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Thread: Jay Cult 6: Chapter 1 - On My Way (CYA)

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    Default Jay Cult 6: Chapter 1 - On My Way (CYA)

    Jay Cult 6
    Chapter 1: On My Way

    With Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, Vanessa Hudgens, Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza & Ashley Benson
    By MacedMan
    Codes: BJ, Alcohol

    A/N: This is a fictional, choose your own adventure, spin the bottle type of story that is going to get more and more complicated as things go. I'm going to attempt to do a few things with this, leave all the bottle spinning up to chance, and all the decisions up to the readers. I can't stress enough just how fictional this is, it's not the real world, in fact it's very different from the real world in a lot of ways. I'm changing ages, relationship status and creating imagined personalities for everyone involved. This is going to be fun, let's see what goes down shall we?

    'We'll probably get there in a couple of days,' she said on the other end of the phone as I stepped onto the luxury cruise ship.

    'I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself until then,' I said half-jokingly as I walked up the stairs.

    I was talking to Miley Cyrus. 'Jay Cult on an island full of alcohol, drugs and loose celebrity goddesses… I'm sure you'll be bored out of your mind,' Miley joked.

    'I can't believe I never knew this existed,' I said, trying to navigate the confusing halls of the largest (and only) sea vessel I'd ever been on.

    'That's because you're not supposed to know, can you imagine if the paparazzi found out that there was a secret island full of the richest and most famous people in the world?' Miley said, I was holding my key now, actively searching for my room, '3005'.

    'This ship only goes to one place, which means I'm likely going to meet a lot of celebrities,' I said, thinking about all the babes in bikinis I would meet.

    'They're you're peers Jay, remember that,' Miley said. 'You're a celebrity now.'

    She was right, ever since my debut album had come out and smashed records, I had become not only a celebrity but one of the biggest names in all of hip hop. As a thank you for my service, Kanye gave me a ticket to an exclusive cruise that would take me to an exclusive island populated with celebrities. It still felt weird to me.

    'I have to go, I think I just found my room,' I said, finding room '3003' and realising I wasn't far off.

    'Alright, see you in a few days, don't get too seasick,' Miley said, hanging up the phone before I even had the chance to say goodbye, which was our usual pattern.

    'Three-thousand and four… here it is, three-thousand and five,' I said to myself.

    I stuck my key in the door and opened it immediately, finding on the other side what had to be the nicest room I'd ever seen in my life.

    'Whoa,' I said as I marvelled at the beauty of it.

    I looked at my phone and decided to send Scott a text. 'Wish you were here, this room is incredible.'

    I followed up with a picture.

    A couple seconds later I got hit with a text back. 'Fuck you.'

    I laughed and sat down on one of the many luxurious couches throughout the suite, taking a moment to decide what my next move would be. I thought about posting up in the bar, but realised maybe it would be too early for that. I thought about checking out the pool, but the moment you board the ship probably isn't primo time to find sunbathing women, so I resolved instead to find the inbuilt studio Kanye told me about (this was his suite after all), and work on the new album.

    After about thirty minutes of fucking with music, I happened to be mixing a Charli XCX vocal sample I'd acquired the night before, the ship left the harbor, and I was well and truly on my way.


    A couple hours passed, and the track I was working on was starting to annoy me, so I thought I'd give it a rest and meet some people. I looked at my watch as I headed out, it was still early in the afternoon so I decided to see if anyone would be at the pools. I quickly took my shirt off and threw on some board shorts, making my way to the hopefully populated pool.

    'Holy shit,' I thought as I reached the pools, not only was it populated but it was absolutely packed in with people, and most of them were people I at least recognised.

    I was shocked as I walked closer toward it, there was one big pool surrounded by four satellite smaller pools, each with a swim up bar, and around them were about a hundred occupied deckchairs, I was completely lost and crippled by choice, so I decided I'd just jump in which ever satellite pool had the most chicks and hope for the best.

    'Jay!' A female voice called out the moment I stepped in.

    It was Vanessa Hudgens, and as I looked around I found that the women in the pool were actually quite a familiar group to me. 'Vanessa,' I said, letting het bikini covered breasts touch me as she dived in for a hug.

    I looked around and saw all the people I knew personally. 'Hey Ashley, Hey Taylor,' and then the people I knew of but didn't know personally, 'Hey Anna, Aubrey I'm Jay Cult.'

    Vanessa finally let me out of her grip. 'Jay, it's been so long,' Taylor Swift joked as she gave me a quick but warm hug, we had just met up a week or so earlier.

