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Thread: "Ass Like That" featuring Bella Thorne

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    fanfiction "Ass Like That" featuring Bella Thorne

    Ass Like That
    With Bella Thorne
    Written by hearsz
    (Codes: MF, oral, cunnilingus, finger, spank, rimming, anal tease, doggie-style)

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

    I had been working with her for at least six months now. Being a personal trainer certainly had it's perks, especially as I got to work with some fine looking females from time to time. I managed to remain professional throughout, even though the offers for sex from some of the clients was extremely tempting.

    I needed this job. Pay was good and the staff were friendly. I hadn't had the time for a a full on relationship but I wasn't short of women I could ring for a booty call. I'd tried that already with a client at a previous gym I had worked at and it only made things more awkward to the point I had to quit.

    Now as I had aforementioned, I had been propositioned for sex by many clients before. But ever since the day Bella Thorne walked into the gym just over six months ago, I don't think I would have been able to resist if she had asked me. She already seemed quite fit the day she had arrived, but her strict routine with her previous gym instructors meant she wanted to keep that high standard of fitness up.

    I was the fortunate soul that got to work with her over this time, and the several hours and sessions I'd spent ogling her incredible teenage body was probably the finest time of my career to date. It was hard to believe that this girl wasn't even eighteen yet, as her cracking figure defied her age. And she knew how to work up one hell of a sweat too, spending plenty of time on the treadmill, lifting weights and tightening those delicious thighs of hers when she worked on her hips and groin muscles.

    I'd fantasized about her several times, wishing she wasn't my client. I secretly hoped that maybe she would one day be keen on me. But she too was professional the entire time, even though she was a bit of a flirt on a few occasions. Whether it be the tight outfits she would wear that would get the whole gym's attention, or the way she would casually touch my arm or chest during a private session. This girl demanded attention. And her laugh was incredibly addictive. I felt like I was the only guy who could make her laugh without trying very hard.

    But all of this meant very little, given her age, and the fact that she already had a boyfriend. I was a good ten years older than her, and even though she possessed the body of a woman in her early twenties, she was still a young female in her teens, interested in guys closer to her age.

    What happened on this particular occasion I was completely unprepared for. Bella had booked a private evening session just after the gym was to close for the night. It was a late phone call booking coming an hour before I was supposed to finish up my shift for the day. Normally I would offload the late session to someone else. But because it was Bella, I would always make an exception just to see her working her lean body and to see what hot outfit she would be wearing. It was the only booking for the night, so the gym would be completely empty aside from the two of us. The boss left me the keys as he departed, advising me to make sure to lock up all the doors, set the alarm and switch off all the lights when I finished.

    There were only a few people in the gym during the last hour, with the last couple heading out a few minutes before closing time. Just as I went to swing the "Closed" sign around, there she was. Her long flowing red hair hung down well past her shoulders, those soft pink lips glistening under one of the ceiling lights. As always, her midriff was clearly exposed for my viewing pleasure, the girl possessing a stomach that you could melt butter on.

    Bella wore tight blue spandex shorts that showcased her long, slender legs and there was a slight hint of camel toe in between those impeccable thighs. She was carrying a large gym bag, clearly ready to work out. Again I had to keep my priorities in check, she had booked for an hour session and that was all that mattered tonight.

    "Hey Bella", I said casually, trying not to show how eager I was to work with her.

    "Hey", she replied, kind of half-heartedly.

    "Is everything OK?", I asked, knowing that her nonchalant tone meant that something was bothering her.

    "I'm fine, just keen to work out. Gym is way different when it's empty huh?" she said looking around.

    "Yeah it's just the two of us, no other sessions were booked tonight. We can be as loud as possible!" I joked. In the back of my perverted mind I thought of how loud she could moan if I had my way with her. Though I needed to snap those kind of thoughts immediately though before we got started.

    "OK, so I'll just get some paperwork, and I'll see in the usual room."

    "No worries", she replied, flashing me her pearly whites and gorgeous pink-lipped smile.

    That was more like it. She may not have had the prettiest face for celebrities around her age, but she sure had an award winning smile on her. I let her walk in front of me so she could head to the weights room, and as she walked past, my eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets when I looked down to see her incredible ass in those tight, tight shorts. She had been working so hard on her figure of late, that she now had the most delicious looking behind I'd ever laid eyes on. Recent outfits that she had worn had clearly not done her ass justice. Though on closer inspection of the tight spandex that she was wearing tonight, she might as well been completely devoid of them altogether!

