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Thread: "Harmonizers" with Dove Cameron and Olivia Holt

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    fanfiction "Harmonizers" with Dove Cameron and Olivia Holt

    With Dove Cameron and Olivia Holt
    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, BJ, Mast
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
    A/N: Came up with this idea for a quick story ages ago, whenever the RDMAs were, but never got round to writing it up until now, enjoy!

    I'd been dating Dove Cameron for a couple of months now, we were still very much sticking in the horny, love-sick teenager part of the relationship spending the majority of our time together in bed which I was obviously more than content with.

    Dove however wanted to go more public and had insisted I accompany her to the Radio Disney Music Awards, have some photos taken together by the press and meet some of her co-stars and friends from the wider Disney family as she affectionately called it. After initially being down on the idea, dreading the thought of my picture plastered over tween celebrity gossip sites, Dove had threatened me with no blowjobs for a month and here I was, stood awkwardly on the red carpet.

    Fortunately, I was of little interest to the press and I was quickly shunned off leaving my girlfriend alone in the spotlight to work the cameras. As she has her photos taken, I take the chance to look around the carpet as I wait. I do my best not to stare too much at the sea of attractive teens but my eyes fall upon a select few I recognise, mainly Paris Berelc, Kelli Berglund and my girlfriend's co-presenter Olivia Holt.

    Before I know it, Dove suddenly grabs my arm and leads me along the carpet and into the venue.

    "Having fun yet?" she asks, entering the Nokia Theatre.

    "Sure," I reply unconvincingly as Dove is greeted and hugs a few friends.

    She quickly excuses herself and takes my hand, "Come with me, I wanna show you something."

    I'm led up the stairs and away from the bustling crowd of celebrities and press below. We head up a few more floors until we can barely hear the noise from downstairs and Dove takes me down a quiet corridor.

    "Did I tell you about the glory hole up here?" she asked naturally.

    I hesitated for a moment, positive I must have misheard; she asked it as if she was simply asking for the time.

    "Sorry, the what?"

    "The glory hole! There's been one up here for ages, the girls and I found it years ago,"

    "Oh really? And did you try it out?" I smirked, knowing full well what the answer would be.

    Dove turned and winked back at me. "A good girl doesn't suck and tell…"

    That said it all and I immediately got the image of Dove on her knees sucking an anonymous cock through a wall and was surprised at how hot I thought it was.

    "So…" I started hopefully, "where are we actually going?"

    "The hole of course! What better way to help you relax than a nice blowjob from any one of those hot teens down there?" my girlfriend beamed. "No promises though, there might not be anyone on the other side, then I suppose I'll have to step up."

    I still couldn't quite believe what she was saying so I stayed silent; worried she was leading me into some trap where I'd admit to wanting one of her friends, she'd get jealous and pissed and I'd end up with nothing.

    Having reached the top floor, it was clear we weren't going to be disturbed. It was completely empty and the lights were all off, the only light coming in from the large windows. Dove quickly finds the toilets in question and drags me round the back and into a small, hidden alcove. She places a finger over her lips before nodding her head to the hole in the wall.

    Looking at the hole, my cock twitches slightly, strangely excited by the idea that just about anyone could be on the other side.

    "C'mon, get it out!" she whispered, almost inaudibly.

    I shrugged and did as I was told, pushing my trousers down and revealing my semi and making Dove smile widely.

    "If there's someone on the other side, she's a lucky girl," she sighed into my ear while her hand wrapped around my cock.

    Soon enough she'd gotten me fully hard and was directing my length into the hole. I briefly prayed there wasn't a mousetrap on the other side before it disappeared through the wall.

    With my cock out of her hands, Dove turned back to me, stretched up and kissed me long and hard. We made out for a few passionate minutes with no action through the wall. I was considering just pulling out, bending Dove over and fucking her where she stood.

    That thought was quickly dropped however when I jumped and gasped into my girlfriend's mouth after I felt a small, warm hand wrap around the base of my cock. The tight grip was immediately followed by a tentative flick of a wet tongue over the tip.

    Dove pulled back slightly and met my gaze, I nodded quickly to answer her unasked question and she grinned wickedly before my eyes almost rolled back.

    "Oh my god…" I grunted as I felt a soft pair of lips wrap tightly around my head and draw in a long, hard suck. At the same time, we heard a slight moan through the wall followed by the wave of vibrations running up my shaft.

    "That feel good, babe?" Dove breathed into my ear, almost silently, clearly not wanting her presence known to the mystery girl.

    As the other girl got to work giving my entire length a wet tongue bath, Dove stepped back, not wanting to be outdone and pushed her shoulder straps off. I watched entranced as she roughly pulled the top of her dress down to her waist and freed her perfect, world famous tits.

    I'd seen them plenty of times but my cock twitched every time she got them out, a fact that didn't go unnoticed by the girl servicing it. The professional cocksucker was now rapidly bobbing up and down on my dick, nosily slobbering over me and treating me to an incredible, sloppy blowjob.

    Inch by inch, she was taking me deeper until she finally took my breath away when she went down and surely bumped her nose against the wall with my cock buried down her narrow throat.

    "Holy shit!" I gasped, closing my eyes briefly to hold back from cumming, never wanting this to end. "You're amazing…" I slurred into the wall.

    The girl moaned loudly around my cock, clearly pleased with the reaction she was getting. I turned back to Dove who was teasing me with her chest and luckily, wasn't pissed off that I was enjoying it as much as I was. She did suddenly seem intrigued though, curious who it was blowing her boyfriend so well, almost giving her a run for her money.