    'Nice to meet you Jay, I'm Aubrey as you clearly know,' Aubrey Plaza said, in a weirdly normal way, her on screen persona made it seem strange when she acted like a normal person.

    'I'm a big fan of yours,' Anna Kendrick, said, leaving her best friend Aubrey to give me a hug as well.

    'I'm a big fan as well,' I said, smiling as I felt Anna's large tits press against my chest.

    'I bet you are,' Anna winked, laughing as she swam backwards to join her friend, I knew she had a dirty mind, but I'd never known anyone to be so explicit upon first meeting them, she had clearly had a few drinks, so that was probably part of it.

    The pool was lined with a tiled seat that was the perfect height to sit on while holding a drink, the pool was big enough that it could have the bar, plus the six of us could sitting comfortably, even if we added a few more.

    'You're quiet Ashley, what's up?' Anna said, causing, Aubrey to softly nudge her.

    'Oh I'm just thinking about whether I've forgiven Jay or not,' Ashley said, honestly, she herself had clearly had a few drinks.

    'Look… Ashley…' I started, as the group looked like they may turn on me.

    'I'm just fucking with you Jay, all that shit is in the past, and might I had, pretty funny,' Ashley said, the whole group bursting into laughter immediately, clearly all having been in on it.

    'I saw you from way over there, and it was Vanessa's idea to mess with you,' Taylor said, laughing at my expense.

    'You fucking snitch Taylor,' Vanessa joked, splashing water at the singer.

    'Would you like a drink Mr. Cult?' the bartender said, appearing basically out of nowhere.

    'I'm going to need a double shot of the strongest alcohol you have,' I said, the girls all laughed.

    Everything felt a little bit better after having that shot, I was back to my usual, charming and most importantly, loose self. The girls all seemed to be quite pleased as well, especially when we were joined by Taylor's friend, Emma Stone, someone else who I'd never met, but had obviously heard of, she appeared to be someone everyone considered the life of the party.

    'How's Scott?' Vanessa eventually asked, she had clearly been wanting to ask it the entire time since I'd entered the pool, but she had waited until it was sunset and we were all good and drunk to ask.

    'Scott's good,' I said arbitrarily, what else could I tell her really? I don't want to say he's in a bad place and make her feel bad, and I don't want to make her feel worse by saying he's happier without her or something so I just settled with being vague.

    'That's good,' she said. 'I always felt bad about the way that went.'

    'So did I,' I said, Vanessa didn't cheat on him or anything, at least, no more than he cheated on her, they broke up because of money issues, the same issues that Scott and I were starting to have now that I was making bank. 'Money is a shitty reason to end something.'

    Vanessa nodded. It was sunset now, the pools had largely thinned out, the guests had left to go have dinner. 'It was his fault,' I added, trying to make sure she knew how I felt about it all.

    She smiled slightly. 'I'm starting to get hungry,' Taylor said. 'You guys want to take this back to my suite? I have a chef and hot tub.'

    She got no fuss from any of us, the idea of privately drinking in a hot tub while someone else served us dinner was exactly our idea of a good time. Taylor seemed to be the queen of the ship on this particular cruise, because as nice as my room was, hers made it look like shit.

    'I've never seen anything so amazing,' I said after we all filed in behind the girls, I was mostly talking about the room, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I wasn't also talking about each girl's ass jiggling in skin tight bikini bottoms, Taylor – Green, Emma – Black, Ashley – Red, Vanessa – Purple, Aubrey – Blue and best of all Anna who was wearing white, making her top and bottom see-through enough that I could make out her nipples and pussy pretty clearly.

    'Glad you like the view,' Anna said, as she looked behind at me, knowing I was able to see everything.

    We didn't get much of a chance to dry off, because before I knew it, were right back into water again, this time in Taylor's hot tub. I made a calculated choice to sit next to Anna, I was getting a pretty clear vibe from her, and so I thought it best to lean into that. Her friend Aubrey sat next to her as expected, and next to her Taylor sat with Emma, and next to Emma sat Ashley which left Vanessa sitting back next to me.

    'I'll get the chef to get us some drinks,' Taylor said, gesturing for the chef who quickly came out.

    'A round of champagne and… a round of vodka shots as well,' Taylor said.

    'While that's happening why don't we break the ice a bit?' Ashley said, as the chef left the balcony back into the suite.

    'Wasn't that the point of the prank on Jay?' Aubrey questioned.

    'I agree with Ashley, new location, new ice,' Taylor said.

    'What about spin the bottle?' Emma suggested, I don't know what it is, but spin the bottle seems to have caught on in a big way with celebrities.