    I had to take a bit of credit for that, as I had instilled some workout routines into her sessions that had no doubt helped her get two perfectly shaped cheeks that were now there behind the confines of her blue spandex pants. The sight of her round shapely butt made my cock awake abruptly from it's slumber. I knew at that point that once the session was over, I'd be rushing home to jerk off to the thoughts I'd be having about that juicy looking ass.

    When I came back to the room, she was on the seated hip abductor, working her thighs and glute's by squeezing them using the machine. My cock was already throbbing at the sight of her legs opening and closing, sweat dripping down her top, the outline of her pert breasts and hard nipples now evident. Even though she'd made it abundantly clear that she was here to work out, I wasn't entirely sure how I could possibly help her as Bella looked like she knew what she was doing.

    "So when you're ready we can begin", I said, trying to get our session officially started.

    She stood up from the machine, making her way towards one of the corners of the room, a rack of dumbbells was placed near the wall, and a top to bottom mirror showing our reflections. I grabbed two of the five kilogram bells, getting her to start off by working her arms. As she worked out, I didn't need to give her much guidance, as she had done this routine several times before. It was one thing to stare at a banging hot woman whilst she worked out, but to see a second version of Bella in the mirror, made it hard for me to find anywhere
    to look, BUT at her incredible figure one way or another.

    When she bent down to outstretch one leg behind her, she thrusted her chest forward and more importantly, that delicious ass outwards to my grateful eyes. I wasn't sure if she did it intentionally for my benefit, but I didn't care. She however seemed pretty focused on what she was doing, looking at herself in the mirror and her breathing in sync for when she lifted each weight.

    After five minutes of this, I had Bella lie on her back upon the padded matt, holding her feet and ankles down so she could do some sit-ups. In my kneeling state in front of her, I did enough to conceal my hard weapon, which twitched when she continually pulled her tight toned body upwards and back down again. It was incredibly sexy watching her lips purse as she sucked in some breath and exhaled, plus watching her stomach hollow and expand as she kept a steady pace with her sit ups. Bella collected her long red hair and pulled it up into a pony tail as she continued to stretch, somehow tying it up as she did this. I pressed a firm hand upon her taut stomach, keeping her body from lifting up off of the mat.

    She didn't seem to mind as she was used to me doing this before, but knowing my hand was pressed against her tight flat body turned me on immensely this time. And I could have sworn she noticed my penis starting to elongate in my shorts, as her eyes momentarily glanced at the bulge in between my legs. After this I helped pull her up, handing her a 10kg dumb bell this time, the two circular weights in the middle so she could grasp the handles on each side, enabling her to stretch her tight body out for the next part of the workout.

    I instructed Bella to get on her knees, and move her body back and forth, holding onto both sides of the dumb bell which allowed it to roll back and forth across the floor. With my steady hand on her back, I kneeled beside her which gave me a terrific view of her tasty behind. Her tight pants had began to ride up her inviting crack, making the material just about see-through. I nearly had a heart attack as I deduced that Bella was wearing a sexy little thong underneath, the shape of her sweet, sweet teenage cunt lips clearly evident from this angle.

    As I lightly caressed her back, she must have known I was nervous. I couldn't stay focused, that ass of hers moving back and forth was driving me crazy. So inviting, so tempting to touch. And to make the temptation worse, Bella through her heavy breaths told me that she liked my hands on her, that I had nice fingers and that I shouldn't be afraid to touch her. This was somewhat strange as she had never said this during any of our previous sessions. Maybe she had enough trust in me considering we had been working together on her figure for so long.

    I soon had her up on her feet again, directing her back so she was facing the mirror from a few feet away. This time I got her to lean down and touch her toes, telling her to keep her legs straight. Again my hand was on her back, but as she had given me the green light to touch her how I liked, I decided to explore some more, pressing the palm of my hand to the front of her knee to keep her legs straight. Her thighs looked incredibly tight, that they baited me into feeling up more of her. I slid my fingers around and upward as she continued to bend down and straighten up, never breaking her routine. Soon my hand was upon the back of her firm thigh, squeezing it lightly whenever her knees began to even slightly bend. And in the middle of all of this, her curvy, succulent teenage ass was there before me, pretty much inviting me to fill my greedy hands each time she reached down to touch her feet.

    "Close your eyes Bella, focus on keeping your legs straight until you feel a sharpness of pain when you stretch".

