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Thread: "Pool Party" with Olivia Holt and Bella Thorne

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    fanfiction "Pool Party" with Olivia Holt and Bella Thorne

    Pool Party
    With Olivia Holt and Bella Thorne
    Written by TPG
    Codes: MF, drunk, voy
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    When Olivia asked if she could invite over a few of her closest friends for an impromptu "pool party" I wasn't particularly keen on the idea.

    After all who wanted a bunch of screaming teenagers making noise at all hours of the day. Still. Judging from the expression on her face I knew that if I refused her birthday wish she'd most likely be heartbroken, so I reluctantly agreed.

    Unfortunately for me the party also coincided with my wife's trip to Tennessee compelling me to be the sole guardian for the weekend. This of course almost made me change my mind over the entire affair but it was now too late to back out.

    "Listen." I ultimately asserted. "You can invite as many people as you want, but no boys are allowed. Agreed?"

    To my surprise Olivia concurred.

    The very next morning Liv was up early getting things ready for the party. I offered to drive her to the grocery store before we got home and I went out to clean the pool to make sure everything was ready. By late afternoon her friends began to arrive.

    Truth be told I knew a few of her friends by name, while others looked vaguely familiar, and several of her guests I'd never seen before. I stayed in my den for the most part and watched TV when Olivia popped her head in the door a few hours later.

    "Daddy. We need your help." she said. "We can't get the barbecue started."

    I let out a big sigh and got up from my chair and followed her outside. It took next to no time to fire up the grill so I piled on the beef and played the role of chef.

    Within seconds Olivia was nowhere to be found while several half naked bodies emerged from the house and headed for the pool. I don't mind admitting that my eyes almost bugged out of my head as they all appeared to be dressed in the skimpiest bikini's possible.

    After a while I noticed that every now and then two or three of the girls would head into the house for a few minutes and then return. At first I assumed they were using the bathroom but it seemed the ladies were now taking turns every fifteen minutes.

    This peaked my interest and about five minutes after my daughter and her friend Bella went inside I followed them.

    I didn't see anyone as I entered the living room. The house was silent until I heard giggling coming from my den. I walked quietly to the door and peered inside only to find the girls downing shots from my private stock of Tequila.

    From the looks of things the girls had been drinking for a fair while. The bottle had been previously unopened but was now almost empty.

    My first thought was to barge in and give them hell. But then I figured it was my own fault for leaving the bottle out in the open and decided that why should an old prude like me spoil their fun.

    My only concern now was if one of them decided to go for a drive later.

    "Just so we're clear." I announced my presents. "I'll be confiscating everyone's car keys."

    To my amusement my appearance startled them both.

    In fact Bella had been bringing a shot up to her lips and spilled the liquor all over herself at the sound of my voice. I let them panic for a minute before I repeated myself.

    "Did you hear me?" I directed at my bikini-clad daughter. "I want everyone's keys on my desk or the party stops now."

    Bella was the first to respond.

    "So...if we give you our keys you won't stop us from drinking?" she posed.

    "Just as long as you don't leave the house. Sure." I reasoned. "Why not."


    "...and you have to promise not tell her mother."

    Amusingly enough the two teens almost ran over me!

    Both girls rushed out of the room and within minutes Bella was back in my den with several sets of car keys. She was out of breath from running and her chest was heaving as she stopped to catch her breath.

    The fact that she was wearing a very skimpy little bikini with her breasts still shimmering wet in Tequila made my cock twitch.

    As it turned out Bella had apparently had quite a few shots already, so she was visibly drunk as she stood swaying in front of me with a crooked little smile on her face, both hands full of keys.

    "I got all the keys, sir." she wheezed out of breath.

    Just the sound of her voice and the way she addressed me caused a strange reaction in my pants. For reasons I can't explain I really enjoyed the way she spoke to a very breathy, submissive tone.

    "I see." I said while getting up from my chair. "So I guess getting drunk tonight is really important to you then?"

    "Absolutely. We love it." she admitted before she looked down in shame.

    Unfortunately for me this was the exact moment she noticed the obvious tent in my pants and her demeanor suddenly changed from sweet girl-next-door to playful seductress.

