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Thread: The Winter Series: Vol. 10 - "Meet Me In The Bathroom" With Ariel Winter

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    fanfiction The Winter Series: Vol. 10 - "Meet Me In The Bathroom" With Ariel Winter

    The Winter Series: Vol. 10 - "Meet Me In The Bathroom" With Ariel Winter
    Written by Hearsz
    Codes: MF, Inc, Handjob, Fingering, Cunnilingus, BJ, Titfuck, Doggie, Creampie
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    A/N: Click on the words in bold blue to see further pictures for specific scenes.

    August 2015

    Family nights out for the Workman/Gray family had been a guarantee, every time a family member was celebrating a big occasion. For the first week of August every year, they would usually go out for dinner at a selected ritzy restaurant for Shanelle. The family was out for her thirty seventh birthday, inviting her Dad, close friends and Ariel's current boyfriend Yves.

    Wanting to be the centre of attention had been a problem in recent years for Shanelle, given the fact her younger sister Ariel had been a part of a TV Series that was popular worldwide for more than half a decade. And the way she was developing, it hadn't gone unnoticed by the older sibling how big her breasts had become, certainly gaining more than a single glance from passing males wherever they went.

    But things had changed significantly changed with Ariel in recent months. Unknown to everyone bar her family, the teen had undergone breast reaction surgery, her massive 32F's now a more comfortable size of 34D, relieving the back pain she had lived with for the last year or so.

    Shanelle had been fully supportive of her decision, having had a generous chest size herself when she was Ariel's age.

    She and Dave tried to make sure that Ariel didn't overdo the way she dressed when they were out and about, but they knew that the closer she got to the age of eighteen, there wouldn't be much they could do to stop her from expressing herself in the future. Shanelle trusted Yves, and already treated him like family, even though it took several weeks to convince her husband Dave that he wasn't just another sleaze bag.

    The former "Bold and the Beautiful" actress made sure she looked her best, donning a short white dress, showing off her lovely legs and a hint of cleavage. She had arrived early with Dave, who also was dressed quite well, wearing a grey suit with a polo black shirt underneath.

    Maybe for once Shanelle would be the centre of attention, given her younger sibling's recent adjustments. But what they both weren't prepared for, was how Ariel would be dressed upon her arrival.

    Hopping out of cab that she and Yves had taken from his parents house, Ariel turned up in a revealing, long sleeved black outfit, showing off her delicious legs but more importantly, her eye catching D-sized cleavage.

    She'd had them out in public previously, most notably at the SAG Awards for the past couple of years, but it was rare that she displayed her succulent teenage titflesh like this at a family function. And even despite the fact they were a couple of sizes smaller, it wasn't going to stop the starlet from continuing to show them off if the opportunity presented itself.

    It really was incredible that at the age of fifteen, that they had grown to 32F's! Still, having them reduced to 34D's was nothing to scoff at, and as her Doctor who did her surgery reasoned, D sized breasts were the unanimous choice by most males as the "ideal size".

    "Wow, you seem like you're dressed to impress", Shanelle said to her sister as they hugged, copping an eyeful of Ariel's chest. She was a little disappointed, knowing that other's might ogle her little sister throughout the course of the night rather than her. At that point, Shanelle decided that she wasn't going to make an issue out of it. It was her birthday, she was going to have fun no matter what. Even if it meant drinking plenty of booze to take her mind of her stunning looking sister.

    Whereas Shanelle had decided she was going to drink to forget, the same couldn't be said for Dave.

    Seeing Ariel like this was sure to test his resolve, given the fact that he'd been having a secret affair with the starlet for the past eighteen months. But ever since Ariel started dating Yves, the married man and his wife's sister hadn't had sex for quite a while, given the amount of time she had spent with her boyfriend, or on the set of her TV show.

    Dave hadn't seen Ariel "sans-clothing" since the surgery, but he figured that might all change very soon, if he got his way. Seeing her dressed like this, the older man didn't know if he could resist her when she got home later that night, or maybe even before that. It was hard enough for him to not get aroused on the boat in Hawaii a few weeks ago, when all Ariel was wearing was a two piece yellow bikini, her tits and plump Greek sculpted ass being the main focus for him on that particular day.

