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Thread: "Making the Grade" with AnnaSophia Robb

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    fanfiction "Making the Grade" with AnnaSophia Robb

    Making the Grade
    Featuring AnnaSophia Robb
    Author: JFscribe
    Celebs: AnnaSophia Robb
    (Codes: MF, Mast, BJ)

    Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story contains Sexually Explicit Situations. It's totally made up and in fact some of these people don't even exist! If you're underage or easily offended STOP READING! In fact, due to its content, it should not be read by anyone.

    AnnaSophia knocked on the door to the office before turning the doorknob.
    "Professor Carson?" she called out before sticking her head through the doorway. A clean shaven man, probably 20 years older than she was sat at a wooden desk. Dark-haired man in his 40s, peppered with white and a hint of cologne mixed with the scent of textbooks and paper greeted her.

    "Oh, Miss Robb isn't it?, you're my 4:30, right? Come in. It's been a long semester hasn't it?" Professor Carson said cheerfully as he straigtened out a stack of papers before pushing it aside on his desk.
    The young woman entered his office and shook his hand.
    "Yes it has. And you can call me AnnaSophia…or Anna," she babbled.

    AnnaSophia didn't know what she got herself into. She didn't even know why she was at college to begin with. For some reason, just recently, her acting gigs had dried up and her foray into TV hadn't gone as expected. Sure she had some pretty big movies and she had worked with major stars since she was 10, but none had hit blockbuster status. Had she become over the hill in her 20s? Had she peaked here on the B-list? It felt that way, especially when young acting upstarts like Chloe, Elle and Kendrick were stealing all the young adult to 20-something roles. She had acting jobs lined up and some TV appearances, but still, in this business it was 'what have you done for me lately?' And lately it wasn't much.

    So she'd agreed to go to college, and make her parents proud, but it wasn't her thing. Sure it impressed the tabloids that young actresses were trying to better themselves intellectually. It added gravitas to their craft, but a lot of time it was to hide the fact that there was a dead spot in an actresses' career; too old to be that cute child actress in a Disney movie, and too young to take on a sexy ingenue role in a motion picture.

    She sighed.
    After being in the business so long and acting motion pictures with big names in Hollywood, having to switch to the mundane by going to lectures and doing homework seemed like a step back. Her parents disagreed, wanting her to try to get a formal education. Emma Watson did it, and so did Natalie Portman, why couldn't she? Besides, they came back stronger than ever. She just had to take a full course load to appease them, even if it had to be drama or singing, or something about film making, they just wanted her to try.

    "What can I do you for?" he joked.
    "Ummm…I kinda wanted to see you about my midterm grade..." she said nervously.
    Professor Carson looked up curiously but knew where this was going. This was the part of the semester after every test where students would come in looking for help because his economics class was too much for them. He knew of Miss Robb, or 'AnnaSophia,' of course. Her clothes were a little more casual than those red carpet events on those paparazzi sites, and she had way less make-up, but this was definitely her.

    He'd seen a few of her movies with his kids way back when she was a child actress, and had starred in that coming-of-age TV show based off of some famous 'chick' series. But of course, he wasn't going to let her know that. Being a professor in the Southern California area, actors liked to think they could get preferential treatment because they were famous. Professor Carson begged to differ.

    "Ah yes," he said looking through a folder in his hands. He paused. "Uh-oh, looks like you failed the midterm. 55% to be exact."
    "Well, uhh…that's the thing. The way you grade your class at the end of the semester, I'd have to get a perfect score on the final to pass the class. I was wondering if could retake the midterm?..."
    AnnaSophia noticed an almost imperceptive shift in Professor Carson's features from jovial to a little more stern as he pushed his glasses up on his nose.

    "Well, Miss Robb, I don't think it's possible. If you've seen the syllabus, my rules stand. Besides, the tests have already been graded. We can go over it, but I'm pretty sure the answers my teaching assistant and I went over are correct."
    "I understand that. But I'm sure there's a grace period for errors or changes. I'm sure there's time for me to take the exam over and for you to put in a change order."
    "Well I'm sorry Miss Robb. That's not now it works in college. You had the same amount of time and the same resources as everyone else in the class. I don't see how having you retake a different test and giving me extra work to prepare and grade such a test, would benefit anyone but you. If anything, it's giving you an extra chance at a higher grade, and if I gave you this unfair advantage, What's to say everyone and their mom won't come in to take another test when they don't like what they received. How fair is it to those who did study?"