    "So if I give you this bottle do you promise not to get in any trouble?" I posed. "I hope you're not a bad influence on my daughter."

    "I promise." she grinned seductively as she placed her hand on top of mine.

    I looked down and noticed her hardened nipples under her bikini top. Either it was suddenly cold in the den or the sexy little minx was clearly excited about something.

    "Maybe you should clean yourself up first." I suggested while handing her a napkin.

    Bella responded by patting down her damp chest and then slipped the serviette underneath the straps of her bikini top—briefly flashing me her puffy, pink nipples.

    I almost caught my breath in my throat and turned to give her some privacy but when I looked back a minute later I found her standing there minus her bikini top, completely topless.

    "Is this better?" she teased before tossing her bikini to the floor.

    Before I could answer she suddenly stepped forward and kissed me hard on the lips. My clumsy response was proof of just how surprised I was.

    Inexperienced gave way to urgency as she pressed her body into mine and shoved her long tongue down my throat. I could feel her nipples now pressing into my chest like two pencil erasers.

    Bella Thorne let out a soft moan as my hands slid down her slender frame to her lovely teen ass. In all my time I don't think I'd ever seen much less man-handed such a magnificent derriere. Her body was absolutely exquisite.

    Her thong bikini did little to cover her ass as I took a cheek in each hand and began to squeeze her flesh. My cock was now fully erect and pressed against her firm belly as I fondled her incredible butt.

    "Such a sweet little ass." I whispered as she pulled far enough apart for her to reach down between us and loosened my shorts.

    In an instant Bella shoved her hand inside and wrapped her fingers around my manly penis. To her credit she seemed to know exactly what she as doing, and slowly massaged my eight inch python to fullness.

    "Mm. You're so big." she purred as I reached for one of her tits and begin pinching and twisting her hard nipple.

    This elicited another series of moans from her before my other hand burrowed into her bikini bottoms where I flicked her bean, teasing her clit before plunging the tip of me finger into her hot pussy.

    Pulling my hand back a few inches I thrust it forward again and repeating the action. Her sex was so wet my finger effortlessly probed her without much resistance.

    I immediately added a second digit to the first and proceeded to finger-bang her right there in middle of my home office.

    This caused Bella to moan even louder as she dropped one of her hands to my heavy balls and began massaging them. I rapidly approached the point of no return. Any thoughts of how wrong this was were long gone.

    The only thing I wanted to do now was bend her over my desk and stuff her drooling young cunt with man meat. With that said I pulled the loose tie-cord on the side of her bikini bottoms and lifted her up off the floor.

    The saucy redhead gasped with delight as it was two steps to the wall to steady us. As we moved I dropped my other hand to my cock and positioned the head at her searing hot entrance and lowered her body down onto my fat pole.

    The whole process took just a few seconds and was completely spontaneous. One minute we were kissing each other passionately and the next I found myself embedded inside her.

    Bella moaned when I relaxed my hold on her, causing her to slump over my waiting cock. She was now impaled on my junk with her back against the wall and her feet dangling several inches off the carpet.

    Her arms were now back on my shoulders helping her rise and fall onto my steely cock. The "Shake It Up" star closed her eyes and shook her head from side to side as she accepted my length and our tempo increased.

    Sweat now broke out across her forehead and upper lip and I could see just the tip of her tongue sticking through her clinched lips.

    "Ugh. Yeah." she moaned erotically. "Fuck me."

    Her breathing became erratic and her face flushed.

    Bella brought her legs up and locked them behind me. This gave me a better angle at her pussy and with the next series of thrusts I nestled nice and deep into her slick hole and drilled away.

    "ohmigod. ohmigod." she moaned into my ear as I pounded her ass into the wall. "...fuck-fuck-fuck."

    Just hearing this tone from her was incredibly hot, much less being balls deep inside the nymph.

    "Take it. Take it baby girl." I moaned between kisses. "Take that fat cock inside you."

    "Oh-God. Yes." Bella moaned. "Give it to me daddy. I need it. I need a big cock."

    When I almost pulled out entirely only to SLAM myself back into her again Bella suddenly spasmed in my arms and let out a long shriek of pleasure.


    This immediately sent me over the edge and before I could stop myself my cock erupted deep inside her womb. I fired spurt after spurt of hot gooey semen into her contracting pussy.