    'Emma you idiot, we're in a hot tub,' Taylor said, nudging her redheaded friend playfully.

    'The champagne bottle will be heavy and big enough that it'll spin underwater,' Emma said, defending herself.

    The chef came back, with the aforementioned champagne, plus seven shots of vodka. He opened it up and poured everyone a glass, by the time he was done it was empty and Emma proved that it would in fact spin in the water, slowly, but still definitely spinning.

    'Alright, good, spin the bottle it is,' Taylor said, as she spun the bottle yet another time to check.

    'After we take our shots,' Emma said, grabbing hers off the chef and waiting as he walked around the hot tub, handing each of us a shot.

    'Ready, three, two, one,' Taylor exclaimed before we all drank the vodka.

    The chef left the balcony, closing the glass door and then, under Taylor's instruction, closed the curtains as well. 'Who wants to spin first?' Emma asked.

    'I'll do it,' I volunteered, usually I'd be content to just let the bottle come to me, but this time I was feeling quite frisky.

    'You got it,' Emma said, handing the bottle to me. 'Whenever you're ready.'

    I spun the bottle and was delighted to see it land on Aubrey. 'I love being first,' Aubrey said, as she smiled at me, leaning over her friend to get closer to me.

    I leaned forward and kissed Aubrey, the two of us opening our mouths slightly and letting our tongues get to know each other. It was the first kiss of the night, the first of many, and it felt great, it had been a long time since I'd played spin the bottle with the old school rules, and it felt nice to go back to basics.

    Aubrey spun and the bottle wasn't even able to make a full circle, instead slowly eventually stopping in front of Emma Stone, who was quick to grab Aubrey by the cheek and shoved her tongue deep into the Parks & Recreation stars mouth. It looked as if Emma was the horniest out of all of us, which made me think I may have placed my bets on the wrong redhead.

    'Whoa,' Aubrey said, looking flushed as Emma finally ripped her lips away from hers. 'Can I go again?'

    'Better hope I land on you,' Emma said with a wink, quickly spinning the bottle herself.

    This time the bottle barely moved, it merely drifted in the direction of Ashley, which was enough for Emma who just looked happy that her next kiss was so close to her. 'Perfect,' Emma said.

    Emma turned to Ashley and softly grabbed her by the cheek, kissing her with a calm soulful passion, very different to the red hot fury she gave Aubrey. It was almost like she'd had a crush on Ashley or something, a theory that was proven even further when Emma made to explore Ashley's body, her hands getting excitingly close to Ashley's large supple breasts.

    'Hey, that's not the game Emma,' Ashley said, playfully pulling her hand away, denying Emma the sweet pleasure I'd already had once before.

    Emma looked disgruntled but content as Ashley spun the bottle next. This time landing on our host, Taylor Swift.

    'Ready for this?' Ashley asked Taylor, who looked like she didn't know what to expect.

    Before she could answer, Ashley pulling Taylor toward her and passionately made out with her, Emma was between them, so it seemed like some sort of a slight toward her. The two got so passionate, that Ashley grabbed Taylors hand and pulled it toward her tits, intent on giving Taylor the opportunity she has so cruelly denied Emma.

    'That's it!' Emma exclaimed, pulling the two apart before Taylors hand could make contact. 'We're going to play spin the bottle truth or dare, nothing is off limits, so if I land on you, prepare to get wet.'

    We all laughed because besides the fact that we were all already wet, Emma was clearly talking about a different kind, we found shared joy in Emma's frustration and I for one was glad to finally take the training wheels off.

    'My turn?' Taylor asked, wrapping her arm around Emma's shoulders and sitting back next to her.

    'Take a spin,' Emma said, pushing the bottle toward her.

    'Okay, let's see who my victim will be,' Taylor said, grabbing the bottle and flicking her wrist, causing it to give the best spin of the night.

    It landed on Anna Kendrick. 'I was wondering when I would get a turn,' Anna said excitedly.

    'I dare you to… let's see… how about you cut the bullshit and just take that bikini off, you clearly want to be naked anyway, why else would you wear sheer white?'

    'With pleasure,' Anna said, turning slightly to face me while she reached down into the hot tub to take off her bikini bottoms.

    A broad smile appeared on my face as Anna's hands wriggled her bottoms off, pulling down her legs with little effort.

    'Here, hold these,' Anna said as she placed the white bikini bottoms in my hand, freeing her hands up to reach behind her back.

    'Yes mam,' I said, gripping the garment as I watched Anna untie her bikini top, taking no time to dawdle as she release her nicely shaped tits to me and the whole hot tub.

