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Thread: "Cheating On You" with Lucy Hale

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    fanfiction "Cheating On You" with Lucy Hale

    Cheating On You
    With Lucy Hale
    Written by Hearsz
    Codes: MF, Mast, BJ, Fingering, Cunnilingus, Facial, Doggie, Cream Pie
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    A/N: Click on the words in bold blue to see further pictures for specific scenes.

    "I don't have time for this, I just can't get through to Ash", Lucy's boyfriend Anthony whined.

    "You're his best friend. You know him better than anyone else. He'll come around sooner or later right?" Lucy responded, trying to be of comfort to Anthony.

    "Ever since Ruby dumped him, he hasn't left the house, he won't have me around for a drink. To be perfectly frank, I don't think I can put up with much more of his shit. I mean, it's over, why doesn't he just move on".

    Lucy couldn't believe how little compassion he was showing toward his best friend. She was good friends with Ash as well, ever since she and Anthony started dating. She saw Ash as a really great guy, a good catch. But she never knew what he saw in Ruby. Lucy found her to be quite high maintenance, and really snobby towards her, probably because she was a fairly famous actress.

    Lucy was a kind hearted person, and was genuinely concerned about Ash. Taken the situation seriously, she suggested to her partner,

    "Well, how about I go and speak to Ash?"

    "Ha, good luck with that", he said quite negatively.

    Lucy gave him this look, almost as though she wanted his permission to talk to his best friend.

    "Fine. Go and see if you can cheer him up. Besides, I'm going to the gym for a couple of hours then probably get a drink with the guys afterwards."

    Grabbing her purse and keys, Lucy gave him a peck on the cheek before he left, promising she wouldn't return until she was convinced she had revived the "old Ash" back to his former self.

    "Do what you do best Luce", he replied, smacking her playfully on her backside.

    A half hour later, Lucy was outside Ash' apartment door after being dropped off by a cab, preparing herself to be shutdown right away. It was about six in the evening, and she had nowhere else to be. If she needed to be persistent, then she was willing to spend the next few hours doing so.

    Pressing the buzzer, it was a good fifteen or so seconds before Ash answered.

    "Who is it?" he said quite groggily.

    "Ash, it's me, Lucy, can I come in?"

    "Let me guess, Anthony sent you right?"

    "Actually no, um, I had to ask him if it was ok to come see you. He's at the gym and I didn't make any plans for the night. Let's just say I was concerned about you".

    "Concerned? Why would you be concerned about me?" he replied, surprised that she even cared about him.

    "We're friends right? C'mon, let me in and I promise I can cheer you up", she said, trying to force her way into his apartment.

    "OK fine. But my place is a mess, I haven't had a shower for a couple of days. I'll probably be a downer to be around".

    Deep down he had always been a sucker for a pretty face. And not that he'd ever told Anthony, but Lucy was without doubt the most attractive girl he had ever laid eyes on. Ash used to have a huge crush on her, but over time and with her dating his best friend, and whilst he was with Ruby, that crush eventually dissolved.

    "I'll take my chances", Lucy said, not overly worried about his negative state.

    Ash had to swallow his saliva into his throat, taking in the alluring attire Lucy was wearing. She had been at interviews all day, mainly discussing the season finale of "Pretty Little Liars".

    The petite Memphis born star had recently dyed her usual dark brown mane slightly blonde, looking no less glamorous than usual. But what really caught Ash' attention was her tight looking long sleeved top, the black Aritzia crop top outlining her pear shaped breasts perfectly. Her short, patterned skirt was just as drool worthy, giving the recently jilted man something else to focus his attentions on.

    Her black heels made her deliciously smooth legs all the more sexy in them. Standing at five foot one, Lucy's pins weren't usually the first things guys noticed about her. But given the outfit she had arrived in, they were pretty hard to ignore. They almost looked like they had been lengthened the last time Ash had seen Lucy.

    Even from behind, Lucy's stems looked just as good, the kind of legs you'd want to lick up and down, or to have your face in between where they ended up top!

    Heading to his living room, Lucy scanned the apartment, picking up empty food packets and beer bottles to help tidy the place up. She could tell how much of a wreck he'd become, and was determined to help him get back on his feet, by any means possible.

