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Thread: "Hollywood's Hottest Cougars 2" with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox

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    fanfiction "Hollywood's Hottest Cougars 2" with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox

    Hollywood’s Hottest Cougars 2
    Author: Robertdoc
    Celebrities: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox
    Warnings: M/F, M/F/F, F/F, cons, threesome, oral, cunnilingus, blowjob, handjob, fingering, masturbation, sixty-nine

    September 21, 2014

    Tomorrow, much of the TV loving world would be divided between remembering the 10’th anniversary of the Lost pilot, and the 20’th anniversary of the Friends pilot. With a sprinkling of 15’th anniversary West Wing pilot memories buried within.

    I for one was buried in Friends memories that day. And in two of the friends the previous night. But we’ll get to that. We need a lot of setup first – much like a pilot, really.

    Let’s start by establishing that I was six years old when the Friends pilot premiered. Let’s further explain that 20 years later, I was serving people in an LA coffee shop. And no, it wasn’t Friends based – despite how both Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox drank there. That’s the important thing since that’s how I knew them.

    Sometimes I served them separately, other times they came together. It was less frequently together during a stretch in the first half of 2014. According to the tabloids, they were feuding while in the midst of their separate engagements – and from what they later told me, it wasn’t that far from the truth. Yet by June, I started seeing them come in together again.

    Even as Jennifer’s wedding neared and Courteney’s engagement started that summer, they kept going to my shop just by themselves. It happened again on the afternoon of September 21, 2014 – right before Friends anniversary day, if your short term memory works.

    I overheard them saying that since Courteney had an interview on Jimmy Kimmel on anniversary night, they would celebrate it tonight at Jennifer’s house, without their fiancés or Courteney’s daughter around. Or rather, they told me that to my face.

    After they asked me what tomorrow was, and they needed to tell me it was Friends anniversary day. And after I said I hadn’t seen much of the show, or the pilot, despite seeing them so often.

    It’s not like I didn’t know every little detail, big event or running gag anyway. It was one of the shows big enough that you don’t actually have to watch to know everything about. I was in the middle of explaining that when Jennifer and Courteney shared a look, and then suggested I should see the pilot anyway.

    At Jennifer’s house. With them. In the same room.

    I was on autopilot for the next few hours after that. Somehow, I still followed the directions I got to the house, and got there at the time they instructed – when no one else would be there and no one would see me coming.

    I should have suspected what else was coming right then. But we’ll get to that too. There’s still some more pilot-y exposition to get through.

    Let’s fast forward to after I looked around the house, got myself to comfortably sit in between Jennifer and Courteney, and watched the pilot on the Season 1 DVD. It was after a few easy laughs about how they looked and acted back then – though not easy enough to include a Rachel hairstyle joke – that I brought up just how young I was when this first aired.

    “So back then I was about five times older than you. Now it’s just less than half,” Courteney did the math. “I feel younger after all.”

    “I was just four times older back then, so there you go,” Jennifer pointed out. “Ah, things really were simpler then, though. Even in those first few years. The work, the laughs, the days when no one had Twitter, TMZ or iClouds….” She then did a kind of sitcom-y pause, as if waiting for some bigger punchline.

    “And the threeways,” Courteney delivered. It was more of a sucker punch than a punchline, really.

    “Right, right,” Jennifer agreed, as if I wasn’t even listening. “Boy, we all know there were times we really needed those! All the times we really needed to get our minds off things. And onto different cocks. And people attached who were too grateful to blab about it.”

    “But then again, the pre-TMZ days really limited their options,” Courteney went on. She looked at me once in a while, yet it was still hard to believe they were really talking to me. As if this was such a casual thing to talk about, like they would in thousands of interviews.

    “We slowed down when our love lives and Twitter stock took off. And when we….had a rough patch or two,” Courteney admitted. “But now we got past it at just the right time.”

    “She’s right. We’re both getting married soon, and we made it through 20 years of friendship. And the tabloid and sex stuff to go with it,” Jennifer said. “If ever there was a time to be nostalgic for those old days….and recapture them one more time before we try settling down again….this is the best night possible.”

    “Hold on,” I accidentally said out loud. But I was too busy putting the pieces together to take note. All this scandalous talk, inviting me over when no one else was around, making sure I arrived when everyone was long gone….the very premise of inviting a near stranger to a movie star/TV icon’s home with her TV icon best friend….

    “Oh,” I let out. I knew I should have done better than that. But to buy time, I asked, “Why me? Luck of being on the right shift?”

    “That, fitting and filling out the criteria, the novelty of someone who’s still barely watched our show. A mix of that,” Courteney answered somewhat.