    AnnaSophia found herself slightly irritated by this stock response that professors always give. For some reason, they were all about furthering education unless it meant doing some extra work. He probably had old tests lying around and it would take him only 15 minutes to correct it once she took it. But she bit her tongue. No use jabbing the sleeping bear.

    On the other had, she did blow off the test when she went on two auditions she'd had to read for and study the script over, but she wasn't going to tell him that either.

    "Then what about some extra book work or a report on a chapter of the text?" she offered.
    "Once again, if you did read the syllabus at the beginning of the semester, I'm not one to give out extra credit work."

    He tried to sound serious but was softened by her doe-eyed expression.
    "AnnaSophia, the grades are pretty much final. Like I said, I normally don't allow retake on tests. Wouldn't be fair to the others. I am afraid the 'F' has to stand."
    "Are you sure?" she pleaded, "My parents are gonna kill me! I have to show them that I'm not just a one trick pony. There has to be a way!"

    AnnaSophia sighed. She didn't even know why she'd taken economics. She wanted to take music courses and a few drama classes. But apparently it was part of the core curriculum to provide a well-rounded student, whatever that means. She promised she would use her smarts to the best of her abilities, but obviously she needed to step up her game and use what she learned in the entertainment business to get what she wanted.

    She switched modes instinctively. She stood up from her chair, leaned forward slightly to offer a view down her shirt and reached out to touch his hand. "Are you sure there isn't something I could do? I'm willing to try any type of extra work." With a fingertip, she ran it softly over the back of his hand, looking him straight in the eye.

    Professor Carson knew what she meant from the desperation in her eyes. He'd been warned of it early in his career, but it never happened to him. Until now, it seems. He'd heard of professors giving in to temptation, and a few of them were reprimanded. But to have it offered by a young star intrigued and frightened him.

    "Ummm, maybe I could be convinced," he heard himself answer. "What did you have in mind?"
    "I don't know. Some intense study sessions? Or extra-curricular activity of some sort?" she didn't break eye contact when the professor looked up at her.
    "I-I'll have to think about it," he swallowed, mind racing. He was married and had kids for fuck's sake! He estimated his kids were probably almost as old as this actress.
    AnnaSophia knew she had him on the hook, otherwise he'd be offended or ask her to leave. "We'd have to decide now, because the grades are going in, right?" she said sweetly.

    "You know, there might be something you can do to get a little extra credit to get at least a 'C', but you will really have to work hard at it."
    "Really?" she brightened. "What can I do?"
    AnnaSophia leaned forward in her seat, blue-green eyes twinkled. But he knew he had to let her decide how to earn a higher grade. If it was a trap, he could defend himself by saying she came on to him.
    "I don't know, what can you do?…Maybe a little preview of your talents might convince me?"
    She understood and nodded. With a half-smile, she stood up, went to lock the door to his office. All the while, reaching up her skirt to pull down her white satin panties. As he watched her do so, he was slightly in shock. She called his bluff and now her panties were on the floor.

    AnnaSophia smiled and brought her chair over to his side of the desk, amidst stacks of books, and folders of papers. She reached over to shut the vertical blinds that overlooked the building's courtyard. Even though most of the classes were out for the day, she figured why tempt fate. The actress sat down in a chair facing him.
    At first she felt embarrassed. But as she thought about it, she began to get excited. What am I doing? I came in here to take a test and now I'm here with my panties off and rubbing off for a professor!

    The blonde starlet spread her legs, and dragged one hand lightly up from her knee, fingertips lightly grazing her skin. She shuddered wantonly. The professor felt his pulse quicken and his cock harden. She looked so sexy at this moment. He seemed a little taken aback at what was happening, but collected himself enough to see where this would go.

    Professor Carson watched as her well-toned legs spread in front of him, and her manicured fingers trailed upward toward her neatly trimmed bush. Below that, AnnaSophia's pink labia glistened slightly. With her middle and ring finger, she began rubbing at herself. She'd done this before on lonely nights, but this time seemed hotter; more naughtier. She was used to being around older men, since she was working at a young age in show business. Guys her age seemed so immature, and even the guys in college lacked the ability to talk to women without being rude or crass. Besides, she liked how this older man watched her intently as if trying to memorize the the event.

