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Thread: "Jay Cult 5: Part 2" with Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Iggy Azalea and More

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    fanfiction "Jay Cult 5: Part 2" with Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Iggy Azalea and More

    Jay Cult Chapter 5: Hidden At The Bottom of a Bottle (Part 2 of 2)
    Written by MacedMan
    Codes: MF, BJ, Group, Mast, Finger, Alco, Drugs, Toys
    DISCLAIMER: None of this is real, everyone is over 18 and it's all just for fun.
    A/N: Looks like I finished up part 2 a lot sooner than expected. So here it is, in all it's glory, by all means tell me what you think. Who you want Jay to tackle next. Any missed opportunities I need to revisit, please I love feedback.

    'Finally!' Charli said, still covered in sweat from Selena's tongue attack from earlier.

    Charli grabbed the bottle and spun it, landing right on Ariana Grande. 'Oh, I think... I think you should eat Miley's pussy this round!' Charli exclaimed before handing the bottle to Ariana to spin.

    'Well I've had a lot of practise,' she said, spinning the bottle in place this time landing directly onto me.

    'Perfect,' Ariana squealed. 'I get the first go! Jay while I'm eating out Miley, I want you to be fucking me, and I mean really giving it to me, I want you to fuck me until I can't walk!'

    'If you say I have to,' I joked, my dick telling another story completely by getting harder than it had been all night at the sheer thought of gripping Ariana's cute little ass and fucking her billion dollar pussy.

    I grabbed the bottle and spun it. 'Iggy,' I said. 'I want you and Selena to get better acquainted, eat each other's pussies.'

    Iggy smiled at Selena seductively while she spun the bottle, which landed on Rita. 'Rita baby, why don't you and Charli play with each other's tits for a bit? Maybe get a little pussy fingering in as well.'

    We all stared at each other for a brief moment, as if making sure everyone had a specific job to take care of. As soon as I was sure I got up onto my knees and turned to my left, where Ariana was sitting.

    'Let's get you into position!' I said, grabbing her by her waist, and picking her up with ease.

    'Put me in front of Miley!' Ariana giggled as I placed her right in front of her girlfriend, who was now laying on her back.

    Meanwhile Iggy and Selena crawled toward each other, tongues meeting in the middle of what used to be a circle. I grabbed Ariana's knees and spread the apart slightly while she did the same to Miley's albeit the inverse of my movements. Charli and Rita, who were already sitting next to each other were now deep into gripping and groping each other's sizeable titties.

    'Lick my pussy baby,' Miley moaned as Ariana, who was on all fours, ass perking in the air, stuck her tongue in Miley's shaved cunt.

    Ariana's pussy, which also was shaved clean, was now pressing against the tip of my dick. 'This feels tight!' I exclaimed, surprised considering her reputation.

    'For some reason, my pussy always feels tight,' Ariana said as she came up for air.

    'Maybe that's what Sean meant by billion dollar pussy,' I said, as I slowly slid my cock into her cunt, with a delightful amount of resistance.

    I tightly gripped her supple ass cheeks as I drilled my way into her heavenly pussy, finding myself unable to look away from them, imagining just how good it would feel to actually fuck her asshole.

    'Ahhh fuuuuuckk!' Ariana moaned, through Miley's pussy.

    'Bitch focus!' Miley exclaimed, grabbing Ariana's skull and pushing her down hard on her cunt.

    'Oh my fucking god!' I exclaimed in pleasure as Ariana's pussy finally took my cock to the base.

    'That's the- mmmphhf,' Ariana attempted, getting cut off by Miley's surprisingly strong grip before she could finish.

    'Shh!' I whispered. 'Let me do the talking here,' I said as I began pulling my cock back outside of Ariana's pussy.

    It came out much quicker than it went in, before long my tip was right back outside of her pussy. 'You better be ready,' I said as I looked around the room, noticing now that Selena and Iggy were now in a full on sixty-nine, faces soaked with seat and pussy juice as they pleasured each other.

    Behind me, Charli had taken Rita's tits in her mouth, licking her supple nipples while Rita fingered her. 'She's ready Jay!' Miley exclaimed, causing me to pay attention to the matter at hand.

    I gripped Ariana's petite ass tight and instantly slammed my cock in all the way, causing Ariana to exclaim. 'Ah fuck yes oh fuuuuuu- mppphff!'

    I quickly began pounding her perfect pink pussy, ramming my cock in and out of her fast. Every single time I jammed it in, Ariana's head cocked upwards, as if every single time she was shocked. Ariana's head jerking movements caused nothing but pleasure in Miley, who's hands were firmly on Ariana's skull, wrapped around her ponytail.

    'Fucking take it, this is how a real rapper fucks,' I said, squeezing her asscheeks as I fucked her cunt harder and harder.

    'Uh! Ah! Uh! Ah!' Ariana moaned, unable to talk properly through Miley's pussy.

    'Just keep up with that pussy baby!' Miley moaned, leaning her head back, taking on of her hands off of Ariana's head to play with her own tit. 'Holy fuck!' She moaned, with eyes closed.

    'Miley, play with those tits more,' I exclaimed, looking at her getting even harder watching her play around with her small but nice titty.

    'Mmm, whatever you say Jay,' Miley moaned, taking her other hand off of Ariana's skull and nubbing at her own nipples with both hands.

    'Yeah, fucking take it!' I spat as I fucked her tight pussy roughly, my fingers now digging into her asscheeks.

    'Ahh fuck, fuck me harder!' Ariana exclaimed, now free from Miley's grip.

    'You got it baby,' I said, moving my knees forward slightly to get more leverage as I rapidly rammed her.

    'Thank you! Fuck me! Yes!' Ariana moaned as I fulfilled her wishes.

    I leant down and whispered in her ear. 'You ready to cum?'

    'Yes fuck I'm so close!' She moaned back.

    Without a moments notice I pulled my self back, this time gripping her ponytail as I did so, causing her head to yank up backwards as I fucked her harder than ever.

    'Oh my! Ahhh! Yeeesss!' Ariana screamed as I violated her pussy, grudge fucking her as hard as I possibly could.

    I pulled her up a little further, left hand still gripping her asscheek, my right hand holding her ponytail. 'You ready to cum? You wanna fucking cum?'

    'Yes! Oh fuck! Yes!' Ariana exclaimed, begging me to make her cum.

    I used my knees to separate her even further than they already were, causing my cock to go even deeper and harder as I brought her close to the edge.

    'Oh my god I think I'm gonna fucking- Ahhh!' Ariana screamed as she came all over my cock, pussy juice spitting out over it.

    I slowed my pace down, not wanting to cum just yet. 'How was that?' I asked rhetorically.

    'I fucking can't even...' Ariana panted, as she fell down off my cock, forward onto Miley, who by now had taken up massaging her own pussy.

    'You're not mad are you?' I asked Miley.

    'How could I be mad?” Miley questioned, referring to Ariana. 'I've never seen her happier.'

    I looked around the room realising that all eyes were on me, and all hands were on pussies, they all seemed to take Ariana's turn as a bit of a preview of what was to come. Charli especially looked excited, which was worrying, I still hadn't decided whether or not I would actually go against Sean's wishes. I looked down at Ariana, who was heaving and panting, I realised I may have crossed that line a long time ago.

    'Who spins next?' I asked.

    'That would be me,' Rita said, rubbing sweat off her forehead and reaching to grab the bottle.