    I didn't know if I was pushing my luck when I decided to stand directly behind her, suppressing a moan as I ogled her incredible legs. With her eyes now closed and being able to check that they were so in the mirror, it allowed me to feast my eyes on her succulent derriere again. My widening eyes traveled up from her ankles to her stairway to heaven, until my focus was completely committed to her delicious rump. I was in a daydream as I imagined myself caressing the firm round cheeks of her behind. Imagining what they looked like without the spandex. What Bella's soft white teenage flesh would feel like when I kneaded them with my fingers. Unbeknownst to me, my erection had grown very large, to the point it was stretching my pants outward a few inches. I was in such a hypnotised state that when she leaned back up, I was snapped back into the real world when her firm backside grazed against the tent shape in my shorts.

    "Oops I'm sorry, I…", Bella was about to apologise for backing into me, until she was stopped in her tracks when she looked down to see the raging erection terribly hidden in my gym shorts.

    My face couldn't have looked anymore guilty, my cheeks blushing a beetroot red. I expected her to be mad with me, and prepared for her to be disgusted by an older man having improper thoughts about one of his clients. Especially one of the gyms youngest ones. I also expected her to leave but she looked at me the same way other women had when they were turned on.

    I wasn't sure what to think or how to read her. But she broke the tension in the air by telling me that she was going to get some water and have a short break. This gave me time to breathe normally and straighten myself up. Her absence didn't last long as she returned, standing behind me as she caught me off guard.

    "You know what I like about you? We've been working together all this time and unlike most guys, you've never tried to hit on me once", she said, before leaning in close and lightly brushing her soft lips against the corner of mine before planting a full one against the side of my face.

    "Thank you", she said softy, her eyes melting as she looked into mine.

    She was now sending me what I believed were mixed signals, stretching her body from side to side. It was like she was making sure I was studying her every movement.

    "Well you're a young pretty woman. Guys are going to notice you. I just want to remain as professional as possible as I respect the fact that you are willing to improve your health and body. A lot of celebs your age wouldn't go to that kind of trouble. I respect that".

    "And what do you think of my body? Do you like it?" She asked, flicking her eyelashes. This was making me uncomfortable as I knew that this was more than your average flirting that was going on. I scanned her flat white stomach, those slim hips, long slender legs. She was incredibly fit, and she knew it. Wanting me to completely assess her figure, she turned around, allowing me to zero in on her "out of this world" behind.

    "So, what do you think?" She asked again, biting her bottom lip as she awaited my response.

    "Yeah you've certainly improved and maintained an incredible physique", I replied, trying not to give away how immensely turned on her hot young body was making me really feel.

    "Do you have a favorite part?" She asked, almost in a seductive manner.

    "Ummm.." I uttered, not sure what to say.

    "Well do you like my stomach, or my hips? Or maybe you noticed my strong slender legs. Or my tight little ass?"

    I was shocked to hear her talk about her own figure like this. I was starting to sweat despite being in an air conditioned room.

    "You've worked really hard on all parts Bella, clearly. But maybe we should get back to the work out huh?"

    "Well there is one workout I'd like to try?" she suggested. I was relieved that the talk about her figure had now passed. Or so I thought.

    She took me by surprise when she used her upper body strength to push me against the wall and began kissing me passionately.

    "I can't take it anymore, I want you! I've had a crush on you ever since I started here", she said in urgent need, using her hands to feel up my chest and stomach. All of a sudden the hard working girl I'd been training all this time had become a love struck teenager. I had to stop her, but Bella aggressively tried to get me to respond to her passionate kisses by slipping her tongue in my mouth, swirling it around as though she was savoring a glass of quality red wine.

    I dropped my guard for a second, the horny side of my conscious allowing me to kiss her back and grind my throbbing boner against her tight body. I instinctively groped her exquisite ass cheek with one hand, and caressing the side of her face with the other. She intentionally began pressing her sexy body against mine, and in the middle of all this, that's when I thought about the situation more closely. I had to ask her,

    "Wait, wait. What about your boyfriend Bella?"

    I didn't want to be "that" guy who fools around with somebody else's chick. I'd never met the guy but I can imagine he would be able to hold his own in a fight if he was bedding a hot stunner like Bella.

    "We just broke up", she replied whilst continuing to smother me with wet kisses.

    So she was single, and quite clearly horny. Holding both my hands in hers, she continued.

    "I'm so glad to be out of that relationship. Had I known you were this keen on me too (looking down at my raging erection before stroking it lightly through my pants), then I would have ended things with him sooner".

    This was an admission I didn't see coming.

    "He got so insecure about me with the way I dress and the way I flirt with other guys, not to mention how much time I've spent with you here at the gym".