    “I watch Cougar Town, though,” I informed Courteney. “Does that count for or against me?” I wondered. I hoped her laughter was a good sign. Wait, so now I was hoping for….

    “You were already ahead, don’t worry,” Jennifer assured. “I mean, if this was 15 years ago, you’d be a dime a dozen. But after all these years, all the wear and tear….to still get guys just like you interested, who don’t even know us best from Friends….that’s a confidence builder to recapture old times with if there ever was one.”

    “And….what makes you think I’m interested like that?” I found myself asking. I barely had time to take this in or think this over, so her answer stood to be helpful.

    “You’re still here, aren’t you?” Jennifer noted. “It’s getting obvious how much you want to be here,” she went on, her eyes gazing down at me. I looked down at myself and saw the proof growing underneath my pants.

    “Well….it still might not be for the right reasons,” I babbled. Perhaps this was a poor attempt to be playful, even if it sounded like I was trying to talk her out of it. “With your offer, I could be like this no matter who you guys are. Or what age you are. Or what I know you from.”

    Jennifer just smiled, which shut up all my objections, serious or not. Since she wasn’t talking and I had shut up, I just looked at her. The way she looked at me, and the way she sat next to me in her white shirt and tight blue jeans was….cute, pretty and sexy all at the same time. It made sense.

    I didn’t know if Hollywood touchups – by makeup people or other specialists – were more responsible than her for making her still look fit and hot in those We’re The Millers strip scenes. But it seemed to match up with the most recent bikini shots of her I could remember.

    For whatever reason, she was in her mid-40s with about the same round breasts, rounded ass, trim figure and slender legs. Stuff she was offering to me….which she had apparently used in many threesomes before….which she must have gotten really good at with the practice….

    Once I looked back up at her face, it clicked. There was no more need for jokes, exposition or adding. Jennifer and Courteney wanted to celebrate this big day for them with me….and with each other too, apparently. So be it.

    But me and Jennifer were going first.

    Jennifer’s lips quickly landed on mine, and before long, her hands landed onto my chest as well. I indulged myself in that before reaching down to start lifting my shirt off, and she then got on my lap before doing the same.

    While I was bare chested, she still revealed a purple bra underneath. It still revealed and pushed up her enduring chest pretty well. Below, I put my hands on her waist and started rubbing her smooth, still taut skin, until I went down to the top of her pants.

    “On it,” Jennifer stated, getting on her feet to start working on her pants. Once she was able to slide them down, I could see a matching pair of pink panties before I focused more on her exposed legs. She stepped out of the pants and then went right back on my lap, feeling just how impressed I was now.

    I felt an aroused growl bubbling in my throat, as Jennifer’s figure was fully exposed and starting to grind on me. But I wanted her to feel even more.

    Without warning, I put my right hand above her underwear and carefully moved to dip my fingers in. When Jennifer didn’t tell or signal me to stop, I dipped them deeper, brushed past her hair and went lower to brush her center. At the same time, my left hand went onto her bra and cupped her covered, soft left breast before reaching over to the back.

    I let my right finger glide over Jennifer’s lower lips, just enough to make her moan as I pulled my hand out. I needed it to help unfasten her bra, and when I got the hooks off, Jennifer took my hand and put it back down.

    It reached its destination as Jennifer shook off her bra, showing her breasts in full. They had to be on the borderline of a C-cup, even now. Either way, I latched my mouth onto her stiff right nipple, as my right hand rubbed her pussy deeper and my left hand went down her back.

    I was feeling up her pussy and ass and sucking her breasts by the time I heard a groan nearby. It helped me remember Courteney was there too. But she made herself harder to forget when I saw how her hand was down her skirt.

    “Don’t stop on my account. Don’t you fucking dare,” Courteney told me, before gasping out her next few sounds. She was playing with herself harder while I was playing with Jennifer at the same speed.

    Well, if I was putting on a show, it had to be worth the admission.

    I stopped and had Jennifer go back on the couch, then I kneeled down in front of it and her. She then had to lift her hips up so I could take her panties down, leaving her completely naked. Seeing a naked Jennifer Aniston naked and hungry for me only made me spread her legs and dig in harder.

    It helped me ignore the uncomfortable hardness in my much more confining jeans. It did seem unfair that she was the only one exposed like this so far. Maybe Courteney would have to take things off before long as she pleasured herself to us. At the rate I was going, she’d have to hurry up.

    My right fingers switched back and forth between rubbing Jennifer’s pussy, fingering it and teasing her up above. My left hand mainly worked on her nipples, however. Combined with my tongue on her, and how I sucked on her a few other times, it didn’t matter.

