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Thread: "Uptown Girl" Part 1 with Kaya Scodelario

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    fanfiction "Uptown Girl" Part 1 with Kaya Scodelario

    "Uptown Girl - Part 1"
    With Kaya Scodelario (and Selena Gomez)
    (M/F, oral, finger, anal play, foreplay)

    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL Story Contains Sexually Graphic Situations. If you’re Under Age or Easily Offended STOP READING NOW!

    The idea itself never really fails to amaze me every day I have the same routine; today was not any different except for one major diversion I was given a private viewing pass to the new movie “Maze Runner” starring among others Kaya Scodelario. Normally I would be excited about this but getting down through the Subway system in New York is never easy especially travelling from uptown to downtown but for a chance to run into Kaya and any number of a-list hotties I was willing make the trip.

    After running home literally from Wall Street and taking what had to be a two minute shower I was now within mere blocks of the Broadway and the Beacon Theatre. Dressed to the 9’s and arriving surprisingly early it seemed all the stars began to walk the red carpet. Scodelario was the headliner but other starlets were also making the rounds; Moretz, Holt, the Throne sisters, Maroney, Justice and even Jennifer Lawrence came out to so there support for the up and coming actress.

    As I approached my seat I was in amazement at where I was seated and who I was sitting with; Sitting down I looked to my right and left to see on my left would be one of the stars and the female lead Kaya Scodelario and on my right would be Selena Gomez. Seated behind me were Dylan O’Brien and his girlfriend who was just beside Jennifer Lawrence.

    Waiting patiently the celebrities all begin to fill their seats I waited in anticipation; (I couldn’t help but think to myself what a lucky son of a bitch I truly was at this point) Moments later Selena Gomez approached the aisle to find her seat.

    “ Hello my name is Selena Gomez, nice to meet you” (shaking my hand as I proceeded to stand up she and I made eye contact – she was wearing a low V-neck glitter covered dress which accented all the right features it was a purple glittered ensemble with a very fitting form)

    Just as I had retaken my seat and began to make small talk with Gomez the star took her seat Kaya introduced herself shook my hand and greeted me with a smile to say she saw dressed to the nine’s would be an understatement, in fact you could see Selena was taken aback as well.

    “So my name is Kaya nice to meet you ---“

    My name is Michael. Nice to me you, Kaya.

    “Hi Selena”

    “Hi Kaya” are you excited your first full feature? I am thanks for coming and supporting me. “No problem looks like it should be a fun movie, glad I could make it” Selena replied.

    As the girls and I continued to playful make small talk I could see that the girls were not the stuck up bitches which the social media had portrayed them to be in fact they were very personable and very down to earth (let alone drop dead gorgeous!!)

    With everyone finally settling in the previews began. You could hear a pin drop throughout the theatre. Surveying my situation you would have thought I was in a dream as I was sandwiched in between two of the Grade A Hollywood pussy around. Within about twenty minutes though Selena Gomez, got out of her seat and left as she departed I could not help but stare as the 22-year old singer teased me with a little touch of my hand and a seductive over the shoulder look back at me as she exited the aisle. With Selena gone the aisle was left just with Kaya and myself expect for a couple at the far end of the opposite end.

    Whispering… “So what do you think of the movie thus far?” Kaya asked.

    “To tell you the truth I read the book before I came and I have to tell you, you’re doing an excellent job playing the female lead Teresa Agnes”

    “You’re very generous thank you!!!”

    No problem.As we continued to whisper throughout the show we got to learn a little bit about each other. She seemed to be surprised I knew that she played “Effy” on “Skins” and that I knew she had done modeling in the past.

    “So what do you do, if you don’t mind me asking?” Kaya asked.

    Well I’m a financial strategist and the lead analyst for my company; I’m based here in New York City.

    “Oh that sounds boring I hope you get paid well for it”

    I do, the hours suck and but the view from my place is breathtaking. I live just a few blocks away on 75th and Wall.