    "C'mon let's take some photos before we head in", Shanelle insisted.

    As the flash from a friends camera flickered between shots, Dave did his best not to take sneaky glances at Ariel's chest, especially with his wife right next to him. Dave could be quite possessive at times, and seeing Yves arm around the hot looking teen he'd had so many great sexual escapades with, was really rubbing him the wrong way.

    "Now just one with the hubby!" Shanelle said gleefully, wanting a photo with Dave, before deciding to have Ariel join them as well.

    "C'mon Ariel, get in here!" the older sibling insisted.

    Ariel's eyes were drawn to Dave's momentarily, both of them knowing that it had been a while since they were this close to each other.

    "What more could a guy ask for? A beautiful woman on each arm!" he said, trying to bring some humor into the situation. Not that Ariel found the funny side of it.

    Trying to keep up appearances, Dave kissed his wife upon her head, much to Ariel's bemusement. He was trying to act like the loving husband and father, playing up to the family and friends present.

    "C'mon, let's head inside for dinner", Dave recommended.

    Dave took a seat next to his gorgeous wife, pouring a glass of water to help clear his dry throat. He just hoped he didn't spend the whole night ogling Ariel and getting caught out.

    "Your finest bottle of champagne please", Shanelle asked, the waiter taking drink orders for those present.

    Dave hadn't noticed right away that Ariel had sat to the other side of him, with her boyfriend seated directly across from the teen. Yves attention was taken up by Ariel's Dad who had been seated next to him, jabbering away about what he'd been doing with his time of late. After an hour or so, the party was in full swing, dinner had been consumed, and drinks were ordered a plenty.

    "Can I try some champagne?" Ariel asked, knowing that she legally wasn't allowed to drink.

    "I guess it's up to your father?" Dave answered, thinking that her old man would deny her request.

    "Pleeeease Daddy, just a glass or two?" Ariel flicked her eyelashes, doing this whenever she wanted to get her way.

    "Sure sweetheart, but not too much".

    Dave groaned inwardly, knowing how much of a lightweight Ariel could be with booze in her system. It was bad enough that Shanelle was well on her way after six or so glasses thus far, mainly moving between tables to chat to her friends that had turned up for the occasion. But now he had to contend with Ariel, who was starting to get more than a bit flirty with her boyfriend, giving him dirty little looks.

    After a while, Yves had gone all quite, not saying much as Ariel chatted away and took continuous sips at her glass flute. Unbeknownst to Dave or anyone else, Ariel had removed her right shoe, extended her smooth stem so that her small pedicured foot was in between Yves thighs, rubbing the bulge in his pants. The young man did his best to remain composed, despite his silk shirt showing sweat stains underneath each armpit. Ariel used her toes to stroke the length of his hard boner, loving how easy it was to get him all flustered.

    But teasing Yves wasn't enough. Knowing that she'd slept with two of the guys at the table, Ariel's tipsy mind decided to push things a little further. As she continued tormenting her boyfriend with her foot rubbing in between his legs, she slipped her left hand under the table, resting it upon her brother-in-laws thigh.

    Dave tensed at her touch, but luckily no one noticed his change of posture. Ariel too didn't draw any attention to him, carrying on like everything was normal. He tried to remove her hand but she kept placing it back onto his inner thigh.
    Ariel found the whole thing incredibly funny, knowing that neither Dave nor Yves had any idea that the other was being teased by this horny little minx.

    Ariel turned things up a notch by rubbing at Yves crotch harder now, and moving her hand over Dave's imprisoned cock. Without seeing both of them up close, she could tell how much bigger Dave's dick was compared to her boyfriends. Dave now was the one whose nerve would be tested, as Ariel's silky fingers found a way into his pants to pull out his erect pulsing member.