    “Oh yeah….oh, fuck me… eager….even back then they didn’t….” Jennifer couldn’t finish in words after I tongued her clit.

    “No they didn’t…..mmm, I can’t wait….you were right, Jen,” I heard Courteney groan next to me. So this was Jennifer’s idea first, then….as if I needed more incentive to dive my tongue in deeper.

    “Oh, shit! Does happen once in a while, Court! God, it’s gonna happen real soon….” Jennifer gritted out. “Come on, I’ve been ready all day….fuck me right now….”

    “You mean with this?” I asked, lifting my head up and inserting my right index finger. “Or….”

    “No! Just that’ll do,” Courteney answered for Jennifer. “I may not finish before her, but you’re not finishing early either. Not till I get a chance to make you,” she teased. “But first, I want to see her cum again….make her cum and set the bar for me. On both of you.”

    If she put it that way, then I’d really have to lift that bar.

    I tried by sitting up and letting Courteney see me insert two fingers into Jennifer – who clearly saw it too. They watched and both groaned, for different reasons, while I wiggled and fucked my fingers inside of Jen. In addition, my left hand took its time cupping and massaging underneath her bouncing breasts.

    “Oh damn, look at her….just as I remember,” Courteney got out. She then stood up and got her skirt down, showing us both her black panties underneath – which she shoved her right hand into. “Jen….” she moaned as she and I moved our fingers faster.

    “Court….” Jennifer cried out. To make sure she didn’t forget me, I bent down to deeply suck and nibble her left breast, as I curled my fingers. “Oh, Goddamnit….” She reacted.

    Her hips rose up and thrust against my fingers, even as I pressed against her and tongued her nipple. I looked back and forth between Jennifer and a still standing up, still masturbating Courteney, just as Jennifer kept looking between us. One of them would have to go off first from all these combined sights, sounds and feels.

    I had one last ditch effort to make sure it was Jennifer. It involved quickly kissing and sucking both breasts, then dipping back down, fucking her harder with my fingers, and then putting my mouth back on her. After several seconds of rapid tongue and lip work, it paid off.

    “Oh fuck, here I….fuck!” Jennifer cursed, sounding too hot for must see TV. Her cumming on my mouth wouldn’t have gotten by the censors anyway, even in pre Janet Jackson nipple-gate days. Neither would Courteney bending down and fingering herself harder at the sight of it.

    In the middle of licking Jennifer clean, I turned my eyes to see Courteney gazing down at me. She saw how wet my mouth was with her friend – then promptly leaned down to kiss me and taste for herself.

    Her tongue went all over my lips and dipped past them, all while she moaned on my mouth – probably from tasting Jennifer and from still fingering herself. But she broke off and took her hands off herself soon after, before standing up and reaching a hand out for me.

    I took it and then promptly felt that hand, and the wet finger it contained, brush my lips. I got to taste a bit of Courteney this time before she pulled it away and said, “I guess I didn’t really taste you back there. Let’s go upstairs and fix that.”

    “Okay….” I said in a daze before remembering something. “Wait, did you.....get to where Jennifer did?”

    “Not quite. Jen, whenever you’re ready, come up and help me the rest of the way. You started it, you should help end it,” Courteney said. “By that logic, you should help end his first round too, but I called dibs.”

    I briefly saw Jennifer nod while catching her breath, until Courteney picked her skirt and my shirt up and took my hand. She led me over to Jennifer’s staircase, up it and then down the hall to what I assumed was Jennifer’s bedroom.

    Just as I sat down on the front of the bed, Courteney had already dropped our clothes in a pile, and thrown her shirt right onto it. Like Jennifer, she had a matching bra and panty set, only hers was black. And at 50 years old, she too revealed a body that many half her age would have killed for and spent a lot of money on.

    Between her impressive breasts and cleavage, svelte figure, sexy legs, big smile and piercing blue eyes, I knew I couldn’t keep my pants on any longer. She made her way over to me as I finished unbuckling them, but she got me to lie down before she finished lowering them for me.

    Once my cock finally popped out, Courteney wasted no time getting a hand on it. I still got myself to back up so Courteney could get on the bed, then she laid herself in front of me. Putting a hand back on my cock, she settled down and slowly licked up to my underside, which she quickly pressed her lips against.

    Courteney’s mouth slowly consumed my head, while mine was gritted tight as I tried to hold on. But Courteney sure as hell wasn’t helping – not with the way she sucked me in deeper and glided her tongue over my shaft.

