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Thread: The Winter Series: Vol. 9 - "The Last Time" With Ariel Winter

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    fanfiction The Winter Series: Vol. 9 - "The Last Time" With Ariel Winter

    The Winter Series: Vol. 9 - "The Last Time" With Ariel Winter

    Written by Hearsz
    Codes: MF, Oral, Titfuck, Facial, Blackmail

    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    A/N: Click on the words in bold blue to see further pictures for specific scenes.

    June 2015

    When I first met her, I got the feeling that this would have been a difficult decision for Ariel Winter to make. Having developed nice supple breasts at quite an early age would seem like the greatest thing in the world to most female teens.
    And for the first couple of years, "The Modern Family" starlet I suspected, initially enjoyed the attention she was receiving for them. But over the past twelve months, things had taken a turn for the worst.

    There were nasty comments on her Twitter page, mainly from jealous females who felt she was purposely exploiting her incredible chest at big red carpet events like the annual SAG awards.

    But what was much worse was the burden of having to carry F sized breasts since the age of fifteen.
    Not easy going for a girl with such a petite figure.
    Later on I'd read in a magazine interview that she'd discussed her troubles with on screen TV mother Julie Bowen. It wasn't until breast reduction surgery was brought up that Ariel began to see a possible light at the end of the tunnel.

    She must have known that it may alienate and upset some of her fans, mainly those from the male contingent, myself included. But on the other side, I imagine she couldn't see the point of carrying on with those huge things for another couple of years, and potentially becoming a hunchback because of it.
    At the rate they were growing, they'd be the size of watermelons by the time she was twenty one!!
    Either way, she was put it in a no win situation, no matter what decision she made.

    Having performed breast reduction surgery for the past five years, I had built up a healthy clientele list, word quickly spread very early on, and the previous couple of years I was awarded with the "Surgeon of the Year" gong in the state of California for this kind of work.

    Due to this, I was surprised and in a way, overjoyed when I received a phone call from Shanelle Workman, looking to book her younger sister Ariel into the clinic for an appointment. Her husband Dave and I went way back, as his nephew and I had graduated from High School and then College together.
    It was great that he still remembered me now that I was in my late twenties.

    I'd advised Shanelle that I was willing to make time for her sister for about an hour, to discuss what would happen with the procedure, and if she wanted to back out, she could do so. She and Ariel just wanted an idea of what I could do for her, and they mainly hoped by the end of it that I could alleviate some of the pain and stress her large breasts had caused her over time.

    The following day...

    "Thanks for seeing me doctor, I've heard your time is very precious so I really appreciate it", Ariel said as she entered the air conditioned room.
    I was a bit surprised to see that she had arrived by herself. But she advised me that her sister Shanelle had dropped her off, as she had to head across town to pick up Ariel's two niece's from daycare, and would collect her on the way back.

    I closed the door as she made her way in, holding in a breath as I looked up and down the voluptuous looking teen. I'd seen pictures of her online the night before, so I already knew she was quite an attractive young woman. But seeing her up close and in the flesh, was really something else.
    I'd attended to teens looking to have breast reduction done before, but never had I ever been requested by a celebrity during my time in the job.

    "No problem at all Miss Winter. I'm Doctor Filch, please, take a seat", I said, showing her to a chair on the opposite side of my desk.

    As she moved to sit down, she pushed her chest forward, granting me an incredible view of her huge hanging cleavage underneath her top.

    "At least I've got an idea of what I might be working with", I said to himself in my head. Clearing my throat, I spoke up,

    "Now my understanding is you'd like to discuss breast reduction surgery?"

    "Yes that's correct. I just wanted to get your thoughts before I make a final decision on this. My family has a history of large breasted women, and I've spoken to a couple of my cousins who have actually had this kind of surgery in the past. They both said it was the best thing they've ever done for themselves".

    "Well yes, it would alleviate not only back pain for smaller women such as yourself, but neck pain as well.
    However, there's a lot of girls, teenagers mainly, that I treat on a weekly basis that would kill for breasts your size! Is the pain really that bad?" I said, selfishly trying somewhat to talk her out of having the surgery.

