Dear Diary
With Emily Osment
Written by yorick
Codes: MF, Oral, Cons
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

Dear Diary,

Today was interesting. Lets just say that some things finally came to a head and I managed to cross a couple things off my bucket list.

It all started when I went to my usual coffee place, it's quiet and small; someplace that you can feel at home, where you can curl up with a good book and let hours of your day drift away.

Plus there's this barista there, Matt, that's about my age, and anytime I'm in he gets this silly grin on his face, it's pretty cute and I can't help but smile at him whenever I see it. I like to sit so he thinks I can't see him and I watch that goofy smile out of the corner of my eye.

I've been coming to this coffee shop for about a month now, and outside of a little playful banter my cutie barista hasn't made a move. So for the last week I've been doing all that I could to tease him and illicit some action.

I went in on Sunday afternoon, wearing a light orange sundress that I was hoping would get his attention. It was a mostly wasted trip though since he wasn't working. The only other customer in the place was standing at the counter in front of me, and I'm pretty sure he didn't notice me come in. Anyway, he was hitting on the barista girl, Amy, and she was shutting him down pretty hard. I was standing there listening to the lines he was dropping and you could tell he wasn't good at this sort of thing. Eventually Amy gave him his coffee and he gave up his attempts. He spun around and almost walked straight into me.

His coffee came really close to spilling all over me as his body bumped against mine. I couldn't help myself as I pressed against him to get a good feel. He stumbled back and I took a step back too and watched as he looked me over, the lust clear in his eyes. I guess it wasn't a total loss that my barista wasn't in today.

I gave him a little airy flirting, something like 'watch yourself sailor' as he started to apologize to me. He offered to buy my coffee to make it up to me, and I accepted. He started chatting with me as the barista went to work and we kind of hit it off. He was kind of a nerdy guy, wearing his old Star Wars t-shirt. I sat down with him on one of the couches in the coffee shop and we chatted some more. He was a nice guy, and worked at a dog shelter, which made him even cuter. I spent the entire time flirting with him as we jumped between topics, and I finally brought up the lines he was using on the barista. His face instantly went red, and I couldn't help but laugh, which only made the shade of red grow brighter. I put my hand on his knee to comfort him while I told him that I wasn't laughing at him, I just thought it was cute that he was putting in so much effort for a girl that didn't care about him.

He got this little grin on his face and I felt the fabric of his pants shift just a little. I didn't realize the affect I could have on a guy, but I glanced down quickly and sure enough he was sporting a little wood. I snapped my eyes back to his and saw the nervousness creep onto his face, and I couldn't help but smile at him. I told him not to worry about it, and that it was actually kinda flattering. I did what I could to reassure him, and I ultimately couldn't resist as I slid my hand up his leg and gently brushed against his growing member.

I looked into his eyes and saw the stunned look on his face and it gave me an idea. I stood up and walked down this long hallway towards the restrooms. I stopped when I was out of sight of the barista and looked over my shoulder. I saw my nerdy boy staring at my ass, and I simply motioned for him to follow.

He shot up like a rocket a hurriedly followed me down the hall. I slipped into the women's bathroom, a single occupant room, and leaned against the sink when he slipped through the door. I told him to lock it behind him and made him a simple offer, I told him if he could make me cum, I'd make sure he did too.

He got a little nervous after my suggestion, and I thought I may have misread the situation. Before he knew it he blurted out that he had never been with a girl before. His nervousness was so cute I couldn't help but smile at him as I told him I'd happily show him the ropes. I took hold of his hand and pulled him closer as I shifted back and sat on the vanity. I pulled him in and placed his hand on my hip as I cupped his face and brought him in for a kiss.

It was soft and chaste at first as he simply stood there, lips locked with mine. I pulled back and grinned at him. He smiled back and I asked him if that was the first time he ever kissed a girl. His cheeks went crimson again and I couldn't help but giggle. I told him not to worry, and that he should have fun with it, to get a little aggressive and explore. I pulled him in for another kiss and I felt his free hand shift to my hip and lightly caress my flesh as his lips moved against mine. It only took a few moments for him to pull back out of breath.

