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Thread: "In The Air Tonight" with Lauren Cohan

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    fanfiction "In The Air Tonight" with Lauren Cohan

    "In The Air Tonight" with Lauren Cohan
    Co-Written by hearsz and mrblonde
    Codes: MF, oral, cunnilingus, dual masturbation, fingering, rimming, doggie, spank, gag, BDSM

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations.
    If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

    "Let me show you to your seat Miss", the air hostess said, walking Lauren Cohan the short journey to her first class seats.

    It had been quite some time since Lauren last had the opportunity to visit her parents, the shooting schedule of ‘The Walking Dead’ as well as numerous small projects kept her busy and she was looking forward to seeing her family again. Usually she travelled back and forth a lot, but over the past three months it had just not been possible.

    Not that she was complaining of course, instead she couldn’t help but feel proud at how her career had really taken off over the last few years. Her role as Maggie Greene had ensured that her name was quite well known in the industry by now, and she recently had managed to even snatch her first starring role in an upcoming horror movie.

    On the contrary, her private life was looking rather sparse. Apart from a couple of short flings, it had been ages since her last real relationship had fallen apart and as of now there wasn’t really a silver lining. Truth be told she felt like her rising fame was putting men off, intimidating them and keeping them from trying to talk to her. She had a number of friends on the set, but she really didn’t want to start a relationship at her place of work. Lauren couldn’t deny that the resulting drought had left her a little tense, but now she looked forward to relaxing at her home in London and get these thoughts out of her head!

    She stored her hand luggage in the overhead compartment, then took her seat, smiling with glee as she stretched her lean legs out and made herself comfortable.

    Once she had sat down and buckled in, Lauren began to relax and told herself to enjoy the twelve hour overnight flight. It was still the early evening here in Los Angeles, so it would be a few hours before she would get some sleep. To pass the time, Lauren had retrieved the novel she had been reading for the last couple of weeks from her carry bag, before she stowed it away.

    Lauren, like a lot of women in the past year, had been intrigued and taken an interest in the book (turned film) "Fifty Shades of Grey". This had led her to reading numerous novels of a similar style. There was something she found wildly entertaining and intriguing about female characters being treated in such a way by the male interest in these kinds of stories.

    Most saw a woman being debased and, at times, humiliated as quite insulting. But it was the sexual exploration that these women go through that awakened something inside them that really got her attention. She had never experienced anything like that with any of the men she had been with previously. Her last boytoy was disgusted when she proposed to him to play out some of the BDSM themed story lines that were in an earlier book she had read. This had turned into several heated arguments, and they soon after broke up for good.

    As the main door was accepting the last few passengers onto the aircraft, Lauren was pleased at the time to find the seat beside her wasn't occupied by anyone. But just as she was anticipating the long journey without someone to talk to, her eyes peered up to see a handsome man making his way towards her. He was the last passenger on the plane and she was silently elated when he stood next to the vacant seat to put his baggage away. He nodded as he sat down beside her. Hearing him speak to a hostess, she deduced that he was American, with short dark hair and broad shoulders, wearing a grey business suit. She would have been lying if she had said she wasn't instantly attracted to him, and had already dismissed the thought of how much better the flight would have been if his seat hadn't been filled.

    For a moment, Lauren wondered if he had recognised her, if he knew who she was. But from the look in his eyes when he had looked at her it didn’t seem like it. She was too nervous to say anything to him. There was the odd smile exchanged as they were served an early dinner. Once the meal was complete and the (free) drinks were being ordered, she was pleasantly surprised when he finally started a conversation with her, about an hour or so into the flight. “Hey!” he said, extending his hand with a charming smile, My name is Josh.."

    Delighted, she shook his hand, returning his smile. “Nice to meet you, Josh. My name is Lauren”.

    Josh chuckled. “I know! I’ve seen your show and I recognised you right away, but I figured if I’d come on to you right away you would think I was some crazy fan and you may have preferred not to talk, so I waited a little while…”

    Lauren giggled. “And here I was, waiting an hour for you to talk to me…” she winked at him before taking a sip from her champagne.

