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Thread: "Her In My Place" with Lake Bell

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    fanfiction "Her In My Place" with Lake Bell

    Her In My Place
    Written by MacedMan
    With Lake Bell
    (BJ, MF, Oral, Finger)

    Disclaimer: My stories all take place in there own universe, things are different there. It's a place where fictionalized celebrities mingle with fictional avatars of my creation. In this place female celebrities all are at their peak hotness, they are also all single, unless the story needs them to be in a relationship. Most importantly everybody is over 21 years of age, and everybody based on real people are only based on them, they do not represent their actual personalities or doings, merely my fantasy of them. Most of my fantasies involve sex so if that sort of thing offends you, than I can't recommend that you continue reading.

    'Good morning,' I said to myself as my eyes began to open, my brain not quite having completely pieced together the night before at this stage.

    Instantly I covered my mouth and looked to my left, remembering I had a guest sleeping in my bed and hoping I hadn't stupidly woken her up. She was seemingly undisturbed though, her eyes closed and smiling mouth slightly ajar as soft breathing was released from it.

    'Phew,' I thought to myself as I stared at her gorgeous face.

    It would have been pretty stupid of me to have Lake Bell stay the night and not even let her wake up in her own time. That's right, Lake Bell, the sexy star of How To Make It In America, she was sleeping in my bed after a night on the town. All of my friends thought I was crazy when I loudly predicted these events at the bar the night before, proclaiming I would sleep with Lake Bell as soon as she walked into the bar with her friends.

    Technically I was correct, I did sleep with Lake Bell in the sense that we had slept in the same bed together. The problem was that because the two of us were so drunk, I didn't even get the chance to see her naked, let alone have sex with her... I did get to kiss her though, quite a few times as we drifted to sleep with our arms wrapped around each other, and from what I remembered they were very nice kisses.

    Now I found myself in a different predicament, in bed with Lake Bell's perfect body underneath the covers with me, while I had the worst case of morning wood a man could possibly have and not be on Viagra. It took every fiber of my being to not attempt to "accidentally" wake her up in the hopes of getting some morning action. Eventually I found myself just laying back down and inching closer to her, attempting to wrap my arms back around her so that I could innocently wake up with one my hands on her tits and my hard dick pressing against her ass.

    Before I could though she rolled over and opened her eyes, staring directly into mine. 'Good morning,' she said, smiling as she did.

    'Good morning,' I replied, smiling more out of shame than pleasure, hoping against all hope my secret operation had gone unnoticed.

    'Thank you for letting me stay here,' she whispered, pressing her lips together.

    'It's no problem for me,' I said.

    'I didn't think it would be,' Lake said. 'A sexy girl wants to sleep in your bed, it would be weird if you turned down that offer... What does surprise me though, is the fact that I still have all my clothes on, and if I'm not mistaken, you didn't drunkenly cum on or inside me.'

    'Well I am a romantic at heart,' I joked.

    Lake laughed. 'I'd kiss you if I didn't know I had terrible morning breath.'

    'Trust me I don't mind,' I said, mockingly puckering my lips and putting my fingers over my nose, blocking my nostrils.

    Lake burst into laughter. 'You must still be drunk,' I said. 'Because that was not funny.'

    'Maybe I am, maybe I'm not,' Lake said.

    'You are,' I said.

    'Well that's good for you because I just figured out how I'm going to repay you for your gentlemanly gesture,' Lake said.

    'Oh yeah? How's that?' I questioned, knowing full well what she was going to offer, but not wanting to seem like I was expecting it.

    'I'm going to give you the best blowjob you've ever had in your entire life,' Lake whispered in my ear, lightly licking it as she did so.

    My eyes widened with anticipation, but words couldn't escape my mouth as she kissed my cheek and dove down under the covers, leaving me to silently await my special reward.

    'Oh my what do we have here?' Lake's muffled voice asked rhetorically as she pulled my underwear off and spread apart my legs. 'It seems like you're all ready for action.'

    'Well I wouldn't want to leave you waiting,' I said to the bedsheets, as the woman beneath took my rock hard cock in her hand.

    'Oh wow, this is some cock!' Lake said, stroking it with her hand wrapped around it.

    'Thanks,' I said sheepishly. Women had complimented me on my cock before, not just on it's size, which I would say is modest at best, but also on it's general aesthetic.