    The older man wanted to tell her directly to stop, but at the same time he didn't want to make a scene, or give away that his teasing sister-in-law was giving him a hand job right underneath the dinner table!

    "So Ariel, how have you been? Did you have a good holiday? Looking forward to the next season of Modern Family?", a family friend asked.

    "Really good thanks! I'm back filming soon, plenty of LONG & HARD days coming up. I'm just glad we had that holiday in Hawaii last month. I was getting massages every second day, it helped because I was feeling quite STIFF in certain areas."

    Ariel was really pushing things to the maximum now, over emphasizing certain words to get the two guys she was jerking and fondling all worked up. Sweat began to form on Yves brow whereas Dave was almost unflinching as Ariel jerked his huge cock, rubbing a thumb over the moistened tip.

    A part of her mind did this just for her own amusement, and to see who could hold out the longest.
    Whenever Dave tried to pull away, Ariel tightly gripped his turgid length, bringing his escape to a halt. And she literally put her foot down if Yves did likewise.

    "Oooh, fruit platter. I didn't see this", she giggled cutely, her sexy little smile looking so natural to all but two people at the table.

    The guys almost had a look of horror as the buxom teen reached for the slightly peeled banana. Ariel surveyed the slightly curved piece of fruit, running a finger up and down its length.

    "Oooh it's a BIG one", she said to no one in particular, wrapping her shimmering pink lips around the tip of the banana. She purposely sucked on the piece of fruit, flicking her tongue against it quickly, before taking it deep in her mouth. Half of it was consumed by the flirty teenager, the guys with looks of disbelief on their faces.

    Yves abruptly stood up from the table, saying he had to go to the bathroom, turning quickly so no one could see the wet stain that had formed on the front of his white coloured pants.

    "Yves?" Ariel called out, but the young man ignored her, scurrying off.

    Ariel suddenly released her grip from Dave's rigid tool, placing both hands upon the table. He breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that if she had continued her teasing for a little while longer, he too may have been heading to the bathroom to clean himself up as well.

    "You ok hun?" Shanelle said to her husband, noticing his now sweaty forehead.

    "I'm ok, the ribs were a little spicy is all".

    "I hope you're having a good time, cause I'm feeling pretty randy at the moment", she whispered in his ear, sliding a hand over the hard pouch in his pants under the table. Fortunately, Dave had only just pushed his member back in his shorts and zipped himself up. But his stiff cock didn't go unnoticed by his horny wife.

    "Oooh, someone's a little turned on right now. You see something you like?" she drunkenly slurred, referring to herself. Dave made sure not to draw any attention to Ariel before he replied.

    "I sure do, but, I want you to enjoy yourself sweetheart, we can continue this at home", he casually said with a wink.

    Shanelle smiled and returned to her conversation with her friends. Casually turning to Ariel, he noticed the worried look on her face as she read a text on her phone.

    "Great!" she exclaimed with a sigh, loud enough for the whole table to hear.

    "What's wrong sis?" Shanelle asked with concern.

    "It's Yves, he's, he's gone home. Said he has food poisoning..."

    "Oh, that's no good hun.."

    Dave knew otherwise. He and Ariel were the only two people at the table to know the truth. Having him out of the picture brought a devilish smile to Dave's face, and he would soon seek a way to have it out with Ariel if the chance arose.

    "I'm just going to go to the bathroom, probably make a phone call or two..." Ariel said, giving a slight glance to her brother-in-law as she stepped back from the table.

    "You want me to come with you hun?" Shanelle asked, wanting to see if her sister needed company.

    "I'm ok sis, you just enjoy yourself. Get yourself another drink and I'll be back before you know it!" she said, leaning down to give her sister a peck on the cheek.

    Dave watched as Ariel walked away from the table, gazing at her succulent looking legs and her firm round ass. He had to have her, but he needed to leave the table without it seeming suspicious.

    "Anyone for shots? My treat!" Shanelle and Ariel's father shouted.

    "Woohoo!!", Shanelle and a few of her friends said enthusiastically.

    "Alright then, follow me to the bar then ladies. You coming Dave?" the old man said.