    She came off and slowly kissed and licked down my cock, making a visual show of it. My hips involuntarily went up, a sure sign I would be going off pretty soon. However, Courteney put her hand on my balls and tugged them just right enough to make me come off the edge, without cumming.

    “I still got time to kill before Jennifer gets up here. I want us occupied the entire time,” Courteney told me, then went on to take me back in her mouth.

    “Me too….” I hissed, now better able to lean back and just enjoy Courteney Cox sucking my cock.

    She sucked me deeply, then just used her tongue over my head and tip. She started stroking me as she came off, stuck her tongue out and let me see it work my head. After that, she bent down to take my balls into her mouth while her fingers stroked my head – but her other hand soon went back on my sack to keep it under control.

    I breathed heavily and watched her work, particularly when her pleased, deep eyes looked up at me. I then heard footsteps and saw Courteney’s eyes darken, an extra clue to what – who – was coming after recovering from cumming.

    Jennifer dropped her clothes from her arms, then walked over to us, fully naked right next to a naked Courteney. She sat up on the bed, put her hand into Courteney’s hair, and helped guide it down my cock even further.

    “Good, I still get to see you take his cum,” Jennifer said. “And while I’m at it….”

    Jennifer went behind Courteney and pulled the back of her panties down, giving her room to insert her fingers behind her. Her audible reaction went right on my cock, and she gripped my balls perhaps a bit too well.

    Once things got pleasurable again, Jennifer finger-fucked Courteney as she sank her mouth deeper down my shaft. When Jennifer guided Courteney’s head down harder, I carefully put my hips up to start pumping inside her.

    Courteney was being fucked from both ends now, which had to get her closer than I was on my end. It just had to. Especially since me and Jennifer did inspire her to get a head start, after all.

    She started quick and then finally finished quick, as she popped off me and groaned long and hard. Jennifer sunk her fingers in all the way as her friend came around them. all while Courteney squeezed my cock with her right hand.

    Courteney breathed heavily on me, which still wasn’t quite enough. Her grip loosened, then came off altogether – only for Jennifer to take its place. After she licked her right hand clean, of course.

    She put her left hand back on Courteney’s head as it went down on me again, sucking my head as Jennifer pumped my shaft. But Jennifer let go long enough for Courteney to sink her mouth all the way down.

    “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I repeated as Courteney gave me the deep throating of my life. She slowly slid her mouth up and made sure my cock was nice, wet and just about set to pop. When she came off and caught her breath, Jennifer used Courteney’s saliva to help her pump me the rest of the way.

    Breathless, I couldn’t even warn them as Courteney’s mouth went back on my head. She licked my head and tip, then opened her mouth to catch the first spurts of my cum. Jennifer stopped pumping and watched me shoot into Courteney’s open mouth, which caught each shot from my cannon.

    We watched her drink it down, right when I couldn’t keep my head up any longer. I felt Jennifer let go and felt Courteney no longer breathing on me, hearing nothing but panting.

    Once I heard Courteney sit up, I looked up in time to see something that certain fans must have imagined for 20 years. But apparently, Jennifer and Courteney making out was nothing really new. In fact, it might not have been the first time Jennifer devoured Courteney’s mouth after it swallowed someone’s cum.

    But she swallowed my cum. And I was the one seeing this. Maybe I wasn’t the first ever to see it, and maybe some would argue I’d have been more turned on 10 or 15 years ago. But I was seeing it now, and it was plenty hot now.

    I rolled out of the way as Jennifer got Courteney on her back. “Jesus, it’s even better….” Jennifer trailed off, not clearing up what it was. It could probably be so many hot things.

    The hottest thing of the moment was Jennifer getting Courteney’s bra off, then going down on her left breast. I gaped at Courteney’s tits and Jennifer’s oral work, at least enough for Jennifer to notice and wave me over. “Go on,” she said, muffled by the breast in her mouth.

    Soon my mouth was stuffed with Courteney’s right breast, and soon she was the one putting her hands on the back of our heads. If she hadn’t cum so recently, I would have gone lower, but I decided to kiss up her neck instead while fondling her breast.

    Jennifer broke from Courteney’s chest to go forward and hover hers over her head. Courteney leaned up to suckle Jennifer’s breasts, while I stayed to tease and kiss her neck and collar bone. I soon looked down to see myself kneading her breast, and saw her thigh clench together underneath Jennifer as well.

    Just as I thought about how she might recover faster than me, I heard a cough besides me. When I looked back to Courteney, Jennifer had rolled off her, giving her room to roll me over onto my back.

    “You’re the one who’s supposed to be up again faster,” Courteney said, all but reading my mind. “Let’s see just how fast.”