    We all watched in apprehension as it landed on Iggy Azalea, causing Rita to look at her friend and smile. 'Baby, I want you to give Jay the ride of his life.'

    'Finally!' Iggy exclaimed as she stood up and walked towards me, sitting down on my lap and letting my cock slide up into her. 'Ohhh!' She moaned as she touched down.

    'What about the others?' I asked, as I gripped Iggy's fat white booty.

    'They'll sort them selves out,' Iggy said. 'Charli gets my spin!' She called out behind her, slowly making circles on my cock as she did so.

    'Fuck yeah, I missed this shit,' I exclaimed as I gripped her ass tighter and helping her gyrate on my cock, sending waves of pleasure all over my body.

    'Okay,' Charli said after spinning the bottle. 'Ariana... I want you to sit on my face,' she said laying back and smiling.

    'You got it!' Ariana exclaimed grabbing the bottle and spinning it before walking over to Charli.

    'Me again,' Rita said, as Ariana got down on her knees and placed her pussy right above Charli's mouth.

    'Miley can you grab Away Game?' Ariana asked Miley as Charli began licking her twat.

    'Good call,' Miley said, standing up and going into another room.

    'What's the Away Game?' I asked as Iggy, leaned forward and kissed my neck, slowly bouncing her cunt on my cock.

    'This is Away Game,' Miley said, emerging from the hallway with a big black dildo in hand.

    Iggy moaned and kissed up to my cheek, her wet pussy with each little bounce gaining momentum. 'Aptly titled,' I said as Miley threw the Away Game into Rita's waiting hands.

    'Great,' Ariana moaned, Charli's tongue now deep into her pussy. 'I want you and Selena to have a little fun with that.'

    Selena smiled. 'I missed you Away Game,' Selena said to the dildo as Rita moved closer to her, gripping her tit and angling the pleasure device toward Selena's soaking wet pussy.

    'Mmm, baby,' Iggy moaned as she pressed her full sexy lips against mine, now bouncing about halfway up my cock and back down again. 'I love your cock!'

    'And I love these new little titties of yours,' I stated, gripping one of them in my hands and nubbing the nipple.

    'I thought you might,' Iggy giggled, shoving her tongue into my mouth.

    Rita abandoned Selena only for a moment to spin the bottle again, this time landing on Miley. 'Miley, I want you to take the other end of Charli, give her a good scissoring while your girlfriend gets her pussy eaten.'

    Miley laughed and moved over to Charli, laying down and wrapping her legs around the big titted pop stars body. 'You ever been scissored before?' Miley asked as their pussies connected.

    Charli let out a pussy filled garble that sounded vaguely like a no, causing Miley to start grinding her pussy against Charli's, the two of them moaning loudly almost instantly.

    Satisfied with the way the rest of the group was handling themselves, I immediately paid all my attention to Iggy, going back to gripping her ass, this time pumping my cock upwards into her.

    'Ahhh fuck Jay! That's more like it!' She squealed, her tits jiggling with every movement of my cock.

    'You really miss this dick?' I questioned, rhetorically, her expression told me everything.

    'Oh god yes!' She moaned as I pounded her upward, her twisting and gyrating her booty the whole time.

    'Bounce for me baby,' I commanded. 'Ride this dick hard.'

    'Yes Jay!' She moaned, doubling the speed of her booty, causing her ass to shake every time she slammed her self on my cock.

    I gripped her jiggling tits. 'That's it baby, fucking ride me, fucking work for it.' I said, taking her cute little nipples in my mouth and sucking on them as she railed over my dick.

    'Fuck me! Fuck me! Yes!' Iggy moaned as she bounced happily over my cock.

    'Take it all Iggy!' I exclaimed, as I let go over her tits and laid down on my back, causing Iggy to bounce even higher and faster.

    'Jay! This fucking cock!' Iggy screamed, juice dripping out of her pussy around my cock, her face covered in sweat.

    'Turn around bitch,' I commanded. 'Show me that fucking ass of yours!'

    She spun around, in such a way that she was mid way down my cock when she completed rotating, an extra ordinary wave of pleasure stung my cock. 'How's the view Jay?' Iggy asked, not breaking for a second.

    I looked up at her fucking spectacular booty as it bounced up and down my rock hard cock and laughed. 'Best view in the house,' I insisted, gripping her fat ass while it rode my cock.

    'I bet it is,' Iggy moaned, bending forward slightly to give me a better look at her ass. 'You want to fuck this asshole don't you Jay?'

    'You know it baby,' I moaned, feeling like I was going to cum at any moment.

    'If I cum before you, then maybe, just maybe I'll let you be the first to fuck my virgin ass,' Iggy proposed, looking back at me and slowing slightly while she did.

    'You've got yourself a deal,' I exclaimed, attempting to will my self not to cum.

    'I'm close Jay!' Iggy moaned, as I gripped her ass and started fucking her cunt like there was no tomorrow, trying against all odds to get her there before I came.

    'Cum for me bitch!' I started chanting. 'Fucking cum for me!'

    I closed my eyes, using every trick in the book to hold my cum in, I could feel she was getting there, I could feel at any second I would win and I could fuck that sweet sweet asshole of hers.

    'Come for him!' I heard as I slammed her. 'Come for him!' I heard, this time it sounded like all the girls were chanting it.

    I opened my eyes and found that all the girls were in fact chanting it, clearly curious for me fuck Iggy's ass as well. All the girls except Charli of course, who's face was now completely covered by Ariana's tight ass, I wasn't even sure she was breathing.

    'Oh fuck Jay you fucking did it!' Iggy screamed as juice shot down my cock, and Iggy screamed in pleasure.

    'Yes!' I exclaimed still pumping away, faster if anything.

    'Fuck it Jay!' Iggy exclaimed. 'Fuck my ass!'

    I pulled my cock out instantly, excited about finally fucking her in the ass and being the first to do it as well. Sometimes though, fate is unlucky because in that moment, I came all over her ass and back. Shot after shot of cum sprayed from my cock, one of the most pleasurably moments of my life, my eyes rolled back and for all intents and purposes I was in heaven.

    'No!' I yelled, as my cock pumped out one last shot of cum, right on Iggy's ass cheek.

    'I knew if I said that you'd cum,' Iggy panted, sitting her cum covered ass back on the ground and staring back at me.

    'That was a dirty trick Iggy,' Rita exclaimed as she took the dildo out of Selena's cunt.

    'It could have been a lot dirtier,' Miley quipped as she pulled her cunt away from Charli's.

    I laughed in agreement. 'One day,' I said to myself as my cock softened.

    'One day soon,' Iggy whispered, giving me a wink.

    'I need a drink and a break!' I said, everyone nodded in agreement, even Charli who was now free from Ariana's pussy.

    Miley stood up, fully naked and covered in sweat and pussy juice. 'Who wants a gin and tonic?'


    'Are you ready to go yet Jay?' Selena asked me, after a good fifteen minutes of drinking, smoking weed and wiping each other's bodily fluid off our bodies.

    'I'd say we're almost there,' I said, looking down at my dick for confirmation, I could have gone again, but it wouldn't have been for very long, so I decided to play it safe.

    'How about another round of truths?' Ariana suggested.

    'How about Jay gets to ask us each one question?' Miley said.

    'Why?' Charli asked.

    'He's a man, he's going to ask the dirtiest questions any way,' Miley said.

