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Thread: "Tonight's Girlfriend" with Holly Willoughby

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    fanfiction "Tonight's Girlfriend" with Holly Willoughby

    Tonight's Girlfriend
    With Holly Willoughby
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MFF, blowjob, voy, drunk, finger, gloryhole
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    We'd been flirting with each other for several weeks when Holly finally made good on her promise to let me take her out on a date. The fact that she was a "happily" married woman with three kids never even entered the equation. For me, I thought she was one of the sexiest ladies on TV.

    In fact I dare say my persistence kind of impressed her, and after pursuing her for so long she finally relented.

    "Lucky for you I fly back to London on Sunday," she smiled. "So you've got me for 24-hours. I hope you've got something planned."

    "Absolutely," I assured her. "I've been looking forward to this date for a very long time."

    "Good. Pick me up around eight."

    For the uninitiated, Holly Willoughby was a blonde haired, blue eyed vixen from Brighton who frequently wore tight fitting skirts, high heeled stilettos, and possessed two of the most magnificent natural breasts you ever saw.

    As arrogant as it sounds, there was no doubt in my mind that the two of us would end up having sex. I mean, just one look at the way we interacted together was enough to tell you that we shared a mutual attraction and sense of humor, something even other co-workers noticed.

    The fact that she was six years my senior, and technically my boss, only made the date feel even more taboo than it already was. Holly even commented on how fun it would be to play the role of a "cougar" something she had never experienced but had often thought about.

    "So I guess one of your fantasies has always been to corrupt a young lad?"

    The busty television star simply smiled at me bashfully.

    "I choose to plead the fifth."

    "I'll take that as a yes."

    It was later that evening that I showed up to her hotel to pick her up for our date, and as expected she didn't disappoint. Holly emerged from the lobby in a short little black strapless number which showed off her womanly figure and flaunted those magnificent breasts.

    The ensemble was capped off with sheer, thigh-high stockings which were held up by black suspenders, and accompanied by matching six-inch heels that only accentuated her long smooth legs. This also had the added advantage of increasing her height considerably.

    In fact she looked so good I almost tripped over as we climbed into the back of the taxi, where the clever ITV presenter seemed to sense my anxiety and took this opportunity to explain a few things.

    "Now I should warn you that my life is pretty complicated right now," she stated in her posh accent.

    "I know, I know. You're married." I replied while trying my best not to stare at her tits.

    Just sitting this close to her was intoxicating, particularly since her tits just seemed to pour out of that tiny little dress. That, combined with her sweet smelling perfume, and the way her long blonde hair was now pinned back into a neat ponytail just about made my cock pulse with excitement.

    It was at this point that I took a second glance at her chest and quickly realized that Holly wasn't wearing a bra. In fact every time she moved her breasts would spill away from the outfit, teasing me with the hint of a nip-slip.

    "Actually, about that—" she replied, referring to her marriage.


    What little guilt I had about "courting" a married woman quickly vanished when Holly explained that her eight year marriage was all but over. In fact they had apparently separated after she had caught Dan cheating with the babysitter?!

    The expression on my face must have been telling cause Holly giggled as she went on to claim how she was now "single and ready to mingle." It suddenly all made sense. Her recent flirting at work, and sudden change of heart in accepting my dinner proposal.

    It would seem that I had been fortunate enough to land the first "rebound" date.

    "—so tonight I just want to have fun." Holly added while applying lipstick to her mouth. "No strings attached. No expectations. I just want to let my hair down for a few hours and drink until I fall down, if that's okay with you?"

    "Sure. That's fine by me." I agreed. "—tonight it's all about you."

    Needless to say we were both in good spirits and eager for an "adults" night out.

    Amusingly enough it was during dinner that the two of us got pretty wasted between the bottles of wine and the alcoholic desserts. So much so that I soon saw a side to her personality I never knew existed.

    Holly now seemed to be very giggly and flirtatious and claimed that she wanted to do something wild and out of the ordinary. While several indecent ideas flashed through my head, I was genuinely surprised when one of the suggestions she had was to visit a local (adult) bookstore.