    Well that probably explains why she was so far away when she arrived. But now it seemed she was luring me into being the cure to her newly found single status, by hooking up with me. But she wanted more than just intense making out. She kissed my deeply before hotly saying,

    "I want you to take me right here in the gym. I want to feel every inch of you inside of me", she begged, rubbing at her crotch whilst blowing
    my mind at her less than subtle request.

    "Are you sure you wanna do this Bella?" I asked, not really believing those words she had just uttered to me.

    Taking a step back, Bella grabbed the sides of her sports top, and lifted it upwards and over her head, freeing her supple breasts.

    "Woah…" is all I could say as my eyes were now fixated on her soft teenage mounds.

    Her naked A-sized breasts were quite breathtaking to see out in the open like this. Her areolas were the size of a poker chip and she had eraser like nipples that were just begging to be pinched and sucked on. We looked at each other for a few seconds before letting our inner most desires take over. There was no going back now. Everything that I had fantasized about doing to that hot piece of ass, I was going to attempt to play out for real over the next hour or so.

    Bella closed the distance between us, our erotic kissing starting up again. I caressed her smooth bare back, feeling those lovely tits of hers pressing against the lower part of my chest. I found the time to slip my singlet top off and sit down on one of the workout benches as well. The fiery redhead saw this as an opportunity to show just how much she lusted for me, dropping to her knees and perusing the tent shape in my shorts. Bella unbounded her long silky hair, looking incredibly sexy now that she was positioned on the floor on her knees and in between my legs.

    Not wanting to waste anymore time, Bella reached for my shorts, pulling at them, finding the edges of the material and dragging them down. Leaning in close to my hips as she was discarding my pants, my long stiff cock flopped out, almost smacking Bella in the face, much to her surprise.

    "Wow…" she purred, her eyes like saucers as she marveled at the length of my twitching member. The delicate fingers of her left hand wrapped around my tool, as her right hand lightly tickled my balls.

    "Uhhhh", I groaned as she jerked my long cock slowly, whilst threading the tips of her soft digits through the hairs on my crown jewels.

    Catching me off guard again, Bella pounced like a tigress, gorging herself on my excited member. I drew a deep breath as she took me into her warm moist mouth, those full pink lips and her wicked tongue giving the tip of my sensitive dick one hell of a saliva bath. I had gone through this many times with other women, but knowing that Bella was the youngest female I'd ever had the pleasure of being satisfied by orally, made it that extra bit special. I could feel every movement of her inner mouth upon the tip of my cock, the way her soft lips clamped around my rock hard staff, and her tongue as it flicked against my open slit.

    I could feel the excitement rising and I knew I would not be able to hold off a potential climax for long at this rate. Bella withdrew, waggling my shaft so the head could smack against her plump lips and extended tongue. Then she proceeded to lick her way down my length, using her hand to continue pumping my dick until she had my balls in her mouth, driving me crazy as she french kissed my sensitive sacs.

    "Oh Bella, that feels so good. Suck those balls sweetheart!"

    I wasn't sure exactly how sexually experienced she was, but I knew this was far from her first time giving head, as she attempted to take all of my long dick inside her glorious mouth. It was as though she was doing her utmost to get all of cock as deep inside her mouth as possible, until I was lodged within her narrow little throat. Spitting on my cock, Bella used both hands, one to hold me at the base, the other to wank my length getting me all nice and lubed up. She peered up at me as she simply suckled on the head, those eyes looking for my approval as her lips made popping sounds when the tip withdrew sharply out of her mouth.

    It didn't take a genius to be able to tell what she was about to do. Bella took one of my hands and placed it to the back of her head, leaving it there as she wanted me to control her movements somewhat.

    "I'm going to take all of this hot cock in my mouth, to show you how much I want you. Fuck my face, make me gag on your long hard dick".

    And with that, Bella took three quarters of my eight inch shaft inside her mouth, wrapping those soft lips tightly, trying desperately to fit all of me inside her. She tried again and again, gasping for air each time she slid me out of her mouth, saliva dripping from her bottom lip. I had never had any woman so persistent with trying to deep throat me before. I had her ease up, holding her head still so I could fuck her pretty mouth for a bit, enjoying her wondrous lips slide back and forth and savouring the fact my balls were smacking against her chin. After I did this for a while so that her breathing was at a steady pace, I moved my hand back to behind her head, signalling my intentions.

    "Take it all sweetie", I said with urgency. I figured if it didn't happen now, it would probably never happen. I was hoping she could cover the extra distance this time around. As she started her descent,I took a bundle of her long red hair and pushed her head down until I could feel the tip was inside her throat, holding her there for a few seconds until her eyes began to bulge out of their sockets. As I released my grip, the teen gasped out loudly after she rose up, tears almost forming when my pole slid out of her hard working mouth. It took a few seconds for Bella to catch her breath, before she returned to licking and suckling the juicy tip.

