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Thread: "Miss Taken" with Sarah Ellen

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    fanfiction "Miss Taken" with Sarah Ellen

    Miss Taken
    With Sarah Ellen
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, inc, reluc
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    I'd always considered myself a moral man. But life has a funny way of throwing temptation in your way. God knows it was wrong to think about my niece in the way that I did, but the older she got, the harder it was to look at her subjectively and ignore her natural beauty.

    Even from an early age Sarah Ellen enjoyed playing the role of a temptress, and had flirted with all of my friends. It was actually quite frustrating to have a niece so pretty that everyone wanted to fuck! Particularly since she seemed to revel in the attention.

    Of course, Sarah seemed oblivious to the effects she had on me, as I soon found myself thinking about her more and more. In fact it got to the point where, whenever I'd spend the night at the house, I'd sneak around in the middle of the night and jack off into her used panties from the hamper.

    This of course made me feel extremely guilty around her, so I spent as little time around my brothers place as possible. But that didn't stop me from thinking about her whenever I jacked off.

    Truth be told, I'd even nicked one of her thong bikinis as a keepsake, which now doubled as my cum rag. That being said, my twisted ideas were merely relegated to fantasies, until one night recently.

    On that occasion, my brother had called and asked me to swing by the house and check up on his daughter, since he and his wife would both be working late. This apparently left Sarah unsupervised which wasn't ideal, particularly since she had become quite popular due to her youtube channel.

    Nowadays, not only were they fighting off all kinds of teenage creeps, but Sarah was starting to get an online following which led to some serious stalking incidents.

    With that said I decided to pause my xbox game and went over to the house to make sure she was safe. But when I arrived to the house I didn't find my niece curled up on the sofa as I expected. Instead I was startled to find a complete stranger standing in the kitchen going through the fridge!

    This was particularly odd considering I had never seen the young man before, and as far as I knew Sarah was single, at least, that's what she told her parents.

    I don't know what angered me more, the fact that she had lied (again) or the fact that she was messing around in the house. Either way, it showed a huge lack of disrespect, something I never expected from my sweet niece.

    "Who the hell are you!" I hissed.

    "Oh. Shit. Um. I—" the boy stammered incoherently.

    "You've got five seconds to get out of this house." I threatened.

    "But Sarah—"

    "—is in big trouble." I interjected. "Get out before I call the cops."


    "I have a gun." I stated menacingly before taking a step forward.

    To my amusement the young lad bolted right out the door, despite being half naked.

    It took me a few minutes to decide what to do next. While my initial reaction was to yell out and summon my whorish niece to the kitchen, I decided to hold my tongue.

    I still couldn't believe Sarah was screwing around behind everyone's back. Sure I could've punished her, I mused. I could always just pick up the phone and call her folks. God knows they'd be pissed. In fact they'd probably ground her.

    But as I stood there pondering the next course of action, the horny side of my personality planted a seed in my head that I just couldn't ignore.

    This was the opportunity I had been waiting for.

    I turned off the lights and crept down the hallway to the basement door. The basement had been recently renovated to give Sarah the much needed privacy she often whined about. Little did we know that this meant sneaking guys over to have sex with her!

    As I stood by the door I could see that the lights were off and music was emanating from inside. Thinking quickly, I shed my clothes so that I would match her "friends" profile (nothing but boxers) and carefully leaned on the door.

    It was only when I turned the handle that I immediately detected the scent of weed in the air, and heard Sarah giggle from inside.

    "—did you find it?" she whimpered softly.

    I replied with a grunt, still shocked to discover that my teenage niece actively partook in marijuana use. Fortunately for me the music helped disguise my identity.

    Even at this late stage I was unsure of what I was going to do. I still wasn't sure if I was going to punish or embarrass her. A part of me assumed she'd realize who I was and kick up a fuss immediately. But that didn't happen.

    Even though the lights were off, the TV did an excellent job of illuminating her body.

    In fact I actually gasped when I realized that not only was Sarah totally naked on the bed, but she appeared to be blindfolded and tied to the headboard with a silk scarf!

    Just what kind of kinky shit was she getting into down here, I wondered.