    'Has anyone ever told you that you have a really good looking cock?' Lake questioned, her soft breath on the tip of my dick signaling her impending contact.

    'Well...' I suddenly felt a soft sensation on my balls, quickly realising it was Lake's other hand.

    'And your balls are really nice and smooth, the perfect size really,' Lake complimented, massaging them and my cock at the same time.

    'I run a tight ship,' I said, a smug smirk crossing my face. She must have been with some pretty impressive people, and for her to be this impressed with me either means that I'm pretty damned impressive or she is a damned good actress... come to think of it, I know she's the latter so I hope it's both.

    'Let's get some light in here, I want to see what I'm really working with!' Suddenly the sheets flew up in the air leaving me with the most clear view of Lake's body that I'd had up until that point.

    She was sitting directly in line with my cock, her knees pressed against the bed and her ass slightly touching the bed also. She had let go of my cock and her hands were on her hips as she stared at me smiling, as if to say 'what do you think?' I had an answer for her but I couldn't bring my self to say it, I just hoped my face did all the talking, telling her that I loved her flowing lime green dress, and I especially loved the way her body filled it.

    'Now that's better isn't it, looks even better in the morning light,' Lake said, looking down at my cock and then up at me giggling.

    'You're damned right,' I said, barely focused on what she was saying, instead my eyes were transfixed with the way the morning sun flickered of her luxurious brown hair, making her seem almost unreal.

    'Now let's get down to business,' Lake said, immediately bending down so her mouth was right above my cock.

    'This is the sort of business meeting I can get into,' I said as I stared at her panty clad ass which was slightly exposed as her dress hiked up her body.

    'Mmm,' she moaned, as she looked into my eyes with her deep brown ones.

    'That can't be comfortable,' I stated as she puckered her amazing full lips, licking them in anticipation.

    'It's not really, but it looks hot as hell from up there doesn't it?' She replied, shooting me the most seductive smile I had ever seen on a woman.

    'Oh god yes!' I exclaimed.

    'Exactly,' she said before pressing her gorgeous lips against my stiff cock.

    My eyes widened, the sudden shock of having Lake Bell press her full lips against my cock almost too much for them. They rolled back slightly as she held the kiss, opening her lips slightly wider as my eyelids flickered. She continued to hold as her mouth opened more and more, my eyes were now closed and her tongue had started to feel around my cock, licking around the shaft as her lips still moved further and further around my cock.

    She pulled back and pushed back in again, giving my cock a big wet kiss on the side of my cock. She was actually french kissing my cock, moving her lips slightly while her adventurous tongue licked and prodded at my unsuspecting cock, it was a sensation I'd never felt before, not quite a blowjob, but not worse than a blowjob.

    Her eyes were closed but she was still acting with precision, there were no accidents, it was like she knew the exactly places to press her lips and the perfect spots to lick with her tongue, all from muscle memory. It was clear to me that Lake was some sort of a blowjob gymnast and this was only the preamble to her routine, she was setting my cock up for what was going to be the ride of it's life.

    'Mmm,' Lake moaned, flickering her eyes open long enough to stare into mine, sending chills down my spine and a wave of pleasure through my cock, causing it to twitch slightly.

    Lake didn't seem surprised by this, it was almost like a normal reaction for this section of the routine, the knowing pause a comedian makes when they know the audience will laugh during a long story. She kissed and tongued her way back up my cock and pulled away just before reaching the tip.

    'Should I continue?' Lake questioned.

    'For the love of god yes!' I exclaimed.

    Lake smiled a knowing smile and descended open mouthed on my cock, going about halfway before finally closing her lips around it. I closed my eyes and gripped the bedsheets, anticipating what was to come next. She started sucking harder than I'd ever been sucked, she sucked so hard that I was scared if I opened my eyes I would find my cock withered and bloodless... and nothing had ever felt better In my entire life.

    I felt like the bed was being lifted up from the ground and up to the heavens, and Lake was my cock sucking Grim Reaper, showing me safe passage to the afterlife. She sucked and sucked and eventually pulled her mouth upwards on my cock, still sucking at the same speed and same intensity. Her mouth came off with a loud pop and a lurch from my stomach, the feeling of her mouth coming off my cock was somehow matching the feeling of her mouth on my cock.