    "Mmm, it tastes so good", Bella said, polishing my cock with her full pink lips before I was ready to show her my own gratitude.

    As if she knew it was her turn to be orally fulfilled, Bella stood before me, all one hundred and sixty-eight centimetres of her teenage form, sliding her tight blue pants down her long, long legs,. She shuffled her hips until they were, along with her black g-string, pooled around her ankles. Bella had the baldest pussy I'd ever seen, not a single hair upon her tasty young peach.

    "I shaved just before I came here. Hope you like it nice and smooth", she said teasingly, rubbing her labia and parting her beefy lips.

    She was incredibly eager to get my attention on her throbbing pussy, as she sat down to rest upon the fitness ball, removing her fitness shoes but leaving her white anklet socks on. Bella enjoyed the look on my face as I gazed in awe at her pert breasts and tender looking pussy, only a couple of the highlights of seeing her naked teen body in all it's glory. The "Shake It Up" star spread apart her incredibly long stems, feeling the light cold breeze from the air conditioner fall upon her naked flesh, which only made her nipples stand even more erect than usual and some goosebumps to break out all over her skin.

    Bella could feel my hot flesh upon her as I smothered my body on top of hers, my mouth kissing her, moving down her throat, hands grabbing at her soft breasts, squeezing her aroused nipples. My tongue followed the contours of her neck, then down across her breasts, licking at both of her stiff peaks. I slithered down and kissed Bella across her smooth stomach, all the way down to her delicate pink slit. She was moaning softly, her juices flowing as she impatiently awaited for me to give her inner core my full attention. I leaned down so my face was in between her supple thighs, taking in the exquisite sight of her tasty young clam.

    I teased her a little first, kissing and sucking on her pale white inner thigh, the teen writhing around as she begged for me to move in for the pleasurable kill. She almost had a fit when I used my firm tongue to caress the area where her inner thigh and the outer part of her labia meet. Heat was clearly emanating from her moist teen quim, and I knew it was time to give her what she really wanted. Bella closed her eyes and felt my breath on her sensitive clit, causing her to buck her hips, dying to feel my touch upon her soaking wet box.

    She did not have to wait long, as I buried my face into her horny young snatch, licking her, fucking her tight moist slit with my tongue. I ran my hands along the underside of Bella's smooth thighs, feeling up her legs as she lost herself completely, crying out with pleasure as I, her fitness instructor, ate out her tender wet cunt like no other man had before. I pushed her long legs back and apart so I could spread her wider, giving myself unrestricted access to her sopping wet pussy. I felt her whole body tingle with pleasure, as she grabbed the back of my head so she could gyrate her juicy cave upon my working mouth. My tongue kept digging deeper and deeper into her dripping hole, and I could see from close range the effect I was having on Bella, her free hand now furiously rubbing at her bulging clitoris.

    "Oh shit! You're going to make me cum!!" Bella wailed, as she felt two of my fingers, shaped like a handgun, slide inside her and began stroking along her g-spot.

    She used both hands to knead her her soft breasts and pinch her hard nipples, whilst my tongue was now working it's magic upon her engorged clitoris. She soon grabbed the back of my head tightly, pulling me into her as hard as she could, her whole body convulsing as orgasm after orgasm exploded throughout her teenage body, and her warm juices spilled out onto my grateful tongue. I felt her body spasming with pleasure, her secretions flowing freely, gushing into my mouth and over my face, Bella was so incredibly wet as she came harder than any chick I had previously gone down on.

    I loved watching that little teen slut climax, it was a huge turn on and I could feel the blood retuning to my cock, starting to elongate and become rigid, clearly ready for the next round.

    "Do you have any protection?" Bella asked, before we could even start to get the main event up and running.

    "Its OK babe, I shoot blanks so you have nothing to worry about."

    An upside to never being able to have children is when situations like this had arisen. I couldn't think of anything better at this point in time than being able to slip my cock inside of a stunning teenager like Bella Thorne, completely bareback! Most of the women I'd slept with still asked if I'd wear a rubber despite me admitting this. But thankfully Bella wasn't one of them as she didn't protest or give me the "just to be safe" line. She too was horny to get going and fulfil our most carnal of desires. She raised her hips up to rub her soft labia against my naked shaft as I lay upon her. We kissed passionately, my hand releasing my dick so I could balance my weight so I wasn't completely crushing her. I intentionally rubbed the length of my member against her moist slit, teasing her to the point that she would beg me to fill her with my long hard maleness.