    "Have you even left the apartment in the last week??"

    "No. There's nothing out there for me anymore. I took some time off work but lord knows if I'll go back.."

    "Now you listen to me Ash. You're a great guy. You'll get through this. We'll do this together. But for me to help you, you have to knock off this negative attitude. You're so much better than that. I know that having been friends with you all this time."

    Her words were of comfort to Ash. There was something in her voice as well as the way she said it that started to convince him to be more positive. And he couldn't help but bend to her will when his eyes focussed on hers.

    He'd always felt that Lucy's big green eyes were arguably her most prominent feature. She could have literally asked him to do anything, and whenever he looked at her for more than a few seconds, he would do nothing but obey.

    "OK I'll try.."

    "First things first, you need to hop in the shower mister! Whilst you do so, I'll order us some take out".

    As Ash was in the bathroom, Lucy was on the phone to a local Chinese restaurant ordering some food, walking around his apartment as she did so.

    Given the events of the past week, Ash managed to forget to close the bathroom door, his mind not entirely focussed at that moment.

    This had allowed Lucy to accidentally see his naked figure in the shower. With her mouth open wide, the gorgeous actress couldn't make out his body clearly, but her eyes widened when she noticed his long member hanging between his legs.

    Lucy had always thought Ash was handsome, certainly a good catch. But seeing him like this only raised her opinion of him. She now saw him as a sexy miserable fool, thinking that he'd have no trouble finding another girl with what he was packing.

    It'd been several weeks since Lucy and Anthony had had sex, given her work schedule and his frequent visits to the gym of late. She didn't masturbate that often, but seeing her boyfriend's best friend, showering himself without knowing she was spying on him, made her all tingly down below.

    The starlet was getting incredibly horny, the longer she continued to gaze at Ash. One hand of hers suddenly rubbed the hard nipple that had just begun to strain through her thin top. The other, slowly slipped down the front of her body, resting in between her trembling legs, rubbing at her lubricating snatch. The actress' panties were beginning to become moist as she watched Ash lather up his muscular frame, daydreaming about what it would be like to have him in her bed.
    She rubbed at her throbbing clitoris, her mouth silent but agape as the actress quickly tried to chase her orgasm.

    But before she could get there, a look of panic set in as the sound of running water from the shower suddenly ceased.
    Lucy composed herself, despite the feeling of need still lingering in between her legs. Her inner thighs felt sticky, and she knew she'd have to spray herself with perfume all over to eliminate the smell of sex outside Ash' bathroom door.

    Lucy returned to the living room to order some take out. As she was placed on hold, she momentarily thought to herself that she may have hung out with Ash more often, had she not been dating his best friend. But despite her attraction to him, Lucy knew that getting Ash back on track was the main reason she came here in the first place. She just hoped she didn't do anything to give away that she had been touching herself earlier, when Ash rejoined her.

    Over the next hour, the pair made conversation over some Chinese food and a glass or two of red wine.

    They weren't drunk, but Lucy was certainly getting towards that tipsy stage. As Ash spoke, she unknowingly was hanging on his every word, looking at him adoringly as though he was the celebrity and she was the nobody.

    Ash had already agreed to give her a lift home, as Lucy had got a taxi to his apartment. So if she wanted another glass of wine, she could do so. Suddenly, her phone begun to buzz, vibrating upon the coffee table.

    "Looks like I can hang around a bit longer, Anthony just text me.."

    "Oh yeah, what'd he write?"

    "Oh he's just got home from the gym and is heading to a bar with some work mates. Told me not to rush home".

    "Well if you want, maybe we can put a movie on?"

    "Sounds good!" Lucy smiled gleefully, grabbing the half full bottle of red to top up her glass.

    The longer the rom-com film went for, the more intoxicated Lucy became. She was still horny as hell, and because that was at the forefront of her mind, Lucy hadn't even realised that after an hour or so that her head was resting upon Ash's shoulder, her body snuggled up against his.
    Ash didn't make a move, not wanting to say anything as he was becoming all hot and bothered under his clothing. And to make matters worse, just feeling her breathing so close to him was getting the newly single guy, very aroused.

    At first she thought she was seeing things, but Lucy's pupils glowed as she watched the lump in Ash's shorts slowly lengthen. Wondering if he had known what she saw, the pint sized beauty looked up at him, her pretty face only centimetres from his.