    The professor was definitely trying to memorize the event. This was worth its weight in gold in every man's mental vault. What man wouldn't enjoy watching a young celeb pleasure herself. He watched as Her fingers danced expertly, knowing where to touch herself. She rubbed at her clit while the other held the hem of her skirt up. She felt so exposed and vulnerable, yet she loved it. It was the same high she got while acting onstage, but sexual. Maybe it was the fact that it was like acting for a live audience. Sure, it was an audience of one, but the rush was still there.

    Professor Carson sat there, leaning back in his chair, his heart thumping excitedly. His erection began to grow and harden immediately at the wonderful sight between her legs. He watched as her face contorted with pleasure. He was experienced enough to know she was actually getting turned on by it! He could see the slight signs. The trembling of her thighs, the squirming in her chair, and the occasional arch of her back. He saw the glassiness in her gaze as she seemed to stare through him.

    "Mmmmmm." she groaned unconsciously. Her fingers moved up and down her labia. Up one side and down the other. Stopping to rub at her clit and at her taint, her wetness increasing and spreading. He shifted in his chair as well, as he watched her fingers move. Ohgod, what a tease! He couldn't help but rub at his own growing bulge as she sighed in pleasure.

    AnnaSophia looked up and was glad to see him enjoying himself as well. She thought it would be more uncomfortable if he wasn't, so she knew she was on the right track.
    What she didn't expect, was it to feel so good so fast. She thought she'd feel self-conscious, but she was feeling anything but. The familiar tingle heading outward from her pussy to her toes and up her spine proved that.

    This was definitely her parents fault. Putting so much pressure on her to go back to school led to this. She was in her right mind to leave right now, go straight to her parents and-- Oh shit, that felt good right there.
    "Mmmmmmmm…" she moaned softly.

    Professor Carson saw the sheen of sweat on her brow as she rubbed at herself. Those minute expressions: the furrowed brow, the rolling of her eyes and flaring of her nostrils told him that she was getting into it .
    "You're a naughty girl for working out your grade this way," he breathed.
    "And you're a…mmmmm….fucking bastard for taking advantage of it." she smiled, but didn't pause her fingers.
    He just grinned, massaging his erect cock through his slacks.
    "What's my grade now?" she asked, fingers still dancing on her labia.
    "Right now, still an 'F'."
    She pouted with exaggeration but expected as much. He wasn't seeing anything that he couldn't just get watching soft core porn on his computer. Her fingers moved over her pussy, stroking the wetness with her middle finger. She was willing to do a little more to get what she needed.

    "Maybe we can raise it a little more," she offered.
    "I hope so. This is a really hard make-up exam," he said with a smirk. "You're really lucky too, because I never give this test out."
    "Really? You could've fooled me."
    "Honest! You're the first. Lucky I'm all about advancing your education. How bad do you need to pass this class this semester, Miss Robb?"
    If he had done his assessment of this young actress correctly, she needed it badly. She didn't have any future projects on TV or movies and any career moves were currently on hold, which explained why she was enrolled here at the college.

    "Well, pretty bad. I promised to buckle down this semester...and the last thing I need in my first semester here is a failing grade on my report card."
    "So far you're doing well," he responded, rubbing at his bulge through his slacks while she played with herself.
    "Mmmm. Good," she whispered as she felt another tingle go up her back.
    "Yes, that's right, rub your finger around your pussy, let me see you get wet. I want to see those juices flowing."
    He watched as her petite, manicured fingertips rubbed eagerly at her well-trimmed pussy, causing her to gasp in response.

    She upped her game when she slowly began slipping her middle digit up into herself.
    Professor Carson sighed at the beautiful sight. "Oh, yes, that's it…Shit, you're making me so hard just watching you."
    She smiled slyly. "Really? It's only fair that I see."
    He paused, then shrugged to himself, undoing his pants and letting his penis flop outward for her to see.

    Her eyes widened at the nice size of it. "Nice. At least now we're even."
    "You like doing this don't you? Teasing me while I stroke off."
    She smiled coyly. "Oh god, I can't believe I'm doing this in front of my professor…" AnnaSophia mumbled to herself.