    "Ohhh please, I need it now, please fuck me!!" she cooed, an urgent need written in her eyes.

    Reaching down in between our sweaty bodies, I grasped my pole, aligning it with her tight entrance. I had wanted her for so long, spent hours looking at her and thinking about her sexually, and now here we were, lying naked, her legs apart, waiting for my cock to penetrate her, the teen covered in perspiration lying there on the gym matt. Weeks and months of daydreaming about fucking Bella Thorne had finally culminated to this point.

    She pulled me down between her legs and as I rotated my hips backwards, and finally drove my cock slowly into her sopping hole, feeling her inner cunt muscles gripping the head and first few inches of my tool. To my surprise she was incredibly tight, which only made the feeling of her clamping around my naked cock all the more pleasurable.

    "Aiiii, unghhh, oh God" she wailed, the teen clearly enjoying the sharp hard pummeling my cock was causing upon her widening love box.

    I began to pound into her a bit faster now as Bella thrust back up against me. I kissed her deeply and then looked into her eyes, holding her upper limbs down with my strong arms. Faster and faster I thrust, grinding my hips against hers, my balls slapping against her taut ass as my entire length was now embedded balls deep inside her heavenly warm honey pot. Her hands gripped my back tightly, those smooth legs and thighs of hers wrapping around me like a belt, as I was now fucking her incredibly hard, the teen's secretions dribbling out of her semi-abused hole.

    Bella cried out, grabbing my ass now and holding me deep inside her. She was moaning with soft cries in her voice, unable to contain the onslaught my cock was giving her red raw cunt. Her limbs twitched as she began to cum, my hips keeping perfectly still thus allowing her to ride out her orgasm in her own time.

    Bella had her legs extended upwards so that her ankles rested upon my shoulders. I moved onto my knees so I could look down at her laying with her sensitive clit, watching my cock rail into her spasming pussy as she reached the end of her climax. Her calves felt so smooth against my chest, and whilst Bella was bringing herself down from her high, I took the opportunity to kiss and suck on the back of her ankles, rubbing my greedy hands up and down the length of those incredibly smooth stems. Seeing the stunning redhead lose herself and climax on my cock was more amazing than I had imagined n my head. But more was to follow.

    The teen rose up from the matt, pressing her hands to my chest and pushing me down to lay on my back. The look in her eyes told me that she was far from done, and her stroking of my juicy cock only re-emphasised that point. She felt lightweight as her hot teenage body lay upon mine, holding my cock upright so she could enjoy that incredible feeling of her sopping hole being filled with my long hard maleness once again.

    Feeling that tender young cunt satisfyingly grip my more than grateful tool so deliciously once again, caused me to grunt a little when Bella was completely impaled upon my love stick. I held her soft young breasts with both hands, flicking the nubs between my fingertips which caused her to rock her hips increasingly faster, the teen working her snatch along every inch of my pussy coated dick.

    I leaned upright into a sitting position, so that Bella's legs were now either side of my hips, her feet on the floor behind me. That incredible figure of hers was now seated in my lap as her face was a few mere inches away from mine. We both were sweating bullets now, breathing in each other's fast breaths as I felt her slowly gyrate her hips against mine. With my own legs apart and knees bent, I could feel the bottom of her phenomenal derriere rubbing against mine. I couldn't help but reach round to grip those spectacular cheeks, fondling them and running my delicate fingers along her crack, skimming them over her puckered back door.

    "Oooooh!" she squealed, my fingers accidentally caressing her anal passage, taking her by surprise.

    "Sorry about that. It's just that you have one hell of an ass Bella. You have no idea what I'd love to do to it!"

    I wasn't sure how she would react to me being so open with my somewhat lewd thoughts. But the teen took no offence, instead pushing me back down and majestically spinning around, (with my cock remaining inside her), so that she was now in the reverse cowgirl position.

    Seeing her on all fours, looking back at me, with that incredible butt now the centre of attention, and my cock being consumed by her fleshy cuntlips, was truly a sight to behold. Slowly I watched as Bella's quite flexible body went to work, twerking her incredible ass as she bounced erotically on my grateful cock. She rotated her hips so erotically, rolling them from side to side, back and forth, to allow my shaft to satisfyingly roam around the inside of her wicked womanhood.

    "Unghh, unghh, uhhh, God it feels so good, so fucking deep!!" the teen wailed, her head hanging down as she tried to ride out the soreness she was feeling from within. I couldn't help myself, reaching out with both hands to run them over her smooth behind, grasping the flesh to guide her up and down my length. Pinching and squeezing her supple ass, she yelped when I laid a stinging spank on her round rump. I slapped her glorious butt a few times until her pale white behind was now flushing red.