    'What do you think?' Anna asked, now putting the top of the bikini in my outstretched hand as I gawked at her perfect breasts.

    'They are, really, really nice,' I said, making no effort to conceal both my perverted stares and my building erection.

    Her tits were a gorgeous creamy white texture, with cute little pink nipples that were perfectly sized. Not only that but they were full and perky, if I'm being honest they were among the nicest sets I'd ever seen, not as big as Katy's or Amanda's but definitely nice.

    'Why thank you,' Anna laughed, her tits jiggling as she did. 'I believe it's my turn now.'

    I attempted to steer my eyes away from her tits but couldn't, no one seemed to mind, least of all her, so I didn't even notice where the bottle landed after Ana spun it.

    It hadn't travelled very far apparently. 'Vanessa, I dare you to give me a nice passionate kiss,' Anna said.

    'Naughty girl,' Vanessa slurred before leaning over me, placing her hand on my thigh, dangerously close to my boner.

    'I like to have fun,' Anna said, putting her hand on my other thigh, mere inches away from my cock.

    The two girls leaned closer and eventually their lips met, I had the best view in the house, their passionate kissing was happening literally tight in front of my face. In fact, the more I watched the two kissing, lips covering lips, tongues playfully wrestling, Anna and Vanessa's free hands caressing each other's breasts and shoulders respectively, the harder my boner got until eventually it was coming incredibly close to breaking free of my swimsuit all together.

    'How was that for you?' Anna asked me, as the two girls separated.

    'Oh, you know, pretty much sailing at full mast here,' I joked, causing the girls to laugh.

    Vanessa spun the bottle while I readjusted my swimsuit, again it didn't go very far, slowly making its way to face Emma, who looked more excited than every that she was next. 'Please give me something good,' she said, starring Vanessa in the eyes.

    'Why don't you do my boy Jay here a favour and help him out of his swimming trunks,' Vanessa said.

    'Perfect,' I said, placing Anna's bikini up on the side of the hot tub. 'It was getting sick of readjusting these things.'

    Emma swam across the hot tub towards me, a seductive smile on her face as she stood in front of me, placing both hands on my knees in preparation for her task.

    'I'm glad I can be of service,' Emma said, slowly sliding her hands up my thighs until her fingertips gripped the top of my trunks.

    I stared from her beautiful large blue eyes, down to her tits which were clinging quite nicely to her black bikini. 'You're a real life saver,' I joked, looking down at her eyes as they shifted focus from mine down to my trunks, taking her time with slowly pulling them down.

    'Whoa,' Emma exclaimed, eyes widening once my large cock escaped the swimsuit, they then darted from the cock back up to my eyes. 'This is seriously the biggest cock I've ever seen.'

    'It's pretty nice isn't it?' Vanessa said, smiling smugly to herself as she took in the familiar sight.

    'Wow that really is fucking huge!' Anna said, giving me an impressed nod.

    'I want to see!' Taylor yelled out as she moved over to us, staring over her group of friends at my cock.

    Aubrey joined the group, although she seemed a lot less impressed then the others. 'You'd better finish up, I hate having my pants wrapped around my legs,' I joked, causing everyone to sit back down, the shock of my penis now apparently wearing off.

    Emma pulled my trunks off, throwing them out of the hot tub. 'Job well done if I do say so myself,' she joked, deciding to wedge herself between Vanessa and I as opposed to sitting back next to Taylor.

    I now found myself sitting next to two incredibly horny redheads. 'Emma, it's your turn to spin,' I said as the aforementioned redheads, snuggled in ever closer to me so we were shoulder to shoulder.

    'I hope it lands on you,' Emma said, no doubt imagining the sex acts she was going to dare me to engage in.

    She and I had no such luck though, as the bottle spun a lot further than usual this time, landing squarely pointing at Taylor, who looked happy to be back in the game.

    'Yay,' Taylor exclaimed, clapping her hands as she prepared for whatever deed her friend was going to dole out this time.

    A slightly disappointed Emma took a moment to think. 'Taylor, why don't you… take your bikini off?'

    Taylor looked slightly annoyed with the mundanity of her task, but shrugged, supposing it had to happen eventually. She wasted no time, removing her bikini, taking care of her top first, revealing that while her tits were kind of on the small side, proving that she usually wore a padded bra on stage, but they were also very nice, with near perfect nipples.

    She smiled at everyone as we casually checked her out, before ripping off her bottoms and placing them on the side with her top. 'Alright, let's try this again,' Taylor said, spinning the bottle.

    Her wrist proved to be quite weak this time, the bottle barely turning far enough to face her neighbour, Aubrey. 'Alright, Aubrey… I dare you to touch yourself in front of everyone.'