    “Oh really you live there I hear those condos are beautiful and the views are breath-taking. I walked through one about a year ago on the 27th floor.”

    Well I live on the 29th floor and the space and view are worth every penny, plus I only walk about three blocks to work. I’ve lived in NYC about eight years; I’m originally from the Midwest.

    “Do you really live at 75th and Wall?” asked Kaya (almost perplexed that I would be able to afford a 600k condo).

    Yes the company I work for pays me very good, Iím lucky.

    As the conversation progressed I watched as Kaya seemed to get more comfortable and relaxed. We kept the conversation quiet and entertaining. She eventually seemed to take a liking to me as she leaned closer to my seat and grab my hand during one of the more intense scenes.

    “Hope you don’t mind?” Kaya asked.

    No not at all.

    “Good because without my boyfriend around this weekend I need someone to comfort and take care of me”


    Surprised by this response I ask exactly how long she would be in town. “I don’t want to sound intrusive but how long are you here? And can’t you fly out your boyfriend to join you?”“I’m here for the rest of the weekend (today only being Thursday) I fly back to Los Angeles before heading home to visit some relatives for the London premiere next week” she replied.

    Wow sounds like you have a very busy schedule ahead of you these next few weeks; this must be exciting for you though, congratulations!

    “Why thank you, your very sweet, must the people I meet only care about trying to get in my pants or trying to get something for free, but you seem different. Thank you it’s refreshing”

    You’re very welcome, Kaya.

    “I may need to do some shopping, and sightseeing this weekend and possibly catch a Yankees game in the Bronx would you be available? You seem like a nice guy.” (Caught off guard by the offered I stumbled over my words)

    S -- ure I will have to rearrange some things but shouldn’t be a problem.

    “Well thanks I appreciate it.”

    As we directed our attention back on the movie Kaya surprised me as her hand moved from the arm rest to my knee (It took everything within me not to look at her). Kaya then leaned close to me and whispered into my ear.

    “Are you enjoying the view?”

    Not knowing what the “Skins” star was really getting at I replied “Yes”

    She simply smiled with a subtle wink and glance I finally understood what she was implying. Looking down I could see I had a raging hard on thanks to the teasing on Kaya’s part. Just as my face was turning flush Kaya whispered “Don’t be embarrassed I would be offended if you weren’t hard”. Taken aback by the straight forwardness I was left speechless.

    Kaya then said here “maybe this can help you relax”

    Scodelario then took my hand and placed it in between there thighs, at the same time she then proceeded to unzip my pants and began giving me a hand job right there in our seats. Not knowing exactly what was happening I just tried to relax the best I could so that no one around us could see what exactly was taking place. As she stroked my hardening cock I teased her pussy by rubbing her clit and using one finger to tease her. I could feel the wetness building between her legs and my cock was now standing at attention thanks to the lewd mixture of the starlets hand and salvia.

    As the movie was coming to a close, Kaya leaned over to me and asked if I could escort her out to the ladies room. (Whispering) to me then she said just wait about two minutes then come check on me – as she winked over at me.

    As she got out of her seat I watched as she let and watched the way her hips swayed from side to side in awe just waiting for the two minutes to pass. Just as she disappeared out of the room I could see the pool of wetness she left behind on her seat. I quickly put my raging hard-on back in my pants and waited patiently.

    Two minutes finally had passed and I finally got the courage to go …

    Knock... Knock…

    Without hesitation the door opens and I am pulled in by my tie; without thinking I lean forward and push Kaya into the sink top and push the starlet on top of the counter. Kaya responds in appreciation and plants a kiss on my lips and we embrace there for a minute or so passionately and feverishly going at each trying to rip clothes from one another.

    “Here let me help you” Kaya responds.

