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Thread: "Going For Gold" with McKayla Maroney

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    fanfiction "Going For Gold" with McKayla Maroney

    Going For Gold
    With McKayla Maroney
    Written by TPG
    Codes: MF, inc
    Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only
    A/N: Figured this hot little cock-tease deserved another story about her

    My sister had always been a little crazy. For as long as I could remember McKayla had been a tragic flirt and often liked to tease and torture the opposite sex. She even liked to taunt me with her body by parading around the house half naked.

    Growing up with sis was like being related to a celebrity. She was the prettiest and most popular girl in school. All my friends ever talked about was how they wanted to fuck her which really got on my nerves.

    The fact that she was an Olympic gymnast only made it worse. Particularly since she was a bit of a tomboy and extremely competitive with me.

    In fact even as she celebrated her nineteenth birthday we still spent many a night physically wrestling on the floor over the TV remote. Most of the time mom or dad would walk in on us and simply roll their eyes.

    But over time I soon noticed that the playfulness between us began to change. It wasn't anything specific but it almost felt like our friendly little tussles were getting more and more intense. Much more sexual in nature?

    As a matter of fact one night she appeared to be in a real jovial mood and was straddling my legs giving me a back rub, while I lay on the carpet conversing with mom in the kitchen.

    Now I should explain that this wasn't uncommon for us. Particularly since McKayla suffered from several injuries over the years and often visited the local physiotherapist.

    This would often put her in a happy mood (no thanks to the drugs they administered) and she'd come home and offer everyone in the house free massages. I never really thought anything of it since we had been carrying on this way for years.

    But as I lay there in deep conversation with mom it took me a minute to realize that something was off. Something was different. Something felt strange on the back of my leg.

    Unlike previous instances where I could feel clothes or in the very least my sisters panties, this time there was none. No. This was skin against skin. I actually gulped when I realized what it was. That I could actually feel McKayla's warm pussy on my leg!!

    The mere notion that my sister wasn't wearing any underwear gave me instant wood. While I did my best to carry on with the conversation, all I could think about was McKayla's slimy wet taco rubbing against my flesh.

    In fact I could almost make out the stubble from her sex where she had recently shaved. I tried to tell myself that maybe she wasn't aware of what she was doing but she seemed intent on fidgeting about and grinding herself on me again and again.

    "McKayla." I finally whined. "What are you doing?"

    "Don't you like it?" she giggled into my ear. "...don't you like my massages anymore?"

    I honestly didn't know what to say. Was she really that oblivious? ...or was she merely manipulating me. I almost moaned when I felt her shift around again causing her to wipe her slick sex across the back of my knee.

    Not wanting to make a fuss (in case of alerting mom) I tried to buck her off me but the cunning little minx wouldn't let up and continued to grind her bare crotch into my legs.

    "McKayla." I protested. "Get off me."

    My sister ultimately shoved my face into the carpet as she slid down the back of my thighs leaving a snail-trail of wetness.

    "Ugh." I grunted with contempt. " You're such a nasty bitch."

    Even though I didn't specifically describe what she had done we both knew what I was referring to.

    Amusingly enough sis simply giggled and went off to her room leaving me to lay there conversing with our folks—still trying to comprehend just what had occurred.

    A few nights later I was laying on my mom's bed as she busied herself with the laundry in the next room. Having spent most of the day just lounging around the pool I was still clad in nothing but my swimming trunks when McKayla wandered in.

    To my surprise my sister was once again scantily clad in her sleep attire which evidently considered of a silk white bath robe. Her hair was still wet from the shower and she looked particularly radiant as she helped mom fold some clothes.

    As perverted as it sounds I couldn't help but wonder what she was wearing underneath her rope as I stopped to admire her bare naked legs. Despite being my sister she sure had a phenomenal little body...causing me to suspect that once again I'd be spending the night beating off to her in bed.

    Meanwhile as if reading my mind McKayla would smile and occasionally throw pieces of clothing at me on the bed, making an attempt to bury me in clothes.

    Naturally I did my best to ignore her antics and focused my attention on the TV but after several minutes of this I finally took the whole pile and threw it back at her—causing her to squeal.

    "Mom! Kav's making a mess on the bed."