    The girls all nodded in agreement. 'How about this,' Rita started. 'He goes around the circle and asks each of us a dirty sex related question, and whoever has the dirtiest response gets to fuck him next.'

    'Sounds fair,' Miley said, probably feeling pretty confident that she most likely would have the dirtiest response no matter the question.

    'Let's do it, then,' Rita said.

    'Starting with Charli,' Miley said.

    Charli happened to be sitting right next to me, now that the configuration had changed. 'Okay,' I started, trying my hardest to look her in the eyes and not in the tits. 'Let's start with an easy one, set the bar high for all the rest of the questions... what is your dirtiest sex story?'

    Charli looked embarrassed. 'I'm sorry,' she said.

    'Hey, you have to answer the question,' I said, looking dead into her eye, hoping her embarrassment indicated that her story was going to be truly filthy. 'Or it's all pointless,' I added, touching her shoulder.

    'It's not that I don't want to answer it's just... well I was never going to win this... I've only ever had sex a few times before this and well... tonight is my dirtiest sex story.'

    My cock instantly sprung to attention. 'I don't think you realise how much of a turn on innocence is to guys,' Miley said, pointing at my cock. 'You may win this yet.'

    Most of the girls laughed. 'Okay,' I said, looking at my next victim. 'Rita, when I was to fuck you tonight, how do you want to be fucked, do you have any special requests?'

    'That's a good one,' Rita said. 'I don't know how I want you to fuck me really, any way you want to... which says a lot in it's own way.'

    'It certainly does...' I said, imagining myself throwing her on the couch and fucking her against it.

    'The important thing is your attitude, I want you to use and abuse me, I want you to treat me like your little fuck thing, and most importantly I want you to cum all over my face and....' she grabbed her breasts and started playing with them. 'My tits and... I want you to film the whole thing, so I can show it to Ricky.'

    'Holy shit!' I exclaimed, feeling like I may even cum already, earlier she had seemed somewhat shy comparatively, now she looked like the sluttiest of the bunch. 'Sorry Charli but that's the story to beat.'

    'Iggy,' I started, looking at the woman I was inside less than twenty minutes prior. 'If I didn't cum, would you have let me inside your ass or was it a trick from the start?'

    Iggy thought on it for a minute. 'It was a trick from the start.' My heart sank. 'But Jay... the next time you fuck me... you are going to fuck me in the ass.'

    My jaw dropped. 'Okay,' I said timidly when I picked back up. 'Enough said...'

    'Miley do you... I'm sorry I'm gonna need a minute,' I said as I thought about finally penetrating Iggy's asshole, it would be like being the first man to tit-fuck Katy Perry or... face fuck Amber Rose, both of which I have done, but I wasn't the first for either of them.

    'Okay, Miley,' I started, finally reconciling the fact that I would fuck Iggy's ass, if not that night, then some night soon for sure. 'You're a hard one, I've done some fucked up dirty shit with you... what's the most amount of men you've fucked in one sitting?' I asked.

    Miley looked around the room. 'Technically only three.'

    'Technically?' I questioned.

    'Well I once had a gang of about fourteen dudes cum all over my face and body, but only three of them got their cunts any where besides my hands and mouth,' she said, jokingly performing her signature tongue poke at me.

    'Impressive, Miley, not quite cuckold or virgin asshole impressive, but hot none the less,' I teased, moving my attention to Ariana.

    'We both know you purposefully gave me a bad question,' she said, rolling her eyes. She was right, if I had asked her a good question she'd undoubtedly had of won for sure, but it would have been unfair.

    'I'm going to stiff you as well Ariana... well again, because this question is just for my own satisfaction,' I started. 'Was my cock the biggest cock you've had inside you?' I asked.

    'Are you sure you want to go down that rabbit hole?” Ariana questioned.

    'Just tell me if my cock was bigger than Big Sean’s,' I said.

    'Jay... your cock is without a doubt the biggest cock I've ever even seen let alone had inside me,' Ariana nodded, a reassuring smile on her face.

    'That gives you a bigger chance than you'd think,' I said.

    'Now Selena, I'm going to give you a chance here,' I said. 'I want to know why you think I should fuck you next, why do you think you're the dirtiest?'

    'Why?' Selena questioned. 'Because I'll let you do whatever you want to me, you can treat me like a little fuck doll if you want to. You can put your big monster cock where ever you want, my mouth, my cute little pussy... my ass.'

    Selena grabbed her shapely tits in her hands and squeezed them while pushing them upwards. 'Between my tits? You can cum in me, on me, I'm your sex slave Jay, treat me like the little slut you know I am.'

    By this point I had my cock in my hand and was now jacking it slowly. 'Go on,' I said.

    'You can fuck me any way you want me, you can pin me down and fuck me, you can turn me around and fuck me from behind, while gripping and spanking my perfect ass... I can ride you, my brand new natural tits jiggling in your face, I'm your play thing tonight Jay.'

    My eyes glazed over for a moment, I thought I might come again right then and there and call it a night. 'Selena... Iggy... you both make great cases but it's a tie, I want each of you to make one last ditch effort.'

    'Surely you should just pick Selena because you already fucked Iggy,' Ariana said.

    'Fucking Iggy and being the first man ever to fuck Iggy's ass are two different things,' I explained, waving her off and gesturing for Iggy and Selena to make their respective cases.

    'I answered a question earlier tonight Jay, downstairs, do you remember what that was?' Iggy asked.

    'You were asked how many cocks you'd had in your mouth in one night,' I said, that conversation felt like it was years earlier, when really it was just hours. 'You answered five.'

    'That's right Jay, what you didn't know that five is also the most cocks I've have in my mouth in one sitting... five cocks in my mouth, they took a train on me Jay, I begged them all to fuck me, one by one they fucked my pussy and came on my mouth and face... but not even they got the privilege you're about to get...'

    I gulped comically, looking over at Selena. 'It had better be good Selena.'

    Selena quietly got up onto her hands and knees, and crawled toward me, her gorgeous tits jiggling with every movement.

    'Two years ago, on this day, I brought you up here to fuck me and you did, you gave me the absolute fucking of a life time, I haven't stopped thinking about it since. Jay... take me in that room and fuck me every way you ever wanted to fuck anyone, nothing is off limits, so long as your cock is inside me, please Jay I need you to fuck me,' Selena whispered, loud enough so only I could hear.

    'Okay,' I said, standing up, grabbing Selena's hand and pulling her up to meet me. 'I've chosen to fuck Selena, we'll be taking that room over there... we may be a while.'

    With that I took Selena by the hand to the closest bedroom I could find, turned the lights on and really for the first time all night took in what had grown up to be an amazing body.

    'Holy shit these fucking tits,' I exclaimed as I groped at her fat titties.

    'They aren't exactly Katy's but they're pretty nice right?' Selena laughed as I leaned in to kiss her left nipple, gripping both tits as I did so.

    'I ain't complaining,' I mumbled as I licked her nipple, bringing my right hand down to finger her cunt.

    'Oh yes Jay!' She moaned as I finger fucked her and bit her nipple.

    'Enough with the foreplay!' I exclaimed, pulling my face of her tit and my finger off her clit, pushing her backwards onto the bed.

    I gripped both her ankles and pulled her closer to me, so that her ass was just hanging off the end of the bed. 'Fuck me! Fuck me! Please!' She exclaimed as I rammed my cock into her pink pussy, causing her to bite her bottom lip in pleasure.