    According to her, she already owned quite the collection of sex toys at home, but now wanted to splurge on a new vibrator with Dan's credit card.

    "—you know, just to teach the cheating wanker a lesson."

    "Sure." I nodded. "Maybe you should buy some sexy lingerie as well? —I bet that would really piss him off too."

    "Yeah. I bet you'd enjoy that." she snickered back. "Watching me slip in and out of provocative outfits all night long."

    "Hey, I wouldn't complain."

    "—no, no you wouldn't."

    The sexual tension throughout dinner was high, and I could tell that Willoughby was hoping to do something fun and kinky by the end of our date.

    By the time we left the posh restaurant and made our way to a nearby pub for more drinks, Holly was already well hammered. In fact between her intoxication and those six inch heels, she was having a hard time walking straight and leaned on me for support.

    This of course caused her to inadvertently rub those incredible tits against my body, which as far as I was concerned, more than made up for all those weeks I had spent pursuing her.

    Inside we found a nice out of the way place to sit and immediately began throwing back more liquor. But as the clock struck midnight, more people started crowding into the pub and what started out as a quiet drink (with the promise of more sex talk) soon turned into a very rowdy affair.

    At one point we ended up on the edge of the crowded dance floor watching everyone move to the beat of the music, at which time I slipped away to the bar to get more drinks, only to come back and find Holly dancing with two men?!

    While most guys would probably find this maddening, I actually found it rather thrilling, watching her openly flirt with two complete strangers who were clearly interested in her, and currently running their hands all over her body as they "danced."

    The three of them actually made quite the scene, particularly since several people at the bar had seen Holly and I arrive to the pub earlier and naturally assumed that we were a couple.

    Amusingly enough the moment the men realized that Holly and I were an item they both seemed to panic and took off without warning, leaving the drunk TV presenter to stand there all by her lonesome.

    "What happened to your fan club?" I said while joining her on the packed dance floor.

    "I think you scared them away."

    "—so you're blaming me?" I chuckled. "Ha. Maybe you just forgot how to flirt properly."

    "They probably thought we were married." she pouted before placing her arms around my shoulders and dancing suggestively to the music.

    I happily responded by resting my hands on her hips and watched as she wiggled around and rubbed her huge ass into my cock. We ultimately made our way back to the bar for more drinks where I was surprised to hear her suggest that we do a few body shots together.

    I don't mind admitting that my eyes grew wide when Holly applied some salt across her bare chest and invited me to run my tongue along the length of her cleavage, before taking a piece of lemon from her mouth.

    That said, I was then doubly shocked when she released the lemon in her mouth and kissed me hard on the lips!

    "—what was that for?"

    "I at least owe you that." she slurred. "—for showing me such a great time tonight."

    "Well don't thank me yet." I remarked between shots. "The nights not over by a long shot."

    "Good. Because I've got a lot of pent up energy tonight, and you're going to help me release it."

    "—you're the boss!"

    We soon returned to the dance floor only this time found a more secluded area to mingle. I could tell that as the minutes passed by the more wasted she was, until she wasn't just leaning on me for affection but more in the way of support.

    Ultimately my blonde date leaned in and whispered hotly into my ear.

    "You know, if you weren't here with me tonight I probably would have gone home with those boys."

    "—with two guys?" I replied over the music. "Ha. You really think you could handle that?"

    Holly simply smiled. "Sure. I have before."


    "Are you REALLY that randy right now?" I asked.

    "Trust me," she said while taking my hand and placing it on her ass. "You have no idea what you're getting yourself into."

    Any suspicions I had about her state of mind were then answered with her next comment.

    "You know, I really enjoyed it when you were watching me flirt with those boys."

    "—yeah I bet you did." I grinned back. "You're such a tease when you want to be."

    "I know."

    "You definitely looked like you were having a good time too."

    "I was." she answered before leaning in. "—it made me wet."


    Holly and I then stopped for a minute to share a kiss which quickly developed into something more passionate that almost lasted an entire song.

    "—I want you so bad right now." she purred into my ear before shoving her tongue down my throat.

    Even though I knew it was just the alcohol talking, I didn't hesitate and happily reciprocated. We continued to make out and grind on each other for several minutes before I finally took her hand and led her outside.

