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Thread: "Red Head Comparison" with Ariana Grande & Bella Thorne Part 1

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    fanfiction "Red Head Comparison" with Ariana Grande & Bella Thorne Part 1

    Red Head Comparison
    Featuring: Ariana Grande & Bella Thorne


    Ariana Grande dropped her hotel room key on the table by the T.V and sighed as she looked around the posh suite. Celebs and A-listers from every facet of the media were gathering to attend the movie premiere of the so-called next big movie hit. Ariana didn’t know what the movie was called, what it was about or even who was in it but her agent and manager both had explicitly ordered the young starlet to attend.

    “When can I get some alone time though?”

    Ariana spoke out to the empty room and pulled her luggage up onto one of the two queen sized beds in the room. She took out and hung up her public premiere outfits in the giant closet. A few minutes later and she finished unpacking. Just as she kicked her last suitcase underneath the bed, she heard someone enter a card key in the slot and the hotel room door swung open.

    “Oh. Hello. I didn’t think that you would be my room mate.”

    “Room mate? I thought I had this room to myself!”

    Ariana tried hard not to let the annoyance and frustration seep into her tone. But even with the teenage star Bella Thorne as her roommate, Ariana’s mood didn’t soar. Instead, she crossed her arms underneath her breasts and glared at the other red head. Bella didn’t seem to be deterred in the slightest however and started setting up her luggage on the other queen sized bed next to Ariana’s.

    “Oh stop your pouting. I’ll have you know that I am an awesome roommate and you’ll be thanking me before this movie premiere is over.”

    Ariana rolled her eyes at Bella’s breezy dismissal of her temper tantrum and Ariana’s eyes tracked Bella’s movements as the younger girl stretched her arms above her head. The pink t-shirt that Bella wore rose up and revealed a soft, creamy looking stomach. However, to Ariana’s shock, Bella’s jeans rode low on her hips and the upper portion of Bella’s black panties could be seen. Ariana coughed and averted her eyes.

    “Oh sorry. These are the most comfortable pair of jeans that I have for long distance trips and I couldn’t find a belt to match. Don’t mind me, I’m just going to get changed and take a short nap to ward off the impending jet lag.”

    With that, Bella dug a pair of sleeping shorts and a tank top out of one of her suitcases and her next few moves surprised Ariana. Seemingly without a care in the world Bella unsnapped her jeans and wiggled them down her developing hips. Like a deer caught in the headlights Ariana couldn’t look away, even when Bella turned around and her black panties turned out to be a skimpy black thong.

    “Ah much better.”

    Bella turned back around with a small wiggle of her ass and peeled her t-shirt over her head. Ariana knew that the other girl had small breasts but apparently this time around Bella hadn’t worn a bra and the only thing protecting her from giving the paparazzi some good “pokies” shots were beige nipple coverings. Bella peeled them off her small breasts with a grateful sigh and she tweaked her nipples as if to give them some relief. Ariana almost groaned in disappointment when Bella pulled her tank top over her head and she flushed when the younger red head looked up with a devious smirk on her face.

    “See something that you liked?”

    “What? No! I’m just surprised that you were braless is all. The paparazzi are always out looking for a money maker shot.”

    “Oh I know. I had a recent encounter with one paparazzi and I was ruining panties for two days afterwards because of his aggressive negotiations.”

    Ariana raised an eyebrow at Bella and the younger girl smiled mischievously. Bella absent-mindedly tweaked her puffy nipples that sat high up on her breasts and tilted her head to the side as she recalled the encounter.

    “He caught me masturbating after an award show or something and he took a couple of pictures. Apparently he had been watching for some time because when I offered to give him a hand job for the photos he said no and whipped out his dick. Pre-cum oozed out of it and I knew that he only wanted one thing.”

    “You let him have sex with you?”

    Ariana couldn’t help her incredulous tone as Bella recounted the seedier aspects of her paparazzi encounter and her eyes slipped lower as Bella continued to tweak her nipples. By now the little buds had hardened and turned a deep red color.

