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Thread: "Audition Escort" with Chloe Grace Moretz

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    fanfiction "Audition Escort" with Chloe Grace Moretz

    Audition Escort
    With ChloŽ Grace Moretz
    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, BJ, Oral, Squirt
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
    A/N: Thought it was about time I gave this girl some well deserved attention, enjoy...

    "Alright, I'll do it!" I finally conceded down the phone. "What time?" I jotted down the details before hanging up.

    My mate had called me up out of the blue asking for a favour. After trying my best to worm my way out of it, I'd eventually given up and agreed.

    Luckily, as far as favours went, this one was easy, just a case of taking my mate's teenage sister to an audition and home again since the rest of the family were busy. In hindsight, I wasn't even sure why I was so against it, I was more than happy to spend a day with the girl.

    I'd met ChloŽ Grace Moretz a number of times, swanning around the family house in tiny shorts and tight tops sometimes opting for a simple bikini on particularly hot days. I'd admired her teen body like any red blooded male would, a fact the girl obviously enjoyed, but otherwise, I'd kept my distance. She was still my friend's sister and through some unspoken, bullshit rule, apparently that made her off-limits.

    I arrived at the house in good time the next morning to see ChloŽ and her brother stood outside waiting. I was quietly pleased to see she was showing off her legs in a pair of heels and those familiar cut-offs with a practically see-through top that hugged her fit body. As she climbed into the passenger seat her brother approached me.

    "Thanks again man, I owe you one," he said before lowering his voice. "Keep an eye on her, yeah? These auditions…they can get a bit carried away."

    "Jesus, leave it Trev!" ChloŽ huffed from the passenger seat. "I should be going to auditions alone, I'm eighteen now!"

    "Exactly," Trevor muttered. "Break a leg sis," he winked at her before stepping away.

    I headed off and the car fell silent. ChloŽ sat beside me reading through and memorising her lines. I had to admit it was odd that she was still forbidden to go to auditions alone. She could drive, had her own car, knew the business well but still, her family wouldn't allow it. Not that I was complaining right now, there were certainly worse ways of spending a Friday morning than driving this leggy, honey-blonde teen around. But before I knew it, I was pulling up at our destination.

    "Thanks for the lift, but there's no need to come in with me," ChloŽ said, stepping out of the car.

    "Nice try, but I'm under strict orders I'm afraid," I told her, following her out and into the building.

    "Okay fine," she rolled her eyes, "but at least let me go into the actual audition alone."

    "Deal," how 'carried away' could it get?

    ChloŽ made herself known to the receptionist who directed us into an empty waiting room where we took a seat and did just that – waited.

    And waited. Long enough for me to ask ChloŽ if we'd mixed up the time or place.

    She shrugged. "Yeah, these things take a while; you can leave if you need to be somewhere."

    "Nah, I'm good," I smiled, amused at her futile attempt to get rid of me.

    Eventually a man popped his head round the door and ushered ChloŽ through, leaving me alone.

    After yet another thirty minute wait, I sighed and got to my feet for a stretch. A few minutes later, my curiosity gets the better of me and I place an ear up against the door ChloŽ disappeared through. Hearing nothing, I gently ease it open and slip inside to find myself in the shadows at the back of a large auditorium.

    What I saw on stage was one of the last things I'd expected and I immediately understood why ChloŽ's family were so paranoid about these auditions.

    Centre stage, was the young ChloŽ Grace Moretz, down on her knees with two older, suited business men either side of her with their wet cocks out which she enthusiastically switched between. The sounds of her wanton moans and slurps echoed throughout the room.

    I probably should have stormed down there and put a stop to it but I found myself rooted to the spot, unable to even look away.

    My eyes managed to go wider still when she unexpectedly deepthroats the first guy who groans and grunts as he nuts in the back of her mouth. ChloŽ quickly swallowed this first load and turned all her attention onto the second guy who didn't last long at all, following suit and also feeding her his spunk.

    As the three of them composed themselves I quickly make my exit and sit back down in the waiting room, now even more uncomfortable, sporting a raging, jealous hard on in my shorts.

    A few minutes later, ChloŽ comes out, beaming at her apparently successful audition, leading the way back down to the car.

    "So how did it go?" I smirked as we started the drive home.