    I stopped for a moment to take in her naked beauty but quickly realized that if I paused for too long she'd suspect something was up. So I took a seat on the edge of the bed and reached for the remote to turn up the volume.

    It was only dumb luck that Sarah was wearing a blindfold and couldn't see a thing. But boy, was I treated to an eyeful.

    "What took you so long?" she grinned as she gently squirmed against her restraints. "I was almost going to start without you."

    My cock twitched as several years worth of teasing came to a head. I slowly reached out and placed my hand on her leg, causing her to jump to my touch.

    "Oh!" she tensed. "—you're hands are so cold."

    While a part of me was tempted to just call out her name and reveal myself, I instead began to move my hands along her long soft legs, and proceeded to feel her up.

    I gulped hard as my fingers slowly danced their way across her ultra smooth hips, over her young flat belly, and ultimately towards her pert natural breasts.

    To my delight her nipples were already erect, and I added to this predicament by gently tugging and twisting them with my thumb and forefinger. Sarah moaned in response and arched her back.

    "Mm—" she cooed erotically. "I like that."

    Judging from how hard her nipples were I didn't doubt it, and without thinking I let my mouth take over from where my hands had been and sucked one of those chocolate brown nipples into my mouth.

    In all my years I'd never savored a nipple more succulent.

    Her breathing increased as I teased her nubs and sucked them noisily into my mouth. At this point I was panting just as deeply as she was, while my cock was so hard that it began to leak pre-cum into my boxer briefs.

    Noting this I swiftly took my pants off and was left as naked as she was, before I quickly returned to the task at hand and lathered her delicious nipples in my saliva, suckling those firm brown points with my lips.

    "Ugh. God." she whimpered on the bed. "—that feels so good Jai."

    "Jai...?" I thought. Oh right. Probably the poor bastard I had kicked out of the house earlier.

    I took turns on each nipple and lubed them well as my hand crept southward. I almost moaned when I discovered just how wet she was, and marveled at her fully shaven haven.

    I wanted nothing more than to fuck my moaning niece right then and there on the bed, and teach her a lesson she would not soon forget. But I somehow managed to keep my libido at bay and continued to tease her incredible body.

    I brushed my fingertips up and down the length of her slit, driving her wild with desire.

    "Ugh. Fuck—" she cussed continuously. "Don't stop."

    Just hearing her cuss in this way caused a stream of pre-cum to leak out of my cock and smear her leg. With her permission I deftly dipped a single finger into her dripping pussy and watched as her legs spread wide on the bed.

    "—Mm yeah." she moaned hotly behind the blindfold. "Please. Stop teasing me. Stop teasing me and fuck me."

    I had to stifle a moan as I heard my dearest niece literally BEG for cock.

    "Please baby—" she added erotically. "Please Jai. Fuck me. I want it so bad. I need it."

    I responded to this request by biting a little harder on her nipple, causing her to yelp out in pleasure while I added another finger to the first, and now proceeded to finger-bang her tight pussy with two digits.

    "ohmigod." she yelped as her entire body shuddered. "—please. Give me your cock!"

    I responded to this lewd request by giving her bare butt a light slap which caused her to moan, then giggle.

    "—please don't leave me like this." she groaned. "I need it so bad. Why are you teasing me!"

    Without thinking, I quickly positioned myself down between her spread legs and pressed my lips against her cunt.

    Sarah inhaled sharply to the action as I began to lick her cream-filled box, swirling my tongue along her slippery wet crevice and around her tiny pea-sized clit, before burying my tongue into her hole.

    I now ravaged the young beauty with my mouth, and couldn't get enough of her. I hungrily lapped at her juicy box, bringing her sweet fluids into my mouth and down my throat.

    I had performed cunnilingus on a fair number of women in the past and had often enjoyed the practice, but this was different. At this point I was literally gulping down her tangy essence and frankly consuming her like a liquor. I literally wanted to swallow her whole, and was doing a fine job in devouring her soul.

    I used two fingers to gently pry apart her delicate labia when Sarah reached down with her free hand to grind her hips into my mouth and nose, as if trying to take my entire head inside of her.

    I panicked briefly as I assumed that both her hands were tied to the bed, but as it turned out only one of her wrists were bound allowing her to reach down and feel around with the other.