    'You wanted me to fuck you? Well this is me fucking you,' I said through gritted teeth as I pounded her pussy, gripping her ankles tighter as I dominated her.

    'Fuck me anyway you want!' Selena moaned. 'Treat me like a fuck toy!'

    'Come here you little slut,' I said as I lent her legs on my shoulder, moving in closer as I fucked her even harder.

    'Oh my fucking-' Selena screamed as I got on my knees on the bed, my knees right up against her waist as my cock slammed in and out of her cunt.

    I kissed her soft lips deeply as I rammed her. 'Your cunt isn't as tight as it used to be,' I said.

    'It hasn't been the same since you fucked it,' she whispered as I kissed her neck and dug her nails into my back.

    'Nothing ever is,' I joked as the force of my dick pushed us further and further up the bed.

    Once we were safely on the bed I slowed my speed, not wanting to cum too quickly. 'Is this how you imagined it?' I questioned after pulling my tongue out of her mouth.

    'It's better,' she exclaimed. 'This is the best fucking I've ever had,' she insisted, as I slowly pumped my cock in and out of her.

    'God you're so fucking gorgeous,' I said, looking dead into her sexy eyes.

    'You think I'm pretty?' Selena joked, kissing me on the cheek as I banged her.

    'I'm serious,' I said. 'You have the face of a doll.'

    'A sex doll?' She offered, gyrating her pelvis.

    'You really like this sex doll fantasy don't you?' I said, grabbing at her titties.

    'There's something about a man using me as a doll that makes me wet,' Selena said as she licked at my mouth.

    'Fine,' I said, pulling my cock out of her. 'If you want to be treated like a sex doll then you'd better shut the fuck up, the last time I checked sex toys can't talk.'

    Selena nodded at me in silence.

    'Now, roll over,' I commanded.

    She looked at me and rolled off her back onto her stomach. 'Perfect,' I said, gripping her ass and pulling her onto her knees, readying my cock at her pussy.

    'Now, don't you say a fucking word,' I said, as slowly shoved my cock inside her.

    She gulped as my base reached hers, the length of my oversized cock inside her shaved pussy, which, even though it was considerably looser than before, was still tight as hell for me.

    'Stay quiet,' I said as I pulled out and fucked her again.

    I rammed my cock hard into her, gripping her fat ass as I did so, her beautiful fucking ass. 'Maybe I'll keep you around after this,' I said as I slammed into her. 'I've always wanted a fuck doll on retainer.'

    Selena smiled at this comment, a smile which soon faded as my speed increased. She tried as hard as she could to contain her self as I fucked her, but with every trust of my cock came another little moan, louder and louder as I banged her.

    'You'd better stay quiet or I'll punish you,' I said as I fucked her faster, my cock gliding in and out of her.

    She simply moaned in response. Causing me to bend down so that my chest was basically touching her back, my trusts now were way faster but with less force. I gripped one of her jiggling tits as I did this, which was one of my favourite things to do, in this position. 'You fucking like that?' I questioned, getting only silence in response as I absolutely shredded her. 'Good,' I said.

    'Get down,' I said, removing my hand from her tit and pushing her flat on the floor, my cock actually now slamming hard up into her cunt as her legs dangled next to mine, her feet hanging off the bed.

    'Ahhh fuck!' She screamed, unable to contain herself any longer.

    'That's it!' I said, pulling my cock out of her pussy again and flipping her over.

    'Sorry!' She exclaimed.

    'If you can't keep that mouth shut then I'm gonna really treat you like a fuck doll,' I said, crawling over and straddling her stomach, my cock resting between her tits. 'First though,' I said. 'I need to fuck these things.'

    She smiled and nodded, pressing her big tits together around my cock. I leant forward and gripped her shoulders, prepping my self to fuck her tits.

    'Thank god your cunt is so wet,' I said, tit fucking is no fun with a dry dick.

    She smiled and I immediately jammed my cock in the tight space between her tits. Closing my eyes and facing my head upwards as I fucked her tits.

    'Jesus Christ these fucking tits are incredible!' I said as I rammed into her titties.

    She stayed silent as I fucked her, wanting to stay true to her promise.

    'You can talk until your mouth is full,' I said as I fucked her, wanting to hear her cute voice again.

    'Fuck my tits baby,' she exclaimed, instantly getting into it. 'Fuck these big tits!'

    'Fuck yes!' I exclaimed. 'I fucking love your tits!'

    'You want to fuck my mouth baby?' She begged.

    'Open it slut!' I exclaimed, pushing my cock harder into her tits so it banged against her chin.

    'Fuck my mouth Jay,' Selena exclaimed. 'Fuck your little dolls mouth!'

    She pressed her neck against her chest and in an instant her open mouth was taking my cock into it. 'That feels so good!' I said, as her lips slid up and down my cock.

    I kept this up for a couple more pumps but I could feel the pressure penting up in my cock, and knew it wouldn't be long until I came.

    'Fuck this!' I said, pulling my cock out of her tits and moving my body up, until my knees were running parallel with her arms.

    'Fuck my mouth baby, treat me like a little slut!' Selena exclaimed as I gripped the back of her head, taking barely a second to get ready before shoving my cock hard into her mouth.

    I banged her mouth hard, my huge cock touching her throat every time I slammed into her. Tears were forming in her mouth but I could tell she wanted me to keep going, and to go faster. So I did, I fucked her face with the same speed and veracity as I would have fucked her pussy.

    'Ah fuck I'm gonna cum!' I exclaimed, ramming her face with my rod, the tip of my cock bashing the back of her throat. 'I'm gonna fucking cum down your throat slut!' I exclaimed as I came, cum shooting from cock directly down her throat.

    'Jesus fuck!' I exclaimed as I pulled back, cumming again all over her lips, teeth and tongue.

    'Holy... fucking... shit...' I panted, gripping the back of Selena's skull as she swallowed my cum.

    Selena gulped down on last time, having finally drained my cock. I loosened my grip on her head after I was one hundred per cent sure she was finished.

    'Thank you Jay,' Selena said after ripping my cock out of her mouth. 'Should last me another two years.'

    'Hopefully it won't be that long,' I said, rolling over and laying down.

    'I was just teasing,' she said, taking my now flaccid cock in her hand as she laid next to me, her tits pressing against my chest.

    'When should we go out there?' I asked, remembering all the other girls for the first time since we walked into the bedroom.

    'We'll know,' Selena said, playing with my dick. 'There's no rush.'

    She was right, I looked over at the alarm clock sitting on the bedside table and realised it was barely one in the morning. 'Why don't we catch up?' I suggested.

    'I see you like to fuck first and ask questions later,' Selena joked.

    'Technically we did ask questions first,' I said.

    'You know what I mean,' Selena said. 'Fire away.'

    'Oh you want me to start?' I said. 'Okay, where in the hell did you learn to suck dick so good, because I can honestly say that was... the best blowjob I have ever had in my life.'

    'Miley taught me a lot,' she said. 'But I guess I really learnt from Katy.'

    'Katy and Miley huh?' I said. 'They'd be in my top five.'

    'Run me through that top five would you,' Selena said. 'Scope out the competition.'

    'It's no real order to be honest but basically, you, Miley and Katy obviously,' I said.

    'Obviously,' she repeated.

    'Nicki,' I said. 'Nicki was... she knows how to get what she wants.'

    'I bet she does,' Selena said.

    'I'd say that the last one is obvious,' I said.