    'What the... fuck...' I gasped, trying to catch my breath as I opened my eyes.

    I half expected her to be staring at me, looking at my pleased face with satisfaction of a job well done. Instead all I saw was conviction, she took a deep breath and went back down to her job, this time faster. Now when she reached the tip of my dick, sucking like a sexy full lipped vacuum cleaner, she pressed back down instead of popping off, blowing with gale force winds on her descent.

    She blew me like this for what felt like an eternity, but given my track record of premature ejaculation and considering just how well she was sucking my cock, I would guess it was only about thirty seconds. But none of that matters really, because once Lake Bell has got her mouth on your cock your entire perception of time is off, a Lake Bell blowjob is a drug.

    I could feel the pressure mounting in my cock, and I knew that any minute I was going to cum, and due to the intensity of the blowjob, and the fact I hadn't been laid in a while, I was going to cum hard. For a moment I thought about not warning her and just cumming hard down her throat, after all, she was probably going to leave and never see me again anyway, why not finish off the blowjob of a lifetime with a good old throat shot. I decided to let her know of course, I didn't want to end things on a bad term, and honestly I'm not sure I actually could have gone through with it anyway.

    The decision was meaningless in the end because Lake, the pro that she is, already knew I was about to cum and pulled her mouth off with a sharp pop just before I crossed the point of no return.

    'How did you know?' I questioned, imagining some sort of cock sucking sixth sense.

    Lake simply rolled her eyes and laughed, before muttering the obvious answer, 'Practice.'

    I had no response, it was a pretty stupid question to ask in the first place, and I felt a follow up would only serve to make me seem stupider so I simply laid back with a broad smile on my face, letting Lake catch her breath before what seemed to be her final act, her dismount, her punchline.

    Suddenly I felt a wet sensation on my balls, I looked up to find that Lake had taken them entirely in her mouth. She was pretty intent on giving my cock the rest it needed before finishing her blowjob, and it seemed that her routine had a rest built into it. Not that a good ball sucking is a rest by any means, it was just less strain in my ready to explode cock.

    She took one ball in her mouth and then two, she lightly sucked on them, it was a nice pleasurable experience, one that showed just how game Lake really is when it comes to pleasing a man. That was when the twist was thrown in, just like a good joke or a good gymnastics routine, something is thrown in just when you least expect it to shock you. Lake placed both hands around my cock and started jacking two handed.

    Not only was she sucking my balls and two handed jacking me, but my cock was lightly pressing against her forehead and draped in her amazing, flowing brown hair. It was an experience like no other, just when my cock had felt like it was going to recover, it gets thrown a curve ball, being subjected to a wave of new feelings and experiences.

    The skin on her forehead lightly being rubbed by the skin of my cock as a brand new never before felt pleasurable experience, doubled with the strange sensation of her hair subtly bouncing on the tip of my dick, made it into a weird sensation almost as intense as the hard sucking. In fact I could feel the pleasure mounting even faster from this than from the actual sucking, I wasn't sure whether it was because it was new or just because I was already close to cumming earlier, either way it was working, and it had worked every time Lake had tried it, the new spin on an old joke.

    Pretty soon I felt I was going to cum harder than I ever came before, right in her gorgeous hair, I had even placed my hands on the top of her head, as a way to warn her of what was to come. She had anticipated all of this and set into motion the punchline of her joke, in an instant she lifted her hands off my dick, her head off my balls, causing my hands to grip her skull, pulled herself up and slammed hard down onto my cock. It was the first time I had ever experienced someone deep-throating my cock and was a truly god like experience, one that was destined to last only a moment as I instantly came hard down the back of her throat.

    'Holy fuck,' I exclaimed as Lake drained the cum from my cock, the iconic slurping sound echoing throughout the bedroom.

    Lake merely moaned, focusing on swallowing my cum and rubbing her finger along my softening dick in search of any spillage.

    'You weren't lying,' I said to the woman with my softening cock in my mouth. 'That truly was the best blowjob I have ever had in my life.'

    'You aren't just saying that?' Lake finally responded, after taking my cock out of her mouth.

    'Of course not,' I said, staring into her astounding cleavage and then up into her eyes.

    'You better not be, how can I improve if I don't get constructive criticism?' She questioned, running a finger along my flaccid cock before placing it on my chest and lying next to me.