    “Well yeah. We were both pretty worked up and he was pretty insistent. It wasn’t the greatest fuck I ever had but it certainly did take the edge off. I took his memory card and ‘accidently’ flashed him my tits as I bent over to pick up my panties. He dropped his camera so there wasn’t any worry about duplicates…”

    Ariana coughed uncomfortably as she was surprisingly painfully aroused by Bella’s tale and she could feel the intense pressure between her legs. Bella had no qualm about her body or her body’s needs it would seem as she had slipped her hands down her cotton sleeping shorts. Ariana’s cough drew Bella’s attention and she looked at Ariana.

    “What’s up? You seem a little flustered.”

    “Well yeah. You’re masturbating right in front of me.”

    “And? Oh I get it. You’re still innocent and a little shy. We’re both girls here so I fail to see what the big deal is.”

    Ariana rolled her eyes and picked up the bath towel she had left on her bed. As she passed Bella, the other girl let out a little moan and her hips twitched. Ariana caught a quick whiff of Bella’s arousal but she quickly hurried into the bathroom and leaned back against the door. She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths to steady herself.

    “I am not a lesbian. I’m only aroused because of that drunken night with Iggy and her manhandling of me. That’s all.”

    Her voice sounded weak even to her own ears but Ariana ignored it and turned on the shower. She stripped out of her daywear and posed in front of the bathroom mirror. Her dark green push up bra gave her some enhanced cleavage and her tiny, lacy boy shorts lifted her ass quite well.

    I’m a big booty girl.”

    Ariana giggled at her own joke and unsnapped her bra. She gave a sigh of relief as her breasts sprang free and she gave her nipples a comforting tweak. She shimmied out of her boy shorts and inspected her trimmed pussy hair with a critical eye. It would not do well for the rising pop star to have a wardrobe malfunction and have hair sticking out where it didn’t need to all in the same night.

    “Yeah like Emma Watson.”

    Ariana sighed and stepped into the shower. As she went about washing her hair and relaxing under the powerful spray, Ariana couldn’t help but think about her roommate for the premiere event. Bella Thorne was not who Ariana thought she would be and it would seem that the younger starlet had succumbed to the seedier aspect of the Hollywood life far faster than Ariana did. For goodness sakes the girl had openly masturbated in front of her!

    “Such a little slut…”

    Still, Bella’s masturbation did remind Ariana that it had been a weeks since she had last done the dirty deed and almost unbidden, her fingers slipped down to her own waiting lower lips. Apparently it wouldn’t take much to get Ariana off this time around as she was soaked! Her first finger slipped in easily and a second finger, something Ariana couldn’t fit until well into the masturbation process, slipped in easy enough as well.


    And Ariana had to set a furious, pounding rhythm because her usual slow-burn style just wasn’t doing it for her right now. Ariana bent over double in the shower, pounding her own pussy brutally with her fingers as she sought to achieve release and it wasn’t until her mind brought up pictures of Bella’s tight little body did Ariana feel the pressure rise. The thought of Bella’s mouth on her cunt really set Ariana off and she had to bite her hand to silence the squeal as she squirted into the shower. Her body convulsed and Ariana fell to her knees at the overwhelming pressure.

    “Oh goodness…”

    After several unsteady moments, Ariana gathered enough strength to stand up and finish her shower. She carefully dried herself off with a towel, well aware that her body still throbbed and the sliding towel against her skin sent tingles to her core. Her nipples hardened and she could feel herself dripping down her thigh. It would seem that her orgasm in the shower had been a mere appetizer and her body wanted more.

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    Really enjoyed this fine opening number to this hopefully epic erotica featuring two of my favorite babes. Really appreciated how you set up Ariana initial apprehension towards her attraction to the more liberated Bella. Can't wait how you describe Bella full seduction of that naughty nymph Ariana. Hope you can add some pics of these two ladies next time as we continue to compare and contrast these gorgeous gingers.

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    Two favorites... and hopefully we see some more action in the next part.. dont keep us waiting for long :)

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