    Kaya then rips the top of my shirt off pulling from the top button, and living me half naked with just a tie on and my arms caught in the sleeves. I then turn her around and unzip the skin tight ensemble she is wearing and as I watch as the dress slowly falls off her hips as she walks backwards to give me a show.
    (I am in glee as I see the perfect silhouette of a goddess.)

    Kaya had the perfect hourglass figure nice firm tits a great ass and legs for days in fact that body was specifically built for fucking.
    As I finally ripped the rest of my close off I looked the door; Kaya then jumped into action and pushed me against the wall almost making us both fall into the last stall. As we maneuver we work our way out of our clothes I said.

    “Why don’t you let me sit?”

    Kaya then proceed to let me sit down and take in the exquisite view.

    Grabbing Kaya I then pulled her towards me and had her lean up against the wall while she straddled my face, I couldn’t believe that not only was I about to lick the pussy of one of the hottest up and comers in Hollywood but that it was happening in real-life and not in my dreams….
    With her full attention now I proceed to slowly caress the back of her thighs and work my way up to her ass; grabbing ahold of her firm ass I pulled her in even closer and slowly ran my tongue across her pristine shaven pussy. With every slow tease and tongue waggle you could hear the 21-year old from “Skins” star moan.

    “Oh that’ feels good” Kaya said as she looked down at me and began to grind her hairless sex against my very pleasing tongue and mouth.

    “Fuck I needed this… Ugh!!!”

    “My boyfriend never fucks me … Oh shit this feels amazing” (loud moans)

    “Goddamn your good at that……FUCK!!!!”

    We continued in this position and with every building minute I added a finger into the equation; with the second finger now clearly doing its job. Kaya could be heard moaning, the moans would build from soft and quiet to deep and loud. Kind of like what my tongue were doing to her tight pussy.

    “Please keep going you have me very wet”

    (Ohm mm... Ohhhh.)

    “I like that the way your tonguing me while teasing my clit with your thumb, keep going don’t stop”

    “Ohm shit”

    Trying to think of a way to get my cock sucked while doing this I preceded to slap Kaya’s ass and positioned her sitting on my lap, then I had her spin upside down so we were in an impromptu 69 position while sitting in toilet in the stall. Kaya figured out what was happening and immediately jumped into action pulling out my already throbbing hard cock and began to give me the best blowjob of my life.

    “That’s right baby suck that cock”

    Kaya moaned in between gasps as I thrusted my hips in response to her utterly impressive blow job skills.
    Kaya knew the right combination of spit and speed, then used her hands and mouth to creatively deep throat my massive cock while being upside down. With every jerk and pump it was all I could do to just not shoot my load into the back of her mouth.


    “Holy Fuck” “Shiiiit”

    Kaya moaned as I now began to slowly tease her ass with my finger all the awhile continuing to lick the “Skins’ stars perfect tight little pussy.

    “Fuck you’re really good at that” She would say in between breaths while deep throating my cock...

    “If you keep that up I’m going to have to tell my friends about you” she replied.

    “Please do the more the merrier” “I have enough cock if you have enough friends with mouths”

    “UGH...” I exhaled as Kaya continued her assault on my cock. Not wanting to disappoint I frantically began to slurp up every drop of pussy juice exiting the young starlet’s body.

    “How do I taste she asked”

    Fucking Perfect I replied.All the sudden Kaya took a breath.

    “Hey if you want to cum go ahead I want to taste you”

    Surprised by this commentary I simply could not refuse this opportunity.Kaya began to pick up her pace and in turn I did the same. Licking her hairless pussy now and using one finger to push her to the edge while the other was in her ass I worked my tongue teasing her hairless mound and proceeded to wait for our impending climaxes. At the same time in between her talking and my moaning she was sucking so hard I felt like a vacuum was attached to her mouth. With every pulsating pump I could feel my impending explosion approaching.

    “Holy Mother of God…………. Fuck”

    “I’m going to ...”