    Aubrey laughed. 'You mean finger myself?'

    Taylor blushed, giving me the impression she might be awkward when it comes to sex. 'Yes… that, do that.'

    The group chuckled at Taylor's expense as Aubrey pulled herself out of the hot tub so that she was sitting on the edge, giving the whole group a good view of her crotch.

    'Can I be naked for this?' She asked. 'I'd feel more comfortable if I was naked.'

    'Of course you can,' I quickly said, hoping I didn't come of too creepy, I had never seen Aubrey naked outside of her leaked video and I was pretty excited to see what she had to offer.

    'I'll take that as a yes,' Aubrey laughed, causing me to feel a bit sheepish as the rest of the women laughed at me to.

    As embarrassing as it was, it appeared to be all the permission she needed as she jumped right into taking her underwear off, lying down on her back as she slowly pulled the blue bikini bottoms off around her legs. My eyes widened as she revealed her clean shaven gorgeous pussy to us, the shitty resolution of her phone camera really didn't do it justice, it was in fact the nicest cunt I'd seen since Ariana's.

    She quickly sat back up, keeping her legs far apart so that those who chose could keep staring at her pussy while she took off her bikini top. I barely even noticed the blue bikini coming off and being place on the ground next to her, I was far too entranced in her vagina. I did eventually tear my eyes away from it however, and found myself pleasantly surprised with how nice her small tits really were.

    'I hope you're all ready for a show,' Aubrey said, smiling as she stuck two of her fingers deep into her soaking wet cunt.

    What proceeded was one of the most intense and intimate jerk off sessions I'd ever witnessed. She started by slowly finger fucking herself, making use of her free hand by rubbing her tit with it, squeezing and pinching her nipples. It was almost like she didn't even know we were all watching her, yet on the same level show would moan, and give each of us eye contact at just the right times in order to maximise our enjoyment.

    Eventually she lifted her feet up out of the hot tub and placed them on the edge, bending her knees and leaning back so she looked almost like a crab. She took her tit rubbing hand away from her now red nipples and shoved it deep into her cunt, now having two sets of fingers to set herself off. Before long she was leaning further and further back, screaming and moaning as she neared climax, eventually cumming hard in front of all of us.

    'Holy shit,' Ashley muttered, clearly impressed with Aubrey's show.

    'How was that?' Aubrey asked as she leaned back up, slowly pulling herself back into the pool.

    'Yeah, that was… that was pretty much amazing,' Taylor said.

    'Sweaty work though,' Aubrey said, pulling water from the hot tub up to her flushed face.

    'You're telling me,' Vanessa said, who was clearly also finger deep in her own pussy throughout the show.

    'You're going to have to come up with a pretty good dare to top that,' Anna said as Aubrey spun the bottle yet again.

    This time though the bottle landed on me, causing me to look between all the chicks I was with and get excited about the prospects of what kind of dare Aubrey was going to give me involving these lovely ladies. I figured she was going to either hook up her friend Anna, or hook up herself, I found the latter to be unlikely considering she had just had a pretty intense orgasm, so I mentally prepared myself for the idea of fucking Anna.

    'You and Ashley and Vanessa clearly have some tension you need to get rid of, so I want the three of you to make like Spring Breakers and have a make out session in the hot tub, in front of everyone,' Aubrey said, surprising everyone.

    Ashley glared at Aubrey. 'What are you playing at here?' She asked.

    'And if any of you have clothes on afterwards, it counts as a fail and you'll have to leave,' Aubrey added.

    'This could be kind of awkward,' Vanessa admitted, staring from me to Aubrey, clearly thinking about the extended period of time she'd dated my best friend. We'd fucked before, but the circumstances were different now, for some reason fucking her while they were together didn't seem like as much a betrayal as this did.

    'Oh and, no penetration, Jay if you fuck one of these women or cum, you're out,' Aubrey said, putting a proverbial full stop on her extended dare.

    'No penetration? I can handle that,' Vanessa said, quickly bypassing Emma to kiss me on the lips.

    Anna too was pushed to the side as Ashley made her move toward me. 'What's the worst that could happen?' She said as she wrapped her arm around my shoulders, kissing the space between my lips and Vanessa's.

    I pulled the two girls closer toward me, wrapped each of my arms around their shoulders, gripping them tight as we three-way kissed. Our six lips became a mess of saliva, teeth and tongues. The girls around us cheered and chanted in support of us, to be honest it really did feel good to be kissing these women again, the last time I'd seen each of them before that night had always left a weird feeling in my mind.

