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Thread: "Jay Cult 5: Part 1" with Charli XCX, Rita Ora, Miley Cyrus and More

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    fanfiction "Jay Cult 5: Part 1" with Charli XCX, Rita Ora, Miley Cyrus and More

    Jay Cult Chapter 5: Hidden At The Bottom of a Bottle (Part 1 of 2)
    Written by MacedMan
    Codes: MF, BJ, Group, Mast, Finger, Alco, Drugs

    DISCLAIMER: None of this is real, everyone is over 18 and it's all just for fun.

    A/N: I have mostly written part two, but I'm not sure how long it's going to take before I have the free time necessary to add those little touches so I thought I'd throw this up for you guys as a little bit of a primer. Tell me what you think, tell me what you want me to do next and I may see if I can try to include it.

    '...sometimes I feel like I never left the ocean.'

    The crowd exploded.

    'Thanks for having me, shouts out to Kanye, Tyler and every one else performing tonight... see you next time!' I said as I waved at the cheering crowd.

    I gave one last nod to the crowd before turning and walking back stage.

    'Great show man, fucking great show,' Scott said as I approached him.

    'You think?' I asked, stopping in front of him as a team of sound techs and roadies rushed past us.

    'Honestly, it was the best I've seen yet, I think Tyler is going to have a hard act to follow,' Scott said, patting me on the back as we both headed toward the exit.

    'Now I know you're lying,' I laughed.

    'You gotta learn to trust me man, they were fucking eating you up tonight,' Scott said.

    'We'll see, next week we'll see,' I said, nodding at security as we walked past, heading straight for Scott's limo.

    'It's gonna be great man, album of the year,' Scott said.

    'It's a rough year, I would be lucky to be in the top ten,' I said as Scott unlocked the limo.

    'Fair call, Kendrick... Yeezy... you'll be in the top five for sure though,' Scott laughed as we entered his long-standing choice of transport, his original limousine.

    'You ass-hole, your job is to tell my I'm the best,' I joked as Scott started the engine.

    'Nah man, my job is to drive you around remember?' Scott chucked as he started doing just that, pulling out of the parking spot and heading to the security check point.

    'You obviously didn't read the fine print,' I said, grabbing a joint out of the glove compartment.

    'Whoa, whoa easy there,' Scott said, slapping the joint out of my hand. 'We haven't made it through security yet.'

    'What? These guys?' I said, gesturing towards the upcoming security officers who were standing in front of a gate. 'They're cool.'

    I grabbed the joint and stared Scott dead in the eyes as I lit it, a hint of anger appearing on his face as we pulled up to the officers.

    'You guys are cool right?' I asked after Scott wound the window down.

    'Depends, is that marijuana in your hands Mr. Cult?' the officer questioned, his humourless eyes staring dead into mine.

    'Of course,' I said, a broad smile appearing on my face as I inhaled.

    Scott's eyes darted back and forth between me and the security officer, his foot hovering above the accelerator, ready to smash it at any moment.

    The officer burst into laughter. 'Go right ahead Mr. Cult, and Mr. Williams, relax if we pulled up every artist who was smoking weed there wouldn't be an entertainment industry.'

    Scott breathed a heavy sigh of relief. 'Jesus Christ Jay, you could have told me you knew the guy, and that he knew me... wait how do you know me?'

    'Fucking drivers, all the same, I've only waved you through venues about fifty times in the last three years,' the officer said, half jokingly.

    'Sorry man, I have a... bad memory,' Scott said.

    'I wonder why,' the officer said, his eyes gesturing toward the joint in my hand.

    'Good point,' Scott said.

    'Let's go man, we'll be late,' I said. 'See you Jake.'

    'Have a good night Mr. Cult,' Jake the security officer said before we drove out onto the highway.

    'God you're a douche bag sometimes,' Scott said, grabbing the joint from my hand and placing it in his own lips.

    'Have the rest man, you'll need it,' I laughed.

    'Let's not go too crazy with this tonight, I want to have my wits about me,' Scott said as he inhaled what little of the joint was left.

    'Whatever man,' I said. 'Let's just get there.'


    After an hour or so scrambling around the city, from the venue back to my apartment and so on, we eventually made it to our destination, the Milton Hotel. Just in time for what would be the... was it seventy-seventh? Maybe seventy-eighth? It doesn't matter, it was some form of Anniversary for the opening of the most successful and expensive hotel in Los Angeles.

    'Are you sure you don't want to come man?' I asked Scott as we pulled up to the red carpet.

    'I think it would be too weird,' Scott said. 'And besides in the past this event has been quite... interesting to work.'

    'Alright man, well if you get bored-'

    'Or if you end up in some crazy mostly female celebrity orgy-'

    '-text me.' We said in unison before I opened the door to the limo.

    We gave each other a thumbs up before I stepped out of the vehicle, right onto the red carpet. A familiar feeling rushed over me as I started walking toward the entrance, getting photographed... waving off reporters who wanted to ask me why I was alone. I couldn't quite put my finger on what exactly what that feeling was, but I knew it was good, and that it would help me get through the night.

    It was quite surreal walking through that same lobby a second time, my status in the world having changed immensely in between the two visits. Everything looked exactly the same, but it all had a vaguely different feel. More of the faces that surrounded me in the pool of celebrities were familiar to me on a more personal level then in any room ever before. It almost felt like a kind of weird family reunion.

    Two years earlier I felt anxious about trying to get into the V.I.P. Area, even though Zoe had passes in her hand. This year though, I had no such passes but I felt calmer than ever, I didn't even look at the security guard as I waltz in, he didn't even ask my name.

    'Jay!' A small group of people exclaimed in unison as I entered the largish room.

    'What's happening?' I said to the group as I joined their table, a scotch and soda hitting the table almost as soon as I did.

    'Thanks,' I said, not looking to see where the drink came from.

    'A good night,' Meek Mill said as I sat down next to him.

    'Good plan,' I said as I raised my glass, looking at the rest of the table.

    Meek, Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora all raised their glasses with mine, before we took a hearty sip.

    'Jay you know Nicki, Iggy and... have you met Rita?' Meek asked.

    'Nah man, never had the pleasure,' I said as I stared her down, taking in her skin tight red dress, that accentuated her ample tits.

    'Rita, this is Jay, he did that 'Black Ocean' shit a couple months back,' Meek said, referencing my biggest single to date.

    'That was a seriously great track Jay,' Rita said, as I took her hand to shake it.

    'I wanted to be on it,' Nicki said. 'But some men can't be bought.'

    'Every man has his price,' Iggy said in her Australian accent, shooting me a smile before leaning in to her friend Rita. 'I actually am on the album.'