    'That was The Godfather of blowjobs,' I said, placing her head against my chest, letting her soft brown hair drape over my body.

    Lake screwed up her face and looked at me, clearly unimpressed.

    'What?' I asked, wondering what I could possible have said wrong.

    'I prefer Casablanca,' she said before playfully climbing on top of me and holding my wrists against the bedframe.

    'It's just an expression,' I mock exclaimed, pretending to resist her hands as I stared into her lime green dress, which was slowly but surely loosening enough to let her bra encased tits pop out for my viewing pleasure.

    'I'm starting to think we're not compatible!' She laughed as I continued to buy into her game.

    The more I struggled, the better view of her lovely cleavage I got, until eventually her tits popped right out, giving me an up close and personal view of her lovely black and white polka-dot bra.

    Lake looked down at her breasts and then up at my face. 'You scoundrel!' She cried, letting go of my arms and pulling her dress back up to cover her tits.

    'All's fair in love and war,' I said as I pushed her onto her back, taking her wrists and pressing them against the bed as I mimic her previous movements.

    'You've got me right where you want me,' Lake said, pretending to look serious, but only really looking cute.

    'That's right,' I said, lowering my face to kiss her on the lips.

    'Wait,' she said, stopping me inches before.

    'What's wrong?' I asked, loosening my grip.

    'Nothing you idiot,' she said, pushing me up and forcing the two of us to fall on the ground next to the bed, her on top of me with her breasts pressed against my chest.

    'You think you're real funny don't you?' I said, smiling as I kissed her on the lips, my dick already starting to harden.

    'I think so, I'm also dirty,' she said as we separated.

    'Yeah, you're a real dirty girl aren't you?' I said.

    'No, I mean I'm feeling pretty gross, can I have a shower before we continue this?' She asked, climbing off me and onto her feet.

    'Oh yeah, of course,' I said, grabbing her hand as she pulled me up off the ground. 'Right this way.'

    The walk to the bathroom was fairly uneventful, the first thing she did when I opened the door was asked where the mouthwash was, I gladly showed her, watching her as she took her second mouthful of the morning. This time though, she spat it out. I managed to take a swig of it myself before being booted out, instantly deflating me, it looked like my chances of seeing Lake naked were gone, it was alright, at least I got the greatest blowjob of my life out of the whole endeavor, something I was sure the boys would never believe.

    After a few minutes of aimlessly wondering around my apartment, waiting for Lake to finish in the shower I heard her calling for me. 'David!' She exclaimed.

    'What's up?' I called back, while slowly walking towards my bathroom.

    'David come quick!' She called.

    I ran to the door, and opened it slightly a gush of steam hitting my face. 'What's wrong?'

    'You need to come in here!' Lake exclaimed.

    I opened the door not to the sight of Lake hurt, but to the sight of her standing in my shower with the screen open, completely naked. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped as I took in everything, her soft but sultry look, the hot water drizzling down her spectacular breasts, rushing against her perfect brown nipples before dripping down her flat stomach until finally easing past her neatly trimmed pink pussy and landing right next to her feet.

    'W-w-whadidyouneed?' I mumbled in shock.

    'I need you to get in here and get me off,' Lake said, smiling and gesturing with her finger for me to join her in the shower.

    'Yes mam!' I exclaimed as I ripped my clothes off and jumped inside.

    Once I got into the shower I immediately started looking at her body, feeling too scared to even touch something. I was littered with options of what to touch first, her amazing full C-Cup tits, her nice wide ass or her puffy pink pussy. This must have been how Charlie felt when he first entered the chocolate room in Willy Wonka's Factory. So many choices.

    'Well don't just stare,' Lake said. 'I'm really dirty.'

    Instead of going for the obvious I decided to pull her into a tight embrace, pressing my lips against hers as my arms wrapped around her body, bringing her tits right up to my chest.

    'Mmm,' Lake moaned as water rushed over our interlocked faces.

    'You're fucking beautiful,' I said as we passionately made out.

    'You're so goddamned hot,' Lake managed to let out as our mouths attacked each other.

    Our tongues began to haphazardly grind up against each other, each of them vying for the top spot. Our hands had different ideas in mind, the four of them all heading downwards fast. My cock was hardening, clearly having recovered from the blowjob before, ready for Lake's incoming hands. Lake's pussy, already wet from the water, felt to be achieving a certain kind of moistness only attained by the presence of an incoming finger or two.