    'Amanda?' Selena guessed.


    'You know that night in Hawaii,' Selena said. 'Where you didn't call me?”

    'I am aware of it.'

    'I saw the two of you swimming.'

    I looked at her. 'Really?'

    'I was so jealous, Katy had just called saying you fucked her and then you went to meet Amanda... I thought we were supposed to meet you know, so I looked for you, to tell you what I thought of you and... when I found you, I saw the two of you swimming together and you just looked so happy.'

    'I'm sorry...'

    'You don't have to be sorry, that night I met up with Katy and she started teaching me how to suck dick like a pro... eventually I got back together with Justin... we broke up again, I met Zedd and well here we are,' Selena smiled at me. 'So in some fucked up way, if I hadn't seen the two of you out there I wouldn't have been able to suck you as good as I did tonight.'

    'Ahhhhhh!' We heard through the walls, it was the sound of most of if not all of the girls in the other room cumming.

    'I guess that's our cue,' Selena said, letting go of my cock and rolling off the bed.

    'Let's make a move,' I said, following her out of the room.

    'Ahh fuck yes fuck!' Iggy moaned as we walked out, she was in the centre of the circle getting doggy fucked by Miley wearing a strap on. The rest of the girls jacked off while watching.

    'About damn time!' Rita exclaimed when she saw us.

    'We had a lot of catching up to do,' I said as we joined the circle, which again was in a different configuration.

    'Let's wrap it up then?' Miley said, pulling her strap on out of Iggy and sitting down next to me.

    'I was so close!' Iggy yelled.

    'All the more reason to land on Jay,' Miley said as she threw the bottle into Iggy's hands.

    'Fine,' Iggy said, taking a seat next to Miley who was busy removing the strap on.

    Iggy spun the bottle and much to her annoyance it landed not on me but on Charli XCX. 'Charli, you are going to take that strap-on from Miley and you are going to pick up where she left off.'

    'I've never used one before,' Charli said as Miley leaned over Iggy to hand her the strap-on.

    'That's okay, it's easy to figure out,' Iggy said, getting back on all fours.

    'Okay, but I have to spin this first,' Charli said, placing the bottle on the ground and spinning it.

    It landed on Rita. 'Rita, now is your time, fuck Jay, and you have to send Ricky a video of it.'

    A huge grin appeared on Rita's face. 'I was starting to think it would never happen!' She spun the bottle again this time landing on Ariana. 'Ari, I want you to be the one filming me and Jay.'

    'I always wanted to try directing,' she said, as Rita ripped her phone out of her purse and threw it to Ariana.

    'Something tells me this won't be going on your IMDB page,' I said.

    'Where do you want to do this?' Ariana asked, standing up.

    'I've never done it in the kitchen,' I suggested, standing up and walking over to take Rita's hand, as the rest of the circle figured themselves out.

    'That would be perfect! Ricky always asks to fuck me in the kitchen.' Rita said as she stood up, holding hands as we followed Ariana to the kitchen.

    'Okay, Rita I want you to get up onto the counter top, and Jay I want you to fuck her hard against it,' Ariana said, turning the camera app on Rita’s phone on and pressing the record button.

    'I like it when you get bossy Ari,' Rita said as I helped her up onto the counter, moving in between her outstretched legs.

    'How's this?' I asked, as I pressed my hard cock against Rita's pussy.

    'That's perfect Jay, now, try to pretend I'm not here,' Ariana said, really getting into director mode.

    'Should be easy enough,' I said as I slowly entered my cock into Rita, grabbing her fat ass cheeks as she put her hands on my shoulders.

    'Ahh fuck!' Rita exclaimed.

    'Let's take this nice and slow,' I said, as I softly and gently penetrated her.

    'What an interesting time to become chivalrous,' Rita said, looking into my eyes and giggling.

    'My cock has had a big night okay, sometimes it needs to take things slow,' I said, as I fucked her.

    'I want the full Jay,' She said, gyrating her pussy in an attempt to rev me up.

    'Be careful what you wish for,' I said as I rammed her, now picking up speed and strength.

    'That's it,' Ariana said softly as I started fucking her friend hard on the counter. 'Rita play with one of your tits,' Ariana commanded.

    Rita did as she said, taking her right tit in her right hand and gently massaging it as I fucked her. 'How about I take one as well,' I said, taking my left hand off her ass and gripped her soft left titty with it, still ramming her at the same speed.

    'This is fucking great,' Ariana said, as she moved closer, bringing the phone in to get the glory shots.

    'You're telling me!' Rita exclaimed, moaning under her breath as I rammed her harder.

    'You fucking like me now?' I exclaimed, fucking her as hard as I could at this point.

    'Oh fuck yes!' Rita exclaimed, as she took my dick.

    'Fuck her Jay!' Ariana said, as she looked me in the eyes.

    'Turn around bitch,' I said, pulling my cock out of her and pulling her down to the ground.

    'Yeah call me a bitch!' Rita exclaimed as I twisted her around and pushed her back against the counter.

    'Take this cock bitch!' I exclaimed as I fucked her from behind, gripping her ass cheeks in my hands.

    'Yeah treat her like shit Jay!' Ariana exclaimed, her pussy now getting wet.

    'Is this what you want you little bitch?' I quested as I fucked her harder, pushing her down so her face was pressed against the counter top.

    'Call me a cunt!' Rita exclaimed as her lips touched the granite.

    'You cheating cunt, you glad your boyfriend is gonna know how much of a little whore you are? Taking a strangers dick into you like this?' I spat.

    'Yes! Fuck yes! I'm a fucking whore!' She moaned.

    'Fuck, I'm gonna cum!' I exclaimed, the dirty talk combined with all times I'd already cum that night finally taking it's toll.

    'Put her on the ground and cum on her face!' Ariana exclaimed.

    I did as she said and pulled out of Rita, turning her back around and pushing her onto the ground.

    'Taste my cum cunt!' I exclaimed as I jerked my cock, cumming hard all over her face, catching her by surprise.

    'Mmm,' Rita moaned as she licked her cum covered lips, giving the camera eye contact.

    'And it's sent, you can't take it back now,' Ariana said, grinning from ear to ear as she handed Rita's phone back to her.

    Rita was too busy wiping the cum off her face to notice Ariana's outstretched arm. 'Do you think he'll be upset?' I asked.

    'Undoubtedly,' Rita said, right after swallowing a mouthful of my semen. 'But what's he gonna do? The guy is a pussy, that's why I did this.'

    'Besides even if he did decide he wanted to fight you Jay, I'm pretty sure you could take him out,' Ariana said, rubbing her hand over my right arm, gently groping at my muscles.

    'That's not really the point Ariana,' I said.

    'Well why don't you show me the point?' She whispered touching the tip of my dick with her index finger.

    'I don't think I can take any more of this,' I said, in reaction to my dick getting hard yet again.

    'Poor baby, are you starting to get tired of sexy women fucking you?' Rita joked as she stood up, grabbing her phone from Ariana.

    'You wouldn't understand this, because you are women, but there does get a point where it starts to actually hurt,' I said as we walked back to the circle of pop stars, who were all deeply engaged in their activities.

    'Seriously?' Rita questioned, 'You're going to use the pain excuse on a woman?”

    Miley and Selena were on top of each other, making out and finger fucking each other in more or less the same spot I saw the two of them doing it the last time I was in the apartment, two years prior. 'Fair call,' I said, sitting down next to them.