    'We both know you didn't pay a cent,' I said, as I took another sip, taking in Iggy's blue tank top and matching skirt..

    'How is the album coming Jay?' Rita asked.

    'It's good, listening party tomorrow, release next week, I'm honestly shocked it hasn't leaked yet,' I said.

    The table burst into laughter.

    'What?' I asked.

    'Sometimes I forget that this is your first album,' Meek said. 'Albums don't leak Jay, they get released early, look at Kendrick's album, or Sean's, not a coincidence.'

    'Fuck,' I said, feeling somewhat embarrassed. 'I always suspected... then why hasn't mine leaked?'

    'Either Ye has a lot of faith, or...' Meek went quiet before continuing.

    A sudden injection of anxiety made it's way through my blood stream.

    'Ye's got faith in you Jay, trust me,' Meek said. 'And on that note, I'll leave you to it.'

    'You're going already? What happened to a great night?' I asked as Meek and Nicki stood up.

    'We got a plane to catch,' Meek said. 'Good luck on the album.'

    'Jay before I forget, did you get that email?' Nicki said, the two of them now completely up from the table.

    'I did, it sounds good Nicki, we'll talk about it after the album launches,' I said.

    'I'll hold you to that,' Nicki said, before the two left me alone with Rita and Iggy.

    'What was that about?' Iggy asked.

    'She's got some track she wants me to appear on,' I said, half heartedly.

    'You should pass it up,' Iggy said.

    'You think?' I questioned.

    'Oh yeah, she's a... she's fading quick, you don't want to be associated with her brand, especially now that she's all shacked up with Meek,' Iggy said.

    'Going to be hard to get much done now,' Rita said, a cheeky grin on her face.

    'You make a good point,' I said, taking a final sip from my glass. 'You want another drink?'


    Some time passed while the three of us got better acquainted, and with that time also passed our sobriety because we were going hard on the liquor, Iggy especially was quite drunk which lead to some pretty interesting revelations.

    'I've never actually had anal sex,' she announced, slamming her newly empty glass down on the table.

    'Bullshit!' Rita exclaimed. 'You're telling me no one has ever tried to hit that?' She continued gesturing towards Iggy's famously huge ass.

    'Oh they've tried,' Iggy said. 'Shit even he's tried,' she said pointing at me.

    'Is this true?' Rita asked.

    'Yeah, it's true, she's pretty protective of this thing,' I slurred, groping Iggy's ass at the same time.

    Iggy slapped my hand away. 'Case and point,' I joked.

    'Well, well, well, if it isn't Jay Cult,' A familiar voice called out from behind me.

    'Sean Don!' I exclaimed, twisting myself around to face my good friend Big Sean.

    'How's it hanging man?' Sean said as we shook hands.

    'Can't complain,' I said, a drunken toothy grin on my face as I gestured for Sean to sit down. 'Who's this?' I asked, noticing a black haired big breasted female companion wearing a tight cleavage boosting little black dress.

    'Surely you know Charli?' Rita exclaimed as she got up to hug her friend as Sean sat down.

    'Of course' I said, suddenly realising it was in fact Charli XCX, someone I was actually quite familiar with. 'Doin' It!' I yelled as she and Rita sat down.

    'You say that every time!' Charli laughed as she and Sean were served drinks.

    'It's a good track!' I exclaimed. 'And Sean man, I dug Dark Sky Paradise so much man, I mean I really felt that you know?'

    'Thanks Jay, oh and Ye showed me Black Ocean... real nice,' he said, patting me on the shoulder.

    'I appreciate that,' I said.

    'Jesus Christ! Three sexy women sitting with you and you flirt with each other!' Iggy exclaimed.

    The table laughed and we all resumed drinking, and engaging in drunken, friendly and progressively more and more sexually leaned conversation.

    'Two,' Rita said.

    'One,' Charli said.

    'Zero,' Sean laughed.

    'Gonna have to be zero for me as well,' I said.

    'Four,' Iggy said, a sheepish smile appearing on her face.

    We were all shocked.

    'Holy shit!' Charli said.

    'In one night?' I questioned.

    ' one sitting,' Iggy admitted, causing the table to erupt in laughter.

    'Nothing wrong with that!' Iggy said defensively.

    'Nah, nah, nah, nothing wrong with that at all,' I said, placing my hand on top of hers.

    'Oh what the fuck is this?' Sean said, a shade of anger in his voice.

    'What?' Rita asked.

    'That,' Sean said, pointing towards the entrance.

    It was the entering of two women that had soured Sean so much, Miley Cyrus and her friend and Sean's ex girlfriend Ariana Grande, who seemingly to fuck with Sean was wearing what could only be her skimpiest outfit available, short tight black shorts and tight leather blouse, which was opened enough to show the small amount of cleavage Ariana could provide.

    'You can't be surprised,' Iggy said, I couldn't help but stare at Miley who seemed to actually be dressing appropriately for once, a simple elegant purple dress.

    'Well she specifically said she wouldn't come tonight,' Sean said, looking at Charli. 'Let's get out of here.'

    'Are you kidding?' Charli asked. 'This is the party of the year, no way I'm leaving early.'

    'Fuck it then,' Sean said standing up. 'Jay, I'll catch you tomorrow night.' And then he leaned into my ear to whisper. 'Don't fuck Charli, don't even try.'

    I nodded. 'Bye Sean.' And he left.

    'I'd almost feel bad if he wasn't such an asshole,' Miley Cyrus said. She had jumped into Sean's seat by the time I'd turned back around to the table.

    'Ease up Miley, wouldn't you be pissed?' Ariana said as she took a seat between Iggy and Rita.

    'You're damned right I would be, your pussy is fucking golden,' Miley said, half jokingly.

    'I see you haven't changed much Miley,' I said, leaning over to hug my old friend.

    'Neither have you Jay, the single man at a table with five sexy women,' Miley said as she kissed me on the cheek. 'You know Jay has fucked half the women in the music industry right?'

    'Trust me, I know,' Iggy said, rubbing her hand along my leg.

    'Case and point,' Miley said. 'Jay has a harem fetish.'

    'Isn't that just called being a straight man?' Rita said.

    'I think it's just called being straight up human, I wouldn't mind some of that action,' Charli exclaimed, before immediately realising what she said.

    'That can be arranged,' Iggy said, causing Charli to blush.

    'Where is Ricky anyway Rita?' Ariana asked.

    'He'll be here soon,' Rita said.

    'Oh and what the fuck Iggy, where's Nick, you know, your boyfriend?' Miley asked.