    The two of them made further conversation, getting along great. Josh had noticed the novel she had been reading, sitting in the pocket at the back of the seat in front of her. He seemed to know all about it, being a writer himself. He was quite open to talking about it, particularly specific scenes which she should have been embarrassed about. Yet for some strange reason, Lauren felt comfortable hearing his views on it.

    Without thinking, she had told him that her favourite part was where the girl in the story is persuaded into taking her knickers off in a classy restaurant. The guy she is with sneaks under the table to go down on her, right there in public…
    Josh had asked her if she had ever done anything risqué like that before, for which Lauren replied that she hadn't. She didn't want to tell this guy, whom she had just met, the kind of sexual fantasies that she had been thinking about of late.

    Without her asking him, he mentioned he enjoyed the part where the girl allows the man to treat her as a sexual slave. He felt that deep down all women have these kinds of fantasies, whether they admit to it or not. To Lauren, this was definitely true. She knew that her ‘The Walking Dead’ co-star Emily Kinney, who plays her younger sister Beth, really got off on being spanked, having her hair pulled and being dominated. It was about pushing the boundaries without going that step too far, to get hurt. The blonde, innocent-looking girl couldn’t stop talking about this. Lauren had always envied Emily for having the nerve to go through with it and play out her fantasies.

    Soon they got off the topic, and she found out that Josh was an architect and part-time writer who would be in London for a conference. He would be heading home after a few days. They had a couple of glasses of champagne whilst they tuned into the in-flight movie, some seemingly harmless flirting began between he and Lauren, no doubt helped by the alcohol and the high altitude.

    When the lights in the cabin were dimmed, Josh accidentally put his hand upon Lauren’s which was on the arm rest in between them, making her laugh at his apologetic reaction. She surprised herself when she told him it was no bother, and that she didn't mind. Lauren wondered if he noticed the drunken desire in her eyes, as she made it obvious that she was into him. But then she reminded herself that they were on a plane, with quite a number of passengers around them who were trying to get some sleep.

    Lauren was tired too, but not ready to sleep just yet, as she was really enjoying the film they had been watching thus far. Being quite bold, Josh asked her if she would like to share his blanket. Disguising her joy at his suggestion, Lauren calmly accepted, feeling all tingly inside as he flung half of the thick woolen sheet over her.

    As they both pretended to be engrossed in the movie playing before them, it wasn't long before their legs and arms were rubbing up against one another. Lauren hadn't felt this kind of feeling since she was a teenager, the moment reminding her of a first date that she once had with a guy who took her to the movies. He sneakily did the same thing as Josh, mainly because he wanted to put his arm around her in order to get even closer.

    This turned her on greatly and slowly but surely they begin making out, right there in their first class seats. To begin with, Lauren believed that was all it was going to be, even allowing him to softly run a hand over her braless breast, feeling the stiffening nipple underneath. But suddenly he decided to turns things up a notch, his lips trailing a path towards her jawbone. As Josh began kissing around her ear, he whispered, "Wanna play a game?"

    Even though Lauren knew his suggestion could be a risky one, given she had no idea what she would be agreeing to, she was still eager to find out what he had in mind. So she nodded, biting her full bottom lip and looking at him as she awaited the details for this 'game' of his.

    "We each take turns touching the other person, anywhere other than their private parts. First one to break that rule loses, and the winner gets a special prize. I'll let you know what that is, when it's over. I'll go first".

    Her eyes scanned down at the movement of his hands underneath the shared blanket. Josh rested it upon her thigh, running it back and forth to gauge her reaction. "The Walking Dead" actress tensed a little, but enticed him further by moving her knees apart. He took the hint, soon running his fingers along the inside of her thigh, and underneath her skirt. Due to her intoxication, the actress was quite non-reluctant to what he was doing, even though somewhere in the back of her mind she could hear herself telling him to stop. But he continued, caressing the soft skin of her inner thighs with gentle fingers while his eyes were affixed on hers. He tantalizingly ran the tips of his digits up her leg and along the borders of her silk panties, making sure not to touch her where she wanted it most. Lauren felt her pussy becoming increasingly wetter at his skillful teasing.

    "Take them off", he requested.