    This was his opportunity. A chance to go after the little cock tease whilst the rest of the family were occupied and looking to get further inebriated.

    "Nah you guys go ahead. One of us has to drive you know! Besides, it'll give me a chance to return this business call I missed. That ok babe?" Dave said to his wife.

    "Sure", she said, kissing her husband, hurriedly trying to get away to join the group as they made their way inside to the bar.

    Dave casually walked away from the table, moving towards a waiter to ask directions.

    "Excuse me, where's the toilets in here?"

    "The main one in the restaurant is being out of order, so you'll have to use the one's out back, in the alleyway".

    "Cheers", Dave replied, walking through the kitchen area until he pushed a door that took him into the street at the back of the restaurant. He walked a good twenty or so meters down the road until he located the men's and women's toilets.

    Dave took a deep breath, preparing himself for what he thought was going to happen. It had been a while since he'd fucked Ariel, and he just hoped what she had done to him at the table was more than just teasing.

    Pushing the women's door open, Dave eyed his teenage prey, looking at herself in the mirror in the corner of the room. The teen was re-applying some lipstick, puckering up her lips, until they were a dark rouge red.

    Again he checked out her smooth silky legs, the arc of her calf muscle, so inviting to suck on. With her bent over slightly, her full round ass was sticking out, swaying a little as she ran her tongue around the inside of her re-coated lips.

    And then there was her lovely cleavage, jutting out spectacularly in front of the mirror. To Dave, Ariel hadn't looked anymore sexier than at this very moment. Ariel knew he was there, but made no attempt to address his presence. Locking the door, he moved toward her.

    "So what was all that about?" Dave said, trying to act in an authoritative manner.

    Putting her lipstick in her bag, Ariel turned to him, batting her eyelids, not saying a word.

    "Are you fucking crazy, doing that right in front of your sister!! I don't even want to know what you did to Yves to make him leave like that!!"

    Dave was trying to give her a huge telling off for teasing him, grabbing her upper arms to back her towards one of the walls in the bathroom.

    But a big part of his mind was telling him to tear her clothes off and feast upon her incredible teenage figure rather than waste time with talking. Ariel knew his threats weren't for real, almost laughing at how upset he was.

    "C'mon Dave, I was just having a little fun. Besides, you can't say you didn't enjoy it. Look, you're still really hard!" she said, rubbing the firm bulge in his pants, giggling with a hiccup thanks to the alcohol she had drunk earlier.

    Pulling her hand away, he continued.

    "That's not the point. You could have got us both in trouble, you could have embarrassed your sister at her own birthday in front of all her friends and family! You're lucky no one else noticed the stain on Yves pants!!"

    "I bet you were close to cumming as well right? Is that why you're really here Dave? You want me to help you also cum? Admit it, you hate the fact I'm with someone else, and you can't have me whenever you like anymore".

    Even though it was the truth, Ariel's words seemed to have a monumental effect on her brother-in-law. Taking charge, he gripped her lithe little body, kissing her deeply, lifting her up and shovinging her back against the wall.

    "What are you gonna do Dave? You gonna fuck me right here in the bathroom?" Ariel said in a challenging sort of tone.

    "You know you want it", he shot back, parting her legs, sliding a hand under her dress. He grasped at her satin panties, tearing them off, causing Ariel to gasp, then throwing them onto the tiled floor.

    They stared into each other's eyes, Ariel breathing heavily as she waited for Dave to make a move. He traced his fingers up her smooth inner thigh, moving up and inside her dress, until he felt her soft wet pussy, prodding her with the tips of his digits.

    "Ooohh", she moaned, her brother-in-law stroking her buttery slit, her juices flowing as her labia started to further lubricate.

    Ariel pulled Dave in for a kiss, using her mouth and tongue to good effect. He could taste the alcohol on her breath, as well as her tongue wiggling around his inner mouth. She groaned whilst they made out, especially when she felt Dave slide his middle finger inside her sopping little cunt up to the second knuckle.

