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  • Drill Sophie Turner in the ass?

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  • Fuck Hailee Steinfeld in the backseat?

    36 30.00%
  • Join the pool party inside?

    30 25.00%
  • Surprise present from Debby Ryan?

    35 29.17%
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Thread: Debby's Big Birthday Bash Blow Out #5 (CYA)

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    fanfiction Debby's Big Birthday Bash Blow Out #5 (CYA)


    With Debby Ryan, Lia Marie Johnson, Hailee Steinfeld, and Sophie Turner
    Created by TPG

    Debby's Big Birthday Blowout Party is in full swing as you head upstairs to take a leak and are suddenly cornered by your girlfriend, who kisses you on the cheek and glares at you with those big puppy dog eyes. She clearly wants something.

    "What now?"

    Deb responds by squeezing your cock and says she wants you to take her truck (Escalade) across town to pick up a few more of her celebrity friends. While you're reluctant about leaving the wild party, she assures you that she'll more than make it up to you when you get back.

    "Please. Pretty please?" she pouts. "Besides. If you don't leave now you'll ruin the surprise."


    "Trust me babe. You're going to like it."

    With that said, you reluctantly agree and head off in the direction of Calabasas where you're supposed to pick up a girl named Lia Marie Johnson, who's apparently attending another party with the Michalka's.

    But as you arrive to the address you discover that it's a total pig-fuck, and things are completely out of control. In fact the neighbors are out on the street and the cops have been called and have asked everyone to leave.

    There's even a police chopper hovering overhead as you finally track down Lia who looks gorgeous dressed in a tiny little skirt and knee-high stockings.

    To your amusement she already seems drunk and you're taken aback as she greets you by throwing her arms around your neck and kissing you on the cheek.

    "I had a feeling you'd be cute." she slurs. "Debby never stops talking about you."

    You finally bundle her into the vehicle but just as you're heading back to the party, Deb calls and asks you to quickly swing by Malibu and pick up two more friends.

    Resigned to your fate you do as you're told and swing back in the direction of Malibu. It's during this drive that you and Lia get to know each other better, as you can barely keep your eyes on the road thanks to her long smooth legs.

    Fortunately for you Lia appears to be incredibly sweet and sings loudly to the radio—as you wonder how Lia and Debby know each other, and why your girlfriend has never mentioned her before.

    Another look at her legs answers your question, as you realize just how fucking sexy she is.

    Minutes later the two of you arrive outside a well known restaurant in Malibu where you see Sophie Turner and Hailee Steinfeld emerge and approach you.

    To your surprise Hailee is clearly intoxicated, even more so than Lia, so drunk in fact that she can barely stand much less walk, and her friend has to almost carry her over to the car.

    You and Lia help her into the backseat and set off back to Debby's party, as the cabin soon fills with drunken laughter from all three ladies.

    It's a strange yet exciting dynamic in the SUV as its apparently the first time everyone is meeting each other face to face. Despite having only known each other for a few short minutes, the ladies appear to get along like lifelong friends.

    It's during this time that Lia asks you to pull over so she can pee. You finally find a 7Eleven just a few blocks from the house and pull over to get some gas, when Lia insists that you accompany her to the restroom as she's scared of being alone.

    "It's right over there." you assure her. "Right around the corner."

    "Please." she begs. "It's the middle of the night. I don't like being alone."

    You walk the leggy starlet to the bathroom door but she then insists you come inside with her, and claims that someone might be hiding inside.

    Once inside Lia doesn't waste any time and to your surprise doesn't seem to have ANY shame either, as she swiftly pulls down her panties and proceeds to pee right in front of you!

    "Whoa." You chuckle while instinctively looking away. "Err. Okay?"

    In fact she seems to find the entire thing amusing and can't stop giggling as you gawk directly down at her pussy and see that its completely shaved clean, which gives you instant wood.

    Lia seems to notice this and teases you by throwing her panties at you.

    "You can keep them if you want."

    "You do know I'm dating Debby right?" You remind her but Lia doesn't seem to care.

    "They're just my panties." she shrugs. "You don't have to tell her."

    "And what if she finds them? ...all that trouble just for a sexy pair of undies?"

    Your conversation is briefly interrupted as the sound of her peeing echoes in the small space, making you both laugh out loud.

    "—I'd give you my bra too, but I'm not wearing one tonight." Lia adds.

    "Yeah I noticed that." you comment. "You like showing off don't you."

    "Am I that obvious?"

    Considering she's crouching in front of you and peeing in full view, it's not hard to work out that she's a bonafide exhibitionist.

    "Can I ask you something?" she grins seductively. "Do you think I'm pretty?"

    Even before you have time to answer Lia reaches down and gently glides her index finger along the groove of her pussy. The entire incident is surreal and you can't help but snicker at the absurdity of it all.

    In fact you almost forget that you still have two of Deb's girlfriends waiting out in the car.

    "You really want me to answer that right now?"

    "Sure. Be honest."

    "Well. I have to admit. That's probably one of the sweetest little cookies I think I've ever seen."

    The look on her face is telling and only seems to encourage her bad behavior. Lia now goes from gently caressing her pussy lips to slowly rubbing her clit.

    "Can I ask you another question?" she teases. "When was the last time you had teen pussy?"

    You smile inwardly as you recall the nights events but lie and tell her that it's been a while.

    "Why don't you take it out." Lia suddenly suggests. "I love having an audience."

    "You like guys watching you pee?"

    She giggles.

    "I know you like me." LMJ grins. "You've been checking me out from the moment you picked me up."


    "You don't have to hide it. I like it." she adds. "I like the way you look at me. The way you undress me with your eyes."

