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Thread: Disney Days Part 1: Bella Thorne

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    fanfiction Disney Days Part 1: Bella Thorne

    Disney Days Part 1: Bella Thorne
    by Deadshot
    (MF, Cons, Oral, Anal)

    Disclaimer: All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it ever occurred, nor would it.

    Being a photo journalist is a good fucking gig. Let me stress the journalist part of that. I'm no paparazzi. Even if I do the celebrity beat on occasion. I look for news, no matter what. Miley Cyrus getting a coffee or Scarlett Johansson eating a sandwich? Let the paps handle that. I go for the gold.

    Sometimes though, I pass up that gold. Occasionally on moral reasons, but more often because I can get something better than gold. Like the situation I was in right now. I had some serious gold that could make me bank. I was salivating at the thought...until a new idea entered my head and refused to leave.

    And that idea left me in the corner of a Los Angeles restaurant, waiting for the first mark. In short order, in she walked, Bella Thorne. A smile crossed my face. She paused for a second, scanning the area. I wasn't doing this anonymously. She, like the other marks, knew exactly who I was, they'd done enough photoshoots with me. They just didn't know what I wanted, and Bella was going to be the first to find out.

    Once she spotted me, she gave me a smile and headed towards my corner booth.

    "How are you Winston?" she asked cheerfully. I got up to greet her, Bella giving me the Hollywood-cliche double kiss on the cheek before sitting down.

    "I'm doing really good," I said, my smirk refusing to leave my mug. "You?"

    "Good." she replied. "Very curious, though. What did you need to see me about? Sounded urgent."

    "You could say that."

    "Well, what is it? Ultra secret photo-shoot or something? Photobook?"

    "Well, there are photos involved." That got a confused look from the red-haired nymph. She watched me as I took a large manila envelope out of my brief case and handed to her. "Open it up."

    I watched intently, sipping at my scotch while she opened the envelope. I snickered a bit when her eyes got really wide when she saw the contents.

    "Where did you get these?" asked a very worried Bella Thorne. She had been looking at a set of photos I had taken of her and a group of other former Disney starlets, Debby Ryan, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez in addition to Ms. Thorne herself. They were partaking in an array of debauchery, sex, with each other as well as several men, and drugs. Well, not Demi. Her addictive personality seemed to go full speed into sex of all kinds, which made me really anxious to get in contact with her. But, first thing's first, a nice red head with dick sucking lips and an ass to die for.

    "I'm a journalist Bella, I have my connections."

    " found these photos?"

    "No, no sweetheart, I took them."

    "But why? I thought you were legit, not like those other parasites!" she exclaimed, trying to contain herself and not call attention to our booth.

    "I am," I replied. "No one else knows about this because I hunted down the leads on this. And no one else is going to know about this."


    "Of course. For a price."

    "How much?" Bella asked, fully willing and ready to pay.

    "Four mill." I curtly replied. "For that, you get your pictures and and promise that any remaining pictures will have you completely edited out."

    "Four million? Are you nuts? How much do you think I'm worth?"

    "Well, you don't have to give me the money," I said, reeling Bella in for what I really wanted.

    "And you'll just give me the photos out of the goodness of your heart?"

    "Hardly. But I'm not unreasonable, Bella. You know that. I'm fair, and I'm nice."

    "Yeah, blackmailing people, real nice."

    "What you call blackmail, I call giving you a heads up. In today's world, someone could easily get what I have and spread it all around town without even coming to you. I'm giving you a fair shot."

    "Okay then," she said. "If I skip the money, what do you want?"

    "Simple Bella, very simple." I scooted closer to her, my hand going to her bare leg my lips to her, a gentle kiss on them. "You."

    "What?" she asked, trying to play like she hadn't returned the kiss. "I-I can't..." I smirked as her face became flushed, my fingers creeping up her thigh. She had to have figured out why I had us sit in this booth in the back of the restaurant.

    "Come on Bella, one night, that's it. And no one knows. Except us of course. You're in the clear." I rubbed her pussy through her panties. "Pictures will be gone, no trace of you in them..." I pushed her panties aside and slid my fingers into her moistening slit, my mouth to her hears, whispering into. "Not so much to ask, really."

    "Mmm," she hissed into my ear. "Not much at all, Winston." I had her. This is why Bella was first. I knew she wanted me, and I could have had her on several occasions. This way was just 100% on my terms. I was just working her up right now to just seal the deal.

    Bella was sweating, breathing heavily. She was close...and she was now reeled in. A removed my fingers and brought them to her mouth, Bella sucking herself off my fingers. But instead of returning them when i was done, I put down money for my drink and slid Bella a card.

    "This is the hotel you're going to meet me at tonight. 9:00 PM sharp. Dress nice, like a prom queen."