    Ashley's right hand as wrapped around my shoulders, while her left hand was now gripping my rock hard cock. Vanessa's left hand however was busy running along my half submerged chest while her right was undoing Ashley's red bikini top.

    Ashley's bikini opened, and slowly drooped down off her chest with every movement the three of us made, until soon her nice big round tits were free. Vanessa's hand moved from my chest and instead focused on her friends, squeezing her left tit while Ashley continued to stroke my cock.

    'This feels so right,' I said, in the quick moment my mouth wasn't occupied.

    'Aubrey is a genius,' Ashley said, pulling away from the two of us while I kissed Vanessa more intensely.

    'Why don't we make you more comfortable?' I said to Vanessa, as Ashley now completely separated from the two of us, her tits bouncing as she made her way behind Vanessa.

    I gripped Vanessa's cheeks with my hands, kissing her harder and really penetrating her mouth with my tongue. 'I've always wanted this,' Vanessa moaned as I tongue fucked her mouth, bringing my hands down and around to undo her bikini.

    Meanwhile Ashley was behind Vanessa and was midway through ripping her purple bikini bottoms off. She enlisted the help of Taylor and Emma so they could remove the bottoms without interrupting Vanessa and I's rough and violent make out session.

    Before we knew it Vanessa was completely naked and my hands had moved to groping and feeling up her nice pert tits. Ashley on the other hand, after thanking Taylor and Emma, was still behind Vanessa, using her hands to wrapped around her olive skinned friend to finger fuck her cunt.

    'Come here,' I said, separating myself from Vanessa long enough to grab Ashley and begin to absolutely maul her tits.

    Ashley started laughing as I shoved my face in her huge tits, motor boating them while still half submerged in the water, splashing everyone around us in the process. 'They missed you too Jay.'

    'These are so much bigger now than they were before,' I said as I kissed from her tits up to her neck.

    'A lot has changed,' Ashley moaned before I grabbed the back of her head and forced her lips against mine, tongue fucking her with the same force as I did Vanessa earlier.

    Vanessa had now moved behind me, rubbing her cunt against my back while she two-handed gripped my cock, jacking it off while she kissed my neck. 'I sweat this cock as gotten bigger,' Vanessa moaned.

    'I'm gonna cum so you should stop Vanessa,' I said, attempting to rip her hands off my cock. 'There's something I still have to do.'

    With that I pushed submerged myself under the water, ripping off Ashley's bikini bottoms with my hands, before shoving my tongue deep inside her exposed clean shaven pussy. Ashley gripped the back of my head and moaned loud enough that I could hear her through the water.

    I quickly brought myself up for air, wanting to end out little make out session on an air of desire. 'How was that Aubrey?' I asked, turning away from the Spring Breakers to see if I'd gained our challengers approval.

    'That depends, how do you three feel?' Aubrey asked. 'The whole point was to relieve the tension so that the seven of us could really live out the potential of the night.'

    'I think we're feeling pretty damned good,' I said, wrapped my arms back around Ashley and Vanessa's shoulders, and pulling them closer to me.

    'Real good,' Vanessa giggled, as she snuggled closer into my arm.

    'The only tension here is good tension,' Ashley said, wrapping her own arm around my shoulders.

    'Now that that's sorted, Jay, would you like to get this game started with your spin?' Aubrey asked, implying everything up until this point was child's play.

    'Gladly,' I said, removing my left arm from Ashley's shoulder to spin the bottle.

    The bottle landed on Anna, and it took every fibre of my being to not dare her to fuck me right then and there. But I knew I was close to cumming already, and I wanted to give her my full attention when the time comes.

    'Anna, I dare you to have your own make out session with Emma,' I said, giving her a knowing smile.

    She glared at me, thinking in her mind that I was stringing her along. 'How could I possibly resist?' Anna questioned as she shoved her friend Aubrey out of the way, wanting to move closer to Emma.

    'Oohh,' Emma exclaimed, as she skirted past Taylor, meeting Anna in-between their two friends. 'Dare her to strip me, it's weird being the only one with clothes.'

    'Yes, that to,' I said, excited to finally see what Emma looked like naked.

    Anna nodded and made quick work out of ripping away Emma's bikini, it helped a lot that Emma seemed to go with the sexy option of having everything tie up at the front.

    I breathed heavily as I watched Emma's beautiful tits come into view. Emma smiled as I stared at them, looking at me and massaging them for my eyes. 'You like that Jay?' Emma asked as Anna removed her bikini bottoms.

