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Thread: "Pool Party 3" with Olivia Holt and Piper Curda

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    fanfiction "Pool Party 3" with Olivia Holt and Piper Curda

    Pool Party 3
    With Olivia Holt and Piper Curda
    Written by TPG
    Codes: MF, voy, public, fingering
    Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    Having enjoyed a quick romp with Paris Berelc, I went into the house to grab a beer and hopefully catch a little afternoon nap.

    After all it had been a while since I had last fucked two women in the space of a few hours let alone two horny teenagers. But as I made my way inside I noticed a familiar car parked in the driveway and realized Olivia's boyfriend had arrived to the house.

    I guess I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed since up until that point I had been the only male at the all-female pool party.

    I guess it was just human nature to want to keep all of the girls to myself. Thankfully Luke had only stopped by for a few minutes before heading out to the beach to meet up with his friends.

    Once inside I opened the refrigerator and discovered that not only were the girls drinking my stash of Tequila but they were also cleaning out my supply of beer.

    "Damn kids." I hissed under my breath. "I guess I need to do a quick beer run."

    I decided I'd take a quick leak before heading off to the store but as I made my way up the hallway I heard the noise of running water emanating from the laundry room.

    I assumed Olivia was alone until I detected a male voice which I recognized as Luke.

    Not wanting to pry, I snuck a peek inside only to find my daughter standing by the sink in her two piece bikini while attempting to refill a large water pistol—her boyfriend standing right behind her.

    "Look. I promise I'll call you when I get home later." Luke assured her.

    "Yeah. Sure." Olivia shrugged. "Don't do me any favors."

    From the looks of things it appeared as though the happy couple were going through another squabble.

    It was at this point that I was about to step away and give them some privacy when I noticed Luke move directly behind my angel and trap her against the sink with his body.

    When she didn't respond he slipped his hand across her stomach and kissed her on the side of the neck.

    "Come on babe." he whispered into her ear. "You know I hate it when we fight."

    My gut churned as I stood frozen to the spot. Watching this bastard feel up my baby girl.

    I couldn't believe how familiar he was with her. I mean I'd always assumed that they had a very active sex life behind closed doors but they never made the mistake of showing any public displays of affection, especially around me.

    "Luke. Stop." Olivia giggled as she continued to busy herself with the water gun.

    "Stop what?" he repeated as he casually squeezed one of her breasts.

    My daughter arched her back to this action and moaned.

    "Babe. Please." Liv smiled. "Not now. Everyone's right outside."

    "I don't care."

    It was only now that my eyes shifted to the enormous bulge in Luke's pants as he groped Olivia's breasts and the two lovers kissed. I watched enviously as she now fondled her nipples and proceeded to grind his hard cock into her butt.

    "Who the hell does he think he is!" I growled inwardly.

    I just about had a mind to march in there and knock him into next week—until I heard Olivia moan out loud and spur him on.

    "Oh. God." she purred erotically. "...why can I never say no to you."

    Luke simply humped against her butt even harder than before and riled another series of moans from her.

    "You feel that?" he whispered at one point. "...see what you do to me Liv?"

    In an instant he hauled her bikini bottoms down to her knees and exposed her bare tush.

    "Oh. Luke." Liv cooed between kisses as he now pawed at her half naked body. "Just do it. Hurry. Please."

    I didn't recognize my own daughter. She was like an animal in heat. Luke quickly lined up his cock and pushed forward—impaling my precious girl in one fell swoop.

    Before I knew what was happening I watched as this boy not only penetrated my daughter but caused her eyes to roll into the back of her head. Strangely enough not only could I not look away, but I suddenly found myself hard as steel!!

    In fact without even realizing it I had reached down and squeezed the boner in my pants, choking back the disgust I had for myself as my baby girl was fucked not more than a few feet away from me.

    Luke's cock only went in an inch or so at first. He took quick short jabs before he slowly pushed deeper into her. He finally got most of his staff inside her before he proceeded to take long, slow thrusts.

    For her part Olivia merely whimpered against the sink as her boyfriend picked up the pace and pummeled her from behind, the two screwing each other like they had the entire house to themselves.

    I was absolutely bewildered by their behavior and the total and utter lack of respect.

    "Ugh. Baby. Give it to me." Liv panted audibly. "I need it. I need it bad!!"

    With his back rounded, Luke fucked her like a dog and ran his hands along her nubile body, scooping her breasts from beneath her bikini cups while kissing the nape of her neck.

    When he finally pushed her forward and proceeded to fuck her more forcibly than before, I actually feared for her safety and considered barging in on them until I realized Olivia was growing more animated.

    Her moans and grunts grew longer and louder until her body finally tensed, and she threw her head back in sheer bliss.

    "Ugh. Fuck-Yeah!" she cussed as he now fucked her hard and fast from behind—grabbing at her hips with both hands.

    To my surprise not only was Liv condoning this wild conduct but she was now thrusting back against him and taking the last few inches of his sword.

    It was now Luke who stood there immobile as she did all the work and slammed her body back against him—impaling herself again and again. I watched in disbelief as he spanked her ass for good measure—something a father should never have to see.