    I put two fingers of my left hand together, pushed them all the way up inside her pussy, and curved my fingers back to stimulate her G-spot. This apparently had the desired effect and pushed her over the edge.

    "Oh-fuck! Fuck-Fuck-Fuck. Right there." she yelped while humping my face. "—you're going to make me cum Jai!"

    Pulling my left hand out of her cunt, I quickly replaced it with my tongue, sticking it as far inside her sex as humanly possible while my thumb slipped down to gently press against her tiny rectum.

    Sarah was gasping for air as I now teased her tiny shit-pipe, and tongue-fucked her pussy at the same time, only stopping briefly to dip down and rim her puckered asshole exclusively.

    "gaahh—FUCK!" she grunted with surprise. "ohmigod, Jai. You've never—ohh—done that before!"

    The powerful contractions of her vaginal muscles began again, each contraction squeezing my fingers as I now probed her dripping cunt and feasted on her backdoor like a man possessed.

    I only stopped now and then to lap up the delicious nectar which oozed out of her pussy, before swallowing it down and then stabbing her rosebud with the tip of my tongue again and again.

    At this point my mouth and chin were utterly coated in her juices, and I loved every minute of it.

    "ohmigod—please. Please Jai." she panted out of breath. "—I can't believe you just made me cum."

    Without thinking, I then hopped up over her writhing body and kissed her hard on the mouth, allowing her to taste her own juices. Her lips were soft, pliant, and yielding. We just let our lips stay pressed together for what seemed like an eternity but was probably an entire minute.

    Our tongues stayed locked together the entire time until she finally broke the kiss to catch her breath. I suddenly panicked when I realized what I had done, and wondered if she had registered the fact that I wasn't her "boyfriend."

    Fortunately for me Sarah was so far gone at this point that she barely detected anything out of the ordinary. I for one was beyond the point of reason.

    All I could think about now was sliding my cock into that sweet little pussy and filling her womb with my seed. For reasons I can't explain I just had this fantasy of ejaculating inside her. The idea turned me on more than the idea of having sex with her did.

    "Please Jai. Gimme your cock!" she now openly begged while rolling her hips beneath me. "I need it baby. I need it bad."

    Feeling bold, I smeared some of my pre-cum across her chin and watched her suffer. To my surprise Sarah immediately moaned and licked up the salty substance with her tongue, and pleaded for more.

    "Ugh. Please—fuck me!" she hissed loudly. "Just stick your fucking cock inside me already!"

    I couldn't help but chuckle (and marvel) at her plight.

    "Nnghh. You're such a prick Jai." she went on. "Come on. Just stick the tip inside for a second. Please. That's all I'll need."

    I couldn't hold back any longer. I was so riled up that I was in danger of blowing my wad all over her naked body and covering her in her uncles spunk!

    Not wanting to lose the moment, I grabbed her legs and spread them wide before I rubbed the head of my cock against her hairless mound. Truth be told she was so fucking WET that we both immediately moaned in unison.

    With a long throaty grunt, I finally pushed forward and carefully impaled my sweet niece. The action was so incredible I couldn't hold back a groaned audibly.

    In fact any concerns I might have had about my anonymity were quickly abandoned and replaced by overwhelming desire, as I felt her hot young cunt envelop me entirely, and squeeze me tight like a velvet glove.

    I slowly inched my cock inside, until my balls rested against her backdoor.

    "Ugh—Fuck." she squawked with amazement.

    With painstaking slowness, I eased my cock all the way back out so that only the very tip was nestled between her slippery folds, and then SLAMMED back inside her again!

    "UNNGH—Yes." Sarah let out. "Fuck. Yes. Again."

    I took one hand to twist at her bullet-like nipples, while I pulled out and filled her completely, then repeated the action. She squealed with delight as I picked up the pace, and now pounded her teen cunt hard and fast on her own bed!

    "Oh. Yes. Fuck me." she grunted loudly as she flicked her head from side to side. "Fuck your little slut."

    "—harder?" I growled between pumps.

    "Yes. Come on. Harder. Fuck me." she pleaded. "—fuck me as hard as you can Jai! Gimme all of your cock."

    While the original plan had been to fuck her and leave, and let her figure it all out later. I now had an overwhelming desire to look her in the eyes as I fucked the shit out of her.

