once I had a few inches in, I would pull back and squeeze in another two. I pushed her leather skirt up a bit and grasped her hand, moving it to her clit.

    "Play with yourself, it'll make it better." Ariana did so and shut her eyes, the pleasure battling with the intrusion, the two feelings mixing together.

    Little by little, as I got more of my cock in her ass and built up a good pace, Ariana got more into the act, a smile growing on her face, one of those rare genuine ones that I was getting a lot from her in this arrangement. Our eyes met, Ariana winking as we finally synched up in our enjoyment.

    "I can't wait for my tight little ass to make you cum," she taunted. "I can't wait for you to shoot...I can't wait to make you shoot. This ass is going to make you cum...fucking bet on it."

    The more she got into the act the more confident she got, and the more she verbally teased in between moans and begging for more. The speed at with she got into being fucked in the ass revved me up more, making me thrust faster into her tight backdoor.

    My own breathing became more ragged. I knew I was close, and Ariana spotted in my face, a look of triumph mixed with sarcasm washing over it.

    "Told ya," she smirked, pulling herself up to myself, delivering a biting kiss, then bringing her lips to my ear. "And, for the record Jay...I better get every drop or this deal is done, I don't care. I want every drop of cum from you. Got it? Cum...fucking cum...cum baby..."

    Ariana was about to get what she wanted. I pulled out of her ass and set her on the floor. Ariana moved to her knees, looking up at me knowingly. Without hesitation, she took my cock fresh from her ass into in her mouth, ready to work out the load.

    In no time flat, she'd done it. I held her head still, leaving only my head between those lips, and unloaded jets of cum into the singer's mouth. Ariana's gaze never left me, it being just as hungry as her mouth.

    Once I was done shooting, she kept sucking until I went soft, getting a few extra dribblers o the precious fluid. I then pulled my deflated cock from her mouth.

    I looked down at Ariana who opened her mouth to me, showing it full of my milky essence. She then made a big show of swallowing my load, winking at me as the slimy goo slid down her throat.

    "Fuck," I gasped, stepping backwards and laying on the couch to catch my breath.

    "Get up," I heard Ariana say. I sat up on the couch and watch as she approached. "Delete the video. Now."

    "A deal's a deal." I took my phone and and showed her I was deleting the footage, which brought a smile to her face. She then returned to her knees in front of me, grabbing my flaccid pecker.

    "Let's get one thing straight, you fucked me good. I loved it, even the anal." She began to stroke my cock back to consciousness, it slowly hardening in her hand.

    "And you kept your end of the deal. I like that. Very, very much." Ariana's pace increased. "But don't, not even for one second think I'm not the boss, motherfucker."

    With that, she got up and left my re-stiffened cock bobbing in the air. "You do what I say, when I say it. I pay your fucking bills. You pull this shit again, I don't care how good of a fuck you are, what you have on me or how much I want to fuck you, you're gone. Understood?"


    "Yes what?" she asked.

    "Yes ma'am."

    "Yes ma'am? No, I'm not forty. Yes, Ariana."

    "Not Ms. Grande?" I sarcastically asked.

    "Heh, so funny. Really, you should be a comedian." She turned to walk to her bedroom, then paused and turned back around. "I need a guard in this room. One that won't sleep. That's you tonight. You stay outside my door, wake me at nine on the dot. OH, and no TV."

    Before I could respond, she was in her bed room and I had a boring all nighter on my hands. Still, great fuck. But what a diva...

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    hahaha... "Break glass in case of emergency fucking." That's awesome Deadshot. That made my night. Loved it!!

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    Amazing!..Loved every word of it!!!

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    Great stuff, good work

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    Need more Ariana stories on this board! Great one!

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    Gigante Kudos for you, Dead Shot!! I've been waiting so long for a much needed Grande erotica and your piece adjusted very nicely to my desires. Loved the nasty dialogue, and how you kept the constant diva narrative theme going throughout the literary piece. And I loved the leather theme pictures, definitely see how they inspired you, and the final gif at the end was gorgeous.

    Although, I'm not the biggest fan of the diva/bitch portrayal of Ariana and I do hope someone can give a slightly softer characterization of Ms. Grande in her next fan fiction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bone-Tzu View Post
    Gigante Kudos for you, Dead Shot!! I've been waiting so long for a much needed Grande erotica and your piece adjusted very nicely to my desires. Loved the nasty dialogue, and how you kept the constant diva narrative theme going throughout the literary piece. And I loved the leather theme pictures, definitely see how they inspired you, and the final gif at the end was gorgeous.

    Although, I'm not the biggest fan of the diva/bitch portrayal of Ariana and I do hope someone can give a slightly softer characterization of Ms. Grande in her next fan fiction.

    And I totally understand that point. There's a follow up to this in the works, and I will be using the fact that the guard won't back down from her as maybe a way to soften up her character, but keep what goes on in the action suitably hot.

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