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Thread: "Get What You Need" With Abigail Breslin

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    fanfiction "Get What You Need" With Abigail Breslin

    Get What You Need
    With Abigail Breslin
    Written by Hearsz
    Codes: MF, Teen, BJ, Titfuck, Doggie
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    Abigail needed a film role, any kind of role that might propel her to bigger things in the future. Her agent suggested that in order for her to be taken more seriously, she'd have to prove to people that she was more that just that nerdy young girl from "Little Miss Sunshine", where she was nominated for an Academy Award that year.

    She got some exposure after her role in "The Call", starring alongside Halle Berry. But an abysmal attempt at a music career had showed that the early promise she once had, was starting to become a distant memory. Matters weren't helped by a messy public breakup with her ex, and when she dyed her hair into a golden blonde colour, (from a natural brunette) she was almost unrecognisable.

    Abigail had just finished reading a script for an erotic thriller, something that she wouldn't normally show an interest in previously. But she knew that she wouldn't get as many good scripts as this one, and immediately asked her agent to call the director to apply to audition for the role.

    Making her way to downtown Los Angeles, Abigail was on her way to film director Robert Coyle's office and studio. Her agent had pulled a lot of strings to get her this audition, the teen making the three name shortlist.

    Breslin had read the script several times, and was aware that she would be pushing the boundaries giving the extreme darkness of her role and the fact that she'd be expected to wear just a bra and panties for quite a few scenes throughout.

    She was aware that she had a lot of male fans that wanted to see more of her figure, given the online reaction whenever she displayed her generous cleavage. Arriving at Robert Coyle's office, his assistant had her sit on the sofa in the waiting room. She was advised that she was the last of the three to audition. Ducking his head out of his office door, Abigail was introduced to Coyle for the first time.

    "Debby, could you go deposit that check that was dropped off before immediately. Then give yourself a lunch break. Thanks", he said to his personal assistant.

    "Yes Mr. Coyle. I'm on my way now!", she replied, grabbing her belongings and heading out the front exit.

    "Miss Breslin it's a pleasure", he said, extending his arm to off her a hand to shake.

    "Please, you can call me Abby", she said with a warm smile.

    Her attire hadn't gone unnoticed, the teen dressed in a black skirt and a blue coloured blouse, the tight top pushing up her large breasts. There was a noticeable ridge in between her creamy white tits, no doubt put on display to get his attention early.

    The actress wore lace up over-the-knee boots teamed with a black mini-dress and blazer with her blonde hair cascading over her shoulders in long waves. For the audition she'd put on some heavy black eye make-up, pale lipstick and some delicate layered gold necklaces completing her stunning look. Robert Coyle had plenty of teenage girls audition for him before. They all tried little things like dressing in a sexy way to hopefully land the role they were speaking for.

    He took an interest in Abigail due to her willingness to try something different to the roles she had previously accepted. At first look up close, Robert could tell she would be ideal looks wise, especially when it came to the important scenes where she would be dressed in just her underwear. He took his job very seriously, but that wasn't to say he didn't get turned on by the thought of a teenager in his office, trying to impress him by showing her God given gifts.

    "So you've read the script. Your agent says you have no qualms about any of it. But do you have any questions before we begin?"

    Sitting on the sofa adjacent to him, Robert couldn't help but steal a few glances at her massive cleavage when she leaned forward as she spoke, her milky white breasts now becoming the centre of attention. Abigail knew what she was doing, and hoped that giving him a free look at her blossoming chest would help convince Robert in selecting her over the other two girls.

    "I love the script and I believe I can be the character Emma without any problems. Exactly how much screen time will I need to be in my underwear for?" she asked, looking at him innocently with her dark encircled blue eyes.

    "About twenty, twenty five minutes is what we're looking at. I want to make sure that whomever the role is given to, that they are first comfortable doing this. So with that in mind, we should read one of the scenes where Emma is confronted by Caine in the bedroom on page sixty nine of the script. You know the one?"

    Abigail was aware of what he was referring to. It was a tense scene where Caine had cornered Emma in her room, the female character wearing just a bra and panties.

    "So you'd like me to read these lines with you and take my clothes off?" she asked.

    "That'd be great. It's just so I can get an idea on what you'd look like on screen. Just to see if you can fit the profile for what I'm looking for. If that's all good by you, I'll be ready to read some lines with you".