    AnnaSophia glanced over as his cock got harder by the moment. She loved the sight of it. It was pink and thick. A nice size and stiffness that made her wetter just looking at it.
    "Good lord you're beautiful. My cock is so fucking hard. Yeah, we can definitely see if we can get your grade up if you keep doing what your doing. "
    "What's my grade now Professor Carson?" she asked innocently.
    "For now, just like my cock, a hard 'D'. A good start but definitely we can do better, wouldn't you say, Miss Robb?"
    "Well, I need at least a 'C' to pass right?"
    "Sure. Keep doing what you're doing and you'll definitely get a passing grade. But you're already doing the extra credit work, might as well aim for an 'A', don't you think?"
    Professor Carson smiled mischievously.

    "Tell, me Miss Robb, to be an actress, you probably need good oral skills, correct?" he let that hang there, but she got what he was saying.
    "Hmmm. Just promise that as soon as i put it in my mouth I get at least a C…."
    "No, you put this in your mouth and suck it good, you'll get a 'C'. Finish me off and we turn that into a 'B.'"
    She knew where this was heading. It didn't take a college graduate to figure out how to get the 'A' "Hmmm, I'll think about it…"
    "Don't think too long. Grades have to go in today, remember?"
    AnnaSophia thought about it. She wasn't sure she was ready to let him fuck her, yet she wasn't sure using her mouth on him was that much of a difference.

    Professor Carson didn't think she'd do it, but he had to throw it out there. What red-blooded male wouldn't?
    She responded by getting on her knees between his legs. Looking up at him, she took his cock in her hand, her fingers wrapping around the shaft. I guess I can live with a 'B.' Besides, she just had to make him cum this way. He didn't say anything about cumming in her mouth. She just had to pull him out of her mouth and stroke him off with her hands for the last 20 seconds or so and she would get what she wanted.

    "Mmmmm. It's so warm."
    He gasped at the feel of her young fingers around him. Clear coat nails with french tips. He saw that her fingers barely went fully around the thickest part of his shaft. She squeezed as she stroked lightly. Pausing to spit a wad of saliva into her palm before returning to stroking him off. Professor Carson watched as she stroked and stared amazedly at the veins bulging on the shaft, the swollen purple head and his weighty scrotum underneath.

    She kept her eyes on his, as she brought her mouth up close and slowly took him in.
    "OOhhhhhholy fffffuuuuck…" he groaned, feeling her hot mouth envelope half his cock. He could feel her wet soft tongue massaging the underside of his shaft as she stared up at him with those big bright eyes.
    It wasn't her first time doing this to a guy, but it was her first time working on someone this size or twice her age.
    AnnaSophia moaned on him, sending intense vibrations up and down the professor's cock to his balls.
    "Oh fuck yes, thatta girl...Feels so damn good…don't stop...Yes, ooohhhh yessss," he whispered down to her.
    With her right hand squeezing around the base of his member, she worked on the top half with her mouth. Her left hand lightly stroked and massaged his balls, helping to further his excitement.

    The sight of this young actress on him, staring at him with those wide eyes while he was in pleasure was incredible. He felt the trickle of sweat along his back and that familiar tingle deep in his groin. He could feel the nice suction on him as her mouth slid up and down.

    AnnaSophia continued to use her petite mouth on her professor, her lips around his shaft. He was way too big to take in fully. She didn't know how porn actresses did that when she, herself, already started to gag halfway down. Not that it seemed to bother him at all. Her grip at the base seemed enough to cause him to shudder in pleasure.
    Though he couldn't see it, he could feel her tongue swirling around his cock head as she pulled out nearly to the tip before sliding back down. He groaned, as he closed his eyes and let his head loll back.

    The young starlet teased at the swollen purple head with her tongue again and again. Her blonde head bobbing up and down in his lap.