    'He's around, he's... networking,' Iggy said, gripping my knee even tighter. 'We have an understanding.'

    'I'm just fucking with you Jay,' Miley said, wrapping her arm over my shoulder and leaning in close. 'Penthouse suite tonight, bring girls, bring guys, shits gonna get real,' she whispered, just low enough that only I could hear.

    'You're fucking devious Miley,' I whispered back, the rest of the girls had all entered another conversation. 'Bringing Ariana over here just to take Sean out of the equation, that's cold.'

    'I don't know what you're talking about,' she whispered, kissing me on the cheek and meeting Iggy's hand on my knee. 'Bring your A game tonight.'

    'The bottom line is, we're both young, sexy and horny as shit, so why should we limit it to just each other?' Iggy finished as she gripped Miley's hand moving both of them closer to my crotch.

    'I tried that with Sean, but he's just too jealous,' Ariana said, sadly.

    Iggy's and Miley's hands were now pressing against my cock, rubbing it through my jeans. 'Whatever happened with you and Amanda anyway Jay?' Rita asked, causing me to instantly lose wood.

    Miley and Iggy removed themselves from me. 'This is my cue to leave,' Miley said, standing up, gesturing for Ariana to join her.

    'Did I fuck up?' Rita asked, as Ariana stood up to join her friend.

    'Nah it's okay Rita, you didn't know,' I said as Ariana and Miley sneaked away.

    'Know what?' Charlie asked.

    'Amanda caught him fucking Miley,' Iggy said.

    'Sort of,' I said. 'We had an open relationship.'

    'What?' Rita asked. 'Then why did you break up?'

    'It wasn't just that I fucked Miley, she was always okay with me fucking other women, especially when I brought them into the bedroom. Over time though, I stopped bringing them, I started fucking other people more and more, and her less and less, the final straw was on our one year anniversary when...'

    'He fucked Miley, see I was more or less right,' Iggy said.

    I simply nodded.

    'Does anybody else want to dance?' Charli blurted out, in an obvious attempt to change the subject.


    Charli really did me a solid by getting us all to the dance floor. It felt good to release all of my pent up anger towards myself and Amanda by grinding up against the girls. Eventually I found myself heavily favouring Charli, more likely than not it was because she had got us down here, but I couldn't help but feel like she really wanted to fuck me.

    'Sorry about that earlier,' Rita whisper-yelled in my ear while she was dancing next to me.

    'It's all good Rita!' I yelled back, shooting her a thumbs up while Iggy started grinding her ass against my thigh.

    Before long we were joined by Ricky Hill, Rita's boyfriend.

    'I'm such a big fan!' He yelled after hugging and kissing Rita hello.

    'Thanks!' I yelled back, Iggy was now bent down and twerking hard up against my cock.

    Ricky looked down and smiled, shooting me an impressed nod and a thumbs up yelling 'Hit that!' before he started dancing with Rita.

    Suddenly Iggy bent back up and turned around, kissing me hard on the mouth while still shaking her booty. 'I want you to fuck me so hard!' Iggy yelled in my ear.

    I gripped her ass, kissed her ear, all the while making eye contact with Charli, who seemed two parts jealous and aroused at the sight before her. In that moment I was ready to leave the dance floor and take Iggy back home with me, luckily though, I instantly received a text.

    I separated slightly from Iggy and read the text. It was simply a “8=D” from Miley Cyrus, which was her way of telling me that they were heading up to the penthouse.

    'Guys!' I yelled out to my friends, attempting to grab their attention.

    The four of them looked over at me. I gestured upstairs and they seemed to get the message all of us moving off the dance floor in unison.

    'What's going on?' Ricky asked as we all made it to the elevators where it was quiet.

    'Miley's hosting an after party upstairs in the penthouse,' I explained pulling my phone out to text Scott.

    'Exclusive,' Ricky said as we all stepped into the elevator.

    'Scott, got something brewing up in the penthouse, I told you I'd warn you,' I texted.

    'Hopefully she's got weed,' Charli said, causing Rita to laugh.

    'Of course she'll have weed, it's Miley!' Rita said.

    Scott texted back. 'Ratio?'

    I looked around the elevator. '5-3 including you AFAIK'

    'I just wanna get fucked up,' Iggy blurted out.

    'I'm in,' Scott texted back. And then a few seconds later. 'How do I get in?'

    The elevator doors opened. 'I'll come get you,' I texted back.

    'Just through that door,' I said, as the four of them walked out.

    'You're not coming?' Iggy questioned.

    'I just have to grab a friend, I'll be back up in five,' I said.

    'You'd better be,' Iggy slurred out.

    'See you soon,' I said as the doors closed again.

    As I pressed 'G' I wondered if every time I went to a Milton would end out with me in a penthouse and a group of pop stars. I then realised it probably wasn't a coincidence, Miley had probably planned it this way from the beginning, whether for me to relive the Milton from 2013, or for her to, maybe this was just something she did every year.

    My thoughts brought me all the way down from the top floor, to the ground floor to the lobby where I nearly walked straight past Selena Gomez.

    'Jay!' Selena exclaimed as she left her boyfriend and jogged toward me, her green sun-dress flowing as she did so.

    'Selena,' I said as she caught up to me, noticing that her tits were jiggling in such a way that made it obvious she wasn't wearing a bra.

    'It's been too long!' She said excitedly as she pulled me into a hug, her bigger than ever breasts pressing against my chest.

    'Right?' I said as I pulled out and kissed her on the cheek. 'Who's this guy?' I asked as her boyfriend walked toward us.

    'This is Zedd,' Selena said as her extended his hand.

    'Jay Cult,' Zedd said, as we shook. 'I was hoping I'd meet you tonight.'

    'Oh really?' I said. 'Here I am.'

    'Your next album, I have ideas,' he said, causing me to glance uneasily over at Selena.

    'Zedd's a producer,' Selena explained.

    'Oh,' I said. 'Oh! Cool.'

    'I think you are the greatest rapper in the world right now,' he said.

    'You,' I said. 'I like you.' Selena laughed.

    'Are you leaving already?' Selena asked.

    'No I'm just-'

    'Grabbing me,' Scott said, as he walked over to us.

    'Let me guess,' Selena said. 'Heading up to Miley's?'

    'How did you know?' I said sarcastically.

    'Every damn year,' Selena said as she shook her head, mock outrage.

    'You guys heading into the main area?' I asked.

    'Are you joking?' Selena said. 'In this?' She said referring to her sun-dress. 'We're all going to the same place Jay.'

    'Perfect,' I said. 'Let's get to it then.'