    The pair continued to swap spit as a second finger was now embedded inside her loosening twat. Dave suckled on Ariel's neck as he penetrated the heaving teen with his fingers, getting her nice and wet.

    "Oh fuck Dave", she groaned, feeling his fingers curl up to graze at her rubbery g-spot. The teen gyrated her hips against his thrusting fingers, gripping his neck with both hands.

    "Geez you look fucking sexy tonight. I knew I had to have you...all of you.." he said, running his wet fingers over her succulent breasts.

    Dave had felt up her entire sinful body, but was solely focused on squeezing her tits and kissing and sucking her inner cleavage.

    "Show me them", Dave insisted, wanting Ariel to unveil her recently reduced flesh puppies.

    The look on her face didn't change as Ariel slowly peeled back the front of her top with both hands. Her new 34D sized breasts popped out and were now hanging out the front of her top.

    Dave's eyes widened as he glazed over them. To him they still looked incredible, the perfect size for his greedy hands to fondle and play with.

    "Looks like the Doc did a good job. Hopefully he didn't sting you too much cost wise."

    "Let's just say I have enough to finally buy a lot more outfits like this one!", she responded, briefly remembering exactly what she went through in order to get the surgery for free.

    Standing in between her, Ariel's legs wrapped around him as he leaned his face down to gorge upon her exposed tits.
    He mashed them together and got a good feel of them, rubbing his thumbs over the stiff nipples. Ariel succumbed to Dave's manhandling of her sizzling chest, crying out loud when he tweaked the nubs, or took them in his mouth.

    "Your Doc did a really great job with these Ariel. They still look and feel amazing sweet pea".

    Before she could reply, Dave buried his face in between her tender breasts, motor-boating them to fully savor their incredible new shape and size.

    As he did this, Ariel reached down to unzip his pants, fishing out his long hard meat pipe out so she could jerk it with her soft manicured fingers. Unable to control his desires, Dave pushed up her dress, revealing her pale white thighs, but more importantly, Ariel's immaculate looking, shaved cunt.

    "You don't know how much I've missed you..." Dave said as he stared at the teens pristine snatch.

    Without hesitation, he dropped to his knees and pressed his face in between her supple thighs, his mouth completely devouring her slimy taco.

    "Ohhh fuck", Ariel cried in a high pitch, crunching her thighs around his head, her body tightening as Dave ate out her fruitful cunt.

    Dave sucked and slurped at her juicy hole, as though he was in the desert desperate for water. He caressed her legs as he ran his tongue up and down her delicious tasting slit. The heaving teen clutched her naked breast with one hand, and grabbed the back of his head with the other, rotating her hips as his tongue started to flick at her swollen clitoris. After five or so minutes of this, Ariel could feel her vaginal muscles start to contract.

    "Unghh fuck, keep doing that, I'm gonna cum!!", she whined, Ariel's eyes rolling into the back of her head and her toes curling as she reached a premature climax.

    Removing his face in between her legs, Ariel looked down at Dave through bleary eyes as she came down from an incredible high. The alcohol in her system remained, and as it was only now moments after her orgasm, this only heightened the buxom teen's rising arousal. Hopping off the bench, Ariel took Dave's hand. Her heels clicked against the tiled floor, as she guided her sister's husband into the toilet cubicle, for some further bathroom canoodling.

    The teen turned to face him once they were in there, putting both hands upon his chest, then moving down until she was seated on top of the lid of the toilet. Her face was now eye level with his bulging pouch, Ariel's big brown eyes looking up at him, telepathically telling him that she was about to return the favour.

    Without a word she grasped his belt buckle, sliding down Dave's zipper, desperate to get his pants off.

    As soon as his thick straining erection was out in the open, the eye of his member winked at her as she wrapped her fingers around the base. Ariel jerked it slowly, feeling him twitch in the palm of her hand. She dribbled some saliva along his length, wanking the meaty tool effortlessly for a minute or so.