    Courteney settled on my right side and kissed me, even without Jennifer’s juices on my lips. I heard Jennifer move around on the bed as I kissed Courteney back, then turned after several moments to see Jennifer lying on my left.

    She kissed me just as I really let this all wash over me. I was lying naked, in between two famous, naked, gorgeous older women who knew exactly what they were doing. Like with Jennifer kissing down my face as Courteney nibbled and sucked on my ear before going back on my lips, for instance.

    Before I got too lost in their kisses, I said, “Let me sit up, please….” When I could, I got myself to kneel in front of Jennifer and Courteney, who were now sitting up side by side. This was perfect for me to take both these chests in my hands, as I went back and forth between kissing each of them.

    I tweaked Jennifer’s nipple as me and Courteney kissed deeper, then worked Courteney’s chest as I kissed Jennifer. The two women went on to kiss each other next, going noticeably longer than they did with me.

    I took the time to kiss Jennifer’s neck and shoulder, letting my hand drip down both their bodies. They stopped kissing just as I put a finger each between their legs at the same time.

    We all sat up, looked at each other and got more hot and bothered as I fingered them both. But it was Jennifer I went over to kiss first, our tongues dipping into each other’s mouths. I still remembered to pump her between her legs, and even Courteney’s – even as she moved down to take Jennifer’s right tit in her mouth.

    I went down to suck her left, trying my best to keep fucking each of them. Jennifer moaned regardless, though maybe it also helped to have Courteney moaning on her chest. I looked at her suckle and use her lips, teeth and tongue all over Jennifer’s tit, and she saw me do the same to the left.

    We both moaned on Jennifer’s nipples, then turned to start kissing and Frenching each other. As we sat up straight again and my finger went faster into Courteney, Jennifer went down to suck her friend’s tit. But she also had room to put her hand onto my growing shaft.

    Now we were all stroking each other, breathing heavily and trying to kiss as many breasts and mouths as possible. Yet Jennifer’s attention went to my cock. “Okay, I gotta see what this is all about,” she declared, getting me on my back again and forcing my hands off both pussies.

    She took it upon herself to take her turn in sucking my cock, with a fair amount of vigor. Jennifer sucked me down eagerly and quickly, humming and sucking deep on my head. But although she already had a turn, Courteney got into position to have a second go at it.

    After Jennifer popped off, Courteney licked each part of me that Jennifer had her lips and tongue on, then sucked me off like before. While Jennifer’s technique was eager and hungry, I was reminded again of how thorough and seductive Courteney’s mouth was on me.

    However, Jennifer’s mouth came back to kiss the side of my cock – then kiss Courteney when her mouth came off me. They made out right over my head, then went down to kiss and lick a side each, then licked up until their tongues met again.

    Soon, they were more focused on kissing each other than my shaft, but I couldn’t mind excessively. Jennifer at least broke off, looked back at me cutely and said, “Sorry….but you can still help me now.”

    It was Courteney’s turn to go on her back, and Jennifer’s turn to go down and start eating her. But she promptly made room for me, and soon it was me and her performing oral sex at the same time. When we had enough of licking each side of Courteney’s pussy, we kissed each other to combine the taste.

    “All together, just a little longer,” Jennifer said. I chose to look closer at that choice of words for later.

    For now, I took my turn in eating out Courteney, with Jennifer sitting back to watch. “Oh….oh, I knew that mouth looked good down on Jennifer….but this….” Courteney moaned instead of finishing with words. For that, I dipped my tongue under her clit and rapidly batted it around.

    “Okay, I’m tagging back in,” Jennifer interrupted when Courteney quieted down. “It’s your turn to tag me from behind, anyway.”

    “Like I just did with Courteney? And you?” I asked.

    “No, it’s time for you to fuck me with something bigger,” Jennifer hinted. “Court got railed from both ends, now it’s my turn. Only I get your cock back there.” There was no misinterpreting that.

    I got on my feet and in front of the bed, as well as Jennifer’s now raised, peachy backside. I hadn’t gotten a good look at it before, but I’d have my fill now. Yet Jennifer would get impatient for me to do more than that in a second.

    I lined my cock up at her pussy while Jennifer kept eating Courteney’s. My shaft entered Jennifer as Courteney looked up to watch the action. Between Jennifer’s tongue work and me starting to fuck her at the same time, Courteney was getting even more flushed.

    “Go on, fuck her. I’ll try to keep up with you,” Courteney offered, raising her hips up on Jennifer’s face. I sank my cock deeper into Jennifer in response, making her moan harder on Courteney. Soon Courteney’s hips and mine were rotating and grinding in front and in back of Jennifer -- although I was doing a bit more than that.