    'Ready for more?' Lake questioned as her hands wrapped around my now fully erect cock.

    'How about we give you a turn?' I asked, letting my finger run along the entrance of her pussy.

    'You are a gentleman aren't you?' Lake stated, lightly squeezing my dick in anticipation as my finger rested at the edge of her vagina.

    'Ahh,' I moaned, the squeezing sensation catching me by surprise.

    'Before we continue,' Lake said, pulling away slightly and letting go of my cock. 'Although I am tempted to let you finger my pussy until I cum...' My finger dropped from it's position as Lake stepped back further.

    'Because you've been such a good boy today,' Lake was now leaning against the shower wall, her tits were getting splashed by water but her face was not. 'I thought I'd give you a reward.'

    A reward? I thought to myself, as if fingering Lake Bell wasn't reward enough. The possibilities rushed through my mind as I stared at her, slack jawed waiting for her to reveal what exactly my prize was. Was she going to let me actually fuck her? Get me to lift her legs up and fuck her standing? Or perhaps turn her around and fuck her hard against the bathroom wall?

    'Go on then,' Lake said, grabbing her full tits in her hands and squeezing them. 'They're all yours.'

    I couldn't believe my ears, Lake was actually telling me that I could actually do whatever I wanted with her tits, her glorious, full tits. It took me not even a single second of consideration before my hands were firmly gripping her puppies, squeezing them with the sloppiness and vigor of a virgin who'd never felt a pair of breasts before. It was lazy and ill thought out, there was no way that Lake was actually getting any real pleasure, but looking up at her face I saw that she seemed to just be getting a kick out of how much I was enjoying myself, urging me to go on.

    'This is usually the reaction I get when boys get free reign on my tits,' Lake said, smiling more to herself than me.

    'I can't help it, I'm sorry, I'm usually more... skilled at this, but these are just, they are like nothing I've ever felt before,' I said, gripping them and rubbing her perfectly sized nipples with my thumbs.

    'It's fine, seriously, you'll get used to it, it's a little overwhelming I know,' Lake said, putting a hand on the back of my head. 'Really get into it,' she said as she pushed my face into her tits.

    It was completely unreal, my face between Lake Bell's tits. It was all I could do to open my mouth, poke out my tongue and motorboat the shit out of them. The sensation stirred laughter in Lake, and maybe even a little bit of pleasure if her soft moans were anything to go by.

    'Get in there,' she said as I took her left nipple in mouth and suckled it, massaging her left tit as I did so.

    As I was getting into the midst of her tits, swapping between them and getting a good taste for them. Lake's hand crept back down to my cock and started jacking it.

    'Ah shit,' I said, my voice muffled by her tits.

    'We gotta get me real dirty before I can get clean,' Lake said.

    'What about you?' I moaned, dropping my left hand from her right tit and instantly shoving my index finger deep into her cunt.

    'Aahhh fuck!' Lake moaned, momentarily letting go of my cock.

    'This was supposed to be about you remember?' I stated as I jammed my finger hard in and out of her pussy.

    'Ah yes! You know your priorities!' Lake exclaimed as I shoved a second finger in her pussy, increasing the speed as I did so.

    'Are you sure? I can stop if you want to keep rewarding me,' I teased, slowing down slightly.

    'Fuck your reward!' Lake exclaimed.

    'I can have my cake and eat it too,' I said.

    'What do you mean?' Lake questioned.

    I answered her question by pulling my fingers out of her box and dropping to my knees. 'Like this,' I said, shoving my tongue deep into her pussy, and lifting my hands to grip her tits.

    'You really are a genius,' Lake moaned, gripping the top of my head.

    'Mmm,' I answered, face too full of cunt to answer her properly.

    'Oh fuck yes, right there!' Lake gasped as I tongued and prodded, showing none of the skill at oral that Lake had shown earlier. Being honest I was never really good at it, but Lake seemed to be getting something out of my novice maneuvers, so it's possible that she wasn't all that used to getting her pussy eaten at all.

    'Yes!' Lake screamed as she reached closer and closer to cumming. My hands were now squeezing her hard hard nipples.