    "Prom queen?"

    "What? Always wanted to fuck the prom queen. You more than fit the bill."

    "And I get the photos?"

    "You get everything I promised and I make you cum like a freight train."

    She tried to stifle a laugh, trying to be angry and hide the fact that she would have fucked me even without this. "We'll see."

    "Of course we will."


    I sat in a big comfy chair in my hotel suite, eagerly awaiting Bella Thorne's arrival. Chilled champagne ready to go. With a minute to spare, there was a knock at the door. She was hear. I got up, a spring in my step, and opened the door.

    "Hi Winston," said Bella, decked out exactly as I had asked her, and damn, she looked amazing.

    "Hello yourself. Please, come in." I held the door open and in she walked, pausing a moment to take the surroundings in.

    "Nice room."

    "What, you thought I was going to go cheap on this? Nope, someone like deserves the right surrounding."

    "That's sweet, even with the circumstances."

    "It's also the truth." I was still making her blush. Good. Despite what she was saying, she wasn't backing out. I went to the champagne and poured us both a glass. "Don't drink it too fast."

    "What, you don't want me drunk?"

    "Just not going to force it. Enjoy yourself."

    "Fair enough." Bella glided past me, sipping on her drink and taking a seat on a couch. "So, what's the plan?"

    "Plan? Don't make it sound so clinical, Bella." I took a seat behind her on the couch, putting my arm around her. I leaned over and kissed her, Bella again betraying what she truly wanted by hugrily returning the gesture, even pulling me in for a deeper bit of contact. "As for what I'd like to do first..."

    My lips moved to her neck and lower down her body until I was on my knees before her. Bella parted her legs as I hiked up her skirt. When it was suitably pushed up, I was treated to a wonderful site: no panties. This girl came prepped for fun. ANd since she was ready, I saw no need to hesitate.

    Bella moaned and shivered as I began to work on her. Everything about her, wardrobe, mind and body, were ready. I guess I really wound her up earlier.

    Her legs pressed against my ears while she ran her fingers through my hair. "Yessss....oh keep going...please Winston...don't stop...please don't stop."

    "No plans for that," I joked, softly biting her inner thigh before going back to her sopping cunt. I was torn between looking at her gorgeous face, completely blanketed with sweat and ecstasy and focusing 100% on eating out her delectable pussy. Still, not the worst rock and hard place to be in the middle of.

    Bella must have been more ready to go than I thought, because it seemed that in short order she came, leaving me to happily lap it all up as she road it out, arching her back and moaning loud enough they could probably hear her in the lobby.

    As she was coming down, I got up and scooped Bella up in my arms, getting a laugh in between her deep breaths, and laid her down on the bed.

    Bella propped herself on her elbows,biting her lower lip as she watched me swiftly remove my clothes, my hard cock already primed to go. Once I was completely stripped, I began to make my to the bed. Before I could get on, Bella stopped me. She got on all fours and crawled towards me me and grasped my cock, softly jacking it, looking me in the eyes before taking my cock in her mouth.

    "Oh, good fucking girl," I hissed. I reached down and held her head back as Bella slowly sucked on me. Unlike when I was eating her out, Bella didn't seem interested in blowing me to cum, but more just to get me primed for plans later on. Even with that knowledge, she clearly knew what she was doing, wielding her tongue with surgical skill.

    Her mouth wasn't alone, one hand fondling my balls while the other one gently raked the flesh on my legs. Once I'd had enough, I pulled Bella up to my face, savagely kissing her.

    The two of us switched places, me on the bed and Bella standing. She had me hypnotized as she slowly removed her dress, almost torturing my as I awaited to see more and more of her flesh. Yeah, I'd already seen and tasted her pussy, but the striptease was still a lot of fun.

    As soon as she was completely nude, I grasped her hand and pulled her towards me, an excited laugh coming from her mouth.

    I was sitting on the edge of the bed now, Bella and my eyes locked as she straddled me, her pussy lips tantalizingly rubbing on my cock head.

    She shifted herself a big, I grasped on to her amazing ass, and she lowered herself onto my rod.

    "God damn you're big," she moaned, rolling her head back. She remained still for a while getting used to the girth while my face went to her breasts, enjoying the slick flesh as Bella slowly began to build up a pace in riding me.

    I laid myself down, my hand on her hips as I handed all control over to Bella, getting my kicks from the physical sensations and the view of this nymphette riding my cock.

    Bella was clearly enjoying herself, cooing and moaning, flashing me smoldering looks made of pure sin.

    The two of us rolled, Bella now on her back and giving control over to me. She tightly wrapped her legs around my as a drove into her.

    "Oh shit!" exclaimed Bella. "Fuck...fuck me...give that big fucking cock..."