    We left the pub and started to walk back towards her hotel which was just a few blocks away, when she surprised me by suggesting that NOW was the perfect opportunity to stop by the adult bookstore before going back to her suite.

    As you can imagine the only thing I wanted to do at this point was to get her back to her hotel room and fuck her senseless, but considering how good she looked in that dress it was hard to deny her.

    "Come on, please, pretty please?" she pouted sweetly. "I promise I'll make it up to you later."

    "You really want to go, huh?"

    "Absolutely," she said while biting her bottom lip. "—who knows, maybe we can find some fun toys to bring back to the room with us?"

    "Err. I dunno."

    "Hey. Don't forget, I'm still your boss." she teased. "You have to do what I say, remember?"

    Not wanting to disappoint, we crossed the street and entered the establishment.

    I suppose you could say it was just like any other typical adult bookstore with movies, toys, games and viewing booths in the back. There were three or four other customers in the store when we entered who immediately stared, which I'm sure made Holly feel a little uncomfortable.

    At Thirty-Four years of age, the onetime model-turned-television personality was familiar with guys staring at her body, particularly her tits, but not in such a lewd setting.

    Amusingly enough Holly couldn't find what she was looking for (hitachi magic wand) but continued to whisper all kinds of suggestive comments to me as we perused the isles.

    "How do you think I'd look with one of those ball-gags in my mouth?" she'd giggle. "—what about tying me up tonight?"

    Truth be told, in all the time I had known her I never imagined her to be so kinky and open-minded. It was actually quiet eye opening.

    Ultimately we wandered passed a hallway which read "viewing booths" in the back, where I jokingly asked if she wanted to go back and see a show, and surprisingly enough the married mother of three gave me a cynical look but then agreed.

    "—I'm game if you are?"

    With that said we purchased some tokens from the front desk and ventured down the murky hallway and into the very last booth. Inside it was dark and creepy and consisted of a single chair and TV on one wall, while the other was left blank and featured a hole in the center.

    Holly commented on how "gross" and claustrophobic it was and wanted to leave, until I put a coin into the slot and a movie flashed across the screen. I then put my arms around her waist and insisted that we stay for a few minutes since we had already paid.

    "C'mon. Just give it a minute."

    We watched as the scene featured two burglars break into a house in the middle of the night. As expected the plot was weak but it was amusing enough to keep us interested.

    As the crooks made their way up to the second floor of the apartment they soon stumbled across a scantily clad blonde who appeared to be sleeping in nothing more than a tight tank top and little else! Both Holly and I couldn't help but laugh at the premise.

    "Oh, come on!" she whined. "—who sleeps like that? ...this is ridiculous."

    Then the sex started, and despite the silly plot it got real hot real quick.

    The actress on screen proceeded to suck both of their cocks with deliberate slowness. She then lay back on the bed as one burglar stuck his cock in her mouth and the other began eating her pussy.

    I glanced over at Holly to gauge her reaction and could see she was stunned into silence. I could tell from the expression on her face that this was probably the first x-rated video she had ever seen.

    The actor licking the starlet's pussy switched to fucking her as she kept sucking his buddy's cock. He then went on to nail the blonde for a few minutes and switched positions again. She was now on all fours between them, sucking one cock while the other guy fucked her from behind.

    The action continued for a few more minutes, with the actress ultimately getting "double-penetrated." She was now on top of one guy and leaning over him as the other dude banged her ass.

    "Wow." Holly remarked through bloodshot eyes. "—this is pretty, um..explicit."

    I took this opportunity to slide my hands around her belly and pulled her body closer to mine, allowing Holly to feel my hard cock poke her in the butt. She appeared fine by this, but then a few minutes later did something that absolutely took my breath away, and reached back to squeeze the erection in my pants.

    I responded in kind and reached up to gently fondle her breasts through her dress, as we now stood there in the dark booth watching the porno together.

    "Does this sort of stuff turn you on?" she asked without taking her eyes off the screen "—watching two guys bang some half naked bimbo?"

    "Well, you know what they say about blondes." I teased, causing her to stop and flash me a sharp look.