    My sister then took this opportunity to throw the pile back in my face before jumping up to straddle me on the bed. Mom naturally hissed at our squealing and told her not to hurt me which only encouraged her to get rougher and louder.

    My sister then grabbing me by the wrists and pinned them up above my head against the mattress.

    "McKayla. Stop." I whined. "You're out of control."

    "What's wrong Kav. Am I getting too strong for you?"

    When she stopped to sit up it took me a moment to notice that her robe had opened up enough for me to see that she was totally naked underneath! Fortunately for us mom couldn't see anything from the other room but the revelation made me gasp out loud.

    McKayla blushed when she realized she had accidentally flashed me and quickly closed her robe, but the damage had been done—I had been treated to an uninterrupted view of her perky tits...which were magnificent.

    I could see from the look on her face that she was both ashamed and yet strangely excited by the event. For a moment I wondered what she was thinking about but suddenly found my own mind now preoccupied with the growing boner in my pants.

    Without missing a beat McKayla leaned forward to pin my wrists back into the bed, causing her to briefly pant into my face and almost smash our lips together.

    "You're such an asshole." she stated not more than an inch from my nose.

    Despite her age and stature my sister possessed an incredibly strong physique. Even though she was just 5'3 she was pretty much ALL muscle and used every inch of it to hold me down to the bed.

    "Get off me you bitch!" I hissed back.

    "Nope. Just sit there and take it." she smirked while holding me in place.

    "What are you going to do?" I said low enough for her ears only. "Rub yourself all over me again?"

    "Ha. You wish." she scoffed while proceeding to do that very thing.

    At this point mom wasn't paying any attention to us as McKayla wiggled her hips and embedded herself firmly over my erection. I panicked for a moment when I realized just how hard I was and suddenly felt ashamed that my very own sister could overpower me so easily.

    I began to struggle but the more I resisted the more she carried on, shifting her weight and really having her way with me. It was downright humiliating. It was like I was her own personal little play thing. Her own private pummel horse.

    Still. Despite my objections I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it. On the contrary. This latest encounter with her was probably going to give me about a year's worth of "jack-off" material. In fact the longer it went on the harder I got.

    It was at this point that she leaned over while clutching my wrists and pressed her face into my neck.

    "Stop. Resisting." she grunted while squirming erotically above me. "Just admit it. I'm stronger than you."

    "Ha." I defied. "You want to make a bet?"

    "I wouldn't do that if I were you. You won't win." she replied while squeezing her thighs and reminding me just how agile she was.

    McKayla now proceeded to essentially dry hump me on the bed. While I put up a phony fight, I could feel the heat of her sex encompassing my crotch.

    "You're such a pussy." she whispered hotly at one point, almost daring me into action. "I bet I could make you come like this."

    "Bullshit." I hissed defensively. "You couldn't do shit."

    My sister apparently took this as a challenge because the next thing I know I felt her reach down between us and pull my cock out of my shorts. To her credit she moved so fast I barely had time to think straight much less respond.

    Instead I just lay there like a lummox as she took hold of my manhood and actively rubbed it against her bare-naked sex.

    I actually moaned as McKayla raising her hips slightly to position the head against her slippery opening and teased the head with the threat of intercourse.

    "You know...I totally could." she almost panted softly. "...right now. So easily."

    "You're full of shit." I answered in a trembling tone. "You wouldn't dare. Not with mom right there in the next room."

    But even before I finished the sentence my sister took my breath away and attempted to impale herself with my cock!

    At this point I was so shocked by her behavior I didn't know what to do. On the one hand I was incredibly aroused but on the other I was terrified. I pressed my arms up against her to push her off me but the more I struggled the more she rubbed her sex.

    I did my best to avoid the inevitable but there was only so much I could do.

    After several tense moments of this back-and-forth "tease" the head of my cock finally nestled between her soft wet lips where she massaged it with the tiniest of movements. Now it would take just the smallest of nudges for us to have sex.

    "McKayla...stop." I panted with fear. "What the fuck has gotten into you lately?"

    "Told you I'd win." she smirked defiantly.

    For a girl her age she definitely demonstrated incredible hip control as she gently shifted her body and caressed her slimy vulva over my tool.