    "Ohhh yes, spank me, I've been so naughty", Bella cried, bending my dick forward into an almost painful position.

    Thankfully I could sense that she was reaching yet another orgasm, as the hip rocking began to slow down, her pelvic thrusts were short but sharp as she reached her climax. As her young pleasured pussy moved upward to release by relieved boner, I salivated at the sight of her gooey girl cum dripping out her sweet battered hole.

    As she fell to her knees, I seized the opportunity to continue this incredible session of heated sex, forcing her forward so her arms rested upon the large fitness ball, her face up against her reflection in the mirror, and her perfect derriere hoisted upwards so she was in the classic doggy-style position. Again I fondled that delicious looking ass of hers, twiddling my fingers in between her moist labia, feeling the warmth of her inner cunt walls respond to my finger play. She began to moan again as I toyed with her, those hips swiveling to try and ride my invading digits despite how extremely sensitive she was down there.

    The more that I did this, the more I could feel her starting to drip like a slowly running facet. At that point I knew I wanted to have a taste. She sighed when I released my fingers from that desperate orifice, but she exclaimed out loud when she was compensated by the feeling of my hard tongue entering her cunt from behind.

    "Holy shit! Mmmm yess! Fuck me with your tongue!!"

    I lapped up her tangy juices, parting her pink fortress and tongue fucking her like there was no end in sight. I buried my face in between her soft ass cheeks, holding her slim hips as I added a finger to go with my invading tongue. The teen redhead began to really lose it when I fondled her clit, plus sucking on her beefy lips, causing her to fiercely shudder. As I continued my skillful tongue work, I reached down to stroke my cock, and wondered momentarily how far I could go with this.

    Parting her ass cheeks apart, there it was. That incredible pink starfish. Looking so wonderfully tight, untouched, and winking back at me. Bella's eyes looked left and right as I investigated her wrinkly, puckered hole. Wanting to give her something to think about after she left here today, I did what no other guy she had been with had done before. I began flicking my tongue down her warm ass crack, until I lightly dabbed it at her forbidden hole. To even my surprise, she immediately liked it, the new sensation causing her to grunt and make sounds she hadn't expressed before.

    "Oh it feels really good in my ass" she sobbed, trying to control her emotions and the feeling of my tongue as it started to probe at her slightly loosening anus.

    Bella couldn't help but reach down and rub her neglected pussy, both of her neighboring holes now receiving some attention. I couldn't wait any longer, knowing that the most important part of my own anatomy was feeling some neglect of it's own, and was desperate to feel that sublime teenage cunt consume my long male hardness.

    Bella could feel my breath on her neck as I leaned up against her from behind, my kisses and tongue on her skin making her shiver. I started to align my hard cock all the way down until it pressed against her soft velvety labia. She felt my cock across her cheeks, lower and lower, the teen arching up involuntarily, presenting herself ass to me, aching to feel me inside of her again. Her body began tingling as her hard nipples brushed against the rubber fitness ball, causing her body to twitch.

    This time I responded to her, as she felt the tip of my throbbing cock stroke against her velvety lips. She pushed her ass backwards, eager to impale herself upon me. Bella groaned with pleasure as she felt the tip of my cock push inside her, the starlet gasped as my erect shaft stretched her tight teen pussy, forcing its way in, opening her up, an intoxicating mix of pain and intense pleasure washing over her. When Bella was fully penetrated, she felt my cock start to withdraw, the sense of loss caused her to sigh deeply. But it was short lived as I thrust myself deep into her once again, building up a strong rhythm.

    "Oh God" she cried, "Your cock feels so deep inside of me! Fuck me harder, HARDER!!'

    She felt my chest pressed against her back, laying down on her, our sweaty bodies rubbing up against each others. I bit the back of her shoulder, positioning myself as close as possible, allowing my thrusts to impale her even more deeper now. Bella had never felt so full, or this satisfied by any of the "boys" she had been with before. I could tell she loved the feeling of my weight pinning her down as I pounded against her sweet, sweet ass so enthusiastically.

    "Oh shit that pussy feels so good! Damn your ass looks so hot from here!" I said, referring to it sliding back and forth below me.

    I held her ass tightly against my sweaty thighs, stabbing into her in shirt, sharp bursts. I bit her gently on her shoulders and neck, my hips driving hard against her soft white ass. I could feel the seed building up inside of me, desperate for release. But I held out, wanting to make this last as long as humanly possible.