    Amusingly enough the entire time as we "chatted" we continued to casually feel each other up. In fact her hand never left my cock as we watched the sex scene intensify.

    "I'm being serious?" Holly added. "—do guys really get off to this stuff?"

    "Sometimes, yeah." I answered honestly, as I brushed her hair to one side and kissed the back of her neck.

    It was this action alone that seemed to make her melt in my arms and purr like a kitten, so I repeated the action and slowly cupped her tits as I devoured the nape of her neck.

    Holly immediately moaned and leaned back to kiss me passionately on the lips as my fingers slipped inside her dress, where I boldly scooped her breasts out, and left her standing there completely topless!

    With her dress now essentially pooled around her hips, I keenly fondled her unfettered boobs and couldn't believe how soft and heavy they felt in the palm of my hands.

    Amusingly enough Holly was so drunk she didn't so much kiss me than slobber into my mouth. Not that I was complaining of course, since swapping so much spit with her actually turned me on.

    She really seemed to respond favorably when I took each nipple between my thumb and forefingers and gently tweaked and twisted them about.

    "Ugh! Wait...Please, don't do that." she suddenly objected, alarming me briefly.


    "—'cause I'm not responsible for what might happen next."

    "Hey, don't make any promises you can't keep." I told her while squeezing her heavy funbags in my hands. "—keep watching the screen."

    Holly could only moan as I now groped her soft breasts, squeezing and kneading them for my own amusement while she watched the threesome on the screen.

    "Mm, yeah—" she cooed at one point. "I bet you've got something back here for me, huh? —take it out."


    Her eyes were glassy, as though drunk on sex.

    "Yeah." she repeated. "—take it out right now. I want to play with it."

    But as if on cue, a stranger from the booth next door suddenly took this opportunity to stick his own cock through the hole in the wall, which immediately startled us both.


    "—what the hell is that!" Holly yelped with surprise.

    While my initial reaction was one of amusement, Holly immediately panicked and muttered something about it being "disgusting." I couldn't help but laugh as I tried to calm her down, while she now seemed adamant about leaving.

    "I'm not staying here with that THING poking through the wall like that!"

    "—relax." I chuckled. "He can't see anything. And he doesn't know who we are. Besides, he'll probably go away in a minute. He's just a voyeur."

    Nevertheless, Holly appeared "sobered" by the incident and now turned towards the exit to leave when I suddenly pinned her up against the door, and slipped my hand underneath her short dress and buried two fingers into her dripping cunt!

    Despite her objections, Holly's body seemed to surrender to me almost immediately. In fact I dare say it had been years, if ever, that someone had man handled her in such a crude way. It clearly turned her on.

    As we kissed each other deeply again I pressed my hips into her body causing her to spread her legs around me and literally dare me to fuck her!

    Instead, I pivoted her over towards the hole in the wall so that she stood right next to the strangers cock. I then took her hand and, after a few minutes of prodding, guided it to the mystery penis. I think she was embarrassed to reach for it but she obliged nonetheless.

    We stopped kissing long enough to look down at it for a while, watching as she now leisurely jacked him off.

    "—I can't believe you're making me do this." she blushed.

    "If you don't want to do it, stop." I challenged. "—no one's forcing you to wank his cock."

    Surprisingly enough Holly continued to stroke the impressive penis in her hand as I took this opportunity to pull her dress down and reveal two of the nations most captivating breasts.

    In an instant I mauled her neck while I fondled those lovely round jugs with both hands, provoking several moans from her throat.

    As we continued to mess around Holly then jumped, and we looked down to see that instead of the guys penis, his hand was now sticking through the hole trying to feel her ass and legs.

    "okay, okay, this is just too weird!" she whined.

    But despite her objections I guided her back against the wall telling her to let the poor guy get a feel.

    "—what, no! Stop." she half giggle. "Are you insane. I know I'm drunk right now but, come on. He's a complete stranger."

    "Come on, just play along." I implored her. "You trust me don't you? —he doesn't know who you are."

    "I know, but—"

    "Just for a second." I urged. "—just a little longer."