    "Awesome! Pretty sure I got it!" she replied confidentially.

    "Heh, yeah I bet you did," I muttered.

    ChloŽ immediately threw me a suspicious glare. "What's that supposed to mean?"

    I shrug. "Let's just say, I get why your brother's so paranoid now."

    "Oh, fucking hell!" she gave an exasperated sigh as she cottoned on. "Look, you can't tell anyone about that, please!"

    "Shit, I dunno ChloŽ; it's pretty fucked up,"

    "You watching was pretty fucked up! It wouldn't have happened if you'd been there like my brother told you!" she argued defensively.

    She had me there. "Does this happen often?"

    Now it was her turn to smile mischievously, relaxing as she discovered a potential way out of this.

    "Maybe," she said mysteriously. "Maybe I've gone further than a little blowjob?"

    I suddenly found it much harder to concentrate on my driving as she started to tease me out of nowhere. It was then she noticed the bulge she'd caused in my lap.

    "You're getting off on this aren't you?" she smirked playfully. "You like the thought of me getting fucked by those dirty, old business men?"

    "Hell yes I am ChloŽ, you're hot!" I admitted brazenly, throwing all pretence out the window.

    "Well in that case, maybe I'll show you how good I am when we get back?" she teased. "Y'know, as long as you promise not to tell my brother about all this."

    "You're just full of these 'maybe's' aren't you ChloŽ?" I sighed but drove that little bit faster regardless.

    With the promise of getting those sweet lips around my cock, the drive back seemed to take an eternity. Eventually we arrive back at the house and I pull into the thankfully empty driveway. ChloŽ was out in a flash and I eagerly followed her as she led me through the front door.

    I'd barely got the door closed behind me before she pounced.

    ChloŽ pushed me back against the door and dropped to her knees, roughly tugging my clothes down with her. The lick of her lips and impressed look she gave my manhood was enough for it to start stirring into action, growing in front of her face.

    "Huh, not bad," she smirked.

    She surprised me for the countless time today when she ducked down and decided to start this highly anticipated blowjob on my tight balls. I watched as her full lips stretched to take them both into her wet mouth simultaneously.

    With them both lodged firmly in her mouth, ChloŽ looked up at me through those incredible green eyes while her tongue tickled my sac and her hand busied itself, pumping my cock to full strength.

    It didn't take long at all for her to get me harder than I'd ever been. The teen impatiently spat my dripping balls out and moved up to wrap her thick, soft lips around my bellend where she promptly sank down on me.

    I had to lean back on the door when my knees almost gave way at both the sight and sensation of inch after inch of meat effortlessly slipping past those God-given lips until the tip entered her narrow throat.

    ChloŽ held the position for as long as she could. Her eyes began to water and her face turned red before she finally jerked back, heaving for air but grinning proudly.

    "Oh my God, ChloŽ," I panted.

    The talented teen simply cocked her eyebrow at me while she caught her breath. I hadn't even done anything but I found myself almost as breathless.

    Suitably recovered, ChloŽ wordlessly ducked forward again and swallowed my knob, this time taking short, hard sucks while her hand pumped anything her mouth didn't. She quickly picked up the pace to a blistering speed, clearly urging me to cum quickly.

    "Cum in my mouth," she gasped, taking a split second break. "Make me swallow it!"

    I could feel myself, moments away from the edge and was just about to grunt out a warning when the front door I was leaning on suddenly shook. It seemed someone had come home early.

    "Shit!" we hissed.

    ChloŽ jumped to her feet while I reluctantly put my wet cock away, I'd been so close it felt even the slightest touch would make it explode. I stepped away from the door just as her brother pushed it open.

    "Hey guys, what's up?" he asked, slightly confused but otherwise completely oblivious to what his little sister had been up to moments before.

    "Oh, we just got back," ChloŽ lied. "I was just about to make us some lunch."

    "Great! How did it go this morning?" Trevor asked, following his sister into the kitchen and leaving me alone in the lounge.

    While those two chatted and prepared something to eat, I briefly considered going into the bathroom to finish what ChloŽ started but eventually thought better of it.