    The brunette actress swallowed but without hesitating she obliged, hooking her fingers into the waistband of her white knickers and slid them down, letting them drop down to her ankles and revealing her neatly groomed pussy to him. For a moment she thought he was going to break the rules early. His hand gently lingered along the small patch of short pubic hair at the top of her slit, and painfully close to her labia. Lauren’s big green eyes widened and she held in a moan, wanting to feel his touch in between her moistened lips. But to her dismay, his hand retreated from her moistened folds and the horny woman let out a frustrated sigh.

    "Your turn", he whispered.

    Lauren closed her legs, giving him a disappointed glare as she straightened herself up, realising she had slid down in her seat slightly. Looking around, she carefully scanned the cabin, checking to see if anyone had been watching. Nothing as yet... Licking her lips she mustered up her courage and reached over to put her hand on his waist, his shirt pulled up slightly so she was caressing his well-defined, uncovered stomach.

    Her fingers travelled down lower, expecting to feel the belt at the top of his pants. But the more her hand descended, the more of his warm skin she found she was touching, until she felt some even softer skin graze her wrist. That was the point when Lauren realized he had removed his trousers and underwear, and she could vaguely make out the hard naked bulge through the blanket.

    She was about to withdraw her arm from underneath, but it was too late. Josh had grabbed her by the wrist, opened up her palm and wrapped her French-manicured fingers around his turgid member. She could feel it throb in her hand, his thick warm shaft was incredibly stiff, and Lauren couldn't help but automatically begin stroking him just to see his reaction.

    “You tricked me!” she whispered but he just grinned in response.

    By this time, the game was over, and Lauren was in control for now. She massaged the spongy tip with her thumb and forefinger, feeling some precum exit his slit. She smeared the head with it, the warm juice allowing her to jerk him more slickly. She wanted to make him cum, so she wanked his penis more firmly, and could feel him thrust upwards, fucking the two fingers that were curled up in a hole like shape around him.

    But before Lauren could get him even close to climax, she jumped slightly when she felt his hand resting upon her naked thigh, slipping down to touch her in between her legs.

    “S… stop… we shouldn’t…” she told him softly but unconvincingly, “I… I don’t think this is a good idea!” Her grip on his shaft loosened and her eyes turned away from him.

    “Shhhhh..." Josh grinned, leaning in close, “Come on, Lauren.. You know you want this. You know you want my finger inside you, to play with your wet pussy and make you cum right here like a slut! Just like in your dirty little books, just like you fantasized!”

    She knew he was right, and the look in her eyes told him that he was fine to proceed.
    Lauren’s breath hitched and her eyes closed as Josh’s fingertips grazed across the slimy lips of her pussy, “You want a man to take control, to do with you as he pleases, just like the girl in your book". He gently nibbled on the side of her neck. "Don't you want to be like her, to feel what she felt? To experience her desire for sexual exploration?" he asked, softly rubbing the soft flesh of her pubic mound and nuzzling his nose and lips against the side of her face, his voice a seductive whisper in her ear.

    This man knew how to get to her. He knew her weaknesses, her fantasies; the things Lauren would normally not dare to try but secretly wished she had. The things Emily did that made Lauren envy her younger friend.
    She may have been a fairly well known celebrity, but Josh knew deep down she was no different to the many women who has taken an interest in the kind of books Lauren had been reading of late.
    For him, it was all about building things up until she would give in to inner most desires, and allow him to take control of her completely aroused body.

    She placed her spare hand upon his, which was making small circles over the soft skin above her pussy. She parted her thighs and, looking at him with wide eyes, she rested his hand upon her smooth bare cunt.

    Taking a hold again of his stiff cock, she started to move her hand along its length slowly. At the same time, Josh was tenderly caressing her swollen lips, gently teasing her slit, and getting it even more lubricated with his finger play. He found Lauren’s engorged clitoris, rubbing at the sensitive button that triggered a rush of excitement in her loins. When he finally pushed one of his digits inside her velvety opening, she had to quickly bite into a pillow to stop anyone hearing her shriek-like gasp.

    Her hand was gripping his cock tightly but she couldn't even focus on stroking it now that he had two fingers prodding inside of her. She clenched her thighs together as his middle and index finger prodded quite effortlessly in and out of her loosening hole. Mutual masturbation had been something she had done with previous partners, but nothing quite like this before. She stared at him with wide, excited eyes, as they worked their hands at each other's most sensual regions.