    Holly huffed in acceptance and did as she was told.

    "This is crazy." she muttered in her posh accent, as she now stood in place and allowed the stranger to feel his way along her stocking-clad legs.

    I lifted the front of her skirt to assist, and watched as the guy's hand began feeling up the inside of her thighs, across her black suspenders, to finally reach up and caress her panties. It was at this point that I directed her to part her legs for him and stick out her ass, which she did.

    There was something so erotic about seeing this stranger feel her up like this (another man's wife no less) that really turned me on. I watched as his fat fingers rubbed her pussy through her panties before they finally encircled her clit.

    The reaction was instantaneous, and was evident by the way she suddenly tensed up and gripped my forearm. It seemed the mystery man possessed some very talented fingers, and knew all the right places to touch.

    "I can't believe I'm letting you—ooh god!" she moaned mid sentence as I leaned over to suck one of her exposed nipples.

    This added stimulation seemed to have the desired effect as Holly went from reluctant accomplice to willing participant in the matter of seconds. I now distracted her with deep kisses while her panties were peeled to one side and the stranger tried to stroke her bare cunt.

    When she moaned into my mouth, I knew he had accomplished his mission and was now probing her with two fingers.

    "Why don't you take your knickers off, and make it easy for him." I suggested. "Come on. How sexy would that be right now."

    The British beauty responded like she was in a trance and immediately peeled her silk underwear down her legs, allowing our mystery friend to snatch them up as a keepsake.

    Holly soon moaned again as I reached down and helped myself to a little fiddle, stuffing my fingers inside her slick cunt before stimulating her clit, while our friend now pumped two digits in and out of her sex.

    "Ugh. God." she whimpered as the two of us worked her pussy over. "I don't think I can stand much more of this."

    "—you're so hot right now." I assured her as we both fingered and probed the mother of three.

    "Ugh. You guys are going to make me cum." she panted audibly.

    To tell you the truth the impromptu encounter was so hot and spontaneous I didn't know where to look first, between her eyes, lips, and tongue, or those perfect set of 34D'S which jiggled enticingly as we pleasured her against the wall.

    But when I ultimately combined my clit-rubbing action with suckling her right breast, Holly Willoughby just about lost her fucking mind! She began to cry out loud and shook violently, her knees almost buckling as we got her off.

    "Ugh—fuck!" she cussed as we assaulted her voluptuous body with our mouths and hands.

    When I stopped fingering her and suddenly slipped my shiny fingers into her open mouth, something inside her seemed to snap and she immediately pushed me back and dropped to her knees in front of me and reached for my pants.

    "—I want your cock in my mouth!" she hissed as she urgently unbuckled my belt.

    Holly yanked my pants down in a hurry, and as soon as she did her mouth was on my cock. I was already riled up from the film and foreplay, but the instant her lips made contact with the head of my knob I was ROCK solid.

    To her credit, Willoughby sucked me enthusiastically from the get-go, her head bobbing up and down over my staff as our friend was forced to merely observe. In fact the Brighton-born model seemed to concentrate on the tip, while massaging my crown jewels with her fingers.

    Up on the screen the burglars were still double-teaming the girl as Holly stopped and looked back at the footage, her fist still jacking me off.

    "That looks so nasty—" she muttered, before spitting in her hand and smearing her saliva all along my shaft and engulfing it with her mouth.

    I actually moaned out loud when she glared up at me with those big blue eyes and pressed the head of my cock against the side of her cheek, causing it to bulge erotically around the head.

    "—fuck." I gasped with glee. "I always knew with a mouth like yours you'd give the best head."

    Holly blinked up at me appreciatively as I placed my hand on the back of her head and proceeded to fuck her mouth. Unfortunately for me this only lasted a minute or so before she suddenly stood up and directed me over to the seat in front of the television screen.

    There, I watched spellbound as she finally stepped out of her short black dress and move to straddle me in the seat. For a moment I could see the look of hesitation in her eyes as she glanced back at the glory hole and realized that we had an audience. Reading her mind I implored her to continue.

    "Holly, go ahead." I told her. "Let him watch."