    If they were really as incredible as they looked in some of the pictures I'd seen of her, then it was almost like slapping God in the face to get those puppies reduced.

    As the teen replied, I couldn't help but leer at her impressive cleavage, feeling a stir in my pants when the thought of getting my hands on them if I got the chance to work with her.

    "Almost unbearable! I've been trying to work through it for the last couple of years but it's been hard. Also, do you know how hard it is to find bra's and bikini tops in my size? I've sometimes had to have clothing made up for me. And there's also the fact I've tried to use lotions or creams on my chest, none of it has helped".

    Just picturing Ariel Winter rubbing cream onto and around her huge mammaries was certainly getting me hard, unbeknownst to the desperate teenager.

    "And you have a boyfriend I presume? What are his thoughts?"

    "I think he was against it to begin with, but I threatened to break up with him if he didn't get on board with this. Amazing how easy it is to change a guys mind", she said, almost too cocky for her own good.

    "One thing I can guarantee you Miss Winter is that your breasts will still look great after surgery. I stake my reputation on it.
    My Uncle is a surgeon too, he inspired me to take this up as a profession. He actually had Jennifer Love Hewitt as one of his best clients since she was twenty".

    "Really?? Her breasts are amazing! I must say it's comforting knowing that I'm somewhat in good hands then! Look, if I get you to do the surgery, I ask for complete confidentiality. I kind of don't want the media to know for a few weeks yet. I'd like to announce it myself and tell my story before the online world start to make their assumptions".

    "Of course. Whether you have it done here or not, nothing will leave this room. Now I'll go through the pro's and cons of doing this. That should help you into making a few decisions".

    "Ok, sounds good", she replied, happy to know that the ball was finally rolling with this.

    "First of all, we have to look at what size we could look at reducing them to. I think a C is probably going to be too small, and E's might still be too big. However, there's always a chance that they could grow back to F's in a few years time, although it's rare if they do".

    "So how exactly do they grow back Doctor?" she asked, no doubt concerned that she may not completely shake the problem for good.

    "Well you have what is called 'macromastia', which is a medical term for extremely large breasts. Sometimes when we remove the tissue, there can be an exaggerated response to oestrogen, the hormone that stimulates breast growth. You see, breasts are a biological entity and therefore they do continue to change over time.
    So considering you're female family history, it is more than likely hereditary. But not to worry, if they do continue growing, by then your body should be able to handle the strain for breasts of this current size. Right now it's all hypothetical talk. So for that reason I think a girl of your size and stature should be right to handle D's, maybe even double D's.."

    "That's kind of what I was thinking actually", she said, happy that she and I had the same understanding.

    "Now, what size are they currently?"

    "They're 32F's"..

    "Blimey..." I thought to myself, the thought of huge tits on such a young girl, sat there under a couple of pieces of clothing right before me. And they were one hundred percent real! I was now cursing at myself for talking her into reducing them to D's! What the hell was I thinking?? Composing myself, I continued.

    "OK, so today we're just going to do some pre-op, just so I have an idea of what I'm working with. In order to do that, I'll need you to hop up on the table over here and to remove your blouse Miss Winter", I requested, turning my head and moving to my desk to grab a pen and paper.

    I didn't want her to think that I was overly eager to see her strip, but with my back facing her, I evilly grinned when I heard the faint sound of Ariel unbuttoning her top. Once I turned back around, I noticed that she was sitting upon the table, swinging her legs back and forth, now wearing a dark blue singlet top.
    There was a highly noticeable ridge in between where her breasts jutted out from her chest.

    "I'll need you to lose the singlet as well", I calmly asked .

    Reluctantly, Ariel softly sighed, before crossing her arms, gripping the bottom of her top, and lifting it up and over her head.

    What lay in front of him was simply the most beautiful set of jugs I had ever seen. The tightly spun wire of her under-cups forced her breasts together and up towards her neck. The jade coloured lace accented her creamy skin, and I could smell the expensive perfume emanating from her deep cleavage.
    The huge cups barely covered the twin mountains of tit flesh that I knew were dying to be freed from their restraints.