    'YES!' Charli moaned, she was now sitting on top of Iggy's face getting some pretty extreme looking suction from the Australian.

    'Who's Jay fucking next?' Charli asked as she climbed off of Iggy's head and sat down next to her.

    'Jay says he's too tired,' Ariana said.

    'That makes sense,' Miley said. 'Why don't you take a nap in the bedroom upstairs? Rest up whole we entertain ourselves down here.'

    'Honestly that does sound pretty good,' I said, hoping it wasn't some sort of a trap.

    'But what about us?' Iggy and Charli said more or less in unison.

    'Iggy, seriously, what is going on with you and your boyfriend?' Selena asked, pulling herself off Miley.

    'It's... complicated okay,' Iggy said.

    'And Charli, what exactly is up with you and Sean?' Miley asked.

    'What? Nothing,' Charli said.

    'Sean told me I wasn't allowed to fuck you,' I said bluntly, my need for sleep by now far outweighing my need to fuck Charli.

    'He... what the actual fuck? Sean and I haven't even... that guy has problems!' Charli said, getting flustered.

    'Fine Jay, I was way more into your friend Scott anyway,' Charli said, jumping up and marching out of the room down the hallway, her tits and ass jiggling all the while.

    I stood up. 'Don't Jay, just go upstairs,' Iggy said. 'You've done enough.'

    I looked at Miley, and then at the rest of the girls as they looked back at me. I wasn't really able to read their expressions. 'Look Jay, you should go get some sleep,' Miley said she didn't sound angry or annoyed, she sounded almost maternal.

    Miley stood up. 'Here I'll take you up stairs.'

    I waved goodbye to the group and the two of us headed up stairs together. 'I don't really know why I said all that,' I said to Miley once we reached the master bedroom.

    'It happens, you're probably just tired, and probably drained... in more ways then one... plus all the drugs couldn't have helped,' Miley said, opening the door and walking me to the bed.

    'I guess I'll see you in the morning?' I said, looking over at the clock and noticing it was almost two.

    'Get some sleep Jay,' Miley said, leaving the room after tucking me in to bed. Sleep came quickly.


    'Shh! He's waking up,' a set of words you almost never want to hear.

    I opened my eyes, to see the vague blurs of Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande wrestling with each other in the bed next to me.

    'Don't worry, he's awake,' I said groggily as I began to understand what was happening.

    'Shit, sorry Jay,' Ariana said, her and Miley pausing to turn and look over at me.

    I looked around and saw a hint of sunlight creeping through the closed curtains. 'What time is it?' I asked.

    'About five or so,' Miley answered, abandoning Ariana and draping herself over me.

    'Great, so I've been asleep for three hours,' I said, unable to hide my annoyance in my tired state.

    'Oh, poor baby,' Miley said, as she slid off me, getting under the sheets to lie next to me.

    'Yeah it must really suck to wake up to the sound of two gorgeous naked women fucking,' Ariana said, doing the same but on the other side, managing to grip my tired cock as she did so.

    'If you want, we can go somewhere else?' Miley offered sarcastically, as her hand joined her girlfriend's on my junk.

    'Now now, let's not do anything stupid, you wouldn't want to wake anyone else up,' I said, lifting my arms up to take each of the girls under them.

    The two pop-stars snuggled in under my arms, both kissing my cheeks while slowly jacking of my admittedly slow to rise dick. 'I do feel kind of bad though,' Miley offered.

    'Yeah maybe there's something we can do to make you feel better?' Ariana expanded, as she kissed my neck.

    'I'm sure something can be worked out,' I said, moving my arms slightly to grip their petite tits.

    The two girls kissed my lips at the same time, causing three set of lips to meet and just as many tongues to get to know each other. 'I like where this is going,' Ariana moaned as she lowered her hand to stroked my balls, letting Miley focus on jerking my now erect cock.

    'I was starting to think I was going to miss out tonight,' Miley said, rubbing her thumb against the tip of my cock while she jerked.

    'Technically it's the morning,' I joked, lightly bucking my hips, fucking her hand while I turned my head to kiss her exclusively.

    'I want your cock inside me Jay, I need to feel it again,' Miley whispered through my lips.

    'I honestly don't think I have the energy to give you the fucking you deserve,' I said.

    'How about this,' Miley said, gripping my cock and staring at me into the eyes. 'I give you one of my world famous blowjobs?'

    'Are you sure?' I asked, starting to feel like kind of an asshole for not really pleasuring the girls as much as they expected.

    Miley stroked my cock again. 'As long as I have that thing inside me, I don't care which hole it is.'

    I pulled Miley's head to mine and kissed her hard on the lips, causing her to loosen her grip on my cock as we made out. 'We got a deal,' I whispered, moving my hand to the top of her head and pushing it down.

    'I'll just get out of your way,' Ariana said, removing herself from my under my arm.

    'I'm sorry Ari,' I said, looking at her sheepishly. 'But it's a Miley blowjob.'

    'If her cock sucking game is anywhere near her pussy eating game, then I would do the exact same thing Jay,' Ariana said, sitting up and pulling the sheets off of me and Miley. 'But if I'm going to watch, I'm going to watch.'

    I laughed and shot her an encouraging wink before turning all of my attention back at Miley as she set out to do what she arguably does best. 'Now, you know the drill Jay,' Miley said as she pushing my feet up until my legs were in a crab like position.

    'I know it too well,' I mused, closing my eyes and resting my hands beneath my head, letting Miley have complete control of the situation.

    Without even another seconds notice, Miley had taken the head of my dick in her mouth. 'Oh there it is!' I exclaimed as she pressed her tongue against the tip of my cock.

    Miley moaned and circled the circumference of my helmet with her tongue, alternating sucking and blowing as she did so. She looked me dead in the eyes as she did this, a stare so fucking hot and slutty that I almost came right then and there, instead though I merely took a deep breath and nodded slowly as she continued to treat the head of my cock like a lollipop.

    'Jesus Miley!' I moaned as she took a bit more of my cock in her mouth, sucking hard like a pro.

    With each passing second, she took a little bit more of my cock in her, sucking harder and harder to the point where it seemed almost impossible that she hadn't taken a breath yet. Her tongue continued it's rotation as she went down further and further, stopping at around the half way point, before pulling her mouth right back up, doing everything in reverse.

    'Fuck yeah Miley,' I said as she went back down again.

    Miley moaned and sucked her way down to the half way point of my cock again, moaning louder as she blew her way back up.

    'Suck that monster cock Miley,' Ariana whispered, now jamming a few fingers in her cunt while she watched.

    'You are a cock sucking genius Miley,' I complimented as she went about her business.

    It seemed like forever since the last time I had gotten one of those blowjobs. Of course the last time being the night Amanda dumped me, I suddenly started thinking that if Miley hadn't been so good at sucking dick Amanda and I would probably still be together.

    'Mmm!' Miley moaned angrily, feeling my cock softening slightly in her mouth.

    'Fuck, sorry Miley, keeping going!' I exclaimed, focusing all my attention back on her cock sucking abilities, letting myself succumb to the pure ecstasy that was the feeling of Miley tonguing at the tip of my cock.

    Miley pulled herself off my cock and suddenly slid her tongue slowly down the shaft, until it her the base. It took every bit of will power in my body to not just cum hard in her eyes in that moment. 'Best tasting dick,' Miley mumbled to herself before licking back up from my base to the tip.