    'Ahhhh!' Lake let out in a quiet but strained voice as she gripped my head tighter than a clamp.

    'Now I really felt like I earned my reward,' I said, standing up and kissing Lake as she practically gasped for air.

    'You're damned fucking right,' Lake managed, her tits heaving as she breathed.

    'How about a titfuck?' I propositioned, something I had always been interested in trying but had never been with a woman with the right equipment.

    Lake did a double take. 'A what?'

    'You know, a titfuck,' I said, hoping for god's sake that I hadn't crossed some sort of line.

    Lake looked for a second like she might hit me, but burst into laughter instead. 'You want to fuck my tits? Is that even something people actually do? I thought that was just in porn?'

    'Well honestly I don't know if people actually do it,' my general inexperience in sex was starting to show, and I feared it would turn Lake off of me.

    'Well how about we do something I know people actually do,' Lake said, laughter still in her voice as she got down on her knees.

    'Works for me,' I said, my cock still rock hard despite my ego being somewhat deflated as Lake took it in both hands and started to jack it off.

    'You wanna cum on my face?' Lake questioned as she jacked my cock, pointing it directly at her lips as she talked.

    'So bad,' I said, the pressure in my cock mounting, as I placed my hand on the top of her head, lightly gripping her hair.

    'Then do it, cum all over my fucking face,' Lake said, puckering her lips as she did so.

    'Gimme that,' I said, relinquishing her of her jacking duties and taking my cock into my free hand. 'I'm gonna cum all over your perfect face.'

    'Give it to me, give it to me,' Lake repeated as she looked at me, a devilish grin appearing on her face.

    'Ahh fuck!' I moaned as cum shot out of my cock and splattered all over her mouth.

    'Mmm,' Lake moaned, licking her cum covered lips.

    'Ahh!' I sighed as I shot a second load right on her cheek, which was quickly washed away by the shower water.

    'Dammit!' Lake said, upset that her second helping had disappeared before she could enjoy it.

    'You really know how to reward good behavior Ms. Bell,' I said, my cock shrinking slightly as I grabbed Lake's hand in an effort to help her to her feet.

    'You know how to exploit the system,' Lake said as she stood, water rushing on her face. 'There you go earning points again.'

    'I can't help it,' I said. 'I'm a monster!'

    'Alright monster, how about you be a good boy and fetch the soap so we can have some breakfast,' Lake said smiling.

    I complied.


    'You actually scramble a mean egg,' Lake said, a good half hour later.

    'Thank you,' I said while chewing.

    'It's a shame I have this stupid photo shoot today,' Lake said, looking up at me with sad eyes.

    'What time is it?' I asked.

    'I have to be there by eleven, so I'm going to want to leave by ten,' she said, looking back down at her now empty plate.

    'Well it's only nine, you don't have to leave for another hour,' I said.

    'Oh yeah you're right,' Lake said. 'What did you have in mind?'

    'Oh I dunno... I thought maybe we could just sit on the couch and... Talk...' I said, staring into her eyes.

    'Talk huh?' She questioned.

    'Or you know... Whatever...' I said, standing up from the table and holding my arm out.

    'Okay let's "talk" then,' she said following suit and taking my hand, walking with me as I lead her to the couch.

    'Here we go,' I said as we sat down. '…'

    'What's wrong?' Lake said, the cutest confused look crossing her face.

    'I just don't know what to say, usually I do all the getting to know you stuff before sleeping with a woman, and last night we were so drunk...'

    'You barely remember anything I said at all?' Lake finished.

    'Sorry,' I said.

    'It's fine,' she laughed. 'I don't remember anything either.'

    'It's like, do I ask you all the before sex stuff, like where you were born? Or all the post sex stuff like are you looking for a relationship?' I posed, the last bit I said before even thinking, the look on Lake's face made me just wish I'd asked her where she was born.

    Lake just laughed. 'Well we technically haven't had sex, but I have tasted your cum twice so I don't think either question is really appropriate... why don't you just ask me the first question that comes to mind.'

    'How on earth did you know that wearing my tank top would be such a turn on?' Lake burst into laughter when I asked this, she was wearing my grey tank top over her bra and panties, it was long enough that it covered her up nicely, but skinny enough that I could clearly make out the outline of her bra.