    I watched as she bent down and found a small crack in the wall to peek through. She squinted briefly as she tried to identify the girl before she eyes suddenly grew wide and she had to suppress a gasp.

    Dove looked back up at me in disbelief. "It's Olivia!" she mouthed.

    "Holt?" I mouthed back, equally stunned to which Dove nodded excitedly.

    I almost came right then having discovered who was sucking me off so perfectly. Not that I'd admit it to Dove, but I'd definitely imagined the idea of being with the stunning Olivia Holt a number of times, even today I'd stolen more than my fair share of glances at her.

    My only regret now was that I couldn't witness my cock sliding between those red lips, see those large brown eyes staring up at me, grab her blonde mane and fuck her pretty little face…

    As I was lost in thought, Dove had made herself comfortable on the floor and hiked her dress up. Before I knew it, she'd licked two fingers and buried them knuckle-deep inside her wanton cunt, restlessly fingering herself as she watched her friend blow an anonymous dick through the wall. My girlfriend's gaze alternated between me and the crack in the wall as her fingers started making wet, slapping sound. If she kept it up, she'd be even louder than Holt's dirty, sucking, gagging noises.

    Without warning, my wet cock suddenly got cold as Holt moved away. I heard some rustling through the wall as I watched Dove watching Olivia. Dove paused her masturbating while she watched, her eyes grew wide again and she breathed a disbelieving, "Wow…"

    Next thing I knew, I felt a hand grab my shaft again before feeling the head rub against a very different pair of lips. Now it was my turn to be shocked, I almost panicked as I turned to Dove but she simply smiled and nodded her permission to go along with it.

    She teased her entrance for another moment before pushing me in. Liv was practically dripping wet so she managed to slip me inside effortlessly. We both groaned in unison as I filled her exquisite teenage cunt.

    There wasn't much I could do on this side of the partition so Holt had to do most of the work, using my cock like a personal sextoy.

    She bounced her firm ass against me, panting heavily as she fucked herself. It was now that I truly regretted the wall between us and considered just punching through to get a good look at Olivia Holt bent over in the toilet stall, grinding her hips with my cock buried inside her.

    I thrust as best as I could in my awkward position. Whatever I did seemed to work though since Liv suddenly came, squirting her cum over my cock. Holt groaned and almost growled, taking care not to speak and reveal her identity while her cunt tried to milk my cock.

    Almost simultaneously, Dove pushed herself over the edge with a slight whimper and had to quickly clamp a hand over her mouth to stop screaming. Her hips flicked urgently against her hand as she came long and hard from the display.

    As Dove recovered, breathing heavily on the floor, Olivia was slowly whipping her hips against the wall, breathlessly teasing me to completion. Having just felt the blonde teen squirt over me and witnessed my girlfriend cum to the spectacle, it didn't take me long to grunt out a low warning.

    I felt her quickly pull away and drop back to her knees where she quickly swallowed my cock again. Moments later I groaned loudly as I erupted into the back of her throat, filling her mouth, making her cough briefly but she quickly chugged my load down nonetheless.

    With everything said and done, Holt finished by planting a long, wet kiss on the tip of my sensitive cock before straightening herself out and leaving the cubicle without a word.

    I stepped back, pulling my wet, lip-stick smeared dick out, my head was still spinning and against all odds, my cock was still rigid and hard. Without warning, Dove was there, kneeling at my feet, my cock instantly slipping past her thick lips and into her mouth.

    "That was so fucking hot, babe!" she gasped between sucks, no longer bothering to keep her voice down. "But now it's my turn…"

    I saw this as the perfect opportunity to do exactly what I had wanted to do to Liv. I grabbed my girlfriend's head in two hands and saw her smile widely at my intention before opening her mouth in a wide 'O'. Her blue-grey eyes peered up at me as I shoved my cock into her and straight down her throat.

    Before long, those same blue-grey eyes were watering as I violated her, fucking her pretty young face while she tried her best not to gag and choke.

    Once I'd had my fun, I pulled her to her feet and roughly spun her round and pushed her against the wall. She gasped but caught herself, bending slightly and arching her back while I positioned myself behind her. I flicked her dress up and over her round ass making her giggle at how eagerly I was going after her fresh, pink hole.

    The smile was quickly wiped off her face when I found my goal, grabbed her hips and unceremoniously shoved myself inside her wet cunt. Dove was sticky and slick with her own cum as I fucked her hard and fast against the wall.

    "Oh, God!" she yelped as I pummelled her perfect, pink pussy raw before she grit her teeth and looked over her shoulder. "Harder!"

    I complied by grabbing a fistful of hair and cocking her head back. I'd never fucked her this hard or rough before but it seemed to be driving her wild.

    "Uggghhh-FUCKK!" she squealed, no longer caring if anyone heard us. "Ohmigodd! I'm-UGGH-cum-!"

    With that, her eyes clenched shut and her entire body jerked in my arms as she erupted, groaning incoherently. After a final thrust, I joined her climax by dropping my second load deep inside her abused hole which only made her shudder further before falling limp in my arms.

    A few hours later I was sat in the audience, applauding along with everyone else as Dove Cameron and Olivia Holt strode out on stage, hand in hand to announce the result of their category. I grinned wickedly as they started reading the autocue, waving at their tween fans while Liv had my spunk in her belly while Dove probably had it leaking out of her cunt.

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    oh bloody hell. Another Epic story from u lemon. Fucking loved it.

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    Epic for real

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    Amazing work there needs to be more Dove cameroen stories. This is one of the best ones I've see. Keep up the great work.

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