    Then, without any notice, Josh slipped his wet fingers out of her, making her feel very empty all of a sudden. She almost wanted to beg him to keep going, but she realized he had other ideas.

    “Don’t move!” he whispered an order.

    Lauren obeyed, trusting his intentions which were unknown to her. She was stunned beyond belief when he slid down onto the floor, on his knees, and dipped his head under the blanket that was covering the two of them.

    "What are you doing??" she whispered urgently, looking around in panic to check if anyone else had noticed what they were doing. But still, the passengers around them seemed oblivious to what was going on.

    Lauren watched in complete shock at the movement of his head underneath the blanket. Before she could say another word she felt him grab her panties, which were still around her ankles, and swiftly pull them off of her. Then she gasped out loud as she felt Josh roughly grab her naked thighs and pushed them up and obscenely wide apart, pulling her to the edge of her seat and spreading her wet and wanton pussy open for him. By now her skirt was bunched up around her hips, over her ass, leaving her lower body completely naked aside from her high heels. Lauren was in two minds now, unsure if she should let him continue, or to tell him to stop. But she feared that by doing the latter, it would only cause a scene that would give away what they were doing.

    Lauren knew she wouldn't be able to handle the embarrassment of being caught engaging in a sexual act with a complete stranger, not to mention her current celebrity status. So she let him continue, her hands gripping the armrests tight and her eyes darting around the cabin, watching out for any sign that they were spotted whilst Josh positioned himself inches away from her crotch.

    For a few seconds he didn't move. All Lauren could feel were his hands holding her thighs apart and his warm breath upon her exposed vagina. Then she quickly had to cover her mouth when she felt his soft tongue lick the whole length of her slit, from her petite asshole to her small, pearl-like clit, while his hands tenderly squeezed and caressed her spread legs. She gasped when she felt Josh run his lips over her labia and flicked his tongue over her clitoris, her inner thighs now rubbing each side of his shaven face.

    The actress realized how similar this was to what the main character experienced in the novel she had nearly finished reading. They were playing out her favorite scene, the part where the guy goes down on her from underneath a table in a quite expensive restaurant, with several people around them present.

    This had become her favorite fantasy of late, and Josh was exemplary in his portrayal of the guy in the book. She had to moan into the pillow again when she felt his tongue flicker along her sensitive folds, then two of his fingers spread her slimy labia apart, opening her pink little pussy up for him. She bit her lip as his nimble tongue danced over her sensitive flesh, teasing her hot cunt with his skillful technique. She mouthed a soundless “FUCK!” when Josh surprised her by using two more fingers, sinking them in her velvety pussy and quickly finding her rubbery g-spot.

    Her fingernails dug into the arm rests and she had a hard time not to thrash her limbs around as the man between her legs fingered her most sensitive spot while his lips latched onto her clit. Her hips bucked against his face like they had a mind of their own, eagerly chasing towards release as she rode his face. Lauren dug her heels into the carpeted floor, trying desperately to keep her hips as still as possible.

    She grabbed her pillow with both hands and pressed it firmly on her mouth as her inner walls contracted and she felt herself climax. This was to not give away to anyone in the cabin that the American stranger had just performed oral sex on her and made her cum.

    After Josh had returned to his seat and she had taken a few minutes to come down from that exhilarating high, Lauren turned towards him. “C… can I have my knickers back?”

    Josh grinned, lifting the black silk garment for her to see. “Nope”, he simply said and pushed them into his pocket.

    Lauren was surprised, but didn’t dare to discuss this further, still afraid she might make a scene. Groggily she tried to stand up. Without another word to him, without even daring to look at him, she pulled her skirt back down over her bare ass and made her way to the lavatory. Fortunately, it seemed as though everyone in our cabin had slept through the entire time Josh had spent on his knees with his face buried in between her succulent thighs, giving her the most intense sexual experience of her life.