    "Fuck, you're so good at this. Mmmmm. Oh, yes. I…I think I am about to cum. Yes, oh, yes. Suck it good, girl. You like sucking my cock, don't you…mmmm..."
    "It's so BIG, Professor Carson...." she told him between thrusts into her mouth..."I can barely get my hand around it…much less my mouth on it." She smiled to herself. Guys loved when women talked about their cocks. Not that it wasn't true. He was huge, but the sooner she was out of there with her 'B,' the better.
    "Does it feel good, Professor?"
    "Oh yes, dear lord yesssss… your tongue feels so good on my cock. You're sucking it so good. I'm so close..." he groaned down to her.
    "You like this don't you, Professor? Letting one of your students suck on your cock while your wife is driving over to pick you up…You like being bad…"
    "Ohgawdyes, we're so bad, Anna…"

    "What grade am i getting now professor?" AnnaSophia asks between strokes.
    At first he couldn't seem to concentrate. The blood in his brain was obviously elsewhere in his body.
    Professor Carson watched as her pink tongue slid up the underside of his cock.
    AnnaSophia looked up to see her effect on him. She smiled briefly.
    "I..umm, I think a 'C' right now…mmmmm…s'that right? yeah, a C…"
    The wet tip of her pink tongue traced the thick vein and laid down a wet trail of saliva from his balls to his cockhead. He shuddered at the image of the young actress on his cock. He felt his heart rate increase.

    As AnnaSophia used her right hand and her mouth to work him, her free hand was up her skirt, rubbing her pussy. No use in her not getting something out of it.
    "That's all? just a C?" she asked, somewhat innocently.
    She licked the underside of his cock again, head tilted slightly, her straight blonde hair dangling and rubbing along the inside of his thigh as her mouth slid to the top.

    "That…that's what we--mmmmm--agreed on…until I…aahhhh…cum."
    "Then I get the 'B' is that right?" her voice muffled slightly from having the shaft of his cock against her lips as she spoke. The vibrations of her voice were just driving him crazy.

    "I…yes…I think that's fai--ohgood lord Anna. I can't take it, you HAVE to let me have your pussy…I beg you…you're driving me crazy here."
    "Hmmmm. I don't know." she said, not stopping the fondling and licking of his cock. "I'm already giving you a BJ." she flicked at his cockhead with her tongue to emphasize her point. "When I could've gone straight to sex if I wanted the A."
    He was too delirious to understand what she was saying. He shook his head. "I don't--"
    "My point is, I did this BJ for nothing if I give you a nice…hard…fuck." she punctuated the last few words with a lick to his cockhead.
    "Okay, what do you want?" he panted as she continued to work on his cock with her lips while talking to him, making it difficult for him to think with the right head.
    "'A' for the class, no finals, no homework." To keep him in a daze, she flicked her tongue back and forth across the head.
    "Yes. Deal," he groaned immediately without thinking.

    "So…how should we--?"
    Before she could finish her sentence, he was up on his feet, lifting her up to hers. He gently turned her around to face his desk and pushed on her shoulders. He had to have her from behind. He'd seen photos of her online when he heard she was going to be in his class. Seeing her rounded bottom in tight dresses got him curious and now here she was licking at him and teasing him. It would be remiss to not take her from behind.

    "No one on this floor can hear us, right?"
    "The rooms are fairly sound proofed for privacy, but Professor Robertson and Jones have left for the day and Dr. Ahmadi across the hall is teaching a late class."
    She stood there on the carpet, bent at the waist at his desk. Her elbows were on a pile of papers, homework assignments and quizzes from his other classes. She opened up her stance and felt his hands push her skirt over her perfectly round ass.

    His pants were already down as he stood there in just his shirt and socks. He stared at her smooth rounded buttocks for awhile, his hands massaging them; feeling them. They were literally breath-taking, because he found he had forgotten to take a breath just staring at those tanned cheeks.

    Standing directly behind her, he gathered a drop of spit and let it fall from his mouth. It landed squarely between her cheeks and slide down her wrinkled back door, across her taint and then dribble down her pink pussy lips.

    Immediately, AnnaSophia felt his saliva-soaked cock push between her cheeks and slowly worked up into her vagina. She groaned. She was still wet from her own fingering and just watching her professor get turned on got her wet as well.
    "Oh, fuck, AnnaSophia your pussy is hot as hell."
    "Shit, i cant believe i'm doing this...." she said over her shoulder..."fucking you for a grade..."
    "Yes, this is what it takes to get an 'A' in my class; hard work and perseverance. Here, let Mmmmm. Your pussy is fucking tight… Ohhhgod, ohyessss" he hissed, as he slowly thrusted back and forth, working deeper with each thrust.
    AnnaSophia's buttocks tensed slightly as she felt his cock slide in deep. Her back arched as she felt the older man's cock stretch her out.