    "Ohhh yes, just like that. Pull my hair!" she implored.

    I did as she asked, reaching forward to bundle up her silky red hair in my hand, pulling it tightly every time she moved her head down.

    "Yeah you like that you little slut! Take that cock! You love having a big hard cock fucking your tight little cunt?"

    "Mmmm yeah I love it! Nail me! Own my ass! My ass is all yours, uhhh!!"

    I rammed my cock in faster and faster, hearing my thighs slap against her butt, watching in awe as her cheeks rippled slightly when I hammered into her from behind. My pumping became faster and more intense, Bella still hoisting her rear upwards, allowing me deep access to her greedy hole. I reached under to cup her breast, the teen rising up from the fitness ball to help accommodate me, allowing me to completely grab at her soft breast. I rolled her hard nipple in between my thumb and forefinger, pulling and squeezing it during her cries of pleasure. Bella was close to orgasm and so was I, never relenting from my sawing cock slamming impossibly fast into her from behind, whilst now fondling both her swaying breasts.

    Bella was forcing that glorious behind against me whilst I hammered into her with my slippery pole. I watched her face contort in the mirror, which only willed me on to rail into her harder, just to watch her mouth widen and her eyes clench shut at the extreme force of my thrusting. Although I had a long cock, it wasn't the thickest by any stretch, which evidently made it easier for me initially to glide my cock well beyond her velvety teen cunt walls. Yet she was still so ridiculously tight! I'm not sure if she was holding out on me, but she seemed to time her fourth orgasm of the night, just as I was about to reach my first.

    "Oh Bella, you're ass is driving me crazy! You're going to make me cum girl!" I deeply uttered, my cock preparing to release my warm seed inside her, knowing that my infertile state wasn't going to stop me.

    "Cum with me, now, NOW" she shrieked. I felt those tight inner cunt walls of hers contracting around my straining shaft, feeling nothing "like a glove".

    "Unghhhh fuck!!" I howled, feeling the rush of my seed travel from the pit of my balls, up the long stalk of my cock, and spurting warm cream from the tip, deep inside Bella's heavenly compressed snatch.

    Bella panted as my cum mixed in with her now creamy pink canal, her sexual juices mingling with mine as my head rested upon her shoulder. We could both hear each other's short rapid breaths, and looking in the mirror at her face in the reflection, the teen's soaking sweaty hair had stuck to her tired face. Once we had stopped twitching from our respective orgasms, we lay remained there on all fours, my semi-hard cock still buried inside of Bella's by now, overly sensitive taco. I didn't want to exit just yet, rather I wanted to revel in the feeling of that perfect round teen butt pressing against my balls and thighs.

    As I lay there I thought of what the future held for both of us. Was tonight a one-off? Would I be able to still be her fitness instructor?

    Or was I set to be the new man in her life?
    Time would surely tell on all of those questions..

    THE END.

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    LOVE IT !

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    I loved the story and would definitely like to see this become a series. Bella thorne is really hot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmbrr View Post
    We need more stories like this
    Just out of sheer interest, what exactly were you referring to when you said the site need more stories like this one?
    Was it the storyline itself, the situation she's put into or simply the use of other celebs around Bella's age? Or something else?
    Feedback on this is useful in order to know what readers would like to see in future stories, as well as what actually stood out in
    this particular one. :thanks:

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    Thank you, that's the kind of feedback that we want/like to read.
    This is only the third celeb I've written about within this age bracket, so I'm hoping to add that in the future.
    However I try & cover celebs of all ages (the next one is in her 30s).
    I've being looking at doing another Chloe story & have a Holt & Breslin one planned for the New Year.
    Sometimes a steady flow of stories about a specific celeb will depend on their popularity & how active they are on this site.
    This time last year, there was only one Ariel Winter story on here. Now there's nine (six of which are mine).
    Some celebs are just easier to write about than others.

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    I would like to see more Bella thorne stories around here. But, another thing I liked was the Gym scenario. Don't know why there aren't more stories about sexy celebs having encounters at the gym.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaosm View Post
    Don't know why there aren't more stories about sexy celebs having encounters at the gym.
    Yeah I know. I'd had the gym idea about a year ago but originally with Lucy Hale in mind (due to some gym pics of her being posted of her at the time), and it was going to be called "Let's Get Physical" (shit title btw).

    But when some posted pics of Bella Thorne in gym equipment/clothing came up in the last few months, the story practically wrote itself to the point I could actually finish it!
    I'd certainly be looking at using that theme again for a future story. :happydance:

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