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Thread: Debby's Big Birthday Bash Blow Out #6 (CYA)

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    fanfiction Debby's Big Birthday Bash Blow Out #6 (CYA)

    With Dove Cameron, Hailee Steinfeld, Madison Beer, Olivia Holt, Sabrina Carpenter, Sophie Turner
    and Vanessa and Stella Hudgens
    Created by TPG

    It's already been an eventful night to say the least, as you now find yourself engaged in a hot-impromptu 3-way with actresses Hailee Steinfeld and Sophie Turner, while parked outside the front of the house, in the back of Debby's SUV.

    With nothing to lose you pull back enough from Sophie's phenomenal cunt and swiftly impale her backdoor! —taking her breath away. While she yelps with surprise, you decide to pay her back for her bitchy attitude throughout the evening and drill her sweet ass again and again.

    Her eyes immediately grow to the size of sauces but she doesn't make any attempt to stop you. In fact Hailee moans in approval and distracts her friend by grinding her pussy against Sophie's mouth, hoping to keep her lips occupied.

    "Yeah. Fuck her ass good." Hailee growls. "—teach her a lesson she won't forget."

    You don't need to be asked twice as you proceed to pound into the UK starlet even harder than before, and are surprised to feel her bunghole give way, revealing to you that this isn't the first time she's had anal sex!

    Strangely enough this turns you on as Sophie appears to be a much sluttier than you anticipated, and you drill way. It's at this point that you reach over and grab a fist-full of her red hair and push her face harder against Hailee's pussy.

    "Eat her cunt!" you hiss, as Sophie groans in anguish to the anal onslaught and spears out her tongue to probe her BFF.

    Hailee howls with glee as the two of you lock eyes and you suddenly have an overwhelming urge to have her.

    With that said you reluctantly pull out of Turner's gaping shit-pipe and quickly mount Hailee in the backseat and proceed to fuck her missionary style.

    Her feet are instantly up in the air as Sophie scoots over to catch her breath and watches as the two of you violently grudge-fuck one another.

    To your delight Hailee turns out to be dripping-fucking-wet as she wraps her legs around your hips and spurs you on. Your nuts now slam against her tiny sphincter as the two of you grunt in unison.

    "Ugh. Yeah. Fuck me." she grunts erotically as you pound her puss as hard as you can.

    In fact her twat feels so good you almost consider filling her teen womb with jizz, but somehow hold off and kiss her instead.

    "You fucking little cunt. You like that. Huh?" you growl down at her as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she takes you cock.

    But just as the two of you are starting to pick up some pace, the house lights switch on and all three of you are suddenly in danger of getting caught.

    In an instant you hop off from between Hailee's legs as the ladies cover themselves up and try to act natural.

    "Shit. Get out of here!" Sophie exclaims as you zip up your pants and walk towards the house.

    "Err. Well I guess I'll see you ladies inside then." you snicker, as you head into the house with a huge grin on your face.

    But the moment you step through the front door you're absolutely floored as you quickly realize that everyone appears to be bare-ass naked! It seems part of Debby's surprised to you was to get everyone in the house to strip nude.

    While you try your best not to stare, you take a peek into the lounge room only to see several of the guests are now playing a very loud, and drunk game of "Truth or dare."

    The mere fact that they're famous and totally naked only makes the game even more intriguing, particularly as you hear the ladies dare Olivia Holt and Dove Cameron to sit in the middle of the room facing each other and scissor one another for two minutes!

    "I'm not doing that!" Dove objects. "I know I'm drunk but jeez."

    But Holt baits her by calling her a chicken and this seems to do the trick.

    "What are you afraid of Dee?"



    "I don't know why you're acting so cocky." Dove directs back at Olivia. "cause we both know I'm stronger than you."

    "—wanna bet?"

    To your delight, the ladies crawl into the middle of the room and slowly interlock their naked limbs together and proceed with the dare, as their friends watch on and scream and cheer enthusiastically.