    All the sudden I lost all bodily control and shot my hot load deep into her throat. To her credit she kept sucking my cock and didn’t stop until every last drop of cum was in her stomach. “Alright now that that’s done I wanna sit on it” she said.

    Right then she swung her body around and pushed her wet gleaming sex directly on top of me almost causing me to cum for a second time in mere seconds or minutes (at this point I didn’t know if this was a dream or reality. I was living in the moment).

    Kaya leaned in and passionately kissed me and then pulled my head down so I could tease and suck on her perfectly shaped 34B tits.

    “Oh that’s it suck on the nipple I like that”

    “Work your way around the areola I like that”

    I slowly moved my way up around her collarbone then her neck and the back of her ears. With every sudden movement an appreciate moan or groan would come out of the starlets mouth. It seemed that the star had a soft spot for neck kisses because every time I would do it she would moan audibly. Grabbing her hair ever so slightly you could see that she was experiencing ecstasy racing throughout her body.

    “Oh fuck your big”

    “I was so horny ….. Ohhhh shit”

    “Fuck your good”

    “I needed this ….. Ugh.”

    “Keep pounding this pussy”

    “God I needed THIS!!!” (long and drawn out)

    I continued to pounded the barely 5’4” foot starlet as I could feel her tight pussy begin to contract even harder with every thrust I made.

    “OH MY GOD!!!”


    As she would moan and bounce on my cock I could do nothing but stare at the amazing sight before me.

    “YES!!! Oh god yes!!!!” (screaming … )

    “Don’t stop what you’re doing I’m really fucking close to cumming babe”Just as I could feel her on the edge I used my right hand and reached around her placing my thumb and two fingers on the stars sex. Teasing the star by rubbing her clit I decided to try something different. I withdraw my cock spun her around. With her tight ass in front of me I pushed forward hard.

    “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” “FUCK!!!!” She screamed.

    “What are you doing?”

    What the fuck does it feel like I’m doing.


    Damn right I am.

    Fucking the slut for all it was worth I pounded her ass. Using my right hand I reached around and rub the outside of Kaya’s pussy and teasing her clit as I could feel her losing control. With every push I made she pushed back forcefully just proving she wanted even more.
    When all the sudden her body betrayed her.


    “I’M CUMMING!!!! – FUCK!!!!”


    “I’M CUMMING……….”

    Just as she said that she squirted ropes and ropes of pussy juice all over the wall. Spent she looked back with pussy juice still running down her legs in between her thighs. Taking her hand she rubbed the inside of her thigh and tasted herself for the first time.
    Not wanting to waste a second she says…

    “I want to taste your cum again” She said looking up at me.

    I frantically began to pick up the pace and fucked her ass even harder than before, every thrust resulted in Kaya appreciative grunt and moan.



    “feels AMAZING!!!”

    Slapping her ass I direct her to get on her knees and stick her tongue out. Within seconds of seeing this perfect view I unloaded for the second time in the “Maze Runner’s” mouth.Suddenly and unexpectedly Kaya and I hear a noise (knowing the door was locked) and we look up to see the one and only Selena Gomez standing at the stall door with her perfectly shaped tits exposed, dress hiked up and her hairless pussy showing.

    “Can I have a taste?” Selena asks.

    I look at Kaya as she stands up walks over to Selena and begins to kiss the one time “Wizards of Waverly Place” star exchanging the cum between themselves. Selena then spits some into her hand and rubs it in between her fingers before inserting those same fingers back into her wet hairless pussy.

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    I dont know how i missed reading this earlier... but it was worth the wait...
    Well Done.. and I am sure we are at the start of a great series now!

  3. Thanks cgriffith thanked for this post
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    Quote Originally Posted by loving_one30 View Post
    I dont know how i missed reading this earlier... but it was worth the wait...
    Well Done.. and I am sure we are at the start of a great series now!

    Thank you. I plan on returning to in the future possibly around the actual release of the movie itself.

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