    "Take it." he growled. "Take it you little slut."

    "Yeah?" she teased back over her shoulder. " daddy gonna punish me for being a little slut today?"

    "Fuck-Yeah." Luke replied without missing a beat. "You're such a little tease. My little slut. Who's ass does this belong to?"

    "It's yours baby." Olivia moaned between thrusts. "My ass belongs to you daddy."

    I was shocked beyond words. Not only was she complying with this lewd premise but judging from the lack of shame this was apparently something they did on a regular basis.

    Furthermore. Of all the things I expected to hear her say, I never imagined Olivia would make reference to me while her boyfriend pummeled her from behind.

    As I now stood there debating whether or not to intervene Luke's penis now hammered away at her teen pussy at a blistering pace. In fact I found myself strangely fascinated by the display.

    Intriguingly enough Olivia really seemed to respond to this prompt form of fucking. She apparently liked it a little rough?

    Luke's eyes closed as he railed into my sweet daughter, again and again, his cock exploring uncharted territory as he fucked her within an inch of her life, building up momentum and sending them both hurdling towards an impending orgasm.

    "UGH. Yeah." she trembled. "ohmigod. I'm going to cum. I'm cumming daddy!!"

    My daughter's body stiffened as her climax rolled through her.

    Overwhelmed by her orgasm, Luke literally threw himself into Olivia—pounding her cervix into submission and causing her to form an "O" face without any sound emanating from her voice-box.

    He made one final thrust as her pussy compressed down around him and filled her with his seed.

    Astonishingly enough when Luke pulled out a moment later he was still ejaculating and he blew the rest of his wad all over her derriere. Thick ropes of jism splashed across Olivia's flawless butt where it trickled down her legs and seeped onto the floor.

    I was suddenly filled with self-loathing and hate. How could I let this happen? How could I just stand there and watch him defile her like that? ...had I no dignity!

    A fierce anger rose inside me. Anger at myself. Anger at this cocky young stallion who had just debased my stunning daughter right under my own roof.

    I throttled myself back down and decided I was going to have to punish her later. For now I needed a beer or I was going to lose my fucking mind.

    But before I had time to turn around I was suddenly startled to see Piper Curda standing at the end of the hallway watching me. The expression on my face must have given me away as Piper smiled and shook her finger.

    While I'm sure she knew I was spying on someone, thankfully she had no idea it was my very own daughter. Thinking quickly I approached her at the end of the hall and offered her assistance.

    "Anything I can help you with?"

    "What are you doing back here Mr. Holt?" she grinned mischievously.

    "I was just about to go grab some beer." I said while grabbing my keys.

    "Oh. A road trip?"

    Before I could refuse Piper kissed me on the cheek with excitement and hitched a hand through my arm and skipped alongside.

    "Err. You might want to put some clothes on." I suggested as she was still scantily clad in nothing but her two piece bikini.

    Even by Olivia's standards, Piper's two piece bikini left little to the imagination. In fact it was just about the sexiest little ensemble I'd seen in years and suited her body perfectly.

    "That's okay." Piper shrugged. "I'm not getting out of the car anyways."

    "Suit yourself." I said as she accompanied me to the car and she climbed into the passenger seat.

    It was only now as she had trouble buckling her seat belt that I realized where all the beer had gone—into Piper's belly.

    The drive over to the store was uneventful for the most part with Piper sat slouched against the door, eyes closed, face tilted toward the sun. I left her waiting in the car when we got there.

    I picked up two cases of Bud and a fresh bottle of Tequila and walked back to the Jeep and loaded everything into the trunk.

    It didn't look like Piper had moved and I thought she had passed out till I turned the ignition and started to head off. That's when I noticed her bikini bottoms and how loose they were.

    It seemed her bottoms were designed in a way where just a single tie held them together.

    But now with the lace slightly loosened at the front her bottoms flapped open, enough for me to see her pussy and the fact that she was completely devoid of any hair whatsoever.

    The revelation alone caused my cock to twitch particularly since she appeared to have very dark, chewy, labia. Looking around I buried my foot and rocketed out of the parking lot.

    "Piper. Are you awake?" I asked as I reached over and shook her arm.

    "Huh? S-Sure..." she slurred and opened her eyes, sat up and gave me that big goofy grin. "I was just resting my eyes."

    "Of course you were."

    "Um. Can I ask you a question?" she posed.


    "Do you think I'm sexy?"

    "Of course I think you're pretty—" I answered before she interrupted me mid-sentence.

    "I didn't ask you if I was pretty. I asked you if you thought I was sexy."

    Before I could respond I watched her lean against the corner of the seat and the passenger door and bring her knees up to her chest—her long slender legs dangling in front of her.

    "I mean. Do you think I'm just as sexy as the other girls back at the house?"

    "Listen. I'm sure you possess just as many if not more attributes that the other girls combined."

    Piper smiled.

    "You really think so?"

    "Sure. Why not? There must be something you have that they don't possess."

    "I do."

    "See. There you go." I encouraged while trying to keep my eyes on the road.