    The model-turned-actress couldn't contain her glee, a wide grin spreading across her beautiful face as she made her way through the aisle. Sure it was wrong, it was naughty. But the thought of allowing a complete stranger to perform such a lewd act whilst surrounded by unsuspecting others, sent a great chill up and down her spine. Entering the toilet, Lauren checked her reflection in the cabin’s mirror. Her wavy, brunette hair was somewhat disheveled and her face flushed a deep red, giving her a very obvious 'just shagged' kind of look. Quickly she turned to close the door, only to find some resistance.

    Lauren gasped in surprise when Josh forced his way into the cubicle with her, swiftly covering her mouth with a hand to muffle any kind of obscenities she may had intended to shout out. He placed his index finger against his mouth, signaling for her to keep quiet. Lauren, without a thought, nodded, bending to his will, seeing the sexual desire in his eyes, not to mention the straining erection that tented his grey slacks.

    She stared at him wide-eyed as he took his hand away from her mouth. He hastily closed the door and locked it before he turned back towards her and wildly mashed his lips against hers. Lauren moaned audibly and softly grabbed the back of his head as they began making out anew, her back pressed up against one wall in the confined space. Soon she felt him reach down and grab her ass, giving her tight cheeks an appreciative squeeze before he hoisted her up onto the edge of the bathroom sink.

    The kisses were becoming more forceful but still passionate, Josh massaging her tongue with his, whilst she wrapped her long legs around his waist, her skirt once again riding up her thighs again to reveal her bald pussy. He deftly unbuttoned her top to expose her breasts, and so he could look downwards to see her small, perky tits, her brown nipples jutting stiffly with excitement.

    “Oh yes!” Lauren couldn’t help but cry out when he attacked her swan-like neck with his greedy lips, Josh' tender licks and kisses making her quite aroused and she felt her pussy juices flow again as she began grinding her naked cunt against his taut stomach.

    "Time for my prize Miss Cohan..Get down there you little slut!”, he demanded. With a firm grip, Josh moved her from the sink bench and pushed her down by the shoulders so Lauren was now sitting on top of the seat of the toilet, her gorgeous face now level with the hard bulge in between his legs.

    She knew what was expected of her and she looked up at him with big, submissive eyes. Without hesitation, Josh unbuckled his belt, and slid down his grey business pants, his steely shaft bouncing out, bobbing inches away from her soft lips. Lauren was more than impressed with his rigid member as she was able to inspect it up close for the first time, and she savored the sharp grunts he made when she grabbed his cock, and started to caress the spongy tip with her delicate fingers.

    His cock twitched in her hand when she slowly jerked him, Josh breathing in deeply as the cold air swirled around his uncovered manhood. “Oh suck it you hot little bitch!” he ordered, his voice a primal growl.

    He let out a deep guttural moan when Lauren stuck out her small, pink tongue and lightly licked the slit of his penis, before she closed her soft lips around the mushroom-shaped head and applied a firm suction whilst gently cupping his sensitive balls. Slowly she began to bob her head back and forth, gradually taking more and more of his cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around his head as she proceeded to blow him.

    The businessman was clearly enjoying her oral skills and Lauren was caught up in her submissive role so much so that she willingly allowed him to use her face like a sex toy. Grabbing a fistful of her hair, Josh pulled his shaft from out of her mouth and slapped it against her forehead, nose and cheeks, before pushing it back past her lips and poking the head against the inside of her left cheek, making it bulge.

    She let him control the action completely now and he treated her like a device for his own pleasure. He held her head in position by grabbing the top of her skull in one hand and her chin tightly in the other so she couldn't move. Lauren looked up at him as he rhythmically ploughed in and out of her mouth, her lips tightly sealed around him, the tip of his shaft going in deep enough at times so she could feel him hit the back of her throat. She gagged a little, but despite that she was completely focused on her breathing while he hissed a steady stream of insults down at her, “Oh yeah… take that, you little actress whore… Take all of my cock you cum loving slut…”

    Lauren moaned as Josh pulled her head forward to force more of his dick into her mouth. She desperately wanted to make him cum, just like he did for her. He grunted when he felt her tongue flickering against his sawing length whilst he prodded it along her lips, drool now starting to seep out of her mouth, smearing his shaft and her chin. But instead of climaxing right there and then, Josh had only just begun. Soon she understood his main intentions for following her in here. Lauren Cohan realized she was about to become a member of the Mile High Club!