    The director seemed to be nonchalant with his request. He'd had plenty of teenage girls audition for roles in films he'd been involved with in the past. He knew Abigail was a pretty young girl, but his interest in her was purely professional. Abigail was prepared to be asked if she was required to read lines in her underwear, given the amount of times she'd read the script. She knew whenever guys were eager to check out what she had underneath her clothing, or if they stared at her chest a little too long.

    But Robert didn't do either of those things, which made her comfortable enough to do the scene. Without a word, she shed her blazer and blouse, then discarded her mini dress swiftly. She went to remove her black knee high boots before Robert stopped her.

    "Keep the boots on. We'll just go through a few lines, should only be a few minutes".

    Abby nodded, the cool air of the air conditioner making her body slightly shiver given the lack of attire she had on. Robert got a good look at her. She had a voluptuous figure on her, the teens pale white body covered only by her boots, and her matching sea blue bra and panties. She wasn't typically stick thin like a lot of girls that normally auditioned. Her wide hips, and large plump breasts complimented her cute face and dazzling blue eyes. Against his own will, Robert felt his cock begin to stir as he looked at the teen more than half his age. Breslin pouted prettily for him, hoping it would help her cause in landing the role she so desperately wanted.

    "Did you bring your script?"

    "No, I'm sorry I didn't", she replied, worried it might work against her.

    "Not to fret. I have a spare copy here".

    Turning to the required page, Abby took a deep breath, and when she was ready, she began to read".

    "What are you doing here?" Abigail, as the character Emma asked.

    "You know I can't resist being away from you Emma", Robert, as the character Caine replied.

    "You're insane! My Dad will kill you if he knew you were here, alone with me like this".

    Robert was impressed. Her facial expressions and the tone of her voice was on point, exactly how Emma should be portrayed. His character closed in on her, Emma backing against her fictitious bedroom wall. His face was close to hers, looking down at the petite teenager, eyeing her mountainous cleavage from above. She was only five foot one, Robert towering over her as he was easily a foot taller.

    "You want me to leave? I get the feeling you want me to stay, seeing how wet you look down there", he said, lightly stroking the side of her beautiful young face.

    Abby's stomach tightened at his touch. She herself wasn't sure if she was acting or if she was just nervous.

    "My Daddy could be home any minute you know?" she said acting nervously, knowing the scene was almost over.

    "He won't be. I just left the office before I got here, he won't be home for hours".

    Caine was Emma's Dads best friend at his job and a close colleague. But due to a failed merger which cost him and the company lots of money, he decided to seduce his friends daughter and eventually kidnap her and hold her to ransom. Caine, unbeknown to the people he worked with was a psychopath, had a dark history and was wanted in three different states. Several name changes and identities had kept him from being caught.

    When he'd met Emma a few weeks ago for the first time at a work function, he was instantly attracted to her. But ever since all the staff had missed out on quite a large bonus, it was like a switch had flicked in Caine's head, that made him revert back to his old, evil ways.
    Emma, being a rebellious teen, resenting her father and seeing him as the reason their mother left, confided in Caine and found herself instantly falling for his charm and good looks. If only she knew what he really had in mind.

    Before Abigail could continue on, she referred back to her script, and found she didn't recognise the next couple of paragraphs. What surprised her even more was that her character was expected to take off her bra!

    "Wait, wait! Has this script changed because it says on mine that um... That Emma takes off her bra?"

    Robert was just as surprised, but mainly because Abby hasn't been made aware of the amended script in the past few days.

    "Did your agent not give you the adjusted script that the writer had sent out on Friday?"

    " he didn't", she replied, cursing her agent for not advising her of this. She was angry with him but tried her best not to show it.

    Abigail didn't say anything, still bewildered and concerned such a thing could cost her a chance to be considered for the role.

    "I'm sorry Abby. I don't know what happened but the writer and some of the co-producers thought it'd be best if Emma made herself completely vulnerable by including this in the movie. I just presumed you knew", he said, feeling a tad guilty that he had to be the one to let her know.