    Opening her mouth wide, Ariel closed her soft lips around the bulbous tip, Dave groaning as he felt her mouth suctioning around him. Her cheeks hollowed as she took him deeper into her mouth, bobbing her head fluently, her sharp nails tickling his huge hanging balls.

    "Grrr that's so good. Suck me Ariel, harder!" he demanded, placing both hands to the back of her head as she complied with his request.

    Dave was temporarily in control now, fucking her warm wet mouth until he could hear her gag on his dick, sometimes gasping for air when he pushed a little too far. He let her have control again, using both of her hands to stroke his cock, bathing his shaft in her saliva.

    Dave loved seeing those gorgeous eyes looking up at him as she fellated his grateful member.

    Looking further down, her cleavage although smaller now, still looked mighty impressive from his viewpoint. As she continued to service him, he reached down to pinch and fondle her iconic rack, Ariel once again gagging on his dick just as he tweaked her hard pink nubs.

    Regaining control, Dave took a hold of his cock by the base, poking the tip against the inside of her cheek, turning her face to one side so he could rub the length of his steely shaft against her pursed lips.
    Given her teasing earlier on, the elder man wanted her to know just how much he had riled him up, smacking his cock against her cheeks and extended tongue.

    "Lick my balls you horny little slut", he insisted, pulling his shaft up against his stomach.

    Ariel, loving the fact that Dave was showing some initiative, did as she was told. She bent her face lower so she could lap at his soft nuts, licking all around them before taking one in her mouth. She tea bagged each of his balls, stroking his thigh with her hand whilst jerking him off with the other.

    "Time to test these newbies out. Lean back and spread your tits Ariel".

    Despite the fact they had reduced in size, Dave was intrigued by how they would look and feel around him as he fucked them.

    Moving forward, he placed his cock upon her chest, the teen closing her taut tits around him. The main difference Dave noticed was that he was able to see more of his big cock sliding between her cleavage. Previously, he would only occasionally see the tip whenever he titty-fucked Ariel.

    Nevertheless, the friction was as spine-tingling as ever, the teen pressing her tits together firmly to keep Dave's manly cock trapped in between. She spat downward to lubricate him further, allowing Dave to thrust his cock more fluently. Ariel used her soft twin globes to massage his dick, flicking her tongue against the sensitive head whenever it was within reach.

    Dave kept moving forward until the head of his cock was sliding between her lips, able to fuck both her tits and mouth in one motion.

    "Damn that looks good..." Dave moaned, referring to seeing his dick in between her tits, whilst being sucked on, as well as the naughty little minx fingering herself.

    Getting her to stand up, the pair changed positions, Dave now sitting down on the toilet seat in the stall.

    The half naked brunette stood before him as her sister's husband pushed her dress up, taking a good look at bare naked slit, her precious little cunt more than ready for him to embed himself inside of. Again he rubbed her sensitive clit with his digits, dripping wet as he sucked on her soft juicy mounds. Ariel ran a hand through his hair as he fervently molested her incredible exposed rack.

    "Sit on my cock", Dave demanded, cupping her ass, her soft fleshy cheeks perfect for him to manhandle.

    "With pleasure. I've been wanting to fuck someone all night, bet you feel lucky Yves went home huh?" she snidely said, hopping up into his lap.

    Reaching in between his legs, he grabbed the base of his long hard member, directing the tip at her moist velvety lips.

    Holding her by the hips, they both grunted as Ariel's body weight dropped down, his thick cock sliding almost all the way inside her tight velvet hole. They spontaneously made the most of their sexual desires for each other.

    "Unghh fuck, I feel so full! Mmmm fuck me", the teen winced.

    As she started to ride him, she could feel Dave thrusting upwards, burying his wick further inside her with firm pounding strokes.

    "So good, so deep!" she cried, his thighs clapping against her ass cheeks as the buxom teen was completely impaled upon Dave's long stiff rod.

    He couldn't help but grab and maul her tits as they bounced and flopped about as she gyrated upon him. Ariel wrapped her arms and thighs around him tightly, Dave pressing his mouth to hers to muffle Ariel's screams as she lost her mind in complete lust for her older counterpart.