    I drove myself harder against Jennifer’s hips, watching her shapely ass jiggle and push back. Her entirely shapely body was moving around in some way, with her head burying itself between Courteney’s legs. While Jennifer cursed and groaned into her pussy, however, Courteney moaned clearer and darted her eyes between Jennifer and me.

    She seemed to settle on me, which took me by surprise. Yet I fucked Jennifer faster and deeper, looking right at Courteney nonetheless. She hissed and fucked Jennifer’s face hard enough that I thought she’d pop in no time.

    Instead, she said, “Okay…..Jen, you go catch your breath for a second. You’ll need it, okay?”

    “Really?” Jennifer looked up, obviously not ready to catch her breath yet. However, a look from Courteney was enough to quiet Jennifer and make her come off the both of us. I was amazed, yet Courteney didn’t give me much time for it as she pulled me back into bed.

    I settled on top of her in time for her to kiss me, deeply at first but gradually slower. This helped the both of us cool down – or at least myself – so we could ease into actual fucking and perhaps make it last longer than a minute. Once I inserted myself in her and started rocking, it was so far, so good.

    “That’s it, fuck me….” Courteney said quietly.

    “That’s it, fuck her….” I heard in a virtual echo. But it was just Jennifer sitting nearby – and fingering herself since we weren’t doing it for her.

    Once again, I was performing while someone was fingering herself to me. And the other woman too. If it didn’t throw me off last time, it shouldn’t do so now. Especially once Courteney distracted me by kissing me and putting her hands on my ass.

    She let her hands roam all over my back and body, actually. She let them go under my chest as she kissed my chin and neck, tweaking my nipples and going down to my abs. I almost thought she would play with herself down below to match Jennifer, yet her hands stayed on me.

    However, her eyes went back to Jennifer as she fucked herself louder, judging by her groans. It seemed all of us had been pretty fickle during this whole thing, really. And sure enough, Courteney went from fondling me to watching Jennifer fill her own pussy.

    “All right, break’s over,” Courteney informed. I sighed and figured this meant my work was done for now. But Courteney looked at me to say, “Just sit up and carry on.”

    I had to just go with it – an almost sadly ironic phrase, considering. But any thoughts of Adam Sandler were thankfully erased, when his former co-star climbed onto Courteney’s face.

    While I sat up and kept fucking Courteney, all I could see in front of me was Jennifer’s back and ass, which wiggled as Courteney’s hidden face ate her out. It distracted me a bit too much at first, but I made up for it by putting my hands on Courteney’s chest and pussy, respectively.

    After tweaking them for several seconds, Courteney bucked herself back on me, her groans muffled against Jennifer. In contrast, Jennifer’s were much clearer – even moreso when I reached over to hold her own chest.

    “Fuck, that’s all I need….” Jennifer hissed. Nevertheless, I tried to top myself by letting my left hand go down to her ass. I held onto her left tit and put her nipple in between my fingers, all as I squeezed her ass and Courteney kept eating her in front. In between, I still managed to fuck Courteney a bit too.

    “Oh God, I’m gonna cum….are you gonna cum?” Jennifer asked….somebody.

    “Getting there,” I barely heard Courteney before I could answer.

    “Oh fuck….aw…oh, I just gotta!” Jennifer yelled, then turned her head to me. “I’m so sorry, you gotta get outta there! Jack off and finish on us or something, just….oh, mother, come on!”

    That last frustrated command could have been directed at either of us, for any reason. But I had no choice to assume it was me. So with my remaining self control, I gave Courteney just two more deep thrusts and took myself out of her.

    “Thanks!” Jennifer was courteous enough to tell me, before turning around and diving her head between Courteney’s legs. It didn’t take long for them to settle into a sixty-nine, which would likely take them the rest of the way home.

    As for me, it appeared I’d have to do it myself. All I did was warm them up, and now they were handling it themselves. Which was how I’d have to do it too, apparently – only without a partner.

    Yet after a few seconds of seeing them devour each other, closer and closer to climax, it didn’t feel like I got completely screwed. I mean, I wasn’t getting screwed in any way now, but….

    But by the way they were going, I didn’t have much time to waste clearing that up. And Jennifer did give me permission….

    I put my hand on my cock and went to work, focusing on them almost as much as they focused on each other’s pussies. They were lost in their own world of getting each other off, so I would do the same. Only they had a much bigger head start and a lot more help.