    The three of us spent the rest of the day hanging out, watching daytime TV and playing a few video games. I stuck around with the hope I'd be able to corner ChloŽ at some point but Trevor never left us alone for more than a few minutes. The little cocktease knew exactly what kind of torture I was going through and was more than happy to make it worse, constantly giving me the eye across the room and even flashing me her impressive chest a couple of times when her brother's back was turned.

    As the day drew on, the chance of getting some relief got less and less likely as brother after brother arrived home eventually followed by her mother who kindly invited me to stay for dinner.

    After eating dinner and a few drinks, it was quickly apparent I was in no fit state to drive home so I was offered the sofa to crash on which I had no choice but to reluctantly accept.

    We continued to drink throughout the evening while we watched whatever bad films were on TV, I was surprised to see even ChloŽ was allowed a couple of beers over the course of the night.

    Frustratingly, ChloŽ was the first to head up to bed. Everyone else followed suit until I was left alone in the darkness to try and get some sleep.

    After an hour of restless fidgeting I eventually sat up with a sigh and abandoned any hope of sleep in my current state. I checked the time and realised it had been over twelve hours since ChloŽ had left me on the precipice. With that knowledge, I stood up without even thinking and began to creep upstairs.

    I'd visited several times so I knew where I was going as I fumbled my way through the dark trying to keep as silent as possible. ChloŽ's bedroom was at the end of the hall, directly opposite her mother's. I held my breath as I slowly turned the handle. The click it made was probably barely audible but sounded like a hammer in the sleeping house.

    I edged the door open and slipped inside, closing it behind me with another loud click. I turned into the room which was fairly well illuminated thanks to an outside light. My eyes quickly fell upon ChloŽ's large double bed and the girl curled up asleep under the covers.

    I wasted no time sneaking over. I lifted the sheets and climbed in under them, edging across the bed until I was spooning the young teen and inhaling her scent. The whole situation had gotten me rock hard, my erection now pushing firmly against her round ass.

    Meanwhile, my hand crept over her waist and slipped under her t-shirt. I ran my hand up her flat stomach and cupped her soft breast, squeezing it gently. As I fondled her, I found myself rocking my hips slightly, pushing my length along the crack of her ass through her tight shorts.

    I was moments away from just pushing her shorts down and impaling her right there when she suddenly stirred awake.

    "Trev…?" she asked sleepily.

    That was just about the last thing I expected her to say. I didn't dwell too long on what she meant however; I had other priorities to worry about, primarily getting her lips back on my dick.

    "You still owe me," I whispered into her ear, revealing my identity.

    "Ohhh?" she replied, waking up and smirking through the darkness.

    ChloŽ immediately started pushing her ass back, rocking her own hips to tease my shaft. But I was more than done with teasing and, taking that as her consent, I ripped the duvet off us and sat up.

    My eyes were now well adjusted to the dark and I saw ChloŽ sit up beside me and pull her shirt up over her head and throw it across the room, quickly followed by her shorts. I could have sat there admiring her naked form for hours but I couldn't ignore my aching cock a moment longer.

    I reached forward and ran my fingers through her thick, wavy hair before pulling her down onto my cock. She opened her mouth and finally took it back inside; enveloping my shaft in that hot wetness it had been waiting twelve hours for.

    I kept my hands in her hair as she began to bob into my lap, dragging her blowjob lips along the length of my pole. Soon enough I found myself jerking my hips into her, thrusting into her face as she quietly moaned around me. It hardly took me long at all to approach my long awaited climax.

    I took a firm grip on her head with both hands and roughly pushed her down, forcing my cock balls-deep and holding her in place. I had to grit my teeth to suppress a loud grunt as I finally came, spurting my thick load straight into the back of ChloŽ's throat.

    She was forced, but more than happy, to swallow every last drop as I unleashed a seemingly endless torrent of sperm. Finally I released her and we both lay down with a gasp, panting heavily.

    "Worth the wait?" she asked in a breathless whisper.

    "I'm not done yet,"

    I spurred myself into action, sliding down the bed and forcibly spreading her legs. Once in position, I dove into her clam and began devouring her honeypot as if I'd been starved for days.

    ChloŽ twitched on the bed and gasped loudly. She had to clap a hand over her mouth as I hungrily speared my tongue into her.

    I hadn't just been waiting for this moment today, I'd been waiting months, years even and I wasn't going to waste it. I wanted ChloŽ's cunt and I was finally taking it.