    The four of us all walked to the elevator, for me it was beginning to feel like I would never get up to that penthouse.

    'It's so weird,' Selena said as we neared the top floor of the building.

    'What?' I asked.

    'We were doing this exact same thing two years ago,' Selena said. 'Under different circumstances, but basically the same thing.'

    'Not much changes,' I said as the doors opened and we all stepped through.

    I knocked on the door of the penthouse, when the door opened we were welcomed not only by the sound of hip hop but also but an incredibly drunk Iggy, who had let her hair down in the interim.

    'Jay's back!' She exclaimed before hugging me.

    The room cheered. It was more or less the same people who got off the elevator the first time, with the addition of Miley and Ariana who were making drinks at the bar, enough for them and Charli, Rita and Ricky who were all sitting in the lounge area.

    'And she brought Selena!' She yelled out, letting go of me and kissing Selena full on the lips.

    'Her,' Zedd leaned over and said to me. 'I like her.'

    I chuckled and continued to watch as Selena tried to pry Iggy away from her.

    'Let's get you some coffee,' I said, grabbing Iggy by the shoulders and dragging her away from the front door toward the kitchen.

    Selena, Scott and Zedd all made their way to the lounge area, Scott immediately latching onto Charli, her being the only person in the area not with another man.

    'How much has she had?' I asked Miley as Iggy and I approached her and Ariana.

    'She hasn't drunk anything since she came up here,' Miley said.

    'Of course, she did have a few bongs,' Ariana said.

    'That's about right,' I said, now noticing how glazed Iggy's eyes were. 'Coffee?'

    'Way ahead of you,' Ariana said, placing a mug of fresh coffee in Iggy's hands.

    Miley and Ariana took Iggy and the drinks they'd made with them as they sat in the lounge area. 'You guys want drinks?' I called over to the people who I'd walked in with.

    'Yes!' The three of them plus Iggy said in unison.

    'Nice try Iggy,' I said before making four fresh gin and tonics, while I did so everyone made their way from the couches and chairs on to the floor area in the lounge room.

    'What do you think Jay?' Charli asked as I brought the drinks over, handing them over to Selena, Scott and Zedd.

    'What do I think about what?' I asked, sitting down between Charli and Iggy.

    'Spin the bottle?' Iggy said, an evil smile appearing on her face.

    'Fuck yeah,' I said.

    'Great,' Miley said placing an empty vodka bottle in Iggy's hands.

    'I guess I'm up,' Iggy said, before placing the bottle in the middle of the circle and spinning it.

    'Let's do some truths first alright?' Miley said as the bottle spun. 'Ease everyone into the dares.'

    Everyone nodded in agreement as the bottle landed on Ricky Hill.

    'Ricky,' Iggy said, taking a sip of her coffee. 'Would Rita getting fucked by anther man turn you on... hypothetically?'

    'Just jumping right into it huh?' Ricky said, before looking at Rita who gestures for him to go on. 'I have to admit, it's always been a bit of a fantasy of mine.'

    'That can be arranged,' Miley said, causing every body but Ricky to laugh. 'Spin that shit Ricky!'

    'Ha ha okay,' he said nervously, grabbing the bottle and spinning it on the floor.

    The bottle lands on Charli. 'Hit me with your best shot!' She said.

    'Have you fucked Big Sean yet?' Ricky asked, causing the whole room to go silent and either stare at Ariana or Charli.

    It only occurred to me in that moment how weird it was that Ariana and Charli were hanging out considering Charli seems to be dating Sean.

    'No.' She said firmly, grabbing the bottle and spinning it, clearly dissatisfied with her question.

    I looked at Ariana for a moment as the bottle spun, she seemed quite please with herself. 'Miley!' She exclaimed as the bottle stopped right in front of Miley, who was sitting right next to her.

    'I've been wondering this since I got here,' Charli said, staring at Miley.

    'What's that?' Miley said, staring at her right back.

    'Are you and Ariana... hooking up?' Charli asked, Miley kept a straight face while Ariana blushed.

    'Yeah, we're fucking,' Miley said bluntly, causing the whole room to cheer.

    'Prove it,' I said underneath a fake cough.

    'Fine,' Miley said before taking Ariana's face in her hands and planting a kiss on her sweet supple lips.

    The room cheered even louder this time, all the guys instantly stared from each other back at the kiss.

    'Now it's my turn and someone is getting it good,' Miley said after releasing a dazed Ariana from her grasp.

    Miley spun the bottle and it landed on Rita, who seemed somewhat scared about the question that was to come.

    'So we know it would turn Ricky on, but if you had to fuck any guy in the room besides Ricky, who would it be?' Miley asked, a sinister look on her face.

    Rita looked down and then up at Ricky, smiling a nervous smile. 'I guess I would have to say.. Mr. Cult, if only because of all the stories about how he's the best there is.'

    Everyone stared at me, as if asking for confirmation that I was in fact the best.

    'I don't know about best,' Miley chimed in. 'But he's pretty fucking good.'

    Everyone laughed as Rita spun the bottle.

    'Oh jeez, I don't really know you that well,' Rita said looking at Scott, who the bottle was now facing.

    'Just ask me anything,' Scott said, nodding in encouragement.

    'Okay... well... when was the last time you had sex?' Rita asked.

    'This is kind of funny,' Scott started. 'Because it was actually only about half an hour ago.'

    Everyone looked at me, yet again, as if asking for me to confirm this as a fact.

    'Who?' I questioned.

    'I'd rather not say...' Scott said

    'You have to tell us or we won't believe you,' Ariana said.

    'What if I show Jay a picture... and he confirms?' Scott pleaded.

    Everyone looked around at each other. 'Sounds fair,' Charli said.

    Scott pulled his phone out, opened it up to a picture and passed the phone to me.

    I looked at him and then back down at the picture, which was of his dick getting sucked by a woman who could only have been Jennifer Lopez. 'Holy shit,' I said.

    'So it's true?' Ariana asked.

    Instantly I threw the phone to Ariana. 'It's Jennifer Lopez, my boy fucked Jennifer Lopez!'

    'Jesus Jay!' Scott exclaimed, looking for a second like he might try to grab the phone but then immediately deciding it was too late.

    'Whoa!' Ariana said as she cycled through the images. 'It's true.'

    Ariana passed it around, while Scott shook his head grabbing the bottle and spinning it. 'How did the easy question become the most fucked up.'

    The bottle eventually stopped and Scott looked up at the person it landed on in glee. 'Ariana, you're so interested in my sex life, let's find out about yours.'

    'Oh shit,' Ariana said.