    "I don't know how this happened as the other two girls who were in earlier got the same amended script. They both said they were aware that there would be a topless scene so they were better prepared for their audition. Look, I understand if you don't want to continue and again, I apologise for laying this on you on short notice. Maybe I can find another role for you in the future to make up for it", Robert said, trying to smooth things over. He'd already accepted that Abigail wouldn't want the role now.

    Abby mulled things over in her head. She really wanted this role, despite the requirement that had been only just been alerted to her. She wasn't a child anymore, and she didn't want Robert, or anyone else to make her feel like one. So with that, she reached behind her back, unclasped her brasserie, and let the large cups fall off of her body.

    Robert wasn't expecting this from her. His eyes widened in shock as Abigail's blue bra hit the floor, unveiling her huge, 34D sized naked tits to him. The were two round, globes of milky perfection, capped off his hard pink nipples. The two girls before had also been topless in his office when they auditioned earlier. But their respective chests were nothing quite as exquisite looking as Abby's. Robert began to feel his cock begin to harden, betraying the professionalism he had shown with the other two girls. There was just something about Abby, standing before him in just her boots and blue cotton panties that sent a thrill through his body.

    "I still want this role Mr. Coyle, if that's ok?" Abigail asked, hoping that her courageous move was going to be worth it.

    "Umm, s-sure", he stammered.

    "Shall we continue?" Abigail asked him, her heavenly chest rising and falling as she breathed.

    Despite the fact he wanted to carry on, Robert knew he had to put a stop to this audition for his own good. He was worried that spending another minute with the topless teen would make him say or do something he'd regret. He couldn't quite put his finger on why she was having this kind of effect on him.

    "Actually, that'll be all for now Miss Breslin. I appreciate you coming in today and being so brave. But I'd suggest you take the script home and read what the writer has added and if you like what you see, then I'll organise to have you in for another reading. But I can't make any promises that I can assure you of the role of Emma.

    I'll just be at my desk, I'll um, turn around so you can get redressed".

    Robert returned to his desk, sitting in his office chair and spinning it around so he was facing away from the topless teen. His breathing was quite erratic and his face all flushed. The director felt pangs of guilt, given he was a married man.

    Abigail could sense that something wasn't quite right with the situation, and wondered why he wouldn't let her continue with the audition. With the new script in hand, she decided to read a few pages on of the edited scene. She was shocked and also fascinated to find that Caine and Emma's scene had gone from a simple kissing and fondling, to an almost soft core porn scene instead.

    Lines such as "he squeezed and licked her breasts" and "she pleasured Caine's huge penis with her tiny mouth" had made Abigail suddenly realise why Robert was reluctant to continue. The script was even more erotic and daring than before, and in a weird sense, that excited the buxom blonde. She had already noticed the way Robert's stare had held longer than it should have, whenever his eyes were affixed on her naked chest. Not to mention seeing the huge bulge in his pants that had formed in the last few minutes.

    Abigail knew what most guys wanted, and Robert evidently was no different. Something had come over the semi-clad teen, and she was going to act on her impulses.

    For a much older guy, Abigail did find Robert to be a handsome, which would only help her with what she planned to do. Abby walked over to the door to lock it, unbeknownst to the director. She removed her boots, now only wearing her panties. Heading around to his side of the desk, Roberts eyes were focussed on a text message he was reading. He was unaware that she was standing beside him.

    Tapping him on the shoulder, she finally had his full attention.

    "Miss Breslin??" he asked, shocked that she hadn't put her clothes back on, rather she was now wearing less.

    "I really want this role Mr. Coyle.." she said seductively, now standing in front of him so he could get a great look at her near completely naked body.

    "Abigail, why are you.."

    "Shhh!" she said as she moved forward so she was bent over, her face close to his.

    "I read the next few lines Mr. Coyle. I think they're great, just what the film needs. Now I want to show you how much I'm willing to be this film".

    "Abigail, this is highly innapropr..."

    Cutting him off, she remarked, "Emma. I'm still in character. You can be Caine or Robert, just let me convince you.."

    Abby was now sitting upon his lap, grinding her plump ass against his straining erection, her soft round tits pressed against his chest.

    "Oh good lord.." Robert murmured, his face getting a close up view of her awesome breasts.

    He felt like he was paralysed to the point he couldn't move. He knew it was wrong, but he found it hard to resist having such a hot, willing naked teen practically begging to let her pleasure him.