    "Ash... Is the movie turning you on?" she asked so sweetly.

    "Not exactly Luce.."

    Without even thinking, Lucy couldn't resist anymore, closing her eyes and moving up to kiss her boyfriends best mate, her tongue delving inside his mouth.
    Even though he knew it was wrong, Ash couldn't bring himself to cease making out with previous object of his deepest desires.
    With Lucy dressed in a loose skirt, showing off her smooth toned legs in her black heels, he began feeling up her thigh, sliding a hand under her skirt, and rubbing at her moistened panties,

    "Mmm yeah", she drunkenly moaned, loving his fingers rubbing her slit through her underwear, coupled with the fact he was licking and suckling on the nape of her neck.

    Wanting to have a play around herself, the TV actress placed her hand upon the massive bulge in between his legs, feeling nothing but solid meat down there.

    They passionately made on the couch, Lucy lying back so Ash could lay upon her. She stroked and squeezed his cock, then wiggled her hand inside his trousers to feel the warm beast in the palm of her silky hand.

    "Ohhh Lucy!" he groaned, her soft fingers barely able to wrap all the way around his rigid tool.

    Hearing Ash's voice for the first time in several minutes seemed to snap her back into reality. She was mortified to see herself making out with her guy's best mate.

    "Wait, wait! We can't, we shouldn't be doing this Ash", Lucy said as she slipped out from underneath him, her stomach turning when the realisation hit that she had cheated on Anthony, with his best friend.

    "I'm sorry, I thought this is what you wanted?", Ash said, trying to somehow share the blame and guilt.

    "I think it's best I leave..." she recommended, looking to gather her handbag and shoes.

    "Please Lucy, let me give you a lift. It's the least I can do for you trying to help me".

    Ash didn't want there to be any weirdness because of what just happened. And if he let her leave without saying something, then that would only make it more difficult to confront her later on.

    "OK fine, Anthony's probably on his way home now so best I get there before he does. Taxi drivers in this city are useless when it comes to taking directions anyway", she said half-heartedly, trying to justify a reason for agreeing to the lift home.

    "Look, this never happened OK? We're friends. But, we're just a little closer now", she joked, trying to somehow diffuse the awkwardness of the situation.

    Heading back to the apartment Lucy and Anthony currently shared, it was a quiet drive, both not saying a word to each other. The pair were thinking the same thing, wanting to break the tension but neither one of them willing to make the first move. The silence was soon broken when Lucy's phone began to beep. A voice mail message from Anthony had been left on her phone whilst she and Ash had been making out on his sofa. Wanting to know why he was ringing, and hoping he wasn't angry at her for not answering when he called, Lucy was very eager to hear her boyfriends voice. Putting the phone up to her ear as Ash stopped at a red light, her voice message began to play.

    "Hey shexy, I'm just in town, hope yarr enjoying yourself", Anthony said quite vocally, clearly drunk and slurring some of his words.

    Still, Lucy was just relieved to hear from him. But that was until, after a brief pause, Anthony continued with his message, leaving her stunned.

    "Lucy's out for night babe, she thinks I'm out with the guys. I'm fucking horny as fuck! So if you're free, maybe you can bring that fine looking ass of yours over to mine again? So call me back Ruby..."

    The call then went dead, a look of disbelief, rage and shock all evident on Lucy's face.
    It didn't go unnoticed by Ash, who asked with concern,

    "Everything OK Lucy??"

    "PULL OVER!!" she yelled.

    Ash, stunned by her reaction to his question, swerved his car to the right, finding a safe place to park his car.

    Lucy was completely heart broken, frozen stiff at this startling revelation. But just to make it all the worse, she didn't know how she was going to tell Ash that Anthony had been fooling around with his ex. And that he just might be the reason they split in the first place. All of this was beginning to make her physically sick.

    "Anthony's cheating on me. He just left a voice message on my phone by mistake. I hadn't set it up correctly so when it asks you to leave a recording, it's still on the default setting. I always thought it was strange that he had been going to the gym a lot lately. I... I just don't know what to do.."