    'I'm glad you like it,' I said, smiling to myself as Miley dragged her tongue back down to the base of my dick.

    She didn't go back up this time though, instead she kept sliding her tongue down until it reached my balls. 'Ohhh fuck please!' I moaned as Miley lapped up my balls, licking it with the same energy and fervour as someone would have on an ice cream cone a hot summers day.

    'You like the taste of my balls?' I questioned as Miley took them in her mouth, moaning yes in response. 'I bet you love em, you little slut,' I said, beginning our agreed upon dirty talk.

    Miley sucked hard on the pair of testicles in her mouth, grabbing my cock and jerking it to keep me hard. 'Yeah, jerk that pole whore,' I teased.

    Miley tugged at it harder, rubbing her tongue along my ballsack the while time, causing my eyes to roll back into my skull. 'You fucking sex slave,' I exclaimed, pulling my hands out from under my head and gripping her shoulders.

    Miley continued to moan into my balls. 'Yeah fucking, suck em dry slut,' I spat.

    I couldn't control my self, my hips now bucking into her hand as she jerked me off, the idea of humiliating her turning me on way too much, I feared at any minute I could shoot all over the place and I would be missing the best part. 'Slow down,' I commanded, grabbing the back of her head and ripping her off my balls. 'I'm going to cum in your mouth now slut, but first I want you to deep throat me.'

    'Maybe this time,' Miley said hopefully, taking her hand off my cock and wrapping her lips around my cock again.

    'If you can't deep throat me, I'm going to cum in Ari's mouth,' I threatened, looking over at Ariana, who was too deep into her own masturbatory session to notice what I'd said.

    Miley moaned and slid her lips further down my cock, quickly reaching halfway, but soon struggling as she tried to push it further. 'Not so fucking fast,' I exclaimed, tightly gripping the back of her head.

    Quickly she reached the three quarters point of my cock and started tearing up, clearly not being able to push it any further. I gripped her skull and pulled her back off my cock as she started to choke. 'Put me back on I can do it!' Miley insisted, fighting against my grip to take my cock back into her mouth.

    'This time,' I started, as my hand guided her back down my cock. 'You do it slowly.'

    Miley stayed silent, sticking to the speed my hand was suggested as she again made her way down my rod. 'That's it,' I said as she slowly but surely encompassed more and more of my dick, soon enough going from half way to three quarters of the way until eventually in one glorious, two years in the making moment, she reached the base of my cock.

    'That's it you fuck slut, now bring it home,' I commanded as I gripped the back of her head, pulling her up slightly before shoving her back down again.

    Miley moaned loudly as I continued this pattern, pulling her head up and slamming it back down to the base of my cock again. Soon enough she was actually able to help me out, the combined strength of my hands and her head causing her to bob up and down on my cock with the speed she would be able to on a normal sized cock.

    'You fucking slut, you ready for me to cum on your mouth?' I questioned rhetorically as she slammed hard up and down my rod.

    Miley moaned. 'Take it bitch, fucking earn your place, prove to me why you even have a career,' I spat meanly, degrading her even further as she roughly deep throated me.

    'You fucking-home-wrecking-dirty-little-slut!' I exclaimed as I came hard down the back of her throat, literally shaking as I did so, never feeling so good in my entire life.

    'Ahhh!' Ariana screamed next to us, clearly having finished herself off.

    'You miss the taste of my cum?' I questioned as I pulled Miley off my still cumming cock, causing a couple spurts to shoot onto her lips and nose.

    'You're damned right I did,' Miley said, before licking the rest of the cum off my cock.

    'Some of that shit you said was fucked up,' Ariana said, looking at us in shock.

    'This is sort of our thing,' Miley said, taking the last of the cum with her finger and sucking on it.

    'I don't actually mean any of it... well maybe a little bit of it,' I laughed.

    'I'll never get the two of you,' Ariana said, before lying back onto the bed.

    'You're not alone there,' I said, Miley lifting herself off me and crawling up to lay between Ariana and I.

    'All I know is, I fucking love both of you,' Miley said, before as her head touched the pillow.


    For a few hours after that I slept, every now and then a glint of light would hit my eyes and I would open them, only to close them and go back to sleep again almost immediately. It wasn't until about eleven in the morning that the light finally became too much and I opened my eyes completely, looking around to find that Miley and Ariana had left.

    I sat up and rolled off of the bed, heading out the door and down the stairs in search of either someone else, my phone or at least my clothes. The penthouse suite though, for all intents and purposes was completely empty, none of the girls things remained in the living area, my clothes and phone though, luckily were right where I'd left them.

    'Fuck,' I said to myself when I picked up my phone, noticing that the battery was dead.

    I headed over to the kitchen, in an attempt to find a charger. There was no way I was going to get home without at least calling Scott to pick me up. Lucky for me, there was an iPhone charger plugged into the wall, as if waiting for me to use it.

    'Let's see,' I thought, opening the fridge to find something to eat while I waited.

    It was a fairly dismal display unfortunately, a lone banana, in amongst a fully stocked fridge of soft drinks, chocolate bars and the like. I rolled my eyes and grabbed the banana, peeling it as I turned my phone on.

    The familiar welcome sound played and the phone booted up almost instantly, revealing a labyrinth of missed calls, emails and texts. I took a bite out of the banana and checked the call logs, most of the missed calls were from Miley and Scott with a lone two from Jonah, my publicist and Kanye West. After finishing the banana and throwing away the peel I decided to read the texts, if only because I needed to kill the time while my phone charged.

    Iggy: 'You pussy'

    Scott: 'No regrets, I hope everything is going as well for you as it is for me!'

    Iggy: 'Could have had the ass'

    ?: 'I cunt belief u'

    Iggy: 'Maybe next time'

    Selena: 'Call me whenever ;)'

    Kanye: 'Studio at 2'

    Miley: 'Had to run. Stay as long as you want. Check out is whenever you feel like it.'

    I looked up from the phone and then around the apartment. 'I guess I really am the only one here,' I said to myself, before looking back down at the phone.

    I spent a little time responding to each text, deciding to ignore the unknown number and put the phone back down on the counter. I headed upstairs to the bathroom, figured it would be a smart idea to at least have a shower before dealing with all the missed phone calls.

    I opened the door and walked in, not bothering to close it behind me. I was alone after all. I turned the shower on and soon enough the whole room filled with steam. I spent a couple minutes getting clean, washing myself, brushing my teeth and all that sort of stuff, before I was interrupted by a knock on the glass door that scared me half to death.

    'Who the fuck is that?' I exclaimed.

    'Charli, who the fuck is that?' She parroted back.

    'Oh shit,' I said, as she pushed the door open, revealing a still very naked Charli XCX.

    'Jay Cult!' Charli said as she stepped into the shower. 'Do you mind if I join you?'

    'Uh... not at all,' I said quietly, taking in her gorgeous body as it began to get drenched in steaming hot water.

    'I have to admit, when I realised someone had stolen my clothes, I thought it might have been Miley, I didn't think it would have been you,' Charli said, as I just stared at her tits, mouth agape.

    'I uh... I didn't take your clothes...' I said weakly, not finding myself able to give her eye contact.

    'Well there's nobody else here,' Charli said, putting her hand on my chin and tilting my head up until I was making eye contact with her. 'I honestly thought you didn't like me or something,' she said.

    'What's not to like about you,' I said, staring back down at her tits, marvelling at them as shower water rained on them.