    'Because all guys are the same David, they all like to see a woman wearing their clothes, it makes them feel like they own them,' Lake said, the laughter subsiding as she slid closer to me, resting her head on my chest.

    'Whoa,' I said, she had blown two things that day, my cock and now my mind. 'I have never thought of it that way.'

    'How about we get this conversation going?' Lake suggested, rolling over slightly and getting on all fours, bring her self closer to me.

    'Good idea,' I said, lifting my hand up and grabbing her tit.

    'Once you get the green light you can't stop driving can you?' Lake laughed before leaning in and kissing my cheek.

    'What can I say, I like your tits,' I said, unable to think of anything witty to say in response.

    'At least you're honest,' she said, kissing me deep on the lips.

    'Mmm,' I moaned inside her mouth.

    'Honesty is the best policy,' she said, as our tongues separated.

    'In the spirit of honesty, I'd like say that I really need to take this off,' I said, grabbing my grey tank top and pulling it off over Lake's head, issuing the return of her black and white polka-dot bra.

    'There are a lot of things we need to get rid of,' Lake said, basically ripping my shirt off my body as she properly straddled me, aligning her panty covered pussy with my brief covered cock.

    I reached up and grabbed her face, bringing it to my own as I kissed her. Suddenly though, the two of us somehow lost out balance and we found our selves falling to the ground. We landed with a soft thud, on my rug, me on top of her.

    'Holy shit, are you alright?' I asked, moving backwards off of her slightly.

    'Fuck me!' She exclaimed.

    'I know I'm sorry,' I said, moving back even more.

    'No! Fuck me!' She moaned.

    'Shit!' I exclaimed, quickly ripping her black and white panties off and throwing them to the side, shoving my cock hard into her pussy before they even hit the ground.

    'Ah fuck yeah!' Lake moaned as her pussy found itself wrapped around the base of my cock.

    'You want more?' I asked rhetorically as I pulled my cock out of her box.

    'Yes! Please yes give me more!' Lake moaned, clenching the rug as I lifted her legs up, aligning my cock just right.

    'How's this?' I questioned as I fucked her hard.

    'So good!' Lake moaned, biting her lip and letting her eyes roll back slightly.

    I quickly got a rhythm going, gripping her legs meant that I could fuck her hard and fast with zero resistance. The way her pussy felt as my cock made contact with it is almost indescribable, the sort of sensation that was fit only for gods to experience. There was something about her cunt, soft and puffy, yet tight and wet, she truly had a perfect pussy, at least from my limited knowledge.

    'Harder! Harder! Harder!' Lake yelled as I picked up the pace, fucking her harder and deeper with every pump.

    All the securities I had about being with someone as famous and attractive as Lake had all disappeared. Gone was the boy who was clawing at her perfect tits, the boy who immaturely asked for a titfuck. He had been replaced by a man, a man who knew just how to rail into someone as experienced as Lake Bell and still make her feel new sensations.

    As much as I was enjoying fucking Lake in missionary, I had already cum twice that day and I could feel the pressure mounting already, so I decided I need to switch it up a bit.

    'Get on top,' I commanded as I pulled out of Lake.

    'I like a man secure enough to get on the bottom,' Lake said through heavy breathing as I rolled down onto the ground.

    'There's something about a woman, riding on my cock that makes me feel like a man you know?' I said as she rolled over onto all fours, readying her cunt just above my cock.

    'Trust me, I know,' she said as she filled her pussy with my cock, sitting up on it and smiling, using her knees to keep her balance.

    'Urgh!' I grunted, a feeling of ecstasy rushing over my system, this may not have been the best idea to preserve my hard on.

    'Yeah I know you like that,' Lake said, as she lightly bounced on my cock. 'But I want this to be a perfect experience for you so I'm going to need to get rid of this.'

    Lake undid her bra and threw it to the side near her panties, freeing up her amazing breasts to slightly jiggle as she bobbed.

    'Holy fucking shit!' I yelled as she moved my arms from my sides and up to her tits, groping them as she rode my cock faster.

    'Oh fuck your cock feels so good!' Lake moaned as she bounced harder up and down on my cock.

    She was pulling the sexiest faces, the feeling of my cock filling her cunt over and over clearly bringing her to a place of vulnerability. She was riding with such intensity and speed that before long I removed my hands from her tits and placed them on her bouncing neglected ass, deciding that watching the way her tits jiggled and bounced all over the place was even hotter than feeling them.