    I was in complete awe of her breasts, almost hypnotised, and I did my utmost to hide my complete admiration for them. As I'd aforementioned I'd seen pictures of Ariel online, in bikini's and on the red carpet. But seeing her like this, with just a bra covering her massive orbs, I could say without any kind of doubt that there had been no teen I'd ever met whilst in the job, famous or not, that had breasts as fine looking as Ariel Winter's.

    "It's actually a damn shame you know. I mean for F's, they are actually essentially perfect Miss Winter. A nice shape and size, quite supple looking. And pretty much no sag to them either. But still, I can make them just as great as they are now after I'm done with them. Now don't be alarmed, I'm just going to get an idea of their shape and weight if I may".

    Ariel's stomach hollowed with her intake of breath as I placed my hands under the silk cups of her brassiere. I could tell she was anxious, but I got the feeling she believed my intentions were good, especially when I took time to write down some notes after each test.
    I didn't hold them for too long, but even for those few seconds, I could feel a part of me continue to stir down below. The well developed teen began to relax, despite the fact she allowed me to openly feel her up.

    "Ok, so at first look and going by how they hang, I'd suggest reducing them to D's as initially suggested, probably around a thirty four would be my recommendation. Given your age, height and weight, they'd be the ideal size for you to manage.
    As you get older and your body continues to grow, your back should strengthen which will be handy in case they do decide to grow back to F's. Or say if you were to fall pregnant, which I'm sure you're not hoping for anytime soon?"

    "Not at all, not for another ten or so years hopefully. Was there anything else?", she asked, seemingly acting a bit uncomfortable with the way she asked her last question. I figured she may have finally realised that she'd been here alone with me for a while now, with just a bra covering her phenomenal chest.

    "Just so I can get idea for where I'd be looking to remove some tissue from your breasts, and so I can show you what we plan to do, I'll need you to just remove you bra for a few minutes".

    The thing is, I didn't really need for her to do this. I would see them for myself during surgery, if it got that far. But just in case she backed out, I knew I'd be kicking myself later if I didn't at least ask, and hoped she'd be naive enough to comply.

    "Is it really necessary?"

    "If you want the job done right, then yes. Besides, regardless if I do the work or someone else does it, you're going to have to show them without a bra, in order for the procedure to be done right. And because you'll also be topless for when they are being worked on.
    It will certainly help seeing them now with the planning we and the nurses involved on the day would work on beforehand."

    Biting her bottom lip, I feared she was having doubts. But my fears were allayed when she suddenly reached behind her back, unclasped the large bra, and dropped it into her lap, which allowed her incredibly large boobs to sway freely before me. It was a sight that I knew would never leave me, even after the proposed surgery took place. Her dark pink aureole's had lovely bumps and her nipples were the size of pencil erasers as they jutted out off of Ariel's humongous tits.

    "Wow... Now aren't they a lovely pair...", my conscience said to me.

    Hopefully she didn't notice my penis begin to elongate in my pants, making things a little uncomfortable for me whilst I stood there.

    "OK Doc, they're all yours", she said, pushing her mammoth chest out for me to inspect.
    Now it was my turn to be nervous, my hands shaky as I placed them upon her soft unyielding pearl white flesh.

    They really were perfect. There was no other way to describe them. The sheer size of Ariel's large firm bosoms easily overwhelmed my hands. I kneaded the milky chest cushions, essentially massaging them for my own pleasure, watching with surprise as it seemed to put the starlet into a more relaxed state.

    "Mmm you have nice hands Doc, that feels pretty good", she murmured, closing her eyes as I continued my gentle fondling.

    I nearly had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming, as it defied belief that not only would she allow me to play with her huge celebrity rack, but that she was seemingly enjoying it! And if that wasn't enough to get me excited, feeling her instinctively reach out to stroke my hard cock through my pants, with her eyes still closed, nearly made me blow my load. Trying to keep her in this relaxed state, I decide to dig deeper with some questioning.