    "Lia. I think we should—"

    "So go ahead." she interrupts. "Take out your cock. We both know you want to."

    Despite all logic and common sense you do as she asks and feel a strange sense of pride as her eyes grow wide to the size of your cock. The two of you now openly fondle yourselves for each other's amusement.

    "You look nice and wet right now." you comment. "How do you taste sweetheart?"

    "Why don't you come over here and find out."

    You step into the bathroom stall with your cock in your hand and Lia immediately grabs your member and proceeds to blow you right there on the John, as you reach down and now grope her breasts.

    You're actually surprised by how well she sucks dick, polishing your rod like a god damn champ, her eyes never leaving yours.

    "—I bet your girlfriend doesn't suck dick like I do." she purrs while slobbering all over your bell-end.

    You finally pick her up and drag her over to the counter and impale her from behind. You're actually shocked by how tight she is and watch her face via the mirror as you nail her from behind.

    Amusingly enough the rougher you are the more Lia responds and you smack her cute butt and pull her hair, which she really seems to enjoy.

    "Ugh. Yeah. Fuck me!" she grunts as you pound her relentlessly.

    But just as the two of you are getting into the swing of things you hear footsteps by the door and immediately break apart as Sophie Turner pokes her head inside and asks what's taking so long.

    Even though Turner hasn't caught you two in the act its plain to see that you've been messing around. Sophie flashes you a suspicious look as you head back to the truck and get back on the open road.

    Hailee seems to be coming back around after being unconscious for a few minutes and makes everyone laugh with her drunken antics, telling you how cute you are and how horny and frustrated she is.

    "You know. If Debby wasn't my girl...I'd totally be having sex with you right now!"

    "Hailee!" Sophie gasps.

    Ironically enough you and Lia exchange smiles during this commentary while Sophie continues to flash you filthy looks via the mirror.

    Minutes later you finally arrive to the house and it's there that Hailee doesn't feel too good and stays in the truck. While the others head inside to greet their friends, you get out and open the backdoor for the teen actress and keep her company.

    You're then surprised by her next actions.

    "It's so cold back here. Shut the door."

    You're then taken aback when she literally pulls you on top of her and guides your hand under her dress.

    "Hailee. Wait. Not here." you chuckle at her enthusiasm.

    "—I don't care." she chants under her breath. "I don't care if the others see us. I'm really horny right now."

    "And drunk."

    "Please." she begs. "Please. Just be quick."

    To your amusement it seems Hailee spent the day getting her pussy waxed and now seems all proud about being bald. She goes on to explain that it's the first time she's ever shaved her pussy completely clean of any hair and says it makes her feel particularly naughty.

    "I feel like such a slut." she giggles at her own comment. "—I can't stop touching it."

    You're actually surprised by how wet she is and probe around a little and watch her squirm as you effortlessly add two fingers into her cunt. You then tell her to show you how she touches herself and there's a sense of eroticism as she happily spreads her legs for you and exposes herself.

    "Is this what you want. Huh?" she purrs erotically. "You wanna see me play with myself?"

    A minute later you're head is buried between her legs and you're eating her slimy bald taco. The two of you are caught up in the moment when you suddenly hear a voice behind you and see its Sophie!

    "What the FUCK are you doing?!" Turner whines. "—first Lia and now Hailee?!"


    "—is that your THING or something? ...taking advantage of women!"

    Sophie clearly sounds enraged and tells you to stop fornicating but Hailee simply giggles and pushes your mouth harder against her sex.

    "Err. Shut up. You're just jealous!" Steinfeld snaps back at her UK friend. "—don't worry baby, he doesn't eat pussy as good as you do."


    "What? ...he doesn't care if you like eating pussy or not. Don't be so uptight."

    Sophie is clearly pissed as she tells Hailee to shut up before you grab her by the wrist and pull her into the backseat.

    It doesn't take much coaxing to get Sophie to join her friend and you push her head down between Hailee's legs and make her eat her pussy, while you run your hands up and down her body, and over her ass.

    "Ugh. Fuck-Yeah." Steinfeld moans. "Stick that tongue inside me baby—you know what I like."

    It's while Sophie eats her pussy that Hailee talks dirty and tells her that she wants to watch you two fuck.

    Noting this you jump into action, and with the party raging on just a few feet away you take out your cock and slam it into Sophie Turner from behind, while she's hanging half out of the vehicle eating her friends twat!

    "Ugh. God." Sophie grunts hotly in her English accent. "Hurry. Before the others catch us."

    You grab Turner by her hips and with your eyes locked on the front door you pound into the Game of Thrones star with great speed and force, causing her to grunt out loud with each slam of your hips.

    What should happen next:

    • Drill Sophie TURNER in the ass and teach her a lesson?
    • Fuck Hailee STEINFELD in the backseat and finish her off?
    • Head inside and join the all-girl POOL party?
    • Go get your surprise present from Debby RYAN?


    FYI you can vote for more than one person/event


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    Couldn't make up my mind so I voted ALL of the above

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    I voted for Hailee and to join the pool party. Not a big fan of sophies so ruled that out and the present from Debby could be a watch or some shit. Which you could use I guess to tell you its time to go to the pool.

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    Woahhhh.. really looking forward to the party now!

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    Sophie needs to see some more love on this site. I'm looking forward to a really exciting chapter with her.

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    Fuck Steinfeld in the ass and then go get your present from Debby and give her one back ;)

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    First Turner's ass, then Steinfeld's ass, then get yourself that surprise :)

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    wow. Im really surprised that sophie is running away with this

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    so I guess ppl REALLY wanna see Sophie Turner get drilled in the ass! Lol

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    Looks like everyone realized Sophie's hot now.

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