    I merely nodded, watching as Emma groped her own shapely tits, pinching her perfect nipples while Anna threw the bikini out of the hot tub. 'How do you always find yourself in these situations Jay?' Vanessa asked as she rested on my shoulder, holding my hand and pulling it over to her toned legs as we watched the two redheads feel each other's tits.

    'Sometimes it feels like my life is celebrity fan fiction,' I retorted, laughing at the absurdity of the concept.

    Vanessa smiled, bringing my hand to her cunt, attempting to get me to covertly finger fuck her while we watched Anna and Emma starting to kiss. 'That would a pretty simple life,' Vanessa moaned as my fingers entered her cunt. 'Every waking moment dedicated to sex,' she breathed.

    'That would discounting all the boring shit I had to deal with on a day to day basis,' I laughed, letting Vanessa use my hands to finger her.

    Emma and Anna were now really getting into it, each of their right hands were burying deep in each other's pussies, both moaning to harshly to kiss. Taylor and Aubrey were both waiting at the wings, fingers deep within their own pussies. It appeared that Ashley was the only woman in the tub without a finger in her pussy so I offered mine, slyly rubbing the edge of her pussy while we watched.

    Ashley turned to me and smiled. 'Chivalry isn't dead after all.'

    We all continued like this for a little while, fingers in cunts, watching two extremely hot redheads ferociously finger fucking each other. Until eventually the two girls came and through heavy panting, Anna was able to spin the bottle again.

    'What have you got for me Anna?' Taylor asked, the bottle having just landed on her.

    'This is a tough one, on the one hand, I want to let Jay fuck someone, but on the other hand I really want it to be me,' Anna said, selfishly.

    'I'll do whatever you tell me to Anna,' Taylor said.

    'I've got it,' Anna said. 'Why don't you come over here and eat my pussy?'

    Taylor smiled broadly. 'You are a mind reader Anna,' Taylor exclaimed, excitedly moving past Emma and in front of Anna.

    We all watched as naked Taylor, showing off her spectacular ass and incredible legs, helped an equally naked Anna up on to the edge of the pool. 'Mmm,' Taylor moaned as she pushed Anna backwards, giving us all a better view of her spectacular reddish, brownish bush.

    Taylor dived deep, bending over so we all got a great look at her ass, coupled with a nice look at her clean shaven cunt as well. We looked on in awe as Taylor began licking and fingering Anna's pussy, it was clear that Taylor had a lot of experience because it wasn't long until Anna was moaning in deep pleasure.

    I started whispering in Vanessa's ear. 'Do you think Taylor is-'

    'Shh!' Vanessa seethed. 'She is, she isn't, it doesn't matter, just enjoy the show.'

    I stayed quiet, she was right after all, I was spending too much time worrying about something as trivial as Taylor's sexuality and I was missing out on one of the hottest women on the planet giving oral sex to another one of the hottest women on the planet, and before I knew it, Anna was already in the throes of climax.

    'Ohh, fuck yes, right fucking there!' Anna screamed, clearly moments away from cumming.

    We watched on as Anna screamed louder. 'I'm cumming!'

    As quickly as it had begun, it was over and it was now Taylors turn to spin the bottle and I hoped that it would land on me. We can't always get what we want though, because the bottle landed dead on Aubrey Plaza, who looked at Taylor excitedly, wondering what the music sensation would dare her to do.

    'Seen as I'm not nearly as selfish as Anna,' Taylor started. 'I want you to give Jay a blowjob.'

    Aubrey's face lit up. 'Finally!' She exclaimed, pulling Vanessa out of her way to get to me, letting my arm drop and hit the water.

    'Don't make him cum though,' Taylor added, smiling at me, knowing the kind of torture she was putting me through.

    I pulled my other arm away from Ashley. 'So how do you want to do this? Do you want me to get up, or can you hold your breath?'

    Aubrey merely smiled at me, biting her lip seductively while placing her hands on my knees gently separating them. I nodded, clearly having gotten my answer as Aubrey dived down into the water, pushing herself downwards to get her mouth closer to my cock.

    I looked down and placed my hands on her shoulders, rubbing them softly as she found her balance. It took her a few moments before she was able to stabilise herself underwater, but when she finally did, she wasted no time wrapping her lips around my cock.

    'There it is!' I exclaimed, gripping Aubrey's shoulders tighter as she took half the length of my cock in her mouth.

    It was a sensation I can't say I'd ever quite felt before, all the beauty and raw pleasure of a blowjob, but coupled with the strange sensation of being in a hot tub. Aubrey was really going at it, pulling herself up and down my cock, bless her heart she tried to go further than half way, but her throat was no match for the size of it.