    She failed to hold back tears, Ash comforting her, giving her hug. Lucy knew the entire truth could ruin Ash a lot more than what she had seen when she first arrived at his apartment. Fortunately, he didn't ask if she knew who he had been with as lying to him now would be the worst thing she could do.

    "So do you want to go home, confront him, catch him and this bitch in the act?" Ash suggested, angry at his best friend for doing the dirty on Lucy.

    If only he knew who the "bitch" was, Lucy thought to herself.

    "No, can we just go back to your place Ash. I need to get my head together before I see him".

    Lucy was too distraught to deal with it right now. As Ash started the car up, and began driving back to his apartment, Lucy, despite her devastation and despair, was deep in thought, brewing up a plan to hopefully forget this horrible night and make things even itself out. Returning to his place, Ash knew it was his turn to feel sympathy for someone. He was angry at his best friend for doing this to Lucy, especially given that Ruby had just dumped him the week before.
    Right now, all he was focussed on was comforting Lucy, until she made a decision on how she was going confront Anthony about the adultery he'd committed.

    "Look Luce, you can have my bed, I'll sleep on the couch tonight. I have some extra toiletries in the bathroom, a towel you can use for the shower. And feel free to borrow one of my shirts for the night if you want?"

    The guy was rambling, not really sure how to ease the pain she was feeling. She did love how much he was trying to make her feel better, despite the fact that only hours ago he seemed emotionally unstable. At that point, Lucy made a decision that Ash wasn't at all prepared for.

    Taking his hand, Lucy looked up at him with those sultry green eyes,

    "Thanks Ash. You've always been good to me ya know? Truth is, I really don't want to sleep alone tonight..."

    As Ash gathered his thoughts, taking in what she was recommending, Lucy was still deciding whether if now was the time to tell Ash who exactly was with Anthony earlier that night. But the fact that he was doing his utmost to console her, and especially after what she saw in the shower, Ash suddenly seemed more manlier to her now. Lucy had to do something to overcome the horrible thoughts of her boyfriend sleeping with Ash's ex.

    "Lucy, it's probably not a goo......", he tried to suggest, cut off by the petite brunette as she pushed him down on the couch and began kissing him passionately.

    Ash was taken by surprise, trying to kiss her back and to enjoy how incredibly horny her moans sounded as they made out for the second time that night.

    Prying her lips from his, Ash had to know what had come over the clearly turned on actress.

    "Woah, woah Lucy, wait. Did I miss something cause, I thought you, or we, weren't going to take this any further.."

    "I know what I said Ash. I'm still upset, but he can go to hell for all I care. Right now I want you to help me take my mind off of it", she implored him, again trying to get him to give in to his desires, take her up to his room and hopefully fuck her brains out.

    As much as he really wanted to, Ash knew the consequences if Anthony ever found out that he'd slept with his soon to be, old flame. He felt guilty about just making out with Lucy. But sleeping with her? He knew he couldn't do that behind his best friends back, no matter how big an asshole he was.

    The nervous male was not sure what to do, and he was still unaware of what Lucy was hiding from him.

    "I don't think we should Luce. You're upset, I get it. But, he's still my best friend. I just feel that.."

    Cutting him off again, Lucy blurted out what was on her mind.

    "Anthony was cheating on me, with Ruby..."

    Lucy could see the blood begin to boil in Ash' eyes. She knew he believed her, and could tell the building rage that was growing inside of him.

    "I'll kill him!" Ash exclaimed, turning to grab his keys on the coffee table, and looking to head over to Anthony's place. Blocking the doorway, Lucy intervened.

    "No don't Ash, please. Let it go, for me", she begged, her big stunning eyes trying to persuade him.

    "But he did this to you, to me, to us. Aren't you at all pissed off??"

    Holding his wrist, she tried to calm him down.

    "I am, I was. But it made me realise, I don't need him anymore. This has been on the cards for a while now. He never really loved me...

    Besides, I've got someone better now. Someone kind, considerate, a good kisser, and a nice big...", she said, dropping her bedroom eyes downwards to the semi erection in his pants.

    Lucy was making herself really vulnerable now, to the point she would have just about slept with any guy who was willing. She just really wanted Ash to be that guy.

    "And, I know you've had a crush on me this whole time Ash. Now, you can go out that door and get you're revenge. Or, you can lock it, take me upstairs, and fuck me like I know you've always wanted to.."