    To my delight, the voluptuous blonde was so wet that she managed to take my cock all the way inside her in one fluid motion, while the weight and sheer size of her butt swallowed me whole.

    As she carefully lowered herself down, I just about thought I had died and gone to heaven, my eyes rolling into the back of my head.

    Behind her, the two luckiest burglars in porn were still tag-teaming the blonde girl, while our "friend" was now audibly beating off in the next booth, as Holly began to roll her hips back and forth and worked my pole.

    I couldn't believe how snug she was. Her ass was so big that is pressed against my nuts and massaged my balls as she squirmed around. It was just about the sweetest, warmest pussy I had ever fucked, and gripped me like a velvet glove.

    Willoughby glanced behind her at the screen every so often as she rode me hard. It seemed the visuals on screen, and the fact that we had an audience member, really turned her on and before long, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh could be heard throughout the booth as she now SLAMMED her sloppy cunt down on me.

    My cock was taking some real punishment as the burglars now stood over the blonde girl in the video and jerked off all over her tits. At this point Holly was so SOPPING wet, that her cunt actually left a ring of white slime around the base of my shaft as she bounced above me.

    Fearing that I might come too prematurely, I asked her to stop and switch positions which she was only too happy to oblige.

    Holly, who was now essentially naked save for her black six-inch heels and matching sheer stockings, got up and turned around, and carefully backed herself up until she could sit down on my wood and ride me reverse cowgirl.

    We both groaned as she slowly impaled herself, and for good measure, I gave her thick rump a sharp smack which really seemed to rile her up.

    It was this new position which allowed her to use the power of her legs to steady herself and dictate the pace of our fucking. It also allowed her to watch the lewd action on the screen, whilst giving me an unforgettable view of her thick round rump as it swallowed me whole.

    It was around this time that Holly suddenly gasped when she looked over at the wall and realized that our friend had slipped his member through the hole again, only this time he had put on a condom. We both knew what he wanted, and the notion alone seemed to turn her on.

    "ohmigod." Holly moaned to the idea (of letting a complete stranger fuck her).

    "Keep going." I encouraged while slapping her ass. "—don't stop now. Take that cock. Take it."

    "Oh. God—" she stammered. "I'm going to come again. I'm going to come all over your cock!"

    "—do it, Holly." I urged. "Cream all over my dick baby."

    It was only now as I felt her pussy literally squeeze and flood my tool that I realized that I was in serious trouble. I had to do something quick otherwise I too was in danger of blowing my wad way too early, so I pushed her off me and forced her down to her knees.

    The look on her face was priceless, as I stood over her and took her by the back of her hair and crawled her over to the strangers cock.

    "Come here. You know what I wanna see now?" I hissed. "—I want to see you suck his fat cock."

    Without missing a beat, Holly eagerly took his large cock into her mouth and sucked his head hard causing him to let out an excited moan. I smiled inwardly, knowing how skillful she was, having experienced those same lips just minutes earlier.

    I watched as her mouth began to move back and forth over his latex-covered cock, her hand clenched around the base like a vice. Her other hand reached up to grab my cock, which she stroked sporadically the whole while.

    She then pulled back and turned her head towards my one-eyed snake and brought me right into her mouth, sucking it long and slow. There was no doubt about it, Holly Willoughby had an oral fixation and appeared to RELISH the act of sucking cock.

    Her other hand jacked the stranger off expertly, his knob still well-lubricated with her spit. When his penis started to get dry, she immediately switched back to him for a while and I got a hand job while enjoying the sight of my "boss" sucking another man's cock.

    On and on it went, the whole time Holly's pace slow and sensual. It felt amazing, but it would take us forever to come that way. I suspect that was how Holly wanted it, no hurry.

    The pace quickened after a while, and she began to whimper as she started switching back and forth between our two cocks more rapidly. Holly would suck me for four or five seconds, switch back to him for a while, and then back to me.

    I finally grew impatient and pulled her up to her feet, her legs wobbly on six-inch heels. She immediately kissed me on the mouth again as I abruptly stuffed three of my fingers deep inside her cunt!

    Holly responded by moaning and sucking my tongue into her mouth, while her hips seemed to have a mind of their own and now sway back and forth.