    “Come here you horny little tramp!”

    She coughed as he dislodged his cock from her mouth, sucking in some deep breaths before she was able to continue. Josh took her hands and pulled her up to her feet, soon spinning her around so her back was now facing him. Her eyes wandered all over the place as she anxiously awaited what his next move was. She felt his hand tracing her slim hips and caressing the back of her legs, trailing his fingers upwards. He brought the material covering her ass up with it, hiking up her skirt until it pooled around her waist again.

    His hand pushed between her shoulder blades, bending her over. Her naked derrière was now in a presentable position, her head resting against the cool, smooth surface of the mirror and her eyes closed when she felt Josh run his digits along her firm backside Josh revelled in the sight of a Hollywood actress, bent over, presenting her bare naked behind before him. He stroked his cock as he eyed the back of her tasty long legs, looking all the more sexy in just a pair of heels.
    Lauren's mouth hung agape when he reached down lower and in between her legs, pushing the tips of two fingers lightly against her pink sex.

    “Oh god!” Lauren whimpered as he felt how wet she was. The riskiness of the situation made her want this as much as he did. She had never been so daring in her entire life. More than anything she wanted this stranger to hold her, kiss her, touch her and fuck her until she could take no more.

    Before the starlet knew it, he was directly behind her. With a hand on her hip, he took a hold of his stiff meat, rubbing the tip against her tender, slimy labia a few times to further lubricate his cock head. Once in position, she cried out when Josh eagerly but painfully drove his hard maleness into her from behind, sliding a few inches into her tight fitting orifice. Lauren was fortunately still wet enough to accommodate his thick girth, incredibly turned on from the heat and passion of the entire experience.

    Her face was pressed up against the mirror, the man holding the back of her neck to further show nothing had changed, he was still in complete control. He squeezed her naked breast, pinching at one of her erect nipples as he thrusted almost his entire cock inside of her. Lauren could faintly hear his balls smack against her clit, Josh's groin pressing against her pale white buttocks now that her cunt was completely impaled upon him.

    Due to her persistent moaning and groaning, which was a bit too loud for his liking, the American man took Lauren’s panties from his pocket, and reached around to push them into her mouth, using them as a gag to stifle her panting, and once they were in place he started to slam into her even harder than before.

    Knowing he could do just about anything to the helpless starlet now that her moaning was suppressed, he began spanking her, never ceasing his deep thrusts and relishing the sight of Lauren’s ass cheeks rippling. The force of Josh railing into her from behind caused both sides of the cubicle to thud each time they moved back and forth.

    “Take it, bitch!”

    Lauren gasped as she felt Josh’s hand firmly grasp her buttock and spread her ass crack open, revealing her puckered little anus to his gaze. As he looked deep into her eyes via the mirrors reflection, he let a finger sneak it's way into her crack, lightly probing at her tiny, pink sphincter. “I should fuck you in the ass right here like the dirty slut that you are!” he growled.

    Lauren stared back at him with wide eyes, moaning helplessly into her gag. To her relief Josh pulled his finger back and instead gave her rippling buttock another stinging spank.

    He grabbed her long hair into a bundle, yanking it so he could shorten the distance between them when he began pounding into her with quick stabs. Josh reached around her, his free hand squeezing her firm, jiggling breast. As he leaned in close, Lauren could feel his warm breath against her ear, and some of his drips of sweat falling onto the back of her exposed shoulder.

    He was now grinding his thighs against her backside tightly, causing her to push back and gyrate her hips. Lauren couldn't help but touch herself, feeling his organ plough deep inside, whilst she feverishly rubbed at her sensitive clitoris.

    “Tell me you’re a whore!” Josh grunted, “Tell me you’re a fucking whore who gets off by being fucked by strangers!”

    Lauren looked at his reflection with big eyes. Deep down she didn’t really think she was, but she heard herself reply.
    “Aam a mmooah!” she mumbled through the fine silk material of her panties, giving him an apologetic look for her contained rambling. Josh was desperate to hear those words as clear as day, so he groaned and temporarily removed her makeshift gag.