    Then again, they were being more than helpful even if they weren’t touching me. They were definitely helping each other get to the finish line. The louder they got on each other, the more I knew I wouldn’t be far behind.

    Jennifer’s ass shook violently over Courteney’s face, so it seemed she was the first to go. Courteney moaned and slurped hungrily, causing Jennifer to shake her head all over the pussy below her. When Courteney’s legs started going up, it was clear she was the runner up.

    That only left me bringing up the rear, while staring at Jennifer’s. My right hand pumped and teased my cock, and I got desperate enough to use my left on my balls. Unlike Courteney, I was working my balls to make them completely drained.

    But when I put my palm over my cock to rub the head, they finally erupted.

    I closed my hand over myself right on time, letting myself cum on my hand. Jennifer had invited me to cum on them, yet there wasn’t much to aim at but her back at the moment. And I didn’t want to leak too much on her sheets, since I was still technically her guest.

    Jennifer got herself off Courteney in time for both of them to watch me finish. When I composed myself, I saw just how drenched my right hand was, and how I’d indeed start leaking on the sheets any second. But before I did, Jennifer got a hold of me.

    She took my hand and started licking much of my cum off, while Courteney got her head down to suck the rest of it off me. She sat back up just as Jennifer got done tasting me – then they kissed each other while I was fresh on both their mouths.

    That made me collapse on my back, as my so-called youthful energy was drying up. Neither Jennifer nor Courteney said anything to me, even after I stopped hearing them kiss. Soon, they laid down on each side of me, but there was still nothing to say.

    I couldn’t look at them quite yet. I would never look at them the same way again, in real life or TV – and it would certainly make my first Friends binge watching session much odder than it would have been. But I didn’t want to get a head start on that awkwardness yet.

    For their part, they didn’t speak to me either. Maybe it was taking them a while to remember I was there. After their show, it was somewhat understandable.

    When they got out of bed, I briefly thought they were getting ready to leave. Before I got too disappointed, I saw them just stretching and standing near the bed. I rolled over and sat up, now seeing the two standing side by side and still naked together.

    “I think we borrowed some of your stamina,” Courteney commented. “And it’s still anniversary eve for a little while longer.”

    I had no verbal answer for her or Jennifer. I just let myself watch them, really seeing them both in full view together for the first time. I had my chance to appreciate them individually, but like this….seeing every inch of their still sexy, still envious bodies together, knowing that time to ogle them like this was running out….

    My youthful stamina was on the verge of coming back soon than I thought.

    To confirm it, I stood on my feet and went over to them. It was certainly confirmed when they backed me up to the wall, then took turns kissing me.

    It was Courteney who stepped back as Jennifer took over kissing and rubbing against me. But she returned to nibble my ear as Jennifer went down and kissed me lower. She got on her knees and started licking my still recovering cock, while Courteney kissed my lips and I got my hands back on her.

    Jennifer batted my balls around with her tongue while I placed my head between Courteney’s tits. She rubbed them against me and I rested my hand on Jennifer’s hair, although she was bobbling enough on me herself – at least with what she had to work with.

    Courteney took her chest off me and kissed down my neck, stopping at my right nipple. She played with it and sucked it while Jennifer slowly kissed up to the other side of my chest. When she got back on her feet and went to my right side, Courteney had room to kneel and take over duties on my cock.

    Now Jennifer made out with me and made sure I fondled her boobs, as Courteney had more luck going down on me. I was half-hard and getting harder while her tongue teased me, and while Jennifer guided my head down to her breasts.

    “You don’t have to….make anything up to me,” I said into Jennifer’s tits, even as Courteney’s mouth sucked extra hard.

    “That’s not why we owe you,” Jennifer told me. Instead of explaining further, she took my head back up and kissed me, which was a good answer too.

    Courteney popped off my cock, licked it thoroughly, then came back on her feet and took over kissing me. Both of them went back and forth on me for several seconds at a time, then Jennifer took over and made me sit on the edge of the bed. She soon joined me and rested on my lap.

    After several moments of riding and grinding on me – to the point where I wondered if she did any ‘extra’ research for playing a stripper – I was hard enough for Jennifer to lift herself up and sit back down right on me.

    Since we all had a lot taken out of us already, and it’d be a while before we were ready for one more pop, we could let ourselves go slower now. Courteney stayed on her feet and started inserting fingers into herself, which made it hotter but didn’t make us go much faster.

    Jennifer and I just moaned softly, with her riding me and my hands going all over her body. Courteney took her fingers out and sucked them, then put two back in deeper than before, which I watched as intently as I could. Between her and Jennifer’s ride, my eyesight was pretty crowded.