    Dave could feel her juices start to build up and dribble out of her slick orifice, making squishing sounds with every movement he made against her.

    Getting her to hop off of him, Dave had the teen turn around so she was sitting on him with her back against his chest. Spreading her legs, Ariel rose up, took a hold of the cock covered in her secretions, and screamed erotically as he eagerly thrust upwards into her, not waiting for the teen actress to get in position.

    "God I forgot how big your cock felt inside of me Dave!!", Ariel moaned, the teen wailing in discomfort at the new angle of penetration.

    Despite the fact she had recently undergone surgery, the teen still had a body built to fuck. And her appetite for sex had in no way diminished. He reached around to grasp both of her tits with his hands, the randy teenager wiggling her ass in his lap, furiously rubbing her slit.

    "Geez your ass looks good riding me Ariel", the father of two grunted, slapping her backside as he let her writhe upon him like she was having a fit.

    Ariel pressed each of her hands against two walls inside the cubicle, helping her balance as she grounded her inflamed cunt upon his tall standing cock. The scene was made all the more sexier due to the fact she was still in her heels, her pussy engulfing his entire length as his balls pressed against the base of her red raw cunt lips.

    "Cum on my cock Ariel.. Squirt that juice all over Daddy's dick!" he groaned into her ear, frigging her slimy pink taco as the teen moved towards her sexual zenith.

    "Oh yess!! Aiiii!!!" she squealed as she came, Ariel's warm wet juices drenching Dave's shaft and thighs as the heaving teen had an earth shattering climax.

    Sliding off of his still rock hard member, Ariel groggily got to her feet, her legs shaky as she made her way to the hand basin outside the stall. She checked herself in the mirror, seeing drops of sweat cascading down the side of her face, her hair quite awry.

    She was unknowingly displaying her Greek sculpted behind as her dress was still bunched up around her waist. Ariel's appetizing legs were slightly apart, inspiring Dave, who watched from the stall, for one last pounding. Taking her by surprise, he pressed his body against Ariel from behind, rubbing his hard cock in between her fleshy ass cheeks.

    The pair looked at each other using the mirrors reflection, Ariel knowing that Dave wasn't quite finished yet.

    The elder man bent his knees, moving downwards, using each of his hands to slide either side of her hourglass hips. They were soon upon her smooth supple outer thighs, feeling up and down her well toned legs. Dave's face was eye level with Ariel's plump round ass, salivating at her tender slit.

    "Ohhh shit", Ariel moaned, taken by surprise when she felt Dave bury his barely shaven face in between her round globes, digging his tongue into her tangy tasting cunt lips from behind.

    Her brother-in-law hungrily licked at her dripping snatch, sucking on her puffy lips whilst stroking his own dick in preparation for what was to come.

    Ariel pushed her ass against his face, moaning over and over as his tongue lapped at her sensitive slit.

    The teen suddenly felt empty when Dave removed his face from below. She didn't have to wait long though, watching him in the mirror as he reached down to grab his rigid member, pushing it against her soft teenage plenge.

    Once in place, Dave steadied himself by putting a hand on her shoulder, then the other on her hip, lunging forward to bury his entire cock inside the horny, exhausted teenager.

    "Unghhh!!!" Ariel groaned, her face contorting in erotic pain at the feeling of Dave's huge cock piercing it's way beyond her velvety cunt walls, and into her heavenly depths. His sweaty thighs pressed against her tender buttocks, his head resting on one of her shoulders, Ariel again completely impaled upon her brother-in-laws dick.

    "You don't know how much you drive me crazy do you? Showing off those legs, shaking that ass, letting me fuck these teenage titties of yours!!" he whispered in her ear, reaching round to fondle her swaying breasts.

    Dave could feel Ariel's cunt muscles milking his pulsing member, so he slowly began to slide his cock in an attempt to show he was in control. He looked over her shoulder and at the mirror, loving the sight of her great tits bouncing as he pummelled her from behind.