I put my hands on his shoulders and slowly pushed him down. It took him a moment before he realized what I wanted and went to his knees. As he sank his hands roamed on my thighs, slipping lower until he was touching my bare skin below the hem of my dress. His fingertips danced up and slipped beneath the light fabric. My skin felt electric as he traced his way upwards between my thighs, his fingers giving gentle caresses. He used his wrists to lift the hem of my dress as his head disappeared beneath the fabric, following his hands toward their goal. He kissed along my thighs as his fingertips found my panties. He caressed the fabric, rubbing it gently against my clit, stealing little moans from me. It only took him another minute to kiss his way to my core and slip my panties away from his prize. At first I just felt his breath on my naked flesh, and I couldn't help but shiver just a little. I felt him inhale my scent before he placed a kiss onto my lips, and I couldn't help but clamp my thighs against his head as his tongue lashed out and grazed against my clit. I couldn't help but moan aloud as he lapped away between my thighs. I didn't expect it to feel so good, but this guy I had just met was getting me off. My skin felt electric and I couldn't control my muscles as I approached my peak. I started cumming and I couldn't help it as I tensed up and let out a deep, loud moan. He just kept licking and I couldn't help as I convulsed more, and for the first time in my life I actually squirted, and filled his mouth with my cum.

I couldn't believe that this guy had made me squirt for the first time ever. As I was coming down from my earth-shattering orgasm I couldn't help but smile. I reached under my dress and pressed my palm against this guy's forehead, motioning for him to stop as he was still licking up my juices. He pulled back and I saw his glistening face, slick with my juices and I couldn't help but giggle as I pulled him up and kissed him full on the lips. To be honest I didn't even think about it as my tongue battled with his, but I was actively licking up and savoring my own nectar, and it was getting me horny. I finally ended our lip lock and looked him in the eyes, I told him that he certainly held up his end of the bargain, and I would certainly do so with mine.

I slipped off the counter to stand in front of him, grinding against his body as I sank down to the floor. I slowly pushed him back as I dropped to my knees and gave his dick an appreciative rub. I moved my face against his crotch and rubbed my cheek against his rapidly swelling jeans. I looked up at him and gave him an innocent look as I bit the tag of his zipper between my teeth and slowly slid it down. As soon as I had the zipper all the way down, I put my hands to use and undid the button holding them up. I grabbed hold of his jeans and boxers and pulled them both down in one swift motion. I shouldn't have been surprised when his dick sprung out and hit me in the chin. He was standing a full attention, packing 6 or 7 inches at least, and I couldn't wait to get started.

I grabbed hold of his dick and looked up at him with a smile as I started to stroke his length. He just let out a groan as I spit a little on the head of his dick, and started to work the saliva along his length. I just grinned up at him as he grew rigid in my hand. It wasn't long before I had little groans spilling from his lips at every stroke of my hand. I quickly picked up the pace and let a little more spit dribble out onto his cock. I had a good pace going and he just had his head rocked back, as he tried to cling onto whatever willpower he could muster. To be honest, watching his reaction, and knowing the power I had right now was starting to get me hot again, and I used my spare hand to play a little under my dress.

I wanted to give him a real treat and make him pop quick so without any warning I licked at the head of his cock and took it into my mouth. Hearing his breath hitch in his throat was pretty hot, and I couldn't help how excited I was getting. I quickly took more of his length, sucking it deeper, licking along his length. He put his hand on the back of my head and just ran his fingers through my hair as I kept bobbing my head over his length. I started taking more of his length and eventually got it all in. I buried my nose against his pubes and had my lips around the base of his cock; I could feel his head brushing against the back of my throat. I held him like that for a moment, just completely enveloped in my mouth as I started to moan and massage his bell end with my vocal cords. He pulled on the back of my head, trying to force his cock deeper as he groaned aloud.

I couldn't believe he wanted to be deeper yet, I mean there wasn't anywhere else to go. I was able to pull off of him for a moment to catch my breath. I looked up and met his gaze as I licked at his head again and he simply smiled as he reached out his spare hand and wrapped it behind my head. Our eyes were locked as I wrapped my lips around his bell end and slowly bobbed on it, and he let out 5 words between his heavy breathing, "Let me fuck your face."

I didn't argue or even say a single word, I simply bobbed once more on his head before I took his length deep. He groaned out loud again as his hands took a firm hold in my hair. I felt him push off from the counter and stand on his own legs. He slowly pulled his cock back out of my mouth, I just kept my lips tightly pursed around his length. I slipped my hand under my dress and started to rub my clit a little bit, aiming to enjoy this as much as possible. He started slow at first, just stroking about half his length between my tight lips. I just kept my eyes locked on his as he picked up the pace. The only noise in the room was the sound of my sucking and his flesh slapping gently against me, echoing louder and louder in the room. It didn't take long for him to really start hammering away, I was deepthroating him as he literally fucked my face. He pulled at my hair, and forced himself to go faster and faster; I just let him go to town, keeping my lips as tight as I could sucking away as my tongue wrapped around his cock. He was making animalistic grunts with every thrust and I was matching every one with my fingers in my hot pussy.