    We held onto each other for several minutes riding the crest of our mutual orgasm before she finally unlocked her thighs from around my waist and I eased her down on shaky legs.

    We were still panting heavily as Bella pulled me into a final kiss and slid out from between me and the wall and looked around for her discarded costume.

    "I think I need a drink." I huffed while wiping my brow, still trying to come to terms with what we had done.

    "Can you pour me one too." she causally remarked. "...better make mine a double."

    Amusingly enough my natural instinct was to refuse and remind her that she was way too young to drink, but considering I'd just fucked and blown my load inside her moments earlier I stop to appreciate the double standard and began to chuckle.

    A minute later Bella collected her things and disappeared downstairs as I busied myself with collecting all the guests keys that were littered around the floor.

    My head was spinning as I wondered if anyone downstairs would suspect anything. Maybe if I was lucky I might have dodged a bullet and had managed to get away with it, I hoped.

    But as I turned around and took a step toward the door I was suddenly startled to find my daughter standing there with her hands on her hips, shaking her head.

    "You're unbelievable you know that." Olivia stated sternly. "What am I going to do with you?"

    While I initially tried to bluff my way through her accusations I soon realized there was no point.

    "Sweetie." I raised my hands. "Now. Just. Calm. Down."

    "Don't give me that." she hissed. "I leave you alone with one of my friends for two minutes and the next thing I know you're nailing her against the wall?"

    My face turned as white as a sheet as all my fears were realized. Olivia knew I had just fucked one of her friends.

    My daughter moved toward me as I backed into the den in sheer terror. In all honesty I didn't know what she was bound to do next. Unfortunately for me the entire room still reeked of sex which only incriminated me further.

    "Sweetheart, please." I pleaded. "You can't tell anyone about this. Not unless you want me to go to jail."

    "Oh, don't worry." Liv smirked. "I'm not going to tell anyone. Especially not mom. She'd had a fit."

    " least allow me to explain." I again tried to defend myself.

    "There's nothing to explain!" my daughter interrupted. "Bella's a slut! She's always been that way."

    Fair enough. I shrugged. Not wanting to disagree.

    "Wait." she added. "You don't actually think you're the first married man to have sex with her do you?"

    Her comment stopped me dead in my tracks. The thought hadn't even occurred to me.

    "Trust me dad. Bella does this all the time." Olivia claimed. "We can't take her anywhere."

    "If that's the case then why are you friends with her?" I hissed. "Why didn't you try to stop her."

    "Honestly," Liv said while finishing off the bottle of tequila. "I didn't want to interrupt you. It sounded kind of hot."

    "Err. Excuse me?" I said somewhat shocked.

    Olivia giggled at my reaction.

    "I'm only kidding. But seriously. Next time you want to fuck one of my friends let me know." she stated matter-of-factly. "I mean the least you could do is let me listen in."


    "Who knows," she shrugged. "Maybe I'd learn a thing or two."

    To say I was shocked would be an understatement. Not only was my famous daughter giving me permission to sleep with her friends but on the proviso that she got to eavesdrop? ...for what purpose? what end?

    My mind raced at the mere possibility. Just how much did she have to drink I wondered, because she surely wasn't acting herself. In fact this was a side to her personality I'd never seen before.

    When Olivia eventually exited the den I went over to the window and watched her frolic in the pool with her friends. Right away my mind went to a dark place as I wondered whether or not I could nail any of her other friends before the day was through.

    Considering some of the rumors I had heard I was sure my chances were good. be continued.

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    Fuck. That was pretty fucking hot If I say so myself. Hope to read more.:D

    Oh and maybe Liv can get to know her "Daddy" a little better. hehe

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    Great job. I wonder who else came to the party, definitely want to see more from this series.

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    GREAT START ! Can't Wait for MORE !

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    Incredible start to this series. Like others have already mentioned, can't wait to see what other hotties you have in store for the rest of it!!

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    thanks guys. yep chapter 2 should be up soon.

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    In the words of Paris Hilton, that's hot. Love the thought of Bella being a nymph.

    Can't wait for more, TPG.

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    Please dont let Liv be disappointed with her 'Daddy' TPG :)

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