    "Touch my breasts", Abby requested, taking his hands and placing them both upon her delicious rack.

    He was reluctant to even make a move, which Abby could tell from his static state.

    "What's wrong? Don't you like me? Don't you find me attractive? she asked, purposely grinding her ass against the stiff pouch in his pants.

    He couldn't help but react to her desire, his fingers clenching so he could massage her milky white breasts.

    They felt full and tender, his fingers kneading her succulent titflesh. Abigail closed her eyes as the older man fondled her tits, wiggling her ass against his long hardness. She ran her fingers through his slightly greying hair, pulling him forward so his face was in between her soft chest cushions. Abigail shook her chest, her heavy mounds smacking lightly against each of his cheeks.

    "Put your mouth on them", she asked, offering her right orb with her hard nub pointing at his open mouth.

    Grabbing both of her tits, Robert leaned forward and closed his mouth over her juicy nipple. He flicked his tongue upon and around the stiff teat, Abigail moaning as she felt his teeth graze against her sensitive nub. He alternated between her succulent pair, pushing her tits together and licking in between her cleavage. He loved the little girlish moans she made whenever he fervently suckled on her breasts.

    Not holding back her lust for the director, Abby pulled him in tight to get closer so she could shove her tongue down his throat. Robert was intoxicated by her alluring perfume, which only inspired him to kiss her back with as much passion. Feeling the small of her back, he moved his perverted hands downward, sliding his fingers underneath the elastic of her underwear so he could cup and squeeze her soft plump derrière.

    Abigail became the aggressor, hungrily lucking and smothering her lips along one side of his neck, kissing his collarbone and then down to his chest. Robert was then reminded of the next part of the movie script, where Caine commands Emma to drop to her knees in between in his legs. Just as he began to think about that, Abby had already started to unbutton his shirt, kissing all the way down his fit physique, her huge supple breasts sliding down his frame with the rest of her near naked form.

    Robert had been married for fifteen years, he and his wife had been high school sweet hearts. He hadn't been with another woman since. But seeing this cute, blonde haired, blue eyed teen on her knees in his office, unzipping his pants, the moralistic side of his mind had already thrown in the towel. His eyes were of disbelief that such a seemingly mature well mannered actress would act in such a way. Of course, he'd heard of celebrities that tried to sleep their way to the top. He just never imagined that Abigail Breslin was that kind of celeb.

    She pulled down his business pants so they were pooled around his feet, the older mans manhood only concealed by his boxer shorts. Abby ran a hand along the firm bulge, Robert taking a deep breath as she played with him. Gripping each side of his shorts, her crystal blue eyes illuminated when his seven inch cock was unleashed. What was more surprising to her was that he was void of any pubic hair, which only made the size and thickness of his shaft, all the more impressive.

    Abigail could barely wrap her small fingers around the base, Robert's body tensing as she gently slid her hand up his stiff pole. She lent her face over the tip, dribbling some saliva down upon it. With his penis now lubricated, Abby was able to fluently jerk his dick, pulling back his foreskin upon her downstroke from the tip. Her simple caressing was driving him insane, but that was nothing compared to when she began licking his length from the base to his spongy head, lathering it up with her saliva, her eyes affixed on his as she did this.

    "Oh shit!" he hissed when Abby's pouty lips closed around one of his balls, sucking one, then the other, rolling her tongue around the sensitive orb.

    "Your line Caine", Abigail said, awaiting his response as she flicked her tongue teasingly against his cock slit.

    He realised what he was expected to say next, and knew there was no way he could stop her from here.

    "Suck it Emma.."

    With a sexy little grin, Abby opened her tiny mouth and closed her soft lips around the bulbous tip. Robert grunted as she sucked firmly on the head, massaging it with her tongue and feeling the air exhaling from her nostrils against his stomach. Abby started to bob her head as she worked her lips up and down his shaft. He watched the gorgeous blonde work her mouth and tongue along his cock for the next couple of minutes, making sure he was rock solid and thoroughly enjoying her delicious blowjob.

    “I think it’s hard enough for my pussy.” the young New Yorker said, before taking his cock back into her mouth, effortlessly deep throating his steely member.

    "Ohhh Christ!"