    'Have you ever let Miley fuck you with a strap-on?' Scott asked viciously, causing the room to stop.

    'These questions are getting intense,' Charli whispered to me.

    'Oh Jesus... yeah.. a couple times...' Ariana said, looking like she wished she never forced Scott to tell us who he fucked.

    'Big deal, I fucked her a few times, I fucked her, she fucked me, we fucked each other,' Miley said, holding Ariana's hand.

    'Alright, my turn,' Ariana said as she spun the bottle, looking happy when it landed on Selena. 'I'm glad I finally have a chance to ask you this.'

    'Uh oh,' Selena said.

    'When Justin groped me on stage... you weren't upset were yoou?' Ariana squeaked out. 'I was only trying to fuck with Sean I swear!'

    'Oh!' Selena exclaimed with relief. 'Of course I don't care, you could have fucked him on stage and I wouldn't have cared.'

    'Thank god,' Ariana said as Selena spun the bottle.

    'Speaking of getting things off our chest,' Selena said as the bottle landed on her boyfriend who was sitting right next to her. 'How do you feel about all the weight I've gained?'

    You could have heard a pin drop. We all knew this was some kind of trap, but we didn't know if Zedd knew.

    'Are you kidding me?' Zedd exclaimed grabbing Selena's tits through her sun-dress. 'The way your titties have grown, I'd be crazy not to love them!'

    Everyone laughed. 'Is it my turn?' He asked.

    'Go for it,' Selena said before kissing him hard on the lips.

    'Mmm,' he said, spinning the bottle while still groping his girlfriend's tit.

    'Oh good!' I said as the bottle landed on me. 'Let's get this over with then, I want to do some dares.'

    'Jay Cult,' Zedd said after he and Selena separated. 'If you could fuck any woman in the room who would it be?'

    Selena and I exchanged a knowing glance, funny how the last time we were here this exact question was asked of me and the answer was her. It was a lie then, and as I looked around, I realised I may have to lie again. The truth was I wanted to fuck Charli so bad, her tits were truly something to behold. But I had to be loyal to Sean, he was my label mate, and my friend.

    'Iggy for sure,' I lied.

    Iggy immediately put her cup of coffee down and kissing me hard, groping my cock as she did so.

    'Okay,' I said, after she let me go. 'I get to spin.'

    The bottle landed as fate would have it, on the Australian sitting right next to me, who mere seconds earlier had her tongue down my throat.

    'Iggy,' I said, feeling quite bold. 'How special does a guy have to be before they can fuck that sweet sweet ass of yours I mean, if even your boyfriend hasn't, what luck does someone like me have?'

    She laughed and leaned close. 'You'll just have to wait and see,' she barely whispered.

    'Okay, dares now, only dares,' Miley said. 'And no pussy shit either, I need clothes off, cocks out, I need girls sucking on dicks, guys inside of pussies, let's really celebrate this fucking hotel!'

    We all mock cheered as if she had given the most inspiring speech of all time and Iggy spun the bottle.

    The bottle landed right on Rita, who was sitting next to Iggy. 'Oh no,' Rita said.

    'Oh yes!' Iggy said. 'Rita, let me take that dress off you.'

    Rita smiled and stood up. 'Go for it.'

    Iggy got up and stood behind Rita, making quick work of unzipping and pulling down her skin tight dress. It really was skin tight though so it took a bit of doing to get all the way down. Every guy's dick got that little bit harder when it moved down her tits, the friction causing them to jiggle, even though they were still in a bra. Once Iggy cleared the chest, the next battle came when she had to get it down that big booty of hers, eventually she did and I couldn't contain myself when I saw her perfect ass, her thong leaving very little to the imagination.

    'That's that,' Iggy said, throwing the dress to the ground before taking her place next to me.

    Rita sat back down next to her boyfriend, who had a broad smile on his face. 'Land on someone good,' Rita said as she spun the bottle.

    'You got your wish,' Miley said as it landed on her. 'Do your worst.'

    'Show us how you... well... you know...' Rita said, gesturing toward Miley's pussy.

    'With pleasure,' she said, getting up and taking off her dress without hesitation, revealing to the world she wasn't wearing a bra or panties.

    'How long for?' Miley asked as she placed her legs in a spread eagle position, not wasting any time shoving two fingers in her cunt.

    'Until further notice,' Rita said, as Miley fingered herself for the world to see.

    'Miley, I have to say this but your cunt is truly something special,' Scott blurted out, causing a few of us to snicker.

    'Thanks Scott, you may even get to try it on tonight fate is on your side,' Miley said, softly moaning all the while. 'Ariana, you spin it for me while I do this.'

    'Whatever you say baby,' Ariana said as she spun the bottle.

    It landed on Charli. 'Charli,' Miley said while still jabbing herself. 'How hard should I be on you?'

    'As hard as you are being on yourself right now,' Charli quipped.

    'Mmm... about a medium then,' Miley said. 'I want you to go around the circle and take out every single guys cock, and guys, they have to stay out from here on unless dared to put them in something else.'

    Charli looked around the room and turned to Scott. She unzipped his trousers and pulled down his underwear, letting his erect cock flop out instantly without her even touching it. 'That's one,' she said more to herself than anyone else.

    She then got on her hands and knees and crawled over to Zedd, down much the same to him as she did to Scott. Next she crawled over to Ricky, and did the same to him, all the while showing everyone else her nice ass through the fabric of her dress. Finally she made her way to me, giving me an ample view of her cleavage as she unzipped my jeans, and grabbed my cock with her bare hands and pulled it out manually, licking her lips and winking at me before sitting back down next to me.

    'Great- Great- GREAT JOB CHARLI!' Miley exclaimed while clearly cumming hard by her own hand.

    While Charli spun the bottle and this time landing on Ricky, all of the guys decided to cut all pretense and just strip off completely. 'Ricky,' Charli said. 'Ricky I want you to pick a woman in the room, a woman that's not Rita and I want you to jack of while making eye contact with them, don't cum though, if you're a guy and you cum you're out of the circle, you can watch but you can't join, agreed?'

    We all nodded in agreement with Miley. Ricky nodded and threw his trousers over his shoulder, looking around the room, eventually making direct eye contact with Selena and immediately started to jack off. The group all looked at Zedd and Selena, trying to see what their reaction was. Zedd didn't seem to care and Selena just looked flattered.

    Ricky grabbed the bottle while he stroked his own bottle and spun it again, this time landing right in between Zedd and Ariana. 'What do we do if it lands in between?' Ariana asked.

    Miley perked up. 'They both have to do a dare,' she said, looking around the room for validation of her new rule.