    "Ohhhhhgawwwdd…so big....jeez...aahhhhhh...your cock....can't believe you fit it in…ooooooohhh..."
    "How do you like it, hon? Like that? Do you like this fucking cock?"
    "Ooohgawd yesss...feels so fucking fucking dirty, old bastard.....mmmmmmmm you like my pussy don't you, Professor Carson...mmmmmm...fucking your student on your desk..."
    Professor Carson started to thrust faster at her dirty talk.
    "Fuck, yesss…" he hissed.
    Gripping at her bare hips, he gazed at the surreal sight in front of him. He thought he was going to grade tests all afternoon before heading home yet here he was banging on a famous young actress half his age right across his desk.

    "Jeez, you're so damn big..." he heard her groan.
    He picked up the rhythm, thrusting faster and faster, going deeper each time. Oh AnnaSophia, tell me you want me to cum in your pussy bareback?"
    "Ohgod, just tell me you're clean."
    "Yeah. Haven't fucked anyone besides my wife for 20 years. You on the pill?"
    "Good. Bareback it is, then."
    "Ohgawd you're so bad..." she moaned back at him.
    As she stood there on the floor, bent at the waist, her hips gyrated and pushed back against him as best she could. She didn't mind bareback. In fact she was so turned on at what she accomplished today, she figured they both earned it.

    At first, the professor wondered if he was hurting her. He probably half a foot over her and probably outweighed her at least 80 to 100 pounds. She was so slender and petite, he didn't want to injure her by getting too rambunctious and ramming too hard. But she assuaged his fears when she urged him on.

    "Yessss…get it fucking in there…" she grunted. "Harder…faster, dammit."
    "Ohgod, you feel so good." Professor Carson leaned in to his thrusts, ramming as he pulled back on her hips so that she wouldn't get totally smashed against the wood top desk. "Oh fuck AnnaSophia, you like fucking older men…You like hard, older cocks inside you, don't you?"
    "Fuck yes professor…you feel sooo good--get that fucking old cock inside me..." she moaned to him as she pressed back up against him.
    "Good. Tell me what you want, Anna."
    AnnaSophia pushed back against him, "I wanna cum, and I want you to cum…" she replied immediately.
    "Where, hon?" He thrusted harder.
    "Ohfuck, in my pussy! In my fucking pussy…mmmmm we're so bad....fucking like this...."
    "Yeah baby, I know…ohhhh, aaannngghhh, OOOOOOOOOOhhhhh I know…oh this is heaven, this is fucking bliss."
    "Harder, professor, I'm so close, I can feel my climax coming," she urged.

    "Ahhhh yessss…you'll get there. I promise….just keep doing what you're doing and we'll both get there…" Professor Carson groaned down to the young actress. "That's it, hon. Pull me in. I wanna get deeper!"
    AnnaSophia pushed back as best she could, widening her stance, her flats on the carpet, digging for purchase as she pushed against the desk's surface to thrust back at her professor.

    Professor Carson picked up the rhythm as his dick throbbed inside her. He pumped his cock into her, his thrusts a little faster with each stroke until he felt his balls slap against her clit. Her firm young cheeks jiggled and shook with each deep stroke. He playfully smacked her ass with a bare palm as he pounded her from behind.
    "Ohyessss…" she responded, feeling his hips slam into her ass as he gave her a light spank.
    Sweat glistened his brow and under his shirt from his exertion.

    "Oh that's it babe, work that ass," he grunted. He fucked her harder, their thrusts slapping loudly in his office, smack-smack-smack-smack... Adding to the sounds of wet sloshing as his cock pumped in and out of her wet cunt.
    "Oh AnnaSophia, your pussy is so wet. Fucking LOVE it!" he moaned as he banged harder. AnnaSophia screamed, "Professor Carson, oh god, fuck me you bastard, keep fucking me…get that fucking cock in there…"

    AnnaSophia was amazed at the strength and stamina for someone his age. She felt her own orgasm building fast because of it.
    "Aaaaannnnggghhhh…" She groaned as sweat formed on the small of her back and on the cheeks of her ass. His cock hit the back of her pussy with precision as they moved together like a well-oiled engine.