    I stood finger-banging the buxom beauty for a good minute, before I slowly guided her back against the hole where the guys cock was poking through. In my mind there was no way she didn't know what I was attempting to do, and yet she didn't resist.

    As I continued probing her, I could feel the guys cock striking my hand. I then removed my fingers and directed her hips flat against the wall, leaving no doubt as to what I wanted to happen next, and allowing him to penetrate her.

    Surprisingly enough Holly didn't object as I felt him begin to pump his cock and enter her for the first time. She let out a muffled gasp and buried her head in my chest as she pushed back against the penis.

    I cradled her head in my hands as he began fucking her with a steady rhythm, and she rocked back-and-forth meeting his cock with each thrust. Within a matter of minutes her body shook with an orgasm as she kept slurring her pleasure.

    "..oh yes..oh yes...oh..god."

    I silenced her moans by sticking my cock in her mouth, and told her to spit and slobber all over me. It was incredible to see her still backed up to the wall, knowing that some strange cock was buried to the hilt deep inside her while she blew me.

    Suddenly, something seemed to come over her and she moved away from the wall, causing the guys cock to slip from her pussy.

    "—Ugh. I want YOU inside me, again!"

    I didn't need to be asked twice.

    We quickly swapped positions with her dropping to her knees to suck the cock in the wall while I moved to kneel behind her and proceeded to fuck her doggy-style.

    Unlike our mystery friend, I was now afforded all the space and room I needed to really pound her from behind causing her to yelp out loud and wail uncontrollably while I fucked her senseless.

    "Ugh. God. Ugh. God." she cried with a mouthful of cock. "Fuck."

    "Suck his cock, Holly." I growled while slapping her round rump. "—suck his cock while I FUCK this thick ass!"

    Suddenly, Holly pulled her mouth from his penis and hissed urgently at him.

    "—please." she almost begged. "I want you to come in my mouth!"

    Just hearing this submissive tone from her was enough to set me off.

    While most times I could usually feel an orgasm approaching, this one arrived without much warning. My cock throbbed inside her pussy, as wave of intense pleasure coursed through my body and culminated in a feeling of overwhelming relief and satisfaction.

    I couldn't remember the last time I had blown my WAD deep inside a (married) woman, much less a busty MILF like Holly, but boy was I making up for lost time.

    I literally buried my wick as deep as humanly possible and exploded within miss Willoughby's loins, gripping her chunky hips so hard I was sure I'd leave hand prints on her flesh, as thick spicket's of love-slime filled her womb again and again.

    There were brief moments of pause between each spurt, causing Holly to sigh erotically with each corresponding deposit. This apparently set off our friend who quickly slipped off the condom and suddenly announced his own orgasm.

    "—Fuck. Gonna. Cum." he grunted as he blasted his load directly across her waiting face.

    The first shot struck Holly directly in the eye. The second came fast and made a perfect shot into her gaping mouth, gagging her briefly. Holly grunted with surprise and swallowed hard as she sucked the twitching member back into her mouth and gulped down his gooey seed.

    "Yeah. Polish him off." I hissed from behind her while tapping the end of my spent cock against her ass. "—that's so fucking hot."

    "Oh. God. Look at this mess—" the morning host huffed with one eye sealed shut, as she was left slumped naked on the cold floor, utterly soiled in some strangers hot gluey jism.

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    Fuck, that was awesome! Wasn't that into Holly before but I think you've just converted me.

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    Just the right amount of dirty.... soo good...

    My soundtrack...

    The Who - Squeeze box and The Beatles - I got a feeling (starting right at the doggy scene at the end)

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    Like Lemon.. i'm not the biggest Willo-booby fan out there nor was I ever into the whole sex-shop glory-hole thing... but who would of thought? what a fucking hot story! still kinda gobsmacked how much I enjoyed it.

    Also love the way you write MMF so well! you should really do them more often. :cool:

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    Thanks guys, much appreciated. If I've made any new Holly Willoughby fans or converts out there thanks to this, than the story was a success!! :champ:

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    Dude, seriously, that was an amazing story! Fucking well done! Brilliant!

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