    Strangely enough seeing this rebelliousness in her only pissed me off even more so I finally clenched my ass cheeks and inched forward—sinking just the head of my cock into her teen pussy.

    "Just admit it." she began to boast. "You're totally...ooh."

    I grinned evilly as I entered her hot cunt for the very first time. Amusingly enough she wasn't any where as tight as I expected her to be. In fact she was so fucking wet that I appeared to enter her without much effort.

    My sister responded by biting her bottom lip and falling forward to breath into the side of my neck as I now pushed into her teen cookie a little farther and felt her cunt grip me tightly.

    She moved her face in front of mine and again we just stared into each other's eyes as I filled her pussy. Without saying a word we both agreed that we weren't going to stop—with or without our mom standing in the very next room.

    McKayla's eyes remained locked to mine as she finally wiggled her hips from side to side to accommodate my length and gently nestled herself further down my rod.

    "You're not going to win you know." I smugly quipped.

    Neither one of us moved as we lay there embedded together, but my cock twitched inside her and I could feel her pussy squeezing in pulses. At this point both McKayla and I were sweating profusely but unlike me she was blushing red.

    "McKayla!" our mom finally snapped us back to reality as she stepped out into the hallway. "Leave your brother alone."

    Thankfully it was the robe and other clothes strewn around the bed that helped disguise our current circumstances (having sex).

    I then felt a surge of adrenaline shoot up my spine as we heard mom head down the stairs and announce that she had another load of washing she wanted to unpack.

    As soon as we heard her feet hit the tiles downstairs McKayla whipped her hips back and forth and impaled herself promptly—taking my full length all the way inside and fucking me with a renewed passion and intensity I'd never known.

    I responded by reaching down and grabbing two handfuls of her ass. We were both breathing heavily but tried to keep quiet so we could hear mom coming up the stairs.

    Her ass was now slapping against my legs as she rode me harder and harder.

    "Ugh-Fuck. Ugh-God." she grunted softly. "I can't believe you're doing this to me."

    "Huh?" I moaned back in disbelief.

    "You're not going to win." she chanted over and over. "You're not going to win...I won't let you."

    "No?" I moaned again as her ass now slammed down onto my balls.

    "Ugh. Just...Keep going." she pleaded. "Keep going please."

    We knew we didn't have much time to get off as we both tried to rush our orgasms. McKayla began to shake then her body stiffened as I felt her pussy begin to tighten.

    "ohmigod. Kav." she sighed. "ohmigod. Don't stop. Don't you dare stop now."

    Her breathing was erratic and she almost looked pained. Without thinking I jumped into action and abruptly flipped her over onto her back—taking her breath away as I took full-hard strokes.

    "Oh-God." she gasped as I drilled her right there on our parents bed.

    I kept telling myself that mom would be back at any minute and yet I didn't want to rush it as it felt so good. As far as I was concerned this was YEARS in the making.

    "Hurry. Hurry." she panted erotically. "Hurry up before she comes back. Do it. Fuck me Kav."

    When we heard rattling downstairs and realized mom was still preoccupied in the laundry room I pinned my sisters legs back as far as they could go (and being the gymnast that she was) was pretty far.

    With her knees now pinned behind her ears I resumed my deep pounding of her cunt and heard myself moan out loud as my balls smacked loudly against her butthole.

    "Ugh-Fuck." she squealed. "'re hitting my ass Kav. You're gonna make me come."

    Just hearing this tone from her send me over the edge as I smashed her teen cunt for all it was worth.

    "Do it Kav!" she almost cried. "Fuck my tight little cunt!"

    A moment later I finally erupted deep inside her teen minge—filling her womb with rope after rope of hot gooey spunk.

    Fortunately for us it was just in time to hear our mom approach the staircase giving McKayla enough time to vault off the bed and lock herself in the bathroom as my load seeped out of her pussy.

    "Where's your sister?" mom quizzed a minute later.

    "I think she said she's taking another shower."

    "Again?" she whined. "Didn't she just take one?"

    "I dunno." I shrugged. "I think she may have gotten all sweaty just now."

    "Ugh. You two are incredible." mom added. "When are the two of you going to grow up."

    "Err. Never." I grinned. "I hope."

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    i hope there is a part 2 great story as always

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    WOW.. As usual!

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