    "Ohshit that feels good...that's it....fuck me…fuck me like a fucking slut..." she moaned back at him. She felt him reach down to lift her right leg up, placing her right knee on the desk top, her other foot still on the floor.

    He was close and he wanted her opened up wide for this last part.
    AnnaSophia groaned as he felt his cock hit even deeper in this position. The professor's hips pumped into AnnaSophia so fast, he found her ass to be a blur of skin. Professor Carson took deep breaths. "AnnaSophia, you gonna cum with me, babe?
    "Yes. Ohgawd professor…cum with me…ohhhh...because I don't know if…aaahnnghh….my pussy can..unnnghh…hold on anymore…" she squealed over her shoulder.

    "Good, then don't…just let go…Anna…J-just promise…promise me we do this again…before the semester ends…we gotta…just gotta do it again…" he grunted.
    "I--I promise," she groaned back at him.
    Why the hell not? He was cute and his cock was fucking incredible!
    He held his breath as he felt himself on the verge. "Oh AnnaSophia, I'm ready to cum, I am ready to cum….Earn that fucking 'A' you little slut…AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!"

    "Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhhhhhhhh YES, YES, Oh YEEEESSSSSSSSS. Oh fuck--fuck-fuck-fuck, Don't stop! Don't stop, don't--"
    Her back arched suddenly and body thrashed and her knee banged against the side of the desk as she struggled to thrust back against her teacher. Her body trembled as her hands gripped at the papers and crumpled them in passion. She could feel his cock sliding and slamming into her over and over as she squeezed her pussy on him.

    Adrenalin kicked in and all the professor could see was a blinding white light as he exploded inside the thrashing young starlet. His hips just rammed and pushed into her as if on autopilot. He could feel her body grinding on impulse as well. He spurted his seed, inside her, feeling it just flow out of him like a spigot. Even when he thought he was over, his body kept thrusting and pounding into her as he pulled roughly on her hips. When he finally found himself spent, he collapsed against her, and she smiled as she collapsed onto his now wrinkled and damp pile of papers.

    When he finally caught his breath, he stumbled to his chair, and slumped exhaustedly into it.
    She looked up at him, still bent over the desk, catching her own breath.
    "So I get the 'A' right?" she asked, her face sweaty and flushed.

    "Oh fuck yes. Hell, if it were up to me, you'd probably graduate with honors!"
    "Good." She smiled and stood up, a little wobbly-legged, but managed to stay on her feet. The young actress straightened out her skirt and dabbed at her sweaty face with some tissues off his desk. She combed her fingers through her hair.
    "You better head out before my wife gets here," he said, tucking his own shirt into his pants before straightening out the wrinkles.
    AnnaSophia nodded. She grabbed her panties off he floor and stuffed them into her backpack.

    AnnaSophia gave him quick glance over her shoulder with a smile before leaving. As she pushed on the exit door at the other end of the building, she held the door open for a middle-aged woman and wondered if this was Mrs. Carson.
    "Thank you, dear." the older woman said.
    AnnaSophia smiled warmly as she passed, thanking herself they ended when they did, and left the building.

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    Absolutely loved it. Wish I responded sooner but you certainly keep us at the forum busy with your equally divine Winter tales. This tale hopefully gets a sequel just because Anna might be failing Calculus, Sociology or how about Anatomy, er, she's got a fine one that's for sure! Plus, we need to feature this young starlet while on the down low to keep our spirits up, and look how well your other sequel turned out! A+ dialogue, plot and pictures, JFscribe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bone-Tzu View Post
    Absolutely loved it. Wish I responded sooner but you certainly keep us at the forum busy with your equally divine Winter tales. This tale hopefully gets a sequel just because Anna might be failing Calculus, Sociology or how about Anatomy, er, she's got a fine one that's for sure! Plus, we need to feature this young starlet while on the down low to keep our spirits up, and look how well your other sequel turned out! A+ dialogue, plot and pictures, JFscribe.
    Haven't thought of a follow-up yet, but let's just say that professor isn't done giving out A's.

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    Yes, don't neglect Ms. Robb's vast cirriculum that needs some prominent tutelege. Keep it up JF... I'm off to drop some heavy praise on your original Winter tale... no matter how sore I get because I'm THE Afficendo of Erotica! And you have a knack for it.

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