    I could feel the pressure mounting in my cock yet again, but I knew that changing positions again would only end in me accidentally shooting all over my rug, so I instead decided to make the best of the position I had. I gripped her legs and pulled them up, for a moment putting her in a moment of unbalance where the only thing keeping my cock in her was gravity. After some tricky maneuvering involving myself sitting up and Lake instinctively putting her hands on my shoulders, we were able to find ourselves in a sitting position without Lake missing a beat, instantly going back to riding my cock like a bull the moment we were settled.

    The pressure in my cock was getting more and more unbearable with every bounce Lake made, so in an effort to end this on the best terms possible I pulled my hands from her legs and wrapped them around her body, kissing her full on the lips as I came hard into her cunt, the final and strongest load of the day.

    'Holy shit,' I exclaimed as I fell backwards onto the ground, staring at Lake's flustered face.

    'You're telling me,' she gasped as she fell forward, her tits pressing against my chest.

    'That was...' I stopped myself, not wanting to tell her the truth that it was the best sex of my life for fear that she didn't feel the same way.

    'The best sex of my life!' Lake exclaimed as she rolled off my body, letting my cock have some breathing room.

    'I couldn't agree more,' I said, smiling ear to ear as I gazed at Lake's impressive tits, fantasizing about placing my cock between them.

    'Jesus, you're a fucking animal,' she said, referring to my now hardening cock.

    'I can't help it, your body is just too much for my poor little dick to handle,' I said, mock desperation as I took said dick in hand and started jerking it.

    'Don't give me little, your cock is so gorgeous that my pussy is already wet again,' Lake said, getting to her knees and taking my cock from my hand, lightly stroking it herself.

    'Well, it looks like we're just going to have to listen to them, they probably know better than us anyway,' I said, taking her left tit in my right hand.

    'Unfortunately not,' Lake said, still stroking my cock. 'You've made me all dirty again, I'm going to have to have another shower, alone this time so I can clean up in time.'

    'Maybe just a handy?' I smiled, giving her my best puppy dog eyes.

    She laughed. 'Maybe,' she said. 'We'll see if I have time when I get out of the shower.

    'I'll be waiting,' I said as she released my cock.

    'I'll rush,' she said, smiling at me before standing up and heading to the shower.

    That handjob never happened though, because I had fallen asleep almost the second she left me alone on that rug. I did dream about her though, I dreamed of kissing her, dreamed of her blowing me, dreamed of fucking her in every hole, I dreamed of titfucking her and cumming on her face. Interwoven into the smut I dreamed about her laugh, about her smile, I dreamed of her eating my shitty scrambled eggs and the look on her face as she slept. If I didn't know any better, I would say I enjoyed the non-sexual dreams more than the sexual ones... if I didn't know any better.

    I awoke with a start.

    'Shit!' I said to myself, realising I'd fallen asleep, therefore missing a real life handjob from Lake in favour of a dream one.

    I rolled my eyes and stood up from the ground, heading towards the kitchen in the vein hope I'd left something to eat in the fridge.

    The dream is over, I thought to myself. I didn't know where she lived and we didn't exchange numbers. It was fun while it lasted but it had to end some time right? There was no way she would be happy with someone like me. All these thoughts were running through my head as I made it to the fridge, the most prominent thought being that I was an idiot for not even taking one picture of Lake while she was at my place. All of them disappeared though when I looked up to open the door, there was a piece of paper stuck to my fridge with a few numbers written on it, and it was signed Lake Bell.

    To Be Continued.

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    Excellent job. I loved it and I hope this means that we could get more stories about Me in my place women.

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    Thanks a lot. I hadn't really considered doing stories on the other women from that series, but looking over the various photo shoots I can see some really good options, Hannah Simone, Nina Dobrev, Krysten Ritter etc.

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    don't forget this little honey...not that I'm biased or anything Lol ...would love to see a hot Sara story in your capable hands MacedMan.

    - Sara Underwood, Me In My Place 2012

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    I can certainly see something like that going down in the future TPG, maybe even a little Margot Robbie or Katrina Bowden?

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    I hope all of the above to visit 'Your Place' MacedMan.. Amazing story!

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    I love to see Alison Haislip. She is an underrated hottie.

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