When Alyson and I wake up again, we start talking about ourselves, our families, and stuff like that.

"Well, I have two sisters, but they're both back in New York," I tell her. "What about you?"

"Well, I have a sister, Amanda, and everyone calls her AJ. She and I are singers. She's really nice, and very pretty," Alyson says. "She always gets hit on by boys, even though she just turned 18."

"Are you two part of a band? What kind of music do you sing?" I ask her.

"We're called Aly and AJ. We sing all kinds of stuff," she replies. "I'm Aly, obviously, and Amanda is AJ. We're kind of popular, but she and I haven't done any serious recording or singing in a couple of years. I've gotten into fashion design, and Amanda is going to start college. She's not sure what she wants to study, but she'll probably be busy."

"Is she going to live on campus, or here still?" I ask her, as I gently start stroking her inner thighs, my hand rubbing lightly over her pussy. She starts moaning a little, so I start nibbling on her neck. "So, where is she going to live?" I ask again.

"She'll live at home, with me. She's like my best friend," Alyson pants out. "Oh, God, don't stop, that feels sooooo good."

"You like this, huh?" I ask her, still rubbing her pussy. I then insert two of my fingers and start finger-fucking her, causing her to start trembling a little bit and moaning. I don't want to tease her entirely, so I stop nibbling on her neck and proceed to suck on her breasts, making sure I flick my tongue over her nipples. When she's squirming because of my finger fucking her, I withdraw my fingers, push her down on the bed, get on top of her and tease her by only rubbing my dick on her pussy lips.

"Please, just fuck me," she says to me. "I need you to fuck me hard, right NOW!" she yells.

"I'm sorry, I didn't catch that last part," I tell her, with an innocent look on my face. "What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to FUCK ME! I want you to shove your dick into me as hard as you can!" she tells me, getting kind of mad at me. She tries to lift her hips to get me inside of her, so, since I can see how much she wants me, and being the nice guy that I am, I shove my cock deep inside of her. As soon as I do this, she gasps loudly, grabs my back and wraps her legs around me, so that I can't get out and thrusts her hips forward when I do, to make sure I really get deep in her. After a couple minutes she grabs my back tightly, tightens her legs' grip on me and shudders as she cums.

"Well, well, it seems you are a frisky girl, having orgasms and all that," I tell her. "But, now I want to get off, so…" With that, I pull out of her and tell her to get on her hands and knees.

"No, don't put it in my ass," she tells me, a worried look on her face. "My ass still hurts from when we did it."

"It's okay, I didn't want anal. I wanted to fuck you doggy style," I tell her. I position myself behind her, and shove my dick in her again. I can feel her really getting wet and hot, so I increase the pace of my thrusting. "Oh, shit," I say, as I feel my balls start to tighten up, "I'm cumming, I'm really close to cumming," I tell her. As I start cumming inside her, I can feel her having another orgasm as well. "Holy shit, are you having another orgasm?" I ask her. "Man, you must really be hot for me. I'm just gonna have to keep fucking you, since you keep having all these orgasms." I tell her.

"OH MY GOD!" I hear somebody say that, so Alyson and I turn and look at the person who just said this.

Damn, I think to myself. About 5'6, willowy blonde hair, with a nice body, standing just inside the doorway. I wonder who that is.

"Aly! What are you doing?" she yells at us, and runs away.

"Amanda, wait," Alyson yells back. "Just wait. Let me explain!" She tries to get up to go after her, but I'm still partially lying on her. "Brian, get up," she says. "I have to go talk to my sister."

"Sister? That was your sister Amanda?" I ask her. Nice, I think to myself, very nice. I wonder definitely fuck her.

"I have to go talk to her," Alyson says.

"Maybe you should put some clothes on first," I tell her. "Explaining what we were doing to your sister might go better if you're not naked, covered in sweat from our fucking," I reply to her.

"Don't say that. It makes it sound disgusting," she says back to me, getting very very mad. "I shouldn't have done this, I can't believe I did this, what will everyone think about me." As she keeps saying this, I start getting a little annoyed.