    Debby then suggests that they make it more interesting and kiss each other while they attempt to get the other off. To everyone's delight both girls are only too eager to please and quickly proceed to swap spit.

    It's while spying on this incredible scene that you're suddenly joined by a stunning young brunette who you recognize as singer/actress Sabrina Carpenter.

    "Enjoying the show?" she asks rhetorically, as you try your best not to look down and stare at her naked body.

    Fortunately for you Sabrina appears to have wet hair and a towel wrapped around her waist, which you assume is from swimming in the pool all night long.

    Still. Her perky little tits are on full display and feature two of the most succulent brown nipples you've seen in a while.

    "You must feel pretty special tonight huh." she remarks. "—being the only guy at this all-girl party."

    "—fringe benefits of dating Debby Ryan I guess." you shrug.

    Sabrina smiles and continues to watch the action with you as both blondes now moan loudly and get into the task. Surprisingly enough Holt seems to have the upper hand, and uses her flexibility and toned mid-section to her advantage.

    "So. I heard you've got a huge cock." Sabrina suddenly quips.

    "Excuse me?"

    "—I mean. I assume you do, since Debby is dating you."

    You're then shocked as Sabrina reaches down and squeezes your cock through your pants. The fact that you just had sex but haven't managed to come yet makes her touch feel incredible. Her hand sends a chill up your spine.

    "Mind if I check for myself?" she grins while massaging your wood.

    "Err. I don't know how my girlfriend would feel about that."

    "—then I guess we just won't tell her." Sabrina grins. "Mm. Impressive."

    "I'm glad you approve."

    "I mean its not the biggest I've ever seen, but it'll do." she smugly comments.

    The two of you now stand in the dark hallway watching the action in the living room as Sabrina casually strokes your wood. Feeling bold you pull her closer to you and run your hand all across her hips and butt, amazed by how tight and young her body feels.

    "I guess I should warn you." she whispers into your ear. "I'm really horny tonight. I haven't been laid in weeks."

    "Jesus." you whisper under your breath as you cup her ass and feel how soft and supple her flesh is.

    Back in the living room the two blondes pick up the pace and really start to flick their hips and grind against each other, both eager to get the other off.

    To everyone's surprise Dove seems to be on the verge of climax when she suddenly finds some back up strength and grinds Holt into submission, whipping her hips as fast as possible.

    Holt finally climaxes to the cheers of her friends and wearily crawls back to her previous position around the large circle. It's while the ladies debate who should go next, that you and Sabrina share a brief kiss and contemplate running off somewhere for a quickie.

    "Where can we go?" you ponder.

    "—Trust me. I can think of a few places where we won't be interrupted."

    But just as the two of you consider rushing off for a quick screw, you hear someone call Vanessa Hudgens name and this immediately catches your attention.

    "Wait. What?"

    In fact not only is Vanessa at the party and naked in the room, having apparently arrived while you were out, but she appears to be accompanied by her equally cute sister Stella.

    Right away the ladies have your full and undivided attention again, as you watch the Hudgens sisters crawl into the center of the room butt-ass naked and sit facing each other on the carpet.

    At this point you can't help but marvel at how casual everyone appears to be with their nudity. It's almost as if seeing each other in such a state isn't anything new.

    You almost gasp as Vanessa and Stella are then dared to sixty-nine each other in front of all their peers for five whole minutes.

    "Err. You can't be serious?" Stella whines. "Five minutes with my sister? —that's way too long."

    "Don't be a chicken-shit." Debby replies. "You know the rules. You have to do what we say or you have to leave."

    The sisters look at each other nervously.

    "Should we?"

    "I'm game if you are." Vanessa shrugs. "—but I get to be on top."

    "Nah-Ah. I want to be on top!" Stella challenges. "I'll only do it if I get to be on top!"

    "Fine. Top. Bottom. Sideways. Whatever. Just do it already." Debby groans. "—sixty-nine her bitch."

    You and Sabrina now watch spellbound as the sexy sisters move into position and proceed with the dare.

    At first the sisters don't seem very enthusiastic and simply try to run out the clock by nibbling and kissing the inside of each other's thighs.