    "So has your boyfriend ever touched them like this before?"

    "Mmm no. I wouldn't let him. He's usually too rough with them even with my top on. You're really good at it though Doctor Filch", she replied, really jerking my cock more firmly now, giving it the occasional squeeze.

    I'd like to call myself an expert at caressing and massaging women's breasts. I'd seen plenty of women topless in the job before, so someone as young and insecure as Ariel was easy pickings. And the way she was reacting to my gentle caressing wasn't something new to me. Other women had reacted the same. Ariel was pretty much putty in my hands right now.

    When she opened her eyes I feared she was going to freak out. To realise what I had been doing was anything but for research purposes. But the way those puppy dog brown eyes looked at me was one of complete lust. I knew she was more than a little attracted to me, baited by my positive and charming nature, the way I pretended somewhat to be understanding of her situation.

    Wanting to convert that opportunity, I moved forward to kiss the youngster, celebrating silently when her soft lips didn't retract from mine, as we unashamedly made out right there in my examination room.
    She moaned into my mouth like she hadn't been kissed right in a long time, hungrily lashing her tongue against my own, rubbing my cock even faster now. I pinched at her chest, using my thumb and index finger to tweak her nipples.

    All of a sudden, things went pair shaped. Her grip on my pants was gone, her mouth stopped kissing mine and with a light shove, she pushed me away from her.

    "I'm sorry, we can't do this. I have a boyfriend, this is not what I came here for".

    A big part of me believed she was lying. I was furious. Sure, I pressured her into taking off her top but to then make out with me and say she didn't want this? Nonsense! I tried to kiss her again but she backed away. I ran a hand up and down her shapely thighs to try and help calm her down.

    The thing is I didn't want was to lose her to another surgeon. Doing work on a famous actress would be good for the business. But on top of that, I knew that I'd never get a chance like this with this hot, naked, heavy chested teen ever again. She owed me big time, and I wouldn't take no for an answer.

    "Oh I think we can, I think deep down you want to", I said, slightly tweaking her engorged nipples.

    "No, I uhh, I just came here for advice. Don't worry, I'll get someone else to do the surgery", she shot back, covering her chest as she tried to retrieve her blouse and brassiere.

    In a last ditch effort, I played the last card I hand in my hand, giving her a choice that I knew that she couldn't refuse. Fondling her bare breast, I put a devilish plan into play.

    "Be my guest. However, consider that confidentiality you asked me for, voided", I replied, putting her in an unwanted position.

    Ariel didn't know what to say, her head hanging down, knowing that I could make money by breaking the story early if I wanted to. And I was aware that she wouldn't take the chance of a surgeon, given my reputation in Hollywood, spinning a different version of it. I was blatantly blackmailing her, and Ariel knew that if I wanted to I could ruin her career, or at the very least, make life incredibly difficult for her.

    I had friends in the media so it wouldn't have been difficult to break a fake story within an hour of her leaving here if I wanted to.
    So I was about to give her an ultimatum, putting the other part of my plan to the nervous teenager.

    "Tell you what, you and I should make a fair trade here. You're obviously attracted to me, given the way you were kissing and touching me just now. And I must say, I find you incredibly gorgeous Miss Winter..", I said with a calm voice, going back to softly caressing her meaty breasts, goosebumps breaking out all over the massive twins.

    "To show that I'm a reasonable person, how about I waive the cost of the surgery in exchange for, let's say a little fun", I bartered, rubbing my thumbs over each of her stiffened nubs.

    Her eyes lit up, wondering how I could make such a thing possible. She knew the procedure was expensive, and the offer for her to have her tits worked on for free was obviously intriguing enough for the young actress.

    "Really, h-how can you do that?" she stuttered, trying not to moan as I rubbed her milky white breasts.

    "Simple. I'll just put the surgery down as research purposes, and that you were willing to be a test subject. It's amazing what you can write off nowadays".