"What do you mean, you shouldn't have done this? This happened to be a lot of fun, in case you forget. Fun for the both of us. And don't worry about what other people will think, or even what your sister will think. You didn't have sex with me for them, you did it for you. And for me," I add as an afterthought. As Alyson throws on that sexy robe she wore the first night I got here (could that really only have been about a day ago? I think to myself), I get up, go over to her, grab her by the shoulders and kiss her gently. As I break the kiss, I look into her beautiful dark green eyes, I say to her "You are a beautiful, intelligent woman, and after knowing you for such a short time, I can see that you are very special. Don't worry about your sister. Just go talk to her, girl to girl, sister to sister, however. I'll leave the two of you alone so you can talk."


"Amanda, wait, please, let's talk," Alyson says, going to her sister who's on the couch.

"Talk about what? The fact that my sister was screwing some guy on her bed, that she has been screwing him, and even let him screw you in the ass? What's that about?" Amanda asks, slightly disgusted by that. "Well? Are you going to say something now?"

"Okay, AJ, yes, we had sex. A few times. And I did have anal with him. But, I really like him, he's a really nice guy. He's going to be a teacher around here. Physics and math. He's really smart. You'd like him, if you gave him a chance."

"He's going to be a teacher? How long has he been here in California? How long have you two known each other?"

"He's only been here a couple of days. I met him the other day, when we bumped into each other. We talked for a few minutes, then I invited him over for dinner, and we just, I don't know, he was so nice, and charming, and funny and handsome and sexy, I just had to sleep with him," she manages to get out, since she's close to tears. "And he was so good, I had so many orgasms, and he was so sweet, that we stayed in bed and had sex all day," she's crying now, "that I just, I don't know, I really like him, and we had such great sex, and you must think I'm some slut or something, and…" she's crying so hard now, her sister couldn't make out what she said.

"Oh, Aly, I don't think you're a slut," Amanda says as she wraps Alyson in a hug. "It's okay, Aly, I still love you, you're still my big sister and still my best friend. It's just, well, it was a surprise to see you having sex with someone, especially since you're so, well, not really into sex. I mean, you never really seemed to want to have any kind of sex with anyone, except for that one boyfriend of yours you told me about."

"I know, I just think you should only have sex with someone you really care about," Alyson replies back. "And Brian, I know I just met him, but I feel about him something I've never felt about anyone before. I think it's more because he's a real man, not someone trying to be a man. And you should see him, he is SO cute, and he's unbelievable in bed."

"Really? Jeez, I wish that I could find some guy like that. I've only had sex with one guy before, and he was so clumsy and bad that it was, well, let's just say I wish I could be with someone that knew how to please a woman," Amanda says.

"Well, you could…" Alyson trails off.

"I could, what?" Amanda says.

"Well, Brian and I have had sex a lot the past couple days, but I think, if I talk to him about this, he would have sex with you, if you wanted to. I mean, you just said you wish you could have someone please you and not themselves, and he would. Please you, not just himself, I mean," Alyson says. "He is a guy, after all, I don't think he's going to say no to having sex with some girl as beautiful as you."

"Ohhh, thanks Aly," Amanda says, getting all excited about having sex with someone that will give her an orgasm. "But, won't he be tired or anything? If you and him just had a lot of sex, wont' he be, like, worn out?"

"Don't worry, he'll still be able to go on for a while. And besides," Aly says with a mischievous little smile, "that just means he'll last longer since it'll take him a longer time to get off himself. Why don't we go talk to him."


Well, regardless to say, when they told me what they wanted me to do, my first thought was, Are you freakin kidding me? Like I'm gonna turn down something like this. But then I thought, What if it's a trick? "What if it's a trick?" I ask them. "You know, something to see if I really do this, you get mad at me and kick me out, or something?"

"Don't worry, baby, it's no trick. This is my gift for my little sister," Alyson replies, as she gently pushes me onto the bed. "This is something AJ needs, really bad too," she says. "Do this for me, then, okay? She's had sex with one other guy before, it wasn't that good, and she didn't like the feel of the condom inside her. So, please, for me?" she asks me, doing those sad eyes look she can do.

"Okay, for you, because I feel sorry for your sister, but I like YOU, and don't want you to get uncomfortable."

"It's okay, if I do, I'll go wait outside, but I don't think I will," Alyson says.

"Okay, c'mere AJ," I tell her. "Are you nervous?"