    But the others quickly catch on and urge the two siblings into action, with Vanessa finally biting the bullet and burying her face up into her sisters waiting pussy.

    Stella can't help but moan out loud to the action as her sister immediately thrusts her tongue deep inside her teen clam and proceeds to explore her cunt.

    Spurred on by the crowd, she finally reciprocates and lowers her face down between her sisters spread legs and the two put on quite the show, both moaning and panting erotically as they eat each others peach for the very first time.

    In fact the scene is so hot and incredibly taboo that almost everyone in the room is openly masturbating, which in itself is one of the hottest, most extraordinary things you've ever seen.

    "Ugh. Stella." Vanessa moans at one point. "—right there. Don't stop. You're going to make me come."

    "Okay. This is fucking hot!" Chloe Moretz chimes in as she too openly plays with herself.

    This incestuous scene, combined with the masturbating audience, is enough to make you harder than steel.

    In fact a single droplet of pre-cum leaks from the head of your cock as Sabrina leisurely jacks you off and takes your hand and slips it between her own legs, inviting you to touch her.

    "You can touch me if you want."

    "Are you sure?"

    "Trust me." she says, referring to the explicit show. "You're not the only one who finds this sexy as hell."

    You're then taken aback as your realize that Sabrina appears to have a rather healthy bush growing between her legs, which you brush with your fingers, before you dip them a little lower and caress her slimy wet lips.

    To her credit Sabrina purrs softly beside you and doesn't release her grip on your cock for a minute. In fact you watch as she opens her stands to give your exploring fingers more room to move.

    The two of you watch the unfolding scene with the sister for another minute before the Disney star casually drops to her knees beside you and slowly takes the head of your cock into her mouth!

    Fortunately for her the two of you are bathed in darkness in the hallway, and she's concealed behind a wall so no one can see what she's actually doing to you.

    "Mm. I can taste Debby's pussy on your cock." she tells you between sucks.

    You grin, but don't have the heart to tell her that its probably Hailee Steinfeld (or Sophie Turner's ass) she can taste. Instead, you grab the back of the singers head and bury your wick into the back of her throat and make her deep-throat you right there in the hall.

    To your surprise Sabrina doesn't appear to have a gag-reflux and happily takes your entire length effortlessly.

    "Grr. Good girl." You praise her as she takes your entire staff down her tight little throat with ease.

    While you expect this to be just like any other run of the mill blowjob, you're gravely mistaken. Instead Sabrina astonishes you with her talented mouth as she proceeds to service your cock like a seasoned veteran.

    In fact she seems to have this extremely sexy technique in which she twists her head with each up stroke of her mouth and makes sure to massage every inch of your manhood, all the while glaring up at you with those big blue eyes.

    It's actually quite jarring to see such a young, and innocent looking face staring back at you while her mouth is wrapped so skillfully around your pole.

    "God damn you're good at that." you tell her.

    "I know." she winks, before dipping her head and taking one of your balls into her mouth. "I've had a lot of practice."

    You respond by placing your hand on the back of Sabrina's head, while you look back into the living room to watch the sisters moan in unison and seemingly climax at the exact same time, both of them panting and slurping up as much of each others girl juice as possible.

    "Jesus Christ, that's hot."

    Noting this Sabrina stops sucking your dick long enough to smile up at you.

    "We should probably go somewhere." she says while wiping her lips. "—I want this thing inside me."

    "Lead the way little lady." You respond. "I'm all yours."

    Sabrina then takes your hand and leads you up the stairs. At this point you're so hard that you're just about ready to pop, and have to reach down and physically squeeze your cock to control the urge to come.

    Sabrina than suggests that the two of you slip into the bathroom as she wants to fulfill a fantasy and have sex in the shower. But just as you arrive to the top of the stairs, you hear Debby calling out Sabrina's name.

    The two of you panic before she tells you to go on ahead and wait for her in the bathroom, while she goes back to distract your girlfriend for a few minutes.