    "How long have you wanted it?" I asked, punctuating the question with a hard thrust. "How long have you wanted this dick?"

    "Too fucking long!" she shouted. "More! MORE COCK!"

    Fucking knew it. I pulled out, getting a disappointed groan form Bella. I flipped her over onto all fours, grabbed her hips and slammed myself back in her pussy.

    "That's more like it!" she laughed. Bella and I were both now covered in sweat, her red locks matting to her body. I grabbed a hand full of it and yanked Bella up, her back pressed into my chest. She craned her head to kiss mine, her arm reaching behind to stroke my hair while my hands went to her breast and her pussy, tweaking her nipples and working her clit.

    "You like this pussy? Huh? How long have YOU been waiting to fuck this pussy?" Bella said, her mouth in a half smile, her eyebrow raised. "This tight little pussy is all yours now...and you've wanted it sooo bad, haven't you?"

    "Oh yes," I said through gritted teeth. "Can only think of one thing I want even more than this, sweet Bella."

    "What's that?"

    I pushed her back down on all fours and placed my hands on her smooth, round and firm ass, lovingly caressing it before smacking it hard. "A little bit of this," I said."

    "I'm not stopping you baby," said Bella, flashing me a look over her shoulder that almost made me shoot on the spot. "Go ahead. Fuck my ass."

    I had to snicker to myself. I was always going to go for her ass, I just thought I'd have to talk her into it a bit more. I guess she was either really that worked up or loved anal. Either way, yay.

    Bella kept her gaze on me, biting her lip as I gave her a few more thrusts in her pussy before pulling out and placing my cockhead at her puckered opening. She breathed deep as I pressed forward. I moved my free hand to her clit, rubbing it as I pressed forward, hoping to relax her as much as possible. I wanted to fuck her ass, but I wanted us both to get off.

    Fortunately for both of us, Bella relaxed quickly, and I was inside her tight little sphincter, slowly building up a pace.

    "Oh gooooood," she moaned, her hand reaching between her legs and joining mine at her clit. "I fucking love this."

    "What do you love?" I asked, my pace slowly building up speed. "Answer me Bella, what do you love?" I slapped her ass. "Tell me!"

    "I love your big fucking cock in my ass!" she hissed. "Don't stop! So fucking close already."

    With Bella working on her own clit, I took both my hands to her hips and gripped tightly, focusing strictly on fucking her sweet little butt for all it was worth.

    Bella was clawing and grasping tightly at the bedding, crying out in ecstasy as the the minutes wore on. Were both edging closer and closer to the point it felt like it would be a photo finish.

    Bella's orgasm just happened to hit first, the girl howling out into the room and collapsing onto the bed, flat, leaving me with a good angle to race to the finish line, and in a matter of moments, I was ready. I pulled out of Bella's ass and without even a hint from me, show got on her knees directly under my cock, right in the upcoming line of fire.

    "Come on Winston...fucking cum on my face...want to cum on this pretty little face don't you? Coat Bella in your fucking cum, baby..."

    That did it, the rush through my body hit and I unloaded all over Bella Thorne's gorgeous face, the starlet reveling the depravity of the act, sticking her tongue out, her hand writhing all over her body as she was given a coat of my own special paint.
    As soon as my shots slowed to a trickle, Bella placed her mouth around my cock once again, sucking anything I had left to give before I collapsed on the bed, marveling as she licked the cum off her face. Whatever her tongue couldn't reach, she scooped up with her fingers and sucked down with a smile.

    "Need a towel?" I asked, still trying to catch my breath.

    "Maybe after a nice hot shower. You're joining me, by the way."

    "Sure thing," I chuckled. "And as for the pictures, consider them deleted, you're in the clear."

    "Great!" Bella jumped up with a cheerful spring. "Oh, one more thing."

    "What's that?"

    "Next time you want to fuck, just ask, okay?"

    "For sure."

    "Awesome. I'm going to go get the shower ready,." Bella blew me a kiss then went to start the shower.

    I would definitely get a bit more of Bella. I always knew I could. The pictures were just insurance. Next on my list however, might be a bit more of a challenge....then there was the other set of photos...

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    Fuck me that was good!!! Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. I can't wait to get into this series!!

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    Yep. This looks like its going to be another epic series. Great work deadshot.

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    Good job. Really looking forward to the rest of the series. Would like to see Bella return as well.

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    AWESOME ! Can't wait for MORE !

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    While this is awesome.. been waiting for the other Disney stars... Hope there is more to come in the series Deadshot!

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    Great opener, Bella seems the ideal kickstarter for a story series at the moment! Can't wait to see what other Disney stars the "photographer" has lined up!

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    WOW!!! Fantastic first part and I can't wait to read the rest.

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