    Even though I knew this was a death wish, the more I thought about it the harder I pounded, and the louder she responded. I finally reached down to pin her knees back against her chest, allowing me to strike a previously remote region of her pussy.

    I then drilled her with quick-short strokes, almost certain that I would blow my load deep inside her womb.

    This swift and unexpected action appeared to take her breath away and she squealed like a pig, as I pummeled her so hard that my balls now slapped against her butt.

    "Ugh. Jesus. Yes! Fuck me. Fuck my cunt!" she bellowed, as I lowered one of her legs to the side and proceeded to fuck her sideways on the bed.

    This allowed me to strike another region of her G-spot and only encouraged her to cry even louder.

    I now smacked her sweet little ass for good measure as I swiveled her hips around and banged her in all manor of position, including face down with her ass up in the air!

    For her part, Sarah simply wailed as her body was flung around to my hearts content. I was literally fucking her within an inch of her life, and was actually impressed to see her keep up.

    In fact I felt her hitch her hips upwards to meet my thrusts and knew she was close to getting off.

    "Nnghh...Jai. I'm close—" she ultimately whined. "Jai. You're gonna make me cum. Make me cum all over your cock!"

    "Good. Come for me sweetheart." I finally hissed between pumps. "C
    ome for daddy."

    Simply hearing my voice caused her to instantly fall silent. But despite her obvious shock to the revelation, her mind and body didn't seem to be on the same page.

    As she reached up to pull the blindfold from her eyes, she looked up to see me grinning down at her, sweat dripping from my body, while I continued to pummel her at a steady pace.

    "—uncle Brian...?" she stammered in disbelief.

    "Come on, Sarah. We're almost there."


    "Come for me baby." I said breathlessly. "—let the poison out, Sarah."

    "Ugh. God." she huffed involuntarily, as her body rebelled.

    My sexy niece squirmed as she suddenly came all over my menacing cock.

    But despite her anxiety, I held onto her tightly and continued to ram my cock home again and again. This felt so good that it made her eyes roll into the back of her head and set off another series of additional orgasms.

    "Grr. Good girl." I hissed while wiping my brow. "See. I knew you could do it."

    "Ugh-fuck, uncle Brian." she mouthed as I continued to slam myself into her juice box. "—you made me cum!"

    At this point her lack of struggle only spurred me on. I was already intent on fucking her until she'd cum again, but when she suddenly reached up and cupped her breasts with both hand I knew something had changed.

    "—fuck. Are you going to cum for me uncle Brian!" she whispered erotically. "huh?"

    "Absolutely." I panted back. "Tell me you want it, baby-girl."

    Sarah struggled to reply, until I reached down and brushed my thumb across her pulsing clit, causing her to yelp out, and just about lose her fucking mind.


    "Tell me." I insisted.

    "—I want your load!" she finally admitted. "I want you to pull out and shoot that hot load ALL over my body."

    Just hearing this wanton tone from her was enough to push me over the edge, much less the lust-filled look in her eyes.

    Resigned to my fate, I finally pulled out and shot my wad right across her glistening body, splashing her tummy and breasts with several ropes of hot sticky semen.

    Sarah gasped in surprise by the copious amount of jizz, and cupped her tits with both hands before smearing the scorching substance into her skin.

    "ohmigod." she gulped. "There's so much cum."

    I soon collapsed beside her on the bed, as my sexy teen niece now lay there totally fucking covered in spunk.

    "—you know, I knew it was you the whole time." she claimed. "Don't think you tricked me or something."

    "Sure you did." I chuckled. "Whatever helps you sleep at night."

    "Ugh. You're such a dork uncle Brian." she quipped. "I can't believe I just let you fuck me."

    "Hey." I boasted. "You should be thanking me."


    "Sure. 'cause everyone should have a fun uncle like me in their life."

    Sarah rolled her eyes.

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    Kinky as fuck. Great way to introduce Sarah to the boards. :D

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    Jesus, there are almost no words... Another incredible job TPG, never stop writing fanfic! Lol

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    hello Sarah! great job, as always TPG

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    Now that is an exquisite introduction to the boards if ever I've read one!

    Now if only we can get you to do something like this for Hawko...

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