    "Oh my god!" she breathed.

    I spread her legs obscenely wide to grant myself better access to her delicious peach. I could have happily stayed there drinking from her all night long.

    "Fuck, ChloŽ you taste so good…"

    "Mmmm, I know I do," she admitted proudly.

    Hearing this I ran my fingers over her slick lips and offered them to her mouth where she took them in and greedily licked them clean.

    I took them back and moved up to flick her bean while I easily slipped two fingers knuckle deep inside her. I couldn't believe just how soaked she was down here. She was already sat in a damp patch and soon enough the silent room was filled with the noise of my hand slapping against her sopping cunt while I finger blasted her right there on her bed.

    Soon enough she was squirming above me, biting her lip and gripping the bedsheets tightly. I had no doubt that if anyone else in the house were awake they'd be able to hear her sloshing snatch.

    "Holy fuck-I'm gonna come. Don't stop!" ChloŽ said, struggling to keep her voice down as she bucked her hips to meet my sawing hand.

    Despite her request, I did stop. She gave a desperate gasp as I pulled my dripping fingers out only to make her grunt even louder when I replaced my digits with my cock, slamming into her in one smooth motion.

    Her slick, self-lubricating pussy allowed me to quickly build up a hammering pace. I crouched over her and held her legs open wide as I pummelled her into the creaking mattress.

    "Ugh, fuck, fuck. Yes!" she groaned under her breath, still trying her best to keep quiet while her family slept in the rooms around us. "Ohmigod, I'm coming…"

    ChloŽ grit her teeth and trailed off as her hips started flicking uncontrollably off the bed. I pulled out as she came and was shocked when the little slut squirted all over me as her entire body thrashed, desperately trying not to scream and wake the entire house.

    Seeing the promiscuous teen in this state, making her squirt, was just about the hottest thing I'd ever witnessed and I wasted no time flipping her over and entering her again from behind while she lay prone in her own juices.

    I grabbed her hips and fucked her. The sound of her dripping, twitching pussy getting utterly pounded must have been audible throughout the house at this point but we were both too far gone to care. The entire family could have walked in and I wouldn't have stopped.

    ChloŽ bit into the soaked bed sheets to muffle her moans as I nailed her, racing towards my own finish line. I reached forward and grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her up so I could whisper in her ear.

    "Do those casting guys fuck you like this, ChloŽ?"

    "Oh, God no…" she replied with a sigh, "but I like it, I like it hard…rough!"

    It was all music to my ears. I was actually surprised she was so submissive after teasing me all day and bragging about the number of auditions she'd fucked her way through. Not that I was complaining, if she wanted it rough I was more than happy to give it to her.

    I brushed her tussled hair to one side and gently wrapped my hand around her throat; I knew it was a winning move by the way her cunt tightened around my cock.


    "Yessss," she hissed as my hand squeezed slightly.

    "Cum on my cock, ChloŽ," I ordered, thrusting up into her with rapid hard thrusts. "I'm going to shoot my load inside you."

    "Nggh-" ChloŽ squeaked with her remaining air before her body shook against me.

    The moment her orgasm hit, I erupted, shooting my powerful load deep inside her soaked cunt, filling her up while her pussy leaked out whatever juices her spent body still had left to give.

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    Holy. God. I'm not even a Chloe fan but that was all sorts of epic.

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    That... that was amazing! You should write about her more.

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    Fark that was so hot!! Tell you what, if Chloe ever stumbles across this story you best believe it'll get her off!! That was amazing!!!

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    Amazing Chloe story! I loved the final sex scene!

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    Another LemonTalk story classic! You're on some kind of roll this year mate, prolific, quality stories, one after the other..
    I myself had thought about the "best friend of her brother" idea, but couldn't come up with a storyline I was happy with.
    So you can imagine how elated I was when I started reading this to see who the main hero of the story would be!
    Great stuff, thoroughly enjoyable.

    You've done stories on a few of my teen faves this year, all of them terrific reads in their own right.
    As a request, any chance you could do a solo story for the bosomy
    Dove Cameron at some point?
    Another teen queen you would do justice for (again) I reckon.

    My "Claim Your Girl" Selection For March 17':

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    Still I hope for a second chapter!

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