    I didn't need the money to be perfectly frank, as I knew the exposure of the business after the work I'd done on her, and when she'd done her interviews, would more than compensate me in the long run. Mulling it over in her head, she knew it was an offer too good to refuse, no matter what the circumstances were.
    A sexual favor or two was a small price to pay for such an important procedure. And the fact I was regarded as the best in all of LA, she knew I'd do the job right.

    "Oh..OK, but I won't have sex though. My sister will be back to pick me up soon. There won't be enough time to do everything".

    As much as I didn't want to admit it, the little bitch was right. Plus the sound of two people fucking wouldn't go unnoticed by passers by in the hall outside the room. It still amazes me what people will do to save or even make money these days. She could no doubt cover the cost, but exchanging that for a few sexual favors was pretty much her only option, given how private she wanted to keep this surgery from anyone.

    "No problems, there's just a couple of things I specifically want from you anyway", I said, running a finger over her soft lips then pushing her large naked breasts together.

    "I figure before surgery we could give these one last workout", I hungrily suggested, gripping both of her tits, massaging them with my perverted hands and rolling the stiff nubs with my fingers as we started to make out anew, sealing the deal with a more than sloppy kiss.

    Ariel knew what was expected of her, and she was more than willing to comply with my demands.

    "Fine, lets just get it over with.."

    It was only then that I realized that this would be the last time anyone would get to fuck those incredible jugs whilst in this state. I really felt somewhat privileged, and couldn't wait to get started.

    Five minutes later...

    "Grrrr God yes! Suck that cock Ariel! Just like that..." I growled, sitting on the edge of a sofa in the room, the buxom brunette on her knees, her pretty face buried in my lap.

    "That's it, take it nice and deep gorgeous.." I said, pushing her head down to take more of my meat.

    Ariel choked on my thick beast when the tip pressed against her tight air passage, the teen coughing and gasping for oxygen.
    She was actually quite adept at sucking cock, knowing when to lick at my tender balls or swirl her moist tongue upon around the sensitive tip. Her hand followed her soft lips down my glistening pole, jerking me quite exquisitely, giving me more than a noticeable tingle in my loins.

    "Get it nice and lubed up sweetheart. It'll need to be for the main event", I stated, reaching down to feel up her naked jiggling boobs.

    Ariel spat some saliva against my sturdy pole, wanking it quickly to lather it up, before diving back down to suck me so sweetly, trying to deep throat me this time around. People could say what they wanted about her gargantuan chest. But unknown to most, the girl had one incredible mouth, giving me as good a blowjob than any woman that had ever orally pleasured me in the past.

    "Look at me Ariel, show me how much you love sucking my dick", I taunted her, placing my hand under her chin as she made a show of licking and sucking on the mushroom shaped tip. It was certainly a "Kodak moment" looking down at those big brown eyes, staring back at me with my penis being sucked by those luscious lips.

    Wanting to do some warming up of my own, I had Ariel rise from her knees, having her sit next to me before I began making out with her again. Without even asking, her hand gripped my upright pole, the teen using her delicate fingers to keep it slick as we hungrily swapped spit. I took a hold of both of those incredible tits, pushing my thumbs and forefingers inward which expanded her nipples outward.

    Leaning in close, I breathed my cool breath upon her nipples, the pink nubs hardening as I looked down to enjoy the view of her massive cleavage.
    I licked the taut nipples and allowed one to expand against my wet tongue. Ariel surrendered to my oral efforts and lay back to lie flat on the leather couch, giving me full access to her more than ample boobies. As I sucked hard on her milky tit, I tightly squeezed and pinch at the other.

    She moaned and yelped each time I tightened my lips upon her hardened teats. Her fleshy tits felt so soft upon my suctioning mouth. I made sure to coat her gorgeous breasts with my saliva, loving how she easily gave in to the oral titillation of her seventeen year old bosoms.

    Once I'd had titty sucked her to my hearts content, I stood up to remove my pants, leaving me completely nude with Ariel, then sitting upon her stomach.
    Despite the long hours, I always found time to keep in shape. Seeing her eyes widen as she stared open mouthed at my physique made my cock throb with excitement.