    "Go on ahead and start the shower." she insists. "—but don't even think about starting without me."

    You smile as you watch her turn around and run back down the stairs, watching as her sweet little ass jiggles from side to side. The mere thought of plundering that derriere makes your cock twitch as you turn back around and head towards the bathroom down the hall.

    Between having to stop outside with Hailee and Sophie, and watching the crazy sister-act downstairs, you try to hold off for Sabrina's sake and step into the bathroom only to be shocked when you realize it's already occupied.

    In fact you're taken aback to find a gorgeous young brunette who you recognize as Madison Beer, who's naked as the day she was born, and appears to be drunk and peeing loudly.

    Amusingly enough Madison doesn't seem to mind the interruption and simply smiles at you as she sits there relieving her bladder. Just one look at her beautiful face tells you everything you need to know. She's clearly drunk and in a playful mood.

    Without saying a word, you take two steps forward and abruptly bury your sword into her pretty little mouth! The Canadian singer sighs with surprise but then moans with a mouthful of cock as your balls literally rest against her chin, her big pretty eyes glaring up at you in surprise.

    "I guess you should have locked the door." you remark as you pull back just a tad, only to slam your cock back into her waiting mouth.

    Madison doesn't resist and keenly sucks your cock, swirling her hot wet tongue around your bell-end while reaching up to fondle your nuts.

    "Play with your cunt—" you tell her as she spreads her knees wide on the toilet and plays with her clean-shaven cookie.

    You start to fuck her sweet mouth as she groans and slobbers all over you, and reach down to jam two of your own fingers inside her teen cunt!

    "Ugh. Fuck." she whimpers erotically as you can't believe how incredibly tight she is.

    Unlike Sabrina who is clearly more talented, Madison more than makes up for an lack of experience by the way she looks and sounds while blowing you.

    With that said you reluctantly withdraw from her wet mouth with a "pop" and pick her up from the toilet and bend her over the marble counter top, her sweet, teen, bare ass sticking out at you and waiting to be FUCKED!!

    You immediately impale the petite starlet from behind and moan in unison as you visibly stretch her out.

    "Ugh. You're too big!" she moans over her shoulder.

    Despite these words you continue to fuck her harder and harder and watch her face contort in the mirror.

    You suddenly have an overwhelming sense of satisfaction as you know you're finally going to blow you wad all over this young bitch until...once again, you hear a noise outside and realize someone is coming up the stairs.

    At this point you're frustrated beyond believe, but dare not risk being caught in the act by Sabrina much less Debby who would most probably rip your nuts off!

    Instead you reluctantly pull out of your current lover and tell Madison to stay quiet as you zip up your pants and sneak over to the door to see Debby approaching one of the bedrooms while accompanied by two blondes.

    "Hey sweetie. There you are." Debby smiles at you.

    "I'll be out in a minute."

    "Why don't you clean yourself up and come join us. I want to show you something."

    "Err. Sure. I'll be right there." you stammer. "Just give me a minute."

    You quickly wash your face and try to clean yourself up as Madison wraps her arms around you and refuses to let go.

    "Please don't go. Please." she begs. "Not now. I was so close."

    You physically have to restrain her as she threatens to scream.

    You suddenly have a decision to make. Do you go see what Debby and her friends have planned for you, or finish off Madison in the bathroom first? Or do you ditch both options and sneak downstairs and look for Sabrina?

    Alternatively you could always just head back downstairs and watch more of the "Truth or dare" game the ladies are playing. Then again, you could also head outside to get a little fresh air and find out who's skinny-dipping in the pool?

    It's your choice.

    FYI you can vote for more than one person/event

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    Amazing as always

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    FIND SABRINA, lol, awesome story.

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    Yep, great as expected!

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    keyboard = ruined.

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    Here's my thought for the next chapter...

    Give in to Madison, move into the shower, where Sabrina finds YOU, joins in/replaces Madison as someone is looking for her... then after "emptying the chamber" so to speak all over Sabrina's derriere, see what Debby has in store.

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    Great story please new chapter quick

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