    'Okay,' Ricky said as the room shrugged in agreement, hand still stroking his own cock. 'Zedd, I want you to strip Ariana.'

    'That's what I'm talking about!' Miley said excitedly as her smallish titties jiggled.

    Zedd looked over at his girlfriend Selena, who was otherwise busy giving Ricky eye contact for permission.

    'Trust me Zedd,' Ariana started as she stood up. 'She wouldn't have brought you here if she wasn't cool with it.'

    Selena vaguely nodded and gave the thumbs up, causing Zedd to smile and stand up, getting his hands on the top of Ariana tight shorts as quickly as he could.

    We all watched as he took them down to her feet, exposing her panties in the process. 'Have you ever done anything like this before?' I whispered to Charli.

    'Nothing quite on this level,' she whispered back, eyes dead on Ariana as Zedd unzipped her blouse, pulling it off and throwing it to the ground. 'You?'

    'I've been around,' I said, my cock getting harder as I watched Zedd remove Ariana's panties, exposing what Big Sean described as a “billion dollar pussy” to the whole party.

    'I can't handle it!' Ricky exclaimed, letting go of his cock looking like he might burst. 'Leave me alone for a while.' The group laughed as Rita patted him on the back.

    In that moment Zedd finally removed Ariana's bra, letting loose her smallish but still perky tits. 'Get down here!' Miley exclaimed grabbing Ariana and pulling her onto her lap, diving straight into a hot and heavy make out session.

    'I guess I'll spin?' Zedd said, as the group stared in awe of Miley and Ariana as their hands travelled over each other's young petite bodies.

    We all nodded.

    'Okay,' he said grabbing the bottle and spinning it as fast as he could. 'Iggy!' Zedd yelled out as the bottle stopped. 'I think you should also get naked.'

    'How about I get naked on my own and you give me something more interesting to do?' Iggy stated as she pulled her skirt down over her fat ass.

    'No complaints here,' Zedd laughed.

    'How about we all just get naked?' Charli suggested.

    'Yes!' Scott yelled, staring hungrily at Charli's tits.

    Iggy pulled down her panties and spun around, bending over slightly to give everyone a view of her famous asset. 'Yeah, let's get to the good stuff,' Rita said, unclasping her bra and revealing her perfect tits.

    'Well Selena, what do you think?' Charli asked, as Iggy removed her top and Rita laid on her back throwing her legs in the air.

    'If everyone else is doing it,' she said, standing up and pulling up her sun-dress, and discarding it on the ground next to her.

    'Oh fuck!' Ricky exclaimed as the room stared at Selena's big fat titties.

    'You're out Ricky!' Miley exclaimed, causing everyone to take their eyes off Selena's tits for a brief moment to realise that Ricky had just cum.

    'Oh man, this sucks,' Ricky said, looking around the circle in disappointment, as if hoping we would change our mind, of course it was in the dudes best interest to have less guys in the circle so we gave him nothing.

    'Rule are rules baby,' Rita said, as she stared up at him. 'Now you can be my drinks bitch,' she said, holding out an empty glass.

    'What a gip,' he muttered, grabbing the glass as he stood up, excommunicated from the circle.

    'And then there were nine,' Rita said as she pulled her panties up her legs and threw them in the centre of the circle.

    'Good odds for you boys,' Iggy said, ripping off her bra and giving the whole room a look at her firm but fake tits.

    'I was wondering,' I said. 'They look pretty real if you as me.'

    'How about you give them a feel,' she said, leaning down and grabbing my hand, forcing it on her left tit.

    'It feels real to me,' I said, nodding in approval and giving them a hearty squeeze as I did so.

    'They'd damn better,' Iggy said. 'I paid enough for them.'

    'Okay Zedd, what's Iggy's dare?' Charli asked.

    The whole room just stared at her silently. 'What?' She questioned sheepishly.

    'You know what,' Selena said, this was your idea and you still have all your clothes on.

    'I took of my shoes,' she joked, pointing at her feet.

    'The tits,' Miley said. 'We need to see them.'

    'Oh fine then,' she said. 'But I'm going to need some help.'

    'I volunteer!' Scott yelled, standing up.

    'Thank you Scott,' Charli said, standing up to join him.

    I couldn't help but feel a bit jealous as I watched Scott unzip her dress and pull it down slowly, showing us her big round gorgeous tits as they now only sat contained in her bra. 'This is irrational,' I thought to myself as Scott got on his knees and slowly pulled down her black lace panties, getting the best look in the house about her surprisingly perfect ass. 'I can't have her, so there's no reason Scott should suffer, he's not friends with Sean.'

    'And now,' Scott said, grabbing the bra by the clasp. 'Let's get this party started.'

    'Wait!' Charli said, pulling her hands up to her tits, holding the bra in place after Scott unclasped it.

    'What?' We all questioned.

    'Well, he's not in the game,' Charli said mischievously, referring over to Ricky. 'It's not really fair that he get to see.'

    'You have go to be kidding me!' Ricky yelled, he was now back in his underwear, sitting up on one of the couches.

    'She has a point baby,' Rita said. 'It wouldn't really be fair would it?'

    'So I should just close my eyes or what?' Ricky said, taking a sip from his drink.

    'Well judging by past games I would say that you probably should just go to another room, I mean, she's right, it is weird to just have someone watching,' Miley said, clearly trying to push Ricky to his breaking point for reasons only she understood.

    'Fuck this,' Ricky said, standing up and placing his drink on the side table. 'Let's get out of here baby,' he said while grabbing Rita's arm.

    'Listen baby, I'm gonna stay here, you can leave if you want or you can go into the other room while-'

    'I'm out, I'll see you tomorrow, you can tell me all about if Jay lives up to the legend,' he said, grabbing his clothes and stomping out of the apartment, making sure to give me a final glare before slamming the door and leaving.

    'Alright,' Charli said. 'Now that that's dealt with.'

    The whole world went in slow motion in the seconds after Charli removed her hands, we all watched as the bra dropped, falling to the floor. Her big perfect round voluptuous tits, slightly jiggling back into place. She turned around, deciding to give Scott a better up close and personal view of her gorgeous mammaries. His jaw dropped, and he let out the broadest smile I'd ever seen on him.

    'Okay, sit back down now,' Iggy said, looking between Charli and I. 'It's my turn to dare right?'

    'Good point,' Charli said as she took her seat back down next to me, Scott soon to follow.

    'Come up with any good ideas babe?' Selena said, snapping her fingers in front of Zedd's face to take his attention away from Charli's breasts.

    'Uh oh... sorry yeah,' Zedd said, tearing his eyes away from Charli to look at Iggy. 'I want you and Rita to make out, really go at it,' he said, a smirk on his face.