    She worked her lips up and down his shaft really quick a couple of times and then moved forward so her breasts rested on each of his inner thighs. Robert, despite his age, had never titfucked any woman before, not helped by the fact his wife had very small breasts. As Abigail grabbed her large tits and closed then around his upright shaft, he couldn't help but groan having felt her soft twins enclosed around him.

    "Holy shit..." he uttered, the heavy chested actress using her fleshy balloons to jerk his dick.

    The director had the often knee jerk reaction, thrusting upwards so he was fucking Abigail Breslin's meaty breasts.

    "Feels good fucking my tits yeah?" she teased, in the middle of him sliding in between her sweaty, succulent chest.

    "Uh-huh", he stammered, her huge tits firmly squeezing and stroking his most sensitive body part, almost bringing him to the brink.

    Just before he could, Abigail put a stop to proceedings, much to his dismay.

    "Sorry, not just yet Caine", she said, torturing the director by cutting short her titty fuck session.

    His despair soon to the realisation that she was going to fulfil what the character Emma does in the screenplay. Standing up before him, Abby dipped a finger into the sides of her panties, sliding them down her legs. The golden haired teen had a neatly trimmed blonde bush in between her round thighs, her slit already doused in her own juices.

    "I want you inside me Caine", she yearned, the nude teenager re-straddling the director, placing her hands on each shoulder and positioning herself back onto his lap.

    Abby kissed him deeply, moaning into his mouth, purposely rubbing her engorged cunt lips along the length of his huge staff.

    Robert had his hands running up and down the tender skin of her back and hips. Abby stopped their lip lock momentarily, reaching in between their bodies to grab his rock hard penis, directing it towards her warm wet opening. He wasn't sure how he'd got to this point, but looking into her eyes from up close, he knew there was no way he could stop. Robert's entire body felt like an electric current was running through it when she rubbed her slimy lips against the spongy head. Once in position, Abby cried out loud when she felt Robert's thick girth pierce a way beyond her tight walls, holding him tightly as she became impaled upon his turgid member.

    "Unghh God, so big, so thick.." she hissed.

    Her full breasts were pressed up against his chest, Abigail still trying to get accustomed to his huge cock stretching her velvety walls.

    Robert was in a state of sexual bliss. His heels dug into the carpet, as he tried to keep himself still, loving the fact he had a gorgeous naked teen sitting on his grateful cock. What made the feeling even more incredible was that he was inside her completely bareback, feeling every quake and contraction of her inner cunt walls around him.

    Abigail began to slow rock her body upon him, the director feeling her vagina further lubricate the faster she rode him. Her lovely jugs bounced erotically as she worked her hips against his, panting uncontrollably as she bottomed out upon his seven inch member. The way she wailed and whimpered as she gyrated in his lap, only inspired him to heighten her pleasure, grabbing her huge tits then sucking and slobbering all over her hard nipples.

    "Ohhh fuck me!" she begged.

    He complied by grabbing her plump ass cheeks with each hand, thrusting up into her slick vagina, railing into her relentlessly. Abigail felt like an orgasm wasn't too far away, Robert recognising that look every woman gives when they are about to cum. Wanting to get his own back, he held her ass down so he was buried balls deep inside the teen, stopping her from riding him.

    "Why did you stop?" she asked, visibly upset with him.

    "Hey, it's only fair. Besides, have you forgotten that Caine was the one in control here?"

    "Oh, you're right. Sorry, I kind of got carried away there didn't I?" she giggled, enjoying the sex so much that she'd lost all sense in following the script a while ago.

    Hopping off of him, she turned around, the director seeing her plump round behind for the first time.
    To her surprise, he grabbed her by the hips and firmly pulled her back towards him, so she was sitting on his lap with her back against his chest.

    "You'll cum when I tell you to, you hear me?" he said with his mouth up close to her ear.

    "Sit on my cock", he commanded.

    Abigail lifted up slightly, the older man feeding his cock back inside her warm quim.

    "Nghh", she shuddered, the new angle of penetration making her take his shaft deeper than before.

    Abby started at a steady pace, spreading her legs apart to get more comfortable. Robert cupped her huge bouncing breasts, pinching and squeezing them as he kissed up and down her neck. Squish like noises came from down below as she rode his cock, juices still flowing and her orgasm once again building.