    " fact, I've been told I have a very pretty pussy."

    Just hearing this from her almost caused me to crash the fucking car!

    Despite her intoxication I was still shocked by the revelation, particularly since I'd always assumed that Piper was the quiet one in the group—the sweet and polite girl. I guess the old adage was true: "it's the quiet ones you should worry about."

    Glancing over at Piper I could see that her cunt was now on full display, and more importantly, visibly wet. I gulped hard as I suddenly found myself racked with guilt.

    On the one hand I desperately had an urge to lean over and suck those dark lips of hers like I was eating a wet noodle, and yet I now had visions of me being pulled over by State Troopers and trying to explain how she was drunk, and how she got naked in my car.

    With that said I reached over to cover her up but Pipes grabbed my wrist and guided my fingers to her pussy.

    "Mm. That feels nice." she cooed as the tips of my fingers brushed along her slimy crevice.

    "Piper. We should probably wait—"

    "Bella told me you had great hands." she added. "Just rub it a little, please? I'll blow you afterwards if you want, I swear."

    For a second I actually thought about pulling my hand away, but thankfully common sense prevailed and I decided that if this was going to be a weekend of my dreams I might as well enjoy it to the utmost.

    "Okay. Fine." I replied. "If you want me to play with you, at least turn around and lean back so I can get the right angle."

    Piper immediately obliged and turned her back to me.

    Reaching between the seat and her side my hand slipped down between her legs and dangled over her drooling cunt where I rubbed her pussy with two fingers—smearing her juices around her sex before I pinched her clit between my thumb and forefinger.

    "OH—Wow." she inhaled sharply. "Right there. Squeeze my clit again. I like it."

    The actress was now humping my hand as I continued to tease her tiny nub. As she got nearer to her orgasm her own hands moved under the top of her bikini where she ultimately pulled the material loose and tossed it aside.

    I now found myself seated beside a completely naked passenger which strangely enough felt incredibly liberating.

    As it turned out Piper appeared to had smallish tits with almost no areola, just two long fat dark nipples. My arm was beginning to ache as I fingered her more while she tugged at her own nips so hard I thought she was going to rip them off her chest.

    We were getting close to the house and I had tried everything I could think of to get her off, but I just couldn't make her cum. I finally decided to try something a little unorthodox and without warning I jammed two fingers into her backdoor!!

    The Korean beauty yelped at the sudden intrusion but ultimately relaxed her sphincter enough to allow me to massage her rectum while she flicked her own bean at the same time.

    "Good. Spread your legs wide." I told her.

    "Ugh. You sneaky bastard. I can't believe you've got your fingers in my ass."

    "Just keep playing with your clit." I growled into her ear. "...while I play with your sweet little ass Piper."

    I could tell from the way she squirmed against me that the more I spoke the more it turned her on.

    "Come for me Piper." I teased. "Show me how much of a bad girl you really are."


    "Where are my fingers right now?"

    "They're in my ass."


    "You're fingers are in my ass!" she stated out loud as her knees fell wide and I sawed my digits in and out.

    "And where are your fingers right now?"

    "...rubbing my clit."

    "Show me." I said. "Good. Lick your fingers and rub faster."

    "Fuck." she grunted softly. "Fuck-Fuck-Fuck."

    "C'mon. Show me how much of a slut you really are." I groaned. "Just like your sexy friends."


    This soon had the desired effect with Piper climaxing so loud that the noise almost caused me to lose control of the car.

    "ohmigod. ohmigod!!" she screamed. "I'm-gonna-cummm!!"

    The starlet continued to thrash about on my hand as I felt her hot juices seep down my wrist and onto the leather upholstery of Olivia's truck. When Piper finally started to quiet down I carefully extracted my thumb from her tiny rosebud.

    "Good girl."

    The "I Didn't Do It" star just about crumpled into the seat, not moving again until we arrived home and I shut off the engine.

    "Wow." she exhaled as she came back to life. "That was pretty fucking intense, am I right?"

    "I'm glad you had fun on our little road trip." I grinned as I watched her wriggle herself back into her bikini.

    "So you still want that blowjob?" she offered.

    "That's okay." I declined, considering we were now parked in the driveway. "I'll take a rain check if that's alright with you."

    "Sure thing." Piper winked as she kissed me on the cheek and hopped out of the Jeep and dashed off into the yard to join her friends. be continued.

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    In the words of al pacino. "Hoo ah" that was fantastic tpg. Any story u do is magic but when u add the element of Holt it seems to bring something out in u that is extra great.

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    great work. Piper definitely needs to come back for more.

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    A nice introduction for Piper... she definitely could help Mr. Holt with his punishment of Olivia...

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    Wonderful story as always TPG. Hopefully Piper comes back for more fun

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    "My ass belongs to you daddy."

    I'd love to see Daddy take ownership in the next chapter! Haha!

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    I just hope we get to see some orgy action will Bella, Piper, Paris and Olivia. That would be amazing!

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    Another great series! Looking forward to see how the party continues

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    Gosh.. I just hope the pool party doesnt end!

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