    The young man started to calm down, never taking his eyes off of her as he locked the front door. She guided him down the hallway to his bedroom, then closed the door behind them.

    "Sit", Lucy suggested, pushing him down so he was seated at the end of his own bed.

    He watched in awe as a clearly turned on Lucy Hale slipped off her shoes, running each hand up and down the sides of delicious figure.

    Ash was beside himself, having to pinch his arm to check he wasn't dreaming. If that was surreal, then watching the "Pretty Little Liar's" star reach behind to peel off her top, the skin tight material sliding down her body to leave her top half covered only by a silver silk brassiere.

    Lucy next slipped her skirt down her lush looking legs, Ash' mouth open as he caught first sight at her tight black thong, which was barely covering the wet treasure in between her succulent thighs.

    She moved her semi-clad body upon him, grinding her hips against his crotch as they kissed on his bed. The desperate brunette quickly opened up his shirt, kissing and licking at his chest. Ash began to shiver with each wonderful blow of her lips upon his skin, shaking more the further she descended towards his lower half. Lucy soon slithered down to the carpeted floor, so she was now on her knees in between his legs.

    Ash had foreseen this image in his dirty mind several times before. But the reality of it actually happening was something that he couldn't quite believe.

    Lucy's slightly intoxicated mind had completely taken over, knowing exactly what she wanted as she wasted no time in unbuttoning his jeans, pulling them off so he was now only wearing his briefs.

    "Mmm, very nice.." she purred, her fascinated green eyes lighting up as she saw up close the long thick torpedo of cockflesh hidden behind a layer of cloth.

    Ash sat back, as Lucy slid off his briefs, which found their way onto the carpeted floor. Grinning, she had her face back in between his legs, and lowered her head down to his fully erect cock. Ever so teasingly slow, Lucy ran her tongue along his cock, from the base all the way to my head.

    "Man it's so thick.." she whispered softly, barely able to get her fingers around him.

    Her gorgeous face looked up at him as she stroked his cock, just the thought of those incredible eyes looking at him whilst she had her soft wet lips wrapped around his throbbing rigid tool had gotten him incredibly tense.

    Wanted to show her appreciation for everything he had done for her, Ash shuddered at her slight jerking, and when her tongue reached the head, Lucy lowering her mouth over it, taking it and sucking on it like a sweet tasting icy pole. She used the flat of her tongue to paint the spine of his hardness with her saliva. Flicking her tongue against the spongy crown, she deftly caressing his glans, the young man emitting a huge groan at her adept tongue work.

    Each time she had him in her mouth, Lucy went a little further down, delving deeper until the head grazed the entrance of her narrow throat. She looked up at him with his penis being firmly sucked on, with pure, eager, insatiable lust. Ash understood her intentions, so he rested both hands on the side of her head. Not taking her eyes off of him, Lucy began, rapidly bobbing her head back and forth like her life depended on it.

    Combined with the fact that he was thrusting into her and speeding things up with his hands, Lucy Hale was giving him head faster than even Ash would've dare dreamed she would. Lucy's expression was a combination of animal lust, erotic joy, and thrill-seeker as her mouth worked like a piston on his cock. Inside, her tongue was snaking around his length, pleasuring every inch, hitting every sensitive nerve ending. Her cheeks caved in, whilst making loud, sloppy, sucking noises which began to emanate from her mouth. Between his shallow breathing, Ash could feel things begin to boil up in the pit of his balls.

    "Lucy…" he managed to moan,

    "I'm….going to…to!"

    "It's OK Ash, you can cum in my mouth. I want you to".

    He watched in disbelief as Lucy resumed blowing him, sucking him even harder and faster.

    Ash let his hands go the moment he knew he was going to shoot his load. To his surprise, Lucy's lips formed a vacuum seal around the width of his cock, and she kept her eyes locked onto his as he felt himself let loose, stream after stream of his spunk hitting the walls of her inner mouth.

    "Grrrrr...ahhh!!" he groaned as he came.

    He hadn't cum in over a week, and that showed in the mother load of man juice that spurted out of his cock. Withdrawing it from her mouth, he spewed the last couple of short ropes of cum onto her picturesque face and lips. After what seemed like forever, he felt all kinds of tension began to fade. Lucy leaned back from between his legs, his cock glistening in a long stream of her saliva mixed with his some of his seed.