    "Say it", he commanded, holding the back of her neck tightly as he slowed down his thrusts.

    "I'm a whore Josh. I love letting random men fuck me in public places and treating me like a slut."

    That seemed to set him off again. Stuffing her underwear back in her mouth, the inspired American man ploughed his meaty staff harder and harder inside Lauren, causing her to cry out loud, the slapping noises of his groin against her ass filling the cabin. He didn't seem to care if anyone outside heard, as Lauren’s muffled wails for him to go 'harder' were pushing them both towards an orgasmic crescendo.

    Lauren felt her own juices begin to trickle down her thighs and her inner vaginal walls begin to contract, which in turn made Josh groan at the feeling of her contracting pussy around his pulsating member. When he knew he was close Josh removed his penis from her sopping hole, jerking it frantically so his warm semen splattered over her flushed, trembling buttocks. “Grrrr, you fucking bitch, uhhhh!” he hissed as he came.

    “Ohmwow…” Lauren’s stomach flattened and hollowed as she tried to catch her breath, feeling the last drops of his cum spurt upon her lower back. Spent, Josh stumbled backwards, his eyes gazing upon Lauren’s trembling, cum-splattered buttocks, her tiny asshole peeking out shyly in between, and finally down to her reddened, juice-soaked pussy lips.

    With her heavy breathing subsiding, she slowly pulled herself upright, watching Josh's reflection in the mirror as he tucked his semi-hard penis back into his pants. Without a word, he exited the cubicle and closed the door.

    Once she had used some toilet paper to clean the gooey mess he had left all over her ass and back, Lauren took her spit-soaked knickers out of her mouth and dropped them into the trashcan, then she sat down to use the toilet. It also gave her time to take in what had just happened over the past hour or so. She came to the realization that despite being somewhat used and degraded by this man, she had thoroughly enjoyed it. It wasn't just the thrill or the risk of being caught in a public place. Or even the sheer naughtiness of it all: What made her love it so much was because it was the kind of scene she had fantasized about from the time she had finished reading her very first BDSM-themed novel. Even despite the many fantasies she had had about performing and taking part in this kind of act, Lauren had never thought she would have it in her to go through with it.

    Nervously, the actress made her way back to her seat, kind of half expecting someone from the cabin crew to question her about the noises that were coming from the bathroom. But to her great fortune, Lauren was able to return to first class without being approached by any of the airline staff.

    She was unable to look Josh in the eyes when she sat down and re-buckled herself into her seat. They didn't say a word to each other, almost acting as though the whole thing never took place. Lauren was sure he was just as paranoid as she was, thinking that surely someone had seen or had known what they were doing all this time. She put her headphones on, wanting her mind to be distracted by something other than the man seated next to her. Soon she was asleep, in a bliss-like state.

    "Miss? Miss?" the hostess called, awaking Lauren from her slumber. She woke to find the cabin nearly completely empty, soon realising that they had arrived in London. The alcohol she had consumed, not to mention the events that had taken place last night had really knocked her out.

    Lauren knew that Josh would have been long gone by now, and it was unlikely she would see him in the airport. The brunette grabbed her hand luggage from the overhead compartment, and somewhat embarrassed, made her way off of the plane. She felt a bit of despair as she exited one of Heathrow Airport's terminals, believing that there could have been more to what happened with between her and Josh on the plane overnight.

    It was still early morning as she stepped outside into the cool London air. Her parents were waiting for her at home. Hailing a cab, Lauren sat in the back seat, thinking about all the pleasurable sensations this American stranger had made her feel from deep within. It was unlike anything she had ever felt before. As the taxi began its route towards her parents’ house, she decided to start reading the last chapter of her novel. Opening it up, a business card fell out of the book and onto the floor of the cab. Intrigued, Lauren saw the name of her first class male companion on the front, and on the back, there was a message written on it,

    "I'm in London for a few days, give me a call if you're interested in meeting up for a little more, "exploration..."

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    Wow, just wow... that was a great story hearsz, I really enjoyed reading it.

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    Brilliant story Hearsz! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it from start to finish! You also made Lauren Cohen jump right up on my list so job well done! :thumbsup:

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    Considering how you mentioned her I would like to see a story about Emily being naughty.

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