    'You seemed to like the other girls more,' Charli said, giving up on my chin and instead grabbing at both of my hands, attempting to pull them up to her tits.

    'I can't,' I said, pulling them back down and turning around.

    'Why not?' Charli said as she moved closer to me, pressing her tits against my back as she wrapped her arms around my stomach.

    'You and Sean, you're-'

    'Nothing,' Charli interrupted, slowly running her hands down my stomach closer to my cock. 'He doesn't own me, last night was the first time we even hung out... and I don't even like him, he's too hung up on Ari,' Charli continued.

    'He really is,' I said, as her hands reached my cock, both of them grabbing it while her tits pressed tighter against my back.

    'A guy like that, can't take claim over a girl like me,' Charli said, stroking my cock now with both hands as I pressed mine against the glass.

    'What kind of girl are you?' I questioned, breathing heavily as she jacked me off.

    She whispered softly, her lips touching my ear. 'I'm whatever kind of girl you want me to be.'

    Instantly I whipped around, my erect cock pressed against her stomach as I grabbed her by her legs and rammed my cock into her, pushing her against the wall at the same time. 'You're so fucking hot!' I yelled as I penetrated her tight cunt.

    'I've wanted you to fuck me since the second I saw you,' Charli exclaimed as I fucked her hard against the wall, gripping her legs tight as I held her up.

    I kissed her hard on the mouth. 'Mmm, fuck mmm,' I moaned as we violently made out. 'Fuck you're so tight!'

    'Uh! Uh! Fuck!' Charli managed as I fucked her brains out, putting all the energy I had into ramming my stick deep into her pussy.

    'Are you a virgin?' I asked, her pussy was incredibly tight, even for my dick.

    'Not quite,' Charli moaned as she bit her bottom lip, eyes rolling around in her skull as I blasted her.

    Charli was gripping my back and digging her fingernails into it. 'I can't fucking believe this pussy!' I called out, it may have been the best pussy I'd ever fucked.

    'Yes! Fuck my cunt!' Charli moaned as she got rammed against the wall, her fat ass smacking against it with every pump.

    'These fucking titties,' I exclaimed, pulling my cock out and dropping her legs as I took her big fat tits in my hands and squeezed.

    'You've been staring at them all night,' Charli laughed. 'How do they feel?'

    'It's heavenly,' I said, gripping and massaging the beasts. 'Unfathomably sexy tits.'

    'And they're all yours,' she said, smiling down at me as I shoved my face in between them, kissing at her nipples as I pinched them with my fingers.

    'Jesus fucking Christ,' I exclaimed as I motorboated her mammaries, wanting to savour every single moment the three of us shared.

    'I have an idea,' Charli said, pushing me away slightly before getting down on her knees. 'You ever have a tit massage?'

    'I'd be lying if I said I hadn't,' I said, smiling at her, hoping she wouldn't change her mind. 'Have you?'

    'I've only ever seen it in porn,' Charli said as she took my cock in her hands.

    'It's real simple,' I said, as she double fisted my cock, jerking it off with it pointed at her tits. 'All you have to do is press your tits together and play with them around my cock.'

    'Should I suck it first?' She asked, earnestly.

    'Should she suck it first?' I laughed to myself in complete disbelief.

    'What's so funny about that?' Charli asked, suddenly stopping her hand job.

    'Nothings funny about that, I was just laughing because I'm pretty sure you're my dream girl,' I said, gesturing for her to continue.

    She blushed. 'Why thank you,' she said, not only continuing to jerk my cock, but leaning down to take it in her mouth as well.

    'You are a goddess!' I shouted as she slowly took my cock in her mouth

    Her mouth was agape enough that all I could feel was her sensational lips lightly rubbing against my cock. Once she reached about half way should closed her mouth, and sucking hard while pulling up.

    'Oh fuck!' I exclaimed, who would have known she'd be a natural cock sucker?

    'Is something wrong?' Charli giggled once my cock left my lips.

    'No no no, for the love of god no!' I exclaimed, tapping the back of her head, hoping she'd take the hint and keep sucking.

    She merely smiled and took my cock in her mouth again, this time going for a more simplistic approach. 'Those lips are so sexy,' I said as I rested my hands on her head.

    She moaned what sounded like a thank you, while she rubbed her tongue on the underside of my cock. 'Now do you want my tits?' She asked, after removing me from her mouth.

    I simply nodded, urging her to do whatever it was that she saw fit. She laughed and grabbed her tits in her hands and placed them over my hard cock, pressing them together sending literal shivers down my spine.

    'I don't know what I did to deserve this,' I said to myself as she started to play with her tits around my cock.

    I put my hands on her shoulders and began to lightly fuck her tits. 'I can't believe I've never done this before, it's actually really fun!' Charli said excitedly, massaging my cock with her tits more vigorously with ever passing second.

    'I wish I took you to a back room the moment I met you, never worried about the other girls,' I said as I fucked her beautiful tits.

    'Me too, I wish you took me right there on the table, in front of everyone,' Charli said, smiling up at me and then down at my cock as she continued to play with her tits.

    'You're such a horny little slut,' I said now fully fucking her tits.

    I was gripping her shoulders hard and fucking her tits like a pussy as she pressed them together. 'I'm so fucking hot right now, I need you back inside me!' Charli exclaimed.

    'Stand up and turn around,' I said, watching her let her tits drop as she stood up. 'Go on, turn around and face the glass,' I said.

    'No one has ever fucked me from behind before,' Charli said as she followed my commands.

    I looked up at the ceiling. 'You have got to be fucking kidding me,' I thought to myself. 'Well today is your lucky day,' I said, as I pushed her against the glass so her tits were pressed up on it.

    'Take me Jay, fuck me hard!' Charli exclaimed as I placed one hand on the glass for leverage and one hand on her ass for pleasure.

    I didn't say another word, instead I just shoved my hard cock deep into her cunt and tightly gripped her asscheek. 'Oh fuck yes!' Charli moaned.

    I pulled out and shoved it in again. 'Holy shit!' Charli exclaimed.

    I repeated the process, again and again, with each pump she screamed louder and louder until eventually I was fucking her so hard and fast that she couldn't even get a word out. 'Ah! Ah! Ah!' she moaned loudly, her tits mashing hard against the glass.

    'This what you want?' I seethed, as I slammed her.

    'Fu-Ck-Yes!' Charli managed.

    I moved my hand off the glass and used it to grab her tit, changing my pace up to fuck her slower, but harder and deeper. 'Cum for me!' I exclaimed as I slammed her.

    'Ah! I'm cumming!' Charli squealed.

    'Yeah, fucking take it, my fuck machine!' I exclaimed as as slowed even more, but continued to fuck her even deeper to the point that I was practically lifting her up with every pump.

    She screamed out in pleasure and squirted all over my dick, almost at the exact same time that I came hard deep into her pussy. 'Ah fuck!' I moaned.

    'Please Jay, please don't ever stop fucking me,' Charli panted, sweat and shower water dripping all over her body.

    I kept my cock in her until it started to shrink. 'A babe like you? How could I possibly stop fucking you,' I said, pulling my cock out of her standing back into the shower stream.

    'How does it feel to be back Jay?' Charli asked as she turned around to face me.

    'It feels like I never left.'

    Part 6 Coming Soon

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    Never thought I would say it, but that one sentence of Iggy riding Miley's strap on dick would be a hot story

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