    "Wow… You must've been on edge all night I take it?" Lucy asked, running her fingertips over her lips to continue savouring some of his remaining salty residue.

    He found it hard to talk, not saying a word as he tried to catch his breath. Lucy wiped the mess he made plastered her face with, then continued on.

    "You know, you're not the only one that's being dying for release", she said, kissing him and taking his hand, placing it between her legs.

    Lucy's pussy was still wet from earlier in the night, and luckily for her, Ash had taken the hint for what she was suggesting.

    Ash was a bit taken back by how promiscuous Lucy was. He never knew she'd be like this in the bedroom. But he wasn't complaining. After taking his load with no hesitation, he wondered what else she was willing to allow him to do with her. Rolling on top of her, he kissed her deeply, before trailing his mouth down her hot tempting body, Lucy's soft belly hollowing as Ash' barely shaved face grazed along it.

    Before time, he was in between Lucy's legs, kissing and sucking her inner thighs, smelling the heat emanating from her moist womanhood.

    He smiled at her as he lightly massaged them, slowly making his approach towards her snatch. Peeling the black material to one side, Ash salivated at the sight of her tender labia, pulling apart her lips to see the tasty pink flower within.

    Her lips were completely shaved, with a well groomed landing strip just above her slit. The engorged curtains were a glistening pinkish-red, betraying her shameless arousal. Pulling her body closer toward him, he pulled Lucy's legs to either side of his waist, raising her off the bed for a better position.

    His fingers reached her soft lips, and he noticed Lucy's subtle pleasure at his touch. Spreading them apart, he moved a finger inside, another massaging her clit.

    She was already very wet, and he realized getting her off wouldn't be difficult as he'd thought it would be. Still, that didn't mean he was going to give her any less enthusiasm.

    Hooking his index finger, Ash slowly slid it inside Lucy's snatch, moving it around in small circles, gently probing her. She seemed to like this, so he let his middle finger join into the action as well. She moaned softly, muttering more to herself rather than to instruct him.

    "Yes… so good… more…please more…"

    Ash obliged, this time picking things up and using three fingers, thrusting and moving around with a more rapid pace. Lucy's breathing, like his had been earlier, began to come in shorter, heavier intervals. He felt her hips began to thrust against his hand, and as her movement began to speed up, he gradually slowed his pace and pulled out of her.

    "Uh uh…Not yet," he admonished her, "Not before I've tasted you."

    He peeled off her soaking thong, pushing her thighs apart so her legs splayed wide on the edge of the bed. Keeping her lips spread open with her fingers, Ash readjusted himself, soon lowering his face into Lucy's sopping slot. Running his tongue all the way along her pussy, he then began to work at tasting her inner sweetness. Her legs were dangling over the edge of the bed, Ash now kneeling on the floor so he could lick and finger her elegant, hairless pussy.

    "Oh my, you're really good at that", she said, the sensation of his mouth and tongue pleasuring every crevice of her sopping slit, triggering feelings deep inside that she'd never felt before. As his tongue darted in and out, back and forth, in circles, Lucy's moans began to grow louder. Her hands came down onto the back of his head, keeping him from moving from in between her legs.

    "Yes…yes…oh God Ash! Oh God…don't stop…so good…more…!!"

    When he glanced up to see her face, he saw that she was lost in her own world of ecstasy, riding the build-up to her climax.
    Ash began working faster, savouring all of her juices and working for more.

    "Yes…Yes…YES….YES…oh Gooooooddd YES!!!!!!" with that, Lucy came hard, head and back arched, her slim hips moving wildly, soaking his face with all her erotic goodness. When it finally stopped, Lucy gasped, flopping back down with a deep sigh.

    Ash crawled up to meet her, sucking the rest of her juices off his fingers. He saved the last digit for her, and Lucy took it in her mouth with a smile.

    "You know," she said as if it was an afterthought, "I reckon I taste better when you make me come."

    He smiled back, kissing her lightly on her mouth. Lucy pulled him in for a longer kiss, his naked body smothering hers as their legs were entangled together.