    I began to rub my dick over her humongous globes, rubbing the head against and around her nipples, slapping it upon the humongous mounds. Placing my length in between them, I requested,

    "Push your tits together Ariel, so they close firmly around my meat."

    Once she did so, I sighed audibly, the feeling of those large soft globes mashed against my dick was the most sensational feeling I'd experienced in a fair while. I think the only thing that could have topped it was if another buxom teen in Abigail Breslin, had her huge rack pressed against Ariel's, with my cock smack bang in the middle, thrusting away like my life depended on it!!

    My shaft was still lubricated enough for me to slide in between Ariel's phenomenal breasts with relative ease.
    I pumped my cock increasingly faster, ferociously titty fucking her to the point I could feel my balls smacking against the underside of her divine chest.

    I got the feeling that she was trying to get me off quick, feeling her massage her tits up and down my length, and baiting me further by fixating her innocent eyes on mine. Because of this, I found myself thrusting with longer strokes, soon feeling the head of my cock brush against her chin.
    Because I found the tip of my knob was inching ever closer to her pretty face, I couldn't help but ask her to,

    "Lick the head".

    She duly obliged, flicking out her hard tongue so it flicked against my cock slit, her moist lips soon enveloping my pulsating member. The friction created by her firm 32F sized tits brought me closer and closer to the enormous orgasm that was building up inside of me.

    "Ugghhh God", I groaned, the churning in my balls signalling that I was at the point of no return.
    To my surprise, and knowing I was about to unload, Ariel sweetly begged,

    "Do it Doctor, cum all over my big fucking tits!!"

    "Ohhhh f-f-fuckkkkk!!!" I exclaimed, spurting copious amounts of warm white spunk upon her cute teen face, plastering her cheeks and lips with my seminal fluids.

    I quickly dislodged my cock from Ariel's warm cleavage, jerking my cock so I could spew out every last pellet of jism so that it splattered all over her now sticky, glistening chest. I was breathing erratically, my balls sore, well and truly drained. She was a sight to behold, her huge tits covered in my seed, a shocked look on her face at the large amount of semen I'd actually coated her in.

    "Be a dear and clean that up for me will you?" I asked, my spent semi-hard dick hanging just inches from her cum coated face.

    She wasted no time, taking my shaft inside her gloriously warm mouth, licking and sucking away all traces of the sticky residue that was left over. When we both redressed, I knew there was a few things that needed to be discussed before she left, such as the time and date for the surgery. But in order to complete the deal, I added one last tip for the teen before she was about to depart.

    "Oh one last thing. When the surgery is done and you've completely recovered, make sure you put your new breasts out there where possible. It'd be great for the people to see the work I've done".

    "I'll be sure to do that Doctor. I hope you're as good with my surgery as you were with your hands", she said cheekily.

    "Trust me, once I'm done with you, your tits will still look and feel incredible Miss Winter", I stated as I stood at the door, playfully spanking Ariel's ass as she exited, the teen giggling like a schoolgirl.


    A week later...

    "Wow, they look great! Doctor Filch did one hell of a good job!" Shanelle said, getting her first look at Ariel's new D sized breasts.

    "Yeah he did", Ariel replied halfheartedly, remembering what she had gone through to get them reduced. Still, the strain had been lifted, and she was able to buy clothes without feeling embarrassed when store's couldn't provide something in her size.

    Ariel pondered the final request Doctor Filch had asked of her before she left his office last week. She decided that she'd be as good as her word, picking out a revealing outfit for her sister's upcoming birthday in August.

    The attire she had chosen was certain to again turn heads, especially once the paparazzi posted their pictures of her online. As would the yellow two piece bikini she had bought for the families trip to Maui next month.

    Dave and her boyfriend Yves hadn't seen her new breasts as yet, and Ariel was anxious to know their thoughts, when they eventually got the chance to...

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    TITTAYS!!!! Tittays tittays tittays. Tittays are the root of all evil. Tittays. Great work again hearsz as always.

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    A great swansong to a great pair of tits

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    Friggin Awesome! Great build up and even better climax (pun intended). Not only was it a turn on to read, it was educational! Love it!

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