    'With pleasure,' Iggy said, grabbing Rita by the face and kissing her.

    We all watched in silence as Iggy and Rita sucked face, their hands travelling all over each other's bodies. The girls moaned in pleasure together, tongues whipping about in each other's mouths and over each other's lips. Iggy brought her hand down to Rita's pussy and she rubbed it, while Rita grabbed at Iggy's ample ass.

    'This is the fucking good life,' Scott announced as Iggy started to climb on top of Rita, straddling her friend while still going to town on her cunt.

    'You got that right friend,' Zedd said as he stroked his cock, clearly very pleased with his choice of dare.

    'Oh fuck!' Rita moaned through Iggy's lips as her Australian friend shoved her fingers deep inside her.

    Iggy brought another hand up to Rita's nice tits, groping and squeezing them, bringing out even more pleasure in Rita's moaning. 'Jesus Iggy I.... ahhhh.... I hand no idea,' Rita moaned as Iggy stared deep into her eyes.

    'How about I take it to the next level,' Iggy said, backing down off of Rita, grabbing her legs and spreading them out.

    'Oh my god,' Ariana exclaimed, while her lesbian lover Miley brought out her phone to take a couple pictures of the occasion.

    'Make me... ahhh.... give me a reason to leave Ricky,' Rita moaned as Iggy brought her tongue down to her cunt, pushing her fine ass in the air for us all to see.

    Iggy shoved her tongue deep inside Rita, causing Rita to squirm with pleasure, placing her hands on top of Iggy's skull, forcing her to go deeper. 'Jesus fuck! Yes! Oh fuck!' Rita moaned, Iggy's free hands now squeezing Rita's tits tight.

    'I'm gonna fucking... I'm gonna fucking!' Rita moaned, eyes practically rolled to the back of her head.

    'How was that?' Iggy said, now coming back for air, leaving Rita right on the precipice.

    'Come on Iggy what is that shit?' Rita yelled, as Iggy sat back down next to me.

    'That's the game right, I think I did very well considering how vague the dare was,' Iggy smirked, placing her hand on my thigh, dangerously close to my rock hard cock.

    'You're such a bitch Iggy,' Rita said, sweat dripping down her face.

    'A bitch who gets to spin next,' Iggy said, grabbing the bottle and doing just that.

    The bottle landed on Ariana. 'Ari,' Iggy started. 'Why don't you come over hear and give Jay a little hint of a hand job.'

    A broad smile appeared on my face. 'I got your back Jay,' Iggy said.

    Miley shot me a devilish grin as Ariana crawled towards me. 'This won't be weird will it?' Ariana asked once she reached me.

    'What because of Sean?' I asked as I looked into her eyes, her on all fours sticking her butt in the air.

    'Well you two are close right?' She questioned, sitting her self between me and Charli.

    'He didn't explicitly say not to touch you... and well you're touching me so I guess it's fair game,' I said placing my hands behind me for support as I leaned back.

    'Good, because I wouldn't have cared anyway,' She said, right as she grabbed my rock hard cock in her soft tiny hands and began to stroke.

    'Oh yeah,' I moaned, no matter who you are it always feels good when a new set of female hands touches your dick.

    'Do you like this?' Ariana questioned, as she jerked up and down my cock, her fingers sliding along it.

    'I think it's pretty obvious that I do,' I said, biting my bottom lip as Ariana thumbed the tip of my dick.

    'I've been waiting a long time to get my hands on you Jay,' Ariana said, lightly running her pinky across my shaft.

    'How long?' I asked, as she grazed my balls with her palm.

    'Since the moment I met you of course,' Ariana stated, shooting me a cute, innocent smile.

    'What took you so long?' I asked, looking into her admittedly gorgeous brown doe eyes.

    'Sean would never allow it,' she said, bringing her sexy full lips closer to my ear.

    'He never obeyed the rules,' I said. 'Girlfriends were supposed to be fair game.'

    She grabbed my face and turned it slightly. 'Well now I am,' she whispered before kissing me softly on the lips.

    A moment later she removed her hand from my junk and then her lips, leaving me with the lingering thought of just how good those soft supple lips would feel wrapped around my cock.

    'My turn!' Ariana exclaimed excitedly, deciding to stay seated next to me after spinning the bottle.

    The bottle landed right between Miley and Zedd. 'Oh no, what could the two of us possibly do?' Zedd asked sarcastically, clearly expecting some sort of sex.

    Ariana, Miley and Selena all exchanged a knowing smile. 'Miley I want you to suck Zedd's cock.'

    'Thank you god!' Zedd yelled to the heavens. 'I've heard you give the greatest blowjobs!'

    'They're pretty good if I do say so myself,' Miley said, a smug look appearing on her face as she leaned down into Zedd's crotch.

    'This is going to be... ohhh...ohhhh. Oh fuck!' Zedd screamed out as Miley took his cock into her mouth.

    'Oh my... ahh holy fucking... ahh no!' Zedd yelled clearly cumming inside Miley's mouth.

    'As good as they say?' Miley questioned after removing Zedd from her mouth.

    'Totally fucking worth it,' he said, panting, practically gasping for breath.

    'You came,' Miley said. 'Which means you have to go.'

    'Yeah, yeah,' Zedd said. 'I know the rules, just let me catch my breath.'

    'I'll see you tomorrow baby,' Selena said. 'Have once last feel for good luck.'

    Zedd smiled. 'You got it,' he said, grabbing at her luscious tits before standing up and putting his clothes on.

    While he was doing that I heard the sound of a text coming to my phone in my jeans behind me.

    It was a message from Scott. 'I think they're trying to get rid of us.'

    'Maybe not all of us, Miley's had this planned from the beginning.' I texted back.

    'Am I done for?'

    'Do you want rid of Scott?' I texted Miley, who luckily still had it out in case she saw something she wanted to film.


    'Scott, try to get something good out of it.'

    'Aye Aye Captain Cult.'

    By the time I'd put my phone down, Zedd had left the room and Miley had started spun the bottle. When I looked up at the bottle, I realised the worst of my fears had come true and the bottle had stopped right between Scott and Charli, and with Miley's vendetta against the other guys being here, it seemed that Scott was going to cum inside Charli.

    'Scott and Charli,' Miley said staring me down.

    'Yes?' Scott said, an undeniable glee in his voice.

    'I want each of you to find a girl in this circle and get them to make you cum, any way you please,' Miley said.

    Scott looked crestfallen, this meant there was no way he could fuck Charli. 'So this is how it is huh?' Scott asked.