    Ash felt her hand reach down to play with his cock, which was already re-stiffening again at her touch.

    ""I need your cock Ash, I want you inside me, fucking me...Do you have a condom?" she asked very innocent-like, as though it was her first time, which obviously it wasn't.

    He nodded, starting to reach toward a side table to get one. She pulled him back down though.

    "Well leave them. Have you ever known food to taste better all wrapped in plastic?"

    Ash chuckled, loving her way of thinking. Besides, he loved the fact that he'd get to fuck her completely bareback, to feel that incredible tight pussy wrapped around his long thick cock. He kissed her again, this time working his way down to her neck. Lucy moaned in appreciation when he reached her breasts, squeezing at the covered orbs and rubbing the hard nipples through her bra. Before he could ask her to discard her last piece of clothing, Lucy made the next move.

    "Let me be on top".

    She was the one more in need, feeling a desire to be filled, to have her mind distracted from the night's earlier events in the best way possible.

    The petite stunner straddled Ash, peeling off her bra to unveil her pear shaped breasts. The sweat that had formed upon her face did nothing to diminish her gorgeous skin. If anything it made her look even sexier.

    This is the moment that Ash thought couldn't possibly happen in a million years. But sure enough, here they were, in his bedroom, with Lucy Hale on top of him, naked, wet and ready. She reached down behind her to grab his upright shaft, bending his huge girth towards her tight closing slit. She was still incredibly wet, and swivelled her hips to smear some of her love juice around the spongy tip. Ash held her by the hips, and felt Lucy let go of his dick, so she could prepare her vagina to be penetrated by his huge cock.

    "Unghhh, oh my God", she wailed, Ash' cock spreading her cuntlips wider than she'd ever felt before. The head of his cock pierced a way beyond her inner walls, the first two inches soon following suit.

    Ash rose up off the bed to help her through it, holding her face in his hands and looking deeply into her eyes.

    "Take it slow Lucy. We have all night", he assured her.

    She nodded, then moved up slowly, and to his surprise, Lucy forcefully pushed her lithe body downward, crying out in painful ecstasy when she was further impaled upon him. Both had their mouth's wide open, Ash still getting used to being gripped like a vice and Lucy patiently trying to sink every inch of his cock inside her fiery chamber.

    Ash lay his face on her chest, nipping at her B-sized breasts, her nipples aroused by the moist contact of his tongue. Lucy rubbed at her sensitive clit as she felt her vaginal walls expand to invite the rest of his sturdy tool in.
    With her knees bent, Lucy was squatting upon him, slowly raising her body up and down, her hands upon his chest as she felt herself take in his entire length. Being in this position was stimulating her pussy in ways she never thought possible.

    The starlet began gyrating her hips in a clockwise motion, the bottom of her ass cheeks now rubbing against his thighs. Ash had noticed that Lucy had been working out, and could already tell that she would have the stamina to keep up with him. Lucy leaned down to kiss him as she bounced on his cock. Ash moved his greedy hands down so he could cup both cheeks of her firm round ass. From this angle, Lucy was feeling deeper penetration, Ash driving his cock balls deep inside her whenever possible. His thighs lightly smacked against her cheeks, the pace of his thrusting quickening.

    "Unghh Yes! Oh Ash! Give it to me!"

    Despite the fact she was on top, Ash controlled the tempo, thrusting upward and into Lucy so her dripping box was now drenching his balls and pubic hair.

    She was close to a really powerful orgasm, but Ash to her frustration, ceased his rocking movements. He lifted himself up so that she was sitting in his lap, Lucy face to face with her new lover. It was ideal for making out, the slow relaxing sex convenient for the pair.

    The panting brunette hooked her legs behind his back, Ash doing likewise, putting his feet together to provide a cradle for Lucy.

    Once she wrapped her arms around his neck and shoulder, Lucy began grinding slowly along the cock embedded deep inside her, the actresses small breasts jiggling as she got caught up in the throes of a potentially momentous crescendo. The feeling of her succulent breasts rubbing up against his chest, the sounds of her throaty voice combined with the feeling of her convulsing cunt milking his juicy shaft was also bringing him to the edge.

    "Oh Ash! Oh God! Cum with me! Inside me! Inside me!!"