    "Do it, cum all over my cock!" he demanded, knowing she was close when she began to rub furiously underneath the hood of her slit.

    He dropped one of his hands from her tit to help play with her clitoris, the contact setting the blonde bombshell off.

    "Oh my god, oh my, I'm..yes! Cumming!!" she wailed, grinding her cunt and thighs against him as she had an earth shattering climax.

    Abby eventually felt her whole body go limp, but knew that there was more to follow. She revelled in the feeling of his gentle caresses of her young body and his soft kisses against the nape of her neck.

    "Stand up, and bend over my desk", he whispered.

    She slipped his soaking member out, placing her hands to the other side of his work desk, her large tits mashed against the wooden surface and her round plump ass in an inviting position, making his cock throb at the sight. Abby parted her legs as he approached her, gripping the the polished piece of furniture as her cunt lips peeked out from just below her ass cheeks. Robert held her hips, quickly ramming his cock all the way inside her inflamed cunt.

    "Uhhhh!!" she gasped, his thighs smacking against her round cheeks, causing them to ripple.

    She looked so good right now. Naked, bent over, her full round white derriere before him as he took her doggystyle right there on his office desk. He didn't bother going slow, the thought of being in total control inspiring him to rail into her to his hearts content. He could hear Abby's huffing and puffing as he pummelled her battered cunt, loving her little shrieks and how her ass shook when he drove his cock balls deep inside her.

    He used a hand to grab the back of her neck, pulling her up slightly as he pumped his dick into her warm moist chamber. Robert could see from a mirror, on the opposite side of the room, Abby's pleasure and pained facial expressions as he relentlessly fucked her. Abby's big tits shook back and forth, lightly smacking against each other as she took his forceful thrusts like a champ.

    Robert flipped Breslin over so she was lying on her back, legs spread apart and her body flushed in a light shade of pink. He could tell she was out of energy, so he knew he should wrap things up soon so she wasn't staggering out the door when she was set to leave. He took a good hard look as his cock slowly pried its way back into her tight little twat, salivating at the feeling of skin on skin once again. The inner folds of her vagina muscles clenched around his thick shaft, lubricating itself once he began sliding in and out of her. Abby's thighs closed around his hips, her soft chest cushions shaking back and forth as he pounded her for all she was worth.

    "Oh god fuck me!" she cried.

    Looking down at her, Robert realised that the supposed innocent looking teenager could have been old enough to be his daughter. Knowing that she was more than half his age, only made the scenario even more hotter. The realisation of this was making Robert's balls ready to burst at any moment. He mauled her large soft tits with both hands, squeezing them tight whilst he rhythmically swivelled his hips, pumping into her faster and faster. His thighs and balls clapped against her, Abigail's lust filled eyes beckoning him to release. Robert pinned her thighs down as he sawed into her, the teen cupping her heaving chest, pushing her tits together, begging him,

    "Take it out and cum all over my breasts.." she said in a sweet soft voice.

    "Grrrr", he grunted, pulling out of her and moving to one side of the desk, so he could aim the head of his shaft at her incredible chest.

    "Uhhhh.." he grunted, jerking his cock wildly, soon spurting his warm creamy load onto her luscious breasts..

    Abigail savoured some of the salty tasting juice, the teen rubbing the sticky seed around her soft sweaty globes. Robert never confirmed to Abigail if she was guaranteed the part, but she could tell by the way he'd told her that he'd be in touch, kissing her with a huge smile as she left. Sure enough she did get the role, but she found out on the day that Robert had resigned from doing the film, with just as prestigious director Owen Kendry, taking over from him.

    Media reports suggested that one of the other two girls whom auditioned, filed a sexual assault complaint against the married director, causing him to withdraw from being involved in the film. As soon as all of this came to light, Robert had advised Owen that Abigail, from his own personal recommendation, would be the ideal choice for the role of Emma. He also mentioned that she'd be open to any ideas or script changes when shooting began for the raunchy R-rated film.

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    Nice. Just another day in Hollywood eh. That was hot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TPG View Post
    Nice. Just another day in Hollywood eh. That was hot!
    Thanks mate, thought it was time I wrote this kind of story. Just surprised I hadn't done sooner! Now I can finally get to reading your Tahan Lew-Fatt story! :D:

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    Yep, definitely got no regrets voting for her!

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