    Miley simply nodded, they both knew what the other wanted, but Miley had all the power.

    'Selena I choose you, come over here and eat this pussy,' Charli said, gesturing with her index finger.

    'Whatever you say Charli,' Selena said, getting up on her knees and crawling toward Charli.

    'Rita,' Scott said. 'How about you get over here and ride this cock?'

    'Oh Scott, I thought you'd never ask,' Rita said while she stood up, as if Scott had made some grand romantic gesture.

    The two women made their way towards their intended, Selena on her hands and knees and Rita using her two long legs. Once they made it to their partners, neither wasted any time in getting the action going. Selena's mouth went straight for Charli's shaved pussy and Rita climbed on top of Scott, straddling him in a sitting position, making sure to ease his cock into her pussy.

    'Ohhh fuck you're big!' Rita moaned as Scott tunnelled inside her.

    'I've been told it's the biggest,' Scott said, taking Rita's incredible tits in his hands while she lightly adjusted her self, using his shoulders to hold her up.

    'It's the biggest I've ever had in me,' she admitted, biting her lower lip and staring into his eyes.

    'Oh god yes!' Charli moaned, gripping Selena's head as the pop-stars tongue buried itself in her pussy. 'I've never... this is fucking amazing!' Charli screamed.

    'Oh yeah fuck me!' Rita moaned as Scott gripped her ass cheeks and helped lift her up and down on his cock, slowly at first, but with his buck gaining momentum.

    'I want you to feel every inch of me,' Scott said through gritted teeth. 'If I'm going I'm going big.'

    'You got that right- fuck!' Rita exclaimed, a manic smile appearing on her face while she rode Scott like a bull.

    'Oh my god please! Oh my fuck thank you!' Charli moaned as Selena started really jamming her tongue in her, now bringing her fingers in for some support work.

    Selena simply moaned, bringing on of her own hands back to massage her own pussy, clearly getting turned on by how much Charli was enjoying this.

    I looked around the circle for a moment, gauging everybody elses reactions. Ariana, who was right next to me, had her hand touching up her own vagina, eyes fixed right on Charli's cunt, which was getting pleased next to her. To my left I found that Iggy and Miley, who hand moved over to be closer to the action were fingering each other, while looking right at Rita, who was at this time really flying on top of Scott's rod.

    'Now I feel kinda left out,' I said to myself more than anyone, directing my vision over at Selena's wet pussy as her fingers jabbed in and out of it.

    I almost immediately feel a hand touching my cock, causing me to turn back to my left at the source. 'You didn't think I'd forgotten about you, did you?' Iggy asked as her hand gripped my dick.

    'I never counted on you being such a multitasker,' I said, referring to her other hand which was knuckle deep in Miley Cyrus by this time.

    'Hey, I'm a singer, rapper and a movie star, I think I can handle a cock and a pussy at the same time,' she said, her gripping my cock tighter as she yanked it.

    'Would you really... I mean you were barely in that movie,' I said, hoping I wasn't putting my foot in my mouth.

    'I had screen time, I had lines, it counts,' she said, stroking my cock a little bit angrily now.

    'Ahh fuuuck yeeesss!' Charli moaned, loosening her grip on Selena's hair as she came.

    'Cum for me baby!' Rita moaned as she pushed Scott on his back, gripping his chest as he tightened his hold on her perfect ass.

    'I'm not gonna cum!' Scott repeated, not really beelining it as Rita gyrated her ass over his cock, slamming it hard on the way down and twisting it on the way up.

    'Please baby, cum inside me baby,' Rita begged as her tits jiggled in Scott's face, which by the way was scrunched up, clearly putting everything he had into not cumming.

    'I'm not gonna! I''m not gonna! Oh fuck!' Scott moaned as he came deep into Rita's soaking wet cunt, a look of relief and disappointment on his face.

    'You did good baby,' Rita said as she dragged herself of his still quite hard dick.

    'I had a good run,' Scott said, laughter creeping into his voice. 'I'm just lucky to be here.'

    'Scott,' Miley said, taking her hand out of Iggy. 'You know the rules.'

    'I know, I know,' he said, sitting up, holding a room brightening smile on his face. 'I just want to take it all in.'

    'Take it all out,' Miley said, gesturing toward all his clothes.

    'Miley is fucking ruthless,' I thought to myself as I watched Scott collect all his things and leave the room.

    'And cut that out Iggy,' Miley said. 'We have to follow the rules.'

    Iggy removed her hand from my cock. 'I'll catch you later Jay, call me if you need a ride,' Scott said.

    'I'd hug you or something man but-' I said, feeling bad that Scott had to miss out on what was likely to be a pretty full on evening.

    'Nah man, don't even be like that,' Scott said, smiling as he left, closing the door behind him.

    'Okay Miley, so what's going on here?' I said the second the door closed.

    'I don't know what you're talking about,' Miley lied, looking around the room obviously.

    'You come up with these phony rules to get rid of all the guys except me, is this some kind of ritual?' I asked, half joking.

    The girls all laughed. 'It wasn't really a master plan or anything,' Ariana started.

    'It just sort of worked out this way,' Selena said, licking left over pussy juice from her lip as she did so.

    'We wanted rid of our boyfriends,' Rita said, sitting down next to Selena.

    'Because we wanted you to fuck us, the way only you can, with no distractions,' Miley said.

    'We didn't talk about it or anything,' Charli said. 'It just worked out.'

    'And we knew, that you would be the only one who could survive when it came to competition of who could last the longest,' Iggy said.

    'Remember that time, when we fucked for four hours?' Miley asked.

    'New Years Eve,' I said, thinking back fondly on that night, which happened to be the first and last time I ever fucked Miley in the ass.

    'Well where do we go from here?' I asked, looking around at all the soaking wet, completely naked girls who were looking at me longingly.

    'We spin the bottle,' Miley answered. 'We spin it until everyone has something to do, and then we do it.'

    'And then?' I asked.

    'And then we do it again,' Miley said. 'We keep doing it until we can't do it any more, to be honest I did plan this, I planned this whole thing, two years ago on this day you came into my life and you fucked me senseless, I haven't had anyone better since, and I want to share that experience with every one here tonight.'

    'I have to be honest Miley I'm touched,' I said. 'That may be the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me.'

    'I mean every word,' she said. 'Now, Charli, it's your turn to spin the bottle.'


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    That was amazing, can't wait for the next part! Would love to see some Miley & Ariana strap on action in the next scene, hopefully!

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    Thanks! The next part will have it's fair share of strap-on action for sure. Also much more, it's going to make the first part look tame as hell.

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