    "Oh fuck Lucy!! Grrrr!!", they both cried, eliciting a simultaneous orgasm.

    Once their climaxes began to subside, Lucy rested her face on one of Ash' shoulders, exhausted from the sexual workout.
    Kissing him again, the highly satisfied woman spoke.

    "That's just what I needed. Thank you .."

    "No sweat!"

    Just as he replied, Ash' penis slipped out of Lucy, pointing upright in between their entwined bodies. Despite his climax, he was still as hard as a rock, the spine of his turgid penis rubbing against her sensitive folds.

    "Oh wow! Are you really still hard after that??"

    "Mmhmm. What can I say, you turn me on. You always have Luce", he replied, seeing in her eyes how much her lust filled desire remained.

    The pair laughed and continued by rolling around on his bed, kissing and fondling, Ash pinning down Lucy with his bigger frame.
    Lucy could feel Ash' invigorated cock rubbing against her stomach as they made out. Just knowing how much of an affect she had on him, only made her desperate to go another round with the well hung stud.

    Stopping the embrace, Lucy demanded,

    "Doggie me.. I love it from behind.."

    Like a kid on Christmas Day, Ash was elated that Lucy was hungry for more. She turned her body over on the bed, rising up so she was on her hands and knees, her smooth white derrière propped up for his viewing pleasure.

    Ash stroked his cock as he gazed at the delicious sight, Lucy reaching between her legs to fiddle with her slit, fingering her dark pink opening.

    She crawled up to the top of the bed, taking a hold of the metal bed frame above the pillows. She wiggled her tush, giving it a "come and get it" type shake. Kneeling behind her, Ash put a hand on the small of her back, and placed his cock at her juicy lips. Taking a hold of her slender hips, Ash plunged his cock inside Lucy's heavenly depths, burying himself to the hilt inside her. His thighs smacked against her plump behind, frenetically railing into her, watching in awe as Lucy's ass cheeks rippled with each firm thrust.

    "Unghh, harder!! Fuck me Ash!" she cried, gripping the bed frame tightly as she was pounded into oblivion, the corners of the bed head smacking against the wall.

    The loud thuds drew complaints from the neighbours due to noise they had been making for the past hour or so. But this didn't stop the couple from continuing, both stifling a laugh at how much their sexual session was pissing other people off. It only served to inspire them to go even harder and be as loud as possible!!

    Ash' long hard strokes were relentless, and with Lucy rubbing her slit and her nipple being tweaked by her soon to be ex's best friend, it wasn't a surprise when she again came again all over his cock.

    "Oh...Ohhh...OHHHH!! Aiii! Yess!!"

    Ash fell backwards, his cock dislodged from inside of Lucy, her juices dripping out of her battered snatch. It was a surprise that she had any energy left, especially as she quickly turned to face him, bending low to engulf his secretion covered dick back into her mouth. Lucy seemed to love the taste of his dick, smeared in both his and her creamy goodness. She bobbed her face quickly, cupping his balls whilst looking up at him, trying to get him to cum one last time.

    "Do it Ash, Cum for me. Cum on my breasts", she urged, seductively swirling her tongue around the head as she jerked him firmly.

    "Uhhhhh", he cried with a grunt, shooting out a few ropes of his remaining seed onto her soft pert breasts, coating her chest with his warm batter.

    Ash and Lucy lay there for the next hour or so, content with the decision that they had made. They didn't say a word about Anthony, or Ruby, or even the future. One thing for sure was, they both realised that the infidelity that had happened in their respective (now previous) relationships, quite clearly had happened for a reason.

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    Really nice how this one turned out, great job! Nice to see Lucy finally got her first solo story on this site :)

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    Amazing story. Would love to see more stories.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrblonde View Post
    Really nice how this one turned out, great job! Nice to see Lucy finally got her first solo story on this site :)
    Quote Originally Posted by chaosm View Post
    Amazing story. Would love to see more stories.
    Thanks guys. Yeah it'd been a goal for a while to post a solo story for a fair while. I'm actually amazed there aren't more for her to be honest.

    As for more stories about Lucy, that will be depend on if a good enough idea comes to mind or she finds a way in the future to inspire me again. For the time being though, the next story I'll be working on will feature a celeb I haven't written about thus far.

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