    He squeezed Ariel's jugs, pinching the rubber like tips, making her whine and wail at the rough treatment.

    Thinking about how long it was since he'd been with Ariel like this, Dave wanted reassurance that she wouldn't lose her interest in him again, despite the fact she was in a committed relationship.

    "Tell me you want me Ariel.. Tell me you love my cock inside you, fucking you..." he said into her ear up close, still driving his dick inside her at a rhythmic pace.

    "I want it.." she replied meekly.

    Pulling a bundle of her hair, he desperately demanded the words he was dying to hear.

    "Say it like you mean it!"

    "I want your cock Dave. I want it in my mouth, in between my breasts and fucking my warm, tight cunt.."

    He began to throttle her harder now, her words giving him an extra surge of energy. But yet, he still needed Ariel to know her place by putting full claims on her.

    "Tell me I'm your Daddy.. That you want your Daddy to fuck you, wherever, WHENever!"

    "I'm your little girl Daddy, your horny little schoolgirl. Fuck your little girl and give me your dirty cum!!"

    Ariel whimpered, thrusting backwards onto his sawing cock, trying to help him get off.

    She reached her arm back to pull his face close to hers, straightening up her back. The way she was panting and the way her hips were swivelling, Dave knew Ariel was close.

    He moved his hand down to rub at her clit, causing the teen to orgasm and once again climax on his dick.

    "Oh Daddy! Don't ever stop fucking me!!!"

    His manly thighs never ceased slapping against her ass as he slammed balls deep into her battered little cunt.

    "Grrrr...fuck!!" Dave grunted as he came, shooting a bucketload of warm juicy seed inside of his wife's sisters convulsing pussy.

    He cupped her luscious breasts, depositing every last drop inside of her, before hazily retracting his spent member from out of her hot, sticky passage.

    "You came in me!" How did you know I was on the pill??"

    "I didn't.. Besides, you told me not to stop! But it felt good right?"

    "Yeah really good! You must have came heaps. Look, it's still dripping out of me!", the teen said in surprise, rubbing a finger or two at her slowly closing slot, taking a good look at his man juice, before licking her digits clean.

    "Mmm, still tastes as good as I remember. Sooo, what did you think of these? You like?" Ariel asked, referring to her new breasts.

    "Not bad sweetheart.. They're certainly firmer than before. Sure, I do miss what they were, but hey, it's not the end of the fucking world is it? Or there's no reason why there shouldn't be more times like this between us, right? They still look and feel great sweetheart".

    The pair embraced, the pint sized star leaning up on her tippy toes to kiss Dave, giggling as he cupped and fondled her panty-less ass cheeks.
    Suddenly, their lip lock was interrupted by someone trying to force their way into the bathroom.

    "Please!!! Let me in, I really need to use the bathroom", the voice called from outside the room.

    "Oh shit! It's Shanelle!" Dave hissed at Ariel.

    "Hide in one of the stalls and then I'll let her in".

    Dave did as he was told, locking himself in one of the cubicles.

    Ariel unlocked the main bathroom door, her sister forcing her way inside, stumbling as she rushed on her hands and knees towards the open stall.

    "Shanelle are you Okay...ohhh", she said in horror, her older sister vomiting into the open toilet bowl.

    Whilst Shanelle's husband and little sister were fucking in the very stall she was currently hurling her guts up in, the birthday girl was earlier getting plastered, blind drunk from consuming multiple shots.

    Ariel attended to her sister, holding back her hair as her face remained face down over the bowl.

    This gave Dave the chance to sneak out of the bathroom. On his way out, he picked up her split panties from the bathroom floor, stuffing them in his pocket as a keepsake of this memorable night. He gave a nod to a consoling Ariel, getting away from the scene without being noticed.

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    Holy God. Possibly the best chapter u have done to date. Well fucking done man.

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    Yep, another amazing entry, definitely can't wait to see what Ariel gets up to in 2016! Nice one

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    Yes! Definitely a good one. He finally came where he was supposed to. :)

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    Great story

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    Bravo sir just amazing bravo

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