"A little, I suppose. You're pretty big, and that guy I was with was only like four inches, so won't it hurt when you're inside me?"

"It may feel a little uncomfortable, but trust me, you'll love it," Aly says to AJ. "Don't worry, just relax and enjoy it."

With that, I get up, draw Amanda in close to me, and kiss her forcefully and passionately. I take my hand and gently run it over her pussy, trying to excite her just a bit, but she was already so wet that I didn't have to do much. She practically melts in my arms, so I lay her on the bed, and bend down over her and start sucking on her breasts, eliciting moans of pleasure from her. "Like that, huh?" I ask her. Her only response is another moan, so I lick my way down to her pussy and start licking all around it. I lick the inside of her things, her pussy, I suck on her clit, I stick my tongue in as far as it will go in her pussy, lapping up all her juices. She grabs my head and starts writhing around on the bed, moaning my name, telling me to keep going. So, I keep going. All of a sudden, she digs her fingers into my head and starts cumming, her sweet nectar gushing out, which I try to lap up as much as I can.

"Holy shit," AJ pants, out of breath, "that was fucking awesome! I've never cum like that before."

"I know," I tell her as I start kissing my way back up her body, pausing to kiss each of her tits and suck her nipples for a few seconds, "you were so wet, you must be horny."

"I am, I really am," she tells me, "so, could you please, umm, you know?"

Normally, I would ask "Could I please, what?" and pretend to not know what she wants, but I can tell this is a little weird for her, so I don't push it. I just arrange myself so I can have easy access, and I spread her legs apart. I see a bit of fear and apprehension in her eyes, so I kiss her and tell her to relax, and to enjoy this. I kiss her once more, and rub my dick around her pussy, then slowly start to get inside her. I can feel how tight she is, and have a little trouble getting in more, in spite of how wet she is, so I just stay where I am, and start lightly thrusting, every five or six thrusts trying to get a tiny bit deeper inside of her. She tries to thrust her hips to try to establish a rhythm with me, so I slow down to make it easier for her. When she can, I tell her that I'm going to go a little bit faster, and to relax, so I can get more inside of her.

"Okay, I'll try," she tells me, "but you're so big, it hurts a little. But it also feels soooo good, that I'm so full and I love it!" she says.

"See, this is fun, huh, once you're with someone who knows what he's doing," Alyson says as she comes around us to watch.

I lean down and kiss Amanda, which she returns passionately. She wraps her arms around my neck, and begs me to "fuck me faster, oh, please, fuck me faster." I'm only too happy to oblige, so I pick up the pace of my thrusting, and after a minute or two more I'm fully inside her, and it feels great. She's so wet and tight that I'm in heaven. Not that her sister wasn't, I think to myself, her sister was even tighter, since she was a virgin. But this is fucking awesome. I'm hammering away at Amanda now, and she's loving it, moaning in ecstasy. Beside us on the bed, her sister is fingering herself, rubbing her clit with one hand and two fingers on her other hand in her pussy. As Amanda starts tensing up, I see Aly having her own orgasm, mouth hanging open in a silent scream of pleasure, eyes closed shut tight. Amanda'll be cumming soon, I think to myself and sure enough, in another few seconds, her pussy tightens and she has a massive orgasm. She lets out a weird scream and starts yelling, telling me not to stop. So, I keep fucking her, until I feel myself cumming, blowing two huge loads into her, and another two little ones.

"Oh my god, that was awesome! That was unbelieveable," she says to no one in particular. "I can't believe that you're that good," she says to me.

"Believe it, baby," I tell her cockily. "I am that good," I say as I pull out of her and lay down next to her. Alyson comes up and lays down kind of on top of me and kisses me. "I told you he's really good, little sis," Aly tells her, snuggling up to me.

"Aly, even though you two are going to be a couple, could I still, you know, with him?" she asks.

"That's up to Brian, but I don't have a problem with it," Alyson answers. "In fact, I was going to offer to him to live with us, since you're going to be going to college and he'll need a place to stay anyway. What do you think?"

"Sure, I'd love that," I tell her. "And I don't have a problem sleeping with your sister, baby. I'm sure the three of us are going to have a lot of fun the next few years."