I could tell he was getting close and I wanted to finish him off my way. I pulled my sticky fingers out of my snatch and moved my hands up his legs, gently caressing the flesh as my hands slid higher. I reached behind him and took a firm hold of his ass. I started pulling him in with every thrust, taking him as deep and hard as I could. His grunting only increased as I flicked my tongue along his length. He started to thrust wildly as he approached his edge, and I started forcing him harder and harder as my head bobbed forward, taking him completely. He started to moan aloud, some deep primal moan, and I knew it was time. I pulled his ass towards me, burying his cock as deep as it would go. I started gagging on the head as I felt him cum. He shot a giant, searing load against the back of my throat and I couldn't help but swallow as he fired away. I was starting to suffocate before he stopped cumming. I pulled back just a little and swirled my tongue around his head, savoring the cum that was still there.

When I finally pulled away and let his cock fall free he stumbled back and caught himself on the counter. I stood up and smiled as I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. I think he was still a little out of it because he just leaned there accepting it. After a minute he seemed to realize what was happening and he started kissing me back. To be honest I was hoping he might have another round in him because I was sopping wet at this point. As we kissed I started to feel his little soldier rise to attention and poke around my thighs, leaving a sticky trail behind.

I teased him with my hand, giving him an appreciative squeeze as he started kissing my neck. I couldn't help how good it felt and I closed my eyes and let out a low moan. He just kept at it and I kinda lost myself for a bit, just wrapped up in the pleasure he was giving me. I didn't even notice that he was completely hard and ready to go, probably because I was too busy humping his leg to notice. Before I knew it he had his arms wrapped around me and he was lifting me up. I didn't even think, I just wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist as he stood. We kissed as he carried me across the small space, his cock bouncing against my pussy with every step. He pressed me up against the wall, dropping me back against it hard as he started moving his hips. I didn't really think about it at the time as he lined up and sunk his hard dick into me, but he wasn't wearing a condom. That didn't stop me from letting out a loud moan though. He didn't waste any time and I was grateful for that; I just held on tight as he pressed me against the wall and went balls deep. I could literally feel his balls slap against me with every thrust, and he was going so deep; hitting the right spots as he stretched me out. I couldn't believe what I was doing, I had met this guy less than an hour ago, I didn't even know his name and here he was fucking me against the wall of the bathroom in a coffee shop. I couldn't help myself, I came in with the intention of getting my cute barista to finally make a move but he wasn't here to reap the reward, and I certainly wasn't going home without having some fun.

I just kept groaning as my mystery lover thrust away, filling me completely with every hard thrust. I thrust back against him as the sounds we made filled the room, the slapping of his skin against mine and the gentle suckling of my slick snatch waiting to filled again with each stroke. I let out a loud moan as he attacked my neck, kissing and licking the tender skin as his body continued rocking it's deep rhythm into me. I screwed my eyes shut tight as he 'screwed' me hard, and I wrapped my arms even tighter. He started thrusting harder in response, really trying to drive me towards the edge and I let out a loud moan.

There was a knock at the door to the bathroom and my lover flashed me a concerned look as he slowed his pace. He was stopped dead in me as I whispered in his ear; I told him to move us up against the door and he quickly obliged. He lifted me away from the wall and carried me a few short steps before pushing my back against the door. He got there just in time as we heard a key slip into the lock. I pulled him forward with my ankles, giving him the courage he needed to start again. He started to rail into me hard and fast and the noise of skin slapping skin echoed in the tiny room. I didn't even try to stifle my moans as he drilled into me. I could feel the door move against me, someone was trying to get in and I couldn't help but put on the theatrics. I started to moan louder with every thrust and my lover got the hint as he started thrusting deeper and harder every time. It was actually pretty fun because as we got louder, so did our mystery intruder, banging on the door and trying to force it open as we humped against it. This taboo situation was pretty exciting and I guess it finally got to my lover as he picked up his pace even more. He gave me a handful of hard, sharp, so-fucking-deep thrusts before burying his cock as deep as he could and blowing his load. I swear he stayed like that for a few minutes, pressing me against the door, buried deep, loosing pulsing jets of his cum deep inside of me. I honestly couldn't believe it but feeling him fill me up like that, knowing he could have just made me pregnant, made me hotter than I ever thought it would. I couldn't help it but I rode out the biggest orgasm of my life all because he forgot the condom and came in me, with an angry audience right outside the door.

And to my future self, enjoy reliving this one,
Love Emily