    I focused on Jennifer long enough to rub her pussy and hold her ass while she wrapped her arms around me. When I rested my head on her shoulder, I focused on Courteney long enough to see her finger herself standing with both hands. Although Jennifer was fucking me and my revived cock, Courteney was making herself louder.

    “Yeah….now I want you to fuck me right now….” Courteney breathed. “Jennifer, let me fuck him now….”

    Jennifer huffed, but rid me a few extra seconds before coming off me. Yet she bent down to suck me off, tasting herself and getting me extra wet for Courteney. She certainly didn’t have trouble sinking down on me regardless.

    Soon enough, Courteney was riding me and I was able to focus on rubbing and holding her. Unlike her friend, Jennifer sat down next to me before she began fucking herself. After a minute, she reached over with her free left hand to rub between Courteney’s legs.

    I joined in to rub her along while fucking her, as Courteney tightened around me and bucked her hips against our hands. Her own hands then went on my chest and pushed me onto my back, then she leaned them on me as she rode me faster. For her part, Jennifer kept fingering herself and her former co-star.

    I just watched Courteney bounce and jiggle on me, reaching over to fondle her pussy and chest. Courteney just rode deeper, causing us both to gasp and moan. However, Courteney got herself to stop and take herself off me, only to go and hover herself over my face.

    As my vision was flooded with Courteney’s wet center, I felt consumed by Jennifer when she sank onto my cock. She rid me and picked up right where Courteney left off – and so did Courteney as she grinded on my face.

    I could only lick away at Courteney and try to breathe while she rubbed herself on my mouth. And I could only pump my hips up in response to Jennifer fucking me. After they got distracted with each other so many times, it seemed like they were just set to please themselves on me now.

    They were riding and using me for one last orgasm, and it was getting hard to mind. A lot of things were hard now, but only for this one last round. Even though I was at their mercy, though, I wasn’t going to just lie there.

    I rested my hands on Courteney’s hips and licked and sucked away at her, meeting her thrusts and grinding my face on her. As for Jennifer, I had my hips pump away at her, then took my hands off of Courteney to rub her.

    My mouth and hips kept on going while my hands went all around, going from both their chests to their pussies and back again. They just kept chanting “Fuck me” back and forth and demanded to cum one more time.

    I met Courteney’s demands by grasping her tits and holding them for dear life as I sucked her harder, then burrowed my tongue deep inside her. When I felt her getting close, I reached over to try and rub Jennifer closer, but she was riding me hard enough to do much of it herself.

    “Oh, I’m gonna cum…..I’m gonna fill you up….fuck, I haven’t….this much since….oh, I need to cum now!” Courteney pleaded. I nibbled, sucked and then went over to finger her to seal the deal.

    As Courteney started unraveling once more, Jennifer clenched around me and stated, “Fuck me, me next….oh, I’m cumming right with you and you! Give it to me while I cum right on your balls, babe….oh…..”

    With that fair warning, Jennifer got off of me just as Courteney began filling my mouth with cum. As I drank her down, Jennifer rested her pussy on my balls, then humped me while grabbing my throbbing, ready to blow cock.

    I finished licking Courteney out even as I felt myself and her ready to go over. Courteney climbed off me and finally let me see Jennifer bounce herself to oblivion as she stroked me. Once she put her free left hand inside of her, she was finished.

    And once her thumb and index finger rubbed my head the right way, I was finally finished. In fact, I started finishing on her tits before she went down and sucked the rest of me off.

    However, Jennifer came back off just as Courteney arrived, in time to catch what was left of my cum. Once they each had my cum in their mouth, I was done – for tonight, and maybe for many many others.

    I stayed down as Jennifer got on her back next to me and Courteney licked off the cum that got on her tits. She stayed and rested on top of Jennifer when she finished, which seemed like as good a place as any for her to rest for the night.

    Lying next to these naked, enduring, endearing ladies after an historic night like this worked for me as well.

    Despite my age, and despite their successful efforts to stay youthful, we were no spring chickens. We needed rest and recovery – even if we’d have to do it apart after we woke up. Or at least, after I’d have to do it apart from them. They would be there for each other, as obvious as that was – upcoming marriages, threesomes and all.

    As for me, watching 10 seasons worth of DVDs should pass enough time until my balls filled up again. Maybe it’d even happen by the time Season Eight was finished.


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    This was perfection! Great work as always.

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    Thanks for that.

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    If anyone wants to catch the latest season of "FRIENDS".. its right here on CFF :)
    Robertdoc.. thanks for bringing back Courtney and Jennifer in this amazing episode!

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    You're welcome

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