    The girls all looked on, envious of Aubrey for being the first to have my cock inside of her. I smiled at them, it was weird that I could say anything I wanted right at that moment, and the woman sucking my cock wouldn't be able to know.

    'Fuck this,' I said, reaching down and pulling Aubrey up off of my cock and out of the water.

    'What's wrong?' Aubrey asked, a look of fear on her face.

    'I need to look into those eyes when you suck my cock,' I said, standing up and sitting on the edge of the pool. 'A face that beautiful and a blowjob that good shouldn't be wasted.'

    Aubrey looked touched, and motivated to give me an even better blowjob. 'I don't know what to say,' Aubrey said, looking up at me from the hot tub.

    'Don't say anything,' I said, gesturing down at my hard cock, which was pointing directly at her thick sexy lips.

    Aubrey nodded, and bent down again, this time taking my cock in her mouth and looking up at me as she did it. The difference was magnificent, the look in her eyes was of such raw sexuality that if I let go too much I could come right then and there, something about her just oozed sex.

    'That's it,' I moaned, placing my hands back on her shoulders. 'That's the fucking way.'

    She couldn't go much further down my cock above water as she could below, still levelling out at about halfway, but that was okay, her skill was good enough that I didn't need her to deep throat me. She sucked hard and circled her tongue around my head as she went down, gripping my balls and shaft as she did so, making sure everything was getting a bit of action.

    I looked up from her eyes as they closed, and exchanged eye contact with Anna, who looked extremely envious of her friend. I then looked at the rest of the girls in the circle, all of them seemed a little mad that they weren't the first to suck dick, but I smiled at each of them, almost as assurance that they would all get a turn one way or another.

    'Oh fuck,' I moaned, Aubrey had hit a pleasure centre, she was sucking and licking the tip of my cock like an ice cream cone, I could feel if I didn't stop her soon, I would cum all over her pretty face.

    I hated myself but I knew it was the right thing to do. 'That's it, stop, I can't go on,' I exclaimed, tapping her shoulders.

    She pulled my cock away from her mouth. 'Was that better?'

    'Fuck… yeah it was, almost too good all things considered,' I said, she laughed, pulling me back into the water with a big splash.

    'Now it's my turn to spin,' Aubrey said, grabbing the bottle and clumsily flicking it.

    It didn't go very far, in fact it landed on me. 'Alright, now it's getting interesting,' I said, I knew even if Aubrey gave a me a lame dare, I would spin after and I could fuck whichever chick I landed on.

    'Jay, I want you to look around at this circle and pick a woman, that woman will be the first woman you fuck tonight,' Aubrey said. 'It can be whoever you want, it can even be me, but pick wisely because I'm sure some us would take it quite personally.'

    It was a really fucked up dare, she was basically forcing me to draw a line in the sand and tell them which one I wanted to fuck the most. I had to play it just right if I wanted to continue on to fuck all of them. I could easily pick Aubrey, and just play it off like a continuation of the blowjob, but I was sure that would piss off Anna. Picking Anna though, would definitely annoy Emma, the two had clearly had some sort of a rivalry going on, so picking either of them would upset the other.

    Aubrey knew what she was doing, so I doubted she would be upset if I didn't pick her, but honestly I was really quite intrigued to see the kind of lay she would be. Picking either Ashley or Vanessa would surely upset everyone, and picking anyone but Ashley would probably upset her ego, she had already been upset at me before for picking Amanda over her years ago.

    I could see picking Taylor as being the easy way out, I could play it like I was just being courteous towards our host. But honestly anything could happen, if I picked Taylor anyone of or all of these chicks could be turned off me. It was a moral quandary for sure, and one with no easy answers… good thing it's not up to me, who would you choose?

    P.S. How do you think I should fuck them? I can probably get in one, maybe two positions before my already sensitive cock gives out, so that's something to think about as well.

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    Since all of the above isn't an option - yet - that makes it harder. But although Aubrey should probably get one vote, and although I'm normally not one to go against Emma, Anna is probably the way to go in your lap for starters.

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    Some good stuff, MacedMan.

    Shit, you really can't go wrong with any of these women but to only pick one over the others... you sir are a cruel, cruel man.


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    Fuck Yes!
    Thank You for bringing back Jay!

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    I'm probably going to start writing this later on today, so make sure you get your voting in quickly. As for the cruelty of it, this vote is specifically for the first fuck, I will probably find a way to make sure the top few choices are included throughout the next chapter to some capacity, so make sure to place multiple votes.

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    This is such a great premise, and such a great start to a series MacedMan. Can't wait to see where this leads!!


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